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 Lucia Hargreave Durand [Approved 5-5]

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PostSubject: Lucia Hargreave Durand [Approved 5-5]   Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:26 am

"My light will guide your way to the truth!"


Name: Lucia "Lucy" Hargreave Durand
True Age: 22
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132 pounds

Personality: Lucia is a beacon of shining light and hope. She shines her rays of kindness and happiness down upon those who stand near her, and will be the sort of person to guide others through to the future. She is a great leader of people, who tries to lead by example and show that people can do whatever they set their minds to. Being a genius in that sense, she does have her own 'snobbish' air to her, but she tries to avoid showing it off to other people when she can. Instead, she likes to be approachable and kindly to others--even matronly to those she's close to--but at the same time, she is exceptionally lonely. Her presence to others is similar to that of a high-level predator to general prey. Although they find her kindly and the like, they do not think it wise to approach her and generally avoid getting close to her. This has lead her to being very difficult in social situations, and usually unable to react when, for example, she is randomly kissed. If that were to occur, she would likely push them away and get out of their personal space as it is not something she understands. She sees herself as an observer to the world, not wanting to interfere--but at the same time wanting to be a part of it all.

Yet it doesn't work. When she runs with her friends, she always wins. In a contest of strength, she is only outmatched by those who have trained their bodies for pure physical strength. Being the peak of humanity's capabilities puts her on a pedestal that she can't seem to escape from. It makes her very difficult to approach on a personal level, and she finds it difficult to open herself up to someone who actually wants her to do so. She is only ever idolized, so she hasn't ever had one real person that she can call a 'friend'. There are times when Lucia believes that she'll never be able to make a friend, or even fall in love. She understands that the marriage that her mother has set up is loveless, and wants to find someone that she'll be close to... even if there'll only ever end up being one person in the world who'd matter to her.

Having always been in her own little bubble, Lucia is extremely innocent and naive concerning the ways of the world. She has only recently understood how to start a car, and often marvels at new things she finds. ("What is this thing you call... white chocolate? It looks so sweet, and yet nothing like the chocolate I've eaten!") She can often be found spending time just looking through magazines, cutting pieces out from the pages and pasting them into a scrapbook. Of course, most of the magazines she looks are food magazines. Oh, did I mention that Lucia liked food? No, like seriously. Having six meals a day at minimum gives one a taste for food like nothing else. She's always on the lookout for new recipes to try, or new flavors to discover. She's a good cook, too--mostly because she has to be. She refuses to let servants wait on her, instead doing her own thing when she can.

Don't let her out of your sight in the middle of a large city, by the way. Though she may have a good memory for directions, she's liable to get distracted by the new flavor of the week at a local sweet shop. She likes cute things, such as puppies or kittens--but unfortunately, they don't like her for the same reason that humans avoid her. As a result of that, she finds it really difficult to deal with animals and will not go into a zoo for fear of scaring away the animals around her. So maybe calling her a beacon of shining light and hope was a mistake.

Lucia Durand is a lighthouse, standing alone amongst the roaring dark tides with rocks surrounding her, hoping to have even one ship approach her.

General Appearance

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Superhuman Metabolism: In the simplest sense: Lucia does not produce any body fat, no matter how much food she may eat. Her metabolism is at an extremely high level--enough so much that the food that she eats is almost instantaneously converted into energy for her to use. And my god, will she use it (wink wink). In order to keep up with her metabolic processes, Lucia requires a minimum of six full meals a day, but one or two more won't hurt. When she doesn't receive enough food, she becomes a shadow of her former self. She can last for up to eight hours without a meal, running down from the energy she has built up. After four hours without food, she will feel her usual hunger. After six hours, she will start feeling hunger pains. At eight hours, she will crash and suddenly become as weak as a child. Over the next 12 hours, she will slowly feel her body eating away at itself--first her muscle tissue, then her organ tissue, until finally her vital organs are consumed in order to give her body sustenance. If she has not eaten within eighteen hours of a meal, she will die.

High Blood Production: In line with the production of energy in her body, Lucia's circulatory system is highly efficient. She has an abundance of blood, which flows directly through her muscles at all times. Because of this--there is almost always a flow of oxygen leading through her musculature; this gives her nigh-unlimited stamina. When she is dealt an open wound, the bleeding seems to be about the same. The extra platelets actually quicken the clotting of the wound, closing it up faster and allowing her skin to regenerate back over it.

Disease Immunity: Of course, as well as red blood cells, Lucia also has an abundance of white blood cells. This means that diseases are quickly reacted to and destroyed--she may feel the effects for a day or so, but then she will be completely immune to it. Her body's dealings with disease are just as efficient as all of its other processes.

Superhuman Efficiency: When one does not need sleep, one has time to train their body. Lucia's muscles are, for lack of a better word, perfect. They are efficient in every sense of the word--they do not make unnecessary movements, they have the most efficient ratio of fast and slow twitch fibres, and they have been trained to be at their peak condition. As such, Lucia has surpassed the peak of the human physical condition. She has the strength of a man twice her size, and can run at the speed of a high-level Olympic sprinter. Her agility and reflexes are superhuman as well. She can keep up with low-level spiritual beings, but will still likely not win against them, due to her humanity and lack of spiritual powers.

