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 Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]

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PostSubject: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:05 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Weiss Nanaya
True Age: 35
Gender: Female
Personality: Want to describe her with one word? Don't be so lazy! Well anyway, a short describtion is 'cold'. In every single sense of the world. She doesn't care about the problems of other people in the slightest. You could easily accuse her of having a heart of stone, since getting closer to her seems impossible - she doesn't enjoy the company of anyone, and would rather stay alone and without anyone to bother her. She's not going to be the one to initiate a conversation, and also not the one to keep it going - her answers are always short and to the point, sometimes rude, sometimes simply indifferent to everything. If she doesn't know whoever is trying to talk to her, she might just ignore them completely and walk away, or continue reading a book, or continue stabbing someone else in the throat - you get the idea, she doesn't like being disturbed in whatever she happens to be doing.

As a murderer and killer at heart, she isn't opposed to the idea of just killing a living obstacle in her way, but is willing to take other approaches when it is practical. She has no special fascination with killing or murder - it is a practical, cold and calculated thing for her, and she always aims to disable and kill a target or obstacle as fast and efficient as possible. She doesn't play around, and doesn't want to see how powerful you actually are - if you try to hold back, she will not respond in kind. As such, she also doesn't care for competitions of strength - she is not going to fight if she doesn't have to, no matter if you insult her skill or whatever else may guile someone into combat. Does she enjoy combat, is another question you could ask - the answer is yes, she actually enjoys fighting quite a bit. But since she doesn't really know what to do with feelings of joy, she doesn't pursue fighting.

Even if she tolerates being around someone, Weiss has never learned how to care for people. Friendship and love are foreign concepts to her - all she always had were targets and clan members. She doesn't love her family - no feelings are in her towards her daughter of the father of said daughter, besides that they're clan-members, which has lost its meaning after the clan was whiped out, anyway. The father of her daughter is so far the only person that Weiss could potentially hold a conversation with for longer than two seconds, though, so that is a start.

Since any feelings of belonging are missing from her heart at this point, she also feels no attachment or loyalty towards anyone besides herself. You want to kill a random guy in the street right next to her? Be her guest, just don't get the blood on her clothes, please. You attempt to stab the person she's currently forced to talk to? Not a problem for her, either. You blow up the city she had an appartment in? She might get annoyed if you damaged her belongings, that is all. She really is an ice-cold bitch when she wants to be, and she wants to be one all the damn time, apparently.

ARE there redeeming qualities to her? Sometimes, there are. She's still human - or well, human spirit - after all. Emotions and feelings are natural to humans, you can't just 'lose' them forever - Weiss is numbed to emotions, but not dead to them. She might just start to take a liking to someone sometimes, or take slightly less money for an assassination job if her target really deserves a sharp piece of metal through the chest. One really shouldn't rely on it, though, as she can't stand weakness in people. If you're just getting the crap beaten out of you, Weiss is certainly NOT going to save you. Stand against a few opponents with your weapon drawn, and she'd be more likely to help you stab a few people in the heart or head.

As a final note, Weiss enjoys music. It may seem a bit odd, but it is the one thing she spends most of her time with, when she isn't reading books - literate is her only other hobby besides music. She has a great singing voice, but thanks to her lacking imagination, she has only written a single song - Mirror Mirror - which she then refuses to sing, as it gives insight to the fact that she is actually quite lonely - and doesn't know what to do with herself.

General Appearance

More Pictures:
Appearance Age: ~23

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

  • Aura Block: She can project her Reiatsu to the outside as a deflecting barrier, which makes her able to block even blades and projectiles with her bare hands.
  • Immunity to Cold: Ice and cold can't harm her. She might be slowed down or frozen solid, even, but will not take any damage from either of these situations. Weapons made out of ice can still harm her. While ice remains slippery, she is able to control her body on it regardless.
  • Low Profile: Even when released later on, her power level always seems to be far lower than it actually is. In practice, if she were to have a tier of 2-1, she'd give off the power aura of someone with a tier of 4-1. This is especially useful for sneaking up on people or for getting them to underestimate her.
  • Killing Sense: A natural instinct that has breached the point into the supernatural. If you have any vital organs you need to properly function, she'll know their location and focus her attacks on them. For Shinigami, she'd for example target the soul chain and soul sleep, instead of 'minor' organs such as lungs or liver, since Shinigami can survive quite well without them for extended periods, but lose their powers if the former are destroyed.
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: She's young for a Shinigami, very young. Still, she can fight on par with many great swordsmen, thanks to her previous training when still alive.
  • Fragile Speedster: When not using Aura Block, she can take hits about as well as a wet napkin. Her body isn't exaclty durable, and she relies on superior speed. Her Shunpo is quite fast and powerful because of that, as well as her general movement speed.
  • Hand to Hand Expert: Not as good as her sword skills, she is still a capable hand to hand fighter. Her style is definitely different from the normal Hakuda used by Shinigami.
  • Blindfighting: Weiss has learned how to fight while completely blind, and how to navigate rooms she doesn't know while not being able to see. Her other senses can be sharpened within seconds after closing her eyes, to levels where she almost percieves a pseudo-visual image of her surroundings.

