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 Kaminari Hatakeyama [APPROVED 0-3]

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PostSubject: Kaminari Hatakeyama [APPROVED 0-3]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:02 am

Shinigami Template

Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
Nickname: Little K
Gender: Female
Age Appearance: 20
True Age: 107
Height: 5'0
Weight: 110


Personality: Kaminari lives by a rule. This rule states “I will trust until given a reason not to”. Unlike what most people do in their lives, she'll immediately trust the word of a complete stranger. This is something that does have the ability to get her into a lot of trouble, obviously, but one thing she has learned is to always give someone a chance. Not everyone in the world is bad. She doesn't want to view it that way, despite her extremely difficult past. Even though Kaminari does give everyone that first chance and will trust them until she realizes she shouldn't, once that trust is gone it is extremely difficult to get her to trust you again. It is possible, but she will end up taking a persons words as a lie until proven otherwise. For people who are actually wanting to be friends with her, the best way to do it is to always tell her the truth, never betray, and do not hurt her or the ones she loves. Doing any of those things will immediately break her trust and likely the friendship that was built.

Like most people out there, Kaminari has different ways of acting around certain types of people. Her normal personality is being the passionate, kind-hearted, determined person she naturally is. She's also rather serious, straight faced(almost looking emotionless), and calm. Around friends, she can easily and naturally adjust her personality to fit the others. This gives her this wonderful and uncanny ability to get along with practically anyone she meets. Being around friends, she'll usually be happy. She can also get a little hyperactive, childish, and has a cute innocence about her. If she's with a  close friend, she will even have the habit of trying to make sure they are comfortable and happy, likely catering to their needs. Of course this can change if she's had a bad day, is sad, or is really concentrating on something. If she is, she'll be quiet, a little absent minded, and at times can even be a little clumsy. Rarely, if not ever, will anyone see her cry. She decided a long time ago that crying is something she refuses to do because she feels that it will make her seem weak. Now, just like most people, Kaminari also acts different around her love interest/boyfriend/partner, whatever one it might be. She has a tendency to be shy, blush more than usual, giggle a lot, and be a little ditzy at times.

Everyone has things they like, dislike, love, and fear. Kaminari is no exception to this. She likes to be outdoors, in wide open spaces. This is one of the reasons why people will catch her training, sitting in a field somewhere in the Rukongai, or maybe sitting on a roof. She enjoys nature, flowers, the wind. Something about all of these things gives her this refreshing sense of freedom and tranquility. Kaminari dislikes fire and the destruction that it has the ability to cause. She knows that it can be helpful and that some people say it's 'energy' or 'life', but that isn't something she is willing to agree with. Kaminari loves being around people that she cares about and that she believes care about her. It's something she has wanted for such a long time, that when she has it she can't help but enjoy being around them. Then into a more negative aspect of this young woman, Kaminari has an extreme fear of being enslaved, held down, pinned, or trapped. If any of these things happen, her reflexes take over in a strong defensive manner. Even if the person isn't meaning it in a bad way, she'll likely strike them before even thinking about what is actually happening. The worst trigger for this is to grab onto her wrists, her shoulders, or her neck. Do. Not. Do. That.

Also like most people in the world, Kaminari is no exception to love and attraction. For Kaminari, the words cute, sweet, polite, and outgoing are to describe the personality of a man she would be attracted to. Although she herself can be serious, she has her own childish aspect that needs tending to as well. She likes fun and excitement, and that doesn't just mean fighting in battle. Every girl has a certain image of what they find physically attractive in a man. Kaminari is attracted to taller than her. They don't need to be six foot five, but a nice five foot seven would be pretty good. She really just doesn't wan to 'look down' on her love interest. She prefers fit and healthy looking, not scrawny or overweight. Due to her extreme loyalty to the Gotei and Soul Society, there is a low chance of her ever even becoming interested in anyone that is not of her same race. Also, she's straight. Women have not ever been something this little lady will be attracted to.


The Beginning And End: 1992-2012

Kaminari was born August 15th of the year 1992. That is the only thing about Kaminari's life that she cares about. Everything else about her life in the World Of The Living was a nightmare. She remembers that she never went to school. She was taught how to read and write at home by a woman she called her Mother. She remembers never being able to make friends. And she remembers a room. It was dark most of the time, only being lit when another person came to see her. The floor was concrete and always cold, but she was given a blanket to lay on. Her arms and legs were weighted down by medieval type shackles  that kept her bound to a brick wall. She was always weak due to the lack of nutrition. She was only fed once a day, but the meals were actually decent. She was given Vegetable Soups with bread, full sandwiches of all sorts, salads, steaks, and every now and then spaghetti. It became her favorite meal in her youth. The highlight of her days was when a man would walk down stairs, sit next to her, and just talk to her for a while. She would ask him about his day, the outside world, her Mother, and anything else. Then, he would unhook her shackles and let her walk around the dark, concreted room for an hour each day. For seven years this continued.

