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 Earth Sphere Federation [semi-WIP]

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PostSubject: Earth Sphere Federation [semi-WIP]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:45 pm

The Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) is the replacement for the United Nations after the U.N. failed to prevent World War III. The ESF's goal is not permanent peace, but simply longer peace and shorter wars. For its main purpose, ESF essentially acts the world's largest peacekeeping force. It acts in a way to prevent genocide and ethnic cleansing as well as governments gone awry. A country is only recognized if it has a delegate in the ESF's Grand Congress.  The only control the ESF has over other countries is over their military, where it controls how much may be spent on defense, regulating peace (if it feels a war is going on too long), et cetera. The ESF allows wars and such, but reserves the right to intervene as a third party. The ESF is sent troops, armor, ships, planes, technology, and funds from every country in its Grand Council as a payment for being a member. The ESF has many bases, although its main headquarters is in the fortress Ares. It funded Artemis to show that the world can work together. Although it does try to stay on friendly terms with spiritual beings, it does not allow them to serve in the ESF military. It does allow for humans with spiritual powers to serve however.

Know Your Superiors!

Unlike other armed forces—the ESF uses a single ranking system. Starting in the top left and descending, these are the ESF rankings. A good reminder is the more chevrons they have—the more they get paid.

Know Your Uniforms!
Despite having a general ranking, the uniforms for the different branches vary.

ESF General Staff

General Staff handles the administrative functions of the ESF armed forces. They also include base CIC crew.

ESF Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs handles issues within the ESF armed forces. Their trenchcoats are very distinct.

ESF Army

The ESF Army handles most ground-based installations and ground combat. There are a few fighter wings and helicopter squadrons set aside for close-air-support however.

ESF Air Force

The air force operates most of the aerial units of the ESF. They have a few ground units mainly equipped for AA combat.

ESF Marines

Deployed on bases capable of rapid insertion, the ESF Marines go by the phrase: "First In, Last Out." They generally are deployed first and are pulled out last.

ESF Navy

The ESF Navy operates both the actual naval ships as well as the newer Aerial Fleet, which is represented by the lower emblem. They generally are not deployed on the frontlines. They're on generally good terms with the Air Force thanks to the carriers. Once on ship, ESF sailors wear different colored uniforms depicting their roles. The basic design is a normal jumpsuit with various color changes depending on their roles. Medical, galley, cleaning, etc. crewmembers all have a orange highlight. Information, which control the computer systems, has a blue highlight. Navigation, which there are the fewest of, control the direction of the ship with their green highlight. Tactical and gunnery sailors have a red highlight. Security, which is staffed by General Staff, is marked by a grey uniform with a black highlight. Engineering and maintenance are marked by an orange jumpsuit also with a black highlight. For airmen on carriers, they wear a black uniform with a yellow highlight. Lastly, all Operations, controlling radar and communications, sailors are marked by a yellow uniform with a black highlight. Because of their bee-like color scheme and how important it is for them to be exactly on the same track, Operations-stationed sailors are generally called the "Hivemind."

ESF Special Operations Force

The ESF Special Operations Force handles all special operations. They have no uniform of their own and instead borrow a uniform from whatever branch they're operating from. Only General Staff can command the SOF. This makes them get dirty looks while on-base, but they're always a welcome sight on the battlefield.

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Earth Sphere Federation [semi-WIP]
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