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 Daichi Takahashi [WIP]

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Snopy Saika
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PostSubject: Daichi Takahashi [WIP]   Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:39 pm

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Blood

Name:  Daichi Takahashi
True Age:
Rank: (See Sōnansha Info)
Gender: Male
Personality: Daichi likes blood.  That is the first thing about him.  Ever since he became a Sōnansha he has absolutely loved blood.  It is his source of energy, so why should he dislike it?  He loves its scent, and its taste.  He tries to get quite a bit of it every day.  He will go out of his way to get it if he wants it badly enough (which is normal for a Sōnansha, except Daichi wants more even when sated at times).  He is not crazy.  We will not drain the life out of someone and kill them to sate his own thirst.  There are too many people in the world to warrant that.  He does though, occasionally have a problem stopping himself from drinking until the person is quite weak.  He doesn't TRY to do it, but his self control on blood is much less far reaching when he knows he won't kill them.  This could easily cause issues with people, especially friends, whom offer him their blood to nourish him.  After all, he does NEED it, so people whom offer tend to know that either way, he is gonna need it at some point.

However, he does not like how it looks, or rather, he prefers it either feeding himself or another Sōnansha instead of leaking from a person needlessly.  This brings up the second point.  Daichi likes people.  He enjoys being around them, talking to them, helping them out.  When he feeds, the blood doesn't drip from their body.  It merely goes into his mouth.  When blood is visible, it is blood that that person could be using and was drawn needlessly.  If someone is injured and bleeding, he does not like that.  This is why he chooses to have a side job as a paramedic.  He can enjoy the scent of blood, but he can help people out when they are injured.  He is quite good at his job, and he made strict vows to himself to never drink blood while on the job, and NEVER to drink the blood of the injured.

Daichi while on the job can only be described as sassy.  Sassy means lively, bold, or cheeky, all of which fit Daichi.  It doesn't matter who it is, whether it be co-workers, his boss, or even patients.  He will always have some sarcastic remark or some smart ass retort to make.  They are always witty and on the spot, showing he is rather clever, and they always have some basis of common sense or intelligence behind them.  He knows this won't get him fired, because it is actually hilarious half of the time, and people know he is the best at what he does.  He doesn't do anything inappropriate, like make fun of a patient's injury or how they became injured.  However, if he hears, sees, or deals with something stupid, he WILL have some sarcastic remark or retort ready.

Outside of the job he is different.  He is a really "friendly" person.  The quotes around friendly are because it depends on how you look at friendly.  He doesn't walk around with a scowl or other scary look on his face, but he doesn't walk around all smiles and sunshine either.  If a random stranger walks up to him and starts talking to him, he will not be one to make conversation.  He will respond briefly and attempt to move on.  This might seem contradictory to him loving people, but he has no desire to get into conversation with people.  If someone is persistent enough though, he will eventually give in and begin to converse back with them.  He would go from a more indifferent expression to a soft "kind" smile.  His "stranger danger" type attitude buckles a bit and he is a bit more friendly and personable.  Still, while he will act friendly, any details he gives on his life will be vague at best, and it would take a lot of work to get more out of him.  Still, by that point the first step would already have been taken by the person.

Life is a very personal subject for Daichi, one he does not want to discuss.  It was just one horrible event after another, with momentary calms in-between.  Something so personal is not something he wants people to know about.  Allowing people to know, would essentially be allowing them inside of the "shell" that protects Daichi's emotions, and thus leaving him vulnerable to them.  His life has pushed him to where he completely keeps his emotions guarded.  Daichi could see something horrible happen to someone, and feel nothing.  He might help the person, since he has a conscience, but he wouldn't feel anything.  His emotional defenses can be divided into levels, numbered 1-5.  Stranger's are on the outside of everything, a hypothetical level 0, where he feels absolutely nothing.  Once one begins conversing and gets Daichi to actually converse back, they could be said to have broken level 1, meaning he might feel an extremely small amount of emotion because of them.  As people get closer to him, the more levels they break through, and the more they can actually affect his emotions (level 2 being a small amount of emotion, level 3 being some emotion, level 4 being a lot, and level 5 being an immense amount).  Ever since these barriers were put up, no one has broken more than level 2, those who have being a few friends.  He has not let anyone else in, because he does not want to once again have someone so close to him simply betray him.  At least if he keeps his distance a possible betrayal won't hurt.

This all culminates to a single statement. Daichi has trust issues. Not like he can be blamed. When just about everyone you ever cared about either betrayed you, or were killed by the people who betrayed you, it is to be expected. He is very wary to trust anyone. The statement still stands that he loves people. He didn't lose faith in people, just he refuses to compromise himself after what happened. There is a reason he emotionally detaches himself from so much. There is a reason he barely lets anyone in, and even when he does it usually isn't much. He actually WANTS to let people in, but he feels it is smarter not to. There is also a reason he became so good with a sword. He helps other people because he knows pain. He also has an intense desire to gut anyone who gets close to someone only with the intention to stab them back or to hurt them in any way. Actually, that desire applies to anyone who tries to hurt other people in general.

When Daichi enters fight mode, he is kinda scary. He can get the most dead serious look on his face. If something is a fight, to him, there is no walking out without at least one member of the fight being injured. Some thugs doing thuggish things. Daichi has no qualms walking past them casually, suddenly slicing them up, and then walking away. Someone random cocky person challenges him to a fight, he will make it perfectly clear that if he ends up winning, that that person would be injured. He has no qualms injuring or ending something or someone and then just walking away (or better yet, calling his division in the hospital and then tossing every ounce of sass he has at the person while he helps them). He is no murderer, just unless someone is a friend or extremely respectful to him in a request for a fight, he has no intention of letting them out without a scar to show the folly of their ways, whether they be an overly cocky and arrogant challenger, or a thug whom was terrorizing someone. He will just slice or pummel something as if it was nothing. If it is a friend, or at least the challenger was very respectful in their request for a match, he will still be a bit scary in terms of fighting, but his demeanor will be much different. Friendly when dealing with friends. Serious when dealing with challengers. He also would make the rules very clear against challengers, so that the fight ends with little to no real injuries.

General Appearance
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Natural Abilities
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Inherited Abilities
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"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox

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Daichi Takahashi [WIP]
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