Ten years old and still shackled to a wall daily. Kaminari was becoming tired of this. She cried each night now. Everything seemed to hurt. It was getting harder to walk around when her Father would come and talk to her. It was getting hard to breathe. She was getting sick with a cold once every two months, and sometimes it was worse that just a cold. It was one happy day for Kaminari when something came crashing into a small window that had always been off to her side. She screamed, but no one was home at this time. Her Mother and Father were at work like always, and she was home alone. She heard voices. They were young. She saw a shadow flicker in her room and turned to the broken window. A face was peeking in at her. She was scared. The boy said nothing. He reached in and unlocked the window, something Kaminari would never have thought was so easy. "H-Hey... Sorry about that." the boy said to her as he pushed the broken window open and carefully climbed in over the broken glass. As he dropped down into her room, she pushed herself up against the wall, staying silent. Never before had she met anyone from the outside. The boy stepped over to her with a smile and picked up a small white sphere. "We were just playing catch. Please do-..." The boy finally noticed it, "Why are you tied up like that!?" Kaminari looked to her shackles and then back to him. She was confused. "Wh-Why... aren't you.. tied up?" Kaminari asked him. "Because I'm not supposed to be! And neither are you! I'm calling the cops!"

And that was that. Not an hour later, a large amount of people gathered around her house. They broke down the door to her room and saw her situation. Kaminari thought this was completely normal. To them it was not. After finding the key, instead of having to cut them off of her, they picked Kaminari's weak and fragile body from the cold floor. They wrapped her in a blanket and carried her up the stairs. Confused, scared, but too curious to stop them. As they came to the outside Kaminari had to cover her eyes. It was too bright for her. She began to cry. The man that held her covered her head with the blanket. For her age she was quite small. She never got the chance to grow or the nutrients needed to do so. She was fed all right for a girl being held in a basement, but this was still no life for a child. After a long while, Kaminari's eyes adjusted to the light. She pushed off the blanket and was sitting in the back of a straight metal box with a few other people. They all smiled at her. They told her she was safe now. She looked around and snuck out of the ambulance. A bunch of small dark pink flowers had caught her eye. She'd not seen such colors, such beauty. Even a child as ignorant to the world as she could tell that they were a sight to behold.

That was all. That is the only memory that Kaminari can recall from her childhood. A dark and cold room, being trapped and tied down, and then being set free by the childish mistake a young boy made next door. She remembered finding out that the people she called Mother and Father weren't her parents. No one had any clue where she was actually from, and neither did she. The biggest mystery was how she got into those peoples clutches in the first place. And why did they want her in the first place? All are still unanswered questions. After that her life must have been pretty normal because she can't recall much of it. She remembers going to school, learning everything she was supposed to learn, getting fed three meals a day, and being adopted. She remembers getting her own room, a bed, some new clothes, and calling two new people Mommy and Daddy. She was happy and grew up well. She was taught that not everyone was evil like her first family. A lot of people had good in them. It was just hard to see when most eyes were clouded by the negative aspects of the world. In Kaminari's eyes, her situation before was normal. It was this new "normal" situation that was strange. She was even caught sitting down in the basement when she didn't have to go to school or do homework.

She was seventeen now. Years have passes and Kaminari had matured into a healthy, knowledgeable, and proper young woman. She had actually learned the customs of the world and was what most would call a normal girl, having left behind the unfortunate memories that once plagued her. Yes, this is what Kaminari can remember. It was a school day and she was walking home alone, like she usually did. She stayed a little later than usual because a boy she had a crush on had actually asked her to meet him. Happy with the result of that meeting, she was on her way home. Unfortunately she had been watched the past week. The moment she made it to a certain point, right next to a dark alley, her mouth was covered and she was quickly dragged away. The next thing she knew was that she was tied up, thrown into the trunk of a car, and driven somewhere about 20 minutes away. They pulled her from the trunk, dragged her through an old building, and tossed her into a room with a man in a suit. She honestly cant even remember the conversation that they had. She remembered something being mentioned about the people she used to call Mother and Father, but after that she had been beaten so badly that everything went black. All Kaminari is able to recall is waking up in a massive amount of pain, in a wooden box, and hearing something be tossed over her.

It hadn't even been that long and Kaminari began to panic. It had been ten minutes at the most. She was running out of air. She screamed as loud as she could. She cried. She kicked at the box, hitting at any angle that she could, but nothing broke. She was stuck. She began coughing, breathing heavier and heavier as she panic increased. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" she screamed again, and again, and again. She felt light-headed. The air was close to being gone. Her body fell still, too weak to continue to fight. She could hear some kind of scratching and thumping sound, but nothing more beyond that. Her eyes slowly closed and she passed out, soon to die in a wooden box and buried alive. "Come on... Come on!!" a low voice was heard and she began to regain consciousness. Her eyes fluttered open and she was looking up at her Mom, Dad, and another man who was... kissing her? "No... CPR." she thought as she attempted to sit up. She was unable to because of the beating she took from the people who took her. "How did you find me?" was all she could ask. Someone saw her being dragged into an alley and called the police. From there they followed an obvious trail and found someone who knew what was being done. That person squealed and they were able to find Kaminari. At least, that is everything that she was told.

After that memory ends, there is only one more that she could remember and she still doesn't remember it that well. It was three years later and she was just dumped by her boyfriend for some other girl. Twenty years old and dumped by a boy she had been with since high school. Obviously it felt like he was "the one". The sudden break up tore her apart. No, she wasn't suicidal. But her mind was not in the best of states. She wasn't paying attention to anything around her. She was just trying to get home. It was around five and she had just gotten off of work. Since she was driving home, she ended up having a few close calls. She almost rear-ended someone. She accidentally pulled out in front of someone, but they braked fast enough. After that she ran a stop sign and almost hit a kitten in the road. Everything just kept telling her to be more careful. She took a deep breath and began concentrating more. Now this one wasn't even her fault. It was her turn, the light was green. She went and all she heard was a very loud horn. All she saw were bright lights coming straight for her. A large truck slammed into her car on the drivers' side at full speed and killed her on impact. The next thing she knew, she was standing on the outside of the car looking down on her mangled body. Soon an ambulance showed up, people gathered, her family was called, including her ex-boyfriend since no one knew about the break up.

