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 Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-3]

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PostSubject: Kaminari Hatakeyama [Approved, 0-3]   Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:43 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
True Age: 107
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0
Weight: 110


Note: She has a scar on her stomach that reaches from the right of her belly button around to her left side.

Personality: Kaminari is one of those people who have zero memory from her past, but unlike those people she has habits and muscle memories that cause her to act and feel certain ways. The first thing to be noted about Kaminari is her ability to trust everyone until they have given her a reason not to do so. Once the trust is broken, it is hard if not impossible to get her to trust  you again. Of course, immediately trusting some people can cause problems in different situations, but she feels she is strong enough to handle it. At the same time, she is not stupid. She's not going to go around trusting hollow or people that are naturally the enemy, such as Arrancar. If someone acts out of the ordinary, that is her reason not to trust them. If their allegiance lies in any manner against the Gotei, herself, or the World Of The Living, that is her reason not to trust them. Her trust usually extends to neutrals and people she has just met; new members of the Gotei or humans. First impressions are also a big thing with her. If you come off as a babbling idiot, she will see you as exactly that, an idiot. If you come off as too confident for your own good, she will see you as an egotistical jerk or a fool. The best approach with Kaminari is to just be a decent person and don't lie to her in any way. Even if Kaminari can come off as a serious, stoic, and dull person, she's actually quite kind and even has the ability to be cheerful and energetic. You just have to be the right person, get her in that type of mood, and the trust level has to be a bit higher than the normal. The few people she might get cheerful around consist of people like Snopy Saika, her former Captain, and Toja Hagiwara, her current Fourth Seat. Otherwise, she usually keeps her 'professional' demeanor on lock. Luckily for her, Kaminari's ability to get along with just about everyone makes it easier for her to become friends with them. Yes, she's usually serious and a little dull, but she's not quiet or shy by any means. She can be rather talkative and genuinely interested in the people around her.

Moving back to those habits and reflexes mentioned earlier. Her trusting people so easily is the first habit. The next habit is also a reflex that she can't exactly control easily. Even though she doesn't know why, she has a fear of being pinned down, tied, held against her will, and anything else along those lines. Because that fear, if someone grabs her wrist or hand for any reason and without her permission, her natural reflex will likely cause them to get hurt. The same goes for grabbed her shoulders suddenly or sneaking up behind her. About ninety-five percent of the time she doesn't realize that her reflexes are taking over until it's two late. Someone will grab her shoulder to get her attention and she'll swing her arm back to strike them and the next thing they know is that they're on their back. Of course she'll apologize, but she'll also warn them about sneaking up behind someone or laying their hands on them without permission. The biggest fear that Kaminari actually has is being alone in the dark. She even hates using her bankai because of how dark it is. Because of her fear, she still ends up using the light part of her bankai a lot of the time and probably will until she overcomes this fear. Though it sounds like a child's fear, it's very real and strong for Kaminari. The third habit that Kaminari has is more of an unconscious decision. She refuses to allow anyone to see her upset. No matter how sad or heartbreaking something is, she will not allow someone to see her cry. The only time this may change is in the company of someone she'd trust with her life and hold on a more personal level over professional. There are very few people that are on that level, if any at all. She has a habit of holding people of higher or equal rank on a more formal level, while those of lower rank are held within professional boundaries. She'll treat those of lower ranks like she is their teacher, leader, and protector. She rarely becomes good friends with subordinates, but will become acquainted and on good friendly terms with them. At the moment, only one has broken passed that little barrier of hers, yet she doesn't show it. Toja Hagiwara, her Fourth Seat, has so far been the only person that she thinks of as more than just an acquaintance or subordinate.

Kaminari is a very active person over all. Though she does enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a cup of tea every now and then, she prefers to be moving around. This is the main reason why she is often caught training, whether training another person or herself. Though she doesn't remember why, Kaminari's always had this strong need to be fast, to make her body really move. She focuses on speed and agility in different ways. Quick thinking is one of these ways. She isn't one to sit back and think of multiple ways to go about a single decision. She picks quickly and logically. Most of the time she's actually right as well. Rarely does she end up making a mistake, and if she does she'll do what she can to make it right herself. She won't ask someone else to correct something she has done wrong. Moving along... Kaminari also has a sweet, innocent, sensitive side of herself. Along with this, it is possible to catch her heart, so these things sort of go hand in hand. If she is interested in someone she actually will show more of a feminine or 'cute' side of herself. She can be caught smiling, blushing, becoming slightly shy. She may stutter over her words or have a problem expressing what she is wanting to say. Kaminari has not every had an attraction to anyone as of yet, so she is unaware of how it feels. If she ever does find herself attracted to someone in this manner, she'll likely have absolutely no clue how to react to it, and that is if she realizes what's even happening. If she doesn't realize what's happening, she'll probably go through her days around that person extremely confused and anxious all the time.

