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 Zaraki Kenpachi [APPROVED, 0-3]

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PostSubject: Zaraki Kenpachi [APPROVED, 0-3]   Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:23 am


Zaraki Kenpachi, though technically he doesn't have/remember a real name.
Zaraki refers to the Zaraki district of Rukongai, the most lawless of the districts and the place Zaraki called his home prior to Seireitei.
Kenpachi is the title given to the strongest swordsman, the one who has slain the most enemies, and has traditionally belonged to Captain's of the Eleventh Division.


Real Age Unknown.




Although he's known to be a violent fighter, Kenpachi's actions tend to be for the best. He has a very poor sense of direction, at times asking Yachiru for help (even though her sense of direction is just as bad). Kenpachi lives for battle and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He even holds back in an effort to make any fight last longer. He also claims that injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight. Despite his division being the most blood-thirsty squad of the Gotei 13, the 11th Division have their own code of ethics, which is different from the rules and regulation of Soul Society.

Although he thrives for battle, Kenpachi has shown to have emotions. Kenpachi and his lieutenant, Yachiru, have been close ever since they met and have a father-daughter-like relationship (making Yachiru one of the few people he cares for, along with 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame and 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa).
Aside from Yachiru, Kenpachi deeply gives meaning to his name. Following his fight with Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenpachi talks about the pain of not having a name, as he lived his early years without one. This causes him to feel guilty that his sword isn't acknowledged by its own name.  Since then, he has strived to learn its identity.

Despite his tendency to be brutal, Kenpachi usually stops a fight if his opponent is too injured to fight back, claiming that he isn't interested in fighting "weaklings who can't fight anymore; nor is he obligated to deal a death blow to anyone who isn't capable of fighting any longer". However, he will unhesitatingly kill his opponent if they refuse to end their fight, as seen during his battles with Kaname Tōsen and Nnoitra Gilga.

On multiple occasions, Kenpachi has shown to greatly respect those who can defeat him in a fight and to those who can push him to his limit. Ever since Ichigo handed him his first known loss (though Ichigo also considers their fight a loss for him), Kenpachi has considered the latter a member of his division. He also expresses his willingness to engage him in a rematch every time they meet, only to be turned down as Ichigo already considers themselves as friends. Nevertheless, Kenpachi still challenges him in a duel, as evidenced when he aided Ichigo in his fight against the Bount (where he gave "his blessing," stating that in doing so would make Ichigo stronger for "their anticipated fight").

Kenpachi also strongly believes that fun comes before working. In every battle, he tries to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. One example is when Kenpachi sends his 5th seated officer, Yumichika, to fend off the Bount in Karakura Town, as he is the only high-ranking officer who wasn't busy, or rather, busy having fun; as Yachiru was snacking and Ikkaku was napping. During his free time, Kenpachi always takes his afternoon nap. He doesn't have a particularly favorite dish, but he particularly hates nattō.  

It seems that Kenpachi sometimes contradicts his own logic in fighting. On the one hand, Kenpachi wishes to increase his own personal power. On the other hand, he conceals his strength to enjoy a fight for as long as possible. Irrational to a certain extent, Kenpachi is one of the most complex characters in the series, as he exhibits a wide range of traits: lethargic, bloodthirsty, rebellious, empathetic, and wise.



Zaraki's Cannon History

Natural Combat Capabilities (Taken From the Bleach Wiki)
Kenpachi did not attend the Shinō Academy. He is also the only captain that does not know the name of his Zanpakutō; because of this, he cannot use his Bankai. In addition, he has no apparent skill (or at least interest) in Kidō and Flash Steps. However, he more than makes up for his faults with his sheer power and endurance, easily making him one of the strongest Shinigami in Soul Society.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:
Kenpachi's skill with his sword was honed to a master level, due to the lawlessness of Zaraki district, letting him strike multiple times with changes of attack type (from slash to pierce) without any difficulty. His unpolished skills and strength with his sword make it so he always fights with one hand free. He only uses both hands when faced against opponents he feels will beat him otherwise, as shown with Nnoitra and momentarily Ichigo. His insane cutting strength is also evident as he is capable of easily cutting through an Espada's Hierro, which is harder than steel, as well as slicing apart a skyscraper with a mere flick of the wrist. As the Captain of the 11th Division, which specializes in sword fighting, he is one of the most, if not the most, proficient swordsmen in all of Soul Society.