Kaminari didn't stay for too long. Freaked out and upset at her parents and ex crying over her, she ran off to cry to herself. She couldn't believe it. How could this be happening to her? She was dead. And for some reason, this chain in the middle of her chest sort of proved it for her. She didn't understand why it was there, but she knew that her being dead had something to do with it. She sat in a dark alley, watching everyone pass her by without a glance. It was obvious they could not see her. She was dead, a ghost. Not one person in the world was going to be able to see her again, except this one. A man with blonde hair and strangely different colored eyes walked up to her, wearing a black traditional Japanese looking outfit and a sword at his waist. Kaminari just stared at him, her expression saddened and dull. "Can he... see me?" she thought as this man knelt down next to her. "Are you all right?" he asked kindly and genuinely concerned for her. "H-How..." she was cut off by a small chuckle. "How am I able to see you?" he completed her sentence for her and she nodded, "I am what you call a Shinigami. I am here to send you to a place called the Soul Society. There you can live happily and be at peace. I guess you can say... it's sorta like what a lot of humans call heaven, though a bit different." He smiled at her and she smiled back, nodding to him and immediately giving him her trust. He pulled out his sword and she only watched as he placed the hilt against her forehead. "What is your name?" she asked as a light began to glow around her. "Snopy Saika." was his reply. Kaminari smiled and went to speak, but the moment he removed the hilt from her forehead she closed her eyes and began to sink into the ground.

A Whole New World: Kaminari's Beginning 2013-2045

Kaminari awoke looking up to the sky, tall grass blocking her peripheral vision. It was day and when she checked her chain was gone. She was alive? No. She was in that world that Snopy Saika had sent her to. She remembered his name, though regrettably was unable to tell him hers. Before she sat up, she just laid there and listened. What type of world was this going to be? Where was she in this new world called The Soul Society? She was frightened, but still curious and excited. Though, she was alone. Kaminari sat up and looked around, her head barely reaching over the tall grass she was laying in. She stood. Immediately she noticed her clothing had changed. She was wearing a dark green kimono with flowery designs along it. No matter, it was time to move on. She began to walk and it only took a single step for her to trip over something and fall on her face. "Ow..." she thought to herself as she sat up and looked to see what it was. "A sword...?" she thought as she went and picked it up. She examined it from hilt to tip. It seemed to be just a normal katana with a pink hilt. "Interesting..." Kaminari looked around with suspicious eyes, "Wonder if this is some sort of warning... They're telling me I will need to protect myself!! Sword... is mine." Kaminari giggled to herself and then slid the sword between her sash and side to hold it there.

It was now her time to leave and find some place to stay, or at least find out exactly how this world works. For a while she just walked and walked, the place seeming to never end. Hours went by and finally she came to a town. It looked very, very different than what she was used to. Old style, traditional Japanese, run down and in need of some extreme upkeep. Kaminari asked around and quickly had the entire thing explained to her. She asked about Shinigami and had them explained as well. Someone even pointed at her sword and asked if it was a Zanpakuto. She thought about it. From what they had explained about a Zanpakuto, it was some sort of spiritual link to the sword. Since she woke up with it right next to her, she assumed it was. "I guess so..." Kaminari said with a smile. Her thoughts immediately traveled to the possibilities of 'super powers'. That's what it all sounded like from what the others had explained to her. She was soon offered a place to stay by a nice elderly woman who only wanted a bit of help going shopping for food and other things along those lines. Kaminari agreed and immediately moved in to the elderly woman's shack. It was old, run down, but the roof didn't leak and it was warm. From what she had also gathered, a place like this was the best place for you unless you became a Shinigami, then everything would change and you'd have a nicer place to live. Although it didn't seem to fair in Kaminari's eyes, she did make herself a new goal.

About ten years passed and Kaminari enrolled in Shino Academy. It was there that she was able to learn everything she needed to know to be a successful Shinigami. Immediately she was praised for her skill in kido, passing the class with the highest scores of all the students. She wasn't too bad in Zanjutsu or Hoho either, though her Hakuda needed some work. After a while, Kaminari was able to graduate and became a full fledged Shinigami, joining Squad Five as a regular member. It did not take long for her name to move through her entire squad. Kaminari had become very well known. Multiple missions she went on with other squad members ended with her saving someone's life or figuring something out before another. She really had been the talk of the squad within only a few months of her arrival, and within the year she was quite popular. Soon she was promoted to fourth seat and was able to become friends with her Captain Yuri Tsukuyomi. After that she began her training for Shikai. On a day that she was free, she headed out to the Rukongai and found a clear area to train in. It was here that Kaminari was first able to speak with her Zanpakuto Spirit, learn it's name, and access the power that it granted. Shiroka Hanayaku was the name she learned when she was finally able to speak to her Zanpakuto Spirit. As if the two had an immediate understanding of one another, Shiroka was actually quite willing to lend her power. There was only one thing Kaminari had to do and that was to strike Shiroka a single time and hard enough to make her bleed. That was the only way Shiroka felt Kaminari could be ready to gain her Shikai.

