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 Minami Shimada [Approved, 5-1]

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PostSubject: Minami Shimada [Approved, 5-1]   Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:22 am

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Blood

Name: Minami Shimada
True Age: 16
Rank: Newborn
Gender: Female

Minami's personality can be summed up in a very simple way, adorable.  With her family being one of the richest families in existence, you'd think that she'd be a spoiled rich kid.  Thing is, that is most certainly not what she is.  While they weren't there often, her parents did go out of their way to prevent her from achieving the spoiled kid mindset.  She is actually one of the sweetest little things you'll ever meet.  She almost never dislikes someone (even rarer is her hating someone), she is friendly as can be, and she tends to have a smile on her face.  She can make even some of the most heartless people falter a bit at her cuteness.  She'll do goofy things at times, and react to things in a silly, sometimes border lining air headed, manner.  She is a hyper person, it is rare for her to say "I'm tired".  She is fully capable of being full of energy even at 12 in the morning.  She likes doing fun things at times because, well, she has energy.  Granted most of her hobbies are things like reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games.  But that doesn't mean she won't hop around while doing them, kick her legs happily, or just bounce all over town just because.  At her core there isn't even the slightest bit of ill intent within her.  She is slightly impressionable, so if someone who was a bad person got close to her and she got attached bad things could happen, but considering she seems to have powerful friends whom are good people, good luck.

In her adorableness she doesn't like causing people problems.  If she does the slightest of inconveniences she'll probably end up apologizing a bunch of times.  She also tries to pay people back when she inconveniences someone.  She knocked you over and broke your glasses?  She'll offer to buy you a meal or money to fix your glasses or something.  You say no?  If she owned a gun, she'd probably hold you at gunpoint and say "You're gonna let me pay you back."  I mean, that is a grade A thread.  It's like "I'm gonna pay you extra for some grade A glasses whether you like it or not."  She doesn't kick herself repeatedly like "I'm such an idiot" when she does something small like knock someone on the ground by accident or anything.  She just doesn't like inconveniencing people.  Granted I'm sure if you got on her bad side...or rather created a bad side and proceeded to become the king/queen of that side, she wouldn't jump to help as quickly.  Actually she probably would apologize regardless, doesn't change the fact that she won't be paying you extra for some grade A glasses, whether you like it or not.

Despite her cute demeanor, and light hearted, silly, and occasionally air headed manner of acting, Minami is actually really smart.  She had private tutors most of her life, and she actually understands a lot about the world.  She learns things really easily, and has pretty good memory.  She can figure a lot of things our really easy through common sense.  Problem (if you want to call it a problem) is that her personality causes her to act in a way in which her intelligence often doesn't shine through.  She doesn't seem stupid by any means. She just seems a tad like a ditz with how she acts.  She'll say and act in ways that don't make sense.  Calculus does have a point (at least some people SWEAR it does), but she defiantly goes on about how useless it is.  She is often innocently trusting of people, even if she shouldn't be.  Just often rather than using common sense, she uses Minami sense and it only makes her look adorable, not smart.  When she really needs it though, she is still smart.  On top of that she has determination.  She smiles despite being alone through determination, she is actually able to be happy through determination.  If she sets her mind to something, she can do it.  Perhaps one day she'll muster up the determination to tell Kirino how she really feels.

Minami is extremely trusting of people.  When she sees someone, she doesn't think "What if they are a murderer, what if they are evil, what if they are mean."  Not once does she think of any of that.  Instead she is her friendly bubbly self if she gets into an interaction with them.  The person could even be giving off hints that'd make others suspicious, she probably won't pick up on them.  No, they wouldn't hurt her.  She notices the exceedingly obvious, and there ARE people who just make her uneasy on looking at them, so she isn't completely blindly trusting.  If she meets someone, she will be fine with hanging out with them.  She'll befriend them unless they give her a REAL reason to feel otherwise.  Still, if someone manages to become close to her she is extremely loyal to them.

