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 The Dawn King- Heavy WIP-

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PostSubject: The Dawn King- Heavy WIP-   Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:51 am

Sugiura Template


Name: Zefonse Kaizme
Real Name: Arst Outway
True Age: Unknown, the name Zefonse Kaizme did not exist till the founding of the South Kingdom.
Gender: Male

Zefonse carries a powerful presence, noted for his stoic and inscrutable disposition. Despite how imposing he seems, Zefonse is well-loved among his people for being a kind and hands-on ruler. He takes large amounts of time each day to have open audiences with anyone who wishes to speak with him, and he often looks into problems personally. Zefonse lives by a philosophy that it is the duty of the strong to protect and guide the weak. He cares deeply for the well-being and happiness of his citizens, whether that be the people of Guardian Beast realm or, later, all people of his kingdom, and in his own words, will "crush anyone who dares to harm [his] people". He is passionate when it comes to his beliefs, going to great lengths to uphold them.

Zefonse is not very boastful of his kind; he believes that one's reputation must come from their own actions, not their birthrights. He is seen as cool and calm, and able to process any information he may receive, no matter how shocking or disappointing it may be. Zefonse often appears indifferent, and rarely shows any emotions other than slight annoyance or dissatisfaction on certain subjects. Having the ambition to walk the path that others fear to go. Zefonse is very proud of his own power, but his arrogance and overconfidence are one of his major flaws.  He possesses a very powerful sense of self. When enemies witness his power in battle they can do nothing but wither and stagger before his might, finding that he’s more than simple talk. He tends to be a rather selfless and straightforward man, and will rarely indulge in the company of others. He is also one of the most proficient combatants in existence. When he does speak, he's fairly serious. An example would be when he tells someone that fear is a natural reaction of being alive. Surprisingly, Zefonse has been shown to give unusual suffixes of his own creations to his teammates; examples being Sei-kai(King), Rya-tō(Brother in Arms), Tema-koro(Sister), and Hai-baku(Honorable foe). What many of these mean in terms of respect is rather highly. Zefonse is composed, receptive, analytically, and prefers not to engage in combat; he is content on silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion, and actually fights only when he is challenged and attacked by an opponent. Zefonse when he does not hold high respect; he calls them by his given name which is considered very rude in Japanese society. Despite this, he seemed mildly offended when others commented that his foe was weak and worthless, even going as far as to defend them. He is quite respectful, particularly to the fallen and the dead. Perhaps as a consequence of his age.

His staggering power is simultaneously reigned in and enhanced by his fierce unshakeable conscience and indomitable spirit. His most remarkable ability is his will to succeed, pushing himself beyond his limitations, and never giving up even when the odds are stacked against him. This will is what created the God Of Battle. As he has aged and wizened, he has been able to, for the most part, internalize these emotions, and display a calm and cool mind in the majority of his activities. He is well-renowned for his kind and compassionate behavior, which extends to his subordinates, friends, and family. During his time as a commander in the guardian beast war, his troops had the highest morale in the army. Primarily because Zefonse considered his staff and officers as part of his family and treated them as such. As a leader, he was brilliant, leading his division with confidence, determination, and resolve which only served to boost the morale even further. Zefonse desires, above all else, to protect those he values most, and shall do whatever the means to get to that goal. It was this desire that lead him to become a great king and lead him to master his powers to this point. He is known to drive himself to insane lengths to achieve the power necessary to protect those he cares for, even as far as risking his soul to reach to what he has become. Even as far to discard his original name to become something new.

In battle,Zefonse is generally laid back and analytically, a trait that can easily unnerve opponents. When his comrades or family are in danger, he'd rather resolve matters through battle than diplomacy. At the same time, Zefonse has a profound sense of honor, refusing to kill an opponent that can no longer fight to defend themselves as well refuses to use his full power unless needed, but this is also due to his own smug ego that appeared over the years from his overwhelming power. Zefonse possesses incredible clarity of perception, to an almost unrealistic degree, allowing him to easily recognize illusions and different forms of spiritual energy. He is also able to pick up on subtle details, enabling him to read lip movements and even mimic something like flash step movements. Zefonse revealed an additional "ability" to track fast-moving objects, showing off immense predictive capabilities. In other words, Zefonse is capable of predicting the movements of his opponents, to the point where the opponent likens it to "seeing the future". This combined with his analytically skills  allows him to figure out the pro and cons of everything he faces with ease.

Zefonse most feared traits is by far his incredible mind, being able to accurately imagine how situations will develop and innately analyze details. He even has the ability to perform complex mental operations beyond those of a normal human mind. His mind enables them to learn at much faster rates than an average or even intelligent Human or Shinigami. His mental abilities allow him to; acquire knowledge at a much faster rate and determine quick solutions to immediate problems/threats. When his intellect is combined with Hakuda and his swordsmanship, he is a force unlike any other, when he became King, this helped him with political matter’s .

When he was younger and went by the name Arst Outway,he was incredibly light hearted and free-spirited. He seemed to enjoy the world around him. He felt weak being unable to use any form of release as a shinigami or even basic Kidō. He was also calm and wise, being able to solve problems by speaking in a soothing tone. However, he was not above making jokes during difficult times and act sarcastic in the face of danger. He was friendly and caring as well, easily making friends with almost everyone he meets. This has made him a very popular and likable individual in the Soul Society. His skill with the blade went down as “Sword Fiend” He deeply cared for and loved his family and friends, being ready to defend them without hesitation. One of his most dominate and defining traits in his personality was his natural charisma that will allow him to make a friend out of everyone he meets but if not at the least their respect and/or interest. He was flirty with women, occasionally asking a few out on a date. When he was a kid, he was very active and playful, and loved climbing on trees. That earned him the nickname “Monkey”. His favorite dish is chocolate parfait. He likes all kinds of sweets. He dislikes spicy food. He likes alcohol and usually holds his liquor really well, but very rare and hard to make whisky inexplicably makes him drunk really fast. He talks like a Katz when he’s drunk.

Despite his imposing look, he’s actually pretty good with kids. He is bad with technology. It took him ages to get used to a cell phone. That said, he’s actually a fast typer once he got the hang of it, but sometimes still makes mistakes like trying to type the message in the header etc. Zefonse is a sword maniac often collecting and going into detail about certain blades when given the chance. He often looks serious but has a sense of humor and makes jokes when the situation calls for it. People never know whether he’s joking or not though.

Sugiura Class: True Ancestor

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: He has no noticeable traits.
Appearance Age: Early 30’s
Height: 6’3 ft
Weight:  225 pounds

Natural  Abilities
Eyes Of The Divine- Zefonse has the natural visual capability to capture greater light, resulting in the eye becoming a powerful visual receptor. This gives the eye a greater ability to "discriminate" objects, as in it can distinguish objects from greater distances. As well this also gives the eye the ability to visualize more "frames" per second, thus an enhanced ability to distinguish motion and react to it

While a human eye can distinguish around 10 million colors, Zefonse can distinguish more colors along the electromagnetic spectrum, due to its ability to capture far more light. This assists the eye in visualizing objects from far away distances (Distances where normal eyes would be unable to distinguish the object from the horizon), and distinguish movement, making it easier to read the motions of a target and react accordingly. This is not to say the eyes necessarily "predict" the motion of the target, but rather because each frame of motion is being captured with such accuracy, the eyes assist in reacting to motion in the present. Thus making it go perfectly with his other gifts.

Reiryoku Enhanced Line of Sight: Reiryoku is the key to his survival; it is a power that can allow them to fight on par with super empowered beings, or creatures of much larger size than their own, and can even allow them to live for ages more than the average human. To a master of Reiryoku, like Zefonse, the application of one's Reishi knowledge to their real world abilities is seamless. Since he already uses Reiryoku to enhance the rest of his physical capabilities, his eye sight should be no different. By implementing a small and steady stream of Reishi into the chords that attach to his eyes, Zefonse can augment the reaction timing of his eyes, as well as their movement in tracking the path of a target. It is dangerous, of course, as Zefonse could risk blinding himself if he attempts to keep track of numerous enemies at once, but it's benefits far outweigh it's own drawbacks. With this, a single enemy might as well consider standing still, as they will not be able to escape his line of sight; he will track them endlessly, and make it to where avoiding his sword attacks becomes nigh impossible. However, while doing this, Zefonse prefers to be in place without moving from his spot, as moving can cause tension to build in his eye's veins and possibly blind him temporary.

