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 Shiori Konpaku [APPROVED, 2-1+]

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PostSubject: Shiori Konpaku [APPROVED, 2-1+]   Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:16 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Shiori Konpaku
True Age: 450
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110


Personality: The first thing that anyone will notice about Shiori is the fact that she's very shy. She has a hard time talking to people because of it. Most of the time, she'll push herself away from others. She doesn't like being the center of anyone's attention or the subject of peoples conversations. She keeps to herself, and even completely hides the fact that she has her bankai to make sure that she doesn't catch anyone's eye. There are very few things that people actually know about Shiori. Firstly, they can tell that she takes any orders given to her seriously and won't go against her superiors no matter the situation. Of course this is because they haven't yet violated her morals, so she hasn't had a reason to fight against them. Secondly, it is known by anyone who gets her to talk that she is quite soft spoken. It is often that people will tell her to speak up or ask her why she is talking so quietly. Thirdly, it is obvious that even if she doesn't talk very often that she is genuinely a nice person. She has no problem helping someone out, uncaring of their rank. She doesn't look down on anyone. Though she doesn't talk very much, she does smile and will let out a small giggle every now and then. Of course, she's not a mute so it is possible to get her to say something of some sorts if someone has the ability to strike a conversation with her. She isn't one to react to a normal 'hi how are you' type thing. Sure, she'll reply, but it'll be short and uninteresting. It's easier to interact with Shiori through action and event over just trying to randomly talk.

Lastly, one thing that everyone will notice about Shiori is the fact that she looks a hell of a lot like the Captain Commander, Genpaku Arishima. She is constantly compared to him or asked whether she is his younger sister. She's gotten quite used to it and will usually just answer with a shake of the head, but there are times that people get persistent over the question. That is one of the situations that it is common to see Shiori show a little more than just calm emotion. If someone constantly bugs her about whether she is lying or not about being related to Genpaku, she has been seen angry and will shoot this devastating glare towards those asking. Not only does that make her feel like she is being called a liar, but she feels that people should really realize that she has been around over one hundred years longer than he has even been a Shinigami! She's never brought it up before, but she has to wonder whether he gets the same questions that she does! At that, does he even have a sister that she can be compared to? After a while, it does get tiring for her, but she doubts it'll ever stop. It's just something she will have to deal with since she is the third seat of Squad One and often caught next to Genpaku. She even realizes how much they look alike, but she doesn't ever say anything. It doesn't exactly help that the two do seem to favor the color green either.

Character Background: Shiori has no idea what world she was born in. She's lived in the Rukongai from a very, very young age. So young, in fact, that she believes it is possible that she may have been born there. Though it is likely that she died very young in the World Of The Living, she will never know. She's spent four hundred and fifty years in the Soul Society, unaware of any truths before then. Shiori's first memory comes with the gentle smile from an elderly woman who ran a small shop in the inner workings of the Rukongai. It was cold and she was alone, but this old woman came across her and decided to lend her a helping hand. She was given a place to stay and some decent clothes, compared to the rags she had been wearing before then. All she had to do was help the woman every now and then, which really wasn't much. During this time, Shiori never spoke to anyone. She smiled occasionally, but not one person could get a peep out of her. She was assumed mute until she let out a small laugh. After that, it was just assumed that she did not know how to talk, like a toddler before it is taught. At first, this assumption was actually quite true. She didn't know how to talk. She understood people enough that she began picking up on basic language skills, but once people began pointing it out, she decided to self teach. Over time, her language skills developed like any other person's, but she still did not talk very much. She'd answer with short sentences, sometimes coming off rude or inconsiderate, but most realized she was just 'anti-social' or shy.

