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 Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III [Approved 0-2+; Noblesse]

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PostSubject: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III [Approved 0-2+; Noblesse]   Thu May 15, 2014 2:41 am

Noblesse Sugiura Template

Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III
True Age: 922
Gender: Male
Personality: Tsubine is rarely seen as someone who can be socialized with. He can, will, and his mind should most likely cut anyone who begins to talk to him a gaze sharp enough to feel like their neck has been cleaved in two. And, as mentioned, he feels entirely justified. Someone like him doesn't have time to waste on small talk. As such, he'll get right to the point immediately. If he can't, then he most likely won't talk. He brings an air of both superiority and bluntness to the point of nearly being rude to any conversation. Although, do not think there will be unbroken speech. Tsubine sometimes will talk slightly faster than his thoughts are gathered, resulting in short pauses.

Tsubine is rarely seen smiling. Well, smiling as in being excited. He's not afraid to give a cocky smirk. This isn't to say he isn't happy, quite the opposite. Tsubine is generally always content with things. However, he just doesn't express it. He says it's because "if I'm seen smiling all of the time, then there is nothing to express even more satisfaction with." Combined with his bluntness and sheer honesty, he's truly an intimidating figure. He's seen as someone who feels as if he has to carry the world on his back and that he doesn't allow others to help. It's not entirely correct. Tsubine does have a large sense of self-responsibility. However, he doesn't want others to share that responsibility not because of honor, but because he would rather not see someone hurt because of what he's responsible for. Because of that, he also has a slight perfectionist attitude about things. Those things are also why he won't lead from the rear. Even though he is a high-ranking nobleman, Tsubine is generally seen in the first three waves of his soldiers. He says it also helps with morale.

Fitting into his image of not liking small talk and someone who rarely smiles, Tsubine has a very dry sense of humor. Though, he rarely-if ever-will express having such a thing. Jokes seem to go over his head, and many times they indeed do. However, Tsubine is not above making a sarcastic remark if the situation calls for it. However, he abhors puns. Witty remarks and bad jokes he can stand-but pun it up and his 'gaze of death' rears its head once more. This is because Tsubine, having learned five languages (Russian, German, Latin, Japanese, and English [although he may be slightly archaic]), is a great appreciator of languages. To him, puns are disrespecting the languages and those who crafted the basis of them. And there are few things Tsubine loathes more than disrespect.

Tsubine loathes disrespect to the levels that it is an obsession. Although Tsubine does find faults with many people, including his own family, he will never say something he would not say to their face. And this can, of course, strain relationships he has with others. He also has little tolerance for lying. Well, he has less than "little" tolerance, he has no tolerance. Depending on the severity of the lie, Tsubine may consider it treason and the perpetrator will die a traitor's death. However, he does understand the importance of small lies like saying "Of course not" to "Does this dress make me look fat?" Although, he "files" that under respecting, so he doesn't fully consider it to be lying.  

Tsubine does, however, get an almost euphoric satisfaction for battle-or rather, for blood. He has felt he never got his full revenge during his first two times on Earth, and due to his ascension to Captain-Commander he could not risk his position over personal things such as revenge. And now that he is in an equally-prestigious position, Tsubine can not kill willy-nilly-but once on a battlefield it is notably difficult to stop him until there is enough bloodshed to satisfy him. Tsubine also has a problem with killing women-until they forsake his sparing them. That, to him, is stomping on his honor and the honor of those he let live. To stomp on Tsubine's honor is one thing, but to stomp on someone else's? That makes Tsubine go off the handle.

There are two types of battle to Tsubine. The first is an honorable one. It may be one against many or one-on-one, but an honorable battle is one where a similar form of honor is felt on each side. Tsubine cherishes those and generally does not lose his cool as easily. He remembers every honorable battle he has been in, especially the one-on-one duels. When it comes to his duels, there is not a one Tsubine has forgotten. For every man he has slain in a one-on-one duel, he remembers their name. The other form of battle to him is a slaughter. There is no honor in a slaughter. The opponents are not people, but animals being led to their deaths by a shepherd. There is nothing to stop Tsubine from a slaughter generally.