    Kenpachi has also displayed considerable knowledge and skill in Kendō (a requirement Yamamoto put Kenpachi through before officially joining the Gotei 13), though Kenpachi despises using skills and techniques learned from another source.

Hakuda Expert:
While preferring to use his blade in battle, Kenpachi has demonstrated several times to be very dangerous barehanded as well. He can easily catch an opponent's attack with a single hand, perform powerful kicks and take-downs, and has demonstrated superb skill with throwing weapons.

Vast Spiritual Power:
Even by a captain's standards, his Spiritual Pressure is absolutely monstrous. In fact, it is so great that Kenpachi can fight on par with two other captain-level opponents without using his full power, even when he is wearing his energy-sealing eye patch and his opponents release their Zanpakutō's Bankai. His spiritual energy has been shown to be powerful enough to affect entire areas to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies, and cause others from seemingly miles away to enter a state of paralysis and confusion.[83] Similar to Ichigo, when unleashing a strong enough surge of energy, it becomes visible and yellow in color with the appearance of a skull.

    Damage Resistance:
    He can also use it as a sort of armor, making it impossible for him to be harmed by nothing less than the most skilled or powerful opponents. This is first demonstrated when Ichigo tries to cut Kenpachi at the start of their fight. Kenpachi allows Ichigo to strike him, yet not only does he fail to cut him, but Ichigo's hands start to bleed because of it. This is comparable to an Arrancar's Hierro.

    He has also demonstrated enough control to focus and unleash his spiritual pressure in the form of a powerful shockwave. When using both hands, his shockwave can cause a huge radius of destruction.

Highly Perceptive Combatant:
Despite his seeming disregard for any strategy in his fights and his self-admitted aversion to thinking during battle, Kenpachi is a very insightful man, regularly showing more understanding than one would expect. Even Byakuya was impressed by Kenpachi's ability to understand things he has no personal experience with. He is very adept at finding and exploiting weaknesses in his opponents' techniques, such as in his battle with Kaname Tōsen, where he subdued the latter's Bankai while armed only with a Zanpakutō and the one sense that was left accessible by Tōsen's Bankai at the time - that of touch. He is also adept at adjusting to his opponent's attack patterns and battle methods to better counter them. While he admits to having no sanity or common sense, Kenpachi is actually very perceptive and notices traits in people that others wouldn't notice and sees what drives a person's actions. For example, he correctly singles out Kaname Tōsen and Gin Ichimaru as the only captains who are afraid to die. He has also demonstrated keenly sharp intuition to incoming danger, as shown from being able to repeatedly dodge Tōsen's assault while still affected by his Bankai.

Immense Strength:
Perhaps due to years of combat experience and time on the battlefield, Kenpachi has a very large degree of physical strength, most commonly displayed by his ability to fight back his opponent's attacks with a single arm. Repeatedly, he has shown clear evidenced of his strength from acts like kicking Tōsen through a building and slamming Komamura over his shoulder with one hand in their battle, as well as when he grabbed Ichigo's giant sword barehanded and reeled both him and the sword in for an attack. He also demonstrated his strength when he rammed through a building fighting Ichigo. With just his bare hand, Kenpachi was also able deflect the fifth Espada, Nnoitra Gilga's Cero. His sword attacks are also powerful enough to cut through Yammy Llargo's released state Hierro to remove his limbs in a single strike and knock the giant Arrancar off his feet. He is even able to fend off an opponent's gigantic sword with a single hand.

