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 Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]

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PostSubject: Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]    Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:39 am

Shadow Beast Template


Name: Blake
Nicknames: Black
Titles: The Fallen, Heart of the End
Origin: Heart of Cubia
True Age: Originally: As old as time. Current form: ~30000 Years. Concious time is lower than that, being at around 5000 years.
Gender: Female
Personality: Blake is quiet individual, someone who prefers to not talk much at all, and prefers the company of books over people, no matter their subject. She doesn't find much enjoyment out of associating with humans or other beings in general – unless they also like books, then she might warm up to them a bit. But this still won't get around the real problem with her personality...
Blake considers the entire world, and everything that happens within it, a 'dream'. She's part of Cubia, the 'Heart' of the End – her purpose is to unite all of the fragments and destroy reality, eventually. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in ten million years – to her, it makes no difference. But everything before her assigned purpose is just a 'dream', in which she has a concious mind, and once she returns to being a mindless fragment, her 'dream' will end, and the cycle of destruction and rebirth will begin anew.
Some might think Blake would dislike such a pre-determined fate, but she is far from that. Instead, she quite likes the idea of returning to her natural state – being a concious person is quite new to her, and she finds it tiring and strange. She doesn't see herself as 'evil', and also doesn't see those that try to 'prolong the dream' as evil, either – the concept doesn't exist, at least in that context, for her. She has a certain sense of 'duty' towards eventually ending the current cycle of existance, and would probably not resist the call of Zeref to return into one being as Cubia – instead, she'd embrace her natural role and end her dream. Other fragments are her siblings, while Zeref is her 'father'.
The only people she really dislikes are of two kinds – needlessly cruel people, and those that have already managed to change a pre-determined fate, as they are a polar opposite to her. For example, she dislikes the King of the South for his past, where he managed to stop the end of the world, and also dislikes Aura, because she managed to evade assured death. One could even call her connection to Zefonse outright hatred – but not because of how he changed fate, but because he is the reason she is a concious being now. His actions broke Cubia into fragments, and gave her sentience.
Lately, she has also obtained a strong distaste for how 'Shadow Beasts' – that is to say, Guardian Beasts with 'Shadow' origins instead of 'Life' origins – are treated, since they are mostly seen as monsters by normal Guardian Beasts. Which isn't exactly wrong by them to do, but it just doesn't apply to all of them – Blake is obviously a Shadow Beast, but not evil.

Her 'newness' to her current body and type of existance also make her incredibly awkward around people at most times. Some might even call it adorably awkward, but she holds at least some amount of dignity and aloof presence. In the few instances when she decides to actively interact with people, she can be quite... nice, actually. She isn't really mean to anyone, can be quite intelligent and insightful – at least when you don't ask about emotions and feelings – and likes taking on a challenge sometimes. Which is really confusing to herself, since she is still just figuring out what she 'likes' and 'dislikes'. She recently found out that she prefers sweet food to spicy food, for example.
So one could ask, does she feel friendship, or love? Well, she probably could, given the right people around herself. Given that she is part of an ancient beast, things such as gender or race are about as important as a sack of rice falling over in china – she takes liking or disliking people according to how they act, not according to who they appear to be from the outside. However, romantic love is something she can't feel for men.

General Appearance
Animalistic Traits: Cat ears. The bow on her head usually conceals them, but they still sometimes twitch. Underneath the bow, they are colored dark violet.
Appearance Age: ~17

Natural  Abilities

Element: Nothingness/Shadow
Natural Techinques:

