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 Irina Hayase [APPROVED, 4-1+]

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PostSubject: Irina Hayase [APPROVED, 4-1+]   Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:04 am

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Irina Hayase イリナ 早勢
Nickname: Iri, Ina, Rina
True Age: 18
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0”
Weight: 105


Irina's Disguise:

Personality: The first thing that is to be known about Irina is that she is a twin and this twin of hers is currently the most important thing in her life. Anastasia means more to Irina than even Ana knows. The two have suffered through what used to feel like an endless stream of pain and helplessness, but they were always together. They looked out for each other then, and that will never change. The second thing that one must know about Irina is that she is the "I" in the duo singing group "A.I." and takes pride in that fact. Having grown up from nothing to be one of the most well known and loved singers through out the world is a huge achievement for her. She sings along side her sister and uses this time to strengthen her bond with Anastasia as well as take care of her. Thirdly, Irina has a powerful passion for music that only her sister can likely match. From singing to playing on instruments, Irina loves it. Music allowed her to continue feeling hopeful and to never give up when things had gotten dark for her. It has never let her down and so she studies it. Being half Japanese and Russian, Irina and her sister sing in both of the languages. The two of them also sing in English, and they speak Russian, Japanese, and English quite well. Irina herself is more fluent in English and Japanese, while her sister is more fluent in Russian and Japanese. This is one of the few things they are known for when it comes to A.I., their ability to sing in all three of those languages without fail. They sing in these languages to express themselves in a manner that many artists cannot. Their songs mean a lot too them, which is why Irina has adopted a certain philosophy of her sisters. She too feels that a song is the expression of emotion and the telling of a story that is theirs, no one else's. Unlike her sister though, Irina does not allow anyone to make covers of her songs. She does not feel that any other person has the ability to tell her story or to convey her message or emotion, so when they attempt to do so she feels insulted by it. How could someone think they could tell her story? This also moves onto the fact that Irina will never do a cover of another person's song. She cannot tell another persons story the way they tell it and refuses to insult them by trying. This is her belief and she sticks to it.

Much like her music the sound of Irina's very being is calm, soft, and deep. And yet if you choose to keep on listening to this soft beat, a strong message lying within the harmony echoes through. And if allowed, the message will resonate within the listening soul and speak and speak to them on a personal level. This IS Irina. A prideful artist with so much to give, Irina puts her very soul into every word that she allows to flow from her mouth. She means to speak to the people, to teach them, to help them, to guide them, and to inspire them. This is her goal. One thing Irina can't stand to see is suffering, having been through a lot of it. This brings about two contradictory points within her. First of all, Irina went through her younger years growing up with practically nothing. Because of this, she only buys what she needs. Being who she is Irina is actually quite wealthy, but she lives in a normal three bedroom house, two bathrooms, a decent sized kitchen, and nothing beyond that. Being only one person, Irina holds the two extra rooms for her sister and her parents when they need it. She saves most of the money that she makes, only spending money on bills, food, and clothing. She's very inept to closely watching the money she spends, and keeps record of everything on her own. She does not rely on other people to take care of her finances. Every cent she has she keeps safe. In this sense, she is called stingy, cheap, and tightfisted. She cares not. She is actually very fearful of falling into what she calls the 'Singers Shamble'. In the past many singers that were very similar to she and her sister, were suddenly thrown away by those who supposedly supported them. Producers, the studio... She fears that one day they will do what many business people do and toss her and her sister aside, allowing them to fall into ruin because they wanted the 'next big thing'. She's never brought this fact up to Ana or anyone else. She keeps it to herself as a way of making sure it doesn't happen. She feels that if her suspicions of people and their ill intentions comes out that people will actually treat her and her sister differently and it might actually come true. She doesn't want her sisters dream shattered because of her own problems, so she keeps it a secret.

