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 Sehanna Lohikäärme

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PostSubject: Sehanna Lohikäärme   Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:50 pm

Guardian Beast Template


Name: Sehanna Lohikäärme
Nicknames: Half-Breed, Mutt, Mongrel
Titles: The Half-Dragon Beast
True Age: 2,550
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: (Most Guardian Beasts have animalistic traits. If your character has some, what kind of traits are they?)

Natural  Abilities

Natural Abilities:

RAGE System: Unlike most beings, Sehanna cannot willingly release her forms until she reaches a certain point in battle. Every hit that she lands in a fight will increase her RAGE by two, no matter what kind of hit she lands. Whenever she is hit by an opponent's attack, she will also increase her RAGE by one. At 50 rage, she is capable of releasing her Unleashed form. At 100 rage, she can release her Beast form. A result of this RAGE system is that once a form runs out, she can simply rebuild her RAGE and activate it again.

Other Weapons: What type of weapons does your character carry?

Guardian Beast

Element: Draconic Fire

Untainted Appearance: Sehanna is in a constantly Untainted form, therefore this looks no different to how she usually does.
Untainted Abilities: (The first form, equivalent to Zenou and Shikai. What does it do?)

Unleashed Appearance:

Unleashed Abilities:

Dragonscale: Although Sehanna loses a lot of her armor in order to substitute it for mobility, do not assume her any less defended. Instead, treat her with just as much caution as before. Her skin is granted the toughness of her own armor, with a bit more of an addition to make up for the increased power.

Beast Appearance:

Beast Abilities: (The final form, equivalent to Kyuu Kyou. What does it do?)

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
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Sehanna Lohikäärme
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