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 Destiny Young [Approved; 0-5]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Destiny Young [Approved; 0-5]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:46 pm

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Qi

True Age: 207
Rank: Underling
Gender: Female
Personality: There is a very large difference between Destiny and her best friend Mimiko, in fact it is a wonder they are even friends (quite literally in fact).  Destiny has not a single ounce of "cuteness" in how she carries herself.  That isn't to say that she doesn't occasionally react in a way that is a little cute, but overall she is a very very mature person.  She walks very properly, back completely straight and she never walks in a more relaxed manner.  She speaks very politely and formerly to most people, best friend excluded of course.  Her tone is the same, emotion tends to be very neutral in conversation.  She will calmly state her opinion.  Having a conversation required effort, either effort to get it going (a lot) or effort in becoming closer to her.  With people she isn't close to, she can also seem quite stubborn.  She has her own opinion on things, strangers have NO right to go and argue with her (excluding when she goes to a person specifically for opinions or information, such as a teacher of a subject she wants to know more about).  If you aren't a friend, and you just walk up to her and start preaching what you think is fact or how something is, prepare for some single toned off-handed subtle insults.  She wears a LOT of suits and formal shirts/dresses.  When you look at the way she carries herself and how she dresses, a whole lot of sexy comes to mind.

There is a fun fact that she used to DESPISE, and I mean absolutely DESPISE, girls who acted and carried themselves with so much energy and...well, generally acted adorable.  She thought that women were women and that they should behave as such, proper and holding themselves up high.  Acting all energetic, innocent, and/or cutsie was a sign of someone who hadn't grown up.  OBVIOUSLY this opinion no longer exists, her best friend embodies all those things she used to hate.  When she was accidentally turned by Mimiko, becoming a Sōnansha, she acquired what is known as "The Bond".  When she had first met Mimiko, she had nothing but contempt for how she acted.  Once her transformation was finished, for whatever reason she found the way Mimiko acted was utterly adorable, and had the strangest sense of almost admiration for how Mimiko was so innocent and adorable.  The more time that went by, the more it carried over in general.  She now admires girls whom she views as adorable, innocent, or perky.  She loves being around them.  Due to this, she has actually come to the opinion that the transformation was a "gift" that opened her eyes.  She knows without it, she'd have lived and died hating what is now her favorite type of person.  She still acts all mature and proper, but she is a lot looser when dealing with the more adorable and innocent portion of her gender.

When dealing with friends or innocent type girls, she is a lot more open.  Her tone softens to a more inviting and friendly tone.  Her neutral expression softens into a light smile.  You can even tell her whole body relaxed a bit, even though she still carries herself as proper.  She is kinda quiet, because her personality makes it a bit hard to speak casually.  Still, with friends she can laugh, joke, comfort, and just have a good time.  When with people she is really close too, she even begins to open up and speak with a bit of energy.  With those she is really close to, she can even get visibly happy or excited, something she never does with "normal" friends and strangers.  Even her tone can show a lot of happiness or excitement.  Deep down, being with Mimiko loosened her up in ways that are difficult to imagine.  She went from the core of her being being mature and proper, to having that be how she interacts with people she doesn't know well, and those she does get to see a happier and more pleasant side to her, being happier and more pleasant the closer she feels to them.

As for her relationship with Mimiko, it is obvious that she absolutely adores Mimiko.  She is aware that this feeling initially only existed because of the bond caused by her accidental turning, but she doesn't care.  She knows she is happier this way.  She adores Mimiko, she loves spending time around Mimiko.  No one has ever been as important to her as Mimiko is, not even her parents (long deceased).  Mimiko is, as stated several times, her best and most important friend.  She will do whatever it takes to make sure Mimiko is happy.  She will always be there to comfort her when she is sad.  Of course, the adoration she feels for Mimiko is so strong that she has other (albeit currently repressed) feelings for her.  She secretly wants to be "more" with Mimiko, but she repressed the desire when she figured that it would probably never happen.  Still, it is there and at some point she could act on it.  Despite all of this, she does not blindly "follow" Mimiko like a lemming.  Destiny has 100% free will, and is still 100% capable of making her own decisions.  As such, she will not do something that will get her killed for Mimiko, unless she was saving Mimiko's very life.  Nor will she completely deny the possibility of forming a relationship with someone who isn't Mimiko should the event come up, though her feelings for Mimiko actually does unconsciously make her harder to win over.