What contradicts this "stingy" thing about Irina is the fact that she actually will not allow someone of misfortune to stay in that situation. Meaning, if she walks passed a homeless person on the street, she will go out of her way to buy them clothes, rent an apartment for a month, get them food, and tell them that this is their chance to start anew and to not take advantage of it. Though she wants to help, she does know that some people are just lazy and refuse to work for what they've got. This is why she gives them everything all at once and tells them the rest is up to them. If they ask for help to find a job, she'll help, but if they show know real interest into advancing their lives, she'll tell them off and move on with her own life. Though this is really the only time you'd see her spend any money on anything extra, or that wasn't for her family... Now, Irina has always held a slightly emotionless demeanor when she is not singing. She doesn't throw a smile with every sentence she speaks, nor does she laugh easily, but emotionless is hardly the way to describe her. She's actually very sensitive, outgoing, and kind. Someone can tell her their problems and she'll do what she can to help them to the best of her ability. Because of this, she has a tendency to be used and taken advantage of. On the outgoing aspect, she loves getting to know people. When she does this, she has a habit of bombarding a person with random questions, even the easy cliche 'what is your favorite color' questions. If someone is able to catch her interest or find a common liking with her, she'll try even more to become their friend. Being in the music business and rather famous, it's hard to separate the users, the posers, and those that are true to what they say. The problems comes with the fact that Irina has only one real hobby; music. She doesn't do much else. She sings and plays her instruments. She is a maestro on the piano and violin, though has been known to pick up a flute or cello from time to time. She writes music lyrics, backgrounds, practices what she creates, and rests only when she has completed what she has been working. There is only one other occasion that Irina is doing something that has nothing to do with music, a secret she keeps from everyone but her sister...

Beyond Irina's normal life, her singing career, and her music writing Irina has a secret life that allows her to escape and she hasn't been able to stop. Every now and then, the moment everything is done and handled, Irina will take off her eye patch, put on a wig, place in some brown contacts, slap on some bland make-up, and dress like a normal civilian. She does this to not only blend in with people, but so she can go out and party without being bothered for her autograph. She does this to escape from the fans (though she loves her fans), and get some time to act like a normal person. Her alias's name is Yuki Takaneda. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She just graduated high school, lives on her own, and just likes to party. This is what she tells people. As Yuki, Irina is able to finally act freely. She let's all of her worries go, drinks, parties, and hangs out with people. She goes to the theater, club, bars, arcade, anything you can name... She's completely care free while she's Yuki. This presents a problem that continuously angers her sister. Ana sees that Irina's secret life can completely ruin their career if she ever gets caught. That "fly together, die together" phrase goes well with duo singers, and if one goes down it's quite common that the other will as well. Irina understands this fear of Ana's, but until she is able to find something else to catch her interest, Irina doesn't ever see herself stopping. It's almost like an addiction. Without it, she feels empty. Being a singer is wonderful, but she never has any time to have fun, nor does she have her own privacy. This allows her that. The thrill of people not knowing who she is also gives her a big of a thrill that she can't understand.


Background: Irina was born a twin. Her twin sister is Anastasia Hayase. They were both born into a very unfortunate situation. Their Father was a very kind Japanese man who had fallen in love with their Mother, a beautiful Russian woman. Since this union was not of tradition and he chose to marry her anyway, they were shunned by their family in Japan. They were completely cut off from the families wealth and forced to survive on their own. Since their Mother was not a citizen of the country, it was extremely difficult for her to find work. Their Father fought to get a job, but it seems his families influence in the area was making it impossible. Interview after interview, any time he mentioned his last name they would deny him position. After some time, their entire family was forced to live on the streets and beg for money. It was embarrassing and a shameless position. Once the girls became of age, they were able to enter a public school to learn most of the basics while their parents did the smallest and cheapest paying odd jobs around the entire town to just feed them for the week, and still it wasn't much. After some time, even Irina and Anastasia were forced to go around begging for money, doing small jobs for chump change, and preforming on the streets. At a young age, Irina noticed her sister had a love for something; music. The two would repeatedly stop in front of this music store just to listen to the new songs that they played for the customers. It got to the point where they were both able to sing along with it. One day, while they sung along to the music playing in the store, a group of people stopped and began tossing small amounts of money at them. It was then that their story began...