And the battle of Kaminari versus Shiroka began. It was hard. Kaminari was not used to the terrain that she was forced to fight on. It was muddy where they were and caused her to slip. She knew that she was going to have to draw Shiroka away from the river and closer to drier land. Shiroka was fast, precise, and agile. She was truly what Kaminari aimed to be. It was then that Kaminari realized that this was what they meant by the Zanpakuto Spirit being very similar to the Shinigami that wielded it. Kaminari continued her attacks on Shiroka, but none were hitting. Swing after swing was blocked or dodged. Kaminari held a single katana while Shiroka held two, which put the question, "Is my Zan a duel?" in Kaminari's mind. Up until now she had only used a single katana. Of course Shiroka's power had not been granted as of yet, but Kaminari figured that would be an amazing ability. Still, she was unable to strike Shiroka with any attempt she had. Frustrated with herself, she stopped her assault and rested. "You're using too much energy with your strikes. You need to calm down and anticipate my movements and adjust your actions accordingly." Kaminari did her best to take all the advice that was given to her. She didn't think that Shiroka would actually give her tips to strike her, but she did. It was shocking, but it also worked. Kaminari only took about 5 more minutes and was able to cut through a small part of her hair. About two minutes later, after some more swings, she was able to read her movements much better. One of her strikes actually ended up slicing rather perfectly through Shiroka's shoulder. With a small smile, Shiroka was satisfied and agreed to lend Kaminari the power of her shikai.

Now Kaminari has her Shikai and is happy with her position as fourth seat for Squad Five. Even though she had recently gained a decent amount of power by gaining her Shikai, her control over it's power was not the best. She needed to train and wished to find someone to help her. She turned to Yuri Tsukuyomi, her Captain. He was kind and agreed to a training session between the two of them, so the they met in the training grounds for Squad Five. They actually continued a few training sessions for an entire month, training at two hours every other day. Being a Captain, Yuri Tsukuyomi was definitely putting some extra time in helping her train, and of course she did some extra on the side to try and close the gap between them. She knew that was not going to happen any time soon, but a girl can dream if she wants. It seemed the training was paying off as well because the next mission she went on was much easier to deal with than the ones previous. She didn't have to use her shikai in that sense, but she was much faster and more agile than before. There were less injuries and she even impressed a few squad member with a few extra moves she pulled off. She was proud of herself, but knew getting a 'big head' over it was bad. Shiroka even made sure to silence the slowly growing ego by bringing up the fact that it took her a long time just to land a single blow. "Heh. Yeah, a few low level hollow mean nothing." was her reply. She knew she had to get stronger. She did want to be Captain after all. And that was when it happened. She was out on a mission and her Captain transferred out. She didn't get back in time to tell him bye, but she hoped she'd be able to see him again. She wasn't even told where exactly he transferred to or why it was done. Upon his transfer, Kaminari was promoted from fourth to third seat. She wasn't sure whether she was going to be happy about that or not, but it was time to meet the new Captain.

Starting Again: The Captain's Position 2045-2099

Well it was time for Kaminari to meet the man that was to be her new Captain for the years to come. She went to his office and was actually unsure of what she thought of him on first glance. Tall, slender, blond, and two different colored eyes. Then she heard his name, Snopy Saika. That was quite unique and Kaminari had to giggle at it. She couldn't help it, but she was honest with him. He seemed like a decent guy. She only hoped that his skills were what Captain Tsukuyomi's were. After a bit of conversation with him and a couple of days of getting to know him, she confirmed that he really was a good man and Captain. And soon they were sent out on a mission. Menos Grande had made their way into the Rukongai and were causing the usual trouble. Kaminari and her new Captain quickly made there to give a hand to the squad members that wouldn't be able to take them down. Kaminari moved in with the attitude of an egotistical woman and did away with the hollow using her shikai. It seemed Captain Saika had caught onto this attitude of hers and disapproved highly. After the Menos were destroyed and everyone was being taken care of by Squad Four if they were injured, Captain Saika pulled her aside and rather bluntly told her to knock the showboating off. "I understand you're proud of your power, but you walk around like you're someone's savior with that high and mighty smirk you kept giving your fellow Squad members just because they thanked you. I will not allow that on my Squad. There is always someone else more powerful than you out there, so acting like you can't be beaten is just foolish, so no more. Do you understand?"

Although slightly embarrassed when being told off in such a manner, the fact that Captain Saika was kind enough not to assert his authority by humiliating her in front of everyone earned him her respect and admiration. She agreed to his lecture and realized that she really was acting like what he described. She didn't like that, so she changed. It took some time, but after a while she was able to act with humility. After a few more successful missions and an obvious increase in her power though immense training, Kaminari was promoted to Vice Captain of Squad Five in the year 2060. From then on, everything was going well for her. She and her Captain Snopy Saika had actually become pretty close. A strong friendship formed between the two, creating a bond that would not be broken even when he did leave. It was only five years after her promotion and she had lost another Captain. Former Captain Snopy Saika was transformed into a Vizard, a cross between hollow and shinigami. Although it was highly upsetting for Kaminari to not only lose her Captain, but a dear friend to Hollowfication, her loyalty and friendship with him would not falter no matter how much she was able to spend time with him. Though, even he knew this, Kaminari's loyalty to the Gotei 13 was unbreakable. She has grown to love and cherish every part of it, even those parts that she disagreed with. She has yet to meet a person who's friendship or love could break the loyalty she felt towards the Soul Society. Now in the year 2099, Kaminari is Captain of Squad Five and more loyal than ever. It has been this way for the past 34 years and will continue to be this way.