Tsubine generally does not have friends for reasons mentioned above. Someone who is hard to approach rarely keeps relationships long. However, there are those that-somehow-managed to win Tsubine's friendship. While limited in quantity, the quality of how Tsubine regards them surpasses those whose blood is shared by Tsubine. He finds true the phrase "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Those that choose to befriend him-and not those who have a familial duty to-are those Tsubine would most likely give his life for. Tsubine's idea of honor stems from this. His honor is split into two parts-the honor of Tsubine himself and the honor of those Tsubine has defeated and those whom he has befriended. The former is simple, showing his pride as a warrior and of his family. The second one is the one Tsubine will not stand for the defamation of. For every man he slays honorably, they are added to his honor. For every man he would give his life for, they are added to his honor. To trample on that honor is to trample on their wishes, their dreams, their families, etc.

While Tsubine does value his friends higher than family generally, that isn't to say Tsubine doesn't care about his family. As one of the few male children of his mother, Tsubine is in his mind the one who holds the family's honor on his shoulders. Or that's how he'd prefer it. However, all of his siblings hold some form of the family's honor on their own shoulders. And due to that, Tsubine has a notable admiration and almost a protection complex over them. Even though he is (essentially) the youngest, Tsubine would die protecting those that share his blood before fleeing to leave them to die. The same can be said of his friends, but it's more common to see that resolve with his many siblings due to quantity. However, Tsubine holds his family to a high standard, although one much lower than what he holds himself to. He is not afraid of calling out "unsavory" behavior, which can definitely cause strained relationships.

As a former Lieutenant, Captain, and Captain-Commander as well as being a current nobleman and next-in-line to his region's throne, Tsubine has many allies. And one thing Tsubine has not changed about his views on allies is that he will not accept any form treachery. Tsubine abhors traitors to no extent. Sousuke Aizen's team made Tsubine's blood boil (semi-figuratively). However, Tsubine feels something else if they betray him personally. Although he is furious with the traitor, Tsubine is equally furious with himself. He'll feel as if he failed as a leader. He'll feel as if there was something he could have done to stop them, even if they couldn't be stopped. As such, Tsubine does not plant agents into enemy ranks, and he never did even as Captain-Commander. He'll gladly use espionage as a whole, but he will not make an opponent feel as if someone is part of their ranks when they are not.

General Appearance


Tsubine looks as if he hasn't aged since he died. And truthfully, he hasn't. Tsubine's only gotten more muscular and more scar-ridden. His hair hasn't greyed and he has no wrinkles. His hair is still as blond as it was when he died, albeit longer. When he was alive, Tsubine couldn't keep his hair long due to his status as a noble. Once he died, he let it grow to the length it is now. He cuts his own hair with his sword. His crimson eyes show a warrior whose life has been filled with mental and physical battles. However, they are also the  eyes of someone who charges through those tribulations. His body is toned around battling, giving his entire body a muscular look while still being moderately-sized.

Animalistic Traits: None.
Appearance Age: Late-20s to early-30s
Height: 6'2" (185.42 cm)
Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)

Natural  Abilities

Magic: Tsubine's skill in magic is abysmal. He really can't do too much, although he is capable of controlling he immense reiryoku levels better than even many magi. The only think he is somewhat skilled in is low-level lightning Kidō/magic.
Techniques: Tsubine has the ability, either by reishi or by sheer force of will, to run along walls for extended periods of time
Shunpo: Tsubine was notable in his days in the Gotei as being skilled with Hohō. He was among the faster of the captains, although he was nowhere near the level of the 2nd Division Captains. However, Tsubine is much faster now. He doesn't have a Zanpakutō that is constantly draining his reishi, so he is able to focus more on that. There is also the fact he has matured in the past 30 years, which also helped.
Origin: Tsubine's origin is the sword. He is his sword, and his sword is him.
Other Weapons:  None.
Mystic Eyes: None. Tsubine's Shinigami blood prevents him from ever having Mystic Eyes.

Yagyū Shingan-ryū (柳生心眼流): A traditional school of Japanese martial arts, Tsubine focused in on one concept of this. He developed Tan-no-Ken-to-Tsu-no-Kirori-ryū from this style, actually. The one thing Tsubine still uses from this is the ability to carry a long sword (ōdachi/nodachi) at his side. Most swordsmen would carry the sword on their back or have someone carry it. Tsubine would not. Tsubine can carry the longer swords just like he can a katana, and thus wield them as such.