Character Background: It's really only a horrible nightmare to her now. She denies that it ever happened and keeps the memory buried within her past, like everything else. It's dark and damp. The only light that shines though even the smallest area is up the stairs, sneaking in from under the door. Her head is hung off to the side as if she is too tired to care about keeping it up. Her eyes are half shut, too weak to keep them open. Her hands are above her head, her wrists shackled to the cold stone wall she is forced to lean up against if she wishes for any comfort at all. She sits there on the cold concrete concentrating on breathing in and out... in... and out. The light gets brighter, a creek of the stairs meets her ears. He's coming again, but why? She looks up to see his face, but there's nothing. It's hidden by shadow. He says nothing and drops a plate of food next to her. He tells her to eat, but how can she if she's tied. She leans forward towards the food in hopes of reaching it, but like every other time she's tried this she cannot. Seeing this, the man unshackles one wrist to allow her to eat. He stands there watching her eat what she was given. The food really wasn't too bad. It's too bad the accommodations were horrid. What had she done to deserve this? She did not know. She just remembered waking up here over a year ago. Has it been that long? Maybe longer? She couldn't tell anymore. “Why me? Why was this happening to me?” she used to ask herself. It took time, but she no longer asks that question. The fact is... “It just is me...” That was her answer and there was nothing she could do about it. This was her life. This was her nightmare. At least... until that nightmare finally ended...

The light shined into the room more vibrantly than before. The feeling of disgust and hatred that she got from the others was not among this person. Instead, they were calm and slightly curious. Why where they here? Kaminari struggled to raise her head and face this new intruder. She expected to be treated like an animal, but instead her shackles were removed and she was set free. This man and a group of people that seemingly raided the place she was held captive helped her out of the building. For the first time in a very long time she was able to see the sun, the day, and that blinding light that she immediately attempted to hide from. She had been encased in darkness for so long that her eyes were not easily able to adjust. In fact, the man noticed this and blindfolded her before she was escorted quite carefully out of the building. Through brief interaction, Kaminari showed a lot of fear and distrust of those around her causing this man who was obviously leading the pack to confront her on it. The two had a pretty intense conversation as her situation was brought up and he tried convincing her to trust people because not everyone was like her captors. She did not believe him. Before they were to part ways they all spent a single night sleeping in the forest of the Rukongai. During her sleep Kaminari was finally able to be comfortable and actually relax, but through out the night her mind was plagued with nightmares she did not wish to have again. She woke up after only a few hours of sleep while it was still dark, ripped off her blindfold and sat there and silently cried. She was finally free, yet she had no idea what she was going to do or where she was going to go. Her tears must have been heard at some time because Tsubine, the one who rescued her, came over to talk and calm her down.

During this conversation Tsubine brought up some sort of power that she held and that if she joined a place called Shino Academy she would be able to harness it. He went on to tell her that it would give her at least some purpose in life until she found her own. Kaminari agreed and Tsubine allowed her to follow him, but once they arrived they parted ways. Kaminari didn't even ask whether they'd see each other again, nor did she attempt to learn very much about him. Though he seemed kind and led her here, Kaminari still felt slight distrust from the people around her. From there on, Kaminari had to figure things out on her own. She enrolled in the Academy and was given a sword that would one day become her Zanpakutō. She was told to spend as much time with it as she can and it will one day awaken and become some powerful weapon. She wasn't exactly sure of how the process worked, but she took their words quite seriously and spent every single moment with it. “If this sword were a person it'd know me better than I know myself...” she said to herself one day when she realized how it never left her side. After some time passed, she learned of how to speak to one's Zanpakutō and began practicing. Day after day, she sat in her room and concentrated on trying to connect with it. One day, it finally happened. She was suddenly surrounded by a dark nothingness and every step she took would light up beneath her feet. She suddenly heard a strange giggle and looked around to see who it was, but no one was there. She called out and a moment later a vibrant woman appeared before her. Kaminari asked her name, but the woman refused to hand it over just yet. Kaminari was going to have to prove to the woman that she was worthy of knowing her name. Though she did feel it silly to keep your name away from someone, she did understand that knowing the name of one's Zanpakutō was how you called out to it to fight with you in battle.