Destiny is fully aware of her own capabilities.  She has power, and she can easily use it.  However, she still knows she has to make the right decisions.  She does not have this immense sense of inner justice like some.  She won't roam around like a vigilante looking for people to save.  She also doesn't have some immense greed within her, she won't use her powers for the "wrong" reasons.  Still, if she DOES see someone in distress and she knows she can stop it, she won't just let it happen.  She'll save them and try to move on with her life.  If they are injured, she'll make sure they get taken to the hospital before she leaves.  Her relationship with Mimiko gave her a conscience, as before she was turned she would just move on with her life.  Still, if the person tried to give her a "small" reward, Destiny won't exactly turn it down unless they seemed like they needed it to survive.

Alcohol.  Destiny loves alcohol.  More specifically, she loves wine and a lot of it.  She does usually moderate herself, but when she is unusually upset, or just in some particular mood or situation, she WILL end up overdoing it.  Thankfully her Men'eki makes her immune to the damaging effects, but not the effects on her mind.  She is Kanna level funny when she is drunk.  She will boss people around in the goofiest of ways, she will talk about random-ass subjects, and she will flirt like hell.  Sometimes she'd command people to bring her goofy things.  Sometimes it'll be as weird as "change that lightbulb, it is giving me a headache" when she is pointing at a candle.  Hell, she might even break into song.  On the subject of flirting, sometimes, she'd even order someone to kiss her (again, in a goofy fashion).  She'll get all touchy feely if she finds someone attractive, get all close and personal, and quite frankly try to extort all the hugs, kisses, and even try to get her to grope her.  It COULD go even further if she (and the other person) aren't careful.  She often also stays drunk if someone is there who will keep getting her more wine, because she will often demand more wine.  She'd probably have had liver failure by now if her immunity didn't completely protect it.  There is also a reason that she tries to avoid letting Mimiko catch her this drunk.  Considering she has repressed feelings for Mimiko, she doesn't want to have her drunk self tell Mimiko everything.  To this day, Mimiko has never seen Destiny drunk off her ass.

General Appearance
Appearance Age: 25
Height: 5'7
Weight: 128

Natural Abilities
Natural Abilities:

High Strength:  Destiny, being Sōnansha, obtained a high level of physical strength.  At first she could only show a lot of strength in her Seimei no Honō.  Now she can smash cars and punch through brick walls with her bare hands.  She thankfully has a lot of control over her strength, so unless she is trying to bust some heads (or gets really upset) she still manages to have a gentle touch.

High Speed:  Destiny is also quite fast.  She can run faster than a normal human ever could.  She can keep up with cars even, but she cannot keep up with really high speeds for very long.  She could potentially run 70 MPH, but only for, at max, 10 seconds.

Office Supplies:  Yes, Destiny has training in office supplies.  What does this mean?  Destiny can through a pencil, pen, or other pointy object like a Kunai and impale people (thanks to her high strength).  She can throw measuring tools like a boomerang (though they likely won't come back).  Quite possibly her most debilitating ability is her ability to give a gurantee'd paper cut when she tries (assuming the person doesn't have some enhanced durability or shield).  That shit stings!  If it is an office supply, she can use it as a weapon.

High Heels:  High heels.  She is skilled with high heels.  She can run in them like normal shoes.  How?  No one knows, she finds it easy though.  She can run and actually be QUIET in high heels.  She just knows how to move her foot and quiet the sound of her feet.  She can run, high heels or otherwise, and be near or completely silent.  Also, high heels are a potent weapon.  She can legitimately use them as a weapon, and since she can walk in them in ways no one imagined being possible, do not get into a fight with her and let her kick you.  You do not want THAT to kick you.  You will be in immense pain...or worse depending on where you were kicked.

