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 Jin Goto [Approved, 1-4]

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PostSubject: Jin Goto [Approved, 1-4]   Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:55 am

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Blood

Name: Jin Goto (Aki Kobayashi)
True Age: 1250 (353 years as Sōnansha)
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" (5'9" in heels)
Weight: 135
Rank: Rogue


Personality: Jin is a dark young woman with a troubled past that has caused her to lash out at humanity and it's counterparts, quincy and even her own kind. She rarely looks at the people around her and sees anything but targets and instruments to use for her own gain. Her entire purpose in life is to rid the world of those who she sees unfit to live. She trusts absolutely no one and thinks them foolish to trust her. She heeds no care for the innocent, elderly, or young. If you get in her way, she will strike you down if she can't just barrel through you. It really is just a much better idea to stay out of her way. She isn't one to get on the bad side of. Jin is one of those people who prefers quiet over sound, still over movement, and peace over excitement. There was a time that she was on the job and someone would not shut their fucking mouth, so she took a large amount of duct tape and shut them up. A lot of people like 'doing things' while Jin prefers sitting still and doing nothing when she's not on the hunt. If she is not on the hunt, she can be found on roof tops, in dark alleys, or sitting in abandoned buildings just doing nothing at all. She prefers everything to be peaceful and not excitement in the manner that allows for quiet. She won't be seen going to parties willingly. She won't try to 'have fun'. She won't be seen listening to music. Jin actually doesn't smile. She hasn't smiled in over three hundred years and doubts anything will ever change that.

Jin is also very vengeful. She will seek vicious vengeance if she feels someone was wronged, especially herself. This doesn't mean she cares about a damn person, but she does have a very strict sense of right and wrong. If an elderly woman on the street is bumped into by some teenager and he or she refuses to apologize, Jin will be seen grabbing that teenager by his or her hair and dragging them off to either apologize or beat the shit out of them until they've learned their lesson. The bad part of this comes when she doesn't actually try to teach them, she merely beats the shit out of them, says one line, and then walks away. While on that subject, Jin rarely speaks. Her glares, scoffs, and gun speak for her. Jin always moves quickly and quietly through the shadows. People may see her, but they'll have to do a double take to make sure and she won't be there the second time. She prefers not to be seen, not to be known, and to keep to herself. She doesn't bother anyone and prefers it if they don't bother her. She has absolutely no allies, even those of her own kind don't even know who she is. Most people only hear rumors about her, none of them ever confirmed. Those who do know about her are dead or hire her often to take care of their own business. Jin is one of those people who don't really like anything or anyone. It's very, very hard to get close to her. If you're ever able to get her to speak to you, either run because she's going to kill you, or count yourself lucky.

Note: Her real name is Aki Kobayashi. She chooses to go by Jin because most assume she is man. It amuses her when people realize the person that has been brutally killing people around the world is female.

Character Background: Jin doesn't care to remember her past very much. She doesn't reminisce over anything because she she's left it all behind. At least that is what she did for everything before the year 1747. The only thing she'd be able to tell you is that she was once happy. She did once smile and love and care. There was a time that she thought people deserved to live and love and prosper. All of that changed on the night of her daughters third birthday. Everything was going so well. She was married to a wealthy man who wanted her to settle down with him. After explaining everything about her powers and what she could do, he accepted them and they got married. Jin thought she was loved. She thought everything was perfect, but that night everything changed. They were just putting their daughter to sleep when their conversation became bleak. Her husband became cold and dark towards her. When she asked him what was wrong, he pulled a knife on her and stabbed her in the stomach. He accused her of witchcraft and making deals with the devil. He then informed her that the only reason he pretended to care for so long was so that he, himself could take their child and raise her to be a powerful fighter. He wanted to use their child to take over their country and put himself as 'king'. Furious, Jin attempted to retaliate, but he merely twisted the knife and cut her more, and more, and more. She screamed and fell. She may have been much older than him, but her body was always weak and frail. She watched him pick up their little girl and drop a lit candle on the floor. He told her to burn in hell for her sins and took their baby away from her. Jin struggled to her feet and fought as hard as she could to get to her child, but by the time she was out of the house it was fully on fire and her husband and child were gone. Jin hurried into town, screaming for help, but it was practically a ghost town. No one was around. She saw lights off in the distance and headed in that direction in hopes of finding someone to help her.