Grand Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Zefonse is very efficient in swordsmanship, being able to fight on-par with a captains in Bankai. He is capable of using his speed for flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. Zefonse prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually remains hanging. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. His fighting style also involves evasion and attacking an opponent either in the front or back using the element of surprise to overwhelm them. His skills are very versatile, able to use various bladed weapons with high proficiency. He is ambidextrous and can change his fighting style at a whim — keeping his opponents unsure as to his next move. A master of many Kendō combat forms, Zeofnse draws his opponents in, fighting less than his true capability, and then striking the fatal blow when his opponents believe to have the advantage over him. As a grandmaster of Swordsmanship, Zefonse is naturally a master of the general art of Kenjutsu, having mastered its most basic principles to the point in which they alone cause mortal wounds should they be successful. His feigns (usually Iaido) are so fast and spontaneous, he can create several openings in a foe in just one movement; a utilization of his scared, footwork, and center of gravity. Applied effectively, the opponent is set-back one move, while creating an opening elsewhere. Unlike other swordsmen of the Suriga, and any known master of Zanjutsu, Zefonse, adhering to the traditional teachings of Kenjutsu, aims for his foe's sword hand or arm in an attempt to disable and/or disarm his foe of their weapon, and creating large openings from which to deliver the killing blow. There are some attacks, however, that do not require a preceding subterfuge to create the necessary opening for attack. Zefonse refers to these as his "quick strikes" (迅速殴打, jinsoku ōda). They are done with one hands on the sword, much like his various Kendo techniques, or with a sword in each hand, thanks to the unique manifestation of his scared sealed state. One hand is at the base of the handle to provide longer reach, while the other hand is at the ridge of the blade to provide the initial force to flick the sword as quick as an arrow to hit the target. This could also be done with his unique double sword’s, with one sword providing the push for the dispatch. He usually hides these postures from his opponents, and the ready positions are implemented while switching hands or while changing steps. These flicking strikes can be administered from any angle (from the top, sides, or below). The only time he aims for his opponent's sword itself, is when parrying; merely in attempt to knock his foe's blade away to allow him to deliver a more powerful thrust of his own. When parrying, Zefonse always directs the point of the sword to the target. This minimizes the step usually needed for him to be able to counter-attack. Thus, his opponent is at an immediate disadvantage. Also, using the quick strike at the opponents sword hand or forearm, as he usually would do in one of his thrusting techniques, will immediately incapacitate the opponent's attack before having to parry it. By keeping the point of his scared pointed towards his opponent while attempting to parry in all angles, provide him with a good foundation for an appropriate counter maneuver reflexes. His ability to employ all three of these aspects of the art, not only flawlessly, but, instinctively, where he doesn't even have to think about them, are a testament to his mastery of the art. His reflexes are trained to react to sword movements, however chaotic or unpredictable they may be, to the point that he can fight in total darkness and still effectively parry and return opponent techniques and strikes. He is also capable of taking on several opponents at once with his techniques. Because his scared manifests as a Changdao. Zefonse is also a master of double-bladed combat and can adjust his style correctly to incorporate them into his attacks and parries. Zefonse use of the art of Kendō, is considered a master of the art in ever way. Because of his masterful command of the art, he is known as a "kendōka" (剣道家, those who practice Kendo). It is primarily a two-handed sword art, with tremendous power behind it. The purpose of Kendō is to throw off a target's determination and test their resolve. A weakening of resolve usually produces several openings from which Zefonse can exploit to deliver a killing blow. Unlike other’s Zefonse mixes his Kendō in with his traditional Zanjutsu and Kenjutsu fighting, usually using Kendō techniques as finishing moves, or as a opening attack. His Kendō, in particular, is feared as the strongest among any practitioner, as he is able to use it to cut through Bankai, and people’s sword arm. His Kendo strikes are so powerful, they can easily slice through large debris, and even the stone that composes the gates of the Seireitei; sekki-seki. They also have a tremendous amount of concussive force behind them, able to create a large explosion of air pressure after each and every swing.He can have so much precision that the cut of extreme force and speed he create’s, casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. Another traditional Japanese school of swordsmanship in which Zefonse has practiced in his pursuit of swordsmanship mastery. "Iaijutsu" (居合術, Art of Drawing the Sword), focuses primarily on drawing the sword in such a way that it can actually be used as a combative art. Iaido is primarily used as a feigning technique, meant to surprise an opponent before using more traditional Kenjutsu or Zanjutsu to deal damage, or Kendo to finish an opponent off. He can also use it as a disarming technique, for example, drawing his sword so fast, he can strike his target with the hilt, knocking the wind out of them and taking them out of a fight before the fight really begins. His Iaido strikes are so incredibly fast and spontaneous, defending against them could result in maiming or, in more severe cases, broken bones and even death. Zefonse can move his so sword swiftly from its sheath and swiftly slashes his opponent across their torso, usually without warning, as it is a spontaneous technique in nature. The result is splitting the target from was to waist, causing the target to be completely bisected. Even larger targets, such as Menos Grande are susceptible to this move.

Martial Arts Mastery: As Zanjutsu incorporates numerous traditional schools of martial arts, known as koryū, Zefonse can be viewed as a master of the martial arts; modeling his own style, with its numerous sub-categories of schools and styles he has learned throughout the centuries, off of the principles and teachings he has received throughout his centuries of experience. He can effectively employ three of the traditional martial arts schools which deal with swordsmanship, Kenjutsu, Kendo, and Iaido, in such a way, that he can use it almost exclusively in combat against his foes and win nearly any fight with them. In addition to this, he is highly knowledgeable of martial arts that do not deal with swordsmanship, such as  Taekwondo and Bāguàzhǎng, and even the hard and soft philosophies of martial arts, both for his own enlightenment and also to allow himself to understand the movements and techniques of his foe's own special skills. The most basic of techniques, a simple thrust for example, can be deadly, able to split the pillars of the Seireitei during his years as Arsts.   He is also incredibly flexible, with superb dexterity, able to to perform swift flips and roles while fighting. In addition to this, he can create an endless amount of techniques which can be applied well within the various parameters of his fighting style, as well as adapting pre existing techniques to his style.

Shunpō Master: Though Zanjutsu is his primary means of combat, his second most powerful skill is his mastery of Hohō. His speed allows him to land blows against foes that would have otherwise found a way to counter his maneuvers. His movements, at times, have been so fast, that some have confused his movement with teleportation. He aids his movements with the use of his Shunpō techniques, vanishing completely from sight in mid-combat. A common maneuver of his is to use his Shunpō to get behind the opponent and aim for their hakusei. Only combatants at his level are even able to perceive his movements when he is fighting with this hyper-enhanced speed. Thank’s to his incredible speed-levels, capable of keeping up with and, in some cases, outrunning captain-class enemies with little to no effort shown. His skill in Shunpō, which has a heavy emphasis on footwork, has been vastly improved due to the training and precision he has gained in his footwork due to his Zanjutsu training. Zefonse can cross considerable distances with merely a single step of his Shunpō, whereas even average captains would need a considerable number of other steps to complete the same distance as Zefonse. As stated above, his movement with this technique is so fast, that it has been confused with teleportation on many occasions. Point-blank moves are rendered just as effective as standard-range or long-range attacks on his person, as his perception and speed allows him to dodge point-blank attacks with just as much ease. His skill can range from employing a dodge from point-blank range, as he moves at such a speed that even a point-blank attack can easily be avoiding, leaving an afterimage behind that may even appear to be damaged, then moves behind the opponent to directly attack and seal one's Saketsu and Hakusui in two rapid and successive attacks. The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are. Zefonse also a skill developed based on the principles of Senka and Utsusemi, known as Sengihen (閃欺騙, Flash Deception) The first step(s) create an afterimage, while, at the same time, Zefonse moves to the opponent's back. This causes the opponent to attack the afterimage, rather than himself, and also serves to allow him to attack his opponent from point blank, directly behind them, usually while they are unaware.

