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 Misa Aihara[approved; 4-1+]

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PostSubject: Misa Aihara[approved; 4-1+]    Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:15 pm

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Misa Aihara
True Age: 38
Appearance Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135


Personality: The first thing that anyone needs to know about Misa is that she's an RN; a Registered Nurse. She's not a full fledged doctor and doubts that she'll ever be, but because of her extensive knowledge and qualifications to pretty much become anything within the medical field that she wants, the Doctor's around her do sometimes go to her for help when they are stumped. There are many times that her help is preferred over the other Doctor's because of how much they realize she knows and how skilled she actually is. The reason Misa refuses to go any higher than an RN in her career is because she doesn't believe she can handle the hours, stress, and the responsibility of telling someone they've got an incurable illness and are likely going to die. The only way Misa will move up in her career in that manner is if she some how perfects her power, but she doubts that will happen. To get to know Misa, the fact that she is a nurse is the first thing that people need to know about her.

To be a nurse, there are a few qualities that you must have, excluding the intelligence part of it. First off, you need to be patient. Dealing with patients and coworkers for so many hours of the day and not being pushed into a mental break down is a must. The paperwork, rules and regulations, along with keeping track of rooms, medicines, and things along that line can take a lot out of a person. Luckily, Misa learned to be patient a long, long time ago and was able to keep that trait and use it at work. Another trait Misa has that is pretty much required in her field, she cares. She is genuinely a caring person who puts others needs before her own. If someone is in pain, she doesn't pretend to understand or immediately assume that this person is faking it. She listens to what they have to say and does her best to help. Misa is also able to keep up a professional demeanor when the time calls for it. Whether it be meetings, telling coworkers where they are needed, or dealing with higher authority, she is able to keep up with it all. Luckily for Misa, she prefers things at a higher pace and is able to keep up with them. Someone who prefers to take things slow couldn't work in a medical field; they'd be likely to get someone killed.

Misa Aihara is also a fun-loving woman. She's always been into hanging out with friends, going places, and being as social and outgoing as they come. She is quite gentle in her actions, kind in her words, but exciting in mind. To explain these further, when it comes to being gentle, Misa will never just grab onto someone. She's quite elegant and graceful when she walks. She has a soft touch and never hurts people. When she's making physical contact with someone, she never puts any real force into it, such as an aggressive hug. She just doesn't do that. Misa is kind in her words in the manner that if she is asked a question or is just speaking to someone, she will be careful to word what she is saying in a kind manner. She won't lie or dance around the truth, but she might take a few seconds to make sure she is saying what she means to say without being harsh. Let's say she's out with her friends and they try on a dress that they like, but she can see that it just does not fit them well. Instead of saying "That dress makes you look fat" or "No... you look great!", she'll word it properly. She won't be harsh and blunt unless it's absolutely needed, and she won't lie or pretend to not hurt someone's feelings. She'd rather be a good person and friend over a liar.

When saying that she is exciting in mind, this means that Misa is daring, fun, happy, and willing to try almost everything once! She's done things that many people would be afraid of trying, such as bunji jumping and sky diving. Needless to say, she did not like either of them and will never do them again, but she does have the ability to say "yes I did that" over saying she's done nothing. Misa wants to experience things, the world. Any time she gets a chance, she takes a small vacation to a new place and spends a few days seeing the sights and meeting new people, just because she wants to say she's lived her life to the fullest. She looks around and sees so many people wasting their lives, or watches them die because of their job, so she can't stand the idea of sitting back and wasting her life away. Something that Misa says quite often, "There is a difference between living and surviving. I want to live."

Character Background: Misa was born as Misa Hasegawa, to the Hasegawa family in Tokyo. The family has been quite well known for being spiritual mediums over the course of seven hundred years. Like all other generations before her, Misa was expected to go along with everything that was being pushed on her. As a child, she did as she was told along with her older twin sister Kanae. She and her sister were quite close, but their mother was not something that Misa ever felt she could get close to and trust. Besides trying to force her down a path that she didn't want, Misa just did not like the horrible ways of her family and when she turned eighteen, she upped and left, only telling her sister goodbye. She moved to the America's and went to medical school in the United States. Graduating after only four years of study, she was instantly offered a job at a hospital near by. She worked there for two years before moving back to Japan in an attempt to be closer to what she knows.