The light she was trying to find was that of a fire. She peeked through the trees when hearing a familiar voice yell out and saw everyone from the town standing around and yelling at her husband. She heard her child cry and went forward to talk, but was suddenly grabbed by a young man who always seemed to fancy her. He told her not to go yet, they were going to burn her husband for attempting to murder her. To murder her? How would they have found out so quickly? She hesitated and her husband burned. Out of nowhere, she felt a rope around her neck and was being dragged quite harshly towards the fire. "Here she is! Got the witch!" the boy who distracted her yelled out and they all went to grab her. Jin screamed and yelled, kicking as hard as she could and tried to get away, but she could not. She was already injured, weak from the loss of blood. There was no way for her to really fight. She stood there and watched them pull her husband die in the fire they had put him in and couldn't help but smirk at it. This was all his fault in the first place! He was a liar! He deserved such a death! But their child did not and she was next. Jin violently screamed out and panicked as she saw them preparing to throw her child in the fire. She screamed, begged, and pleaded for them to stop, but she could convince no one. Her child was thrown in and after a short time of hearing a baby scream in pain, the child died and Jin fell limp in the hold of the villagers grip. She cried and called them all devils, telling them that they will soon pay for their sins. They laughed at her, thinking that their 'God' was on their side for 'burning a witch', her lover, and offspring. Jin gave in and they began dragging her over to the fire to burn her as well, but something happened. Screams echoed through the forest and they dropped her and all began to run. Jin just laid there in a daze until finally the screaming stopped. A man stepped over her and told her to hold on. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she watched him come towards her, his fangs, and then a sharp feeling of pain hit her entire body. It was worse than the stab wound. He was drinking from her! Her blood? She could feel it! Soon, she felt very weak and passed out.

From what she was told, it was a day and a half later when she awoke. She was hungry for something she did not understand, yet ignored it. Over time, the thirst took her over and she went on a rampage. The man who 'rescued' and turned her the day before, had to fight her off when she attempted to feed off of him. Seeing that she wasn't going to be able to get through him, she ran off to find something else. Luckily it was night, and she found herself a young man in an alley that a town that she recognized as a neighbor to her own. She could not control herself and immediately fed off of him. A few moments later, she was found by the man who saved her who brought her back out of the public and explained the entire situation. She had hoped that it was a dream, but upon recollection found the day before did indeed happen. She lost her daughter because of her husbands betrayal and then was sentenced to burn along with them while being accused of witchcraft. Upon being informed more about her situation, she was angered. He had turned her into a monster! She was now going to be forced to feed off of other humans! She screamed at him, threatened to kill him, and soon ended up chasing him off. Obviously he wasn't in the mood to fight her. For days after, Jin became angry with her situation. She began to fill with hatred for herself, her kind, and all humans alike. She ended up lashing out in the next town she came to, killing a good fifty people, including children. Since then, she began training herself in whatever way she was able to. One day, after three years of training and isolation, a woman found her in the forest and asked her for help because her village was being attacked. Jin went on to help, but didn't just scare off the people attacking, she slaughtered them, drank their blood, and then left. It's been like that for years. She chose her career as a hit woman, taking on jobs from random people who needed someone killed. She did this repeatedly for years, uncaring towards anyone she was told to kill... at least until one assignment about two years ago...

Note: Past Role Play To Be Done!

Natural Abilities
Natural Abilities:

Enhanced S.S.A.D.: The first 'S' is for strength, the second is for Speed, the A is for Agility, and the D is for durability. Being what she is, who she is, and doing what she does automatically requires a base amount of these four things, but through her training and becoming a Sōnansha, Jin's body has naturally adapted. She can push her body to do practically whatever she wants it to do. She is not easily injured. In fact, she can fall from a ten story building and get up without a single broken bone. The ground beneath her will feel the impact more than she, likely leaving a crater or cracked concrete, whatever she lands on. Jin is agile to make sure she can get where she needs to go silently and without being spotted. Since a lot of her jobs require her to enter a building through means other than walking through the front door, she has trained herself to be able to put her body into the smallest spaces. To do the things she does, Jin needs to be able to move quickly and barrel through any obstacle she comes across. This is where her speed and strength come in. Having the ability to punch through a concrete wall, grab someone, and pull them through the same wall without any problems or resistance only scratches the surface as to how strong she is able to become. Her strength is her greatest aspect in battle, durability right after, then agility, and then speed. She is fast enough to move through large city within ten minutes, but it's not like she hits Shinigami speed.