It needs to be understood, that Minami deep down is lonely.  She could be surrounded by people who care for her, and that will still be a part of her.  No, she won't feel lonely when they're all around.  Thing is, when she is by herself she is how she was for so much of her life.  Her parents were never there for her.  Her friends laughed at her curiosity about the spiritual world.  She hasn't had a real friend in years, all of these things created a pit of emptiness within her.  She didn't have someone who truly know her around ever.  A true friend, true family.  Someone who was there when she needed them, who understood how she felt.  This adds shyness to her bubbliness, a very strange contrast.  While she will happily converse with someone, if they actually show caring for her or she begins to feel some attachment to them, be it romantically or as a friend, she'll get a little nervous.  She will get shy, she will stutter on her words.  She doesn't exactly know how to deal with any of it, so a part of her wants to retreat like a little turtle into its shell.  She won't actually run away from a person usually, that is unless it becomes too much for the moment.  It is almost impossible for her to admit romantic feelings toward someone, and it'd have to be coaxed out of her, either that or the sentiment would have to be given before she'd finally come out of her shell.  Whichever one came forth.

Minami is a lesbian.  She still hasn't fully come to terms with it yet, but she is.  She's never felt much when looking at guys, but for the last year or so when she sees an attractive woman, she notices.  If she is at the beach, she notices all the swimsuits of females.  When she interacts with someone, Kirino being the only example, whom she feels a genuine attraction to she gets all stuttery and has no idea why she keeps noticing all of the curves on her body.  Never ONCE does she wonder why she often smiles just thinking of Kirino.  She has all of the signs of a genuine attraction, but she herself doesn't notice it, and it doesn't help Kirino likely doesn't either.  She enjoys being around Kirino, but she doesn't have the slightest clue if Kirino has feelings back or not.  She assumes she doesn't, which also means that she doesn't take that possibility into account when dealing with OTHER people.  Still, she really does care about her and would likely take a bullet for Kirino...not that Kirino would let her do such a stupid thing.

Minami was only recently turned into a Sōnansha.  With her new powers come many new sensations she is by no means used to.  She doesn't know how to control her powers, and getting caught with her powers out of whack will often lead to her embarrassment.  When she looks in a mirror and sees her eyes, which have become blood red, she gets a little bit shaken.  She isn't too bothered by the eyes themselves, but rather how people would react to them.  Honestly if anyone said they liked them that Minami cared about, Minami would end up liking them.  When it comes to feeding, the concept makes her very nervous.  The thought of biting into someone and drawing blood scares her a bit, worried about how she would actually make it.  With her bite's innate pleasantness though, she gets very startled and embarrassed whenever someone she bites mentions that they like it.  Everything is new to her and she doesn't know what to do, and it is the uncertainty that creates her fear, rather than the state of being itself.

General Appearance


Appearance Age: 16

Natural Abilities
Natural Abilities:

Restorative bite - Minami also has a special ability that it tied to her bite.  Quite simply, if she bites someone to feed off of them, she actually emits a healing power into the host’s body.  What this means is, if Minami bites someone, energy goes into the person she bit and causes them to experience healing properties.  Now, normally when a Sōnansha transfers energy to a host via bite, they actually transform the host into a Sōnansha, assuming the host is human.  However, this doesn’t happen due to the nature of the specific energy used for the healing.  A portion of Minami’s Sōnansha energy actually goes through a conversion process.  The energy is twisted and altered into this specific healing energy.  This healing energy is naturally transferred via bite to the host.  This in no way interferes with Minami’s regular Sōnansha energy, her normal energy can still turn people when it enters their body and its behavior isn’t altered.  

Once the energy enters the hosts body, it begins to work to speed up the hosts regeneration process.  It synergizes with the host’s body, allowing it to go through natural regeneration processes faster and using less of its own energy.  It isn’t some instantaneous healing, it causes essentially the host to heal 3x faster over the course of a day.  Over 24 hours, it will be as if 72 hours had passed.  This does increase a person’s chance of surviving a grievous injury, as they won’t need as many resources in their body to do this level of healing.  The downside to this is, however, that if they would die of blood loss, this method would not be optimal.  Due to the nature of the feeding, they would lose more blood and likely kill them before the blood was restored.