Though she never contacted her family in Tokyo, she has chosen to make her home in Karakura, Japan. After three years, when she was twenty seven years old, Misa was promoted to the head RN. While working there, she chose to advance her studies and kept herself extremely busy with a full time job and being a part time student. Four years later, she was able to graduate with her Masters in Medicine. The moment she received her Masters, Misa was offered a job as a Doctor, but she turned it down. She began discovering something rather important about herself, power. One night, she had gotten a really bad cough that just would not quit. She was trying to take a drink when she noticed the drink was thickening and darkening just a bit. Thinking it was just her imagination, she took a large drink too fast to react otherwise. She freaked out, thinking that she might have drank something that had gone bad, but when her cough subsided thirty second later, she pushed the thought off.

Back to work and ready to go, Misa was going through her day like normal. A young boy had come into the Emergency Room with a horrible cold that was only getting worse and worse. His nose was so stuff up he couldn't breathe. The Doctor came in to talk to the Mother, while Misa went to sit by his side for a while. She went to get him a glass to drink and tried handing it to him, but he began coughing again. She felt so guilty and tried thinking of ways to help him, but only time would tell. She handed him the drink and he took it, but looked at her confused. He explained to her that it wasn't water and when she looked in the cup, it had turned to a thick red liquid. Both the Mother and Doctor looked at her as if she were crazy, but when she went to go check the container the "water" had come from, she proved to them that it was just water. Luckily, the boy proved as witness and stuck up for her, otherwise she would have been fired instantly for giving him a medicine without doctors orders. He suddenly began coughing again, spit some of the phlegm out into a bucket and randomly said everything was gone. He blew his nose once and could breathe clearly again. It was then that Misa realized that she had something special happening to her.

Three days later, another man came in with the flu. He was constantly vomiting and was in so much pain. Bringing it up to the Doctor, Misa asked if she could try something and because he trusted her and saw what happened with the boy, he agreed. Misa went in to him with a drink and watched him for a bit, gather his symptoms and thinking of ways she could help him. It took a while because this time she was actually trying for it, but she soon saw the liquid turn blue and handed it to him. She told him to drink and that he should soon feel so much better. He did, and she stood there watching him with tears in her eyes just praying that this would work. His vomiting ceased, his pain slowly faded away, and he thanked her so much for whatever had just been given to him. At that point, Misa became the most well known nurses in Japan. Some would still call her Doctor, but she always declined the title. She had to repeatedly inform people that she couldn't cure major diseases, only smaller symptoms and sicknesses.

After some time, people got to understanding what she could do and could not do, so she wasn't bothered too much. After four years without a vacation, Misa was told to take a break! She had a life too and was being worn out by the constant need for her. She ended up stock piling some of her own medicines for the hospital for just in case reasons and then left for a while. Her first vacation she ended up going sky diving and bunji jumping in Vegas with some friends. She was scared to death of doing both of them and hated them in the end, but unlike so many in this world she can say she did it! Misa began to love the idea of living life and having fun, so any time she was able to take a vacation, she jumped on a plane, boat, or into a car and went somewhere. And then she ran into two young women, twins. They were so close. It reminded her of her and her sister; how they used to be.

Misa went home and back to work when she got a call from some Hephaestus Academy offering her a job. It was explained to her that she would be paid double, get weekends off, and only work normal hours of the day! Perfect, right? So, why was she so hesitant? One, she couldn't find any information on this Academy. She was given an address and made her way out to the location, but even that was odd. Interestingly enough, she was escorted to the exact location and was surprised to find this populated city under ground. She went to check the school out and was highly impressed. And then she saw it. It had to be fate. The name "Hasegawa" was on a paper in the nurses office, where she would be working. "Michiko Hasegawa" was the name. It reminded her yet again of her family, so she told them that she was going to think on the job and come back later...

