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 Seras Victoria [Approved; 2-3]

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PostSubject: Seras Victoria [Approved; 2-3]   Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:51 pm

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Blood

Name: Seras Victoria
True Age: 124
Rank: Elite
Gender: Female
Personality: Seras is a very quiet person around her people, mostly because she doesn't trust any of them. Ever since one of them killed her master, she has refused to even trust Lilith - to her, all Sōnansha are monsters, herself included. Ever since being changed, she has prefered staying alone, while surpressing her urges and instincts, desperately clinging to the last bits of humanity she still has. This is especially true for her thirst for blood, which she absolutely despises - she refuses to drink blood at all, even if she doesn't have to bite someone to get it. Starving herself has pretty bad results when someone gets hurt around her, though, causing her to slowly lose control over her hunger. If not for her incredible willpower, Seras would be a highly unstable and even dangerous Sōnansha.

When she is around people, though, Seras is almost adorably awkward and shy. As a really nice person deep down, she's someone who enjoys seeing the people around her happy. Seeing as she was a police officer before being turned, one shouldn't mistake that for weaknesses, though - when she has to be, Seras is tough and no-nonsense, and can shake off embarassment that usually follows her everywhere.
On that embarassment, it should be noted that Seras is completely oblivious to her own body and how her looks affect others, especially men, and can easily be embarassed by comments on that, but outright harassment will always be met with a swift kick to the bollocks by her, as many criminals learned in their time. She also has no experience in the field of romance, and has never even had a single boyfriend in her life.

Finally... something that defines Seras ever since she became a vampire. Rage and instinct. Thanks to being such a 'young' vampire alone, her thirst for blood is very strong - and her predatory instincts seem to be stronger than usual for Sōnansha, making them difficult to control. When under extreme stress, for example, during combat or when confronted with the object of her hate, those instincts will completely take over - first by turning her eyes bright red, then by slowly eroding her normally sweet personality with lust for carnage, murder, and bloodshed. In such a state, she can drink blood from any source without disgust, and her self-imposed subconcious limits on the supernatural strength of her body disappears, unlocking a true monster from within. Calming down Seras is nearly impossible without her first destroying the object of her hate completely, although those she considers close friends or loved ones might be able to get through to her. This becomes more and more difficult the more Seras fights and kills, and could even lead to her completely losing sight of her humanity and mercy.
The one figure central to all her hate is Wilhelm. Even just laying eyes on him would cause Seras to revert into a ruthless killer - fighting him could cause a complete loss of self and sense in an attempt to slaughter him. Nobody, not even someone as imposing as Lilith, could stop Seras from fighting him, without completely incapacitating Seras first. This hatred for Wilhelm has two reasons: First of all, he killed her Master, Dracula, while she was only a few days 'old', and while her imprint on him was still very strong. Second, she was the reason for his distraction and murder on the hands of Wilhelm, so she feels responsible for him still being alive and going around murdering people.