Kaminari accepted the woman's challenge and was repeatedly attacked with strange bursts of light. She was burnt over and over again until she irritated the woman enough to be kicked from her own inner world. This happened probably five times within the same month until finally Kaminari was able to see her attacks and dodge them. “It seems you've finally seen the light...” the woman said with a huge smile that could blind any onlookers. Kaminari was forced to dodge ten more attacks until something was triggered. Without paying much attention to the blade she was using, Kaminari's sword transformed in hand and as it was swung an attack that the woman had been using shot from the blade and towards her. Of course the woman was able to dodge it, but Kaminari was shocked. It worked. It actually worked! The woman stepped towards her and gave her a thumbs up before telling Kaminari that her name was Lux and that she was the Lady Of Luminosity. “I knew we could do it!” Lux said and Kaminari was randomly pushed out of her inner world. She looked down to her lap to see that her shikai was still active and shining brilliantly, just like the baton that Lux was using against her. Once she got enough practive with her shikai, Kaminari came forth to apply for a Squad. After she was analyzed and her progress was evaluated, it became clear that she should be placed within Squad Five as their Fourth Seat. To be seated among entry was very impressive. It was even said that she probably could have snatched up the Lieutenant Seat if it wasn't for Momo Hinamori. Momo was a kind girl, so Kaminari was not going to get in her way, especially with how she was with Captain Aizen. At least until Aizen betrayed them all two years later. Though Kaminari was not around during this time, when she returned from a hollow killing mission that lasted just a little too long, she was told that a new Captain was coming in because of Captain Aizens betrayal. It seemed that even a new Lieutenant was coming in.

Kaminari was shocked to see that her new Captain was the very man that escorted her to the Seireitei only a few years back. Most would run up, say hi, and catch up, but Kaminari was one to keep a more professional approach. If he chose to speak to her, then and only then would she reply. Girl's obsessed over the guy all the time anyway, it's not like he would care to speak to her. Well, she was wrong. It seemed he did end up recognizing her and had looked through her file and saw that her skill had become greater than he believed would happen within a mere ten years of his absence.  Though they were never really on a personal level, Kaminari enjoyed short conversations with her new Captain, especially when it revolved around training. After some time, Tsubine was promoted and another Captain came into his place. This was around the same time that Kaminari decided it was time to increase her knowledge, control, and skill over her shikai and began practicing. Getting up a little courage, she asked her Captain Yuri Tsukuyomi if he would help her out and surprisingly he accepted. He actually ended up putting some extra time into teaching her. The training began to pay off because her next few missions were a success and quite easy for her to get done. She began getting slightly cocky and showing off her skill in Kidō and with the sword. She began making a few reckless decisions which almost got other Squad members hurt and herself killed. She came out fine, but while she was out on this mission she found out that her Captain was transferred out. She had no time to tell him bye, but she did hope to see him against sometime. Now it was time to meet the new Captain...

Snopy Saika was his name and at first glance Kaminari was unsure of what to make of him. Tall, slender, two different colored eyes, blond, but he actually was a nice guy. After some talking and a few days of getting to know her Captain, she came to the conclusion that he really was a nice guy. Over time, Kaminari had begun to trust people much easier than before, sometimes more than she should. So she immediately trusted him the same way she trusted Captain Tsukuyomi, with her life. On a mission Kaminari was assigned to, things went wrong. Menos Grande showed up and began tearing through her Squad. She wasn't injured as of yet and Captain Saika had shown up to aid them, so things were looking up. During the battle, Kaminari's overly confident and egotistical attitude caught Snopy's attention and once they returned he made sure to tell her that it needed to change. “I know you're proud of your power, but you walk around like you're everyone's savior. You're not. You need to wipe that high and might smirk you keep giving your members just because they thanked you for you help off of her face and accept it with grace. I suggest you take it down a peg before someone more powerful than you comes around and knocks you off that high horse for you. That kind of attitude will not be allowed on my Squad, understand?” It was blunt and maybe slightly harsh, but it definitely got the point across to Kaminari. It wasn't long after that when she began changing the way she acted and dropped the egotistical act completely. Being told off in such a manner felt both humiliating and like an honor. The fact that Snopy actually took her off to the side to scold her instead of in front of everyone made her respect him even more, and sort of a little more than that. Once he turned away to walk off, Kaminari blushed rather deeply. It was her first crush! In the year 2060, Kaminari was promoted to Vice Captain and used this time to get to know Snopy a bit better. She didn't completely understand why or what she felt, but she knew she was fond of him as more than a Captain.