  • Black (Eclipse) Overdrive: This technique is both instinct and complicated martial arts. By regulating breathing perfectly, Blake releases 'Ripple' – or 'Hamon' – energy throughout her body, a natural source of strength. This 'Ripple' allows the user to control and regulate the own bloodstream, unlocking the hidden potential of the body – which is quite benefical to Blake, since her physical body has the same limits any humanoid has. However, the true strength of Black Overdrive is not that control over the Ripple. Instead, Blake uses her control over her own breath and blood to let the power of Cubia flow freely through her body. This 'Black Ripple' appears around her body like a hazy, jet-black battle aura. If any normal sentient being would synchronize with Cubia to this extent, the technique would rob them of their minds – but thanks to who she is, Blake can still exert some amount of control over her body. She becomes incredibly ruthless while using this Black Ripple, though. The Black Ripple increases all physical attributes of Blake to even higher levels, making her incredibly difficult to kill. The Black Overdrive is a special move – a flurry of Ripple enhanced strikes with either the weapon or her own body, each releasing a shock-like amount of Ripple energy into the enemy. Since this is pure Cubia energy, this is much like poisoning the enemy repeatedly with a quite potent toxin – it confuses their body, weakens them, and outright kills weaker individual with agonizing pain alone. Even if someone recovers from a full assault of Black Overdrive, they can still get nausea attacks from remnants of the poison for up to three years after the initial contact.
    After using Black Overdrive, Blake becomes unable to channel Ripple energy for five posts. She can't use Black Overdrive again for ten posts. Three uses per thread are the maximum.
  • Chain-Sword Combat: Thanks to the unique nature of her weapon, Blake is possibly the only master of fighting with a katana that is attached to a long piece of cloth. She can twist the blade around and sling it like a chain-sickle, or use it as a normal katana while also having the option of effectively throwing her weapon - she's adept at changing her battle-style quickly to comfort to many situations.
  • Ripple Transfer: Through training, Blake has become able to channel her Ripple energy through the cloth and steel of her weapon, and can thus deliver ranged strikes of both the Black Ripple and the Black Overdrive, as well as simply weaponized use of them with the sword up close. Eclipse Overdrive is still limited to close range with the sword.
  • Shadow Stalk: Blake quickly sinks into a stationairy shadow, only to re-emerge from a different one. She can't move directly to the shadow of an opponent.
  • Black Spike: Blake stabs her blade into a shadow, after which multiple dark spikes erupt from the opponent's own shadow to skewer them.
  • Floormaster: Blake uses some of her own essence (read: blood) and drips it into a shadow. Afterwards, a big, black claw-like hand will attempt to capture the enemy by shooting forth from a big shadow that is not their own. If captured by a Floormaster, Blake can easily stab her target with her weapons.
  • Shadow Control: The most used ability Blake has. She uses her unique energy to control the shadows around her and wrap herself in a cloak of shadows, which obscures vision of her. She can then solidify these shadows and send them out as extendable blades. These are not as hard as steel, but breaking or cutting them doesn't achieve much - since they are basicially without mass, they simply disperse after being severed from direct contact with Blake. The effective range of the Shadow Control is roughly 20 meters.
  • Shadow Tendrill: Similiar to Shadow Control, but a more direct attack. All shadows around Blake turn into drill-like apendages which shoot at the enemy to impale them.

Natural Abilities:

  • End's Embrace: Those killed by Blake are erased. In practice, this means that soul-beings do not return to the Soul Cycle, and those beings that aren't part of it can not be reborn in any way either. The reason for this is rooted in what Blake is - a part of the 'shadow'. As such, the entire meaning behind her existance is to erase life, light and hope from the known worlds - and as long as someone can be reborn, the 'hope' doesn't die. In a way, Blake kills the 'hope of resurrection' moreso than the person behind it. For End's Embrace to fully take someone isn't quite as simple as it sounds, though. For one, she has to be the one to land the killing blow - as in, her weapons or abilities have to take a life. Bleeding out after fighting her, for example, wouldn't trigger the ability. Beheading someone instead would definitely trigger End's Embrace and drag them into the End.
    As with everything, there is a catch. Most beings - almost all of them, in fact - will simply become one with the nothingness of the end. The end exists outside of time and space - calling it a dimension wouldn't be quite right, but it is the closest describtion possible. If someone has a sheer endless amount of willpower, they can resist becoming one with the end after dying from Blake's hands - and may even escape, even if it takes (for their perspective) an eternity to do so. Escaping from the End not only restores someone to whatever life they had before - but the End will forever remember them, and fear them, rejecting them should they die again. Furthermore, a long personal time spent within the end will give nearly everyone access to limited darkness-aligned abilities.
  • Perfect Night Vision: She can see in absolute darkness, without any speck of light, perfectly.
  • Container of Evil: She's a part of Cubia, and thus, naturally drawn to evil, suffering, and murder. Unlike Zeref, though, she 'stores' those emotions instead of absorbing them - and can release a blast of evil energy from herself when she has enough stored. These blasts of concentrated 'evil' do not directly harm, but can corrupt and poison even inanimate matter and slowly dissolve them after exposure. Living beings are resistant to this effect, but prolonged exposure to the raw evil can influence their psyche negatively.
  • Superspeed: Even when not using Shadow Stalk, one could be forgiven for thinking that Blake can teleport. She is silent AND quick, like an actual shadow in movement, and can reach almost supersonic speeds without trying too hard.
  • Innate Sensor: As a part of Cubia, Blake can always feel when another fragment is nearby, wether it is a concious one or not. She is also naturally drawn towards them.
  • Enhanced Durability: While not to the level of Zeref, Blake's body is quite hard to actively damage. She can take a stupidly high amount of abuse before showing visible signs of injury, thanks to her skin hardening on impacts like modern molecular armor. A blast that would knock holes into others will most likely just throw her backwards.
  • Uniting Force: Blake is quite literally a 'heart'. Without her presence, Cubia fragments can't properly fuse with each other. With her present, she stabilizes the link between them. However, because of this, she can also actively disrupt a reforming Cubia, and keep it from reaching full power, if she so desires.