Over the course of twenty years, Shiori grew into the body of a twelve year old girl. Though she was 'young', she chose to join into Shino Academy. She was given a sword and told to spend every moment of her time with it. It would one day grow into her Zanpakutō. During her time in Shino Academy, it became obvious that Kidō was just not her thing. She felt no connection with that aspect of the Shinigami world and was barely passing that class. Moving onto Hoho and Hakuda, training was easy. She understood the concepts well and was doing just as well. Sure, she wasn't the top of her class at this point, but she was getting the hang of it. After that came Zanjutu. No one could really understand how or why, but Shiori was a natural at it. She was only being taught the basic techniques and had got them down quicker than any other student. Over time, they challenged her by tossing a second sword into the mix just to see how she would do. Needless to say, they discovered she was ambidextrous and was just a super-natural with a blade. A few years passed and Shiori disappointed no one. Unfortunately for her, her shyness got in the way of really showing her skill. The passed year, people got so into her skill that she had to dumb it down to get them to leave her alone. People said that she would likely entered a Seated position on entry, and that is exactly what she was offered upon graduation. Because of her shyness though, she respectfully declined and stayed as an unseated member of Squad One, refusing to rise through the ranks any time soon.

Through out the first few years as a Shinigami, her life was what you'd expect for a Shinigami to have. She trained, went on missions, and avoided as many other Shinigami as she could. The only time that she would talk to anyone was when she was told about a mission or told to join a meeting. After some time, through her training, Shiori was able to discover her shikai and learned her Zanpakutō's name. Nao was the name of the lovely white haired 'angel' that lived within her inner world. The woman was so gentle and kind that she was able to actually get Shiori to hold a decent conversation. The two ended up becoming friends, but they held two different opinions. Shiori wanted to stay in the shadows, not be noticed by anyone, and keep her power hidden. Nao wanted to go out and protect as many people as she possibly could, to preserve life, and use any and all power that she could to do so. There were even times that hints of Shiori's Shikai would leak out because of Nao's determination to use her power. Of course, Shiori would be very angry with Nao after such incidents because she didn't want her power shown. It was hard for her to keep her potential hidden from everyone if your own Zanpakutō Spirit was against holding back. Nao didn't seem to understand that you didn't always have to go 'all out' to protect someone. Even if a battle took a little longer than initially intended, there is no reason to flare your power just because you can.

A few years later, Shiori's way of staying back in the shadows was just not working. She was worse for wear in a battle against a hollow, still refusing to show her shikai in fear of the attention she would get back in the Seireitei. It took a lot of convincing from Nao and the fact that two of her other members had already gone down for her to finally show even a small part of the power she had. Nao activated her shikai and was able to shred through the hollow and two others that showed up after the firsts death. The victory was easy, which made her feel ashamed for holding back for so long. Looking around at her fallen comrades, she felt like a selfish bitch. Because of her own fear, one that wasn't even that big of a deal, she allowed these two to get hurt. Nao scolded her of course, telling her that this need to stop. Shiori still ended up regretting using her shikai when she went back. Once it was realized that her she had her Shikai, she was promoted to fifth Seat of Squad One, since that was the only seat that could get her to take. Still, Shiori tried her best to keep herself and her power hidden from everyone. She didn't make any friends and people constantly wondered why she was so shy, but she never really answered. She didn't know why either. There was just something about being around people that made her nervous. She didn't know how to interact with them like other people could. It didn't bother her since she preferred silence, but at times she did wish that she could have a friend.

A nice fifty years of comfortable isolation passed Shiori by and she decided it was time to fulfill a suggestion that Nao had been throwing at her for some time now. It was time to try for bankai. She trained for twenty five years, mastering the four elements that she discovered she could control and then moved on to defeat Nao in battle. Her bankai was obtained and trained in to become quite advanced in it. The only problem she came across, the element of Earth. It being the opposite of air, it is understandable, but she has a hard time completely controlling it. Over time, she accepted that it was something she was going to have to train diligently in and moved on. Soon, assuming they sensed a raise in her power, she was promoted to the fourth seat, under her Lieutenant Ichinose. It wasn't too long after that at all that she was soon promoted again, now sitting at the Third Seat. She is still under Lieutenant Ichinose and now also under Captain Commander Genpaku Arishima. At this time, the closest person she has as a friend is actually Yua, but that is only because of how close they are in rank. The two rarely to never talk, and have only gone on a couple of missions together. Because of her shyness though, Shiori has chosen to still stand in the shadows, getting way too nervous around people.

