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 Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]

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PostSubject: Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]    Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:44 pm

Magus Template


Name: Matou, Shinji
Alias: Redeemer
True Age: ~90 Years
Gender: Male
Personality: Is he a nice guy? HELLLLLL NOOOOOO. That's the first thing one notices about him. Always trying to be suave and badass, he's quite snobby, self-absorbed and mean-spirited, especially to those that don't agree with the own biggotry. Despite this, he can actually act like a proper gentleman, which has earned him some adoration from people that are easily impressed. Not so much from people that see through his sheme, though. He is quick to lose his temper when something doesn't go according to his will, and can even react violent on the slightest provocation. This is also mostly because he has a gigantic inferiority complex - he absolutely hates it when someone sees themselves as better than him. Which doesn't mean they actually think that - he just needs to think they do, and he instantly becomes hostile. Not always in a violent way, though - he also knows how to hurt people with words. His sweet but poisonous speech can deeply hurt someone without others that are overhearing it realizing it at all, because if anything, he's good at getting to know your dirty secrets and using them against you.

The ones he dislikes the most are Magi that are not only better than him - virtually all Magi are - but those that let him know it, and rub it in. In other words, people that are just like he would be if he had actual Magecraft at his disposal. Both because that nobody likes being shown their own weakness, and because it shows him his own worst parts - he sees his own biggotry and ego reflected in them, which just makes him more angry at himself, which in turn causes him to lash out and recluse his mind from others.

But he tries to be a good guy, at least recently. If you tell him that he's acting like a douchebag, he'll probably insult you - but stop acting like one, if he can help it. If you need a helping hand - and if NOBODY is looking - he might just extend his own. He's painfully aware of his own shortcomings and hair-trigger temper, and of how much damage they've caused already and could cause, if not physicially, then emotionally. But he also knows that someone as hopeless as him won't change overnight into some sort of hero, so instead, he tries to at least direct his abuse against people that deserve it.
Ever since his concience has gained an actual voice (for more info, see below), these traits extensified. He's especially guilty over what his sister went through thanks to both his actions and inactions at many points in life, and tries to be the best brother possible - as much as he can. It doesn't help that he is a total coward and pretty much starts shaking at the slightest hint of physical pain coming his way, regardless of his actual tolerance for it. He's more likely to run away from a confrontation - unless something threatens his sister, or has hurt her. In those cases, may the gods have mercy - because of all of the people in all of the worlds, Matou Shinji is probably only surpassed in bone-crunching cruelty by his grandfather, when his buttons are pushed.

The last part about him is what happens if he is in actual, extreme pain. He will completely and utterly SNAP. If he feels helpless, that helplessness will increase in intensity, make him delusional, and probably lead to his complete downfall. When actually fighting, though, being hurt - and someone like him WILL get hurt - only drives him to fight harder, and with even less restraint. In short, Matou Shinji is at his most dangerous when he is just about to get killed.

General Appearance
Animalistic Traits: None. Evil voices say he looks like he has dog ears on his head when scared.
Appearance Age: 17

Natural  Abilities

Basic Magic: He is unable to properly use any Basic Magic. Even if he were to learn every last bit of theory on it, he'd still be unable to cast any of them. Even the easiest of tasks is impossible.

Pain Resistance: Maybe it is because of a lifetime of abuse by his grandfather, maybe it is because of his Mystic Code - but he is able to still stand and fight long after everyone else would have passed out. Both a blessing and a curse, in many ways.

Circuit Rewiring: A soul is made up of energy particles. He is unique in that his soul is 'scrambled', making the internal circuitry that is supposed to direct energy for Magecraft completely useless. However, he has an ability even he himself doesn't know of - through force, he can 'reforge' his circuits. This requires outside force AND causes crippling physical pain that can potentially kill him. However, the more he uses his Mystic Code, the closer he'll get to reforging himself... And the closer he gets to completely rewire his circuits to fit the Mystic Code.