Over time, Kaminari and Snopy actually became very good friends, but he never seemed very interested in her. He even went on making fun of how flat her chest was when he got the chance. Though it was playful and Kaminari could tell he was teasing, there were a few times she took it to heart and felt like something was wrong with her because she was not used to being teased in such a manner. It didn't matter, once she got used to it she got over it and began teasing him about his 'luscious blond locks', referring to his hair. One day, Snopy was leaving the Seireitei for no real reason and Kaminari chose to follow him. Using the Kidō Kyokko before she got within range, she began walking along with him as if she were some sort of super ninja spy girl. While following him, something happened. By the appearance of it, Kaminari was instantly able to recognize that her Captain was hollowfying right in front of her eyes and she could do nothing about it. It horrified her. She saw him in a terrifying manner that she never wanted to see. She couldn't tell whether he was going insane or was in a massive amount of pain, though some would say that it would be both. Kaminari stood there stunned through out the entire thing and just watched as a stream of tears fell down her right eye only. Once it finally finished and the hollowfying stopped, Kaminari picked him up and took him back to the Seireitei. It seemed he knew exactly what happened as well because when he woke up, he said nothing to her. She had stayed the entire night to make sure he would be okay. He merely sat up in bed, stood, and walked out. An hour later, Kaminari was informed that she was being promoted to the new Captain of Squad Five and Snopy was gone. She had always wanted to become Captain of Squad Five, but she never wanted it like this...

Being Captain wasn't too bad, but the paperwork was annoying. She had gone for the Captain Commander position, but when she finally thought she'd be able to get the one thing she had been wanting for so, so long it was snatched up from under her by a Lieutenant. Everyone was shocked that Kaminari did not get the position. Not only was she already a Captain, but it almost felt like the decision was randomly switch up at the last minute. What the hell could have been going through Tsubine's head? Appointing a Lieutenant as the head of the entire Gotei when he had absolutely no experience as a Captain before hand? It was crazy! It was then that the rivalry between Genpaku and Kaminari was born. Though the two of them actually do get along with one another, Kaminari still glares at him every now and then for taking her spot as Captain Commander. The two of them will likely be in competition for the remainder of their time in the Gotei, but it's not a big deal. She still respects him, especially since he actually seems to be doing a good job. He just better hope that he stays in agreement on everything she says! No, no. Kaminari isn't an idiot. She'll follow Captain Commander Genpaku the way she would any other Commander, but not just because of his position. It's because she does consider him a friend. It was odd having practically every one of your seated positions empty. Kaminari had Toja Hagiwara as her Fourth Seat, who she had not yet even had the pleasure of speaking to, but they needed a Lieutenant and Third rather badly. She had searched through as many candidates as possible, but she just couldn't find any that fit the bill. Toja would have been a good choice, but she wasn't so sure since their Squad kept having to pay for repairs for things that he had damaged. In her opinion, he needed a little more control and she'd rather see him in battle before allowing him to jump up in the ranks.

Luck came to her one day when she encountered a little situation out in the Rukongai. Some guy with a dangerous book and a young man were fighting. She soon learned that this young man was Yuri Tsukuyomi's son, Ketai. Must. Recruit. After the fight, Kaminari offered him the spot as her Lieutenant and he accepted, though after kicking some ass he was going to have to be treated by Squad Four. While he was being treated, luck shined on her again, though it didn't seem like luck at the time. She had just returned and was told to evaluate some kid from the Academy. The two went on a mission and ended up fighting along side each other when an Arrancar showed up and multiple decently powerful hollow all threatened to destroy that part of the Rukongai. Kuro was a little reckless at first, but he straightened up after a while and they were able to come out victorious. With that, she offered him a position as her third seat, but it seemed he had an issue with that. He was a little childish about it and demanded the Lieutenant, but obviously that had just been filled. No, he was stuck with Third no matter how he would like otherwise. It wasn't long after that when Kaminari met Toja, an angry little guy with a cute face, though you'd never say that to him without really pissing him off. A lot of people in Squad were scared of him, but he really was a kind guy. Just stop treating him like he's some little kid or calling him a girl. The fact that he was just a bit shorter than Kaminari was a little odd, since she had a problem with her own height. She couldn't even imagine how annoying his height was to him. At the moment, things are coming together for Kaminari, though... She now knows to be a little more specific with her instructions when handing her members a mission or job to do...

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Note: Each ability below is in order from her most powerful and skilled to her least.

Kidō: Being the Captain of the Kidō based Squad Five practically requires you to be more then exceptional in Kidō and Kaminari is even above that. Her mastery of Kidō is beyond that of what many people have even seen! After her time practicing, Kaminari has the ability to use all Kidō known to the Shinigami and even create her own custom spells to benefit herself. Not only does she know all of them, but she is easily able to preform 80% of them without an incantation, this being any number 1-80. The Kidō she casts all contain enough power to devastate an opponent, even when she's intentionally holding back, so there are times that she will be reluctant to use it. She's not exactly one with the intent to kill, so using something that she knows probably will destroy someone is not on her to-do list, even if they are the enemy.

All of these Kidō must be taught by Kaminari for anyone else to use them. Most of them she keeps a secret until she has chosen to use them in battle, but if someone does find out about them, the likelihood of her teaching is a little on the low side depending on who the person is and whether she feels they'll be able to handle it.