Tan-no-Ken-to-Tsu-no-Kiritori-ryū (単の剣と切り取り流; lit. Style of one blade and twin strike): Tsubine has his own style of Iaijutsu that he created on his own over the years. There is not another person in existence that uses or another person in history that has used anything remotely similar to this style. To begin with, one must know the principles of Iai. Iai is the drawing of the sword, followed by the cutting of the opponent, followed by the swinging off of the blood, followed by resheathing the blade all in a single move. Many different styles of Iaijutsu exist, but none are as remarkable as Tan-no-Ken-to-Tsu-no-Kiritori-ryū. This style takes the speed of it one step farther. The blade is drawn, cut, and resheathed in a fraction of a second, giving him the appearance of never moving his arm. The only way it is seen is by a glint of light that represents the blade's reflection of light. This arc is lavender in color. However, the true purpose of this speed is to never let the opponent see how long Tsubine's sword truly is, giving them only the arc and sheath length to go by. When facing against opponents, there are three ways to win with Kendo and Iai. Those three ways are sen-no-sen, sen, sen-no-go, and go-no-sen. Sen-no-sen occurs when the enemy is unprepared, surprised, or is otherwise showing a clear opening. Sen is when the opponent is about to attack, when he has focused his mind and body on offense and is therefore unable to defend. Sen-no-go is when the enemy is in the middle of his attack and has no way to protect himself. Go-no-sen, the final chance, arrives after defending against the enemy's attack, in the moment of vulnerability before he recovers. Tsubine learned that those four methods are the only way to win a battle. With Iai, Tsubine can take all four of those. The speed of his strikes allow for him to take advantage of any of those, especially sen-no-go.

Move List:

Légendaire Sealed

Légendaire Name: Kanesada-Nidai (兼定二代[かねさだ にだい]; Kanesada Second Generation)
Légendaire Legend: The first thing to know is that Kanesada Nidai is not the name of the sword. No, it is the name of the swordsmith—Izumi no Kami Kanesada (和泉守兼定[いずみのかみかねさだ]). However, Tsubine refers to the sword by its creator's name. The famous Kanesada Nidai is known by one other name, which is the name Tsubine calls it: Nosada (之定 [のさだ]). Nosada is one of the legendary fourteen saijō ōwazamono (最上大業物 "supreme sharpness swords") tested during the Edo period. It can be considered one of the best swords of Japan, although swords crafted by Masamune, Sadamune, Muramasa, and the like were not tested, being seen as too valuable to risk the cutting test.

Légendaire Appearance: It is 170 centimeters in length, making it a long sword bordering on an anti-cavalry one. Its hilt is 40 cm long and wrapped in blackish-aqua cloth. bringing the blade length to 130 cm. The original blade was a shorter katana, but it was broken before it came into Tsubine's possession. It was reforged on his request into a longer blade.
Oblige: Phrase: Tae, Ikinokoru. (耐え、生き残る; Endure and Survive)
Note: All abilities are PASSIVE, meaning they are always-active, unless stated otherwise. They can also not be used in connection with Kanesada Sandai.

Noble Phantasms

Name: Kyōkai no Ken (境界の剣 [きょうかいのけん]; Sword of the Boundary)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities:  Kyōkai no Ken is the main ability of Nosada. Kyōkai no Ken is the ability to cut "beyond the boundary," referring to the physical boundaries of the sword. This means that this blade's cutting ability is beyond the actual blade. In actuality, the 130 cm length of the blade is only the physical blade. The actual cutting area is 40 cm further along the blade. This means in front of the blade to the tip of the blade, the actual length is 170 cm and the width (originally 3.07 cm) is actually 43.07 cm. This allows Tsubine to cut beyond what people would expect, and allow him to bring forth pressure against a blade before his actual blade ever touches it. To get an estimate of how long the sword is, it's best to throw dust, water, paint, etc. onto it. It will stick so long as he doesn't use iai. The only time the ability is not active is when it is inside its scabbard.

