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 Hanako Ikezawa [Approved 2-1]

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PostSubject: Hanako Ikezawa [Approved 2-1]   Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:43 pm

Human Template

"Painful History (Hanako's Theme)"

General Information

Name: Ikezawa, Hanako
Nickname: Hana-chan
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 164cm (5’4”)
Weight: 52kg (114.4lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Black/Purple
Eye Color: Grey-Purple


Overall Character Information

Personality: Although she may appear to be your average teenage girl sans the burns/scarring, Hanako's personality is anything but normal; just like her. Having experiences a traumatic event early on in her life due to her powers, Hanako was left with her life in shambles. And yet, even before that event, Hanako never really had an average personality. All her life, Hanako has been a shy and timid girl, usually opting to be alone rather than in a group. She wasn't truly "antisocial", she just preferred a slower and quieter pace in life. Of course, she also had some traits that were more normal; such as a like of stuffed animals and cute things in general, love for her parents, and enjoyed reading. Really, aside from being shy and preferring to be by herself, one really could say that Hanako was generally a normal young girl. This, of course, all changed after the incident.

After her parents death (and continuing to the current day), a dramatic shift happened in Hanako's personality. Whereas she was shy and timid before, Hanako became quite literally antisocial; reclusive to an extreme. In fact, she has a fear of any kind of social interaction so severe that she will even panic at small groups of people. This is due in most part to her disfiguring burns/scars and the amount of people who have openly mocked her because of them. In fact, this mocking is the cause of a majority of her social awkwardness. However, Hanako is not only afraid of others; she actually has a hidden hatred of other people because of how they treat her. Even one person approaching her is enough to set Hanako off, and if not done right, she will most likely use any kind of excuse to get away from the situation. When it is impossible for her to get away, unless much care is taken in how you talk to her, Hanako is even liable to suffer a panic attack and break down into tears. Because she is so emotionally fragile, most people who come across Hanako tend to just ignore her; viewing her as more trouble than she is worth. It's not as if everyone else is mean, but even people who feel sorry for her are usually too put off by her personality.

By now, it should be obvious that, even if someone manages to talk to her, Hanako dislikes talking about her past. Asking her about it or the cause of her burns/scars is a surefire way to send Hanako running away from you. Granted, if you were able to actually get to talk to her, chances are Hanako has some level of trust in you (a rare thing indeed), and will not hate you for it. Really, the only way to find out anything about her past is to simply wait until Hanako herself chooses to tell you. Along with this, Hanako is quite prone to bouts of uncontrollable sobbing which can result from one of many situations; though the two most common are memories of her past and large groups of people. Of course, Hanako usually tries her best to avoid contact with others, so the most common places you can find her are usually huddled up in corners or the very back corner of a library. Actually, Hanako seems to have a thing about corners, or at least places where it is easier to simply fade into the background and out of people's sight. Not only does she try to hide places, but when she actually has to walk and go places, Hanako usually walks rather slowly; face pointed towards the ground, arms held in close, and generally trying to make herself seem as small as she can.

When it comes to fighting... well honestly, this one should be pretty obvious. Just as she is afraid of other people, Hanako is very afraid of fighting and violence in general. However, Hanako's fear of violence is not really the mark of a pacifist, but is born from something much deeper. Because of their nature and what they caused, Hanako actually has a fear of her own power. Now, this is not to say that if attacked, she will simply cower and let herself get killed; but because her power actually causes her pain and physical damage, Hanako's first instinct is to search for some way to escape from battle. It is only during the times that escaping is impossible and no one is there to protect her that Hanako will even lift a finger to fight back. Hell, even then, Hanako's only goal is to create some way to escape through her power. The only time that Hanako will even consider fighting of her own volition is when someone she truly cares about is in danger; something that is probably even rarer than her actually fighting.

