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 ESF Computer Systems

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PostSubject: ESF Computer Systems   Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:43 pm

Name:LISSE (Linked Information Support SystEm)
Use: LISSE is the main intelligence system for the ESF. LISSE is used to share information between planes, armor, vehicles, and ships of the ESF. It mainly is used to give real-time target information, location of friendly units, etc. between other computer-based systems.
Name:SESTINA (SElf Supporting Target INformation Artifcial intelligence)
Use: SESTINA is a support system for LISSE—and AUTANS. It gives more information to LISSE on the target. Where LISSE shares the information, SESTINA assists in gathering the information. It gets things such as speed, IFF, direction, etc. for LISSE. As for AUTANS, it simply acts as more processing power.
Name:AUTANS (AUtonomous Target AcquisitioN System)
Use: AUTANS is a target acquisition system. It uses high-definition cameras and FLIR as well as a database of weapons and vehicles, situational awareness through SESTINA and LISSE, terrain mapping, and facial recognition. AUTANS is incredibly advanced and currently only mounted in UCAVs and manned versions of the Sylph.
Name:JACOBA (Joint Advanced COmmand Artifcial intelligence)
Use: JACOBA only exists in one place—Ares. JACOBA processes the information sent by LISSE, SESTINA, and AUTANS and sends it to different terminals. JACOBA only processes the information, however it also states how the information relates to how the units attack—or even if they attack in the first place.

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ESF Computer Systems
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