Name: Onigoro Yaiba (鬼殺刃 [おにごろやいば]; Demon-Killing Blade)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities: Onigoro Yaiba uses others' swords... and their physical properties. For every sword within a 500-meter radius, Tsubine's sword gets stronger both cutting-wise and strength-wise. There is no real "limit" to how sharp and reinforced the sword can become. This makes places where Tsubine is surrounded by swords a perfect battlefield. However, the weight does increase with each sword by 10% for each sword added to his blade.

Name: Katai Hamono: (硬い刃物 [かたいはもの]; Hard Cold Steel)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities: Tsubine's sword will never dull. It may bend, it may break, it may be twisted into a pretzel. But that will only make it the world's sharpest pretzel.

Légendaire Sealed

Légendaire Name:  Kanesada Sandai (兼定三代[かねさだ さんだい] ; Kanesada Third Generation)
Légendaire Legend: Like Kanesada Nidai, the name is the actual swordsman and not the sword. Kanesada Sandai is one of the legendary fifty ryōwazamono (良業物 "good sharp swords") tested during the Edo period. It can be considered among the best swords of Japan.
Légendaire Appearance: It is 70 centimeters in length, making it a long blade bordering on an anti-cavalry blade. Its hilt is 30 cm long and wrapped in blackish-aqua cloth.
Oblige: Phrase: Itami wo Koete Kakedase  (痛みを越えて 駆け出せ; Surpass pain and charge [ahead])
Note: All abilities are PASSIVE, meaning they are always-active, unless stated otherwise. They can also not be used in connection with Kanesada Nidai.

Noble Phantasms

Name: Kihei Setsudan (騎兵切断[きへいせつだん]; Cavalry Cutting)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities: Kihei Setsudan allows Tsubine to stop an attack that is charging by making contact with the caster or the caster's weapon via their sword. This does not affect attacks already in use. If it does cancel an attack, it can not cancel another one until Tsubine's next post.

Name: Hagane Jūryō (鋼重量[はがねじゅうりょう]; Steel Weight)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities: An interesting ability, Hagane Jūryō forces only Tsubine to be capable of removing the blade once it is inside something. This means that if Tsubine is knocked away from his blade whilst it is still inside someone, that blade will stay there until Tsubine grabs it. It is very effective when it comes to pinning people down.

Name: Ken ni Naru (剣になる[けんになる]; Become the Sword)
Appearance Changes:  N/A
Abilities: Ken ni Naru is the only active (opposed to passive) ability of Kanesada Sandai. As a katana is normally used with iai, Kanesada Sandai is the perfect sword to do it with. The ability of Ken ni Naru is effectively speeding up Tsubine's reaction time and his body's functions. This is split into three speeds: 1.5x, 3x, and 6x. This means that he can react quicker (thus he'll see things "slower") and move quicker than normal for three posts. This also means that Tsubine's metabolism eats away at the same speed setting. Thus, he'll tire up to six times faster than normal if he uses this. It also causes up to six times the muscle strain. It's entirely possible for him to have a heart attack if he uses it too much. There is a once-per-thread usage. If he uses the 6x setting for a full usage (3 posts), Tsubine is exhausted and can not use his abilities properly.

Former Powers
These are Tsubine's former powers from when he was a Shinigami. Note that he can NOT USE ANY OF THESE currently, and can only do so in past RP. This is mainly just for reference!

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Nanako

Shikai Name: Futagokiri (双子切り[ふたごきり]; Twin Cuts)
Shikai Release: Utsusu (映す[うつす]; Reflect)
Shikai Appearance: Tsubine's entire right arm is covered in armor reminiscent of a Sengoku era samurai. It is red and black in color, although there is no identifying mon or crest. Written on the armor in golden lettering is the name of his Zanpakutō in Katakana.
Shikai Abilities: The only ability of Futagokiri is why it is named as such. Whatever cut Tsubine makes, an identical one is made in the opposing direction. If he makes a slice downwards, a slice upwards is made as he is making the same cut. They follow the same path essentially, except that the mirrored cut is started from the approximate end of the slash. This creates an effective pincer move against armor or blocks against his sword. If it collides with a sword, then the blocking sword now has the pressure of two identical swords pressing against it from opposite directions.