Premonition:  Premonition allows her to have that gut feeling be correct.  If a sniper is about to snipe her, at the last moment she might suddenly have that 6th sense kick in and she can dodge and avoid a bullet to the brain.  In a close range fight, she can sometimes block a move that she could barely even keep up with by having a feeling of where they opponent would attempt to hit her.  They are nothing more than premonitions however, and while they make her quicker to react and less prone to mistakes, it is far from perfect.

Inherited Abilities
Sōnansha Generation: B
Inherited Abilities:

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would.

Men'eki: (Immunity):This ability, like it does for most Sōnansha, allows Destiny to be immune to disease, illness, and light.  However, it goes a step further in that it makes Destiny immune to the chemical properties that cause chronic depression.  No, she is not immune to being depressed.  However, unlike when she was a human, she cannot just be depressed because the chemicals in her head are just making her that way.  If she is depressed, then a lot of bad shit has to be happening.  However, while it does make her immune to alcohol poisoning and all negative effects on the body, she still becomes quite the drunk if she drinks enough.

Shape Shifting: Destiny has the ability to shape shift as many Sōnansha do, and along with it she can see through other shapeshifting or illusory plays.  This is great for being like a ninja, as it allows her to disguise herself, as well as see through disguises.  Also, after future hell ends, she's probably going to have a lot of fun with her ability to turn into anything or anyone (hue hue).

Enhanced Senses: Destiny, being a Ninja, has her enhanced eyesight at its best.  She can see in the dark, for great distances, and very little escapes her sight.  Her hearing is second, allowing her to hear the most subtle of movements.  Finally is her sense of smell.  While weakest, it can help her smell things that otherwise would be masked.

Affinity Resistance:  Destiny resists 70% of Qi based attacks.  Pretty funny when a Qi based target has an assassin who can tank all their shit.

Seimei no Honō
Seimei no Honō: Collective Futures
Seimei no Honō Appearance: Destiny's hair turns blood red, and her eyes turn purple, constantly enveloped with an eerie glow, a glow that only goes away if Destiny is specifically trying to be stealthy.
Seimei no Honō Abilities:

Destiny has great control over her Seimei no Honō, and can even enter it at will.

Her Sōnansha energy collects into her eyes and empowers them, allowing for manipulation of the future through understanding the future.  This allows her to create an energy stamp for something to happen in the future.  As the stamp sits, it collects power covertly from Destiny.  The power is siphoning the energy from her itself, there is no conscious effort.  Upon collecting all energy required for the attack, it unleashes itself.  All effects can optionally be attuned to Destiny's position.  If she moves 3 feet to the left, the focal point for the effect will change by 3 feet.  If she rotates, it will rotate as well.  This allows her to keep it positioned to her and allow her to control where it will land.  While the effect collects power, the energy building is completely stealthed, unable to be detected by all but the most skilled.  However, the energy moving from Destiny to the effect can be detected, albeit it is highly masked.  When a effect is set to go off after a few seconds (thus it must collect power quickly to go off in time), the energy is more easily detectable.  When it is set to go off after several posts, it collects energy more slowly, thus it is quite difficult to detect, but there is a lot more time to detect it.  As Destiny is perfectly attuned to her own energy, there is no chance of her not noticing the effect is about to go off, so she will always know when and how it is going to go off.  Stamps set on targets can be dispelled by special magic, or by sheer force of the target's energy, granted targets similar to her in strength or weaker will have to use a decent amount of energy to use enough force.  Stamps placed on targets are obvious to the target if they have awareness of their own energy.

Future Strike:  Destiny uses the collected power in her eyes to foresee an attack.  The stamp can be set for 3 seconds up to 3 posts.  The energy manifests as a beam or an orb of energy which fires off at high speeds.  2 post cooldown from the stamp's activation, 1 post if it was set to last 3 posts before going off.  Only one can be active at a time.