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Inviting Aura: Misa has always been a kind and gentle person, and this just helps that out. Misa is one of those people that you feel you can just talk to. Depending on who the person is, when they're near her or talking to her, they will genuinely feel at peace, trusting, or something along those lines. The feelings are never negative. If someone is shy, they may feel the shyness lessen and more trust in Misa. If someone is angry, they may feel calm and like they could just tell her what's bothering them. It differs from person to person when talking, but when she makes certain actions that changes just a bit. If she sets her hand on your shoulder, she's trying to make you feel calm, so a feeling of calm will rush over you. If she holds out her arms for a hug, most will feel the need to walk into her arms and hug her back. This goes on and on with different actions, but it is to be remembered that it is just an aura. If someone is completely against feeling that way, they won't feel that way. It doesn't always work. It's just something that is there if the person it's happening to is open to it. She can't alter the feelings of people who are just not open to it. Also, she is unaware of this fact. She doesn't know about this aura, which is why it's more of a natural thing with her.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng (Internal)
Appearance change: None
Abilities: All of Misa's abilities are some how based medically.

Medical Clairvoyance: There are two types of this that Misa has. The first allows her to understand someone's symptoms through touch. By placing her hand anywhere on their body, what they feel (and only feel) will be transported into her body, so she can understand exactly what is wrong with them. As an example, if someone was in a massive amount of pain, but only knew how to describe it that "their stomach hurts", she will be able to realize that they need their appendix taken out, or something along those lines. The moment she removed her hand from them, the feeling completely goes away as if t wasn't there in the first place. The second form of this is her ability to hover her hand over someone's body and figure out whether something is broken or not. With this, it's more like an extremely high powered x-ray, making the skin on their body transparent so she (and only she) can look through to tell people what is wrong. An example is if someone has a broken leg, she can look through and see the type of break without having to force them to straighten their leg in an uncomfortable manner or something to get the actual x-ray.

Advanced Medical Chemistry: This ability allowed Misa to create a medicine just by holding a glass with a liquid in it. All she has to do is know the symptoms or the actual sickness and she can make a medicine for it. For instance, if someone has a cold, she can concentrate on curing a runny nose, cough, sore throat, and things along that lines to make the medicine for that. There are some of these that she has mastered, some she's advanced in, other's she's adept, and others beginner in. Those will all be stated below. Some will be separated for just symptoms, while others are the entire sickness themselves.

Note: The color of the text is the color they come up in and take on the flavor of whatever the liquid was before it turned. Yes, this means she can change liquor into medicine. You cannot overdose on any of these. Some medicines are actually antidotes as well.

Mastered Medicines:
- Cold: Cures within 2 minutes of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Runny Nose: Cures within 30 seconds of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Cough: Cures within 1 minute of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Sore Throat: Cures within 1 minute of drinking. Liquid stays the same.
- Headache/Migraine Cures within 2 minutes of drinking. Liquid stays the same.
- Alcohol Counteractant: Cures within 10 seconds of drinking. Liquid stays the same.

Advanced Medicines:
- Flu: Cures within 5 minutes of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Vomiting: Cures within 4 minutes of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Allergies: Cures within 5 minutes of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Blurry Vision: Cures within 5 minutes of drinking. Liquid thickens.
- Pain Killer: Cures within 4 minutes of drinking. Liquid stays the same. If what causes the pain is not taken care of, it will return within 2-5 hours.

Adept Medicines:
- Overdose Counteractant: Counteracts within 5 minutes of drinking. Liquid thins.
- Drug Usage Counteractant: Counteracts within 8 minutes of drinking. Liquid thins.
- Asthma Attack: Stops within 6 minutes of drinking. Liquid thins.

Beginner Medicines:
- Food Poisoning: Cures within 10 minutes of drinking. Liquid thins.
- Highly Accelerated Healing: Heals scrapes and cuts within 10 minutes. Liquid thickens.

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PostSubject: Re: Misa Aihara[approved; 4-1+]    Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:25 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: -Puts on sunglasses- Hello Nurse.

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Misa Aihara[approved; 4-1+]
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