General Appearance

more pictures in here:
Appearance Age: 24

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

  • Firearms Training: Seras wasn't special forces for nothing - she has training with nearly every weapon used by law enforcement, from light sidearms to submachine guns used for hard busts. If it's a gun, then she knows how to use it.
  • Eagleeye: ...And she also knows how to aim them. Her eyesight without the usage of any abilities is still quite amazing, but especially with them, she can use it to aim incredibly well, lead targets, and so on.
  • Vampiric Strength: After being changed by Dracula, Seras has developed incredible physical strength. It has reached the point where she could use a flak cannon as a handheld weapon without suffering any recoil, for example. Ripping a human in half with her strength is about as easy as breaking a small twig - she has to be rather careful around more fragile people thanks to this.
  • Vampiric Speed: By using her incredible strength through her legs, Seras can accelerate to ridiculous levels and overtake a sports car with a bit of effort. Her reflexes are fast enough to dodge bullets.
  • Natural Weapons: Seras' teeth are sharper and harder than normal for a Sōnansha, and she can quite literally rip someone's arm off with them if she has to. In addition, she can turn her hands into 'claws' to rip through living tissue like a hot knife through butter, and they can be consciously changed at a thought.
  • Close Quarter Combat Expert: As a former police officer, Seras knows how to subjugate someone effectively. She's not as good with going for killing strikes, but knows a lot of moves that drive the air out of the opponent, and more than one hold that'll dislodge shoulders. Add to that her vampiric super strength, and you got one hell of a fighter.
  • Predatory Instincts: Like a wild animal, Seras can smell fear and worry on those without near-perfect body control, and strikes at vital points, such as the neck, with deadly precision reminiscent of her weaponized approach she sometimes uses.
  • Currency of the Soul: If Blood is willingly given to Seras by a dying being, she can chose to 'absorb' their soul. In that case, no soul enters the soul cycle, and the drained individual lives on as part of Seras' subconscious. She obtains new powers whenever someone willingly gives their life for her.
  • Army of the Dead: Seras' blood is extremely potent for a B Generation Sōnansha. When added to a corpse of any origin, the corpse will be reanimated and turned into a mindless drone that serves Seras, controlled by her thoughts. These 'ghouls' act much like zombies, are not very fast, possess nearly no intelligence, and are not any stronger than their original form. However, they lack any natural inhibitions, such as the ones the human body places on itself to keep it from destroying itself - as a Ghoul is already dead. Ghouls can be destroyed by decapitation, staking the heart, or destroying most of the brain - sunlight will also incinerate them. When a Ghoul is killed, the corpse burns with blue, heatless fire and is reduced to ash. As no soul rests within a Ghoul, they are easily identified, if the fact that they are walking corpses wasn't enough. Ghouls hunger for the flesh of the living, and Seras can freely drain the blood they collect while eating into herself by simply being near the Ghouls. This ability is NOT unique and is instead inherited by almost all of Dracula's spawn.
  • Dark Flight: Seras can control some of her own energy and blood into creating black, skeletal bat wings on her back, which she can use to soar through the sky.
  • Light Sensitivity: Despite her inherited Sōnansha abilities keeping her from being damaged by sunlight, Seras' eyes are so powerful and accurate that sunlight is still painful for her. Also, her skin tingles in a very unpleasant fashion in sunlight. She thus keeps her eyes hidden beneath sunglasses during the day, and will stay out of direct sunlight. Blasts of light have a higher chance of blinding her than what is normal for a Sōnansha.
  • Frightful Presence: By revealing her vampiric nature, Seras can unleash a supernatural intimidation effect. Powerless humans will most likely be utterly terrified of her and flee, while those with powers but a weaker general strength level than Seras may find her frightening, but not enough to turn tail and run. Those who resist the Frightful Presence can not be affected by it for one week following.

Weaponry: While certainly deadly in close combat, Seras doesn't prefer it at all. Her true strength is in a combination of firearms and vampiric strength. Carrying them around would be kind of cumbersome, so the weapons are usually stored within her room wherever she is currently living.. All ammunition is laced with spiritual silver to affect spiritual beings. Exploding mercury heads add to the destructive force of each shot.

  • Harkonnen: Very much an anti-tank rifle. Loaded with 88mm exploding high-impact shells, the likes normally found in a tank, this gigantic weapon - it is longer than 2 meters - proves of no difficulty to use for Seras, and a single 'magazine' for this weapon carries up to twenty shells, which are fired semi-automatically. Doesn't have a scope, not that she'd need one. This weapon is used for assassination and to defend positions, and is not carried into battle normally.
  • Vasto: The Vasto is an experimental gun that was recently developed, but the project was cancelled as no human was able to endure the recoil produced by it.
    From appearances it looks like a large six shot revolver. Each shot is incredibly powerful, enough to blast a hole through steel with their explosive shells - and thanks to Seras' extreme strength, she can wield and fire it as fast as she can pull the trigger to put a lot of painful holes into opposition. Reloading is fast thanks to her speed, but still a possible problem. This is the only firearm that Seras always carries with her, since it is actually small enough to fit into a holster on her belt. Oh, and also - she has two of them for dual-wielding action. They are used whenever Seras does not feel like fighting in close combat, whatever the reason for that may be.