Natural Abilities

Sealed Abilities:

Saishuu Tobikiri: (Last Choice) Using her spiritual pressure, she pushes it through the muscles in her body, allowing them to contract and stretch at a rapid and unnaturally fast paces. In lots of cases this can allow her to keep up with people who have mastered shunpo without her having to use her own shunpo. With this active, she has the ability to move at 3 times her maximum speed, and her reflexes and reactions times are through the roof, though it will slowly begin tearing her body apart. Using this is a desperate move, meaning she is likely trying desperately to protect someone or is trying her best not to die. After using it the first time, she will need an immense amount of rest and decent care. While using this technique, her body will glow a very soft pink, making her look like she has a small aura around her. This can only last two rounds of posts. (1 count each time I post, excluding activation post) It can only be used one time in a day, but it is possible to be used twice. If used twice, her body will need intensive care, if it does not kill her in the process. A third time is impossible since this technique is new to her, but with more practice it can become a possibility. When this is used, her spiritual pressure also accelerates the bodies healing process, causing her to use a very large amount of energy. Most of her wounds, including broken bones and excluding destroyed organs, will heal within 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the severity of them. After the time for this is over and she can't use it anymore, if she forces it a second time she will pass out and need each muscle in her body worked on immediately. If this does not happen, death or paralysis is likely to happen. This technique cannot be used with Etai Fyu-jon either. To use this she has to release her bankai first because it does not work with the amount of energy that her shikai allows.

Etai Fyu-jon: Over time Kaminari has been able to master this ability of hers. This is a fusion method that allows Kaminari to travel from place to place at unimaginative speeds. She combines her spiritual pressure with anything of nature and fuses her body with it, literally becoming part of it. This is of course temporary and only lasts a maximum of thirty minutes. (3-6 posts depending on the movement of the thread) She has the ability to fuse and move through anything that is of nature, so she can't move through steel or anything man made, even if the original elements were of such, excluding wood. While fused with nature, she has the ability to move through it at 5 times her maximum speed. She cannot attack while fused with anything, but if she is found out she can be attacked. If the area that she is fused with is some how destroyed, she will only sustain 25% of what the injury would have been if it had been a direct attack. It takes her .5 seconds to fuse with anything, but defusing takes 3 seconds. While defusing she is vulnerable to attack, but only takes 50% of what the injury would have been if it had been direct. While she is fused, her spiritual pressure is also completely hidden, but any wounds she might have sustained before fusing do not begin to heal. If she is stabbed and fuses with something to get away, the wound will continue to bleed until she defuses and heals, or until death takes her. If she dies while fused, Kaminari's body will slowly reform in the area that she has died.

Other Weapons:

Twin Gauntlets: On each of her wrists, Kaminari possesses two steel gauntlets that are plated with gold and decorated with an elegant design. They close around both of her lower arms, locking in place on the undersides of her arms. The gauntlets are 13 inches long and cover her entire lower arm, from below the elbow to her wrist. There is a small button that extends to the palm of her hand and reaches directly to the middle of her palm. When this button is pushed, a foot long steel blade shoots out over the back of her hand. The button isn't one that is easily pushed either. It is purposely encased in a small and strong cover that allows only her finger own to move through it so she doesn't have to worry about accidentally pressing it and hurting someone. It does this by automatically recognizing her spiritual pressure. This also makes it where no one else will be able to use her gauntlets. When she wishes to retract the blade, she merely pushes the button again and it retracts into her gauntlet. When she wishes to remove the gauntlets, which will rarely if not ever happen, she has a key locked away at her home within the Seireitei.

Abilities And Skills:

Kido: Kaminari, being the Captain of the Kido based Squad Five, is obviously very skilled in Kido. In fact, she could definitely be called a master of it, being able to preform 80% of known kido without an incantation and being able to cast even a few of the forbidden kido. Not only does she know a large amount of the kido and is easily able to preform them, but the amount of energy that she possesses allows her to put a large amount of power and strength behind those that she casts.  Beause of her skill and knowledge of kido as a whole, she is also able to try and teach others as well. Also, after practicing these abilities to the point of knowing them as well as she does, she has even been able to create her own custom kido.

  • Mizuhou: This kido is high level kido. It can't be used by those with low skill in kido and it must be taught by Kaminari. It's a strong shot of water that shoots towards a target like water coming out of an extremely powerful hose. Depending on the user, it can allow enough presure behind it to greatly damage rock and maybe even bend or dent steal.
  • Shizuku: This is a medium difficulty kido. It conjurs a  large plate of water about thirty feet above the caster. The water then slowly begins to drop in a fifty foot radius, soaking the grounds around. This type of kido could be used to put out fires or something of the like. It's literally just causing it to rain in a small area.
  • Sekisho: This is a high level barrier that is brought up around the caster and whatever her hands touch. If the caster touches something much larger than herself while casting this kido, the barrier will merely adjust to the side of whatever she is touching. This barrier can take large amounts of damage and can withstand even the largest and strongest of attacks.
  • Sandanjuu: This is a medium level kido that shoots out five to ten large and high powered balls of compressed reiatsu. Upon connecting with a target, the balls deal enough burning damage to scortch the skin of strong opponents and shoot completely through weaker ones.