Bankai Name: Hoshigatawakiri (星型環切り[ほしがたわきり]; Star-Ring Cuts)
Bankai Release:  Saibun (細分[さいぶん]; Divide [into small pieces])
Bankai Appearance: Both of Tsubine's arms and the back of his neck are covered in the armor from his Shikai. The armor does not change much, except that on each arm are the nine kuji-in instead of his Zanpakutō's name. These are:  Rin (臨), Hyō (兵), Tō (闘), Sha (者), Kai (皆), Jin (陣), Retsu (列), Zai (在), Zen (前). On the small plate on the back of Tsubine's neck, the syllable Kō (行) is present instead. Tsubine's Zanpakutō also is much larger. The sword is now 210 cm with a 40 cm handle. The blade is actually taller than he is.
Bankai Abilities: There is only one ability for Hoshigatawakiri and it is an enhanced version of Futagokiri's ability. Instead of cutting in two directions, the sword now cuts in eight directions. Up and down, left and right, diagonally from upper-left to lower right, from upper-right to lower-left, from lower right to upper-left, and from lower-left to upper right all at the same time. This is best described with this graphic, where the arrows show which directions cuts are being made. In total, Tsubine is making eight cuts, although only seven are "mirrored cuts" like his Shikai.


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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III [Approved 0-2+; Noblesse]   Thu May 15, 2014 2:42 am

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:  

In the twelfth century Anno Domini, a single family controlled the area between modern-day Russia and France. This vast and powerful family was the prestigious von Zarkoneinz. It is a name mentioned in no history books, for the family's power came from its control from behind the curtains. The only piece of land directly owned under the von Zarkonheinz name was a castle located on a small island in northwest corner of a reservoir. Angled walls protected the castle from attack by catapult, arrow, and cannon. However, no one would dare to attempt to attack the von Zarkonheinz family. Anyone who bore fangs against them would be making an enemy with most of Europe.

On October 21, 1165, the second child of the von Zarkonheinz family was born. The current royal family consisted of the matriarch and patriarch, Shimura Sugiura and Vatou von Zarkonheinz, and the first child--and ex-heir--Andrei von Zarkonheinz. Andrei was born with a moral curse which threw him out of the lineage. The curse was simply being born out of wedlock, only by a week. Vatou and Shimura did not hate Andrei, no. However, they truly cherished the first child born under their shared name. Vatou gave him a strong name: that of the founder of the von Zarkonheinz clan and given to the greatest leaders, Tsubine. Shimura gave him the first name of her husband--Zanifir. Thus, Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III was born.

In raising him, Vatou taught him to be an empowering ruler, while Shimura taught him to be a chivalrous knight and a gentleman. Tsubine's teacher was an effeminate man whom was Shimura's advisor. His name was Takenaka Hanbei and he was skilled in the art of wielding the sword. He treated Tsubine as a nephew as well as a student, while Tsubine treated him like an uncle. However, Hanbei was quite strict about his teaching to the point he practiced with live weapons when training the heir in combat. However, his time with his student was cut short.

In order to support the people under her husband's rule, Shimura occasionally mingled with- the workers by walking down the market streets herself to get the chef's ingredients herself. She viewed them as equals when she did this, even though they would be overly-respectful to her. One June afternoon, Hanbei escorted the queen into the market. A drunk, dissatisfied farmer charged at her with a knife, blaming Shimura for his wife's death. Hanbei took the blade the drunk had brandished into his own stomach, thwarting the would-be assassin's charge. Undercover guards impaled the drunk with their own own short swords. Hanbei survived the initial blow, but he would not survive the night. His last words to Tsubine were: Destiny awaits us all. My fate was predetermined. Yours, however, is completely open... Thus, become a legend, my young lord."

Heeding Hanbei's advice, Tsubine began training with Hanbei's own decorative katana as well as a silver longsword of Shimura's. His hands became rough and calloused while his body became slimmer and more fit. Cut. Cut. Cut. That is all he trained to do. One cut after another, Tsubine's body--and personality--became more calloused. However, someone was about to change that.

