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 Diana Rosales

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Diana Rosales   Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:48 pm

"Life? Death? Those are meaningless to me. All I care about is my work, and the subjects that come
to me for power. You can leave your petty absolutes at the door."


Name: Diana Rosales
ALIAS: Mad Scientist Queen
True Age: 3225
Appearance Age: 26
Gender: Female
Arrancar Type: Vasto Lorde
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: AB-
Rank/Affiliation: Cero Espada

Personality: The renowned 'Mad Scientist Queen' really doesn't seem that mad to the people that are introduced to her. She's cool, calm and collected, speaking in very simple tones and keeping a level expression no matter the situation she's in. Her attitude towards pretty much anything in her sight is exceptionally nonchalant, and she really just doesn't seem to care about anything that surrounds her. She speaks deliberately, making sure to properly enunciate her words and ensure that the understanding is brought across to the listener. She makes sure to explain herself properly and carefully, since she doesn't appreciate being misunderstood. If it appears that she has been misunderstood, she will repeat herself once. If she has to repeat herself again, she will penalize. Penalties can be anything, from a simple tap on the wrist, to a beheading--maybe even mass murder, if it's not clear enough.

Diana has a preference towards being in control. She likes to be in control of herself, and of her subjects. As a result, she is not a fan of using too much of her power--if she uses too much power, she loses a lot of her sanity. She likes to hold back in battle for this reason. As for being in control of her subjects, she has a preference for keeping them in pens.

General Appearance

Appearance: (A picture will suffice here, otherwise a paragraph on their overall appearance and another on their clothing)
Mask Fragment: (What is your character's mask fragment?)
Hollow Hole: (Where is your character's hollow hole?)

Natural  Abilities

Weapon Appearance: Diana's weapon is unusual in its appearance; some would even say that it's completely unexpected for an Arrancar to be wielding such a modern weapon like this. Nobody but Diana knows its true name--she refers to it as the '3D Maneuver Gear'.

The Seals System: For Diana, power is inversely proportional to sanity. The more power that she has at her disposal, the less sane she will be. When she has finally reached the crux of her strength, she will have been reduced to a cackling, insane mess that can do little but destroy her opponents in battle. As a precaution, she has implemented a system of seals upon her body, each of which holding back 20% of her potential. When she so wishes to release some of her power, she will let one of the seals go. The seal surrounds her numero tattoo.



Resurreccion Name: el Carnicero (The Butcher)
Resurreccion Appearance:

Resurreccion Powers:




Segunda Name: el Destripador (The Ripper)
Segunda Appearance:

Segunda Powers:

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
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Diana Rosales
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