Future Barrier:  Destiny foresees the creation of a barrier.  The stamp lasts 2 seconds to 2 posts, and upon activation a barrier forms wherever it was set.  It can be a square, a rectangle, or even curved.  It can withstand a medium amount of force, and all other future abilities will ignore the barrier and pass through it.  While usually not useful, certain situations may give this ability it's time to shine.  2 may be set at a time, 5 post cooldown after first stamp placement, if a second stamp is placed before the cooldown finishes, the cooldown resets to 5 posts.

Future Trap:  Destiny foresees the placement of a trap.  A stamp is placed on the ground that activates after 1 to 3 posts.  Upon activation an invisible rune (3 feet in diameter) is placed on the ground that explodes if an entity hostile to Destiny steps on it or anywhere 5 feet above it, the rune detonates in an explosion of energy.  The explosion has a diameter 5 feet, and reaches up to 10 feet in the air.  This can cause a lot of damage to an unprepared opponent, but the rune takes half a second to effectively detonate, giving a small hissing noise for the duration as a warning.  Once activated, it is also a bit easier to detect than when it is being prepped, but still difficult.  5 post cooldown

Future Daze:  Destiny foresees her enemy becoming dazed.  Destiny fires the stamp out like a glowing musket ball.  If it collides with an opponent, a stamp is placed for 2 to 10 of the targets posts.  Should the effect not be dispelled or resisted, the opponent becomes dazed for 3 turns.  Their senses are dimmed and they are a bit disoriented.  Naturally they can still fight, but it becomes harder.  The effect is stronger the longer the stamp was in place.  A 2 post stamp (the least time to try and dispel it or brace for its effects) will only cause a TINY amount of sense dimming and disorientation, while a 10 post stamp will create the full effects.  Targets who are much weaker or powerless will receive the full effects regardless of length, but the time constraint still stands (they still have time to get the effect dispelled if they can manage a way).  11 post cooldown

Future Cage:  Destiny foresees the creation of a cage.  Destiny fires the stamp out like a glowing musket ball.  If it collides with an opponent, a stamp is placed that lasts from 1 post to 20 posts.  When the time is up, a cage is formed around the target.  It is made of Destiny's energy, and the longer the stamp is set to last the stronger the cage.  If the stamp is dispelled the effect is completely lost before it begins.  It traps an opponent, and immobilizes them.  At its weakest it takes strength similar to a powerless body builder to break, while the 20 post variant takes immense force to break, so much that even opponents slightly stronger than her would be pressed to smash it, but by the same token it is easier to stop.  15 post cooldown.

Future Heaven:  Destiny's final technique, a transformation within a transformation.  This is the only one of Destiny's Seimei no Honō abilities with an instant cast time.  A massive surge of energy bursts forth from her body, likely sending most in the direct vicinity flying backwards.  A powerful almost cocoon-like barrier envelops her, with massive strength that can block massive amounts of force.  An incredibly bright light also envelops her, and the very color of her energy signature becomes a bright white.  Upon the end of the transformation, the cocoon opens up and vanishes.  Destiny's clothes all transform into an almost Angelic looking outfit for the duration of the heaven.  A beautiful bright white dress with white high heels.  On her back are large white angelic wings.  Her Qi grants her an immense power boost and a new set of techniques to use.  Dark and evil energies within 100 feet are slightly weakened for the duration of the heaven.  Destiny foregoes the future and focuses on the present.  As a result, none of her future abilities can be set while in this form, however any strength they gather from her will be increased, making them stronger when they do go off.  After all, even when the present is focused on, the future will eventually come.  While she does have future hell, which has higher offense power, Future Heaven is her true final form and overall stronger and more versatile.