Should a person be fed upon while there is minimal damage to their body, they will also feel very energized.  Their mood will likely be improved, and honestly the bite is guaranteed to feel more good than bad.  This does have the side effect of making her bite a bit addicting when fed upon consistently.  This won’t have someone begging her to bite them, unless there is some other factor there to make it more pleasing to the host at which point it is technically possible, though highly improbable.  Still, biting someone on several occasions may have them wanting to be bitten every so often, so it’d be best for Minami to avoid biting too many people on a regular basis.

Her bite has another side effect.  It causes the cells in the hosts body to repair and rejuvenate.  It is small and hardly noticeable, but after she feeds the hosts cells are in just a little bit better shape.  This means one thing of course, if Minami consistently feeds on someone over a long period of time, the person’s aging might be somewhat reversed.  It will only have an effect if the person’s body has matured to adulthood, it will not cause cell aging to reverse beyond adulthood, although some people could potentially be stopped looking in their upper teens.  This also means that normal aging is stalled, and every time Minami feeds on an adult she is staving off old age by a tiny amount.  This of course could make it to where someone doesn’t die of old age so long as Minami feeds on them often, of course with how small the effect is she’d only be able to keep one person alive indefinitely.  This of course does not make someone immortal or semi-immortal, it just extends their lifespan slightly whenever they are fed upon.

This bite though is a double edged sword.  As stated before, the bite can be somewhat pleasing, so if she isn’t careful she could have people wanting to be bitten when she doesn’t want them to.  However, while this may cause Minami mental discomfort, it is also a sort of survival mechanism.  Due to the fact that Minami has an additional pool of energy, she actually will need to feed much more often than a normal Sōnansha.  If she doesn’t, she will much more quickly go into her Seimei no Honō, due to the healing energy causing the depletion of her regular Sōnansha energy.  She doesn’t have to feed ridiculously often, but she does need to do it a lot.  That is the same reason for the cell rejuvenation.  That allows for at least one person whom Minami regular feeds on to be around much longer, to reduce the risk of unintended Seimei no Honō.

Second Form:  Minami was turned at an exceedingly strange time during her life.  Her body was literally, at the moment she became a Sōnansha, JUST beginning to go into a growth spurt.  She was going to get taller, her chest get bigger, hair get lighter, etc.  Essentially her entire body was about to begin to mature.  She acquired Sounmortality, so naturally her aging was halted.  With these two things happening at the EXACT same moment (the chance of this happening is infinitely small, yet still exists) Minami's body didn't know what the hell to do.  In combination with ll the energy injected to her body, it ended up distributing some of the new found energy into creating something strange.  A second form, a second body.  In said form, her body is more mature all around, her voice more matured (granted it is still high and adorable, just more mature than her regular body).  She looks basically how she would have if her growth spurt hadn't been interrupted.  Whether she could enter this form at will eventually is unknown.  What is known is she may randomly shift into this form, though she tends to be her normal self more often than this form.  As it isn't a shape shift, people won't see this body as fake if they had the ability to see through disguises, this is part of Minami.


Inherited Abilities
Sōnansha Generation: A
Inherited Abilities:

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Because of this, Lilith harshly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Not having this ability makes it where a Sōnansha ages as a normal human would.

Men'eki: (Immunity) Sōnansha are not all immune to human diseases and illnesses. This ability is what allows a Sōnansha to not contract a disease, which is very helpful if you're of Blood Affinity. This also is what allows a Sōnansha to walk around during the day. If a Sōnansha does not have this ability, they will be injured upon being exposed to sunlight/fire/bright electric lights (light bulbs, lamps).

Hypnotism: This ability grants a Sōnansha to hypnotize people by looking straight into their eyes. Breaking eye contact for a certain amount of time, depending on the Sōnansha's skill, will break the hold they have over that person. Having this ability makes you immune to most other forms of hypnotism.

Wall Gliding: This allows the Sōnansha to walk on walls and ceilings. It's done by manipulating the gravity around themselves automatically. It isn't something that they can project. It's only on them. Though, having this ability does allow immunity to minor gravity based abilities.

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone.