Of course, this leads into friendships; a very unstable concept when it comes to Hanako. Because of her burns/scarring and personality, most people simply find it easier to either just mock her or simply avoid her. It is very rare that someone will actually approach Hanako with the intent to learn more about this girl and try to befriend her. While it is very rare that such a person comes across Hanako, because it does actually happen, there are a few things to keep in mind about her. For starters, when approaching Hanako, one must do so slowly and quietly; announcing your presence when you are close enough so as not to startle her. While you don't have to approach her in such a manner, doing so will receive far better results. Next, whatever you do, do not stare at her burns/scars or bring them up. It may be hard to do so, and even if you have an initial reaction t the scars Hanako is used to as much, so as long as it doesn't persist. Finally, do not push Hanako to do or say anything she is uncomfortable with. Yes, you can ask her questions or suggest to do something, but do not try and make her answer faster than she is comfortable with or try and force her to change her mind. Basically, when dealing with Hanako, you must take care not to scare her or force uncomfortable situations. And yet, what Hanako truly wants of a friend is someone who can view her as an equal; looking past her scars and shyness and see her as just another girl. Unfortunately, it usually takes a few steps until you can actually get to such a point with her, so many people view her as a waste of time.

Appearance: From a distant glance, Hanako may appear to be your average teenage girl, but once you take a closer look, you'll see that she has quite a few distinctive features about her. Of course, it'd be remiss to even begin this description without mentioning the most distinctive aspect of Hanako's appearance, and that would be the burns/scarring that cover a good portion of the right side of her body. The result of a traumatic event when her power first awakened as well as a side effect of the power itself, Hanako's body is forever marked by these burns/scarring; the most prominent of which covers almost the entire right side of her face. Moving down her body, the burns cover about 70% of her right arm, usually most visible on the back of her right hand as she tends to wear clothing with long sleeves. On her torso, the burns/scars width extends to about her right breast, and on her back they reach all the way over to her left shoulder blade, but seems to "slope" back to the right until it only covers the right side at her waist. Finally, the burns/scarring extends down only her right leg, and seems to stop a little bit past her knee; also leaving a bit of her inner thigh untouched. Of course, because she is usually clothed, most people ever see are the burns/scarring on her face and the back of her right hand.

Aside from the burns/scarring, the other aspects of Hanako's appearance are much more common. She is of average height and weight, if only a tad bit taller than normal; though because of her pale complexion Hanako does appear to be a little underweight. Her hair is a black/purple color and is rather long, reaching below her shoulders. Her bangs are rather uneven, cut in a way so that they're longer on the right side and then slope up to a normal height on the left. This was done purposefully by Hanako herself so that her hair would help to cover the burns/scarring on the right side of her face. Though it is generally effective, the very edges of the burns/scars are usually exposed, and sometimes a gust of wind or running can cause the bangs to be pushed away. Because of this, Hanako will often use her right to further cover the burns/scars on the right side of her face; though this exposes the burns/scars on the back of her hand even more in respect. Her eyes are a sort of dull grey-purple color, and usually have a sort of "frightened" look to them. Actually, Hanako's entire facial features usually convey a sense of fright and timidness; mainly because of her past and personality. That and it also doesn't help that Hanako really is a shy and frightened girl, so these emotions are pretty much spot on.



Malignant Energy: The one main power possessed by Hanako, her Malignant Energy is exceedingly unique in the fact that it is probably the first case of such a power. However, before we get into its inner workings, there are a few concepts that one must understand; the most important one being Duality (or dualism). Simply put, this duality states that there are two sides to every conflict; for each positive, there is a negative. While on its own this is just a philosophical debate, when taken into consideration with real world quantities, it takes on a more concrete meaning. For Hanako’s power, the duality we look at is that of spiritual energies. Now, in this world, there are many different types of established forms of “Spiritual Energy”, ranging from reiatsu to Qi. While each of these forms of spiritual energy has its own slight distinctions, they each share one important quality; all of these established forms of spiritual energy are beneficial to their wielder. Basically, the ability to harness and use even one of these forms of energy has positive side effects on the person using them. While this is all well and good, there is no counterbalance to these energies; no duality to balance them out. However, to every good there is an evil, to every Yin a Yang; and the unique energy that fuels Hanako’s powers is the dual side to the established forms of spiritual energy.

