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 Raven's Nest

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PostSubject: Raven's Nest   Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:28 am


Raven's Nest is the name of a group of mercenaries operating under the funding of Möbius Incorporated. Raven's Nest is based on an old, unarmed flying carrier known as Hustler One. Hustler One is also the name of the onboard computer system that controls the carrier. Raven's Nest essentially operates a the hub for the different members, each known as a "Raven." Ravens do whatever job comes their way as long as the pay is good and doesn't attack the Nest. Ravens can, however, be paid to take down other Ravens without consequence. Those that do that repeatedly are called "Crows." Eventually, Raven's Nest itself takes out a contract against anyone who becomes a Crow.

To join the Raven's Nest, all you need is power armor, a Tsurugi, or equivalent. That's it. It doesn't matter if you're a criminal or an upstart citizen. Raven's Nest accepts anyone and everyone with the skills to join. Most people upon joining discard their birth name and become known as a code name. That name is unique to them alone and is part of a registry on Raven's Nest. Even past Ravens have their code names stored. As Hustler One is mostly autonomous, most things that would take a regular crew are taken care of by the ship itself (albeit crudely). Those things left over (such as cooking and medical care) are done by the Ravens themselves. Raven's Nest only has one rule—never take out another Raven without getting paid. Those that break that rule are cast out and are put on the "Vulture" list, which a shoot-on-site list.

There are two sub-groups within Raven's Nest—Flight Nest and Nerves Concord. Flight Nest is what all members are part of initially. They can only sortie with a contract, and can't get one themselves. If a member of Flight Nest proves themselves, then they're promoted to Nerves Concord. Nerves Concord is composed of elite Ravens that can sortie any time under any circumstance for whatever they want. They still can't kill another Raven without getting paid, but that's not what they do. They're almost feared within Raven's Nest, although a few of the top aces have recently been defeated.

The last thing about Raven's Nest is the Arena Ranking System. Basically, this is the one way Ravens can fight one another without getting paid. All Ravens are entered into the system, and it's entirely voluntary to want to move up or not. Some don't and forfeit matches when newcomers come in, but most are actively participating in Arena Matches. Those that do participate have to fight the person that's on the rank higher than them to gain their rank. However, it's an unspoken rule that you can't go and immediately re-challenge for a rank. And if the challenger loses, they don't go down a rank. Anyone who can beat the No. 1 in the Arena is immediately given a position within Nerves Concord, which is why the Arena is incredibly popular. The fights are never within populated areas and the matches take place within a 1km×1km×1km invisible cube that determines if a win is done by ring-out or not. Although not to the death, these matches are until one is pinned or if one is unable to battle further. Although only ten are listed at this time, it contains every member of Raven's Nest.

Nerves Concord

Flight Nest

Arena Rankings

  1. Nine-Ball
  2. Placeholder
  3. Placeholder
  4. Placeholder
  5. Placeholder
  6. Placeholder
  7. Placeholder
  8. Placeholder
  9. White Glint
  10. Placeholder


[b]Code Name:[/b]
[b]Application URL:[/b]
[b]Ranking:[/b] (Anything higher than 10 needs special approval)

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Raven's Nest
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