Enhanced Senses: Luckily this does not speak for all five senses. This enhances sight, giving a Sōnansha the ability to see in the dark and at much farther distances. It enhances smell, allowing them to pick up scents and separate them if needed so they can track. This also enhances hearing, giving them the ability to pick up on certain sounds and follow them for long distances, and allows them to pick up very soft sounds. (Sight strongest, hearing second, smell third)

Seimei no Honō
Seimei no Honō: As of yet it has no name, and Minami knows not how to enter it at will.
Seimei no Honō Appearance: None, except her eyes glow a bit.
Seimei no Honō Abilities:

Minami's Seimei no Honō is actually primarily a support form.  This is a tad strange, since she can currently only enter it when she is low on her affinity and going crazy, but it is focused on ranged combat and healing.  She acquires a magical bow from her energy, as well as an infinite number of arrows to use (of course to use the arrows she needs the energy to create them).


Lasers:  This is Minami's ONLY offensive ability besides firing off arrows at people, she fires a laser.  Minami slowly draws back her bow and energy surges through the bow to the string, all collecting where the notch of an arrow would go.  Upon releasing her hand, the energy fires off as a laser with the same diameter as a half dollar coin.  It is aptly named lasers.  Nothing else, lasers.  It fires a laser, what about this ability don't you understand?  Can be used once per post.

Paralyzing Shot:  Minami draws back an arrow and places energy within it.  This energy enhances it to cause local paralysis to wherever it strikes.  She hits an arm, it goes limp.  She hits a leg, it'll go limp.  It can be resisted, but odds are that body part is out of commission for at least a post.  If it hits in any way that might be normally fatal, like the arrow penetrates a person's heart, it will not kill them.  Merely render them unconscious, or make it near impossible to move enough to fight.  This ability can be resisted, as stated before.  Any blow that normally would have been proven fatal or near fatal, however, will have the effect of knocking them out or at least making fighting impossible.  Lasts 1 to 5 posts when successful, based on how much is resisted.  This arrow cannot, and I mean CANNOT, kill a target.  It will fail to cause fatal damage every time, in fact if the arrow was pulled out of their body there wouldn't even be a wound.  3 post cooldown.

Blinding shot:  Minami charges energy into an arrow that dims senses.  Unless resisted by force or otherwise, this ability causes a 50% impairment to all senses (except sight which gets an 80% impairment).  Sheer force of energy or will can resist or remove this effect.  Otherwise, it is best to dodge.  It's success is based on how much energy the person's body holds, as well as how much they can use.  Someone several tiers above Minami will either resist it completely, or only have the effect for a post.  People several tiers below Minami will almost never resist the effects of a direct hit.  Also, if a target is several tiers below Minami but has an extreme mastery over their energy, they may resist it or get a short effect, while someone several tiers above Minami with no control over their energy might only partially resist it.  Lasts 1-5 posts based on resistance, 4 post cooldown.

Healing arrow:  This is straight forward.  Rather than generate her usual arrows, she generates one with a golden color and glow.  When fired, it heals whatever target it strikes.  It is small, but it is also quick.  Within 5 seconds minor injuries will either heal up or become smaller.  Larger ones will just become slightly less severe.  2 post cooldown.

Poison Removal:  Minami creates a small incision on a person's body, and begins to have a web of energy go into the incision and into the bloodstream of the target.  The energy has the special effect of detecting all substances toxic to the body of the target, using the target's body as a reference to what is and isn't toxic, and literally draws in all toxic substances to it.  The substances then get caught in the web of energy, sticking to it as if it were a solid object (though it isn't, as all non toxic substances pass harmlessly through it) and when sufficient poison has been caught, Minami pulls the web out through the incision.  It will feel strange to the person being healed, especially if there were many toxins to be removed, as they may feel the toxins themselves coming out.  This can remove any poison, so long as sufficient effort and time is put into the ability to remove the amount of poison in the body.  3 post cooldown from finishing the spell.

Healing hands:  The most basic, but arguably the most effective, of Minami's healing abilities.  She holds her hands over a person and has her energy envelop and cover up a wound.  As Minami holds her hands over the wound, it will slowly heal the wound.  This takes time, and naturally if she can't keep the spell up she can't continue to heal someone.  The effect is slow but steady, in fact the slowest effect of all her healing spells.  However, it is also the most efficient.