To understand the finer points of this power, let us first look at the dualism of spiritual energies and Hanako’s Malignant Energy. To begin with, it is common knowledge that spiritual energies, no matter what form they may take, all provide benefits to the one using them. For example, the more reiatsu a Shinigami has flowing through them, the stronger they are. Of course, it is this first point in which probably the greatest difference between spiritual energies and Malignant Energy is found. Whereas normal spiritual energies strengthen their user; as it flows within the body of its user (Hanako being the only case) Malignant Energy actually weakens its user and even harms their body. The reason for this is simple: Malignant Energy exists as the inverse of the normal spiritual energies, and as such has the “opposite” effect. It is because of this rather large negative effect that this Malignant Energy only flows through and is used by the right side of Hanako’s body. Basically, the more powerful Malignant Energy grows, the physically weaker its user actually becomes.

So, taking into account how Malignant Energy hampers instead of helps, we are led into the second way in which it differs from normal spiritual energies; how it is utilized. For users of the normal spiritual energies, the basic their powers work is by using their selected spiritual energy to fuel them. Now, obviously, because Malignant Energy has a weakening/deteriorating effect, it cannot be used to fuel abilities but actually has to be released and used as the ability itself. Basically, what this means is that a user of Malignant Energy cannot use said energy to, say, create flames as the basis of fire powers; but must use the energy itself as its own set of powers/abilities. Because of this, Hanako does not have any elemental attributes to her abilities. Of course, this also means that Malignant Energy cannot be formed into any type of ability that has a “positive” effect; all abilities made up of Malignant Energy can only weaken/degrade or destroy.

So, now that the general differences between Malignant Energy and the normal spiritual energies are established, it is time to move on into the effects and applications of Malignant Energy. As stated before, Malignant Energy both weakens Hanako and causes her physical damage when she uses it, but this is nothing compared to what it does to an opponent. Although the effects on herself are rather severe because she is already relatively fragile, because the flow of the Malignant Energy is kept in only a certain portion of her body and because it is her only form of “energy” the full effects of it are lessened on her. This leads into exactly how Malignant Energy is able to cause so much damage to her opponents. Because they are opposite sides of the same concept, both the normal spiritual energies and Malignant Energy has opposite “charges” if you will. Being the side that is beneficial and strengthens, or adds, the normal spiritual energies take up the role of the “positive charge”; and because of the detrimental effects of Malignant Energy, it takes on the role of the “negative charge”. Now, because these two different sides are equal in intensity (as Hanako being the only person to wield Malignant Energy), once they collide, they will result in a “zero”. While this may make both sides seem equal, when it comes to actual practice in combat, Malignant Energy actually has the edge in this “zero” effect because it is the negative side. While both energies will end up as canceled out, because Malignant Energy subtracts, it is able to cause damage. When she uses the energy to block an attack, the effect is technically the Malignant Energy reducing the attack to zero, and when used on an opponent directly, it subtracts out of them to make the zero. While this may seem to give Malignant Energy a huge edge, one must remember that it is also hurting the wielder every time they use it; so even if they manage to cancel out every one of the opponent’s attacks, they will still have taken damage. Basically, not only is Hanako fighting against an opponent, but also against time and her own energy.

Finally, there are a few positive effects of possessing Malignant Energy that Hanako receives. First, because her Malignant Energy is the sort of "antithesis" to the normal spiritual energies, it is near impossible to sense her presence through the normal means (i.e. sensing spiritual pressure or pesquisa). The reason for this is simple; being the "negative" side to energy, instead of having presence, Malignant Energy actually has a "lack" of presence. Basically, when a character tries to locate people, Hanako is sensed as a lack of presence of any form of spiritual energy, and as such is simply read as empty space. While you can still find Hanako by technological means, such as thermal imaging; it is simply impossible to locate and track Hanako via spiritual energies. Along with this, Hanako seems to be unaffected by high levels of any of the normal spiritual energies. This is not because her body is stronger than normal, in fact, when not being hampered by the effects of the Malignant Energy her physical abilities are all average; but it is because of the "zero effect" of the Malignant Energy. Simply put, the "negative" of Malignant Energy within her body counteracts the effects of the "positive" of normal spiritual energies outside of her body. This does not make her immune to any powers or abilities, but even the presence of those who are much stronger than herself will not weigh Hanako down. Then again, seeing as the Malignant Energy already hampers her, this is more of a balance rather than an added ability.

