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 Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]

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PostSubject: Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]    Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:42 pm

"Sadness. Everyone claims they know it. But do you really understand it? Only those that have died have the right to be sad. We come back as spirits, but we're doomed to watch those that loved us and that we loved without ever being able to say a word to them again. It's torture."

Shinigami Template


Name: Makabe, Kei (真壁 慧)
Note: This is her current name. Her original name was Akane Makabe (茜 真壁). This was later changed to Akane Fujisawa (茜 藤澤)
True Age: 497 (Birthday is April 2)
Gender: Female
Personality: Kei is distant. That's a weird way to start off a personality, as people normally would go "Wow, Kei is awesome, and I want to get close to her!" Well, you can't. Kei gets close to you, not the other way around. You try to force yourself into her life, she will burn you until your ashes have ashes. She isn't shy. She just doesn't trust anyone immediately. She automatically thinks that someone is not being honest unless they prove themselves otherwise. She'll be cold around you until she's comfortable. She's observing, seeing what that person is like. Or rather, to see if they're trustworthy to warm up to. As soon as she decides that person is trustworthy, it's almost like another person took over. She's a lot more easy-going and would even make a joke or two with them. It only continues from there.

Because she's so wary of other people, Kei's view on people on general is a little more twisted. She's the type that feels it's guilty until proven innocent and not the other way around. She won't accept handouts from strangers. She has to cook her own meals unless she trusts you. And most importantly, Kei never leaves the barracks alone at night. As the lieutenant, she can always have someone else accompany her by ordering them—but most people in the Fifth understand that there's something a little off about her so they'll go without being ordered to. In battle, Kei just wants to get it over with. She'll end combat quickly in just about every situation. Kei wants no one to suffer like she did, so she always aims to kill.

Aside from Kei, there actually exists another personality within her. This other self calls herself Asagi (浅葱). Asagi is essentially the repressed anger Kei has taken form. When speaking, Asagi is a lot more brutal. Asagi would rather cut into the neck than cut it off. She likes to see others suffer. She likes for others to know what it felt like for Kei. She doesn't love, but she doesn't hate either. She does get angry, but she quickly resolves it. With violence. Asagi also has a habit of behaving like Kei to fool others into thinking it is Kei in control... when it's not. Kei tries not to talk about Asagi, and tries to keep her in control. All Asagi wants is to get out and fuck shit up so Kei won't be bottling it up anymore. When talking to her, it's important to note the tone difference between Kei and Asagi to know if one is imitating the other.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: Early-20s
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Kidō: Kei's worst skill due to the Mark of the Scorpion. She has a hard time manipulating the energy to get it correctly focused due to the Mark. However, her spells are thus far more potent and efficient once she's able to get that focus.

Zanjutsu: Kei's second-worst skill due to the unwieldy nature of her Zanpakutō. She can't use any real Zanjutsu technique with that sword, so she modifies it to fit the way her sword is shaped.

Hohou: Kei's best skill. In combination with her Hakuda, it makes her incredibly dangerous up close. Even as a Lieutenant, she's said to have Captain-level Hohou to make up for her lack of Kidō skill.

Hakuda: Her Hakuda is her second-best skill. She focuses on elbow strikes and sweeping kicks instead of the fists and striking kicks. This is because she's fighting in a way that if she had her knives they could still be used properly.
Mark of the Scorpion: Kei has a mark on her stomach. Actually, no. It's a little lower than that. Right  in the middle of her groin is a crimson scorpion almost tattooed on. That symbol is a birthmark that prevented her from being cursed or affected by magical things. When she became a Shinigami, that same thing applies albeit watered down. Energy attacks do 1/4 damage to her, as the mark disturbs the energy itself and dissipates it. This also applies to Kei, which resulted in her Kidō being piss-poor.