  • Mizuhou: This is high level Kidō that would likely be classified as 50 to 60. It can't be used by those with decent skill in Kidō and it must be taught by Kaminari. It's a strong shot of water that shoots towards a target like water coming out of an extremely powerful hose. Depending on the user, it can allow enough pressure behind it to greatly damage rock and maybe even bend or dent steal. The size of the flow dictates the amount of pressure behind it. The larger the flow, the less pressure. Kaminari is the only person with the skill to condense the water down to such a small flow that the amount of pressure behind it has the ability to cut through rock like a knife through butter.
  • Shizuku: This is a medium level Kidō that would likely be classified from 30-40. It conjures a large plate of water about thirty feet above the caster. The water then slowly begins to drop in a fifty foot radius, soaking the grounds around. This type of Kidō could be used to put out fires or something of the like. It's literally just causing it to rain in a small area, though Kaminari has been known to use it to a much bigger advantage than that, combining it with lightning style Kidō or things of the like.
  • Sekisho: This is a high level Kidō that would be classified around level 70. It is an extremely strong barrier that is able to protect the caster and, for Kaminari, up to five other items or people by touching them. The normal barrier is colored like the casters spiritual energy; in Kaminari's case, blue. It will only cover the caster unless intentionally extended through touch, but it always takes the shape of a sphere around the caster and protected. This means, that if five people are being protected, you could sneak a few people between those five and they two would be protected, but the barrier only extends for a maximum of five extra.
  • Sandanjuu: This is a medium level Kidō that would be classed between 30 and 40 in level. This Kidō allows the creation of a total of ten high powered spheres of condensed Reiryoku. The size of these spheres depend on the power put into them, though it also depends on the power of the caster themselves. The largest sized spheres that Kaminari is able to make are around the size of a small car. Upon impact, these spheres release the energy they're created with in an explosion. The color of the spheres also mimic the color of the casters Reiryoku, in Kaminari's case they're blue.
  • Tsuyo Kudaku: This is a Kidō that would definitely be classified in the high 70 to lower 80 range when it comes to the level of power and difficulty. This Kidō is what Kaminari calls an Energy Breaker or a Spirit Breaker. It is shot off in the same manner and speed of Byakurai, though is similar to a beam in appearance. It's color mimics the casters energy color. This Kidō is a condensed beam of energy that shoots out in the width of a pen. It is used on other energy attacks and upon impact with the energy attack pushes itself into the middle and collects at an extremely high speed. The moment the energy is fully collected, the energy bursts outwards and breaks apart the energy of the attack. Though it sounds like a long process, it is seemingly done upon impact of the attack. Usage depends on the caster themselves, but Kaminari is able to use this Kidō ten times before she'll begin to feel the effects of energy drainage. Note that this is only because of her master of this particular Kidō. Someone else would maybe be able to use it three to four times, even at her tier level. She can definitely use it more than ten times, but she'll be draining herself quickly.
  • Teishi: This is a medium level Kidō that would be classed around 40 or 50. By concentrating reishi around the palm of his or her hand, the caster is able to merely use their hand to stop other energy attacks equal to their level in Kidō or stop one physical attack, such as a sword or punch. This happens because the reishi that is concentrated around the hand is hardened to the point where it's like armor. Kaminari has been seen using her hand to grab the Zanpakutō by merely reaching up and grabbing it. To others she stopped it with only her hand, but it was more than likely this Kidō, especially if the opponent was any close to her skill and power. Usually a Kidō shows the energy, but with this one it does not.
  • Ridairekushon: This is a medium to high level Kidō that would be classified between 50 and 60 for level. This Kidō creates a line of Reiryoku within the body that acts as a conductor. It starts at the tip of one finger and moves to the other. A Kidō will hit the tip of one finger and move through this line of Reiryoku at the same speed that the Kidō moved and then be fired out the tip of the opposite hands fingers. This Kidō only works on beam or stream like attacks, such as Byakurai, Sokatsui, Raikoho, certain types of cero, and other things along those lines.  This can also be a very dangerous thing to do. Since you're using your own Reiryoku to channel another person's inside your own body, it is possible to severely damage your own body and even kill you. To master such a Kidō, one would have to have perfect control over their Reiryoku and know the way the attack works. Using this against an attack you do not understand is stupid and likely will get you killed.

Hoho: Kaminari is definitely a master of hoho and the techniques within the subject. Her petite body allows her to move much quicker than most and has given her the advantage when practicing it. She is now able to keep up with those people well known in the skill and some she has likely even surpassed. Using things like Shunpo allow her to move large distances at great speeds. Doing a few hundred of these in a single day wouldn't even tire her out. She can even use the sub abilities, such as speed clones, if and when she ever feels it's necessary. Even though she has the ability to do so, she has never really attempted to advance her knowledge of anything under Hoho or create anything new to the subject. She has more than mastered all of the basics passed the point that a Captain should have to and only practices to keep her body in shape.