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Zanjutsu: Being a duel blade wielder, Shiori's talent and skill with a blade surpasses most. Though she is currently only a third seat, her skill with her blades and within the art of Zanjutsu is equal to that of a Captain. Her strikes are both as quick and precise. The fluidity of her blade make her style seem as elegant and graceful as the wind itself; her blades are hard to see, but still strike with enough force to do the damage needed. Zanjutsu is easily what she is most talented in out of all of the known Shinigami talents. With a single sword, Shiori is a force to be reckoned with and not one that many would want to go up against. The moment she takes out her second sword, she's in the battle for the kill and will not show any mercy towards her opponent. Using two blades, even if some can find it difficult, is as easy as riding a bike for the one thousandth time for Shiori.

Hoho: The speed art of the Shinigami, Hoho. Shiori was told to utilize the techniques within this art with her Zanjutsu and has done just that. This is one thing that she can say is also on the level of a Captain, even if it is the second talent within the Shinigami arsenal that she is skilled in. Shunpo, the most popular of the techniques, is the one she can easily say that she has mastered. There are only two other techniques within Hoho that she has tried and she is average at them both. The techniques are Utsusemi and Senka. Senka she can only attempt once per thread and Utsusemi she only preformed twice, mainly because she's not going to strip down in front of her opponent. She's shy as hell, losing one article of clothing is enough for her to blush the rest of the fight, two is pushing it too far.

Hakuda: With this talent, Shiori's skill is on that of a Lieutenant. With the major lack of skill in Kidō, Shiori chose to make sure that all of her other abilities were up to par. She refused to allow her lack in Kidō kill to harm her abilities as a fighter, so she made up for it by honing all of her skills. Now, within this skill, all of Shiori's ability lies within being faster than her opponent. She does not have very much strength behind her, so she has to be able to land her blows fast and get out of the way of her opponents blows on time. Being hit is not the easiest thing for her to come back from. She can be cut by a blade many times more than she can be struck by a fist or blunt weapon. Her bodies durability is way low, so utilizing the speed she was blessed with, she strikes her opponent quickly, using the momentum behind the speed to do damage, not brute strength.

Kidō: She sucks. Kidō is her worst skill. She can maybe be compared to a Squad Eleven 5th seat. Yeah, them. The Squad that looks down on Kidō and never uses it? That is where her skill level with this shit is at. She doesn't use this because it blows up in her face worst than an old Lieutenant's did. She would damage herself using this more than she would damage the enemy. It's really an embarrassment. Long story short. Shiori plus Kidō equals big no-no.

Other Weapons: None


Zanpakutō Release Phrase(s): Move swiftly to ride the wind.; The inner fire has begun it's rage.; Tread upon calm waters.; Stand readily upon your ground. ( Give me your blessing, Nao.)

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Nao
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Nao is a wonderful person. She is filled with love and passion, and she wants nothing more than peace for all living beings, spiritual or otherwise. She has a special place in her heart for people of all kinds and cherishes all life. She holds every type of life dear to her heart and understands that no one in this world really 'dies'. People simply move on to another life and are able to start anew. That is why Nao also holds a hatred in her heart for Quincy and any other people alike. It is a well known fact that Quincy to not 'exercise' a soul, but actually kill and destroy the soul. Because of this fact, because they are destroying life, Nao does not suffer a Quincy to live. Though it is not Shiori's mission in life, Nao actually gives her extra power when ever she is fighting a Quincy. Normally, Nao is gentle and kind. During battle, she's determined and very focused towards the current goal of their battle.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Shiori's inner world changes depending on the element that Nao feels she needs to practice on at the time. The most 'advanced' world is the Sky Realm. The Sky Realm consists of nothing, but air. While inside, it is like you're floating around in the sky. You look down and see clouds, but you cannot stand on them. If you decide to fly into the clouds, it is merely foggy and keeps going and going and going, until you finally exit and return to where you were before you entered the clouds. There is no land in the Sky Realm. The mission of this Realm is to keep a clear head. If something is bothering Shiori, she will fall and continue falling. If she falls for too long, the realm will turn black and she will lose the ability to use the element of Air.