Weapon of Choice: Blake's weapon is called Gambol Shroud. Gambol Shroud has a thick, gray colored sheath with a sharp edge, similar to an oversized cleaver. Although serving as a sheath, it does possess a cutting edge and can be used effectively as a weapon. Gambol Shroud, when unsheathed, appears to be a dark gray katana and is equally as effective as, if not more than, its sheath. The essence of both is that they fit together as one but come out to be two, so that they are compact for easier carrying. When in sheathed form, Gambol Shroud is held by the hilt, but when the two components separate, the sheath is held by a small rectangular hole near the bottom. The Katana has a long black ribbon attached to it which is woven out of shadows and extremely durable. The other end of the ribbon attaches itself to Blake's right arm and is variable in length. The sword can thus be used as a ranged weapon.
With the flick of a switch, the sword can flip the blade sideways and turn into a battle sickle, which is more effective when used with the long ribbon.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Blake was originally the 'heart' of a being called Cubia, born at the beginning of time, as the shadow of Aura. At that time, she was literally a body part of the old god - nothing more, nothing less. She held together the alien body of the creature.
When Cubia decided to live with his sister and her creations, he could no longer stay in his original form. Even without intending it, the presence of that body would corrupt Guardian Beasts - so he split apart his conciousness from the rest of his body, and sealed the body away in different dimensions. That was the first time that Blake as we know her 'awoke', but in a much more basic fashion.

That Blake had no solid form, and little mind of it's own. In a constant half-daze, all that occupied the 'mind' of the heart was the natural desire to reform the body. During the time when the 'aspects' of Cubia were seperated, though, they slowly absorbed the 'evil' of the world, strengthening the 'shadow' of life. The influence of the shadows began to leak out of the seals, and even the mind itself began to slowly change and morph into something unspeakably evil - and those contaminated by the evil soon sought him out, as his Dead Apostles. And so, the dark lord Zeref broke all seals on his body, and became Cubia - Blake lost her own mind again that day, and became the connecting part of the reformed Cubia.

The following war is a story that shall not be told at this point. It was a brutal conflict, many died on both sides - Guardian Beasts, Dead Apostles, and Shadow Beasts - Guardian Beasts born from nightmares and fear, which found themselves attaching to Cubia and the world of shadows he was creating. Blake's story is much more their story than the story of Cubia or those of the Guardian Beasts that opposed him.
When Cubia was defeated at the final battle, a lot of things fell apart - most notably, his body. When the main body was sealed into the Holy Grail as the black waters, the mind got removed by Aura and formed into the Zeref known today - the rest of his body, though, splintered into 'Fragments of the End'. One of these fragments of Cubia's body, a relatively small one, crashed into a forest controled by Shadow Beasts, where it began changing form - into something that at least somewhat resembled a Heroic Spirit type Guardian Beast, much like the Mind of the End did. At the end of the day of the final battle, the curtain closed on the Cubia Wars, and on the old empire... but the story of Blake began.