Note: Her tier is the maximum amount of Malignant Energy she can use before death.

Physical Effect of Malignant Energy: (warning: contains partial nudity)
Malignant Block: Probably the simplest usage of Malignant Energy, "Malignant Block" is Hanako's most used ability; at least for what it’s worth seeing as she tries everything she can to avoid combat. To use the Malignant Energy for this, all Hanako needs to do is allow for it to flow out of her right hand; creating a small, circular barrier. By holding her right arm and by extension this barrier out in front of herself (or whichever direction an attack is coming from), Hanako is able to completely block any attack that is based off of any spiritual energies thanks to the "zero effect" of the collision with her Malignant Energy. However, to keep blocking, she must continue to allow her Malignant Energy to flow out of her to create the small barrier, so the more attacks she blocks in succession the more pain and damage it causes her. While most effectively used for blocking long range attacks, this ability can be used to block close range attacks. That being said, blocking, say, a sword attack becomes a very arduous task for Hanako because she must continue to pump out the Malignant Energy to keep the block up. Still, out of all her powers, "Malignant Block" causes Hanako the least amount of damage because the amount of energy needed is relatively small and it is used in a more "passive" manner.

Malignant Field: What some might consider an evolved version of "Malignant Block", "Malignant Field" is a much more strenuous use of Hanako's Malignant Energy. For starters, to use this "ability", Hanako must release a continuous flow of Malignant Energy from the right side of her body; enough to create a spherical field around herself. The field itself is not too large, extending only about a yard around her body. Because of the Malignant Energy, the field is able to dissipate any attack that uses any form of the spiritual energies before it can even touch Hanako. However, unlike the block, the field does allow others to enter it; the problem with that being that it is extremely dangerous to them. Basically, anyone who enters the field, unless they are a 100% normal human with no form of any of the spiritual energies, they will immediately begin to have their selected form of spiritual energy (if they use two different types, such as death energy and chaos energy, then both would be drained) thanks to the "zero effect". Furthermore, along with "draining" any spiritual energies, just entering the field causes an extreme amount of pain in any person as well as physical pain; even more than it does to Hanako because of the properties of the Malignant Energy. Of course, once an attack is canceled out or anyone enters the field, Hanako will have to then pump out more Malignant Energy to keep the field up. Because of this and the fact that the Malignant Energy completely surrounds her, Hanako can only keep the barrier up for 3 posts. After the 3 posts, any remaining Malignant Energy will be forced back into her body, and Hanako will suffer an immense amount of pain; sometimes so great that she will literally collapse and black out. This, obviously, leads into the drawbacks. After use, the very least drawbacks will be immense pain, damage to the right side of her body, and the inability to use any abilities for the next post. At the most severe, Hanako can suffer enough pain to cause her to collapse and black out for the rest of the thread. The main thing that determines how severe the drawbacks are is how much the field actually did. If a lot of attacks were fired at her and multiple persons stayed within the field to drain all of their spiritual energy/energies, then she would experience enough pain to cause a temporary coma. Also, the stronger/more of their type of spiritual energy the opponent is/has, the more Malignant Energy Hanako must use and the more pain it causes her. Finally, because the Malignant Energy is the field, this ability shields Hanako from even wide range and area of effect attacks (such as an explosion).

Malignant Blast: As implied by the name, "Malignant Blast" is one of Hanako's few offensive abilities; but even then she does not use it much. It's not that it is some complex attack or is as dangerous as "Malignant Field", but due to her naturally nonviolent nature, Hanako just prefers to abstain for actually fighting. That being said, when she is forced to, Hanako can use "Malignant Blast" in a manner similar to her guard. As with the guard, the Malignant Energy is emitted from her right hand, but now, instead of just sitting there in the form of a barrier, it is shot off from Hanako's hand like a bullet. Although she cannot control the trajectory of the blast after it is "fired", this attack does move relatively fast, but it doesn't have any sort of rapid-fire capabilities. Sure, she can fire off more than one, but to do so, she must once again release enough Malignant Energy from her right hand and then "fire" it off again. When the blast comes into contact with an opponent, it will automatically cause the "zero effect", draining the area it hit of its selected form of spiritual energy, as well as causing the pain and physical damage associated with Malignant Energy. Normally, these blasts are only about the size of Hanako's hand, so the area they affect will be rather small, but by releasing more Malignant Energy into them, she is able to make them larger. That all being said, even creating the smallest blast causes Hanako pain and physical damage, and the larger she makes them, the more pain and physical damage she'll suffer.

