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Humanity's Queen

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PostSubject: NH WORLD IDOLS!   Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:23 am


Making a singer, actor, actress, athlete or anyone famous for that matter is completely useless if they don't have fans or haters! This list is not to really be posted in by those making a character a fan, but is meant to allow you to post your idol so anyone who is making a new character can maybe make them a fan of yours!

    So, things you might want to include!
  • Their Stage Name! Not many fans call someone by their actual birth name, so unless that is what they are using as their stage name, it's not really needed.
  • 1-5 songs that represent their main type of music if they are that type of entertainer. Lots of artists branch out to different things, but what are they most known for?
  • Movies that they are well known for if you're going the actor route!
  • If you've got some sort of athlete, what have they won? What's their main sport? Wanna get detailed? Add a few statistics! Their team name! Their jersey number if they've got one!
  • Just in case, think about what kind of things fans look out for and add it into your description! If you have to, look at yourself to think what you do when you become a fan of someone, or what they had to do to get you there!
  • A picture! Who can be a fan of someone when they have no idea how they look? If you need any help with decorating a picture, ask Dai, myself, or anyone else that you think can help. I can't do anything amazing or fancy, but I can definitely try to help.
  • Remember to consider where they're famous and what language they sing in.

Note: You ONLY post your IDOL here. Please do not reply to this thread with "I want _____ to be a fan of ______".

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Humanity's Queen

Posts : 1275
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PostSubject: Re: NH WORLD IDOLS!   Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:27 am


Stage Name: A.I.
Actual Names: Anastasia (left), Irina (right) For a long while there has been an argument about whether their stage name means "Love" (Ai) or if it's merely initialing their first names. They sort of let the fans think what they want.
Languages: Russian, Japanese, English

    Song List
  • In Light Of Memory This was the song they won hearts with. Their voices are so similar with this song that people wonder who is singing which part on the actual record, only realizing in concert. Fans are unaware of the fact that with this song only, the two of them switch parts and lines randomly to challenge themselves.
  • Rise This song is sung mainly by Anastasia, Irina singing softly in background through out most of it. It was their first number one hit and launched their careers.
  • Inori† This song is sung mainly by Irina, Anastasia coming in through the chorus to sing background.
  • Memoria This song is also sung by Anastasia.
  • JusticeThis song is sung by Irina.

If you want a full song list, it's here: Scroll down to right below her personality.

Note: Anastasia is Tsu's character (WIP), so I hope you're okay with me posting it in one thing! Sorry and I will take it down if you're not. Lol. Anyways, whether your character is a fan of both or prefers the other, the two are EXTREMELY famous World Wide, so it makes sense for them to have a few fans out there!

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Re: NH WORLD IDOLS!   Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:30 am


Stage Name: *Lilli
Actual Name: Emilia Bianchi

  • This Will Be The Day - When one thinks *Lilli, one thinks this song.
  • I Burn - This is probably *Lilli's most punkish piece. It involved a rap solo from Killa'B, one of the world's most well-known rappers.
  • Red Like Roses - People speculate exactly what *Lilli means with this.

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PostSubject: Re: NH WORLD IDOLS!   Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:18 am


Stage Name: Wataru
Real Name: Wataru Kurenai Sugiura
  • Break the Chain: The fist-pouding debut of Wataru to the masses was a wide hit, and it is always associated with his first record-breaking concert in the human world.
  • Destiny's Play: Also the title of Wataru's first album, Destiny's Play is now regarded as his signature song and style of music, especially with his usage of violins.
  • Roots of the King: This slower, powerful song has multiple versions, including an acustic one where his media-unknown older brother joins in. The complete meaning of the song is lost on most peope, as it is also a tribute to his brother, but the emotions are strong enough to make it an all-time classic.
  • Rainy Rose: A ballad that serves as a tribute and memoir to Wataru's parents, especially his mother, and the silent pain of them all.
  • Supernova: Noteworthy as one of the few songs that don't pay tribute to a certain figure out of Wataru's personal life, Supernova is a song about himself.

Note: It is no secret that Wataru isn't human, and his fame in the Sugiura Kingdoms is generally higher than in the human world. His skill with the violin is known even to non-fans. Nearly nobody in the human world knows more about him than the fact that he is a Sugiura, but it is known that all of his earnings actually go to charity, meaning he himself doesn't earn a single cent from his music.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
Kamen Rider.
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Beast of Possibilities

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PostSubject: Re: NH WORLD IDOLS!   Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:34 am

Actual/Stage Name: Takane Shijou
Languages: Japanese (w/ Engrish)
Song List

Note:Taakane isn't really that popular. She has fans, but she's not one of those breakout artists yet.

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PostSubject: Re: NH WORLD IDOLS!   

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