Blake was found by retreating Shadow Beast troups, when she was still unconcious. Taking her with them, they sensed kinship with her - much like them, her body was composed out of manifested nightmares and dark emotions. When Blake finally came to, weeks after she was found, her rescuers were in terrible shape.
After losing the war in such a spectacular way, there was no command structure left for the forces of darkness. Cubia had never been a leader that disclosed plans or information to anyone besides his closest Dead Apostles, and those had all been killed by either Zefonse or Kite. The resulting chaos lead to an outright slaughter of remaining forces of darkness by enraged and rejuvinated forces of light, which drove out the shadows from formerly occupied and corrupted areas with the light of the newly created Holy Grail. While peace treaties were being written for the first time, a lot of minor skirmishes and fights were still going on at the sidelines.

The newly awakened Heart of the End was still confused and weakened. She was her own being now - concious, in a way, and intelligent. She was thinking for herself for the first time - she was more than just the desire to re-unite the body of Cubia. She felt ever so slightly 'connected' to the Shadow Beasts - and so, she used what little power she had to help their kind out. Obscuring presences, stealing valuable supplies - thanks to the control over shadows she had inherited from her 'father', as she called Zeref now, Blake effectively became a resistance leader, and the main reason why Shadow Beasts and remaining Apostles managed to form any sort of concentrated effort to both fortify their positions, and actually become able to negotiate with the winners of the war.
But this was when problems arose. Blake didn't want peace - she wanted the death of those who had defeated Cubia, at any cost. She didn't know why - although, looking at it from a human perspective, she was clearly angry and not thinking straight. Her people, however, needed peace - a peace she couldn't give them. And so, she decided that it was not yet her time... That it was time once more to 'watch'. This was all just a dream to her, anyway - what did a few years or millenia matter?
And so, Blake sealed herself within black crystal, deep in the catacombs of the last Shadow Beast fortress, sealed behind many magic wards and new walls, built for her by her loyal subjects.

That could've been the end of Blake's story. However, not so long ago, something - or maybe, someone - disrupted her sleep. Slowly, Blake began to awaken - the crystal cracked, and she broke out of the imprisonment she subjugated herself to so many years ago. Concious again, Blake noticed just how much time had passed...
The walls were only piles of rubble. All of the magic wards had worn off by now - the fortress, as she stumbled out of it, was nothing but a forgotten ruin. But something called her out of the seal... Maybe it was just a lone Shadow Beast, crying to help. Maybe it was the silent call of Cubia towards all Fragments to reunite. For now, Blake just watches and learns... and tries to figure out just how these 'emotions' work.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]    Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:49 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [o]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [o]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [o]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [-]


*Taps the side of my book, and pushes up my glasses*

So.... for the most part, I don't see any dire problem that would prevent this app from being approved, given the characters origins. Even so, I would like to assert my opinion on one thing I feel needs changing.

1. End's Embrace: Those killed by Blake are erased. In practice, this means that soul-beings do not return to the Soul Cycle, and those beings that aren't part of it can not be reborn in any way either.

This ability, I have to say, makes me feel very uncomfortable. Now, while one could argue that the likelihood of a character being killed can range from very high to very low, depending on the permission of the user, the fact that they would not be able to experience a rebirth is just too powerful in my honest opinion. Moreover, beyond that point, it's the fact that it's a natural ability and there isn't really a great explanation here of why what makes her kills special and prevents them from returning back to life, in say, a reincarnation or rebirth. I need more of a paragraph or two, or maybe three until I could see if I was fine with it. And, honestly, If it's not too much, I'd feel better if this were more of a final ability-type, rather than a natural ability, as I feel that the ability would fit more along the lines of a game ending attack rather than a, "Hey gaiz, I can kill you naturally, and yo asses' aint' comin back. " One more suggestion from my end is that, this would benefit better and make me accept it more If it were a conceptual ability.

Tier: Denied for now. When I am able to approve it, once you have made the proper changes I proposed above, I will approve this app with a 1-3.

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]    Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:31 am

Application Checklist

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Wonderful! You've made the proper changes. The newly described End's embrace is much more detailed, and with the way its described, i'm more than okay with it.
Tier: Approved, 1-3.

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PostSubject: Re: Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]    

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Blake[Approved, Guardian beast; 1-3. ]
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