Magecraft Unleashed

Magecraft: He is a unique case in how utterly useless he really is. Unlike his predecessors, who had at least SOME semblance of talent left, his body is completely unsuited for the task of Magecraft, yet he is still geneticially a Magus and unable of any other form of combat or contracts. The natural affinity of his family is dark magic that controls both shadows and insects, but he is utterly incapable of using it without excessive outside help. If magic energy is stored within a vessel, such as a book, he is able to use that energy to perfectly execute basic shadow magic and insect control magic, such as summoning a swarm of flesh-eating beetles. This shows that in theory, his skill is excessive and quite incredible for his age - but thanks to a crippling lack in proper energy within his body's internal circuitry, is unable to use it. In fact, his skill is most likely on master-levels, considering he can mold outside energy without ever having experienced how to meld own energy, which is generally an easier task.

Mystic Code Name: First Holy Scripture, human name: Reki
Mystic Code Magecraft Type: Exorcism
Mystic Code Personality: For a tool of Magecraft, Reki is quite alive and quite mouthy. He's a good kid - or good old man, it is hard to tell - that encourages those able to use him to use his powers for the right reasons. He's still contract-bound to whoever is using him at the moment and has to obey their commands, but some oddity in his spell makes him able to at least verbally disagree with his wielder.
Mystic Code Humanoid Form: Reki is short in stature, has blond hair, and is always clad in red. His clothing looks rather royal and quite impractical, as it would've been standard for nobles in the medieval times.

Mystic Code Weapon Form: First takes the form of an oldschool single-shot pistol. However, it uses pages from the bible and other holy texts from different cultures all over the world as ammunition. It can extend a blade right out of the hilt and through what would be the barrel of the gun, without damaging the gun itself.

Mystic Code Functions: The meat of the matter, so to speak. The First Holy Scripture is an old artifact - probably as old as Magecraft itself. It uses the power of belief from around the world through spiritual energy, and forges blades out of holy scriptures, such as bible pages. One example is to create a blade right above the grip to use it as a close combat weapon.
However, this blade can also be fired as a projectile. To do so, the weapon links itself with the Reiatsu circuitry of the user, and the user then speaks commands to the blade, which it follows through internal programming. Furthermore, by channeling more energy, more than one blade can be fired at once, by summoning more per verbal command. If enough control and energy is supplied, blades can even be summoned outside of the hilt - for example, making guilotines appear above the opposition out of nowhere.
The downside to this weapon is that the more complicated an order, the more energy it needs. For example: Making a blade fly at the opponent in a straight line is easy. Summoning ten swords at once from the gun that home in on a target instead would require tremendously more energy. With Matou Shinji holding the trigger, the weapon can currently link up to ten percent of his circuitry and causes excrutiating pain to him for each shot, and complicated orders temporarily paralyze his right arm. While holding the gun, blue and green 'lines' go through his arm, much like veins, which symbolize the ways in which Reiatsu is forced out of his body and into the gun.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: The Matou family is incredibly old, even by the standards of other families of Magi. Their origins are unknown, mostly because nobody in their right mind would try to ask for them - since ancient times, they've been known for incredible, but also disturbing, powers.
That was until the last few generations, at least.

Ever since three generations ago, each new child born in the Matou family had less and less potential in Magecraft - the latest two generations were so weak that you couldn't even call them proper Magi anymore. Shinji's father was a useless man called Byakuya Matou, who, despite his efforts, never managed to master Magecraft, and succumbed to alcohol, leaving his family in the care of the 'grandfather' of the family, Matou Zouken.
Shinji was very young back then, barely more than a child. But even back then, it was obvious that he didn't have potential - to everyone but himself. He studied every day to become a Magus like the Matou of old, and didn't even question it when his grandfather told him that his father had left for 'studies' somewhere else. His mother disappeared only shortly after, and Shinji later learned that she was given as living food to the worms of the Matou family.