  • Premature Detonation:  Allows her to detonate any previously placed stamps at full power, as if the stamp had detonated on its own.  However, this is full power as if she wasn't in the heaven, any additional power gathered from the heaven is lost.
  • Divine Intervention:  Destiny forms an immensely powerful barrier around herself of another, blocking large amounts of force and damage.  It can be set to stay on a target for up to 3 posts if it is immobile, at which point it is a small sphere.  If it is set to move with the target, it takes the EXACT shape of the target and moves with them, and lasts up to 10 seconds.  5 post cooldown.
  • Divine Retribution:  Destiny charges up a massive blast of divine energy, her Qi forming a bright white blast which fires off as a massive beam.  Can be fired once a post.
  • Divine Wrath:  Destiny calls upon the heaven and creates a storm around her.  This isn't a conventional storm, but a divine storm.  Bright white clouds circle in the sky and from the center a golden light can be seen shining down.  Powerful winds ravage through the area, and from the sky holy arrows rain down from the sky.  At the start of every one of Destiny's posts a hail of arrows will come down.  They are of moderate strength and can be deflected, the danger is that they must be dealt with in addition to Destiny's other actions.  Can be used once in the thread, lasts 3 of Destiny's posts.
  • Divine Entanglement: Destiny calls upon the heaven and creates white tendrils of energy that shoot up and attempt to immobilize the foe.  They can be broken with force or avoided.  The tendrils hold the opponent until the end of Destiny's NEXT post, or until they are broken out of.  5 post cooldown
  • Divine Blessing:  Destiny calls upon the heaven to mend the wounds of an ally.  As she focuses and prays, the selected target begins to heal and wounds begin to mend.  There is no limit to this or cooldown, but Destiny must be focusing on the target she is praying for.  If she is preoccupied she can't properly pray.
  • Heaven's Destiny:  Upon conclusion of the form, the heaven imbues itself into Destiny.  For 1 to 5 threads, Destiny takes on a much more pure personality.  She is still Destiny by all means, but her thoughts and actions are that of a much purer person.  The effect can be made semi-permanent, causing her to have a purer heart in general, though it is reversible.

Future Hell:  An alternate to the Future Heaven, the Future Hell is a counterpart.  When activated, she enters a similar cocoon-like state, but the energy is black instead of white.  Demonic wings form on Destiny's back.  Her clothes become demonic, red high heels and an overall demonic, but sexy, uniform.  A succubus tail even forms.  She gains an immense power boost, and new techniques to use.  She loses access to Future Barrier and Future Cage, but all future spells are augmented.  Unlike Future Heaven, there are no defensive properties to Future Hell, it is all about the offense.  Sometimes the current good must be sacrificed for future good.

  • Planned Detonation:  All future spells can be triggered to go off at the exact moment Destiny fires off an offensive move from the hell.  If detonated in this way, the effect of damaging stamps are increased (granted the detonation is still premature, so it is weaker than if the planned detonation was done JUST as it would normally detonate), while Future Daze only effects the opponent for a brief moment and the effect is weakened (of course it is still just a daze, they can still dodge if they can muster it).  This allows for coordinated strikes or disorienting an opponent as an attack comes at them.  3 post cooldown
  • Demonic Requiem:  Destiny calls upon the hell and creates a powerful blast of demonic energy.  It fires off as an orb of swirling dark energy.  Can be used once per post.
  • Demonic Infestation:  Destiny calls upon the hell to summon dark tendrils that will lash out at the opponent, causing damage when they hit.  While a single lash won't break through the skin most of the time, they will cause damage and leave a nasty mark.  2 post cooldown
  • Demonic Influence:  Destiny calls upon the hell and creates a storm around the area.  The sun will be blotted out by clouds of pure black.  Fire will literally rain down from the sky every one of Destiny's posts, for three posts.  The fire can be blocked or dodged, as each ball of fire is about the size of a soccer ball.  Upon impacting a target, there will be concussive force as well as burning damage from the fire.
  • Hell's Corruption:  Destiny can imbue an ally with the power of the hell, making them slightly stronger, faster, and any energy they use will be stronger, but also tainted.  For the duration, the person might also have a slightly different personality, either darker or more lustful or something of the like.  The corruption can only affect someone who allows it to (it needs only be mental, Destiny can use the corruption and let the person decide to let it in or not.  All effects go away completely on the effects end.  Lasts 3 post, 6 post cooldown.
  • Hell's Destiny:  Upon conclusion of the form, the hell imbues itself into Destiny.  For 1 to 5 threads, Destiny takes on a personality much resembling a succubus (flirtatious tempting, not afraid of the darker side of things).  She is still Destiny by all means, and she will still retain her moral values and opinions of people, just the way she expresses them is different.  The effect can be made semi-permanent, causing her to have a wilder heart in general, though it is reversible.

