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PostSubject: Kagetora RATED M FOR MANLY   Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:56 pm

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Kagetora
Original Name: Joseph Joestar
Titles: World Champion in Super-Heavyweight Boxing, longest holding record with 40 years.
True Age: ~80
Gender: MANLY man
Personality: Kagetora - or Joseph, as he was once called - is what some people would call the epitomy of masculinity. He's known for having incredible willpower, enough to push his way through any opposition, so much that it evolved into a supernatural ability. He has been described as a immoveable object in the world, because of his strong convictions and of how he'd face down an entire army alone to uphold them. His strength of will and readiness to fight should not lead to thinking of him as a ruthless brute, though - Kagetora prefers to take a talking approach, and will search alternatives to violence whenever possible.
His convictions which he holds so dear are manigfold. For one, he's a true gentleman, always ready to extend a hand to help those less fortunate who can't help themselves. He's also chivalrous and the exact opposite to a pervert, although nowadays there's little use for that, considering equality has been steadily on a rise. Hand in hand with that goes a strong sense of justice and right - he will uncover truths and punish villains, no matter who might disagree with him. Even if the entire world becomes his enemy - a true man holds on to justice and the right thing.

Which leads to the big thing about Kagetora. He is, for lack of a better word... manly. He trains a lot, even if he doesn't really need to, to keep his body in perfect shape. He enjoys challenges that are of physical or educational nature, as long as they have to do with machinery or martial arts, especially boxing. But a true man also knows how to take care of himself all alone - Joseph is an excellent housekeeper and cook. Maybe not on the levels of someone like Archer, but good enough to impress with it - especially since he doesn't exactly look the part. As a true man and martial artist, he despises trickery and those that use it to get ahead in challenges, and fights to show that fair actions will always win a battle, even against someone that is playing dirty.

Now for his social interactions. They're... oddly nice, really. Kagetora has a soft voice for someone his size, even if he can nearly instantly switch it to a growl that'd make a wolf wet itself. He enjoys just drinking a cup of coffee and having a nice conversation just as much as he enjoys training his body, and can give quite the good rousing speeches. Furthermore, he sometimes also teaches new people on how to properly box, as he is a retired champion.
Joseph also has his dark sides, though. His temperament when faced with brutal crimes and those responsible is hair-trigger at best, and he struggles to keep his past with the Yakuza locked away somewhere. Most of all, though, he struggles with being a Joestar. He doesn't believe himself to be worthy of the old and honored name of his family after his past actions.

Kagetora is a gentleman, as established before. But he does NOT know how to properly act around women. He treats everyone equally - some might appreciate it, some might not. He's also completely oblivious to romance.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: Mid-20's, maybe early 30's
Height: nearly 2 meters
Weight: heavy weight

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

  • Abnormal Endurance: There are always people who never quit when they should, and Kagetora is the king of them. His persistance, unwavering devotion and incredible physique give him endurance that borderlines on the supernatural even before one factors in Kagetora's powers - as natural trait of the Joestar family. This endurance of the body also helps prevent injury to Kagetora, since his muscles and perpetual scars all over the body form a natural armor that makes it difficult to harm his organs or bones. He could probably survive a fall out of a ten story building without much more than a scraped knee.
  • Titan Strength: You can be forgiven for mistaking Kagetora for a very big ant at first glance, considering the type of weight he can lift. Through rigorous training throughout his entire life, Kagetora has peak muscle strength for humans - and can also activate the full strength of them at will. While he takes the risk of potentially injuring himself quite badly while doing so, he ignores the natural limits the body places on muscles on demand, allowing him to perform insane feats like lifting a car up with his bare hands, or snapping a boulder in two with a punch. It has drawbacks, though - if he uses too much of his muscle's power, Kagetora risks pulverizing his own bones. Because this strength applies to ALL muscles, including the legs, he can move as fast as a Cheetah in its prime for short periods. Again, this is both without factoring in spiritual powers.
  • Crippling Pain: Which leads to the one fatal flaw he has - Kagetora has lived a life so rough that it left his body in a constant state of high pain. No painkillers in the world can soothe the fact that nearly every bone in his body has been broken at some point, that his muscles all tore apart at least once, or that even his internal organs have scar tissue buildup. Kagetora has incredible physical prowess even without his spiritual powers - but he can't use them for longer than roughly 5-15 minutes without his chronic pain becoming unbearable. Also, should Kagetora ever lose his spiritual power completely, he will go blind immedeatly and be forced to rely on his other senses.
  • Blind Fighting: ...Which thankfully, he can do. Since he was blind for a big part of his life, Kagetora can read even subtle movements in the air through the hairs of his skin, creating almost a supersonic field of view within his own mind. Normal martial artists and fighters could never fight without their eyes, but Kagetora doesn't NEED them - he can fight perfectly fine without eyesight, and go about most of his daily life without it and without too much trouble either. Just don't ask him to read the road signs when in this state.
  • Boxing Champion: Kagetora didn't hold the title for so long through luck. He's a champion through and through - he can both infight and outfight, meaning either standing his ground right up close, or dance around the opponent like a butterfly. Furthermore, he both learned his own speciality punches and copied those of other legendary boxers. While a rather traditional boxer in that sense, when not fighting for sport, but instead in real combat, he has no qualms about using his legs for incredibly strong kicks to supplement his punching.
  • Martial Arts Saint: One thing about Kagetora that has to be seen to be believed is the grace he moves with. For such a big and muscled man, he has incredible control over his own body and power - he can virtually float like a piece of cloth in the wind, avoiding people running into him by accident without even looking, for just one example. This is all because of how amazing Kagetora is with various types of Martial Arts from across the world. While he isn't a grandmaster in any of the styles, he basic skills in all of them combine to create a deadly, but smooth and controled warrior, who uses titantic strength to crush opponents just as much as he uses himself as a wall to deflect blades. He is known as the 'Saint of Martial Arts' for his ability to learn, adapt, and combine without even thinking about it, making him a perfect warrior... As long as no weapons are directly involved, since Kagetora hasn't learned any styles using close-combat weaponry.