Zanpakutō: Kei's Zanpakutō is unnaturally curved. She says it's like the blade of a scythe on a sword's handle in terms of how she has to wield it. Its length is also much longer than normal with a handle of that size. It's approximately 183cm long, meaning it's far longer than Kei is tall. Thus, she can't just draw it normally. To compensate for this, Kei never uses its original sheath. Instead, she has had hundreds, if not thousands, of replicas of the sheath, so she literally breaks the sheath to draw it. The blade has no Japanese characters, but does have a few runes engraved into it. The handle is wrapped in a crimson cloth with two ends loose at the end.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Singe [Kogasu] (half-release of Shikai)/Ignite [Mosu] (full release of Shikai)/Melt it all [Sore o Subete Tokasu] (Bankai)
Other Weapons: As her normal Zanpakutō is unwieldy, Kei carries around two smaller knives on her waist.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Shikyo no Honō  (死去の炎  [しきょのほのう] Flame of Death) 
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: To call Shikyo creepy is like saying that Death Valley is warm. The guy is a fucking mass of skeletons wrapped up in a fading black cloak. The guy is pretty much a walking nightmare. The skeletons rangs in size from toddler to humanoid giants. Shikyo is about three times as tall as Kei and wields a sword about 2/3 as tall as he is made of skeletons.

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: All Shikyo wants to do is see more burn. He wants to see that anger inside Kei just go BOOM and spread like a wildfire. He wants to see that fiery personality singe the world. He isn't looking after Kei as much as one would like to believe. While keeping that in is unhealthy, he just wants to see more fire. When Kei first spoke to him, he laughed at her for a full hour. He found those feelings she had still buried to be pathetic and weak. He still prods at them to Kei's dismay.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World:


Shikai Name: Uzuki no Honō  (疼の炎 [うずきのほのう] Flame of Pain) 
Shikai Appearance: Changes vary on her releases. With "Singe" as the release, her hair turns red. With "Ignite" as the command, her sword changes from a katana to a Kanji-ridden longsword. Her hair returns to being black as well. The inscription on her sword reads "爾天神之命以布斗麻邇爾ト相而詔之" which literally translates to "One should live according to the laws of the gods."
Shikai Abilities: Because Kei's Zanpakutō is a little strange with its Shikai, she generally releases it with only half of its power, limiting its usefulness. The release phrases used are Singe [Kogasu] for the half-poewred released and Ignite [Mosu] for the full-powered release.

Abilities of Singe, Uzuki no Honō

  • Uzuki no Honō's blade is constantly on fire. The fire on the blade can not be put out, but that's about it. It can catch flammable things on fire by touching it, but there is no real control over the fire.

  • As well as Uzuki no Honō's blade, the end of Kei's hair is also on fire. It can be put out by enough water, which would cause Uzuki no Honō to be sealed again.

Abilities of Ignite, Uzuki no Honō

  • The sword has no wooden handle. It is one piece, essentially. This makes it an incredibly durable sword, but it has an ability called Hihiirokane (which is what Kei calls this "form" of Uzuki no Honō) which makes it unbreakable until a certain requirement is fufilled. Despite the fact the blade is glowing red most of the time, it is almost ice cold to the touch.

  • Uzuki no Honō, while using Hihiirokane, does create flames like the half-powered version. Hihiirokane does not burn things by cutting into them. In fact, if someone touches the blade of the sword, then no flames will come upon them from touching it, and any flames caused by Hihiirokane will vanish from that person.

  • If Kei's blood willingly hits Uzuki no Honō's blade (meaning that it wasn't a battle wound, but one she made herself), Hihiirokane's coating is thrown off. The sword's shape changes and begins to look more like a European sword. The kanji disappears and the blade turns a solid black with a violet rune-like symbol engraved. This is Uzuki no Honō's true power.