Zanpakutō: In sealed form, her Zanpakutō looks like a rapier with a silver handleguard. Unlike normal rapiers, her Zanpakutō has a sharpened edge on one side in addition to the sharp tip.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Save me from the things I see, Mirror
Other Weapons: N/A

Zanpakutō Spirit


Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Mirror (Bankai Name: Broken Mirror)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Mirror takes on the form... of a mirror, most of the time. Large enough to reflect her owner completely within itself, the reflecting surface sometimes ripples and shows a 'opposite' version to the wielder, complete with inverted color sheme. Moving seperate from what she is supposed to reflect, this form of Mirror can even leave the inside of the mirror form - upon stepping out of the mirror, she takes on the exact same appearance as her wielder, losing her inverted color sheme she has while inside of the mirror.
If the wielder uses her Bankai, she changes shape - the mirror form is literally broken into multiple fragments, which form a 'humanoid body' of sorts that has the proportions of Weiss, but since it is made out of mirror shards, she looks incredibly alien and bizzare.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Mirror talks even less than Weiss herself, believe it or not. She wants to both help and destroy her wielder in equal parts, it seems, and often speaks in ways that make her appear to contradict herself. Much like Weiss, she doesn't enjoy combat, but has a stronger drive to protect her wielder than her wielder has to protect others - but at the same time tests her wielders mind constantly with illusions within her inner world, as if trying to drive her insane. When in Bankai form, she is outright hostile, although she is unable to harm Weiss in any direct way, seeing as she is still bound to being her Zanpakutō. The reasons behind her agressive and 'evil' nature are probably rooted in her wielder's own past of murder and bloodshed, as she seems less agressive whenever Weiss is actively trying NOT to kill someone.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World:
The White Castle is a monochrome place, resembling a big, labyrinthine castle. Animated armors walk through it constantly, and they occasionally even attack Weiss or Mirror. It follows no real rules of logic or physics, and the monochrome colors are very disorienting.


Shikai: Mirror's Shikai turns the normal rapier into a combination of both a revolver and rapier, as seen in the pictures above. The revolving chamber attached right above the handle of the blade is protected by the handleguard, which goes around the chamber and down to the end of the handle. The handle also has a trigger which 'fires' the revolver part of the weapon. The weapon looks very elegant in design, and is clearly designed for speed and not strength.
Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Abilities: Mirror is a Special-type Zanpakutō, using multiple elements and both close and ranged combat moves. Each individual aspect is weaker than a specialized Zanpakutō. To use the special abilities of the Zanpakutō, Weiss shifts the chamber of the revolver-part manually into the color she wishes to use, and then pulls the trigger to activate the corresponding power. This shift is called Dust Shard.

  • White: The main form of Mirror, it offers a balanced amount of power. It also grants access to a finishing move called 'Dust Shard Slash', a special charged attack - when used against a highly weakened enemy, the enemy is turned into ice shards and shattered.
  • Yellow: The agility form, reducing defense but granting great mobility and reflexes. The blade can be charged with elecricity by pulling the trigger again, allowing for paralyizing attacks with the sword.
  • Blue: The binding form, it allows Weiss to 'throw' blue binding magic by slashing the sword around, to immobilize the opponent. The bindings are as strong as a mid-level Bakudo. When someone is chained up, Weiss closes in for the kill.
  • Red:  The fire form, it superheats the blade, allowing it to sear through materials it normally can't cut. It also increases the weight of the blade immensely - nothing besides the wielder can 'move' it, meaning it can easily deflect and block attacks that would normally break through the sword or harm Weiss, as it completely absorbs and nullifies the impact power of the enemy. By pulling the trigger again, Weiss can shoot a wave of fire at the opponent with a slash. If Red is used to deflect an attack or to stop Weiss' own motion, it deactivates afterwards and can't be used again for 2 posts.
  • Light Blue: The ice form, it cools the blade down far below freezing temperatures, causing cold burns on the opponent and messing with their blood circulation upon hit. By pulling the trigger again, Weiss can fire out a wave of icicles by then stabbing the sword into the ground, or fire an array of icicles right at the enemy with a slash through the air.
  • Violet: The strength form. It can only be activated for a short time, and during that time, the blade glows violet - a single strike from this form can break through most defenses and deal incredibly high damage. Every single slash done in Violet form is potentially fatal. This is the only form that can't be used indefinitely, having a 2 post cooldown after usage.