Inherited Abilities

Sōnansha Generation: B
Inherited Abilities:
Men'eki: (Immunity) Sōnansha are not all immune to human diseases and illnesses. This ability is what allows a Sōnansha to not contract a disease, which is very helpful if you're of Blood Affinity. This also is what allows a Sōnansha to walk around during the day. Seras' Immunity is oddly weak in regards to sunlight, and does not fully offset her light sensitivity (see above).

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone. This ability is most likely the strongest of Seras' inherited natural Sōnansha Abilities.

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would. Seras is frozen in her age of 24.

Shape Shifting: Allows the person to transform their body into another object or person. Having this ability allows the Sōnansha to see if what they are looking at is real or not. If another is changing their appearance in any way, they will be able to tell that it is happening. Seras prefers bat-swarm and blood fog forms.

Enhanced Senses: Luckily this does not speak for all five senses. This enhances sight, giving a Sōnansha the ability to see in the dark and at much farther distances. It enhances smell, allowing them to pick up scents and separate them if needed so they can track. This also enhances hearing, giving them the ability to pick up on certain sounds and follow them for long distances, and allows them to pick up very soft sounds.

  • Most Powerful: Sight - Seras can 'focus' on targets multiple miles away, even in dark night. Her eyes turn red when doing so, even when not using her released power.
  • Middle: Smell - Picking up the smell of blood and of indivduals she knows is rather easy to her, although the range is greatly reduced when compared to her Sight. Can't be blocked out, so Seras has to constantly battle with the smell of blood when in human settlements.
  • Weakest: Hearing - Advanced enough to listen in on whispered talking even through a stone wall, but not with enough range to pick up specific sounds on longer ranges. This alone causes sleep to be incredibly difficult for her, as she doesn't know how NOT to hear the fine sounds directly around her.

Seimei no Honō

Seimei no Honō: Seibomaria no Chiniueru (lit: Bloodlust of the Virgin)
Seimei no Honō Appearance: Seras' eyes change from blue into red when her Semei no Hono is active. Also, a red and black liquid-like substance starts surrounding her hands and arms, which can solidify into a black mass with red outlines. Her left arm fully turns into the red and black substance, taking the form of an actual arm and shifting freely while the form is active. If not returned to the shape of a left arm before deactivation, Seras loses her left arm and has to regenerate it through the normal Sōnansha way.

Seimei no Honō Abilities:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Seras was born as an only child, and raised as the little princess of her parents. Her mother didn't work full-time, and was often at home for entire weeks, while her father was a police officer that often worked overtime to keep London a relatively safe town. All in all, her childhood could've been great - sadly, it wasn't, because of an event that took place when Seras was around 7 years old.
That day, Seras was at home with her mother, who took care of her because she had cought a nasty cold. Sometime late in the morning, around 10 or 11 AM - Seras can't remember by now - the door suddenly kracked. It wasn't simply someone knocking, or ringing the doorbell first - someone had broken through the door right away. In a moment of quick thinking, Seras' mother shoved her daughter into a closet in the room, before two masked robbers stormed into the room. Some screaming followed, a knife was pulled out - and Seras, through a small slit between the doors of the closet, saw her mother hit the ground, blood slowly gurgling onto the ground from her throat that had been cut open. In her shock, Seras wasn't even able to scream or cry - all she could was stare at her mother.
This wasn't the end for her torment though, no. This whole break-in was a revenge action taken by a mob boss that Seras' father had brought behind bars - with his contacts, he established this attack. One of the dirty scumbags who had just slit up her mother proceded to have his way with her dead body before leaving, all within view of the horrified little girl.