Hankyōran Shinzoku (半狂乱神族, Half-Crazed Inhabitant of Heaven)

Zefonse had this element created upon his transformation into a Sugiura and it was greatly enhanced when he became aware how to use correctly, he has created some techniques that revolve around the limited use of destroying space and time in a small area to teleport, or create attacks, with this power during his early years he was known as the “Man with the Shadow ” And now as the "God of Battle" or "Dawn" The destroyed time and space energy is known for varying effects.  And it is strangely unique to Zefonse only, as no one can copy this element nature perfectly.

Zefonse is able to create destroyed space time that takes the shape of the picture above, its azure and light purple hue’s, move as if water itself. Zefonse can have them pierce through his palms to become blades, wrap around him to act as a defensive shield, or extend then expand to hit and reduce whatever it touches to dust. As Zefonse trained for years to master this element to its fullest created varying usages this element, from the smallest drop, to the largest wave.  The reason behind it turning almost everything it hit’s to dust lays in its unstable energy compound.  This unstable nature allows Zefonse element to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate almost anything on a molecular level within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form that takes shape.  

The resulting damage that this element can produce varies considerably, depending on the initial shape of the created structure. For example, when fabricated in the form of a cube, the structure possesses a relatively small blast radius, minimizing the possibility for collateral damage. However, a conical version was enough to potentially destroy an entire island. Additionally, it is possible to produce a much larger variant of the cube-shaped technique, which was large enough to destroy a larger area than normal. This cube can also be split into two after being activated, allowing for other techniques to be directed between the two halves.

This technique can be manipulated into a diverse selection of three-dimensional or two -dimensional structures, including cones, cylinders and cubes, with each retaining a sphere located at their centers for the three-dimensional shapes. This  ability also allows Zefonse to perform the raw element to form arms, which they can freely manipulate to attack their foes, able to strike an opponent faster than to some high speed users can react to.

The arms hands are clawed while the rest of the arm seems to lack any kind of joint, thus allowing them to have flexible movements that will generally be impossible for normal arms. Zefonse can create any number of arms that desires and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances, for offensive means, as merely touching one of these can cause fatal burns, due to the elements nature, and possibility even to destroy limbs.(though this is not always the case).

Zefonse can use the element arms to a greater extent, as he can use and release element arms from anywhere on his body on a small or large scale. Despite there thin and fragile appearance these element arms are frighteningly strong and can effortlessly put a lot of destructive power behind their grip,  meaning that it's touch on an object has a tendency to crush that object, or make it break apart, even if he just brushes it. He can cause gaping wounds with a blocked punch, tearing skin and bones in the opponent's hand.This raw power, while at first seeming limited, has a great variety of uses. Attacking,for example when he merely grabs an opponent's wrist he can nearly breaks their arm. Zefonse can even fire off his other attacks with these arms, giving him a wide range of attack choices, however like below, this uses a lot of power to keep up.

However there are some downsides and counter to such a powerful element, the first downside to the element is due to the unstable nature of the element, there is a time limit for each different shape transformation performed. Which is hardly a problem for Zefonse more quick fired attacks, however trying to create a lasting shape, such as barriers would eventually fall down depending on the size and energy used to form it.  It also can be very taxing on Zefonse's energy-reserves from constant use, which is why he prefers quick usage of this element when forced to use it.  However Zefonse discovered a somewhat reasonable way to counter the energy usage thanks to specialized design that appears on his back to help him create this element.  When the designs appears due to his nature, Zefonse can break down the matter around him into raw reishi and take it in so he can use it to create the element instead, and also restore lost energy to himself, however this design is also a weak point is attacked, as it stuns and damages him for how much energy he just broke down, to fuel his element in that moment. However it can not be destroyed, because as soon it is hit, it goes away and repairs itself for another usage.

Magic: While magic is Zefonse weakest trait, He does however have a small number of magic spell’s he created for himself.

King (全能 (キング・♔), kingu; English for "King", Japanese for "Omnipotence"): Zefonse signature ability derived from Worlds Blessing; it allows him to completely control weather. Zefonse can summon forth rain that covers massive areas, his max range can cover the entirety of Soul Society Seireitei. However, this rain is unique; as it was born from reishi control. Zefonse rain isn't the same as water, yet feels, touch. and even taste like water, but it does not give boost to others that get stronger in water. Because of this, the rain is extremely attached to his senses, allowing Zefonse to know where everyone inside the rain is, as well being able to tell when intruders enter, and alert his allies. Also due to his power, he can call forth “lightning” to strike those that defy him. Zefonse can summon forth several lightning bolts that he can manipulate almost freely with eye movement or hand gestures. As well channeling the energy that would be normally used for a projectile-based lightning and maintains it into his sword, giving it a blue fire-like aura. Physical strikes made onto the opponent will be drastically enhanced, capable of cutting through extremely durable Hierro and even stopping other enhanced cutting blades. The lightning can be fired off in a form of an slash giving the wave the same damage of the cero. He can also fire the energy at the tip of the blade or the edge, magnifying the slash attack and then flies forward. Like with water above the lightning made is pure reishi thus can bypass people with immunity to normal lightning. His lightning is also known for the trait to misinterpret the lightning as "electrical signals from the nerves", making its muscles contract. This causes the body to involuntarily go stiff, while at the same time receives damage. His use of lightning can be either range based attacks, or close range uses. His final use of his lightning, electrically stimulate the nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster to danger and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed, this also increases the defenses, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks depending on who its from. Other uses that Zefonse prefers to create is a fog for escapes or surprise attacks, creating a thick fog in the area, Zefonse and ally’s are hidden from sight, and any ability that works on tracking reiatsu, all traces of sound are removed, even smell is hidden, making this move good for surprise assaults or escape with his shadows. Given that weather can extend to wind as well, Zefonse can create an tornado-like mass compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast, inflicting massive damage on both the target and their surroundings, or creating razor winds to slice foes from afar with mere eye movement and hand gestures. Lastly controlling intense heat or cold, Zefonse greatest part of his weather control, is the fact he can control temperature, creating everything between intense heat, this element of weather, gives him the power, to make spiritual intense heat, which can in turn enhance his own body, objects, solidify, or, produce light. The emit heat can be intense enough to incinerate objects around it, and turn a large lake into steam. This most commonly seen when he uses the heat in his fighting style, using the heat for increase damage, as well burning up water in his foes body to hinder them As touched upon earlier, Zefonse can form the creation and manipulation of water. It allows him to control the weather in the immediate vicinity, or more specifically, control the water in the surrounding atmosphere. With reishi, while rain isn't the only aspect he can control, he can control coldness, creating ice, he can make it rain for long periods of time then freeze all the rain he has created. As touched upon in other elements the aspect of the elements he creates with weather control are reishi created, thus carry no boosts, and bypass the people with immunities to the elements. This means thanks to the aspects of controlling temperatures of heat and cold, he can create new elements, for example, creating several bolts of intense heat, lightning that drop on the target areas. Once these bolts of lightning make contact, they freeze into ice spikes.Giving Zefonse powerful variety in fighting. The manipulation of weather is also commonly known as "atmokinesis" or even "meteoromancy". Zefonse can sense and influence meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated or vastly extended areas. Zefonse also referred to this technique of his as Weather Control (天候制御, Tenkō Seigyo). His drawback to such a power is the mental strain, combine with the time needed to perform such large ranged moves, however he has found ways around this, such as creating a sword style that combines aspect of weather control, as well as a hand to hand style. Since using the aspects of weather control is much more faster and easier than a full ranged version.