Both of Destiny's final forms are extremely taxing due to the immense power they bring to the table.  They can last as long as Destiny has energy to muster, but upon conclusion they absorb Qi in the area around her and use that to sustain her for a short while.  She will collapse and be bedridden for 1 whole thread, and be in a severely weakened and more vulnerable state for another 2.  After this point she is capable of using the forms again, but if it is done before another 2 threads go through she risks completely destroying herself beyond repair.

Past & Roleplay Sample
Character Background: Destiny was born in 1893 to a rather average, if not impoverished, family.  Her father was a factory worker and her mother, like most women at the time, took care of the home.  Destiny was an only child, so with no competition Destiny got all the attention whenever her mother attended to her children (as it was just one child).  That'd be great, if it wasn't for the fact that her mother barely payed attention to her.  She fed her and kept her clothes clean, the former probably because she didn't want to get criminally charged for starving her child, the latter probably so she wouldn't have to smell dirty laundry.  Yes, Destiny's mother was chronically depressed.  She HAD to care about her daughter though right?  Think again.  She only cared about coping with her own depression, finding a way to make HERSELF happy.  She could care less about her child.  Destiny's father was a different story.  He loved Destiny to death, and spent most of his free time with her.  He wasn't stupid, he knew his wife wasn't giving Destiny the attention she needed.  Thankfully he was one of the lucky workers whom the boss actually liked, he was given SUNDAY off.  He was able to spend a lot of time with his daughter and she was truly happy with her father.  Destiny's mother, however, always tried to get him to leave Destiny alone.  She'd say that Destiny can take care of herself, and try to get him to spend time with only her.  Destiny's father didn't listen though, he loved his daughter way too much to leave her alone.  When she was with her dad she really was happy.  Time eventually passed and as Destiny grow up, she became a rather beautiful girl.  Her father also strained his funds in order to allow her to become educated.  By the time she was a teenager, she had brains and she had beauty.

As she grew up she also became a very proper girl.  She spoke formerly and always carried herself with elegance and grace.  She WAS a happy girl, but she only ever showed it when she was with her father.  However, as she hit her teen years it slowly became increasingly hard to just be happy.  She thought nothing of it at first though.  It wasn't long until she became a stunning young woman with a sexy body.  This of course caught the attention of quite a few men.  Eventually she met a man named Steven Young.  He was a rather handsome man, whom was intelligent and could back himself up.  He managed to woo Destiny, and the two ended up being married.  Destiny loved her husband, he was the only person, besides her father, that could make her truly happy.  They had a house and were quite well off.  Unfortunately it was not destined to last.  Her ability to be happy waned and waned until it hit full on depression in 1913.  She took comfort in her father and her husband, but she just couldn't be happy.  This is also where she came to hate girls who were perky, energetic, innocent, or cute.  She felt they needed to learn to grow up.  Of course, she was likely just jealous at how happy those people seemed to be.  This did not extend to children and young teens however.  She hated the way her mother treated her, and wished that upon no child.

