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 Sascha Koenig [Approved 0-4]

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PostSubject: Sascha Koenig [Approved 0-4]   Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:41 am

"Think you're a warrior? Go ahead and try."


Name: Sascha Koenig
True Age: ~650
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 52 kg
Measurements: 85 - 57 - 86
Birthday: 16 October

Personality: Sascha does not like war. To say that she likes war is a gross misconception. Sascha does not like war. She loves war. War is one of the most brilliant inventions of man, in her opinion. To fight is to win, and to win is to live. She fights, therefore she is. In fact, Sascha is at her most profound and philosophical when she's in the middle of a battle. Most of her novels that she has written--adult or not--were thought up in the heat of battle, and then written down when she had the time to do so. She is exceptionally verbose, and will use her vocabulary to its fullest--whether it's playing around with the words of others talking to her, or simply talking in circles in order to confuse them into agreeing with her. She loves words themselves, to the point of sitting around and saying a new word she's learned for hours in end, just to properly imprint it and its meaning into her memory. She doesn't have the same issue as a lot of people; saying a word over and over again will not make it seem meaningless to Sascha and her mind. Sometimes, because of this, people call her crazy. Sometimes, because of that, people get their faces smashed into a wall. It's a vicious cycle, and Sascha has no problems with perpetuating it.

As said before, Sascha likes to write novels. She also really likes to read them. Unsurprisingly, her favorite read is Sun Tzu's Art of War. If she isn't writing, she's training. If she isn't training, she's strategizing. If she isn't doing that, she's either sleeping, eating or masturbating (people just don't seem to like the war thing). Her days are simple, but Sascha is anything but a simple person. She is very profound, often spouting advice or philosophical nonsense to those who'll listen--usually, she's a good listen, but she can go off on a tangent very quickly. If you get her into a conversation about war, expect to have your ear talked off for a couple of hours--she really is a fangirl. She's in love with modern war technologies, and her barracks are filled with magazines and posters of tanks, rifles, anything that catches her eye. If she were taken to a factory where they actually produced tanks, you'd probably lose her. If she were able to have a tank in her barracks... expect to never see her again.

Despite all of this, there are other things that revolve around the character of Sascha and her mindset. She's a bit of a klutz when it comes to things that aren't battle or war related. She can't really keep up with her paperwork. She has a plush rabbit that she sleeps with--on her tank bed. She giggles like a schoolgirl when the word 'penis' is mentioned. She is unsure of her sexuality. She has a 'fight-crush' on Zaraki Kenpachi... yeah, that's actually a good place to go. She wants to fight Kenpachi, and win. Not just fight him and come to a standstill, but actually win. She knows that it's an impossible objective, but it's a place that she really wants to reach. She believes that if she is capable of beating Kenpachi (without killing him), she'll be seen as a more respectable person. She realizes that a lot of people don't respect her because of her gender, and she wants to change that. In the end, Sascha is a lot more than just a brute with a weapon... she just hopes that other people will see that as well.

General Appearance


Natural  Abilities

Skill Heirarchy:


Zanpakutō: When unreleased, Hund has the appearance of an Army Officer's sabre. It is relatively unremarkable, and sits on her right hip when she carries it in its scabbard. There are no real distinguishing features.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: "Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dog of War!"

Other Weapons:

Eyepatch: Sascha has a very similar eyepatch to Zaraki Kenpachi, in her work to emulate him and fight him on equal ground. Unlike his eyepatch, her's works a lot differently. Instead of restricting the amount of Reiryoku she has available to her, it increases the density. This makes it harder for her to use it efficiently, slowing her abilities down and reducing the rate at which she can bring it forth. At the same time, this messes with her depth perception, forcing her to rely more on feeling. When she takes it off in battle, the return of density to her Reiryoku causes her to hit harder, use her abilities faster, and battle more effectively. As a point, her spiritual pressure will feel more threatening while the eyepatch is on.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Hund
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Despite the connotations with the Zanpakutō itself, Hund is very calm. He speaks in simple statements, and enunciates each term clearly and sharply. He speaks philosophically, treating those around him as his equals and yet inferiors at the same time. Of course, he does enjoy war to the same degree as Sascha--his tactical mind is more appreciative of battle's nuances, than the actual act of fighting itself. He rarely speaks against the call of battle, yet will speak for acting with caution in the same vein. He is perplexing to Sascha, yet they have a simplistic relationship that won't ever break.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World: [image link]