Dankashouwai: Is What Zefonse calls a certain favorite attack of his with King. After creating several bolts of lightning that drop onto the targeted area. Once the lightning makes contact, it freezes into spikes of ice. He can spam this move nearly endlessly with his reishi control, normally following simple hand gestures, finger movement, or even his eyes. The lightning is noted to be very powerful upon impacted capable of destroying a city size block with ease, and the ice spikes that appear help force the target into more suited areas

Tenshinkyaku: One of the many fighting styles branched from King. The major strength is that it allows Zefonse to generate massive vibrations, or shock waves, which can travel though virtually any medium, including the ground, the seafloor, or even in the air with ease. Zefonse says this is capable of devastating an entire island with ease, although its limitations are noticeable: it took repeated usages to come close to destroying a base. This branch of power is most noted to be a hazard to both friend and foe alike, as Zefonse tends to control it in limited amounts. This is largely because, although Zefonse seems to be able to control both the magnitude of the shock wave and its point of impact, the quakes produced by said shock waves are indiscriminate in their effects. Because of this, allies of him must be prepared for the impacts unless they want to become unintended victims of them. Zefonse has a few "Skills" The first is a punch that literally cracks the air itself and sends devastating shock waves through the air in the direction it is facing. These shock waves are able to pass through and damage almost any substance, literally tearing it apart. If the shock waves are directed into the ground, the result is a devastating earthquake capable of generating huge tsunamis if nearby the sea, or shake the whole battle field. Because of its enormous offensive power and great quick speed, this attack makes for a very good defense, able to destroy or disrupt any attack before it hits Zefonse himself. It can also be used for close range strike, causing severe damage with a punch. The second skill allows him to focus his great power to a single point, otherwise known as a hypocenter (given the appearance of a bubble of sorts), to make a concentrated, explosion-like attack. Normally this appears around his hands, or when he is using Tenpa Shinryūō. The third and final skill lets him "grab" an entire area, by grabbing the air around him as if it were tangible, and rapidly shift it. Using this, he was capable of tilting the entire island in soul society and the water around it. This technique was capable of destroying buildings and throwing a giant hollow off of his feet. Zefonse notes this skill is very draining and hard to pull off without timing it correctly.

Seika Messaijin: By manipulating the world in his vicinity on an enormous scale, Zefonse is able to simultaneously create a variety of natural disasters that devastate the surrounding area, with himself acting as their epicenter. The phenomena involved in this technique include: earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. These concurrent events result in a blast akin to a nuclear explosion, even forming a vast mushroom cloud. This holds so much power that he is only limited to do so in the most dire of need, since it wiped off a large area in the spirit world, as such Zefonse has to think if it is really worth it to use this extreme of attack. Once per thread limit.

Xiǎo gāolú - Zefonse is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of his particular ability into the lower portion of one of his arms, subsequently projecting it outward in the form of a volatile shot emanating from the respective fist akin to a shotgun, which violently explodes when it establishes contact with an exterior object. When it hits another being they are more likely to get major wounds and be stun for at least one post depending on the difference in tier. This move is akin to a shotgun with .50 cal rounds, high attack power, but large range, capable to destroy the area with painful ease.

Ànyǐng qiāng: - Zefonse creates a condensed sphere made from Hankyōran Shinzoku  and releases it, relying on the indiscriminate targeting of "Reiryoku" to track down the opponents spiritual energy. Because the sphere is small, it gains enormous speed but loses a lot of power, but is still powerful enough to go through a human or another arrancar body. He can move the ball in any direction, or stop it. When the small azure sphere is tracking spiritual energy, it moves extremely quickly and leaves a trail of itself along its path that can be used to slice opponents by turning the sphere. This trail makes the Hankyōran Shinzoku  resemble a lance made from shadow,hence the name

Àn yǐngdié: - By setting a new shape and “orders” for Hankyōran Shinzoku  to stay put in front of him and limiting its tracking to 15 meters, Zefonse creates two discs that absorb any element and energy base attacks that are directed toward him and can be used for close range offensive attacks and be used defensively too. Unfortunately, when the discs absorb enough energy they become too unstable and destroy themselves, they can only hold so much, so it is possible to overload them early on to get rid of them all.

Duì jiǎoqiè: A technique in which Zefonse pulls his hands back as it gathers space time energy within his hands, and launches it towards his opponent, in the form of an energy blade projectile, while they lack power compared to Zefonse normal razor wind strikes, they make up for it in sheer number, and also carry Hankyōran Shinzoku effects upon impact. Zefonse can fire this much akin to a machine gun.

Wéixiǎo bǎo zhū: A much weaker but faster version of Duì jiǎoqiè.  This grants him the ability to generate an orb composed of concentrated Hankyōran Shinzokufrom the palm of his hands or the edge of his blade. When fired, strong azure energy blasts rain upon the opponent. When in combat,Zefonse will not hesitate to use Wéixiǎo bǎo zhū as his initiator, generating the orb instantly casting it twice in a waving motion, sometimes even more. Each wave expels eighteen energy blasts at a tremendous speed and Zefonse is shown to be able to control the direction, size, and power of these energy blasts and cause them to gather around its target(s) and implode upon itself. The blasts are known to be easily destroyed but due to the vast amount expelled, they normally cannot all be destroyed and will typically overwhelm the target with their numbers. Its speed isn't as strong as Duì jiǎoqièl, but the speed is tremendous  almost akin to the speed of sound while the power can change, the power itself can never reach fatal levels, as a full can only stun a target and perform low amount of damage.

Dimensional Rift- The usage of Hankyōran Shinzoku which Zefonse enjoys the most . Zefonse fabricates a minuscule  construct between the confines of his relevant palms that he subsequently imbues with a significant quantity of energy, causing it to fracture and distort under the tremendous strain subjected upon it. These destructive attributes are replicated within the surrounding atmosphere as the dimensional fabric begins to rupture, yet oddly displayed harmony of the observable panorama as both the spatial and temporal boundaries of the designated location are broken. The completion of this visible cracking signifies the effective transfer of the areas of the space itself opening a dimensional rift. This Rift are only visible to Zefonse or people that are around the same power level of Zefonse, however Zefonse can allow others to witness the rifts. These can lead to any location no matter what barrier or restrictions are placed on it, even barriers that block spiritual beings or powers can null other kind of portal skills, are rendered useless by Zefonse own rifts. Since the teleporting is instant from point A to point B It appears as though Zefonse simply disappeared into thin air, these portals can not be tracked by normal means. This normally doesn't hold much attack value since it can only move things from point A to point B, but Zefonse has found usages  to this to set up many portals around the battlefield , the cracking sound is the only hint that a portal has been created if Zefonse does not allow anyone to see the rift.  But thanks how the rifts close which also revolves around recording and recreating space. He therefore can recreate a portal to a previous space, these rifts are also able to negate attacks and record the information to recreate the space as he desires. This power to replicate can extend to various events: an opponent's attack, movements, even their Zanpakutō attack or attributes. This ability can only be used from one direction at a time however. Giving Zefonse a much wider attack pool than normal.