Ten years after his birth, Shimura gave birth to a daughter. Tsubine's younger sister's name was Eira von Zarkonheinz. In order to protect her from other royalty wanting to marry her, Vatou decided to disguise her and raise her as a male. She was not well accepted by the branch families, but they could do nothing. She was deprived of any femininity she would have or want except for one thing: her brother. She clung to him like white on rice, even as a toddler. Tsubine was annoyed by it at first, but he soon realized Eira had no spirit of her own and thus could not defend herself. Tsubine swore he would always protect her at that moment, since it was the duty of the older brother to protect the family and Andrei was not considered family.

However, he proved this to its fullest extent one winter day. The previous night, marauders stole a courier's ship and sailed into the small port on the von Zarkonheinz's island. Under the veil of night, the marauders kidnapped Eira. These thieves were under the flag of another ruler, whose land was just north of the von Zarkonheinz's island. The nest morning, a now-mid-teen Tsubine sailed north to the closest castle, tracking a gut feeling he had. When the gate-keeper refused to allow him entrance, Tsubine grabbed two of his men's swords, breaking the chain holding the gate shut. In a fit of rage onset by finding his sister bound in the throne room, Tsubine single-handedly massacred the entire castle's inhabitants. As he left, he lit the palace ablaze, destroying any evidence of the arrogant nobles who kidnapped his sister.

Tsubine decided it would be best if he were to leave and take part in the Pope's Holy War. Vatou agreed and Shimura begged for her son to say. Tsubine decided to follow his father's words instead of his mother's. Leaving in the early morning, only Shimura and Vatou saw him off. Ten days and nights passed before Tsubine arrived at His Holiness's army. Tsubine spoke to the commander, Robert de Sable, and demanded to be in the grand army. Upon seeing some of Tsubine's skills, de Sable agreed and so Tsubine officially became a temporary Templar. Tsubine was put to the "Relic Recovery" unit under de Sable's direct command. The first stop was the most dangerous--Jerusalem. The relic there was also rumored to be the most powerful--the Ark of the Covenant.

This golden box adorned with a duo of cherubs was thought to hold the stone tablets which contained the original Ten Commandments were inscribed on. This was something that could save thousands and smite millions, so it was sealed within the Ark. As the army marched closer, many of the forward patrols were found dead. The only reasonable explanation for their untimely demise was a hole in their necks. Forward patrols soon involved more and more guards. By the time Tsubine and de Sable entered the walls of Jerusalem, a third of his fellow warriors were felled.

A single night was all that was needed for a silent occupation of the entire city. The town's catacombs were scoured as the Templars searched for the Ark. Two weeks passed before it was found. Tsubine was only a guard for the east entrance. He never saw the Ark; as the day it was supposed to be brought to the surface, Tsubine received a letter via a fast messenger. It was horrible news. Illness had spread throughout the von Zarkonheinz's land. By now, it was subsiding, but only after heavy losses. The worst part...was that both the queen and king were dead. They died within minutes of each other, still embraced.

Tsubine rushed back towards his home, following the trail the Templars had made. Suddenly, his horse's neck was impaled by an arrow. Two men clad in white robes dropped from a nearby tree. They were missing the finger next to the pinky, but that did not matter to Tsubine. The duo drew their swords and charged at Tsubine. The knight drew a long sabre and countered their charge with skillful grace. However, as he beheaded one of the men, the other rammed a short blade into Tsubine's back. The small blade pierced his heart and thus he fell down face-first. As his vision darkened, the other man rotated Tsubine onto his back. Tsubine could not see that, however. Before his vision completely faded, Tsubine saw a familiar face. As he gazed upon that face, he thought he felt a warmth before his vision faded to white...


Tsubine awoke in a room with little decoration but a screen door to the right of his head let the sun shine right in on him. An elderly woman in the corner of the room noticed the prince awakening from his slumber and rushed to his side. Of course, she knew nothing of his past and he would dare not speak it to a commoner such as this. Tsubine asked the obvious location query, to which the woman replied "the afterlife." Tsubine was shocked. He asked how he got into the room, and she explained that guards had found him materialized in front of the gates and that they took him inside as it was raining quite horrid.