Shikai Name: Hund des Krieges (Dog of War)
Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:

Aura of War: This is the passive ability of the Hund des Krieges, and it is unusual. Within about ten metres of the Zanpakutō blade itself, War is enhanced. How, you ask? To be specific, the feeling of War is enhanced. Those in battle find themselves enjoying it further, and their morale is increased. This is, of course, a double-edged sword--as it increases the morale of Sascha's enemies just as much as her allies. This works to her favor, since it allows for people to fight through their usual pain and injuries--further allowing her to fight for a longer time.

Probably the reason why Sascha didn't really fit in with the Eleventh Division; her Zanpakutō is effectively a 'Kidō summon' type. She can call out multiple types of soldier units to fight alongside or behind her, each of them with a certain type of weapon that she deems necessary. She can have three Soldiers of any type out at a time, but can only summon one per round. If she returns one to the aether without it dying, she can immediately call another in its place. Each is treated as a 3-1 entity that can damage both spirits and corporeal beings. All of her soldiers are treated as if they are trained in their weapon, and the weapons she can have them carry are as follows: AK-47, RPG-7, SPAS-12, M249 SAW, FN FAL DMR, Dragunov DMR, XM-109 AM, FIM-92 Stinger. All weapons can be changed in a manner of moments. They're also capable of following Sascha if she uses Shunpo.


Bankai Name: Reißzähne des Krieges Hund (Fangs of the War Dog)
Bankai Appearance: When she activates her bankai, she resheathes her shikai temporarily. Into her hands are summoned a pair of Colt Single Action Army revolvers--these have effectively unlimited ammunition and the power of Hado 33 with each shot. She can fire off up to six from each per round, reloading at the start of her next post. Reloading is a simple action. She can also use her shikai sword, simply storing her pistols on her hips.
Bankai Abilities:

Although she retains her abilities from within her Shikai, she also gains several new and interesting iterations to her summoning skills. These are a lot more powerful and devastating than her Shikai skills. Sascha only activates her Bankai if she feels that a fight cannot be won with mere Shikai, or if she's facing an army. She can only use one support skill per round.

Command Points: With the more powerful skills that exist in her Bankai, Sascha is required to limit herself. In order to do this, she has Command Points--shortened to CP--to spend from. Every time she wants to use a summon ability, she consumes the required amount of CP beforehand. If she does not have the CP available, she cannot perform the summon. She has a cap of 30 CP and gains 5 CP a round.

Increased Summon Cap: Sascha's summon limit goes from three to ten, and she can summon all ten in a single post if she feels the need to. As well as this, all of her new abilities in Bankai are counted as 'tactical support', and therefore do not take up summon slots.

Artillery Salvo: The Artillery Salvo is the simplest of the lot--she designates a position in her sight and has masses of spiritual explosives lobbed down onto the place. It generally has enough power to destroy a small troup, and she can use it once every three rounds. 1 CP

Armored Squad: Sascha can summon from the area behind her a small squad of (about five) Tiger II tanks. These tanks open fire upon her enemies, prioritizing larger structures and opponents over general infantry. They can fire up to three shots each per round, and after three rounds they dissipate. After that, she has to wait for three more rounds to call them in again. 3 CP

Rapid Airstrike: If she feels the need, Sascha is capable of calling down a five-man squadron of A-10 Thunderbolts. These craft do a quick flyover of the battlefield and fire upon targets in a direct line. As they flyover, they release a small number of Mk 81 250lb dumb bombs (approximately four per craft--twenty in total). Once this is done they disappear into spiritual nothingness and cannot be summoned for three more rounds. 3 CP

Carpet Bombing: While the Rapid Airstrike is for a small localized cluster, there are times when Sascha needs to blow shit to hell. When she needs to do this, she calls in the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. This flies over two directed points on the battlefield, dropping its payload as it flies. What is the payload, you may ask? Approximately 27 1000 lb General Purpose High Explosive bombs internally, with 24 more 500lb bombs beneath the wings. Once this disappears, it cannot be recalled for three rounds. 6 CP

