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 Lost. Alone.

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PostSubject: Lost. Alone.   Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:19 pm

I'm so cold...
Normally he welcomed the cold. It was very strange for the wintry air to unsettle him. This chill didn't feel like anything nature could create. It was... Like the uncomfortable lack of warmth after parting an embrace. This was the cold he felt. He curled up and wrapped his arms around himself to bear with the pain. It was a strong, clear realization of loneliness. Tears wet his eyes. Another foreign sensation. He was falling apart no matter how tightly he held on. Until a strange light appeared. A bright, warm light. It seemed to envelop him with its glow and warmth. He opened his eyes to see a figure standing in front of it. The light was so bright that all he could see was a dark silhouette. His heart yearned for the mysterious being and he stretched an arm out futilely. However the being seemed to notice and began to turn towards him and-
He gasped for air as he suddenly woke up. He sat up and clenched his chest panting. He slowly brought his other hand to his face. After a moment he composed himself. He slowed his breathing, calmed his heart, and put a hold on his thoughts. He wiped the moisture about his eyes with his sleeve. He noticed he was in the same clothes. Some dried blood cracked off and fell onto his lap. He began to assess his situation. He was in a bed. He had returned to Sereitei or rather that girl brought him here. He gingerly reached for his head and confirmed the presence of a bandage where he thought he hit his head. He clenched his jaw thinking about her crude revenge and then looked around. It was like a hospital but there was no staff and no other patients. 'I don't suppose turning someone in to an organized place with no idea who he was or why he was covered in blood isn't such a good idea... he deducted. Still this was more than he could ask for. He looked down at the bed and noticed the blood must've dried on the way back. He checked underneath his hoodie to find a light T-shirt underneath and pulled off the hoodie. He lay it neatly on the bed beside him and noticed the scars. There was a countless number of scars of different shapes and sizes. He could clearly see the outlines in the dim moonlight. He traced over a few with his fingers. Where did they come from? Why were there so many? He lift his shirt taking a quick look underneath. He confirmed his suspicions. More scars. Tons of them. He stared at his arms as questions without answers formed in his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost. Alone.   Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:38 pm

[Toja Hagiwara]

\\Don't you think you overdid it again? You can't even lift your arms properly now!\\
"Yeah, and that's good. Tomorrow, I'll do double of that regimen again. Then double that the day after tomorrow. These weak muscles need some serious training if I want to become stronger."
\\Well, I can't fault your determination, Toja.\\
Through the slowly setting evening, a small Shinigami walked through the streets of Seireitei. He was covered in sweat under his uniform, and couldn't wait to get back to the barracks, take a shower, and then just fall asleep. He was bickering a bit with his Zanpakutō spirit - but that was normal with the two - it was a sign of affection. The real trouble started when either of them refused to answer the other. Really, Toja was about to get back to the barracks of his division... When his entire field of vision flared white for a second and he nearly fell over, as a sharp pain rushed through his head. That... did not bode well.
"C-crap, not again..." With a groan and a hand on the forehead, Toja changed his direction. Time to visit the fourth division again and bother them to finally give them their strongest painkillers and medications for the constant migraines, he would NOT stop his training again for nearly an entire week!

When Toja finally reached the building, his headaches were already flaring up his brain like napalm. Every last bit of light hitting his eyes hurt like hell, causing him to squint down and only look as much as needed - it was no surprise then, that in his exhausted and pained state, the small Shinigami took a wrong turn. Then another one. And quickly, he somehow got lost.
"Great, just great..." With a grumbling voice that sounded akin to an annoyed - but probably very cute - bear, Toja stumbled through the apparently abandoned part of the infirmary, until he heard a sound. Turning his head, he apparently turned too fast, since he then fell over, head-first against the door to the room, which certainly opened said door - and caused Toja to land face-first in the room with the strange Shinigami.

To the outside, Toja was simply slowly standing up again, but within his head, a firework of pain was let loose... One that slowly died down. As he stood up completely, the firework had been replaced with an icy cold... One that was slowly lulling him into a weird trance... But then he shook his head wildly, which somehow caused both this cold feeling and the headache to dissipate. Well, that was new. Maybe he should try hitting his head hard on occasion against his migraines? Now that he had regained his eyesight, Toja saw the man on the bed, and raised an eyebrow.
Before really noticing the man, while still in the trance, Toja's eyes had seemed to be completely black just for a split second - but it was gone now, without a trace. An optical illusion? Probably the only logical explanation, but Toja had not noticed it himself.
"I didn't think they were still using this part of the building."

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost. Alone.   Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:44 am

BAM. Wil flinched and reflexively crossed his arms, covering himself. A peculiar reaction, who had caught him doing what? Nothing. And?  He looked over to find a man..? “A figure of masculine features that also radiated lovable cuteness”-was the best he could do to describe the person. “Hehehe,” Wil chuckled watching the other party right himself...? himself. As he seemed to compose himself Wil instinctively grabbed his hoodie and pulled it on, remembering that it was a bloody mess shortly after pulling his head through the top. Now donned in a cloak of worn cloth and a massive amounts of blood not yet dry, he shifted uncomfortably in his place. ‘Maybe he won’t notice?... maybe? But... No why would I take it back off.’ Wil bit the side of his lip, he was NOT thinking straight.