The second most advanced element takes you to the Sea Realm. In this realm, you are walking on top of a dark water as easily as you would walk on ground. No matter which direction you look in the Sea Realm, you will see more and more still waters. If the waters start to move, Shiori's mind is likely giving away to some sort of sadness and is losing hope. If so, she will fall through the surface of the water and not be able to break through to the top. If she stays under for too long, she will drown and lose the ability to use Water.

The third element of Shiori's takes you to the Realm of Fire. In this realm, you are standing on molten rock and surrounded by rivers of lava. It is dark and the fire is this places only light, similar to the way many imagine hell. The rock is usually solid and does not melt away at the lava, but if Shiori is unable to control her anger, the rock she stands on will break, slowly melting away until only a river of lava is left. Her resistance to heat will also falter. If this happens, she will fall in and the ability to use fire will be gone.

The final element brings Shiori to the Stone Realm. Everything in this realm is made up of different types of stones and rocks. At the center, where Shiori usually ends up, is a marble castle-like structure. On the outside of this castle-like structure are green-less lands and cliffs. The image of it can be compared to the Grand Canyon. If Shiori's determination wavers or she begins to give up and allow people to just push her around, this world will begin to shake and break apart. If she does not realize how to change her mindset, it will continue to break apart until she falls into the darkness below these cliffs and loses the ability to use the element of Earth.

Shikai Name: Tanrei  (端麗)
Shikai Appearance: No change in appearance.
Shikai Abilities: The entirety of Shiori's Zanpakutō is based on the four elements themselves. The four elements that make up life, Air, Earth, Water, Fire, are all under the control of her Zanpakutō. For Shiori's Shikai, she is able to call onto a single one of these elements. The element she chooses in her shikai is the element that comes out at number one upon the activation of her bankai. The only way to prevent this is by sealing her Zanpakutō and re-releasing it and starting the process all over again.

For starters, there are three kinds of spells that are all given their ranking based on power and difficulty. There are A, B, C spells with C being the weakest and A being the more powerful. In Shikai, since there is only one chosen element, Shiori will receive all of the spells noted within it's category, though this changes within bankai. With whatever element is chosen, Shiori is given complete control over that element. Each of the spells named below can also be manipulated and used as basis of new spells that she thinks of.

There are multiple factors that come into place when Shiori is choosing an element. The first, has she found out the basis of the power of her opponent? She doesn't want to choose wind when going up against a fire user. Enhancing her enemies flames is not smart. The second, what is her mental state? Each element also has something that “fuels” the amount of power behind the element she has chosen, and that comes from her mental state. Someone who is enraged can't exactly have the calm mind needed to control water or air. Though most of these are usually dictated by emotion, it can also be dictated by what she is trying to accomplish. The third, the battle field. She can't easily create all of her elements mainly because they just don't work that way. If she's over the ocean, choosing earth is beyond stupid. If she's fighting in the desert, choosing water can seriously put her at a disadvantage.

Hi: (火) Fire

Fuels: Passion, love, anger, rage, hate, will, desire, dangerous, life, destruction, power.

Creation: Mental. It doesn't have to be around. She can merely create it using her energy. If the fire is already in existence, it merely allows her to use less energy.

Class C Fire Spell #1: This is a powerful ball of flame that forms at the tip of her blade and then in shot off towards a target in the form of a beam. The power of the flame that is shot off is doubled with each passing second that the attack is charged. It can only be charged up to six seconds, giving it's base statistic a boost by 32 times. (Second/Power Multiplied by: 1/1, 2/2, 3/4, 4/8, 5/16, 6/32) The basic stats of this attack are 10 inches in diameter, 10 foot travel distance, 20 miles per hour. For each stacked second, multiply those numbers by the second number in the parenthesis above.

Class C Fire Spell #2: This is a fire attack shaped like a crescent. It is as large as the swing of the blade, measured at the tip of the sword. The attack comes out in a wave of fire as thin as paper, but just as sharp as any blade. The amount of power put into the attack dictates the speed of the attack and the amount of power is based on the strength and will of the emotion behind this chosen element. Some attacks can come out as slowly as a human tossing a ball under hand, or can come as fast as a sniper bullet striking it's target. It all depends on what she is feeling at the time. Long story short, if her heart isn't into it, the fire won't react the way she needs it to for a proper attack.