Heli Support: If Sascha needs air support that sticks around, then she can call in a chopper. This is the Mil Mi-24, lovingly known as the 'Hind'. This flies in, and starts hovering around overhead. It prioritizes targets that are close to Sascha, but not within melee range of her. This allows for her to be able to still engage targets in melee combat without being interrupted--by either ally or enemy. If left undestroyed, it disappears in three rounds and then requires three more rounds to be resummoned. 4 CP

Railway Gun: Now, we're calling in the big bastard--this weapon is known as the Schwerer Gustav. When she summons this, it appears at a distance of approximately 30 kilometres from Sascha at the best elevation for firing. This is done for the main reason of being unnoticed by the enemy at large. When it appears and chooses a target to fire upon, it lets off a shell that travels at 820 metres per second. This shell travels for three rounds towards the target location, before colliding and exploding something fierce. Although the bombs from the B-52 cover a larger area, the damage from the Gustav is more devastating and sudden. Once the round has landed on the battlefield, it takes three more rounds to recharge. 10 CP

SOAAC-25: When I called the Railway Gun 'the' big bastard, I lied. The SOAAC-25, or Sub-Orbital Anti-Army Cannon mk25, lovingly known as the Death Ray, Beam of Death, OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT LIGHT RA--among other names, is probably Sascha's ultimate weapon, and as such, costs all of her remaining CP to summon (as well as the additional clause of being thrust out of Bankai upon use). It is, you guessed it, a sub-orbital cannon that floats above the battlefield. Sascha picks a target, and everything around that target will most likely die. 'nuff said. The radius of impact increases with CP spent. For every CP spent, the radius is increased by 10m. This gives a maximum possible radius of 300m--covering a distance of 600m across. 100% CP

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: For as long as she can recall, Sascha Koenig has had to deal with war. Her home town in the German plains was raided by bandits looking for men to recruit, women to rape and children to enslave. Sascha was thirteen at the time--the age where she was finally coming into her womanhood. While most of the men looked the other way, one of the raiders decided that she was going to be his next prey. She was too young to forge into enslavement, so he decided to do the next worst thing--he raped her. Thirteen year old Sascha Koenig lost her virginity to a bandit raider that she'd never even met, while her mother watched from next to her, violated by yet another bandit. You could say that Sascha was broken here, but she didn't stop. Even though her home was destroyed, she urged herself onward to rebuild.

She began to fight. She wanted to defend herself. She had to. She hardened her heart and mind and set about fighting against invisible enemies wherever she went. If she could not fight these enemies with weapons, she would use intelligence gathering--she would train herself to be a spy. If she could not do even that, she fought within herself--she hardened her mind and heart to horrors that would make most men scream in terror. Otherwise, she simply continued to train herself. But she also needed an outlet for her non-aggressive feelings. She needed a way to deal with life that didn't involve war, or its subsidiaries. So in the end, she decided to start writing as well. It began with her daily thoughts and eventually evolved into something greater than that.

They who live by the sword, die by the sword. This was also true for Sascha. Her final battle was grand, she will say. She was a soldier in her own army, fighting against men who wanted to take her motherland away from her. She had disguised herself as a man, by the name of Hermann Koenig. Her blade rang out with each strike, but eventually she would fall. She describes it such:

Where had I been, again? I do not recall. I only saw war. Carnage and death followed me as my feet trudged along the muddied grounds. The heft of steel upon my right arm weighed me down; my hand locked around a hilt, a crocodile refusing to let go of its prey. I stared down their forces, their eyes returning my weary gaze. My body was shaking—not from cold, but from vigor. The thought of death, though frightening, was exciting on its own—the power of another being’s life, simply by swinging this blade within my hand. I could feel the chipped steel piercing the flesh of another man. It entranced me. I wanted more.

Of course, they decided to charge. This was what I wanted—I knew that now. The first man entered into melee with me, weapon swung in a wide arc at my sword arm. I moved my body backwards a step, watching the metal pass by my chest—was it my chest? As he reeled from the movement, I lunged forwards and pierced his own with my blade. The silver stained red. I could hear the sound of his breath leaving his body, and his heart slowing to a stop. It was as if some mysterious force had enhanced my senses in the midst of the fighting.