The years passed and the two of them constantly sung on the streets. People would actually come just to hear them sing. Anastasia constantly spoke of becoming a famous singer so she could tell her story to everyone and not just the few people in the town. Irina may not have had the exact same love for singing that her sister did, but she did love a certain aspect of music. All of her love went into writing and playing music. When she made a little extra money, she bought an old used violin from a music store and a child's booklet to learn how to play it. She practiced night after night, day after day. It didn't take her long to become very, very good in it. Since their financial situation was so dire, they didn't have much else to do, so the violin was a perfect outlet. Of course, she wondered if it would have been better to use the money for the violin to get her and her family a small room to live in. When she brought that fact up, her Mother and Father told her that they'd rather hear her play and her sister sing as happily as they were over having a small room to live in for a month. After some time, Irina was able to even learn the piano at her school when the music teacher discovered how talented she was on the instruments. Though it was only middle school, one of Irina's favorite memories was the first time she and her sister sung on stage together. It was a small concert her schools music class was giving off. Anastasia sung on the mic, while Irina sat back on the piano and played. The people who were there complimented them both so much that they wanted to be on stage more often. Soon after, the two discovered a karaoke bar that allowed kids in before five o'clock. The two of them would sing there every other day after school and it got to the point where the person who owned the place would ask them to come back and pay them a little bit per song. Finally, things were getting a bit better for their family. Though they could not afford their own apartment just yet, they were able to eat a lot more and began feeling and looking much healthier.

Becoming more confident in their talents, the two decided to reveal something about themselves during a talent show they hoped to win. They were to reveal a song that they wrote and practiced for months before this day. The two got on stage as nervous as one can be. It was the first time that they would compete for anything using their singing. It was also the first time that Irina stood up from the piano and sung along with her sister. The song was Light Of Memory, the first song that they wrote, completed, and sung together. The audience was pulled into tears by the sincerity and beauty of the song. They were complimented repeatedly by what they had created. And needless to say, they won the competition and were given the chance to record their own album with that song on the record. After that, their entire life lit up. They were no longer poor, no longer homeless. They were able to take care of their parents and put a roof over their head. This all happened because that album that was just supposed to be a studio stunt became number one in Japan within two weeks of it's first release. Their number one song, Rise, hit number one in the nation by the end of the month and the two were on their way. Everyone wanted more of them! Though they were rushed by producers, the two took pride in their music and wrote from the heart. They accepted no help from anyone and each time they made a hit song that finally made their producers back off and allow them to make their music the way that they felt was more true to themselves. The only problem that they had was that Irina began holding a secret life. She loved singing along side her sister, but she never had any privacy or time to herself. One time, she came up with this brilliant idea to put on a wig and some contacts to go out and party on her own. When she finally came home, she was drunk and ended up waking up with a horrible hangover, but was able to hide it from her sister.  One day, Anastasia brought up the fact they could not be reckless and do anything stupid because one mistake and things would end up going back to how things were before, and that was Irina's greatest fear.

It wasn't even a week after that when Irina began saving up every scent she made. She stopped buying anything that she didn't need and became very cheap and stingy with her money. She paid what was needed, nothing more. She never did anything miscellaneous, excluding on her nights out. That was the only time she ever felt free and it became an addiction. Any time she got a chance and had a very large amount of money saved up on the side, she would take a night to go out, party, drink, and do anything else crazy that she could think of. She knew the fear that this caused her sister. The idea of ruining Anastasia's career over this scared her as well, but she was addicted and continued to keep it a secret. It wasn't something that she could easily give up. She just kept taking more and more precautions to make sure she wasn't caught, such as gluing her wig down on her head to make sure it didn't fall off. Then one day, out of no where, something happened. She was out at a party and was dancing with a few people she didn't know. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her left eye. She went to the bathroom, assuming it was her contacts. When she got there, she took the contact out and rinsed her eye to find that it had changed colors. Freaking out, she pulled out her other contact and looked on in horror as her eyes were now different colors. At that moment, someone barged into the bathroom and noticed her. They confronted her on the contacts and why'd she'd change her color when blue was so much more beautiful. She said nothing, but upon closer examination of her they noticed her hair was odd. They saw a patch of white and ripped off her wig. Freaking out, she backed away from them as they began explaining how they were a huge fan and why she was hiding. They turned and said they were going to tell everyone and Irina began to panic. She reached forward and yelled no, when something happened. A force she couldn't explain shot out from her eye and pushed her into the wall while the other person was pushed into the far end wall. After a few seconds, they both fell and the woman woke up asking who she was, where she was, and what was going on. Freaking out even more, Irina grabbed her wig, put it on her head and fled the club through the back door. She ran home and never returned to that place again.

