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 Kisara Hontou

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PostSubject: Kisara Hontou   Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:41 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Kisara Hontou
True Age: 325
Gender: Female

Personality: On the outside, Kisara is a cold, harsh, quiet individual. She appears to view everyone with the same level of scrutiny, consistently throwing their motives and reasoning in the air out of suspicion. She is a skeptic through and through, questioning almost everything that she comes across in a manner that can almost be seen as frustrating. If she meets someone new, she will initially be suspicious of them—she doesn't know enough about these new people to be able to properly judge them or their actions on first impressions alone. She can be quite perceptive, but it requires time on her part to be able to get to that level of seeing. Because she likes to distance herself from other people, it gets even more difficult for her to understand other people completely. It takes a certain level of person to get across to her and communicate how they feel towards her—patience is required when dealing with Kisara.

She holds little love for anyone but herself, as a woman who has nothing left to lose. She is selfish and cold-hearted, but he does this in order to protect both her and everyone else from herself, and her enemies. She is strong enough to resist suicide, but at the same time she wonders if her mentality will hold up any longer with this loneliness. She dreads the feeling of being alone, but has resigned herself to being in that state forever. Because of this, she will not actively pursue romance or friendship right now—again, it requires a certain sort of personality to get through to her and break that mold.

At the same time, she is difficult to anger because of this cold shell. It requires a lot of pushing and shoving to get her to snap, but because she bottles up her anger and emotions, it's occasionally exactly what she needs. When she finally gets visibly angry, this anger will last for approximately fifteen seconds, thrown directly at the last thing to bring up her anger. Once that fifteen seconds are up, she will generally have calmed down, turn apologetic and attempt to leave as quickly as possible. She gets frustrated easily, and will bite back to insults quite quickly--getting hostile with others in a manner of minutes, but not necessarily angry.

Although she acts like it, she is not devoid of emotion at all. Due to past experiences, she has found it difficult to control and contain her emotion, as such she fears it and would rather keep it locked away where it can't hurt her. She fears being left alone and hurt, so she attempts to shell herself up as much as possible. Her internal thoughts will almost always be different to her external appearances, and she prefers to keep it that way. It will likely change when someone finally breaks through. Until then, however, she will address most people without emotion. When she does show emotion, it can be likened to a dam breaking from the pressure.

She is also rather intelligent and perceptive; her quiet nature allowing her to sit back and take in all of the information, rather than jumping directly to conclusions. This allows for her to think through situations in a more careful and methodical way than most people would. Within this cold and harsh shell, though, there exists a kind-hearted woman who simply wants someone to care about. She had devoted so much of her life to being The Raven that she could never really do anything else she wanted to. She can't see that this potential lies in his possible future, only that she lost this potential in the past. All-in-all, Kisara is presently a broken shell of a woman, stuck in the past and never living for the future—a woman who desperately needs people to break her shell and reveal the loving soul within.

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Kisara Hontou
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