Zanjutsu: Being the third of the four abilities that Kaminari has practiced does not mean she is a slouch in the subject. Kaminari is well trained and knowledgeable of the arts within Zanjutsu. She has put in a large amount of practice to be able to handle a sword as well as she can and her practice has not let her down. She is no grand master of the subject, but she can hold her own in a battle of the swords against one of her own caliber. One thing she has done with the arts of Zanjutsu is practice it enough to allow her to use the gauntlets she keeps on herself at all times with this fighting style. Most people are seen using the style of Zanjutsu with a sword, but she has practiced enough to be able to use her two extra weapons as well, and is not half bad at all. She's more advanced with the art when using the gauntlets, but that's not too big of a deal for her since she almost always has her Zanpakutō on her.

Hakuda: This being number four of all the skills she has, there is definitely a reason for it. She would never ever claim to be a master of Hakuda, and even has a problem telling people whether she's advanced in the style. This is one of the reasons why she always keeps her gauntlets on her. If she is caught without her Zanpakutō, she can use them instead of force herself into a hand-to-hand combat situation. Even though this is not her best subject, that doesn't mean that if she is forced to use her fist that she'll immediately lose the fight. She will merely be at a pretty big disadvantage. She's naturally very, very fast and can likely strike her opponent easily, but because she has concentrated so much on speed she has little to no strength behind her attack strikes. Beyond that, it seems besides the basic strikes, kicks, blocks, and whatever else you can put under the basics, her body just isn't up for full on Hakuda.

Saishuu Tobikiri: (Last Choice) Using her spiritual pressure, she pushes it through the muscles in her body, allowing them to contract and stretch at a rapid and unnaturally fast paces. In lots of cases this can allow her to keep up with people who have mastered shunpo without her having to use her own shunpo. With this active, she has the ability to move at 5 times her maximum speed, and her reflexes and reactions times are through the roof, though it will slowly begin tearing her body apart. Using this is a desperate move, meaning she is likely trying desperately to protect someone or is trying her best not to die. After using it the first time, she will need an immense amount of rest and decent care. While using this technique, her body will glow a very soft blue, making her look like she has a small aura around her. This can only last three rounds of posting. It can only be used one time in a day, but it is possible to be used twice. If used twice, her body will need intensive care, if it does not kill her in the process. A third time is impossible since this technique is new to her, but with more practice it can become a possibility. When this is used, her spiritual pressure also accelerates the bodies healing process, causing her to use a very large amount of energy. Most of her wounds, including broken bones and excluding destroyed organs, will heal within 3 to 5 seconds, depending on the severity of them. After the time for this is over and she can't use it anymore, if she forces it a second time she will pass out and need each muscle in her body worked on immediately. If this does not happen, death or paralysis is likely to happen. This technique cannot be used with Etai Fyu-jon either. To use this she has to release her bankai first because it does not work with the amount of energy that her shikai allows. Because of how much spiritual pressure she uses to heal her body, Kaminari is not able to use her Shikai or Bankai while this is active or afterward.

Other Weapons:

Twin Gauntlets: On each of her wrists, Kaminari possesses two steel gauntlets that are plated with gold and decorated with an elegant design. They close around both of her lower arms, locking in place on the undersides of her arms. The gauntlets are 13 inches long and cover her entire lower arm, from below the elbow to her wrist. There is a small button that extends to the palm of her hand and reaches directly to the middle of her palm. When this button is pushed, a foot long steel blade shoots out over the back of her hand. The button isn't one that is easily pushed either. It is purposely encased in a small and strong cover that allows only her finger own to move through it so she doesn't have to worry about accidentally pressing it and hurting someone. It does this by automatically recognizing her spiritual pressure. This also makes it where no one else will be able to use her gauntlets. When she wishes to retract the blade, she merely pushes the button again and it retracts into her gauntlet. When she wishes to remove the gauntlets, which will rarely if not ever happen, she has a key locked away at her home within the Seireitei.