Zanjutsu: Not only being a Captain, but also being blessed with the rarity of a duel Zanpakuto, Kaminari's skill in Zanjutsu was practiced an immense amount of time. She strives to perfect it, becoming better and better with each day that passes. Kaminari could definitely be called a master with a single sword, but when she fights with her second, she is in between the expert and master stages. Sure, it's not that big of a drop when it comes to her skill, but the fact is it is still there and can definitely be a hinderence with a strong opponent.

Hakuda: Kaminari is merely advanced in her skill in Hakuda. Most would expect her to be better, but it's never been her strongest suit. She does still practice and isn't too bad in it. She is able to defend herself against most opponents, but there are definitely some weaknesses in her abilities. Being as small and petite as she is, when she takes blunt damage (a punch to the jaw), she doesn't take it very well and it can cause a lot more damage to her than being cut by a blade. It is strange, but it's the way she has always been.

Hoho: Kaminari is definitely a master of hoho and the techniques within the subject. Her petite body allows her to move much quicker than most and has given her the advantage when practicing it. She is now able to keep up with those people well known in the skill and some she has likely even surpassed. Using things like Shunpo allow her to move large distances at great speeds. Doing a few hundred of these in a single day wouldn't even tire her out.

Zanpakuto Abilities

Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Shiroka Hanayaku

Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Standing much taller than Kaminari herself, at a nice five foot eleven, Shiroka has extremely long, straight white hair, glowing green eyes and wears a pink kimono. She is also very fit and has a nice figure. She usually carries a flower with her, whether in her delicate hands or laying within the silky locks of her hair, she always has it with her. She wears a light blue ribbon on the right side of her head, complimented rather darkly with a miniature skull made of steel.

Zanpakuto Spirit Personality: Shiroka Hanayaku's personality really isn't that much different than Kaminari's. She can be serious and professional when she needs to be, or she can be hyper and childish when she's in a good mood. It all depends on what situation she is put in. One thing that is different between her and Kaminari is the fact that she refuses to lie. Even if it is the smallest of lies, she will not do it. If someone asks her a question she will be completely honest about it. At times she will even hurt Kaminari's feelings when talking to her, but after a while Kaminari has learned to use Shiroka's honesty as motivation. For example, if Kaminari asked how she was doing in a certain subject, Shiroka would likely tell her what she did wrong over what she did right. Kaminari would then take that and change whatever she needed to satisfy Shiroka in that manner.

Inner World:

Kaminari's inner world is rather dark, colored with reds, pinks, and black. It's a large valley with only dirt beneath the feet.  It seems like a graveyard since crosses and multiple stones lay everywhere, but there are no bodies to be found, under or above ground. The sky is a dark pink as well, no stars being seen anywhere. A small lake, too dark to see the bottom, stands directly in the middle. The ground is dirt, muddy near the lake. In a few places, the orchids that she controlled grew nicely. A stone path going in one direction, towards the lake, could be seen. The path is ten feet wide, but it's length is the entire length of her inner world.

Sealed Zanpakutô Appearance:

Shiroka Hanayaku, when sealed, looks no different than the average katana. It has a dark pink hilt, a square guard, and a pitch black sheath that Kaminari keeps as clean and polished as she can.  She has a strap that comes down diagonally across her chest to hold Shiroka up on her back, hilt leaning to the right.

Release Phrase: Invade The Air Shiroka/Invade The Air Hanayaku

Shikai Appearance: Kaminari's blade originally looks as if it is a single sword until she decides to unsheathe it. The sword that always comes out first is Shiroka, the wakazashi. While pulling it out, it looks transparent like a ghost would, but the moment it has completely left the sheath it is solidified. The second sword is a normal sized katana and unsheathes regularly. There is also a reason she keeps her Zanpakutō on her back. Once both of her swords are unsheathed, the sheath hardens enough to withstand strong blows from an opponent and gives her a bit of extra protection.

Shikai Abilities:

Note: Please Refer To Zanpakutō Spirit Pic To See What The Orchids Look Like...

When calling out “Invade The Air Shiroka”, this release phrase is to the wakazashi, the shorter blade usually placed in her left hand. The blade transforms into two hundred orchids that surround her body and seem to just be floating there. Kaminari controls these orchids with her eyes, hands, and a mental command. These orchids can reach up to two hundred feet away from her body. They are all made up of her spiritual pressure, allowing her to manipulate them in practically anyway she wishes including making them harden or soften instantly. If hardened, their durability skyrockets and they could be used as a defensive barrier if needed. It'll be extremely hard, if not impossible for someone of a weaker tier to break through them if they're hardened. Someone of equal level level, this including tier and skill, will be able to break them, but it'll likely take a few tries, depending on the way they are attempting to break them. Each of these will also be able to push, pin, cage, or forcibly guide an enemy into a direction if this is what she wishes. If softened, it really only allows more maneuverability and helps them get through tighter spots. If these things hit someone, it will be no different than taking a hit from Kaminari.

In this state, each of the orchids is also a bomb. They have the ability to explode when targeting a person. Each of these explosions is five feet in diameter and packs enough power and force behind it to severely damage someone of equal tier/skill to Kaminari. Someone of higher tier/skill than Kaminari still can be damaged. Once these orchids have exploded, they do reform instantly, but they reform in a manner of surrounding Kaminari in a ten foot radius, which obviously prevents her from completely spamming an enemy with constant explosions. Kaminari will avoid any damage done by her orchids as long as she keeps a ten foot distance between her and the explosion, no matter how large the explosion is.

