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 Saniyya bint Almakah al-Shirazi [Approved, 5-5]

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PostSubject: Saniyya bint Almakah al-Shirazi [Approved, 5-5]   Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:33 am

Normal Human Template


Name: Saniyya bint Almakah al-Shirazi (ثانية بنت لمكه الشيرازي )
True Age: 27
Gender: Female
Personality: Saniyya, being the daughter of an air force family, has a love for the sky. She'd rather be standing on the deck of an aerial carrier than on the ground. She'd purposely go over guardrails on a skyscraper to get a feeling of being in the sky. She doesn't like open-air cockpits on planes as the wind forces her to wear goggles that limit her view. She'd rather be in the glass-domed cockpit of a fighter, specifically her F-51/D. As it is her chariot into the skies, Saniyya treats her plane like she does her own body. There is never a blemish unless it was earned in battle. The paint is always well-kept, but the internals are what matters. Unless it is too large of a work to complete by herself, Saniyya is the one that maintains her Super Banshee. She is strict when it comes to touching it, and she is not afraid of giving someone a right hook to the jaw if they do. She's called the "Plane Stalker" by the crew of the carriers she serves on.

Don't expect Saniyya to show kindness in a "wow, you did great out there" way. If she criticizes you more than the rest, then that means you're her favorite. She expects nothing but the best from her crew. Not perfection, however. It's important to realize the distinction in her mind for that—if you are perfect, then there is nothing to learn. She treats her flight mates as both family and students. She'll make sure they're taken care of but won't hold their hands while they piss. She'll make sure they're protected but won't fight their battles. It isn't her job (nor anyone else's in her mind) to pull them up a hill, but to push them to go up it on their own while being there as support in case they slip and fall. And despite being like a teacher and family, she'll definitely take out her squadron for drinks or even a meal. Well, mainly if someone ELSE is paying, but she'd definitely tag along in that case.

Saniyya also has a rule—never date a superior nor anyone on the same base. She does that so there are never hard feelings in case their relationship ends as well as to keep coverage equal and fair. That rule also keeps distractions. She forces that rule onto her squadron with an iron fist. Saniyya is very family-oriented and is more likely to give leave on things related to someone's family than she is for personal time. Tell her stories about your family and she'll listen. She'll also scold anyone who disrespects their mother or father. But even worse is if someone disrespects their siblings. She'll assign cleaning duty to anyone that does that. And when a pilot in her squadron dies, she shows up personally to deliver the news. Apparently she's more effective than the General Staff soldiers that do that as their primary duty, but it's not something can be rated as "effective" or "ineffective." She also keeps a photo of every pilot under her command's family. She says it's because "If we're a family, then they're my family too."

General Appearance

Appearance: Crimson eyes laid against dark skin make a very interesting complement. To add to that, silvery-white hair is almost fantasy-esque. However, Saniyya is not from a fantasy series. Instead, these are traits caused by exposure due to multiple types of radiation. Many people from Saniyya's grandfather's city have this mutation type. Saniyya's body is rather well-toned for both a pilot and a former clerk. She also has no scars nor tattoos. She wears an ESFAF officer's uniform, although she has a custom jacket she wears over her flight suit for before takeoff. Like the rest of her squadron, Saniyya's flight suit is black with yellow and green highlights.

Appearance Age: 25-30
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities: As a soldier, Saniyya is in peak physical condition. She is well-trained in Federation Close Combat Training (FCCT). However, she is also trained in Counter-FCCT. This means she is trained to fight against people trained in FCCT. She's an expert marksman with her SP1 handgun, which is normally given to special forces and General Staff HQ personnel. She also has high G-tolerance as well as being an expert pilot. She can ID planes by their silhouette by memory.
Can See Spirits? Yes, although weaker spirits are harder to see.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
The al-Shirazi family was originally from Iran, but fled to Iraq during World War III (hence the surname "al-Shirazi"). Saniyya's grandfather was a Iranian air force colonel. He fought against the NATO troops as a pilot. Known as the "Aswad Ṣaqr" (أسود فالكون; Black Falcon). He was known for being a tank buster against NATO troops. However, he was shot down during the fall of Shiraz. He survived but lost his leg. Saniyya's grandmother was pregnant with her father—Almakah. Almakah joined the Iraqi air force and met his future wife as a CIC operator. Alamakah's squadron was not given to the Federation, so he stayed on base. He'd sortie against insurgents in the mountains, where he too earned the nickname "Aswad Ṣaqr." However, Almakah never was shot down. Instead, he was promoted to Major when he married his wife in 2070. Two years later, Saniyya and her twin brother were born.

Almakah would take Saniyya and her brother in cargo flights so she'd get an experience in flying only a couple of years after their birth. Immediately, she loved it. During school, she'd always do book reports on aviation books, she'd always pay more attention during aerodynamics, and she definitely got into discussions on field trips. Her brother was the same way. Saniyya, however, had more of a knack for the technical side of things such as the computer systems. Thus, she was offered a full-ride scholarship to a military college for programming and maintnance of the new AI systems of the ESF air force. She accepted while her brother enlisted as a pilot-officer for the ESFAF. However, the 2090s were still not loving towards women of the Middle East.

Although it has curved downward, there were still attacks on girls going to school. Saniyya was with her brother on a bus returning to their base when a group of insurgents hit the bus with an IED. With the driver incapacitated, the insurgents raided the bus, firing shots everywhere. Saniyya was right in one of the insurgent's sights when her brother dashed in front of her. He took the five bullets meant for her. She grabbed his service pistol and emptied the clip on the one who shot her brother. That—coupled with military police arriving—sent the remaining two running. They were later taken out by a mortar strike on the shack they were camped out in. Saniyya's brother died with the initial two shots, as they struck the heart. The other three hit his lungs. He died with a smile on face, because he knew he had protected his sister.

Saniyya changed her position and enlisted in the air force afterwards. Thanks to her standing (and family), she was awarded the rank of 1st Lieutenant and was transferred to a special operations squadron, the Black Knives. Although mostly composed of Americans, the remaining pilots were either English or German. And she was the only woman, which made some of the pilots question how good she was. She proved her worth in the first Red Flag exercises she participated in. With a kill-death ratio of 7:2, she easily matched her veteran wingmen. Soon after the end of the Red Flag, the squadron was given F-51/D Super Banshees. During a test flight, the flight leader's Super Banshee had an engine blowout and spun into a mountainside. However, that's not the whole story. While it was spinning, he could not eject. Saniyya broke off from the rest of the squadron and asked for the captain to level his craft. As he did so, she shot off the canopy, allowing him to manually eject. Unfortunately, he broke his leg so badly upon landing that he could never fly again. After that incident, Saniyya was promoted to Captain and given command of the Black Knives... and the nickname "Aswad Ṣaqr."

Or at least that's the official story. Most of it actually is true. The only part that isn't... is that she was never a clerk. In fact, she was not in the ESFAF originally. No, she was in General Staff, specifically a division designed to monitor and suppress mutinies. She was assigned to the base she was in because of talks of unrest—not because her brother was there. However, he too was in the same division as she was. When he was killed, Saniyya took his place as a sort-of sleeper agent inside the ESFAF.


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PostSubject: Re: Saniyya bint Almakah al-Shirazi [Approved, 5-5]   Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:54 am

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Tier: 5-5

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Saniyya bint Almakah al-Shirazi [Approved, 5-5]
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