Then things changed.  In the year 1917, the United States entered WWI.  Many men joined the Army in order to fight in the war, and her husband was no exception.  Things were fine for a short while, but that all changed.  Soon Destiny got a letter, her husband had been killed.  Shot in the head, there was no way to save him.  This only served to deepen her depression.  On top of that, she now needed to get a job, which didn't help either.  Thankfully the war opened up a lot of positions for women, and Destiny got a job as a factory worker.  She was able to make enough money to keep her home.  Still, time simply moved forward.  It wasn't even a year, however, before she was placed next to the thing she hated most.  Mimiko Akashiya, she was sweet, adorable, innocent, and bubbly; all the things that Destiny hated in a woman.  Mimiko repeatedly tried to talk to Destiny, but all Destiny returned was formality and off-handed insults.  It was obvious she was hurting Mimiko's feelings, but she didn't really care.  She felt Mimiko needed to grow up.  Yes, Destiny really had become a miserable woman.  However, life had kicked her to the ground in the worst of ways.  Things wouldn't keep up in this manner for long though.

The year was 1918.  The day was dark, cloudy, ominous.  Things had gone odd today.  Some machinery broke, and her employer was kind enough to pay overtime to work late to make up for lost time.  Interestingly Mimiko wasn't there.  Then as she was preparing to leave a coworker asked for help, and for whatever reason she gave it.  Then, as she was on her way home, she found a road had been closed.  Thus, she had to take a detour.  It was getting late, it was cloudy, liable to start raining.  It wasn't exactly safe for a woman to walk alone in the city at night.  As she approached a corner, a woman came flying around the corner and slammed into Destiny, who fell right on her butt.  "Ow.  You should pay attention to where you are running."  She said calmly as she looked up.  This woman had hair as white as snow, and red, almost demonic eyes.  Actually, Destiny felt a bit frightened.  She also didn't have any time to react as this woman grabbed her and started carrying her through the streets.  She struggled to break free, calling out for help, but there was no one there.  She was pulled into an alley and slammed against a wall.   She fought, she flailed her limbs, but this woman was massively strong.  There was no hope of breaking free.  Suddenly, Destiny felt a sharp sting in her neck.  This woman just violently bit into her, and Destiny had no idea what she was anymore.  She felt as if something was being pulled from her neck, but it wasn't blood.  As the teeth sank in, Destiny found her body go limp.  Slowly the flailing died and her limbs drooped down next to her.  Her eyes simply widened as every muscle in her body stopped moving  She managed to glance down and see something strange.  The white hair and red eyes faded.  The woman was...Mimiko.  The hatred within Destiny flared up, Mimiko was the one assaulting her.  Still, she had not the strength to fight back.  Then suddenly she felt a very strange sensation, shortly before Mimiko suddenly collapsed onto the ground.  Destiny landed on her side, and struggled onto her knees.  She glared at Mimiko, she actually wanted to kill her for the assault.

She struggled to her feet, and as looked she suddenly felt weak again.  All balance was lost, and she could feel a sharp pain slowly spreading from her neck.  Her legs began to give out, but Destiny desperately grabbed whatever surroundings she could to stay up as she stumbled back and forth.  "What did you do to me!"  She managed to say through it all, albeit quietly and strained.  She tried her best to stay standing, but in the end, she passed out and collapsed next to Mimiko.  The next 24 hours the 2 sat unconscious in the alley.  During this time, Destiny's body, her entire being, changed.  Mimiko was a Sōnansha, and Destiny had just been turned.  When Destiny awoke the clouds had turned into a heavy rain.  She felt...strange.  She pushed herself up into a sitting position.  It was freezing, and she was all soaked by the rain.  "Oh...my head."  She had no idea that her eyes had changed red.  Yet...she felt different.  Energized even.  And she felt...happy?  She actually felt happy.  For the first time in years, she actually could feel a natural smile come onto her face.  Then she turned and saw Mimiko, still collapsed on the ground.  She expected anger ad hatred to flare up, but nothing came of the sort.  In fact, she felt a strange liking to Mimiko she never felt before, as well as a sudden panic when she realized Mimiko was unconscious in an alley way.  She scrambled over to Mimiko and checked her, she was still quite alive.  She picked up Mimiko and carried her all the way back to her home.  Though she couldn't help but notice a strange, but appealing, scent around her.