The next morning, Irina woke up in her room and was hoping everything was back to normal, but as she entered the bathroom and looked in her own eyes, she began to cry. She didn't understand what was going on with her. As she left her room, she walked out into the hall and looked to see the woman she occasionally hired to clean the house. Immediately the same thing that happened the night before was repeated. She collapsed to her knees, covering her eye in fear of what would happen next. She ran off to find something to cover her eye with and once she did she returned to the woman's side to make sure she was okay. The woman lost her memory for a good five hours before she returned to normal. During that time, Irina had so many things she just did not want to know flowing through her mind. She remembered seeing the woman she hired losing her parents, her husband, and then meeting her. It was just a bunch of random thoughts intertwined and collected from one person. After the woman was better, she went to Anastasia and told her what happened. Anastasia believed her, though she did not ask for evidence of it and the two made up a story that while they were on vacation Irina was in an accident and lost her eye. Right after that, Irina began wearing a patch and refusing to ever use that ability on anyone unless it was for a very, very good reason. From then on, she lived her life the way she did before. With the contacts she was still able to walk around normally and the power seemed to not go through the contacts, so that helped. She still parties and sings along with her sister, though she is very careful on the partying part. Up till now, nothing else has really happened to Irina. She's never been caught and has successfully hidden her power away...

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

The Left Eye: Though people assume she got into some sort of accident and that is what she allows them to believe when it comes to this situation, her eye is not covered because it's missing. She keeps her left eye covered because any time she looks at any person, spiritual or otherwise, her eye is able to penetrate theirs in a harsh and painful manner. For five seconds, or until her eye is covered, Irina will literally rip the memories from their mind. This will cause the person to lose the memories she takes, some for permanent others temporary. (Will be decided by the person who owns the character.) During the process, both the person and Irina will feel a massive amount of pain in their heads, them because of the memory removal and her because of the memory collection. Memories that are taken vary and can be random unless she is doing it on purpose. If she is searching from something in particular, she can pinpoint the memories that have to do with that exact event or situation and rip them instead. The purposeful process can take up to as long as she wants, but still causes the same pain for her and the subject.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng (Internal)
Appearance change: None
Abilities: Though these powers are subject to advance, Irina's abilities are of telepathic nature. She has only recently discovered her abilities in the past year and has only gotten used to the basics of her abilities.

  • Firstly, she is able to penetrate the minds of others, allowing her to read their thoughts and communicate with them. If she is choosing to read a person's thoughts, this is merely speaking of their current thoughts, what's going on in their minds at the moment of reading. She also chooses when this happens. This isn't one of those situations where it's uncontrollable and she's reading the mind of every passing person.
  • Secondly, if she concentrated hard enough, she can take control over the bodies for a short five seconds, usually preventing them from taking part in a single action. She has used this before to stop men in bars from putting their hands on her. When she does this, because of how hard she has to concentrate to do it as quickly as she usually needs, she sends a telepathic blast of energy into the person to stop them. This puts a strain on their mind and her own. Doing this causes headaches and sometimes dizziness. Doing this multiple times can actually cause temporary muscle damage to both her and the victim. This damage is because it is the mind that is directly effected during this action.
  • She also has the ability to search through and pull out memories, though this is only through a willing subject. She cannot do this if the person is unaware of it, nor if they are fighting her. They must be completely relaxed.

Telepathic bond: Once Irina has communicated the mind of another, there is a connection created between them that allows them to contact her if they really feel the need to. This is done usually by thinking her name loudly or calling for her mentally. If they really need her, the connection will allow Irina to hear it and they can communicate that way. It's similar to calling someone on the phone.

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PostSubject: Re: Irina Hayase [APPROVED, 4-1+]   Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:55 pm

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Tier: 4-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Irina Hayase [APPROVED, 4-1+]   

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Irina Hayase [APPROVED, 4-1+]
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