One Pistol, Two Pistol: Three Pistol, Four! Five Pistol, Six Pistol, Seven Pistol MORE! (Yes, I had fun while writing that out!) Practically any type of hand gun is Jin's weapon of choice. They're light, easy to carry around, easy to conceal, and they get the job done. She has the ability to use other weaponry, such as a katana, shot gun, or rifle, but pistols will always be favored. Her aim with a gun, especially hand gun, is superb. Thanks to her enhanced senses, she has discovered the ability to accurately hit a bottle cap at over one hundred feet away. Though her favorite type of weapon is a pistol, her favorite one to use is a custom created gun. She wanted something brutal that got the job done in one shot, but was also easy to carry. Her custom gun is a mixture of handgun and shot gun. It fires off rounds in the manner of a shot gun, but is merely held with a single hand. It's meant for close to medium range and does a massive amount of damage on both. At medium range, the target is pretty much wide-sprayed with bullets. At close range the target is hit with enough power to blow their head off or their body back, depending on where she chose to aim at the moment. There are eight shots in the gun at once and is reloaded through the back of the handle in the same way most pistols are loaded.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: There are times where a mission calls for less boom, boom, boom and a more stealthy and quiet approach. Because of this, over the past three hundred and fifty years, Jin has trained herself in Taekkyeon, Wushu, and later Taekwondo. She uses Taekkyeon and Taekwondo as her more offensive styles, though Taekkyeon is a bit more fluid and surprising when used in combat. Wushu is her defensive style that she uses when she's merely trying to incapacitate an enemy. Of course, while she's fighting, she's not always thinking about which style to use in what situation. The three styles seem to mesh with each other while she's actually in battle, her reflexes and training taking over for her. When she fights, it's usually muscle memory, not conscious thought. And because of the three styles she has meshed within her muscle memory, Jin has a habit of moving in ways that not many people have seen before, her agile and quick body allowing her to do some crazy shit to take down an enemy.

Blood Seal: This is a technique that she came up with for her jobs. She uses it to make a deal with the person that she is hired by. By placing an 'X' somewhere on their body in her own blood, the mark sinks into them and will permanently stay until the job given to her is done. Then another mark is placed around her wrist like a bracelet and does the same thing. These marks keep her connected to them for the duration. If they choose to betray her, the mark will heat up to the point where it can cause 3rd degree burns. It won't kill them, but it will cause them a lot of pain until the entire thing burns from their skin and is gone. Once the seal is broken, the mark on her wrist also burns for a moment and then fades away, pretty much breaking the deal on the job. If she chooses to break the deal herself, the blood seal is lifted and it causes the person absolutely no pain.

Inherited Abilities
Sōnansha Generation: C (4)
Inherited Abilities:

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would. In Jin's case, she was turned while her body was previously frozen at the age of 21. She hasn't been a Sōnansha for the entire time, but was a super charged human through years before that and then was turned.

Wall Gliding: This allows the Sōnansha to walk on walls and ceilings. It's done by manipulating the gravity around themselves automatically. It isn't something that they can project. It's only on them. Though, having this ability does allow immunity to minor gravity based abilities.

Enhanced Senses: Jin's strongest enhanced sense is actually her sense of smell. She can pick up even the faintest smells and track them for miles on miles. She can follow the scents flawlessly. Her second strongest sense is her sense of hearing. Jin's able to hear a pin drop from the other side of the street while hundreds of cars are passing by. She can zone in on certain sounds if need, able to drown out the rest after picking this certain one up. Right after that is her sense of sight. She is able to see in the dark and close in on smaller objects at longer distances. This isn't as far as many other Sōnansha can see, but definitely a lot stronger than a human's vision.

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone.

Seimei no Honō
Seimei no Honō:
Seimei no Honō Appearance: Eyes Change To Red, nails lengthen and sharpen.
Seimei no Honō Abilities: Jin's Seimei no Honō is pretty fucking redundant for a Sōnansha. She absolutely hates using it because even though it makes her powerful as all hell, it weakens her at the same time. She has had full control over when she uses it for the past one hundred and fifty years, so unless her blood count drops to 5% or less, she won't feel the rage that some Sōnansha feel when in their Seimei no Honō. The problem comes when you realize that she actually uses her own blood to defend and attack in this form. Dangerous? Yes! Too keep track of the amount of blood that she uses, her Seimei no Honō is going to be put on a point system with each attack costing a certain amount of points(blood). Once she gets to a certain point, she will be feeling different side effects.

Max Amount Of Blood: 600

    Loss Of Blood Side Effects:
  • Down to 300: Hunger Pains
  • Down to 250: Weak, light headed, needing to slow down
  • Down to 200: Stamina lowering, needing to catch breath a lot
  • Down to 150: Loss of speed, strength, and Agility by 30%
  • Down to 100: Attacks and Defensive effects lowered by 75%
  • Anything Below 100: No longer able to use her blood to attack, weak defenses.

Regaining Blood: She drinks! Obviously. She regains 100 points of blood per post.