Malignant Tragedy: Unlike the other ways in which Hanako uses her Malignant Energy, "Malignant Tragedy" is technically not either an offensive or defensive "ability". Instead, it is more accurate to think of it as either a supportive or passive ability, but its usage makes it seem almost like an ascended form. While this ability still works around expelling the Malignant Energy from her body for use, this is the only ability in which the energy is expelled from both sides of her body; in the form of wings. Yes, using this ability, two wings, composed completely of her Malignant Energy grow from her back, however, they are not use for flight at all. In fact, the only reason they seem to take the form of wings is simple aesthetics. Instead, Hanako actually uses these wings as a sort of "bridge" between the Malignant Energy in her body and the world around herself. Basically, what this means is, that while using this ability, Hanako can use any of her other Malignant Energy abilities without causing herself any extra pain, as she does not have to have it flow directly out of her body, but instead has a direct connection from the internal energy to the outside world. However, this ability does not come without its drawbacks. For starters, while she will not have to experience any of the pain normally associated with her attacks/blocks, so long as Hanako is using this ability, she will be suffering constant pain; albeit less than if she were to use any of her attacks/blocks on their own. Basically, this means that while Hanako is using this ability, she does not have to worry about any of the drawbacks to her other abilities; instead only having to worry about "Malignant Tragedy's" drawback. However, because this ability also keeps a constant flow of her Malignant Energy, Hanako will suffer the negative effects of her Malignant Energy on her physical abilities constantly while using this ability (i.e. lowered strength, speed, and endurance). Finally, anyone fighting with Hanako must take extreme caution when she activates this ability, as not only will the wings harm anyone they touch, but it becomes much harder for Hanako to control the usage of her Malignant Energy when it is able to flow from her much more easily. So, in the end, this ability does have its uses when Hanako is finally forced to fight more than just to flee, but both her and those around her have to use extreme caution. (Lasts for two posts.)

Malignant Death (Event Only): The final way in which Hanako can utilize Malignant Energy, as well as her most potent ability; "Malignant Death" is truly an ability to be feared (ironically from a girl who is as scary as a butterfly). While the requirements to use this ability are rather simple, for Hanako, pulling them off can really be quite difficult. To use "Malignant Death", the only real thing Hanako must do is place her right hand directly on the desired target; made difficult by the fact that she has no high-speed movement technique and is relatively rather physically weak. However, it only works if she only places her hand on the target; grabbing the target does not allow for this ability to function properly. Once right hand is placed against the target and she chooses to activate it, the ability takes its full effect by forcing Hanako's Malignant Energy into the opponent's body via her hand. When forced into an opponent's body, the Malignant Energy moves twice as fast as it ever does within Hanako's body, and once its purpose is served, the energy will dissipate. As for the effect, the Malignant Energy forced into the opponent's body will virtually destroy their spiritual energies, rendering them powerless at its full effect. However, that is not the only effect as while it is in the opponent's body, the Malignant Energy will also cause massive amounts of internal damage to the opponent and, subsequently, pain. Because it is also destroying their spiritual energies at the same time, the opponent's defenses are severely cut, and the internal damage caused is maximized. Simply put, the full effect of this ability is, 9 times out of 10, death. Even if one were to survive, the damage caused would be so great that recovering their powers naturally would be impossible. Of course, with all of this being said, this ability is not perfect, and just as its effect is so severe, so too are its drawbacks. For starters, because she has to force the Malignant Energy into her opponents body, as well as the amount of it she has to use, Hanako herself will also suffer an excruciating level of pain; enough so that the very least side effect is that she blacks out after usage of the ability. Not only that, but depending on how strong the target is, Hanako can quite literally be left in a state of near-death. Finally, this ability can only be used once fully per thread. Essentially, this attack takes so much out of her that she will usually collapse after its usage; in severe cases even going into a temporary coma. It is because of these severe drawbacks, as well as the fact that she is afraid of fighting and her own power, that Hanako must undergo a great deal of consideration before even thinking to use this ability.