Sacred Weapon:

Zhuque- Zefonse weapon is named in honor of the Vermilion bird of the South. Which takes the form of a Changdao 6.5 feet long in total. It is a feared and respectable blade in the suriga kingdom’s. It only has one skill known to it, that is known by it generates intense heat, which is a passive skill known as Xīng. This skill concentrates the heat created from the sword along the edge of the blade. It neither burns nor erupts, but anything it touches is eradicate, or at the very least devastated by the heat, thus giving it a red fire-like aura. The physical strikes made onto the opponent will be drastically enhanced, capable of cutting through extremely durable Hierro and even stopping other enhanced cutting blades with painful ease.  Even though this skill is a passive, Zefonse can “shut off” the passive allowing him to use the blade normally.  This passive also is noticeable by his mood, his normal calm and stoic self, the aura seems to move peacefully, yet when angered, the fire like aura rage’s forth like an inferno, becoming even more intense in appearance.  He only has two combat moves created from this passive.  Byaku-Majinouken: The first and one of Zefonse main attack’s.  His blade shall start to glow with an intense vortex of power Like mighty flames of a sun ,that can erase all before it appeared from the blade very core, forming a shape of a sphere, and expanding till it was the size of person chest in height, and in mass was heavier than anything physically possible for a normal warrior to swing,  as it gathers the heat in this vortex of power, Zefonse must hold his blade downwards before striking, then as he swings up unleashes the very sphere towards his target, once it hits something it covers the foe fully buried in a vortex of pure heat, following that Zefonse shall leap towards the sphere itself and slice it in two, as he lands, the sphere shall becoming a mighty explosion, engulfing the target. Normally this move is used as a finisher, however, people are noted to survive intact after this attack, as it only damage’s the body to a certain point.  The last attack is a rather simple use of the passive.

Origin: The Chosen One

Kyuu Kyou Abilities: The final stage of a Sugiura's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Zhuque-  It keeps the same powers as before as well. In this form Zefonse keeps his scared now in a different state, and its always surrounded by a lightning blue aura, that makes its cutting force that of a Gran Rey Cero, making his sword one of the most deadly aspect's of this form, if adds it, the cutting force is increased further It holds a skill called Nanuneum (분리, "Seperation"): The First of which is a passive that is set along Zefonse scared which makes it possible for Zefonse’s sword to literally occupy multiple different locations in space, allowing him to attack with multiple strikes. To do this, Zhuque literally makes it so that X areas in space are replaced by the exact space that Zefonse’s sword occupies. With that said the sword will still attack in the same manner as Zefonse himself; meaning that if Zefonse were to slash at his opponent vertically, all of the other blades would slash vertically. However, even if you do block Zefonse’s own sword, the other swords will still carry out their attacks; as there was no opposite force to stop them. The only practical way to stop all of the blades is to either block with a barrier that surrounds you, or to stop Zefonse’s held Zanpakutō before the arc of its slash. After attacking, the swords will disappear until Zefonse attacks again.

A technique that can be used in all four stages, a very simple way to use Zhuques spatial manipulation abilities. To use this ability, Zefonse stab his sword forward. The technique itself is simply “extending” the blade of the sword by X number of blade lengths; whereas X is determined by the stage Zefonse’s scared is in. The higher the stage, the longer the reach, but the slower the attack. After the technique is used, the extra length does not retract, but simply disappears.Zefonse's Zhuque is around six and a half feet long. In its first stage, it takes one millisecond to reach its maximum length, two milliseconds in its second, three in its third, and four in its fourth. Zefonse can simply holds his Zanpakutō up in front of himself. Depending on which stage he’s in, he will either summon 10, 20, 50, or 100 blades to block an attack. Although it is somewhat hard to use this technique to block close-range attacks, it is perfect for blocking long-range and energy based attacks. Zefonse can control how each and every blade attacks; their direction now being decided after being made in a different area of space. This Gives Zefonse a rather neat fighting style as it akin to his elemental powers

Battle Teleportation-Movement: Probably the most basic method of using Battle Teleportation, Movement allows for Zefonse to instantly teleport to another empty space. Empty space does include water.Because this teleportation is instant, it is faster than Shunpo, and Zefonse cannot be damaged while teleporting. This ability is not only useful for surprising an opponent with the instant movement, but also for dodging attacks in the blink of an eye. After using this ability, there is a two post cool down before Zefonse can use it again.

Battle Teleportation-Displacement: The second way way Zefonse an use Battle Teleportation, Displacement is actually pretty self explanatory. By using the spatial manipulation, Zefonse can move an opponents attack that is just about to hit him right behind himself. As one can guess, there is a limit on what kinds of attacks this can be used on, as area of effect attacks would still harm him. This technique can also only be used to displace one attack per post. While it does have its limits, it is perfect for displacing long range attacks such as cero’s or Quincy arrows. After activation, there is a one post cool down before Zefonse can use it again (aka. my second post after activation). While this is not too draining for normal attacks, it does take more energy to teleport the truly powerful attacks, such as Gran Rey Cero's.

Battle Teleportation-Attack: The final method of use for for Zefonse’s Battle Teleportation, Attack is probably the most useful for catching an opponent off guard. After casting a attack or firing a cero, Zefonse can then teleport the attack directly next to (or in front or behind). Doing this cuts down the travel time of his attacks, and can allow for nearly 90% accurate cero’s and attacks. This ability can only be used once per post, and it has a one post cool down. Because there is distance involved, the further Zefonse has to teleport the attack, the more draining it will be. However the final usage of the space time power is its loop defense move known as Kesshō Yaei-chi A special, area ability available to Zefonse in his ultimate stage of power. It's name does quite a good job of painting a picture for the abilities affect; Zefonse is able to control the space around himself up to five yards. Now, this basically works out by allowing Zefonse to manipulate the space around anyone or anything that enters that five yard radius. When applied practically, however, it has one main use. Once anything moves into that radius, Zefonse is able to copy the space behind them, that they already traveled through, and place it in front of them. By doing this, he can create an endless loop of space that the opponent, object, or attack is traveling through; making it impossible to actually reach Zefonse. The speed of the loop can be adjusted to fit the speed of anything traveling through it, so there is no way to "outrun" it. Unlike other abilities, this one does not require any incantation or for Zefonse to say its name; all he has to do is concentrate to use it. This ability can be used once per post, every three posts. Once he moves away to dodge the enemy or attack caught in the loop, and they are no longer in the five yard radius, they will be released from the loop, and be traveling at the exact same velocity as when in the loop. While this ability normally has no other side effects, if the opponent trapped in the loop used an ability like shunpo or sonido, they are hit with a slightly different effect when released from the loop. Because of the nature of those moves, the person caught in the loop will feel as if they are standing still, and their view will appear as if they are frozen in time. This is not some extra ability, but simply because of the way it traps the opponent in the loop. when they are released from the loop, they will still be moving at the "shunpo speed", but because they went from seeming to be still to moving at amazing speeds, their body and brain will not have enough time to realize that change, and they will feel as if they are literally being thrown out at that speed. With this, the opponent will lose control of their movement technique used, and will go flying until they can stop themselves or collide with an object. This also leaves them disoriented. Such a powerful skill also means he can not attack or harm anyone trapped in the loop, as it is the loop.

However there is a method to escape and that is by moving backwards the moment before you are caught into the loop, or once trapped inside to quickly release your spiritual pleasure to surpass and be feed from the loop.  Another use of this power is the ability to absorb the Reiatsu of a Zanpakutō, Kidō spells, any form of Magic,and even Quincy Arrows and much more. He can in fact absorb anything as long as it's energy or element based. Once Nanuneum absorbs a power it becomes Zefonse to use against his opponents as he chooses. As he absorbs depending on the level of power,he can release a blast of spiritual energy of varying magnitudes to attack a single or multiple opponents. So the more he takes in over time the stronger this move can get in the long run.