After that, normality never returned into her life. While Seras got psychological treatment to work through her trauma, both she and her father were relocated and given new names - deemed unfit for duty, he and his daughter got by on money provided by the state. This was when they got their new last name assigned - Victoria. Thanks to the traumatic event, Seras was always incredibly shy and introverted, keeping to herself and away from other people. She never had any real friends, always sliding by unnoticed, even as she developed into quite a beauty in her teenage and young adult years.
Still, she was no weak wallflower. Partially to protect her should their true idenitities be revealed, partially to have something to do with his time, Seras' father tought her all he knew about self-defense, and she visited multiple fighting schools as well - Kung-Fu, Karate, Judo, you name it, she learned at the very least the basics of it. This helped strengthen a resolve within Seras, to become more like her father - she joined a police academy once she was old enough, to become a special forces officer. Her father died of old age shortly after her initial training was complete, leaving her alone - she had no family, and the only friends she had were her coleagues from work. But she was happy now - the terrible events of the past had shaped her, for sure, but they did no longer govern her life or cause terrible nightmares every day. Work provided more than enough scenes for nightmares, after all, and pleasant dreams often followed a day full of work anyway.

With her special force police unit, Seras busted drug dealers, underground crime rings, and even human trafficing buisnesses. They were quite effective at what they did, and Seras soon was promoted multiple times during her time there, earning quite the nice pay. Life was good, for a 'police girl' like her - until the last mission she ever went on as a human.
Being called out to a small village, they had nearly no information to go on. Apparently, all communications with the village had been lost - the phone lines and even mobile phones in the area went dead. A normal police patrol investigating disappeared after a final transmission asking for backup, so Seras' unit was sent in as backup, equipped with state of the art weaponry. But no modern assault rifle can save you from living nightmares.

The village was a field of horror. People had been turned from humans into mindless husks that attacked Seras' unit - opening fire on what seemed like 'zombies'. It was only after this fateful and long night that Seras found out that these monsters had been created by a special ability of the monster masking as the priest of the village - a vampire, or to be more specific, a Rogue Sōnansha, who had already killed or bitten and transformed all of the people in the village. Driving the special forces unit apart with his mass of zombified minions, Seras was finally left as the only living member of her unit, driven into a corner in the church that the vampire occupied. She had been gravely wounded during the fighting - and the vampire had no plans of letting her live, or transforming her. He just wanted to use her for some cheap thrills, then kill her and move on.

But then, he appeared. As the door to the church was blasted open, the black magic of this newly appeared figure eradicated the slaves of the Sōnansha, before the rogue was killed by this newly appeared man. Finding the barely living Seras, the man gave her one simple choice...
Die as a human, with her humanity intact. Or become like him, like Lord Dracula - and live as a creature of night, as a vampire. Unable to speak thanks to her lungs being filled up with blood, and unable to see him because of her eyes losing their light, Seras did the only thing she was still able to do... And reached out with her right hand blindly, for him. She wanted to live.
And with a bite and a transfer of blood, it was done. The human known as Seras Victoria died that night - it was easy for Dracula to forge documents that accounted for her dead body, and an empty coffin was lowered into her grave. This all transpired during the early 21st century.

The next chapter in Seras' life is the chapter of the fledgling vampire. Dracula held a strong sway over her mind right from the start - the bond was exceptionally strong between them. But still, Seras refused to drink blood - feeling as if she'd lose something vitally important the very moment she decided to drink blood. Her master, meanwhile, began to show his utter contempt and hatred for mankind more and more, while teaching his student the basics of the Sōnansha powers. However, as he slowly revealed his ultimate plan - a plan that would reduce the United Kingdom to blood and ashes - Seras felt the bond that had once made her fascinated with the older Sōnansha break. Unlike him, she still felt connected to humanity - and she tried what she could to get him off the course that would surely lead only to death and sorrow.
But Dracula refused this last voice of reason and humanity. The fledgling vampire who still refused to drink blood thus had only one choice - to tell someone she could trust of Dracula's plans. And there was only one person she knew - an even mightier Sōnansha, the very first of them all, whom she had only met once, shortly after her transformation. Back then, they had barely exchanged any words with each other, partially because of how shy Seras still was. But Lilith was her best bet.

