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 Erza Scarlet

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PostSubject: Erza Scarlet   Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:40 am

Magus Template


Erza Scarlet

True Age
Around 2000



General Appearance


Animalistic Traits:

Appearance Age:
Early Twenties



Natural  Abilities

Magecraft: The Knight

The Knight is Erza's personal form of Magecraft, and her primary means of combat.  The Knight is actually a type of Requip magic that specifically functions with armors and weapons.  This magic allows Erza to store different magical armors and weapons in a pocket dimension, from which she is able to switch the armors to grant her different abilities in combat.  It is noted that while other forms of Requip magic exist, Erza is the only known practitioner of The Knight, and the speed at which she is able to change between the armors and weapons is extraordinary.

However, there is a limit to how many armors Erza is able to store in the pocket dimension; the rest she stores in an unknown location.  Additionally, there is a limit on how often even Erza is capable of switching between armors and weapons.

It should be noted that while this is her main form of combat magic she can also use it to change normal outfits as well, and typically does because changing in the normal way is a pain.

Listed below are the Armors that Erza keeps on hand.

    Base Armor
    Erza's base armor (as show in appearance) is a rather simple breastplate.  It grants her no special properties other than a slight bonus to her defenses (roughly 10%, because its armor).  However, this tends to be the armor she uses the most unless a special situation arises.

    The Elemental Empress Armors/Weapons
    A series of armors and weapons that grants Erza defensive capabilities against specific elements.  The weapons grant her the use of those elements for forms of attack.  Flame Empress, Sea Empress, Lightning Empress, Sky Empress, Earth Empress, Light Empress, and Shadow Empress Armors comprise this entry.  All seven of these armors possess the same effects, albeit tuned to their specific element.
    The Empress Armors reduces the effectiveness of their specified elements by 50%, and grant Erza the ability to use elementally charged attacks based on the weapon she is currently using.  It is noted that while the armors and weapons are in specific sets she is capable of changing these up for more desired effects.  She is even capable of using two different elemental weapons at once, though doing so requires more magical power to Requip.

    Heaven's Wheel Armor
    While her base armor may be her most used armor, the Heaven's Wheel Armor is her most iconic. Appearance wise the Heaven's Wheel Armor is a plated chestpiece adorned with a flower that covers the top half of her body, though it leaves her stomach and neck open.  She wears a billowing skirt, plated at the top on her lower half.  A pair of wings adorn her back and appear to be made of sword blades, with a wing-like headpiece finishing the outfit.  Heaven's Wheel Armor is meant to be used against multiple foes and grants Erza several abilities, primarly being the ability to summons hundreds of blades which she can use in different ways.

      Flight: Allows Erza to fly where she normally couldn't, and do so faster where she could.
      Blumenblatt: Blumenblatt utilizes the summoned blades in two different ways.  First, Erza can keep the blades close to her as she charges a foe; after she launches her attack the blades will follow up and deliver an overwhelming barrage.  Secondly, Erza can use the blades in the form of an omni-direction attack by launching them all simultaneously.  However, an extended barrage of such magnitude would require her to continually summons more blades and would become immensely draining on her magic power reserves.
      Circle Sword: By requipping multiple blades and having them spin around her, Erza is able to launch the ring of blades at a foe.  Upon making contact with the first foe the blades will disengage from one another and launch out in separate directions.
      Trinity Sword: Erza charges a foe, condensing magic power into the swords she holds in her hand.  She then launches this melee range attack, seemingly slicing in three directions at once.  The strike holds three times as much power as a normal attack.  There is a three post cooldown on this ability because of the amount of power it requires.
      Pentagram Sword: Similar to Trinity Sword, though boosted up to five times the strength and five posts as a cooldown.

    Black Wing Armor
    This armor is black with silver trimming that has silver crosses is several places. It has a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her hips that reach down to her waist-guard. The waist-guard leaves the front of Erza’s body exposed, with her groin being covered by a dark imbuement. She has large plates guarding her legs. She has two wings that have black metal "arms" acting as the wings' leading structure, but the parts used to fly are composed of a membrane-like material. Erza's hair is tied in a ponytail.*  The armor comes with a normal sword normally, but Erza has demonstrated on rare occasion the ability to use other weapons with it.

      Flight: Allows Erza to fly where she normally couldn't, and do so faster where she could.
      Increased Offense: Upon donning the armor the user gains a 100% boost to their offensive power.
      Rising Offense: Every successive attack generates a "stack" on the user, increasing their offensive power by a further 5%.  This stacking effect has no known limit (though only two stacks can be gained per post baring special circumstances).  However, should the armor be broken or otherwise removed from the user in any way the stacks as well as the base offensive power increase are removed.

    Adamantine Armor
    The Adamantine Armor is a large, blue and navy colored armor. The breastplate is composed of different plates joined together, with four, prominent tube-like ornaments on the front, right above her breasts, below the high armored collar. The shoulder pads are very large and sport prominent plates shaped like spikes, protruding from a far darker part which composes the base of the structure. The armor is completed by a helmet which covers the top and the sides of Erza’s face, leaving the back part of her head exposed, and sporting prominent spikes jutting outwards. *  The armor initially comes with a pair of large tower shields.

      Immense Defense: This armor is Erza's ultimate defensive armament.  It increases her personal defense by nearly 400%, at the expense of having no offensive increases.  Additionally, while the armor is active her speed is reduced by 40%.
      Adamantine Barrier: By combining the two shields together and channeling her magical power into them Erza is capable of creating an incredibly powerful barrier that she can use to defend larger locations than just her personal space.  The shield is generated parallel to the plane of the shields and acts like a wall instead of a sphere.

    Giant's Armor
    This is a large, furry, golden colored armor with that sports a large cross on the breastplate. The armor is completed by a headgear with the appearance of a pair of large metal ears.*  Strangely enough, this armor does not come with any base weapons.

      Increased Strength: This armor increases Erza's already immense strength by roughly 50%.
      Increased Throwing Power: The main power of this armor is its amplification of throwing power.  While this armor is equpped the user is capable of feats previously believed impossible.  It is said that once Erza shattered a moon using this armor.  Any weapon that is thrown while this armor is active will fly much further, faster, and with greater power than normal.

    Flight Armor
    This armor has features very few armored parts. It is cheetah printed, and the outfit has a large collar around Erza’s neck and a tail hanging from the back of her shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah’s ears adorning both sides of Erza’s head. When wearing this armor, Erza is equipped with a pair of short swords with elaborate hand-guards similar to a rapier's, shaped like rose's thorns.*  Obviously, this armor's name is a bit of a misnomer; it doesn't actually grant Erza flight, but instead of heavily focused on speed.

      Immense Speed: The purpose of this armor is to increase Erza's speed.  While this armor is active the user is granted an immense boost to their speed, equally roughly 400%.  However, the armor is lightly fortified, and thus the armor actually grants few defensives benefits other than the speed.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

* Denote descriptions taken from here.
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Erza Scarlet
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