By penetrating any object with Zhuque, the blade immediately fills up the pierced area with its destructive energies, the affected area glowing in a tone of rich, azure energy, bright purple cracks will appear on the object at first, the cracks becoming more and more luminous with every second. The affected area is as large as the corresponding blast radius. The affected area will then explode, in a burst of searing hot, azure haze that will leave 20 meter crater, (If the object is smaller than the blast radius, the blast radius remains the same, nonetheless, if the target is a person, then the explosion will occur around that person, rather than from the inside out. The damage of which is akin to a full powered gran rey cero at close range. It is Zefonse most commonly used power, due to the nature of it. Many Zanpakutō have might there end thanks to this passive skill

Mystic Eyes:

Mystic Eyes C-Moon: Thanks to his near death experience many years ago, that trauma unlocked not only his one and only most powerful stage of his power, but also Mystic Eyes. Out of all Eyes Zefonse perhaps is one of the oddest one in terms of how it works, for example many eyes only affect what they see, whereas Zefonse eyes affects a large scale area of 3km around him as the center. The primary strength of this Power lies in gravity, with which the Zefonse can control as well as bypass, in which it can control himself and objects (non-living things) and make them levitate after touching them once, regardless of how heavy they are in reality. Essentially, this ability is similar to telekinesis.The abilities of this allows Zefonse to control nearby objects, including ones as large as battleships and larger. Once an object has been levitated, it will remain floating until he commands otherwise, or if he is defeated in battle; apparently, the affected objects in question does not have to be in close proximity with Zefonse himself in order to maintain the effect, evident by the fact that he was able to keep the floating buildings suspended high in the sky even while he's battling elsewhere high in the sky.This ability gives him a great advantage in combat, because it enables him to avoid many different types of attacks with relative ease, while he can attack from a distance with his swords or with his own powers. He also can use big objects like rocks to block attacks.He can use his power in a variety of forms, like dropping huge objects onto his enemies or raising and crushing the land on which they are standing. In addition, he has also used his power to manipulate and remodel the surrounding environment, such as fashioning stone, debris and snow into varying shapes, being able to form weapons. which charge onto the enemy. Zefonse can even make water or any element float to drown/burn/stun/etc enemies in it. With the incredible versatility of this ability makes it one of Zefonse most feared traits. Some extremes he can reach with this and grabbing materials, technology, and other bits, and form machines such as how he sped up making his kingdom and perform feats. If he grabs something like a nanobot, he can remove all of them at once and basically move them away, crush them, or simply toss them at someone else. Zefonse can also control limited reiatsu with this, such as making varying attacks with it, such as creating varying shapes for a quick surprise attack or a shield to block or attack once per post.

Zefonse describes it as being able to cancel and/or manipulate the hold that gravity has on an object, but he cannot use its power on any other living thing. Typically, when levitating something, which makes this a perfect counter for gravity based powers. Zefonse gestures with one or both his hands (his fingers included) to better control the effect, but he is known to use his eye’s for the same effect. While this might seem a great power to use, it has a notable drawback of causing lots of strain on his body, when it is in use. And the larger the object the more stress it shall cause on Zefonse body. Zefonse uses this for mundane use as well, such as repairing houses creating new house in mere minutes. As such is one of Zefonse commonly used powers in and out of battle for simple things. Once an object is out of Zefonse range which is 3km it simply falls back down. Even if the objects were not moving, they seem to fall with great force and speed. The strength behind this power is the timing.

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I am reserving rights to check this. If this requires a second post, I'll remove my post and put it in the title.

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Zenith: The Worlds Chosen, Balance of Light and Shadow

“Fonmu-Shemushun” (Dawn King)

Zenith mode a form which can be said to be Zefonse true self, his apex. The form that had changed destiny many times. Its first appearance was in the climax of fighting Cubia The Shadow of all life. It’s second was the most impossible on how it finally came to be. By eating The Forbidden Fruit is a fruit of nigh-limitless power, where even its seeds pack serious power, one seed was said to created the very realm, It is also known as the Golden Fruit and the Fruit of Knowledge, if any mortal soul who dared to even place their hands on the fruit would of been burnt out of existence, even powerful Sugiura would of burst into flames, there very souls turning into ash. Yet Zefonse not only bite into it, not only devouring its power, but evolving him further than any Sugiura was capable of. He turned his soul from a mere Sugiura soul, but into a celestial soul however his body would of been unable to handle the massive amount of power without another miracle. However for the first time since its birth the tree spoke. The tree known as Yggdrasil  communicates with him and told to absorb it. He does so and becomes stronger, changing his body and soul into something even higher than even Aura and Cubia foresaw. In short Zefonse became a new true god of the realm. Not only is Zefonse at his strongest, but has the most abilities within this state, but he becomes stronger physically. Losing his massive speed boost of his Kyuu Kyou  and being only slightly faster than his base. His own element becomes severely limited in this state, going from a near endless amount of ways to use it, to just a mere three different manners. Once Zefonse enters this stage, everything he says can be said in the ancient Guardian Beast Language. However for the ease of typing, most of his text when speaking in this language would be ▂▂▃▃▄▄▅▅ as a means to show speaking without going into complex words.


Zenith Abilities:

Further Immense Strength: Zefonse Strengths reaches its apex in this stage. Zefonse is frighteningly strong and can effortlessly put a lot of destructive power behind his fists with devastating results. Zefonse has a very large degree of physical strength, most commonly displayed by his ability to fight back his opponent's attacks with a single arm. Repeatedly, he has shown clear evidence of his strength from acts like kicking people on his level through many building's and slamming them over his shoulder with one hand in battle, as well as when he is able to grab their weapon barehanded and reeled both him and the weapon in for an attack. Just by spinning his wrist he can create a drill strong enough to shatter most defense with brute force. His strength is so great, he can catch most energy attacks with strength alone and throw them back, but this still places damage on his hands. With Zefonse skill and  ability to fight back his opponent's attacks with a single arm. This grants him a destructive touch, meaning that his touch on an object has a tendency to crush that object, or make it break apart, even if he just brushes it. He can cause gaping wounds with a blocked punch, tearing skin and bones in the opponent's hand.This raw power, while at first seeming limited, has a great variety of uses. attacking,for example when he merely grabs an opponent's wrist he can nearly breaks their arm. Zefonse is capable of being able to lift extremely massive structures similar to buildings, large boulders and even entire battleships if the need appears for it. However, when he gets more serious, his real power begins to kick in and it appears being able to throw entire structures equal to skyscrapers towards his foes and even having the capacity to decimate an entire mountainside with his raw physical prowess but requiring a bit of time. Therefore, to engage Zefonse in physical combat is to do battle with quite the monster.

Enhanced Endurance: Since Zefonse body has changed massively, gaining a exoskeleton his defense is vastly higher than any prior form. This very much akin to steel-hard skin is strong enough to block unreleased Zanpakutō attacks, as well some Bankai wielding ones, allowing Zefonse himself to fight sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. The defense is great enough he can take very powerful magic based attacks head on with little injury. This hard skin makes harming Zefonse very difficult but by no means impossible to break,

Different Body structure: Zefonse has a very unique  circulatory system, the brain has a separate circulation. This allows for a higher blood pressure in the rest of the body without damaging the fine network of blood vessels in the brain. This allows Zefonse to live with blood pressures that would normally kill a human. The ability to create and survive such high blood pressure has certain advantages. The blood can be transported through the body faster, and thus, oxygen and other nutrients are transported quicker and waste products are removed faster. This special circulatory system is part of why Zefonse is so strong. It allows the organs and muscles to work harder and thus increase the muscle capacity.Zefonse has a 5-part heart consists of 2 auricles and 3 ventricles. The blood is pumped from the right side of the heart through the lungs. From there, it goes back to the heart and into the left auricle. From here, it goes in to the 2 ventricles that are connected to it. One pumps it into the body, and the other pumps it into the brain at a much lower pressure. When the blood has gone through the body and the brain, it goes back to the right side of the heart and the cycle starts again.Zefonse skeleton is stronger than our own, although it is made mostly of Calcium, which our bones are constructed of as well. His skeleton is stronger due to its firm build. The bones are much denser than our own, and are heavier. Partially due to the oxygen rich blood, Zefonse  doesn't seem to have the problem of calcification, a process that makes bones more fragile over time. This also allows the bones to reinforce their structure naturally and also because their body uses more carbon in making the bone, which makes it just as flexible as, and stronger than, human bone tissue, but about 3-4 times more dense and 5-6 times more heavy.  The reason Zefonse physical strength are much stronger compared to a even powerful sugiura, even guardian beasts is due partially to the fact that the muscles have a much more efficient nutrient and waste product transport, and that the muscle fibers are prismoidal and triangular, as opposed to a human's round muscle fibers. This allows more muscle to fit in the same amount of space, and due to the larger size, attributes to the greater strength.The blood of Zefonse is considered to highly acidic. The "acidic blood" is able to eat through anything man made and most spiritual made objects with just a drop, meaning wounding Zefonse is to take caution of his blood spray and where it lands.  