  • To put the ability without a name bluntly, it turns Kei into an apathetic killing machine. The longer she has this sword out, the more soulless she becomes. With the second post, she won't engage in idle chatter. With the third post, she won't care about the surroundings, including innocent bystanders. With the fourth post, she won't care about her allies' well-being. With the fifth post, she won't be able to tell ally from enemy. Or she can, she just won't care. She can only keep it up for six posts. But that's not the power. That's the drawback. The power is essentially amplifying her overall power while enhancing her killing intent. The best way to tell how far gone she is is by looking at her sword and her face. The third post is when her appearance changes, causing her sword to glow violet with black lightning around it. The fourth post adds a black "mass" over her right eye, covering that side of her face leaving a red, glowing smoke-like spot for her eye. The fifth post had the sword glowing bright white with the lightning turning white as well. Unlike with Hihiirokane's coating, touching this blade will be like touching a red-hot eye on a stove. Except if someone willingly grabs the blade, they get stuck. The blade has a bit of a magnetism about it, meaning that someone can't go "OUCH, HOT!" and pull away after touching the blade... they have to hold onto it. Kei is no exception, as she can't willingly let go of the sword. It's possible to have it knocked out of her hand, but she won't be able to just drop it. The lightning around the blade that comes in during the later stages is also capable of starting fires.


Bankai Name:Owari to Taisho no Honō  (終と太初の炎 [おわりとたいしょのほのう]Flame of the End and Beginning)
Bankai Appearance: In Bankai, Kei is not Kei. Kei's flesh and muscles burn away, although they still look like they're there. They still function as if they were there. But if you grabbed her arm, it would go through like mist until you reached bone. If her entire facade disappeared, Kei would be a skeleton with fire in her eyes and mouth. Although you can't see the fires unless the facade is gone, Kei's mouth is smoking and her eyes flicker. Her bones are hot enough to melt aluminum, meaning they are at a temperature of 660 C (1,220 F). There are only two reasons why everything around her isn't on fire. One: her clothes are actually resistant to the heat and flames, making only when you are able to reach under her skin dangerous. Two: the mist-like skin also protects the heat from escaping, making it only once you touch her bones dangerous. Despite those, she still has a glow around her, making her always seen to the naked eye unless someone else does something. Because she's essentially a walking hot skeleton, Kei is essentially immune to things like poisons, drowning, or even burning to a degree. You can still burn her to ashes, but you can't cause her to die just by the burns themselves.

Bankai Abilities:

Hi no Tama (火の玉 [ひのたま] Fireball): Her weakest ability in Bankai, it's still nothing to be trifled with. At the tip of each of her fingers, she can have up to ten quarter-sized little balls of fire. This means one full barrage is 100 of them at once. Their strength isn't in their fire, but in numbers. They take out so little energy that Kei can release full barrage after full barrage after full barrage. While not that accurate, it is helpful for suppressive fire and a bit of carpet bombing. They have a small explosion much like a tiny explosive's (see: bottle rocket or the little dynamite) in the sense that it takes a while for them to do any damage but shit it hurts. The approximate range for these is 200 meters.

Rakurai (落雷 [らくらい] Lightning Bolt): Rakurai is far more accurate than Hi no Tama. Rakurai isn't used to lay down suppressive fire. Rakurai is used to take out the target. Rakurai is a bolt of electricity that causes fire on whatever it hits. It also has an explosive power ten times that of one of the Hi no Tama fireballs. This is because while she can have a Rakurai for each finger, she can only have one per. Meaning the energy that would have gone to nine other fireballs is given into just one bolt. She can not use Hi no Tama and Rakurai at the  same time yet. However, she can keep a barrage up just like her Hi no Tama, although much smaller.

Hibashira (火柱 [ひばしら] Pillar of Fire): Most fire-based users can breath fire. That's not what Kei does. No, she breaths fucking napalm. At first it just looks like she's doing something from the Exorcist with projectile vomiting. However, she's just spreading that sweet, sweet gel on everything. Once there's a good enough coating, she uses one of her other, lesser, fire abilities to set it ablaze. The thing about Napalm is that it's sticky. It's a gel. It drips. It clings. You get it on a person, it 's going to be on more than one place. Since it's not the actual fire she's breathing, it can even be fired into places to have gravity do its work, THEN set it on fire. She can do this once per six posts.