Zanpakutō: Kaminari's Zanpakutō is exactly how it looks in her appearance picture. It is a straight katana with a blue scabbard, blue handle (the wrapping), and a golden guard and pommel.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Illuminate (Terasu, 照らす)
Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Lux
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Lux is a vibrant young woman with blonde hair that reaches a little passed her shoulders. She's got blue eyes and one hell of a bright smile. Though she's not as small as Kaminari, she's a mere 5'4” and has a pretty nice figure. She's usually wearing a few light pieces of armor on her upper torso, lower arms, shins, knees, and torso. Under the armor is what looks to be a full body skin tight blue suit of some sort. As if to add a little feminine decoration, there are small pieces of decorative lace-like fabric hanging around her waist like a skirt and on her upper shoulders like a small cape.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Lux is quite the energetic, cheerful, and slightly obnoxious young woman that can take on the epitome of a dumb blonde quite easily. She's got a horribly terrifying laugh that you just can't help, but laugh along with and has this strange obsession with the idea of what a 'double rainbow' means, even though she knows the scientific explanation for it. Over all, Lux is a kind young with a positive look on just about everything. She pushes Kaminari to do her best by telling her that they “can do this” and tells her to keep her focus so everything goes well. When the two of them succeed, she'll say “I love it when a plan comes together”. Even though she's got this overall bubbly kindness about her, she does have the ability to be cocky. Something she will often say to Kaminari's opponents, even if they can't hear her, is “With your power level, I suggest you forfeit instead!” She's confident in Kaminari's abilities and the two enjoy working along side each other. With them, it's more like a partnership than anything else. There are times that Lux will speak up and tell Kaminari what to do and what not to do if she needs help. They not only like working together, but they are good at it.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Kaminari's Inner World has different forms it can take depending on Kaminari's current mental and emotional state. It's most basic form, when she's not really happy or mad in anyway, is exactly how you see it in her appearance picture. Everything is as dark as that with random floating pieces of what seem like smokey energy randomly moving around. When you walk around, beneath your feet are random pieces of what looks like sheets of light with a dim glow. They appear instantly while walking around. If Kaminari is feeling sad, mad, down, depressed, defeated, or any other negative emotion while in her Inner World, the moment she takes her first step she will start to fall and fall and fall until Lux gets irritated with her and kicks her from the world, or she realizes what she needs to do to change or get better. If she does realize this and feels better, she will stop falling and the darkness will literally begin breaking as if it where just a glass box around them and reveal a beautiful and relaxing place for both her and Lux to enjoy. It can take the form of a beach, a small valley, or any nature based place of peace similar to that.

Shikai: (Rukusu, ルクス)
Shikai Appearance: Upon it's activation, Kaminari's sword changes to a double edges sword with two rectangular openings near the bottom of the blade. In each of these openings Kaminari is able to collect light to fire off in either a defensive or offensive manner. She uses her Reiryoku to create light within the bottom opening of the blade. This light holds fifty charges upon activation and increases by two for each round of posting that her shikai is active. When she chooses to attack, the amount of charges that are used to pull off the attack move into the smaller upper opening to later be shot through the blade and towards her goal. Because Kaminari's Shikai creates light using her own Reiryoku, none of her attacks hurt her, anyone she deems innocent, or her allies.
Shikai Abilities:

Illumination: This is a passive ability of Kaminari's shikai. If any of her other attacks have hit a target, a mark of illumination is left on them. To activate this mark, Kaminari must hit them with any of her other attacks, which cause the attack to do 30% more damage than it normally would have. This has to be done within ten seconds of the last attack, otherwise the mark vanishes. This mark is re-applied any time the target is hit by any of her other abilities. It is not re-applied if it is doing the bonus damage.

Luminance: This is Kaminari's most basic attack. It is a small strip of light energy that she shoots from the tip of her Zanpakutō. It is about the size of a poker card, but moves at 55 miles per hour, or 80 ft per second. Because of it's small size it can be hard to see coming, but also does not do very much damage on impact. When it does impact, it'll feel the same way when a human gets hit by a baseball and do minor burn damage.

Blinding Light: (1 charge) By releasing a sudden burst of light energy from her sword, an extremely bright blinding light shoots out from her blade to make it hard for her opponent and anyone else within ten feet of her to see. Anyone father might have to cover their eyes, but this is mainly an ability that allows Kaminari a momentary advantage over a melee fighter since most of her abilities are based off of ranged attacking and defending. It only lasts for one second. This does not leave Illumination on anything.

Brilliant Crescent: (3 charges) This is an attack the mimics Kaminari's swing in every way. The first way is length, the size of the crescent that is sent forth. It is always five inches wide, but the size of the crescent differs and is dictated by how wide Kaminari's swing is. If she does a full swing, she can create a crescent that is twelve feet long(tall), how ever you wish to imagine it. The second way it mimics her swing is how fast she chooses to swing the blade. She can swing her sword anywhere from a mere 30 to 150 miles per hour, or 44 to 220 feet per second. The crescent that is sent out will mimic the speed she swings her sword at exactly.

Light Binding: (4 charges)  This is an attack that gives Kaminari a short moment of advantage. It is a ball about the size of a soccer ball that is shot forth from the tip of her Zanpakutō. This attack does no damage to the person. Instead, it instantly spreads Kaminari's injury over the body of the target and stuns them, making them unable to move for .5 seconds. The first strike, the ball that is shot out from the tip of her blade, travels out at medium to high speed (200-300 mph). It can travel up to fifteen feet away, that is it's max range.