Blood Shot: (Blood Cost: 1 per bullet) Sticking her sharpened nails into her skin to make some sort of cut, the blood collects into a small ball smaller than a marble. These little balls are used as bullets and shot towards a target. Jin has the ability to push out up to thirty of these at once, giving it a shot gun effect. OR Jin can shoot out a continuous stream of one fifty, giving the attack a machine gun effect. They act as bullets, but are spiritually enhanced and are able to pierce two feet thick steel walls.

Blood Spikes: (Blood Cost: 5 per Spike) Long vine-like attacks, these blood made tendrils have a spear like tip that are made for piercing a target, though can also be used to latch onto an object. They're controlled through mental commands and are fifteen foot long. They can be hardened to act as spears or softened to become easily maneuverable. Each spike, when hardened, has the ability to pierce steel and while softened they can flatten and squeeze through practically every little area. There are times that Jin will use these to figure out the layout of a building, since she can smell exactly where they're going and use that to figure it out.

Blood Weaponry: (Blood Cost: 20 per weapon) Jin uses a massive amount of blood to create a weapon of her choice, excluding firearms. These weapons have so much of her spiritually enhanced blood condensed within them that it's nearly impossible to break them. They're extremely strong and like all of her blood creations, are able to cut through thick pieces of steel. One of her more used weapons is actually duel gauntlets, but they way they're made gives a bit of armor around her arm and wrist. Te blood comes out of the top of her hands, slithering along her skin until it wraps all the way up to right below her elbow. The blade that is formed goes along the top of her hand and is an entire foot long.

Blood Crescent: (Blood Cost: 5 Each Time) Stabbing her nails into the palms of her hands hard enough to make them bleed, Jin sends out crescent shaped blades that glow with power towards a target. The blades shoot forward in a flurry, slicing through whatever they come in contact with until hitting something solid enough to stop them. Though they can be stopped if someone is strong enough, it's best to just dodge and get out of the way. They move quick enough to not be seen by the normal human eye.

Blood Splatter: (Blood Cost: 100) This is the most powerful and dangerous of Jin's techniques. Jin only chooses to use this technique when she is in a desperate situation and knows that she will probably not win if she doesn't use it. Using a massive amount of her blood and splattering it all around the area from walls, to ceilings, to objects around, and of course the floor. Once the blood is everywhere, she springs thousands of needles from each of the blood splatters and shoots them in every which direction all at once. Now, these needs are not able to pierce steel, but can definitely pierce a body without any resistance. The dangerous part about this attack is the fact that it is not bias towards Jin. Because of her intent to take her opponent or opponents down with her, she allows these spikes to stab through her own body as well.

Blood Barrier: (Blood Cost: 5 Each) Holding out her hand, blood seeps from whatever part of her that is already cut and shoots out in front of her palm, expanding, and hardening at a rapid rate. Once the blood is hardened, it prevents both spiritual and physical attacks from coming through. It's very, very durable towards physical attacks and not as durable towards spiritual, but blocks each quite well. Depending on how much time she has, she can create a barrier that's small to large, ranging from the size of a dinner plate to the size of a double door.

Blood Defense: (Blood Cost: 20) This is a defense that Jin uses when she's going all out in hand-to-hand combat. The blood from her wounds slides all along her body and hardens into an armor that does go with the motion she makes. This armor of blood surrounds every part of her body, including her head. It's extremely durable, like having a plate of steel on the outside of her body. This means that when she hits, she can hit like a wrecking ball, especially since she's already strong without it. Adding a steel plate of enhanced blood around her body makes her landing even a single hit devastating. This armor can stop physical attacks without care, but is weaker to energy based attacks.  It lasts for 5 rounds of posts, but can be broken if worn down enough.

Blood Boil: (Blood Cost: None) This increases the temperature of blood in her body, causing her attacks to do burning damage, her body to move faster and even begin to heal outside wounds, cuts, gashes and scrapes. Of course, she'll have to cut herself again for the rest of her attacks, but this allows other wounds that she's not using to attack with to close up and stop any extra loss of blood.

Blood Mark: (Blood Cost: 2) All this does is allow Jin to track someone through her own scent instead of theirs. She places a bit of her own blood on the person and is able to follow her own scent to them, knowing there is no way they can cover up something that is hers. Perfumes and whatever someone can think of to change a smell does not work when it's something part of herself, so if someone is going to get away because she is distracted, she'll splatter a small amount of blood onto them that is undetectable through anything but sight for them. She'll then follow the scent until she catches up, usually shocking people and making them wonder how she found them.


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Jin Goto [Approved, 1-4]
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