Hōka: (放火 [ほうか] Set Fire To): This can be seen as the releasing of Kei's limiters for her Bankai. As her gloves are fire-resistant to her own fire, then having them on decreases her power. The only ability this doesn't affect is Hibashira, which isn't even tied to her hands. She can only take her gloves off once per release, as they are incinerated once removed. The power is roughly doubled for Hi no Tama and Rakurai. It also grants her access to her final two abilities.

Taisho no Honō  (太初の炎 [たいしょのほのう] Flame of the Beginning) Taisho no Honō  gives Kei her Zanpakutō Spirit's massive sword. The sword is massive at 3 meters long and about half a meter wide at its widest. It is made of bones, and the handle is actually a leg. When this sword is swung, there is a 5-meter whip of fire that comes from the blade. Whenever it strikes the ground or an object, that whip superheats it to the point to where it is indistinguishable from molten lava. Kei can keep up the sword for five posts per release.

Owari no Honō  (終の炎 [おわりのほのう] Flame of the End): Owari no Honō is a closer counterpart to Taisho no Honō. It does not summon the sword, but places the "whip" inside her arm. While she can't fire the whip out, whatever her arm (and hand, by extension) touches has the same effect as if it were the whip. This burns through her clothes and burns away the facade of having skin and muscle on that arm (and her cheek and part of her chest, from the heat). This may seem disadvantageous considering the lack of range, but Kei no longer has the unwieldy sword, meaning that she's much more nimble. She can also keep it up for five posts per release, however there is an additional risk. Kei has a chance of literally melting her arm off if she uses this.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Despite her current outlooks on things, Kei was once a very happy person. She was also born under a different name—Akane Makabe. Although she doesn't remember it happening, her two parents were murdered before her. Akane never did learn why that happened, but she does remember the face and voice of who did it from... well, we'll get to that later. Akane was "adopted" by two kind people, a French noblewoman and a gruff-looking Japanese man who changed her surname to Fujisawa. Akane grew up happy with her second parents, whom she thought were her birth parents for the longest. She was actually a rather cheerful child. As well as a cheerful teenager. But because of her parents' ethnicity, it was incredibly hard for Akane to find a husband. But that would change once she turned 24.

The person killed her birth parents had developed a sort-of obsession with Akane. That obsession led them to find her and her new parents. Akane had come home and walked inside, only to have the door slam behind her with a voice saying "I finally found you, A-ka-ne~." As she turned around, she was thrown to the floor, where she saw the horrified expressions of her dead mother and father. She screamed and backed away. After telling her that these weren't her birth parents and that this person had killed her birth parents, this person wasn't going to let her get away. Well, until they were OHKO'd by a bucket flung from behind. Akane was in shock as she was pulled away by the bucket-flinger. The next thing Akane remembered was being in town, with a young woman in front of her, making sure she was okay. As the young woman left... Akane felt alone. She felt scared. So she followed the young woman, mainly to escape town. She'd hide behind bushes and trees to make sure that the young woman didn't notice Akane's following her, but that all changed when the young woman took a turn. Akane rounded the corner slowly, only to come face-to-face with the young woman. Akane explained herself after being questioned by the young woman... but she did not give her name until the young woman said it would be okay for Akane to travel with her. The name she gave was Kei Makabe, a combination of her father's name (Kei) and the name that murderer said was her original surname (Makabe). She didn't want to hear "Akane" ever again. Ever.

Although the two were travelling together for a while, Kei never really spoke up about herself. She just didn't want to remember those things. Though she did learn the other woman's name, Isana. Two towns ahead in their travels, Kei and Isana became caught up in a festival. Kei had forgotten how long she had been with her. It was honestly the best time that Kei could remember she's had. She felt... safe around Isana. She felt that she should repay this woman for saving her life. About a week after the festival, Kei pledged eternal devotion to Isana, not much unlike a servant to a master. From Kei's perspective, it went as she planned. However... Kei had started something she had no idea about. A long time later, Isana took Kei off of the path to show her something. Kei didn't particularly care for the long trek through the forest and complained most of the way. But once they arrived, Kei was awestruck. It was a small lake hidden under the canopy of trees. Isana took the initiative and dove in first, stark naked. Kei... didn't. She didn't know how to swim compared to Isana, who was swimming just fine. She was honestly embarrassed. Not to mention it would be the first time she had seen the naked body of someone other than her mother. But her devotion to Isana led her into the water, also stark naked.