Bankai: Not yet achieved
Bankai Appearance: Not yet achieved
Bankai Abilities: Not yet achieved

Past & Roleplay Sample


Character Background: Weiss didn't have an easy life. Her hardships already began as a newborn - her father left her mother shortly beforehand, and her mother then died shortly after Weiss' birth - the doctors never figured out just why exactly, as she seemed to have been in perfect health before her sudden death after giving birth to her daughter. No other relatives could be found - her father had apparently vanished from the face of the earth, and her mother had no living family.
As such, she grew up under governmental care in europe - to be specific, in germany. Even as a child, she always had white hair and odd, blue eyes - clear signs of albinism, although she had none of the negative aspects of it, like decreased eyesight or trouble with direct sunlight. Her body temperature always seemed a bit low when checked out by doctors, but nothing wrong was ever found with her body. The life in the orphanage wasn't going to last for very long, though - because someone adopted her. That someone was a contact for one of the greatest clans of spiritual assassins, who had sensed that this girl without any family had incredible strength in the spiritual world within her - thanks to her eyes. Besides being unsettling for everyone to look at, she had an intense stare - one completely unheard of for such a young girl, as she was only about two years old. This stare was an expression of her spiritual power - of her Reiatsu.

After getting her out of the orphanage, the clan of assassins used their influence to make her vanish from all official documentations - she stopped to exist, and was given to her new 'family' as a prized posession. As their clan was very secretive and closed off, their genepool was quite... incestous. How exactly the clan evaded the negative aspects of that practice is not known - but somehow, their family line always produced naturally born killers, ones with strong blood that lead them to instinctively want to kill spiritual beings.
The girl they had adopted was there for two reasons: The first, to see if she'd be useful as a tool of the clan - meaning, an assassin. The second reason was to use her to 'enrich' the bloodline and genepool of the clan, since her strong Reiatsu could potentially lead to children that might possess both the bloodlust and killing instinct of the clan, and the spiritual power of the young girl.
On that day, Weiss - that was her name given to her by the clan lead - stopped being a little girl, as her training started immedeatly. She did not have a caring mother, or judging father. She had masters that she had to respect and fear, masters that demanded the impossible. If she failed, she wouldn't get to eat, or be beaten - depending on how hard her failure was. And so, Weiss stopped to fail, and stopped to think. She didn't feel anything - her heart was cold and dead. Her stare was soon developed - a simple, strong gaze obtained the power to create actual ice in the place she was focusing on. With more training, she was able to freeze a man solid at age 10, and able to break the frozen person in two with just one more year of training with a pinpoint attack.
In short, her progress was amazing. The lead had thought her to be weak - they were fully expecting her to break under the training, and become a useless shell until she could be used to pump out Reiatsu-filled babies. That wasn't the case - instead, she was used in active assassinations at that age already, freezing and killing priority targets by abusing her innocent, young looks and skill at moving silently.

It was during this time that she really got to 'know' someone else in the clan besides her masters and other assassins - another top student, from within the clan's leading positions. Slightly older than her, he became sort-of an older brother figure to her - as much as an unfeeling killer like her could have a brother. But for once, she didn't either fear or hate another human being. He was introduced as Kiri Nanaya to her.
Together, they became a duo of deadly killers within no time. Not that they worked together all that often - attachment wasn't something she was supposed to feel towards anyone, so Weiss was kept away from Kiri and other assassins of her age, since she was 'lower class' and the 'most expendable' assassin. When puberty finally hit her, the clan lead was watching with great interest for signs of her being able to enter the second phase of their great plan.

When she was slightly above thirteen years old, Weiss was ordered to become the mother for a new assassin. She didn't complain, or react with shock or disgust at the idea. Not even fear. It was just another order - just another mission to carry out. Such emotions had long since left her mind, and left a cold, stone heart behind. Her stare had intensified by now - it was strong enough to freeze people now without her even wanting to, forcing her to wear a blindfold until her eyes were needed. This caused her to learn how to use other senses than her eyes in combat.
The one picked out as the most suitable father for a good assassin was Kiri. There was no emotional bond forged between them beforehand, besides the slight brother-sister relationship... But even hard-trained assassins get a tiny bit nervous, since no training can kill of hormones completely. Still, they managed to go through with it - there wasn't a lot of enjoyment in it for either side, but ever so slightly, Weiss appreciated Kiri's approach to the whole ordeal. Not that she had been able to see much of him during the act, considering doing so might've frozen him into an icicle.