Class B Fire Spell #1: Shiori summons wing shaped fire that moves from her shoulders all the way down to three inches passed the tip of her blade. These wings are used as extensions of herself. Though they do not give her the power of flight, they do allow her to fight with an advantage in close combat. It really just acts like a cloak of fire and does burn anything around if she allows it to make contact with flammable items. The fire burns like normal fire, though is much hotter because of being powered by her energy, not normal flame.

Class B Fire Spell #2: A massive out burst of fire shoots in all directions with Shiori's body at the epicenter of the attack. The amount of power can be compared to a bomb at it's lowest out put, but like the other attacks does depend on whether her heart is in it or not. If she's not in the same mindset that she was in to compliment this element, the power will be weakened and likely ineffective. Though, this also means that if she is pissed off enough or fighting with enough passion, or with the intent to destroy (etc...) she can have one of these do enough damage to take out an entire city if she wanted it to do so.

Class B Fire Spell #3: Upping the heat! This is merely an extra expenditure of power that allows Shiori to increase the heat of her fire ten fold, allowing the fire to change color to match the color of her own energy, blue. When and if this is used, her fire becomes hot enough to rapidly destroy what it comes in contact with. It is easier to say that it does 5 times the damage and  burns something 3 times quicker.

Class A Fire Spell #1: Any fire gathered along the battlefield already, along with any that Shiori decides to create right then, is gathered around and converges on her location. The fire surrounds her for a moment, create an extremely powerful tornado that is dangerous for even the most powerful to get near. A moment later, the fire gathers behind her, forming 1 of 2 things.

  1. The first is a Phoenix. The fire (whether blue or red, depending on whether she activated B3) will rapidly form the shape of a large bird-like creature that stands about ten feet above Shiori. It's got a wing span of twenty feet, and is made completely of fire, making contact dangerous as well. If this Phoenix is some how killed or destroyed, it will revive three rounds later fully healed and ready to go. The Phoenix actually stays behind Shiori unless ordered otherwise. He acts defensively. Besides the revival and normal strikes he can do with his wings and talons, he does nothing more.
  2. The second is a Dragon. The fire, just like with the Phoenix, comes together and takes the shape of a dragon. The difference with this is, once it's killed it does not come back. She can't summon it again. It is also a total of twenty foot tall with a wingspan of 40 ft. It also does not keep the appearance of fire. Instead, the fire 'solidifies' and actually creates the physical and tangible form of a dragon. Power wise, besides striking with his wings, tail, claws, and biting, he can allow Shiori to ride him along with breath fire once every two rounds.

The Phoenix and Dragon:

Mizu: (水) Water

Fuels: Calm, adaptation, change, acceptance, fluidity, agility, domination, unpredictability, sadness, hope.

Creation: Mental and Physical. She can create smaller amounts of water using her own energy, but Shiori's ability to use any bodies of water (ocean, lake, pools, plumbing), or gather the massive amounts of water in the air is not easily out classed. Shiori also has control over their temperature, giving her the ability to use/create ice as well.

Class C Water Spell #1: A cyclone of water shoots out from the tip of Shiori's blade. The power of the cyclone that is shot off is doubled with each passing second that the attack is charged. It can only be charged up to six seconds, giving it's base statistic a boost by 32 times. (Second/Power Multiplied by: 1/1, 2/2, 3/4, 4/8, 5/16, 6/32) The basic stats of this attack are 10 inches in diameter, 10 foot travel distance, 20 miles per hour. For each stacked second, multiply those numbers by the second number in the parenthesis above.

Class C Water Spell #2: This is a water attack shaped like a crescent. It is as large as the swing of the blade, measured at the tip of the sword. The attack comes out in a wave of water as thin as paper, but just as sharp as any blade. The amount of power put into the attack dictates the speed of the attack and the amount of power is based on the strength and will of the emotion behind this chosen element. The speed of this attack is the same as the Class C Fire Spell #2.

Class C Water Spell #3: As she swings her sword in the shape of a crescent, thin shards of ice appear in the air and shoot forward like arrows towards a target. The number of ice shards can range from 20 to 200, are all twelve inches long, and they fly at the speed of a bullet.