Isana then offered to teach Kei how to swim. It took a bit of convincing (and Isana using 'puppy eyes'), but Kei eventually allowed to be taught. Teaching her took a good three hours. As Isana and Kei swam around, Isana noticed something about Kei. Something Kei herself knew only a little about. Atop her groin was a scorpion-like marking. Kei didn't know anything about its origins, just that she was born with it. She had heard that these were generally marks that protected against curses, but she kept that to herself. They enjoyed the calm of the nature around them and the stillness of the water together. Ah, but that wasn't all they'd enjoy. They ended up staring deeply into one another's eyes. Kei was not the first to notice, nor the first to make the first move. However, she did not resist. Maybe... she had fallen for this woman. Maybe, just maybe. Hours later, the two were in a state of exhaustion from such bliss that Nirvana could not compare. Kei was on the verge of passing out even. But even with such weakness, they were still close to one another, smiling. Kei re-affirmed that she would never leave Isana's side.

Being an 'official' couple, they travelled more and more. Kei enjoyed every minute she could be with Isana, even if she didn't enjoy some of the problems along the way. However... Kei was starting to get a little tired. Six months after meeting the woman who would populate her dreams, Kei proposed settling down in a town. Isana agreed. They settled in a nice small house on the outskirts of a town. Kei did odd jobs and earned a semi-steady income to pay for some things. She regularly went to the market to buy some food. And upon returning one day... she found Isana tied in a chair, crying and screaming through a cloth gag. Nowadays, Kei can clearly understand what Isana was saying—"Run." The last thing Kei remembers hearing was that same voice... that same dreadful voice. "I found you, A-ka-ne~." Her eyes widened as a knife plunged into her back. Her ears went silent other than the sound of her heartbeat. She fell to the floor and tried to turn over to see their face... but was kicked repeatedly. She lost a tooth or two in the process. She tried to stand—her knee was gouged. She tried to stand—her left elbow was gouged. She tried to crawl—her right forearm was gouged. With the last one, the blade was left in to act as a pin to keep her there. The murderer stomped on her back, repeatedly, Kei's voice was silent. Ribs broke and punctured her lungs. But she did not die yet. The last thing she remembers is a kick to the back of her head, which knocked her out. The man then decapitated Kei, presenting the head to Isana before dropping it on the floor.

Kei... died. She was killed. She died once she was killed. But she still lived on, as a spirit but she did not realize that she was a spirit initially. She could not interact with Isana directly. She tried to tell the woman she loved that she was okay now. She did untie Isana, however. Kei still followed Isana around, but couldn't do anything. She couldn't see the smile on Isana's face anymore. She wanted to see Isana smile more... she wanted to help Isana, but she couldn't. She just... couldn't. Then, a man in black struck Kei with a sword, and Kei left Isana's side for the first time since they met. Kei was in a world of white. It was a pure world, and she was still... still silent about what happened. She avoided people, blaming her own lack of strength prevented her from being able to save herself. Kei eventually enrolled in the Shin'ō Academy, placing top in Hohou and Hadou. Her Asauchi became just as warped as her history over the years of her training with it. She eventually twisted it into what can be called a "scythe blade with a sword handle." Afterwards, she attained Shikai and she is currently trying to attain Bankai even quicker to get the power to protect herself even more...


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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]    Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:30 pm

Also ready to be checked

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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]    Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:49 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:Everything looks good here.
Tier:Seeing as she's a vice captain with Bankai, i'll go ahead and approve dis' with 2-1. As always, my decision can be overruled.

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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]    

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Kei Makabe[Approved; 2-1+ ]
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