Hanako Ikezawa's life begins on the night of July 10 in the illustrious city of Karakura town. Her mother and father were filled with jubilation at the fact that they were able to give birth to such a beautiful child.  As the doctor carefully handed the baby to the woman lying peacefully on her hospital bed, she warmly cradled the child within her arms. Her father wrapped his arms around both of the two, and from that day forward, the life of Hanako Ikezawa began.  There was something hidden inside her, however. that neither the mother nor father could notice.  While there was no sign that she possessed spiritual pressure, there was something lying dormant inside her; something that, while she did not ask for it, would torment her for years. It was known as "Malignant energy" an ability or form of power that only she had control of, or more appropriately, would later acquire control of.  The years before her malignant form of energy truly came into existence, her life was one spent full of innocence, happiness, and everything else  normal little girls are accustomed to.  Her parents lavished her with utmost care, treating her to everything and anything she wanted.  With both of them working middle class jobs, the family never suffered financial problems.  As life continued on, Hanako's life started blossoming.  She graduated through elementary and middle school with flying colors, making many friends along the way.  There was absolutely nothing that could go wrong in this girl's life. Looking at everything in hindsight, she had the perfect mother and father, wonderful work ethic and a beautiful love for life.  That her life be destroyed by the hands of some malevolent god was nothing short of tragic. Tragedy is an experience that can be described in multiple ways. The first is losing family members who you knew for an entire lifetime. The second comes from being involved in an accident, losing someone close to you by fate. And the last, is experiencing a depression so strong that all other emotions seem like happiness placed beside that intense sadness.

Needless to say, it was these three forms of tragedy that send this wonderful girl's life into a downward spiral.  In her very first year of high school, Hanako was eager to meet new friends and experience her first taste of teenage life.  And for the most part, her very first day of high school went off without any unfortunate mishaps whatsoever. Since it was her first year of high school and she was quite scared to walk home alone, her father decided that he would drive her home until she was ready to do so by herself.  When she walked out of Karakura High, the young girl entered her father's car and the two started their drive toward their destination.  During the drive, her father was nimbly avoiding the streets filled with hectic traffic. He was confident that no car would possibly crash into them on the route he had chosen.  While he had his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, he heard the sounds of his phone ringing and decided to take the call with one of them.  Hanako, meanwhile, stared happily off into the window.  In that moment, the spiral of hell began. Hanako could not notice, nor could her father but a young little boy was walking across the street to retrieve his ball. When Hanako's father finally brought his attention back to the street, he saw the boy and his eyes widened.  He gripped his hands tightly around the stirring wheel making it an effort to turn and avoid hitting the child, but unfortunately the car lost all forms of control and crashed into the tree. Hanako, who had not the slightest idea of what was going on was knocked out by the impact. Her father on the other hand, died from blood loss after suffering fatal trauma to the head from the crash.

Upon awakening, Hanako was in a hospital bed and when she opened her eyes, she saw her mother with her face buried in her palms, tears flowing down her face in streams. She had luckily survived with bruises, but her father was in no way so lucky.  When she was fully awake, her mother told her that her father and herself got caught in a car crash and that her father died of an extreme concussion.  Hanako was heartbroken, to say the least. To say nothing of the tears that started to form in her eyes.  As she embraced her mother, she wept mournfully for her lost father.  This was the first form of tragedy, the loss of a loved one. For the next, let our attention be turned to the very next week. After a short lived recovery from the trauma of losing her father, Hanako returned to high school with a defeated spirit.  She was still mourning the death of her father, and the pain of losing the one man who would always tell her he loved her, relentlessly tore at her heartstrings.  Unfortunately, more fire would be added to the flames of despair eating at her heart.  Unexpectedly, Hanako and her class could hear a thundering roar from the halls, or better yet, the entire building. While most were unaware, they were being attacked by a hollow.  It was of medium size, and possessed a grotesque appearance like that out of a horror movie borne from hell.  That terrible monster was rounding each of the halls at a speed a normal human can never reach.  Hanako and her fellow students did their best to hide but the hollow broke down the wall with its head and began feasting upon each and every one of the students in the room. Hanako, who was forced to witness the sight, felt every last ounce of breath leave her throat. She was speechless.   First the tragedy of her father, now this? Life was truly cruel to her.