Photographic Memory: Due to the additional oxygen to her brain (and genetic modification), Lucia has a perfect photographic memory with almost instant recall.

Fencing Skill: To pass the time, Lucia took up fencing. As such, she has almost mastered the skill with the blade and uses a rapier as her usual weapon in battle.

Reduced Aging: As her body is efficient and uses its resources in the best way possible, even the majority of the factors that promote aging are reduced--Lucia has a life expectancy of approximately 180 years or more with the state she is in. She also appears several years younger than she actually is, and the difference between her actual age and appearance age will grow as she continues to get older.

Increased Body Heat: Lucia has an average body heat that is about six degrees Celsius higher than the usual human being. Although this may not seem like much, it makes her a lot more uncomfortable in direct sunlight--she prefers to work in the shade where possible. It also gives her better efficiency in colder temperatures--she is less likely to succumb to frostbite and the like.

Can See Spirits: Yes

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Project Lucifer. The Durand Genesis Group had coined that name to their flagship experiment--an attempt to create the perfect, powerless human. They didn't want to see Qi or Reishi in their work; instead, they wanted to be certain that the human they produced was the perfect exemplar of what humanity could do on its own. While many a woman of the company offered their womb to take the child who would be implanted with the Lucifer modification, it was decided that the wife of the Director would be impregnated. Amanda Durand took it upon herself to hold this child, knowing full well the consequences but deciding to go through with it anyway. Over nine long months, she was forced into scans, tests and injections of every kind: until the day came that her daughter was finally in her arms. Taking on the moniker of Lucifer, she named the child Lucia in its honor.

Over the next five years, Lucia was raised as the paragon child of Durand. She was given whatever she wanted, as long as she sat through the required tests. It seemed to be going well--but, of course, there were issues. Firstly, she did not sleep. Although it was difficult at first, Amanda and her husband Michael got used to the sleepless nights. The child ate more than any other child, yet did not gain weight. When this child was injured, her wounds healed at a rapid rate that was certainly inhuman. Michael wanted to do more tests--to have her killed and autopsied--but Amanda would never allow it. As the requirement was the signatures of both parents, Michael had his hands tied. No power in the company could get Amanda to give up her daughter. In the end, he relented. On her sixth birthday, Michael left Lucia and Amanda behind--as long as Amanda promised to send progress reports every week.

And for the five years after that, it seemed that Michael would get his wish. Amanda would (begrudgingly) experiment on her daughter and send the results back to DGG. Michael would send back orders for further kinds of experiments, and Amanda would follow his orders. Over this time, Lucia grew at a rapid pace. She outpaced every one of her classmates in sports. She was kind, just and noble. She was, as her name implied, a beacon of graceful light for others to follow. Amanda noticed this, and slowly started to reduce her reports. Once Lucia turned twelve, the reports were sent fortnightly. When Lucia was fourteen, they were sent monthly. And at the age of sixteen--the reports on Lucia simply vanished. Amanda claimed that her daughter had 'come of age', and that sixteen years of reports was enough to justify the experiment as a success.

One could say that Michael flew into a rage upon hearing such words. They would not be wrong. He spared Amanda's life out of remaining love for her, but kidnapped Lucia with a single note: 'Do Not Come After Her Or She WILL Die. -Your Loving Husband' Amanda, knowing Michael to be a man of his word, could not bring herself to risk her daughter's life. No matter what she tried, she just couldn't do it. So for the next four years, Lucia's life changed drastically. Used to receiving six meals a day, she was reduced to two every twelve hours. This left her weak and unable to fight back as her father experimented further and further on her genetic tissue. He waited until she'd been fed and then whipped her, watching the skin grow back over the next few hours--he'd whip her after eight hours of no food and see them bleed at a rate that was completely different. He relished in this testing--absolutely loved to see his daughter in pain.

In the midst of all this, once she was nineteen years old, he would rape her. He justified this as 'wanting to test out the limits of her reproductive system.' Seeing her as a mere experimental tool, he attempted to impregnate her, knowing full well that he would abort the child if necessary. After several tries and tests, he discovered that she was completely infertile. This told him that his experiment, though successful, would not work. She would be the first and last in his line of genetic superhumans. After this discovery, he simply left her. He would continue to feed her, but his experiments were over. He simply wanted to be rid of her. And rid of her he would be. A few weeks after Lucia turned twenty, Michael mysteriously died. Not long after this, Lucia was returned to her mother (who had taken control of DGG) and put into rehabilitation.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucia Hargreave Durand [Approved 5-5]   Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:12 am

  • Name [X]
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  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
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  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: She ish cute and she is Jin's. Mine... Mine and Jin's. -Nod-
Tier: 5-5

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Lucia Hargreave Durand [Approved 5-5]
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