Class C Water Spell #4: A large blast of ice shoots out of the tip of her sword in the shape of a beam. This can be compared to Rukia's Hakuren, except it does not freeze people inside. Instead, the end of the beam of ice is shaped of sharp spikes that attempt to impale their target. The pillar can reach up to 400 miles per hour and is ten feet in diameter.

Class B Water Spell #1: By Gathering the water created, around, and/or in the air, Shiori moves it around her body (or selected area). The water moves around the selected area at a rapid rate, taking the shape of a dome. It moves fast enough to act as a repelling barrier, preventing anything in or out from making contact with the other side. On the inside, it is like touching a cold wall and does no harm. On the outside, the water is moving at such a rapid rate that it repels anything that hits it, sending it off in another direction. If it is an object that is not instantly repelled, such as someone sticking a weapon and holding onto it, the water will rip the item apart.

Class B Water Spell #2: Taking the water she has created, around the area, and/or in the air, Shiori sends it shooting towards a target. If the target is hit, the water will instantly surround them in a bubble a foot larger in diameter than the height of there body. (Example: If they're 6 ft, it will be 7ft in diameter) This bubble locks them inside and prevents any oxygen from getting to them, unless Shiori allows it. Otherwise, they're stuck inside until they are released or they are able to break the membrane of the bubble.

Class B Water Spell #3: By taking whatever water that she can and freezing it in front of her body at a rapid rate, Shiori has the ability to make a shield of spiritually enhanced ice. The shield has the ability to take any shape that she can think of, though it's usually half a sphere in the direction of the incoming attack. The shield forms almost instantly and is able to ward off many attacks. It also has the ability to redirect the flow of different types of attacks, depending on it's shape.

Class A Water Spell #1: Water Body. This is really all this can be called. If she is granted this water spell through her choice, her body is altered to become water. Most attacks become absolutely useless while she is in this form. When someone stabs her, the water merely separates around the blade. Sure, if she's hit with something like Shakkaho, it is possible to knock her back, but the water will reform. The best ways to get around this is making the area some how lack water, strike her with a large enough attack that the water can't easily reform, or mess with the temperatures of her body. As long as her body water stays below 150 and above 0 Fahrenheit, she's fine. Anything out of those ranges can cause illness, inability to fight, or the deconstruction of her body. A final weakness is electricity for obvious reasons.

Ji: (地) Earth

Fuels: Immovable, determination, steady, strength, grounded, solid, sustenance, growth, persistence, endure.

Creation: Physical. The earth has to be somewhere around. Whether it's plant life, rocks, or soils, Shiori has the ability to use it. It just has to already be there. She cannot create it. Because earth is only physical, the spells within it are always active. They are not separate attacks to be summoned. Because of her lack in skill of Earth currently there are no B or A spells.

Class C Earth Spell #1: Move A Rock! Like it's title calls for. This is the raising of a large piece of earth, a rock! It is raised from the ground, or anywhere it can be got, and then shot forth towards a target. It is a very simple spell, though the rock cannot weight more than one ton.

Class C Earth Spell #2: Reforming A Rock! This spells allows Shiori to reform any of the rocks that she chooses to take control of and shape them to her will. Whether she is making another weapon, creating a cage, or even making a shelter, she can create these objects and send them towards a target of her choosing.

Kaze: (風) Air/Wind

Fuels: Faith, support, friendship, wisdom, freedom, mobility, intangibility, speed, peace.

Creation: Mental and Physical. Though air is usually always there in some way, Shiori does actually have the ability to create in with her energy if the need arises, otherwise she is using the air around her. To be noted: This is also her most advanced element. Air is what she concentrated on for years before she realized she could use all four.

Class C: Wind Scythe: This is an air attack that comes out in the shape of a crescent. It is shot out as large as the swing she makes of her blade, measured at the tip of the sword. The attack comes out in a slightly transparent slit of air as thin as paper, but just as sharp as any blade. While it flies, it almost looks likes the air is being sliced open, like a ripple in the atmosphere. The amount of power put into the attack dictates the speed of the attack and the amount of power is based on the strength and will of the emotion behind this chosen element. Some attacks can come out as slowly as a human tossing a ball under hand, or can come as fast as a sniper bullet striking it's target. It all depends on what she is feeling at the time. Long story short, if her heart isn't into it, the air won't react the way she needs it to for a proper attack.