Immense Speed:
While he possesses little skill for Flash Step, Kenpachi has shown to be deceptively fast for his size and build. However, in the Anime, Kenpachi once used what appeared to be Shunpo. He is also seen using Shunpo in his fight against Yammy. Thanks to his tremendous raw power, Kenpachi's leg strength allows him to more than make up for his lack of Flash Step, allowing him to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and the opponent and even seemingly disappear from sight. In battle he is able to strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

Immense Durability:
His physical strength is matched by his durability, Kenpachi has been shown to easily ignore most of the injuries he's sustained in battle (much like a berserker), not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple slash wounds in his body. He even allowed himself to be stabbed during his fight with Tōsen, just to grab Tōsen's blade in-order to break his Bankai's effect. During his battle with Nnoitra he suffered numerous slash wounds and was even impaled with no visual impairment of his fighting abilities despite the Espada noting that most people would have already been dead at that point.

Eyepatch Power Seal:
Kenpachi wears an eyepatch created by the Shinigami Research and Development Institute just for him that can seal the bulk of his reiatsu, but since he has so much of it, it does not noticeably hinder him in battle; in fact, it makes him just ahead of most other captains and Espada. The reason for wearing it is that since Kenpachi loves fighting so much, he cannot fight most opponents at full strength without defeating them quickly.

Zanpakutô Spirit Name:


Inner World:

Sealed Zanpakutô :


Shikai Description:

Despite not knowing its name his Zanpakutō is in a constant release state much like Ichigo's Zangetsu. The blade is much longer than that of a standard Zanpakutō, roughly the size of a nodachi with a guard that extends inward from its center similar to a shinai. The hilt is white although most of it is wrapped in bandages, as is his sword's sheath. Despite constantly being in its Shikai state, Kenpachi’s Zanpakutō does not grant him any additional abilities due to their lack of communication. A further consequence of their disharmony is that it leaves the Zanpakutō with little spiritual energy and becomes easier to damage, ironically making its appearance a reflection of Kenpachi's own practice of weakening himself to fight others on an even level: it is a chipped and seemingly worn-down blade. Despite its appearance, it is easily capable of cutting through most objects. This is demonstrated when he stabs straight through Ichigo's Zanpakutō and later slices a building in half with careless effort after releasing the full force of his spiritual power.

Shikai Abilities:

Bankai Description:

Bankai Abilities:



Roleplay Sample:
”Come on!  Is this all you’ve got!”
The voice boomed over the area of Soul Society known as Seireitei, above the clatter and chaos that had already enveloped Seireitei like a blanket.  Ender, a great demon, had launched an invasion into Soul Society.  Now, those demons crawled over the walls of the once great Seireitei like Locusts on a field; they devoured like that same kind of swarm too, as they sought out those beings with spiritual pressure to feed their own hunger.  It was the hunt for spiritual power that had brought many of those demons to meet Seireitei’s own demon.  The Captain of the Eleventh Division, Zaraki Kenpachi, made sorry sport of them too.

His spiritual pressure hung heavy in the air as he waded through the waves of demons as his blade flashed this way and that, and sent pieces of demon remains into the air.  He lashed out once more, a wave of reiatsu followed his blade and was projected outwards, washing the demons in his path from existence.  He stood tall once more, his visible eye narrowed in slight annoyance.  Thus far, the creatures that had come to the barracks had proven nothing more than trash and fodder, hardly good for a warm up.  He turned and started back towards the barracks again.

”This is getting boring…” he muttered under his breath as he clapped a hand on the back of his neck, rolled his head from side to side, and received several loud pops in response.

He spun, his blade flashed once more and a demon fell to the ground at his feet, a good half its head landed a few feet away.  These creatures were clumsy, loud, and weak; they were easy to find and easy to slay, and thus they weren’t the least bit entertaining to the Captain.  It was his poor sense of direction that, once again, kept him from the real action.  He launched into the air, rose high above the buildings of Seireitei, and observed his surroundings for a few moments.  There were weaklings everywhere, hardly worth the notice.  To find a strong opponent that wasn’t already engaged in some kind of conflict proved more of a challenge than he would have expected.  Then again, he didn’t invade a place like Soul Society with only a handful of strong beings; you brought foot soldiers to deal with foot soldiers.