When calling out “Invade The Air, Hanayaku”, this release phrase is to the regular katana, usually placed within her right hand. The katana looks as if it is 'disintegrating' and a cloud of pink pollen appears around her body, going twenty five feet in each direction. She also uses her hands, eyes, and a mental command to control where exactly this pollen is going. Just like when using Shiroka, the pollen can reach up to two hundred feet away from her body. It is also made up of her spiritual pressure, so if a person does breathe this in and the effects mentioned below happen, she can remove it when ever she wishes.

The effect of this pollen is a simple paralyzing poison. Once inhaled or brought into the body through an open wound, it moves through the blood stream undetected until Kaminari activates it. Once activated, the muscles are seventy five percent numbed. This is a short window of opportunity for the person infected with her poison. If they have the ability to some how remove the poison, this would be the perfect time to do it. Depending on the persons will power, compared to Kaminari's tier, there is also a chance of them willing themselves through fighting the poison. Even if she doesn't use the poison to attack the person she is fighting, running straight into a cloud of pollen isn't the smartest idea. Kaminari will use this to mess up the persons sense of sight, smell, and touch, since she can control it easily with a mental command. Anyone inside this thick cloud of poison, Kaminari can sense their location, but their senses are dulled heavily since they are technically completely surrounded by her her spiritual pressure.

With the full effect of the poison. The victim will pretty much feel as if they no longer have arms or legs. Their entire body pretty much goes limp, the only thing being able to move after that is their eyes. The poison lasts for a single post after it's full effect is activated, otherwise it could remain in the persons blood stream until her shikai is sheathed. Kaminari can choose when to activate the full effect as well. She can keep it where their muscles are numbed for up to five posts, but once it's activated fully, they ae completely paralyzed for the one post. Easy ways of avoiding this from happening are to not breathe it in, to stay out of the range of her poison, or to know some way of removing her pollen from your bloodstream. Once the poisons effect has hit, it's too late.

Bankai Description: Whether she is currently in her shikai or not, Kaminari can activate her bankai just by calling for it. When she does release her bankai, a very large and powerful burst of spiritual pressure causes a shift in the wind and allows Kaminari to have a small amount of control over it. This helps her prevent people from just blowing her bankai away. Unlike in her shikai, during bankai her swords do not disappear. She will still be able to use them like normal swords, but neither of them hold any spiritual power. The entire area within fifty feet around her will change rapidly. Shooting up from the ground are twenty large orchids that reach up to thirty feet in the air, and their roots through the ground up to thirty feet as well. So now Kaminari has stems, pollen, petals, roots, and a small control over the wind to help her through the battle. She can use her eyes, hands, and mental commands to control all of the powers within her bankai. If one of these twenty orchids are destroyed, a new one can easily take it's place within fifteen seconds of it's destruction. If multiple are destroyed, the creation of new orchids is sped up by 50% for each one that had been destroyed. Twenty is also just a start up amount. If she feels like she needs more, Kaminari can summon a total and maximum of one hundred of these.

Note: Each orchid has 10 roots, one stem, seven large light purple petals, four of the smaller blue petals, and enough pollen to cover half an acre of land. Any part of her bankai has the ability to move through the ground at equal to her normal speed.

Bankai Abilities:

Note: Please Refer To Appearance Picture To See What The Orchids Look Like.

Orchid Petals (Light Purple): When removed from the actual orchid to do battle, these seven petals 'rip' apart to create one hundred smaller petals, each the size of a CD case. (Figured most people know how big those are.) The movement of each orchids petal is equal to Kaminari's speed when she is using mental commands to control them, but when she is using her hands and eyes, they are 50% faster than her regular speed. Her hand movements to control them don't have to be huge either, she can merely point a finger and they'll react at 50% faster than her normal speed. The orchids also reach up to one thousand feet away from her body. Just like her shikai, Kaminari has the ability to harden and soften them. These effects are also no different than in her shikai. These orchid petals are the ones with the ability to explode through a mental command from Kaminari. Each explosion for each ripped petal is the same size as in her shikai, but the power of it is increased by 50%.

Orchid Petals (Light Blue): Everything for these are the same as what is stated above, EXCEPT, they do not explode. These petals are sharper then most blades and actually pretty hard to see. They rip apart into much smaller pieces, easily compared to the size and thickness of paper after it has been through a shredder. These will be used as blades in attempts to cut her opponent instead of blow them up. None of the petals are serrated, so there is no sawing actions. It's a straight through cut or slice. There are times that a person might not even feel it cut through them until they see the wound or blood themselves. Like the others, these can be softened and hardened as well. Kaminari can use them defensively or offensively, but can also use them in other ways. Being thin and the size of strips of paper, she can use them to bind another to prevent them from attacking her. She can literally tie a person down if needed.

Pollen Range And Control: In her bankai, the pollen from the flowers that are grown moves towards her and surrounds her body in a very, very thick cloud. She can easily see through it up to fifty feet in each direction, but anyone else will only be able to see up to five feet. This isn't a fog. It's literally like having sand hanging in front of your face. This pollen can have a natural effect if someone is actually allergic to pollen, which is actually sort of funny. This pollen goes up to fifteen feet above Kaminari's head, so it's a little over twenty feet high. The amount of area it covers depends on how many flowers have released their pollen. One flower equals 1 acre of land, IF she spreads it out. She can stack it if she wanted to, allowing it to double or triple if needed. Anything within her cloud of pollen she can sense. She will know their exactly location.