“I didn't think they were still using this part of the building.”

“Uhm.” Wil had figured about that much from looking around. ‘What.. What should I say?’ Wil pondered while absentmindedly staring at the other person. “I, uhm..” He stammered to fill the silence. Nothing came to his mind. “They don’t anymore? I don’t think” he answered truthfully. ‘This... is the worst.’ He inwardly cursed himself for being so idiotic. “Are you uh.. Are you okay though?” he said looking off to the side, avoiding eye contact. ‘I mean I suppose he...? he. He took a real blow to the head. It must’ve hurt right’ He scratched his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost. Alone.   Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:52 pm

[Toja Hagiwara]

Well, this was... unusual, to say the least. Not only was Toja's near-constant headache reduced to some clanging hammers in his head, instead of constant, terrible pain, but this guy... Seemed about as 'off' as you could. If not for the fact that they were both obviously souls, that guy could seriously pass as a ghost living inside of an abandoned hospital with that getup. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when the strange man asked about Toja's own well-being while looking as if he had just walked out of a life-or-death battle, at least as far as that cloak was concerned... The smaller Shinigami wasn't exactly known for his ability of seeing through clothes.

"I'm about as alright as I'm going to get... but thanks for asking." Toja was known for being blunt, but not for being an asshole when you weren't one towards him. Flicking some of his blonde, shining hair away from his eyes with a swift movement of his hand, his gaze went over his strange new acquaintance, who was obviously trying not to look into his eyes. Was he just shy, or hiding something? But even more importantly, what the hell was he doing in a currently unused wing of this place, when he obviously looked either injured or only recently treated...?

"I should be the one asking it, though. Unless that blood isn't actually yours, in which case I'd have to ask who you recently murdered." And Toja was only half-joking with that statement. Who knows, maybe he just ran into the insane hospital-killer Shinigami. After nearly 800 years of active service, there was nothing left able to surprise him with his co-workers.
"And just in case you now try to murder me, and we end up deadlocked with our swords, you should at least know my name, I guess. Toja Hagiwara, Seated Officer of the Fifth Squad."

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost. Alone.   Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:15 pm

Kisuke couldn’t help but smile a bit when the strange man fixed his hair. He felt that his first impression was spot on. This guy was probably popular, with everyone. He seemed to have a natural charisma and a rough but earnest attitude. A tough guy- sort of deal. Kisuke blinked a few times when addressed by Toja. He realized that he had been absentmindedly staring at the other while he was lost in his own train of thought and quickly turned away. “I.. uhm... Well I don’t suppose it’s mine- I don’t think. I’m really not very sure,” he meekly responded. He look down and rubbed a spot of blood on his sleeve with his thumb. ’Why did I put this on...?’ he thought to himself, raising an eyebrow. He just panicked when someone else was present, and threw it on.

“I’m about as alright as I’m going to get... but thanks for asking.”

Kisuke looked up when the stranger responded to him. Now that he had finally looked at him again, Kisuke tried to read Toja’s expressions. It appeared to Kisuke that... Toja was trying to figure him out. Well that made sense, being a bloody mess in the middle of a run down building probably provoked a little bit of caution or curiosity. There was no way to explain it though. How could he put it? ‘I woke up and I was like this, then a scary lady carried me over her shoulder as she charged here full speed like a wild boar?’ perhaps would suffice. But that could only further confuse the other man.

“I should be the one asking it, though. Unless that isn’t actually yours, in which case I’d have to ask who you recently murdered.”

“Ah-?..” Was all that Kisuke could say in response to his ‘joke’. ’Well, I might’ve killed somebody...’ he thought knitting his eyebrows together. He wasn’t entirely sure about it- or anything at all for that matter. Kisuke’s thoughts were broken again when the stranger spoke up again.

“And just in case you try to murder me...”

“What- I uh..” Kisuke stammered

“... and we end up deadlocked with our swords, you should at least know my name, I guess. Toja Hagiwara, Seated Officer of the Fifth Squad."

’Oh an introduction...’ Kisuke let out a sigh of relief. He was overthinking too much. He was too flustered for no reason. He huffed and pursed his lips annoyed with his lack of control over his behavior. He realized that he hadn’t responded while he head was swimming with self criticism.
“Me, I’m...” he paused to think. He hadn’t been able to answer the other woman either. “I don’t know who I am,” he absently murmured. He wasn’t looking at Toja, nor did he even mean to say it out loud. “But it’s nice to meet you Toja-Kun!...” Kisuke lit up as he looked up at Toja, trying to crack a smile. A smile that would soon leave his face.

’Stop it’

He wasn’t sure why he suddenly felt compelled to stop. He felt a need to shut Toja out. Anti-social didn’t quite fit the sensation. He was sure that he could handle being around other people, and he didn’t mind making a friend... So then why?

‘Aww, what’s the matter? Play nice.’

Kisuke froze when his own voice teased him inside of his head. Was it his voice? It was his voice. And it was definitely inside of his head since Toja didn't notice the voice at all. He closed his eyes and put a hand on his forehead. He wanted to be alone.


"I.. Don't think I'm feeling too good. Could you please lea- or get someone perhaps?"
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PostSubject: Re: Lost. Alone.   

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Lost. Alone.
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