Healing burst:  A very quick burst of healing energy done on a target.  Rather than a constant stream of energy, the energy in her hands spikes repeatedly, in more of a burst.  It fluctuates like an alternating current, but this spell invariable heals 5 times faster than healing hands.  Problem is, it costs 5 times the energy.

Healing spark:  This is an even quicker burst of healing than the healing burst.  The spell itself seems to almost spark when it is used.  It isn't fluctuating like healing burst, but it is one flat charge of energy discharged into the target's body.  This heals the target a whopping 30x the speed of healing hands, thing is it costs 40x the energy, and a single cast only does 10 seconds worth of the healing (meaning the energy costs are 60x what 10 seconds of healing hands would cost).  The advantage to this spell is it heals the target a lot over those 10 seconds, which could save their lives.  The downside is how inefficient it is, it can only be used once in a short period and until the cooldown is completed all healing spells are 50% as effective, with the exception of Medic's Sacrifice.  5 post cooldown

Medic's Sacrifice:  This is a spell based off the concept of causing oneself a great deal of suffering if it means lessening the suffering of another.  Minami literally rips off a part of her body and gives it as an offering in order to heal her target.  The more of her body offered, the greater the power.  Once she rips off the part of her body, she makes a connection of energy between the body part and the target.  Every ounce of energy contained within that body part will be broken down and converted into an energy of life, and be transferred directly to the target.  This causes all physical parts of the offering to break down into ash, and the target to get a massive amount of healing and regeneration for a time.  Their wounds will begin to rapidly heal, and even lost parts of their body may begin to regenerate.  If Minami sacrificed a limb, someone whose lost their hand would end up regenerating it.  If Minami sacrificed two limbs, she could even cause a person to regenerate an entire limb.  The downside is not so much the energy cost, but where this energy is drawn from.  All energy once contained in the sacrificed part, both physical energy and Sōnansha energy, is all transferred into her target.  She cannot recover it for herself.  The spell is even more dangerous seeing as Minami is a Sōnansha of blood, the bleeding resulting from the sacrifice is extra energy lost that is dangerous to her on several levels.  Using Medic's Sacrifice is a gamble, it WILL likely save the life of whomever it is used on (unless they are just too far gone), but Minami's life will be put in extreme danger.  There is no guarantee she will survive this spell's use.

While there is no required amount of energy to use, using it at low energy is more likely to be fatal than using it at full strength.  Once per thread.

Past & Roleplay Sample
Character Background: Minami was born in Karakura town to an average family.  They were actually quite well off (and by well off I mean loaded beyond belief, there was nothing that they couldn't afford.  If it could be bought, they had the money to do so), but they were average in the sense that they were powerless, or at least Minami thought so.  All of them, the idea of spiritual powers were unheard of, at least at first.  Minami grew up as a fairly normal girl for awhile, in personality.  She was daughter to one of the richest families anyone had ever seen, they lived in a mansion and anything she wanted she could pretty much get.  She didn't become a snob though, because her parents were careful with raising her.  She was perky and friendly to all she met.  Around the time she was 7 years old, her father set up an office within Artemis.  This is when her family truly began to learn of the spiritual realm.  It was during their stays at another mansion they purchased in Artemis that they realized there was an invisible world around them that they could not see.  People talking to thin air, and other incidents.  Little Minami was a very impressionable girl, and seeing all this, wanted to know what spiritual beings were like.  She began to dream of being able to see them, but when her friends at Karakura later found out, they just laughed at her.  Things like this caused her to disconnect from them, and though they were still nice to her, they didn't feel like real friends.

Minami felt lonely because of this, though she never showed it.  She wanted more than anything to learn to see spirits, and to find someway not to be alone anymore.  Her parents always seemed to be dealing with business and whatnot, so she was on her own in that respect.  Her life went on like this for awhile until she found out about Hephaestus Academy from someone who knew of it.  She was intrigued when she heard about how the school functioned.  Through a complicated series of events and discussions with her parents, she eventually decided to enroll.  She was 16, and soon she waved goodbye to her family as she went off to Hephaestus Academy.  She missed her parents a little but there was no going back.  Minami still had contact and still had her family's fortune at her back, she could still get just about anything she wanted.  However, she was in a whole new world, and she was going to prove to the world just what she could do...or at least that what she had hoped.