Note: 1 acre is exactly equal to 43560 square feet. If blown away it will take 2 seconds to return to it's previous position. It's main weakness is fire. It will take at least 2 seconds for an acre to be completely destroyed. After that acre is destroyed, she merely has to summon another flower or take from another existing one to make up for it.  

Pollen Ability One(Pink): Kaminari's first ability with the pollen is a simple paralyzing poison. It has the ability to enter the body through inhale or open wounds. It works it's way through the blood stream and waits for Kaminari to activate it. Once the poison is activated, the poison completely numbs the muscles making it where they will not contract and arms will fall limply to the sides, and legs will become unusable. The only thing that the person will be able to move is their eyes, but everything else is completely paralyzed. This only lasts for one round of posts after activation. (In other words, once it's my turn to post again, the paralyze poison is done. The person will be immune to it for 2 rounds of posts after that.)

Pollen Ability Two(Green): The pollen with the green color has a more acid like effect. Instead of paralyzing the body, it burns or eats it away. This can also be taken in through open wounds and inhaling it. This poison is always active. If a person enters the cloud protecting Kaminari, they will instantly feel the effects. They'll more than likely feel a very intense burning sensation and notice that their skin is being eaten away. A person's body will be affected depending on their durability. The pain can be dealt with depending on their pain endurance and will power. A person will usually have to have their skills equal to or above her own to deal with this. This acid does eat away at metals, stones, and other substances, but it takes longer. It will not eat away greenery, such as plants, trees, leaves, etc...

Pollen Ability Three(Blue): The blue pollen enters the body the same way as the rest, through a wound or inhalation. It's effect is different than the first two as well. With this color, once brought into the body, it will slowly begin to disable the five senses. The sense of taste is completely gone the moment it enters the body. Every two posts another sense is taken away, going in this order AFTER taste: Smell, Touch, Hearing, Sight.

Note: Kaminari can use Pollen 2 & 3 at the same time, but cannot use pollen one if she is using the other two.

Stem Control and Ability: The stems of the orchids are all extremely strong and have extremely high durability. They can easily take the strongest of hits. They do not burn easily, can still be damaged. They conduct electricity, but large amounts can still damage them. They are unaffected by water. A single stem can be broken into ten pieces, each ten feet in length and with a sharp tip. They literally become spears. Like everything in her bankai, these can be controlled by the eyes, hands, and mental commands. She could take one up and fight with it if she wanted to. Although they obviously can be used for offense, defense will likely be their main factor in battle. When being controlled through the eyes, hands, or by mental command, these spears can reach up to three hundred feet away from her body.

Root Control and Ability: The roots are exactly the same as the stems, except they move through the ground most of the time and can reach up to five hundred feet away from her body. They can come out of the ground. They are unaffected by the resistance that the ground causes as well. They move through it no differently than a person moves above ground. Their speed matches Kaminari's below and above the ground. They can also be sharpened into spears and are used to shoot out from the ground like spikes some times.

Roleplay Sample

Roleplay Sample:

Tick, tock, tick, tock. An annoying sound that echoed through the emptied barracks of Squad Five. Everyone seemed to be out on this day, excluding the few that were finishing out their jobs for the day. Kaminari was one of these people. She sat there at her desk, rummaging through paperwork and signing off on whatever she felt like approving for that day. She had been doing this for hours! That is enough! No more! She slammed her hands against her desk, catching the attention of the young woman who was just passing the open door to her office. "Are you all right?" the girl asked and Kaminari nodded with a smile. "Yep. I'm getting out of here. I can't take anymore of this silence." was Kaminari's reply as she grabbed the white cloak that she had only taken off for the duration of her stay in the office. Slipping it on, the woman stepped outside of her office, closed and locked the door. Sliding the key back into a pocket on the inner part of her haori, she began a short walk down the hallway towards a garden. Beyond that was another pathway towards the training grounds. As she got closer she was able to hear the random "HI-YA!"s and other such noises from her Squad Members. They were training, good. After the last mission they were on, it had become obvious to Kaminari that they had become too lax in their days. Kaminari continued her way towards the training grounds to see how it was going.

"Hello Captain Hatakeyama." a young woman said and that seemed to catch the attention of everyone else. Kaminari nodded and looked around at everyone, crossing her arms along her chest. "Don't stop on a count of me being here." Kaminari told them all, "Continue your training. Come on! Go! Go!" Although stern and serious in her commands, she kept a friendly tone. She wasn't one of those stern Captains that made her Squad Members feel awkward, stressed, or uncomfortable in any way. She actually preferred friendship over all, though they better damn well respect her. They knew that, and did. Kaminari observed her subordinates and narrowed her eyes in thought at their movements. A few were doing well, but the others seemed so stiff, as if this was only a chore. "That just will not do." Kaminari mumbled and signaled for everyone to move in. Once that had been done, Kaminari looked around at them and shook her head. "Okay for one, those of you that are not having a good time practicing should really just go take a break. Working yourself to death when you're just not into it is gonna end up getting you killed in the long run." Kaminari told with an eyebrow raised. She knew that not everyone agreed with the manner in which she treated training within her squad. Lots of people were "train until you drop", but Kaminari learned from experience that doing that didn't allow your body to remember what was to be done in the heat of battle. Her Squad understood that and she only hoped that her methods would help everyone there succeed. If not, she was going to have to do something different.

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