Reishi Abilities

Ability Name: Eternal Domain
Type: Internal
Appearance change: His powers do not change his appearance directly. However, usage of it is one of the causes for his entire body to be covered in scars - to a level where it is a miracle that he can move without constant pain, but that is also a result of his power. To increase the strength of his power, Kagetora wears special sunglasses, which strengthen them by quite a bit.
Whatever I see, I make my own.
Kagetora has an ability that completely negates all logic. His eyes funnel a special power into the world - that which he sees, he imposes his own will upon. This has a magnitude of possible effects, and a few that he is actively able to use. The first one is the control over his own body - since it is the source and central point of his Eternal Domain, his body is far stronger than a human body has any right to be. His muscles have been compared to tempered steel, his bones to pure adamantium, and a punch from his fist can be likened to being rammed by a train - in short, he is the definite superhuman. His control over his own body is the reason why it can even still function - the massive buildup of scar tissue on his body, and within his inner workings, should render him an immobile cripple in constant pain.
Imposing his will onto the world outside of his direct body, through his eyes, is a lot harder to do effectively. Without his glasses, Kagetora loses a lot of effectiveness. Even with them, the only thing his eyes do all the time is to force the world to 'allow' the breaking of physical laws he constantly does. A normal person can't just deflect bullets by punching them, or dodge them. However, as long as his eyes remain fixated onto the world, Kagetora can move like a tiger on steroids - agile, smooth, and dangerous. That part is also used to make the things possible his biggest usage of Eternal Domain allows.
That part is to control 'machines', and infuse them with his own will and energy to make them 'obey'. He will often exclaim that he is 'The Boss now' when taking control of machinery with this ability. How exactly does it function? Imagine Kagetora suddenly jumping into the cockpit of a fighter jet, while never having used one before. A normal person probably couldn't even undo the brakes in that situation. Kagetora knows that, and forces the world to accept that he simply IGNORES it. He will grab onto the instruments, maybe in a completely wrong way, and the plane will start up, fly up, and Kagetora will handle it like a master immediately. However, this ability has a few disadvantages to it.
He needs to know WHAT laws of the world he forces it to ignore. For example, if said jet then flashed a light that said 'low fuel' while in mid-air, he'd have to know what it meant - then he could force it to continue flying without fuel, and use his spiritual energy as fuel. Since he is virtually a walking battery of energy - living as a being that constantly twists the world does help with training endurance - that isn't really too much of a problem. It gets more complicated when more complications arise - let's say one of the flaps on the jet jams, and he doesn't know it. Then he wouldn't know to order the plane to ignore the flaps - he'd instead have to order it to just 'fly to his commands', which would take more energy. The more he already knows about technology and machinery, the easier it is to manipulate it.
Of course, there's more that can be done with this than just jump right into a machine and control it to his will. He can also learn things very fast, by forcing the world to let him learn things about machines and mechanics easily. This is mostly used for both repairs and designing new fighter machines and weapons - although Kagetora generally follows laws of physics for those. Otherwise, only he could use them, for obvious reasons.
His power to impose his own domain over the world does not reach beyond these outlines. He could, in theory, learn other ways to force his will onto the world - but it took many years for Kagetora to even impose the level of control over machines he has now. Other souls can't be affected by his power at all.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: The Joestar family traces it's roots back to old england. Today, only one heir remains - Joseph Joestar, also known as Kagetora - the longest standing champion of boxing. His family, while always known for being strong-willed, had terrible luck - earning great fortunes only to lose them, dying young and tragically, it was a miracle that the line survived for as long as it did.
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PostSubject: Re: Kagetora RATED M FOR MANLY   Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:28 pm

Please archive.

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