The plan of the leaders worked out, at first. While her body was young, a ceasarean operation should allow for a successful creation of a new, spiritually powered spirit assassin. However, there were... complications. While Weiss always had a unnaturally low body temperature thanks to her powers, her temperature continued dropping during pregnancy, an effect that was believed to come from the fetus inside of her. While Weiss survived the nine months, she was very weakened afterwards - the lead decided to wait and see how the newborn daughter turned out before trying again, to see if both the Nanaya bloodlust and spiritual power had been inherited.
Weiss' daughter was raised as an assassin, like she had been before. She showed great promise thanks to her Nanaya blood - and a body that was more durable than any other child's. However, the spiritual power within her didn't want to awaken - unlike her mother's, which was always active. The two didn't exactly have much of a relationship of mother and daughter - they barely even saw each other. During this time, attention shifted away from Weiss - she was allowed to 'live' a bit more. Not that she knew much about the world, or what to do with 'free hours' - apparently, they served to allow her to integrate into society when planted as a sleeper agent. She had to pose as a blind woman for this, thanks to her eyes, which blocked out the first thing she had taken an interest in - literature of any kind, at least while out in the open. She instead took a liking to music and singing - after studying on how to write music herself, she wrote her own song, which she quickly destroyed any copies of. Mostly because that song revealed things she kept hidden, or wasn't even fully aware of herself. She and Kiri still went on missions together sometimes - she held no special feelings for him, positive or negative. A completely neutral work relationship, between trained killers. She didn't even know that he had a son who was not being actively trained as an assassin, at least not to the extent of their mutual daughter.

Whatever further plans the clan had for Weiss or her daughter, though, would never be revealed. They were betrayed - the entire clan got attacked by a rampaging monster of a man, a 'mixed blood'. When his rampage reached Weiss, who was for once spending some time with her daughter, she tried to fight the monster, and died like the rest of her clan, after the giant had slashed out one of her freezing eyes first. As her severed head was flying through the air, the last thing Weiss saw as a human was her daughter getting stabbed through the chest and crumpling into a lump on the floor - probably dead.
When Weiss awoke, everything was behind a weird haze. She had no body - breathing was hard, as a chain through her chest made her short of breath. She had been turned into a Plus - a human soul. More than that, her chain was 'corroding' - and not exactly slowly. Her life had been a violent one - and more importantly, one filled with 'sin'. Even if she never had any emotions about killing - she was a mass-murderer in many ways. She'd turn into a Hollow as soon as the chain corroded fully - Weiss knew that. As a spiritual assassin, she had killed Hollow before - but she had also killed Shinigami before. And she knew of their way - and of their powers. While the Nanaya understanding was basic - mostly from common knowledge around the spiritual community, with tidbits of information from captured and tortured targets - they knew of the source of Shinigami power. The 'Zanpakutō' was a shard of the own soul, which symbolized the spiritual strength of a person. Weiss had lost her supernatural eyes - but her Reiatsu remained. The strength of her soul far exceeded that of a normal Plus, and with strength comes 'choice'. She could either turn into a Hollow right now, become a complete monster... Or be sent to hell by a Shinigami, never to return to the light of day. But she chose a third option.

There was a part of her soul that held strength. The part that had empowered her as a human, and that part was what she would use right now to survive. Proper training was unimportant if you overpowered your natural weaknesses. And so, Weiss dove into a monochrome castle, filled with adversaries. She battled against giants made out of iron, and evaded her inner demons taking shape. In the deepest part of her castle, Weiss finally found it - a mirror. Instinctively, she walked up to it - and reached her hand out, right through the glass, which felt like ice-cold water to her touch. Then, the cold changed to heat, to an electrifying shock... To a rush of power, to being completely immobile. What she had used as a human was but a fraction of her actual power, which was hidden inside of this mirror. With cold efficiency and strength, she ripped her hand back out of the mirror, and demanded it's power for herself, not accepting no for an answer.

At that point, she held a blade in her hand, in both worlds. Behind the monochrome, the light of the chamber lit up for just a split second, as a new dress replaced the torn clothes on Weiss' body. How much time had passed? She didn't know, nor did she care much. The clan grounds were ruins as she walked through them - nothing was left of the Nanaya clan. Taking the name of the clan as her own last name from now on, she did the only thing she knew how to do...
She trained. How to control her new body, and her new weapon. Soon, she was able to do what was known as 'Shunpo' - the art of quick movement, and of movement through the air, by using her spiritual power. She learned how to harness it - and how to release the power of her mirror fully, and with control. At some point, she even met other Shinigami - who were bewildered as to how such a weak Shinigami could even exist, especially outside of the Gotei. That was when Weiss learned of her other ability - her energy levels were masked, much like her emotions had been masked and buried, creating a fake sense of powerlessness from her. Now, she stalks through the world of the living...
Without a target, and without knowing anyone. Her eyes have lost their freezing power - but her stare is still empty, like fresh ice and snow...

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:59 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [O]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]

Comments/Notes: I'd like Red to have the same drawbacks as violet.
Tier: 2-1 when fixed.

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:30 pm

Added drawback to Red.

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:31 pm

And approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:00 pm

Please archive.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:37 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]   

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Weiss Nanaya [Approved, 2-1]
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