When she arrived at her home she changed into dry clothes, then realized Mimiko would need some.  She was unaware of what she, nor Mimiko, was.  Thus she had no way of knowing that they could no longer contract diseases.  She got Mimiko out of her cloths, her face becoming strangely red as she did so, and put her into some dry clothes as she set Mimiko's clothes to dry.  She put Mimiko into her own bed, covering her up with just about anything she could to keep Mimiko toasty warm.  She sat by Mimiko for hours, making sure she didn't suddenly get worse until Mimiko finally woke up.  Mimiko was obviously confused to see she was in Destiny's house, and Destiny was painfully aware of how Mimiko must have looked at her.  She had never been nice to Mimiko in the past.  Immediately Mimiko began to ask questions and Destiny answered them, it was a lot less formal, and a lot kinder in both tone and wording than before.  Then the question came as to what had happened.  Destiny answered, and Mimiko's face seemed kind of dull, almost as if she was ashamed.  Then Mimiko asked how Destiny felt.  It was revealed that Destiny had been depressed for years, but now it was completely gone and she actually felt happy.  She also explained the aroma she kept noticing, and how hungry it was making her.  After a giggle, Mimiko explained everything.  Destiny had been transformed into a Sōnansha.  Had Destiny stayed conscious, she might have been mad that Mimiko caused all the pain.  Yet...with how things went, she only loved and admired Mimiko more and more.  The fact that this transformation had also cured her depression also made Destiny adore Mimiko even more.

Things were completely different after that.  At work, Destiny no longer hated the girl who stood next to her.  No, instead she was happy that she could spend time with Mimiko.  Sure, her husband and her father had been able to make her happy in the past, but Mimiko had made Destiny happy in a way they never could.  They got to know each other, and became best friends.  As time wore on, Destiny's adoration for Mimiko (and general happiness) caused her to eventually adore girls when they were perky, adorable, or innocent. They became her favorite kind of person.  Things were not exactly easy though.  Destiny was a Sōnansha, Sōnansha have Seimei no Honō's, and Seimei no Honō's were usually hard to control.  Destiny was one example of it being hard to control.  Destiny was not used to needing to drink Qi, and while she had her chances at times, it was difficult to get the Qi she so needed.  One day, after slowing losing her affinity from time, Destiny completely snapped.  She entered her Seimei no Honō, unintentionally and she went on...well a rampage.  It was late at night, so no one was able to figure out it was her, and back then fingerprint analysis wasn't what it was today.  Destiny ended up causing damage to buildings, stores, a few wrecked cars.  It wasn't long before Mimiko caught on.  Mimiko, for a brief amount of time, tried to get Destiny to calm down.  However, Destiny was on such a rampage that she merely tried to maul Mimiko.  Knowing that there was no other way, Mimiko used her strength and knowledge of actually using what a Sōnansha had to basically knock Destiny the hell out.  Destiny woke up embarrassed, and still a little out of it, but once she managed to feed she was able to prevent a second outburst.  Mimiko was understanding, and helped Destiny out with controlling her Seimei no Honō.  It wasn't a complete success, but Destiny's level of aggression to people in general was greatly reduced, although she was still somewhat violent.  Towards Mimiko though, she is able to actually converse with and be around, albeit Destiny's speech sounds a bit more violent than normal.

While their lives didn't seem to have an expiration date, however, their time in the city did.  After a time, it became obvious that if they stayed then people would begin to question that they never aged.  Mimiko decided it was time to leave, and Destiny, not wanting to lose the person responsible for her happiness, went with her.  They traveled many places, but ended up in Japan eventually.  Over time, Destiny managed to gain further mastery over her Seimei no Honō. Her control over it became quite powerful, and she even gained the ability to enter it at will. Destiny had stuck with Mimiko the entire time, but the longer she was with her the deeper the feelings she had for Mimiko.  Now she not only had to deal with her semi-anti social nature and her deep and confusing feelings for Mimiko, and pray that Mimiko never catch her drunk.

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