My hearing picked up something else too—footsteps charging behind me. I turned my body, bringing the weapon upwards, to parry a downwards strike. His eyes were different. Bestial. His mouth, turned up into a feral sneer. He growled at me. Brought his weapon up once more. Down again. Up. Down. Up. Down. With a lack of rhythm and sheer power, he tried to break away my defence. I could not tell when he would strike again, only that he would do so—and that it was working. With every hit, I felt my hands drop slightly.

This man—was he the product of this war? No longer human, but a beast that could only fight? A Dog of the King. My right knee was the first to touch mud. I felt the sodden earth curl up around it, enticing my entrance. My left knee was next—but I could not bring them back up. I could only watch him hack away at my blade, fuelled by rage and adrenaline.

I would not survive 'til night.

She was purified and moved to the Soul Society, where she fit into the lawless districts of Rukongai--not at all. Despite her love of war, Sascha also craved some kind of order. To see these men and women fighting for nothing bar their own wants actually disgusted her to a degree. She wanted to see order, and she saw that in the uniforms of the Shinigami. It didn't take long for her to discover that she had spiritual energy--even less time was taken to sign up for the Shino Academy.

She took to her studies as if they were nothing else, practising her swordsmanship and Kidō above all else. For some reason, she couldn't understand hand-to-hand very well--it was as if when her hand was empty, she felt like she couldn't fight. Not that it mattered. She would overpower a lot of her other students with ease, until came the day that He arrived. When he stood before them, she felt as if there was something choking her down. However, she was one of the few that could continue to stand despite his presence. The eyepatch, along with the little girl on his shoulder was enough to make her wonder just who he was, and she immediately challenged him to a fight, then and there.

She lost. Badly. He didn't even draw his sword.

From then, she decided that she was going to chase after Zaraki Kenpachi. Not as a lover, but as a rival in her own mind. Her studies were much the same, though she was challenged to fights outside the dojo--Kenpachi's presence had made her seem weaker, and they tried to beat her down. She dispatched these challengers without even thinking. Kenpachi was, at the moment, the only person who had beaten her in combat. She would make him draw his sword. Once she had made him draw his sword, she would make him hurt. Once he even felt an iota of pain... she would finally fight him to the end. She didn't want to die--but she wanted to win.

Eventually, she made it through the Shino Academy and was selected for the 11th Division. She loved the fact that she was under Kenpachi's guidance--even if he seemed to have forgotten her. About ten years into her placement, she challenged him again.

She lost. Not-so-badly. He still didn't draw his sword, but she did indent his skin that time!

By this time, she was in the process of discovering her Shikai. She wanted to gain power. She wanted to win--it was almost as if she were obsessed with the idea of claiming victory over Zaraki Kenpachi. However, these dreams were dashed when she first released Shikai. It was a Kidō type--and she was in company when it was done so. She tried to get them not to tell, but it didn't happen, and Sascha was removed from the Eleventh Division--however, the Third Division called for her next. She begrudgingly accepted the transfer.

She took quickly to her new role, even if she didn't enjoy it for the first little while. And yet, she would continue to train. Her training caused her to grow in power, and she was more than capable of taking on more than one Hollow in combat. She rose through the ranks, and battled Kenpachi for the third time, this time using her Shikai to full effect.

She lost. He drew his Zanpakutō to defend himself from the multiple targets, but she couldn't overwhelm him quickly enough.

Not disheartened by this loss, her training continued as she fought. She grew stronger, eventually communicating enough with her Zanpakutō spirit to be able to unlock her Bankai. Although she doesn't understand how it occurred, she realized that it must've been planned. Training with her Bankai was easier than with Shikai, since she could fight her own summoned soldiers as if they were enemies. As the number of soldiers she fought at once increased, Sascha became the pinnacle of multiple-opponent fighting. When she finally thought herself strong enough, she challenged Kenpachi once more. This time, he remembered her name.

She lost, but made him take off his eyepatch. They destroyed a pretty large area with their battle.

This was when she had her own eyepatch created, with the specifications she asked for. Eventually, she fought her way to the Captaincy of the 3rd Division, and still hasn't stopped chasing Kenpachi for the win.
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Sascha Koenig [Approved 0-4]
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