Because that was the cruel truth of Matou Magecraft - control over terrible insects, flesh-eating monsters and Reiatsu-devouring locusts. Thanks to his ineptitude with Magecraft, Zouken used his connections and good standing in the Magic Association to make an offer to an allied clan of Magi - to take one of their two daughters under his wing, to turn her into a great Magus. Of course, that clan had no idea which horrors would await within the Matou clan, so they accepted.
At first, Shinji was happy to finally live together with someone close to his own age... until his cruel grandfather revealed the purpose of her to Shinji. She would inherit all that rightfully belonged to him - the Magecraft of the Matou family, the power over their familiars, even the family name would be carried by HER, not him. Of course, Zouken revealed that for a very specific reason - to make Shinji despair, so he could easily be manipulated. In a single day, Shinji lost everything he once assumed he had - he was completely and utterly broken, much like his new sister was now being broken by the evil Magus that Zouken was.

And Zouken still had a use for the now broken Shinji. With some suggestions and cruel remarks, he employed Shinji to turn Sakura's life into even more of a personal hell, with the only person that could've served as an emotional crutch now being abusive and mean-spirited to her at each opportunity, belittleling her, even sometimes employing physical violence on his little sister. That hell for both of them continued for many years... until one of Zouken's commands managed to wake what little of a devent person remained within Shinji.
The command to utterly break Sakura was simple, on paper. To rape her, violate her body. Maybe it was because Shinji had recently found out what Zouken had done to his mother, maybe it was because of his last shred of decency, but for the first time in his life, Shinji said 'no'.

The consequences were, as one would expect, severe. To say that Shinji 'bravely fought' against Zouken would be a ludicrous idea - no, he ran away, kicking and screaming, and somehow using what little he knew of Magecraft - together with an enchanted book he had forced his sister to create prior - to escape from Zouken, at least temporarily. And that was the first time in his life that Shinji was completely and utterly without direction, alone... and he wanted revenge on Zouken. Even after seeing where single-mindedly chasing his own goals had gotten him so far, he didn't see any error in his ways, and so, Shinji used his knowledge to gain the favor of an organization in the human world...

The Illuminati.

As an ancient cult of humanity, they were always searching for sources of magic knowledge - someone like Shinji, who had all the answers, was perfect for them. But they trusted his pathetic self too much - gave him too much knowledge in return, and so he got wind of the Mystic Codes they had stolen and stored in the past. One of them was exceptionally interesting to him - the First Holy Scripture, an exorcism artifact, able to dispell evil magics and banish dark creatures. The perfect weapon against someone like Zouken. So once he found out where they hid their Mystic Codes, Shinji used the last power of his enchanted spellbook, killed the guards, and ripped the pistol that was the Mystic Code from it's case...
And was almost killed by a surge of pain within his arm and head. Nothing he ever experienced before or since could compare to it - the invisible tentacles of the Mystic Code slithered into his head, making him realize his own misdeeds and crimes. They made him relive every single time he had been cruel to Sakura, silently pointing out how much of a bastard Shinji really was - how he always made others out to be at fault, and how he hid his own lack of confidence and strength of character behind his abuse of those weaker than him.

Shinji survived, barely. Fleeing from the Illuminati, he was changed completely - and he had a different goal now, for which he was now planning to use the First Holy Scripture - to save Sakura, and to give her something like a normal life back. And if he got to blow Zouken into pieces in the progress, then that'd be nice, too. And to his delight, his weapon agreed on that point. Why exactly a weapon has a concius mind... well, Shinji has yet to figure that detail out for himself.

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]    Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:44 am

Reserving the rights to check this.

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]    Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:09 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:Nothing appears to be wrong here.
Tier:Approved, 3-1+.

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]    Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:10 pm

Please archive.

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]    

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Matou Shinji[Approved: 3-1]
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