When the hollow noticed that she was the last one left inside the room, he quickly darted towards her as his hand lunged forward.  Hanako, terrified for her life, screamed. At that moment, in which time seemed to come to a halt, the malignant energy finally released itself from years of dormancy.  When the hollow's hand reached out, the malevolent energy exploded around her body killing the hollow in one fatal blow.  It also scarred a large part of her body; almost half was covered in burns. She fainted upon the first inadvertent usage of her power, and she awoke, it was as though she were reliving the same scene once again, except that this time she had suffered far more damage than anything she could have imagined.  Her mother was unperturbed by the burns she saw on her daughter's face when she was being carried off to the emergency room.  She was simply content that her daughter survived and came out alive. As Hanako looked up, she saw her mother crying just as much, if not more, than when her father died.  First, she touched the bandages around one side of her face, and then she looked at the bandages around her entire arm and  hand.  “What happened?” she wondered. She couldn't come up with a concrete answer so she simply turned to her mother and tried to console her.  Who would've  thought that, in that small moment,  this sweet girl would lose her wonderful mother in a single merciless instant? When she wrapped her arms around her mother's waist and planted her hands against her back, the now active malignant energy seized the life of her mother.  When Hanako looked up to smile and tell her everything was alright, her mother fell from the chair and winding both arms around her body.  screamed in pain and agony.  The effects of the malignant energy were already assaulting each and every part of her body

From the brain, to the nervous system, to her heart, to her organs, she suffered internal damage beyond anything a human should have to go through.  Her mouth was frothing and overflowing with blood, with eyes wide open in horror and despair. Hanako was experiencing the last form of tragedy, loneliness.  After her mother's body stopped convulsing with pain, Hanako knew she was dead. And it was that... that final tragedy that tore the heart of Hanako Ikezawa out of her chest. Not only had she lost her wonderful father no sooner than a week ago, but now she had inadvertently killed her mother with her own two hands. And as though the torment would not end, fate still had much torment to bestow upon this poor girl.  The doctors did not expect her mother would die so soon, but with no other relatives  watch her, the doctors had to send her to a foster care center for teenage children.  On the day when she was inside her room and the home doctor told her she could finally remove the bandages around the burned parts of her body, she was petrified by the sight that met her in the mirror.  She was repulsed by what she saw and when she attempted to leave the room, so was every other kid in the room.  There were some who stared at her with repulsion hidden on their faces, some who laughed at the deformity of her skin, and others who simply looked away and avoided her.  This, more than seeing her face in the mirror, struck her heart more than any sharp sword or powerful arrow could.  Her life was going down a road of despair.

Even when she returned to school, she tried to be brave and walk with her scars out in the open but yet and again people ridiculed her, teased her, and even bullied her because of her skin defect.  She wasn't treated as human.  For people who didn't tease her, they simply walked away and avoided her altogether.  Her life had become a proverbial hell among hell.  With no mother or father to protect her, she was forced to live this life of despair where everyday simply become too unbearable to live.  In fact, it got so worse that Hanako refused to come to school and when she did, she only requested to be taught after everyone else left school. To make problems worse, however, even the teachers stared at her for uncomfortable amounts of time.  Even now, none of this has ever ceased to stop.  In fact, it has become a central part of the life of Hanako Ikezawa. This cycle will continue until someone out of the many, is willing to look beyond the outside and bring the girl that use to exist on the inside back into reality. Until then, she is forced to live the life of a girl in fear. The life of someone who can never truly be at peace with themselves....


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  • Name [X]
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Comments/Notes: After talking a hell of a lot about this, I am approving this app as long as the terms that were agreed upon during discussion are completely followed. This tier is a representation of how much anti-energy Hanako is allowed to use before death. Malignant Tragedy is only allowed to last a maximum of 2 posts (rounds of), nothing more.
Tier: 2-1

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Character Archived!!!

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Hanako Ikezawa [Approved 2-1]
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