Shikotsumyaku(Passive) :Zefonse other new passive in this form. Which gave him the ability to manipulate his own skeletal structure (their osteoblasts and osteoclasts) By infusing his calcium with energy, he could manipulate the growth and properties of his bones to his liking. The main capabilities of Shikotsumyaku is allowing the Zefonse to manipulate the speed of his bones' growth as well as the location of calcium deposits. This allows him to create fire pieces of his bones as long-ranged projectiles. Any bone that they remove from the body immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged when the bones are removed. Zefonse can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the created weapons very powerful, but also makes his internal body virtually indestructible; the bones can withstand even a Seele Schneider, which is usually enough to cut through anything. As such it has granted Zefonse an nigh- impenetrable skeletal frame, which can resist nearly any type of physical attack. However as powerful as this sound, it is possible to break his bones with enough force and pressure.

Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets: Hardened bones from the fingertips, or any other bone for that matter,are shot at the enemy, with a spinning motion added to the skeletal bullets. A direct hit will excavate skin, flesh, and bone. Since the bones of Zefonse can regenerated, the rate of fire from the arsenal is nearly limitless. Zefonse is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of this particular variant of destroyed space time energy into various random attacks. Imbuing these respective bones in this fashion, serves to greatly enhance their destructive potential to the extent that they can easily pierce reinforced concrete structures, subsequently obliterating the impaled object with a substantial resultant explosion. When non-lethal attacks are deemed necessary as the insertion of these articles into a victim's body both impairs and disrupts the intended target's movements, effectively paralyzing them without causing significant collateral damage. However; Zefonse highest and most powerful skill with this, actually utilizes the remainder of the bones in his possession, saturating them with enough destroyed space and time energy that it begins to distort their very shape, which leads to numerous consecutive immense blasts when initiating contact after dispersal.

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Character Background:

Arst was an orphaned infant born atop a pile of hard straw during the disastrous era of time when the Gotei 13 has yet been founded who along with several other spiritual babies was given to a livestock of wild Hollows like pigs to be used as food for the carnivorous pigs during the starving times, however Arst was luckily born with a natural gift and instead proved to be a competent predator even in infancy, and was thus made the Hollows leave him alone, feeding off the the land.

Learning to survive in the wild like an animal. Once he reached childhood, he proved to be a fast and wild child who often stole food from nearby settlements in order to survive, often running from townsfolk who were not only angered by his thefts but who also feared him due to his ability to survive among the Hollow Pigs.

Growing up he had an insatiable appetite that would not be satisfied no matter how much he stole or what he ate (even if it was sand or tree bark) and sometimes he would pass out from his uncontrollable hunger. Eventually however, his wild life as a thieving young predator came to an end when the hunger grew to much to handle, after finally collapsing from starvation, he found by some nearby Shinigami who took him to the early settlement for food and to train with a Zanpakutō, however the child was unable to cast a single Kidō spell, or even hear the voice of a Zanpakutō. So instead he trained endlessly to master the blade as a child, as time past by the child became a teen. He was once again an outcast for his lack of skill, even when he had the spiritual power for something great. He was hated by everyone for his cheerfulness, and non giving up nature. So he gotten good at stealing others swordplay by watching. To take grasp of the opponents sword technique and create something that would exceed it. He became known as "Blade Steal" A being who steals other people's swordplay for his own, to make up for his lack of anything useful. After many a year, and becoming known as a sword fiend. Arst's heard a call, to another place.

Thinking it to be his Zanpakutō calling for him, he went to find out where the voice came from, and vanished from the face of the spiritual world into a rift of space and time. He awoke days later in a strange and foreign land, yet he felt at home. This place was special, he felt strong here. Slowly but surly he was growing stronger in this strange place, the voice still in his mind. And with no way back to his former home, he followed it. And found other beings just like him, and some strange creatures awaiting him at the place where this voice was reaching out from. it belonged to a song known as the song of heroes. The people here were asking for help. He wasn't alone here, they where others. He offered his hand but said he couldn't offer much given his lack of any useful powers and skills other than his blade. For many a year, the battle was harsh, many life where lost. He met a girl, there one who had power over the weather, land, and sea. The world was her's, as the war grew closer to the bitter end. They found love with each other. From this love a son, and a daughter where born. When the war seemed finished new horrors were created. With the fall of the cursed wave, and the Morgana Mode also known as The Queen Of Demise was truly no more. But every war has its price.

This girl known as Aura was losing her power. This great price was the cost for such a long, hard war - every single death from either side had been felt by her as if it was her own, and both her strength and will had taken serious damage. In fact, the damage was so horrible that for a time, Aura became unable to leave the Hulle Granz Cathedral without the help of Arst. Still, the Guardian Beasts were looking forward to another golden age, to rebuild their old empire and become the greatest beacons of light and life.

But disaster struck once more. War is a terrible thing - and the war over the entire dimension had not gone over without any dire consequences. All of the hate, death and suffering had given strength to the 'shadow' of this world, and the mind of the end could no longer resist the calling of his destiny. From the unknown regions, a beast came, stronger than any before him, cruel and merciless, with power unimagineable. His name was Cubia - the fully awakened Zeref. With his great power, he unsealed the parts of himself once sealed away, and took the waters around the Hulle Granz Cathedral away to turn it into the 'water of the grail'. With his great powers came those he corrupted or that chose his side willingly - the Dead Apostles of Cubia, lead by the one who fell from the greatest glory, Roa, the Serpent of Akasha.

Faced with this new, nearly impossible to defeat foe, Arst and Kite were once again called into action, before even properly recovering from the last battles. But now, everything looked even worse than ever before. No single battle against Cubia ever was a win, or even a tie - his corruption destroyed big parts of the dimension forever, while even a single touch of the black waters of Angra Mainyu turned even the best and strongest warriors into marauding monsters or killed them immediately. In the wake of the final battle, true tragedy felled on the world. Arsts wounded to the point even healing magic was unable to save him, started to slowly die. He could only command, and not join in the battle itself. Even with one of the many last resorts Aura blessed him. The mighty "Worlds Blessing" Which granted him power over the weather, and land. Making him much stronger than before, only fell into worthless tricks to deny the end of the world. But the night before the final battle, Aura vanished from the world. And with that Arsts started to fall. His friends and allies dying around him. He picked up his blade once more. And charged at Cubia himself, only to be washed away into the dark waters.

Even at the almost limit of his power, he was nothing more than a bug. However his determination and strength broke all limits of this reality when a blinding white light surged from the deep sea of dark waters. And standing forth in it, was a new being, neither Arsts weak existence was left. And for the first time, Cubia felt fear, it backed up without even knowing why. The being in front of Cubia had a power that stopped everything it could used. As this being slashed, blocked. And tore apart Cubia. And when Cubia used something known as sensitivity, much like that of small animals. They have a keen awareness for things like movements in the earth crust and weather, among them is an ability to sense future crises. Because of that sensitivity that cannot be taken as cowardice. Cubia has been able to survive countless mass-extinction events and live on as a "God". But on this day towards a certain man "awakening. Cubia reacted merely the pulse starting to quiver again from the brink of death. That tiny act the same level of a mosquito bite, Cubia definite sense the man known as Arst is threatening his position, and in that fear tried to attack this being born from the death of Arst's only to fin itself torn asunder atom by atom, by every power, every weapon, of every person and being it had killed in this war. When it was weaken to the point of finally being sealed away permanently. The being known as Arsts faded into the rift, falling into a slumber.