Things didn't go too well initially.  There just didn't seem to be any latent power within her.  On top of that, a small group of kids took to picking on her because they were jealous of her wealth.  It got particularly bad, culminating when they caught Minami on a weekend, and resorted to both physical and spiritual violence on the small and defenseless girl.  Honestly, they might have gone too far and killed her had it not been for an unexpected interference.  Kirino Aozaki came out of nowhere, and using powers that Minami couldn't even see, ended up punishing the punks for their chutzpah.  Minami offered the girl dinner that day, and eventually Minami's adorable innocence ended up causing a friendship to form. It was a strange friendship to be sure, Minami was the small, helpless rich girl.  Meanwhile Kirino was the poor tough girl.  They honestly had little in common.  Still, Minami was one of the only ones to actually try to befriend Kirino, and the favor was returned.  The friendship became even stronger after Minami helped a confused and honestly distressed Kirino finish her school work, and on that same day Kirino ended up saving Minami's life from a hollow.  As the terrified Minami clung to Kirino, she realized she felt more for Kirino, but odds were Kirino didn't feel the same.  Thus, Minami kept her feelings to herself, and Kirino managed to be oblivious to even the obvious hints.

~to be determined via threads that need be finished~

A lot had happened at the academy, but the biggest event happened much further away, in London England.  It was a school field trip, but it didn't go exactly as planned.  Minami was off on her own, minding her own business when a strange man appeared.  He began chasing her, trying to kill her, and he sounded like an absolute maniac.  This man was legitimately insane.  Wholly and legitimately insane.  He chased Minami, and Minami ran, calling Kirino for help.  It wasn't long though before Minami couldn't keep running, and her death seemed at hand.  She tripped, and the man went to finish her when Kirino finally showed up and saved her.  Minami stayed back as the man and Kirino fought each other, but she couldn't have been prepared when the man suddenly shot out some blasts at Minami, not Kirino, and ended up piercing her body.  As an injured Kirino tried to crawl over to Minami, the man went to try and kill her too.  Suddenly, a mysterious woman appeared.  Effortlessly she saved the girl's from the man.  Unfortunately the damage had been done, Minami was terminal.  She sat, calling out desperately for Kirino, for someone, yet her senses were already failing from the severity of her injuries.  This woman then offered a choice. To transform into something not human, and live, or to die with her injuries.  After some yelling, the woman finally bore her fangs and bit into the neck of dying little Minami.  Minami cringed a bit, but calmed down shortly after.  The woman gave Kirino a location to go to, and went off to finish the man who had attacked them.  Kirino took Minami, who was clinging to her with dear life, all the way up to an apartment where she was set down.  Minami ended up going into immense pain, and flailed like crazy, screaming, until she finally passed out.  Minami woke up, she was different.  Her injuries were gone and her eyes had turned red.  The woman was still there.  She called herself Lilith, Queen of the Sōnansha.  She explained a lot to Minami and Kirino, including the new found strength Minami had accidentally used to send Kirino into a wall.  Lilith gave Minami the choice, go with her or stay with Kirino.  It wasn't a hard decision, she stayed with Kirino.  After doing a nervous first feeding, Kirino and Minami went on their way, but not before Minami made it clear she'd want that woman to help her out a bit sometime.  Minami went back to the academy, now a newborn Sōnansha of Generation A.  She had achieved her wish of finally having powers, but what else came with her new powers?  She was soon to find out.

Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox

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This app is now done


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PostSubject: Re: Minami Shimada [Approved, 5-1]   Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:24 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]

Comments/Notes: Any modifications to the so-named "Second Form" will need to be re-approved.
Tier: 5-1

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PostSubject: Re: Minami Shimada [Approved, 5-1]   

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Minami Shimada [Approved, 5-1]
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