Class C: Wind Cyclone: Air collects at the tip of Shiori's blade and is charged up. A cyclone of air then shoots out from the tip of the blade. The power of the cyclone that is shot off is doubled with each passing second that the attack is charged. It can only be charged up to six seconds, giving it's base statistic a boost by 32 times. (Second/Power Multiplied by: 1/1, 2/2, 3/4, 4/8, 5/16, 6/32) The basic stats of this attack are 10 inches in diameter, 10 foot travel distance, 20 miles per hour. For each stacked second, multiply those numbers by the second number in the parenthesis above.

Class B: Wind Blade:  Two cyclones form around each of Shiori's blade, creating enough pressure behind the blade that getting close can cause damage to the person and their blade. It's really a simple spell, but does cause inconvenience to those she is fighting. The wind moves like hundreds of tiny blades swirling around the blade of her Zanpakutō and lasts three rounds of posts. It has a two round cool down before she can use it again.

Class B: Wind Vortex: This is a vortex of wind that surrounds an area. Like in the Wind Blade, the wind moves around like thousands of tiny blades, able to shred through anything that makes contact. By taking the wind around and swirling it around, this vortex reaches from the ground to the sky. Those inside are stuck and cannot touch the edges, those on the outside cannot get inside without the possibility of destroying their body on the way. It has a one round charge time, lasts until she dispels it or ten rounds, and then cannot be cast again.

Class A: Aura: The air around Shiori's body becomes thicker and moves around her at a high rate, though it still stays completely invisible. The only evidence of this is when she begins floating a few inches off of the ground. Shiori then uses these winds to increase her speed immensely, allowing her to move at the speed of shunpo without actually using shunpo. It also allows her to use these winds to push herself out of the way of an attack. Her mind has a tendency to work faster than her body, so she can dodge much easier. The same goes for attacking. This allows her to move her body quicker, so she can also get off an attack faster.

Class A: Push: This allows Shiori to manipulate the flow of other objects. By taking the air around and pushing it against an object, she can either move it, slow it down, or speed it up. One of the more popular ways this is seen done by Shiori is her pushing air behind her own blade to speed the attack up, or pushing the air in front of an opponents blade towards the blade to slow it down. She cannot do both at once, lucky them, but she can do three of the same action at one time. This can be done up to three times per post, no cool down. The rate at which it is slowed is 25%, 50%, or 75%. For each higher percentage, she takes away the ability to do more in one post.

Bankai Name: Tenshin (天心)
Bankai Appearance: Her eyes change color when she is using a different element. Her eyes change blue for water, yellow for air, green for earth, and red for fire. The moment the change happens to her eyes, signals the next attack. It does not change the moment the choice is made. As an example: She's using water, her eyes are blue. She chooses to change to fire, loads the next attack, her eye change color, and then she attacks. This is the basic way to tell what is coming next, if she gives you enough time to even notice the changes. Not many people pay that much attention to their opponents eyes and there are times she'll intentionally keep them closed a moment longer just to throw people off, if they are getting the pattern down.

Bankai Abilities: Shiori's bankai allows her to control every one of the classical elements at once. To do this, she must become more aware or "connected" to certain elements over the others. This means that she puts all four elements in a certain order. This order dictates how much she is able to control. It also dictates what class of spells she is allowed to use, depending on their order. Number one is the most powerful and is also the element she has chosen to activate in her shikai. Once bankai is activated, she chooses the order of the other three.

#1) All A's, B's, and C's.
#2) All C's and B's.
#3) All C's and Class B #1
#4) All C's

Zettai-tekina: Absolution (絶対的な) At the moment, Shiori can do only one absolution spell. It allows her to combine two or more of the elements. The elements chosen will react in some way, creating a new way of attack. At the moment, Shiori can combine water and air to get electricity along with earth and fire to get steel.
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