How many days no years have past since he had fallen into the rift. When he awakened his cells were so active it perplexed even him, but in contrast with that Arst's could not move. His body stagnant between trying to get a grasp of the situation around him, and trying to avert his gaze from reality. One he could not accepted, a world without Aura. Arsts tried to move in this rift, unable to move forward or backwards, only to exist simply because he was here. This timeless void, beyond any reasoning to understand was nothing more than a prison, and he was its sole inmate. Was this his end to his journey, no he couldn't have let it end. Finding his will to move on once more let a fire inside him, and driving past his limits broke free from the rift only to find himself in the past. Lost and confused on how such a thing can be, he rewitness the war unfold, unable to join them, it was if he was a "Ghost" only to watch, never to be seen or interact with the world around him. He watched every single battle unfold before his eyes, and when he went to close his eyes, he found himself on earth much like before unable to do anything but watch around him. Cubia had cursed him to drift endlessly at random periods in time and space. One last laugh from Cubia before it was sealed forever. Arsts would of went mad if he was a lesser man. He kept on to his promise and endure this cursed for what felt like eons, since every time he closed his eyes he found himself at different time and places. From the dawn to time, to the end of time itself. He kept on moving when he vanish into the next timeline, he had to figure out what to watch to understand. However in this time, Arsts felt his will power starting to waver. One can only go so long without food and any real rest before stopping. When he felt this feeling, he grabbed his very blade and cut himself in the palm of his hand to make the blood flow outwards and onto the ground. The pain made him push on, what he was enduring was nothing like his family was. With this action he made a oath to this world, not just to himself, but the very world. He would break this cruse and see his family again someday

Everything that was Cubia curse. The Son was known as the son of dawn - Kite, the bearer of the Twilight Bracelet. From his very birth on, it was clear that he would be a special person a chosen one. He was neither god nor human, a Demigod - one who held both a mortal heart and an immortal body.But in the war cursed to be forever trapped at the bottom of the dark waters. His daughter cursed to be be trapped in a realm of twilight. His Wife, to slowly die, and place a end to the cycle of life. And now Arsts, cursed to forever be trapped in time. What felt like Eons have passed, and appearing on the human world once more, in the middle of a dessert. Arsts had no clue what time period it was or even where he currently is. He only had one mission to break the curse. The sky shattered around him like glass, turning what was once a sunny day into a night sky. Grains of sand floated around him, and a breeze to cause a pillars of rock and stone lifted into the air. Arst didn't know it, but his sheer will power has finally broken not only his curse but his family members as well. And what was happening was the appearance of a old master of magic no space and time itself Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. Zelretch had come before Arsts to offer him a deal, to live his life out as a normal human. Or to be cast back to his proper time to endure the hardships that lie ahead. Arsts without even second guessing himself, told the old master, that he would endure it more than anything. Seeming pleased with his answer the old master broke his own rule about fixed points in time, and sent Arsts back to his own home and time.

Upon his return, to the past... no his true present, Arsts found himself in the ruins of one of Aura many temples. While to him, eons have past since he was here, to the world around him only a few decades have pasted since he vanished. After getting rest and some much needed food in his system. He wandered around, shocking the guardians beasts around him with his return, some happy, some enraged. News of his return slowly made way around the world, however in the time was away, a tragic outbreak of enslavement had happen. A person who believed he was the one who Aura truly loved and Arsts stole her, and in his madness used forbidden magic to capture the guardian beasts bending them to his will making them mindless and unable to do anything without a command. This had enraged Arsts with a fury however a single sound came from him that was so soft it screams. Its the sound of his heart breaking, his world's friends enslaved like wild beasts used for nothing more than gathering a army, but most of all, the person who did this claiming to be a new found god, was one of the many men he lead into battle a former ally who was with him. A memory flashed in his eyes, he was the one who really made Arsts fall into the dark waters cursing him, blaming him for Aura vanishing.

But at the point in time Arsts had no real means of fighting back, no matter what happened with Aura gone he lost his power over weather and land vanished along with her. He had no power unlocked to help him battle, but he had to do something. And what he performed was gather a bunch of freedom fighters, a small time group to help him free the beasts slowly. But all this did was made the fake god panic and rush his plans for a all out war to destroy everything Aura had done, enraged even further, Arsts did what many called a suicide attack, attacking head on the fake god. The battle was harsh but the victory was clear... The Fake god won, however in his own ego to prove that Arsts was worthless threw him into the most scared of places to the guardian beasts the remains of Yggdrasil the tree of life, a place of unimaginative importance. However the tree of dying, the countless battles and large scale wars has caused the tree to slowly die. The fake god threw Arsts into the base of the tree. Dying, and blacking out he reached out his hand to a ghostly image of Aura grabbing it, slowly he tighten his hand onto something that made the fake god froze in fear. Arsts wound began to heal, and he slowly stood up, the image of aura fades from his eyes, and he was grasping on something that shouldn't have existed in this era not anymore. The The Forbidden Fruit is a fruit of nigh-limitless power, where even its seeds pack serious power, one seed was said to created the very forest, It is also known as the Golden Fruit and the Fruit of Knowledge. The fake god fear was all the more correct, any mortal soul who dared to even place there hands on the fruit would of been burnt out of existence, even powerful Sugiura would of burst into flames, there very souls turning into ash. Yet Arsts not only was holding it, with a look in his eye, a look of pure determination as he edged the fruit closer to his mouth. The fake god started to panic and unleashed a powerful attack only to be attacked by the arrival of a man known as Victor, who seemed to be just as shocked as the god to what Arsts was about to do. He bite into it, not only devouring its power, but evolving him further than any Sugiura was capable of. He turned his soul from a mere Sugiura soul, but into a celestial soul however as one can imagine Arsts bodied would of been unable to survive this changed. That is till the very tree he was in. However for the first time since its birth the tree spoke. The tree communicates with Arsts and tells him to absorb it. He does so and becomes stronger, changing his bodies and soul. As the smoked cleared from this action, one would believe only a crater where the being known as Arsts was however he stood in a form not seen since he fought Cubia.

Victor was shocked at this outcome, the impossible had happen many times over, the tree gave its own important life away to transforms Arsts into this powerful form, but also he devoured a fruit that only gods were capable of eating. The fake god, overcome with fear tried to attack one more time, and was only quickly met with a death just as quick as one would take to factor in the idea to blink. Arsts took a step forward to Victor who bowed towards Arsts who became the worlds chosen, the balance of light and shadow. With each step Arsts took his appearance returned to normal. He looked around the guardian beasts appeared before him, all encircling him bowing down to him as well. They knew the world itself chose Arsts as its new God for the upcoming age, however Arsts refused to be a god, but rather a King who shall lead his people. Raising his hand in the air Arsts decided to rechristen himself with a name. He became known as Zefonse Kaizme which meant New Dawn of New Age.

The years that followed proved to be a grand hardship, he re-unlocked his older powers. Aura Blessing which allowed him to control the weather and land. As well a new one which he called Hankyōran Shinzoku. Testing the limits of his new found powers and skills, he made sure to use them for his people. Freeing them from enslavement, and offering them a place at his side if they desired. However the greatest challenge was always the wait, the wait to see Aura again. As time flew by, the world has changed for the good or worse. When troubled appeared that made his people worried or they where harmed. The Might of the worlds chosen appeared before them.

Now as countless years have passed into the modern times, Zefonse is unsure what the future brings, however it's still known he never has once wavered in his past till now. That is why the title of "Triumph King" belongs to him. Never once has he given up in his cause, form a weak soul to nearly a god in power, however in the time from then and now Zefonse placed many a mental barrier on his now dubbed Zenith transformation. This is because that power as great as it send, made him to powerful at once. This was done all subconsciously by Zefonse, since to him the power was to great and made him to powerful to belong in this world without leaving his friends and family behind. But someday he might be needed to call upon its former grand power, however no one never knows what grand adventure awaits in these times.
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The Dawn King- Heavy WIP-
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