He handed heavily on a rooftop, the ceramic tiles shattered below his frame.  Several weak demons around him were crushed by the reiatsu he unconsciously releashed; worthless indeed. He turned and started to walk along the building’s roof; at this rate he would have been better off if he had taken his afternoon nap and allowed the members of his division to deal with the weakling invaders.

As he thought that, something in the air changed.  It was subtle things that many wouldn’t pick up; a change in air pressure, the sound of a blade ripping through the air, a shadow’s movement out of the corner of his eye.  Kenpachi spun, his blade flashed into the open air once more, and it clashed with the free flying blade that had been launched at him.  He deflected the blade without much trouble, and sent it into a nearby wall where it lodged itself.  A demon landed on the rooftop not too far away.  He appraised the beast with one look; this one was better than the others.  Maybe, just maybe, he’d get a warm up out of this.

”Not bad, Captain of Soul Society.  I had thought I’d kill you with that attack,” the demon spoke, confidence flooded his voice in the act.
”Tch.  You serious?”
The demon raised an eyebrow, smirked, and nodded as another blade appeared in its hand.  Within a moment, the blade sailed through the air towards the captain once more.  As before, Kenpachi deflected the blade without much effort; there was a whistling found that accompanied both blades, and as the second blade passed him he heard the sound intensify, and something slammed into his arm.  He casually looked over to the object and noted that the first blade had released itself from the wall, and made an attempt to slice off his arm.  Instead, all it had done was ram into it and barely attract his notice.  The demon blinked at this.

”Boring…” he muttered lightly as he pushed the blade away.  He caught the sudden smirk on the demon’s face, and a hot line appeared on his left shoulder as the second blade flew back past him, succeeding where the first had failed, tearing open a gash on Kenpachi’s shoulder.  It was his turn to blink now as the demon’s smirk grew to a smile.
”What’s wrong Captain?  Don’t worry, I’ll end you’re fear soo-“
Kenpachi’s wide grin silenced the demon.
”What’s this?  You can actually cut me?  I take it back; I may just get a warm-up from this yet.”

He held out his blade, and his spiritual pressure suddenly rose once more, crushing several weaker demons and, maybe, a shinigami or two in the area.
”Zaraki Kenpachi, Captain of the Eleventh Division.”
The demon was silent, stunned for a moment both by the rise in pressure and the Shinigami’s reaction.  Both blade had, but this point floated back to him and now hovered near him.
”No response means its fine to begin, correct?”

Kenpachi wasted no more time.  He shot forward with incredible speed, his blade thrust out as he went to impale the demon.  It barley dodged the initial blow, sidestepping as he came within range.  However, his blade swung in an arc as it pursued the opponent; both the demon’s floating blades came to his defense, though they lasted only a moment before being pushed aside.  It was enough time to allow the demon’s to retreat.  Kenpachi was upon the demon within a moment’s span still, his blade crashing down onto the roof and splintering it.

The demon went for its counter attack, one of the blade flashed forward towards Zaraki; it was caught in his large hand before it reached its destination.  The demon was caught off guard by this, a fatal mistake in the end.  Kenpachi’s foot collided with the demon’s chest, and it caromed down into a different building.  It was on its feet in a moment, and burst through the back of the building as it attempted to gain some distance and regroup, but the sun was suddenly eclipsed; Zaraki’s blade crashed down into the demon, and with a scream it was destroyed by the force of the blow and spiritual force behind it.

Zaraki landed with a dissatisfied look on his face.  He looked at the wound on his shoulder; it had been shallower than he had originally thought.

”Tch.  Waste of time.” he muttered, disappointed that the fight had ended so quickly.  He shouldered the weapon and started off, deeper into Seireitei.  Surely there was an opponent somewhere within these walls that would survive long enough to let him start having some fun.  At least, he sincerely hoped that there was an enemy left who wasn’t a weakling, and would allow for him to have a little fun already.

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Zaraki Kenpachi [APPROVED, 0-3]
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