Using a human from a nearby settlement as a messenger - she couldn't exactly use one of the servants in Castlevania for this - Seras told Lilith of Dracula's treachery, and begged her to come to Castlevania to stop him. And as fate would have it, news of Lilith traveling to Castlevania reached Dracula on the night on which he planned to start his crusade against humanity. Enraged by the possible trouble for his plan, he attempted to find Seras - but she had not been sitting idly by, waiting for rescue. Instead, using her ingenuity and knowledge of modern weapons, she used explosives to destroy part of Castlevania's core, which Dracula needed to power his army of constructs and servants which he planned to use against humanity. In a rage, he attacked Seras, who attempted to fight back - which did not end well for her.
With two motions, Dracula cut out Seras' eyes, sliced off her left arm, and drove a stake through her heart, before sealing her into her own coffin within Castlevania, and went on to face Lilith in battle. But even the lord of the night was no match for the power of the mother of all vampires, and in their fight, Castlevania crumbled around the two. Finally, Dracula burned, destroyed for good - and Seras, assumed dead, was buried under the rubble of the castle.
Two years passed before Seras was found. A group of humans that worshiped Dracula found the remains of Castlevania, and within it, the sealed coffin of Seras Victoria. From the inscription on it, they figured out she had to be one of Dracula's legendary brides - and with her body as a medium, attempted a blood ritual to bring their fallen master back to the realm of the living. But nothing in their clouded, insane minds prepared them for what they'd unleash upon the world once again... the last spawn of Dracula.

After submerging her body in blood and chanting their occult rituals, the cultists pulled out the stake that had kept Seras in stasis for two years. If not for her strong will to live, she probably would've died from hunger by then. But now she was not only revived, but right in the middle of a pool of blood, submerged fully, at night. And with her awakening, Seras drank blood for the very first time in her life.
Rising from the pool of blood, naked and with new, glowing red eyes, and an arm made from shadows, she asked the cultists for their desire. As they said that they wanted to bring Dracula, the one who had thrown her into even more torment in her new unlife, back into this world, Seras snapped. Until that day, she had never hurt a human intentionally as a Sōnansha - but none of the cultists escaped with their lives from the ruins of Castlevania that night.

When dawn finally broke, Seras' bloodrage subsided, and she saw the carnage that her powers had wrought upon the misguided, but still technically innocent humans. The sheer terror of what she saw made her realize once more - she was not human anymore. Whichever part of her humanity remained before, it died in that pool of blood - or perhaps even earlier, when she decided to go against the main that had saved her. Or perhaps when her savior cut out her eyes. Whatever the case, Seras became a drifter - a vagabond without a home and without friends. She never contacted Lilith after her return - despite the knowledge that Dracula HAD to die, the remnants of the bond gave Seras a slight resentment and newfound fear of the oldest Sōnansha.
Over the years, news of her return probably reached Lilith, but Seras proved exceptional at hiding and slipping away, staying under the radar. But she was not entirely without action during the next decades leading up to the present. Instead, she became a monster that hunted monsters - rogue Sōnansha, Hollows, Arrancar, evil Guardian Beasts, mad humans that could no longer be called humans... she hunted them down, and killed them. Through a resolve made of steel, Seras suppressed her bloodlust more and more - until, with age and experience, she became more and more able to repress the need and desire to drink blood, at least when she wasn't currently fighting. She learned of the true power behind her inherited Seimei no Honō, how to control it, and how to turn it into a weapon.

To this day, Seras still wanders. Hunting monsters, running from her own past and self, and without any goal.

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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria [Approved; 2-3]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:40 pm


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Comments/Notes: :3 First Sōnansha graded, besides the ones that are mine. Nice job Sil. I WISH FOR LILITH TO SCARE HER!!! Though Lilith... does not. '_'
Tier: 2-3

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Seras Victoria [Approved; 2-3]
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