Prismatic Barrier: (2 charges) This is a boomerang-like defensive move that allows the usage of two shields. The shields are able to deflect a single attack, whether energy based or physical, making a total of two attacks possible to be blocked.. With a swing of her sword, the barrier shoots out and leaves her with a shield already around her. Any ally that it passes through is shielded as well. Once it hits twenty five feet, it shoots right back towards Kaminari, allowing her to regain the barrier once again. The way she regains the barrier is if after it's first launched she is hit and then it comes back. If it is launched and she is not hit, then she has the same shield and is only able to block one, instead of the possible two attacks. The barrier travels at 34 miles per hour so the barrier returns to her within a second.

Bankai: Great Shadow (Magunasu Anbura, マグナスアンブラ)
Bankai Appearance: Kaminari's bankai is actually more of an extension of her Shikai. Instead of getting a whole new set of moves, everything stays the same and more abilities are added. For her bankai, Kaminari's control over the light is no longer limited to what she has created with her own Reiryoku. Instead, the light around her becomes her play thing. Instead of working off of her own energy she begins to absorb the light around her and use it to her advantage. Because of this, Kaminari has a hard time using her bankai during the night, when there isn't very much light in her range for her to collect and use.  When she does this, she creates a space around her body the size of a massive baseball stadium that is completely, one hundred percent without light because she has collected it all in that area upon the activation of her bankai and caused the light to bend. When it does this, anyone caught on the inside are stuck in this darkened area until she releases her bankai. Make no mistake, this does not take away the ability to see or any other senses. The people inside can still see, but they're most likely seeing black. If they have a flashlight, a lighter, candle, or even some sort of Kidō to create light for them, they can. Just know that if it isn't created by their own energy, Kaminari has the ability to collect that as well. Kaminari's attacks also glow a bit while her bankai is active once they are shot off so people can see them coming, but they are no way near as bright as before. At that, when her attacks and sword are shining that is all you can see, just that light and where it is. You can't see Kaminari or the actual sword.
Bankai Abilities:

Note: Kaminari can choose to turn all the lights off and fight with just her swords, hand-to-hand, or Kidō. All abilities from shikai are brought over and after collecting so much light, Kaminari gains an extra 150 charges that come back at four every round of posts instead of two. Illumination's passive ability is increased by another 20 percent, so it now does 50% bonus damage when the mark is triggered. All other stats stay the same for previously named attacks. There are not very many attacks that are added in here because the main reason for her bankai is what was stated above.

Final Spark: (8 charges) Final Spark is the strongest of the attacks that Kaminari has. It can be easy and hard to dodge depending on the the person being attacked is. First off, it is a 100ft long strip of light that fries any enemy in it's path. A semi-invisible wave of energy is shot out in a single direction at a 100 miles per hour, or 146ft per second. This means the energy is sent out and completely in .68 seconds. After that, it takes .32 seconds for the energy to ignite and expand within a five foot width. Those caught within this five foot wide, one hundred foot long beam of light will be heavily burnt, receiving second to third degree burns on the skin. Even if she has enough charges, Kaminari can only use Final Spark once a post.

Lucent Singularity: (4 charges each) This is one of the more used and more interesting attacks that Kaminari's Shikai has. Starting off with it's appearance, it's a ball of spiraling light energy that has a rainbow effect within the light. It is shot off from the tip of Kaminari's blade towards a location of her choosing. Once it is shot off to that location, whether on ground or in the air, Kaminari has three rounds of posts before it explodes and blasts anyone within a ten foot radius of the spiral. Kaminari does have the ability to set it off early. When it is set off, it causes a burning damage similar to fire, but it's really just extreme heat. If it is shot towards a person and is successful in making impact with them, it will explode on impact and do a massive amount of burn damage. It travels at 75 miles per hour, meaning it travels 110 ft per second. A sub-use of this attack is similar to the way you'd see a prism used. By shooting in Luminance from one side, it is shot out in another direction. This allows her the ability to use sneak attacks and fool her enemy into thinking she's attacking them when she's not. They won't always be expecting to be hit from behind, and once they do expect it they'll be looking around to make sure to avoid being hit by it again. If Kaminari chooses to use this, she is able to summon five at once to have the light go through. For each one that the light moves through, the speed of the light is increased y 25%. As in example, if it was originally 10 miles per hour, it'd look a little something like this upon increasing 10 > 12.5 > 15.62 > 19.53 > 24.41 > 30.51.. etc, etc.... If the speed every reaches 250+, it will look like a continuous line instead of constantly broken up. This is if she chooses to have them continuing to move through the singularity's over and over again instead of attacking.


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