Tsubine took a step outside and saw a beautiful garden surrounded by tall white walls. The woman then asked for him to sit back down. She spent a week explaining what she knew about this world. The Shinigami, Hollow, reishi, reiatsu, Quincy, humans, souls, etc. She left almost no stone un-turned in her explanations. She said that he reminded her of the lord she served when he was younger. She then encouraged the young Tsubine to enroll in the Shinigami Academy. Following her advice, he did so.

Because his body was trained hard in his time alive, Tsubine was the top of his class in Zanjutsu and Hakuda. When it came to Hoho and Kidō, Tsubine wasn't necessarily skilled in either one to begin with. However, he did train himself to become faster. Breaking bones and pushing himself to hospitalization on more than one occasion, Tsubine continued to follow Hanbei's advice. It was at this time the Thirteenth Division's lieutenant's eye was on Tsubine. Kaien Shiba took his time off to watch the cadet, as he showed promise. When Tsubine graduated, Tsubine was offered a high-ranking position within the Thirteenth Division: Fourth Seat. Tsubine accepted, as no other division expressed particular interest in him. Tsubine took every opportunity to assist Kaien in his duties as well as train with him. Tsubine for a while idolized the man. However, the Lieutenant was not the only one on Tsubine's mind.

During a routine hollow-killing mission, the Fifth Seat showed promise. The mission only reported one hollow, but a second one soon appeared. Using sword skills that were higher than average, she dispatched the hollow with no problem. Tsubine was impressed as she showed promise. He would watch her from the side to see what kind of abilities she'd grow into. Not long after that mission did Tsubine begin trying to communicate with his Zanpakutō. Tsubine originally was patient, but after years of training... he had only heard muffled grunts. He was slowly getting irritated with it.

The turning point for how he learned his Zanpakutō's name is something he will never forget. A hollow had been reported—it was nothing more than a snake hollow. However, because of its speed three Shinigami were sent. Tsubine, the Fifth Seat, and an unseated member. The kill was clean and simple. The group had begun returning when Tsubine heard a voice whisper, almost condescendingly "It isn't over yet." Iif he had not heard that and a god-awful noise behind him... Tsubine would not have realized that the Hollow had a second head. The noise was the sound of a Shinigami being bit in half. As it charged towards the Fifth Seat, Tsubine screamed at her to move. She didn't, so Tsubine grabbed her and threw her to the side out of the way. Tsubine didn't notice or let her see that the Hollow had struck the back of his leg. He charged in, striking the head off from the body. As he did so, he felt a pressure on his back. It was the Fifth Seat, using him as a springboard to cut the remaining head in half. There was definitely promise in her.

Tsubine gave a full report to Kaien after returning—only then learning of his injury. Tsubine took full responsibility for the incident, but Kaien ended up smacking the Fourth Seat with a paper fan. It was something even Kaien had not heard of happening... so they wouldn't have known that it wasn't dead. Tsubine was not found at fault, although the incident did raise questions on what was going on with Hollows. After returning from the meeting, he met up with the Fifth Seat. She was the first on his to-talk-to list. Though it wasn't to congratulate her. No, it was to confront her on something...

She was caught using Tsubine's surname. Not as her surname, but her full name. Kaien called her by her name, and then asked if she was related to Tsubine... and she obviously wasn't. So, Tsubine confronted her on his name. "Why did you steal my name?" He was direct and definitely intimidating. "Borrowed... And it's because I do not have one of my own." While the borrowed comment would have set him off... However, circumstances changed. Someone who had no name had no past, no family. Tsubine knew what it was like to be shunned by one's family, but to not have one? Tsubine knew it was much worse. "I'm not going to call you 'that girl,' 'girl who stole my name,' or 'Vonzark Onheinz.' I'll find a suitable name for you." Tsubine didn't mean to be nice with that. It was simply to solve a simple problem. “You're going to name me?” No shit, of course he was. “You haven't named yourself yet other than by stealing mine, and I'd rather you not continue to use it. The quickest way for you to cease would be for me to name you.” “Well what's the name?”

Tsubine thought hard. It had been a warm morning when they killed that Hollow together. Tsubine came up with two Kanji that meant that... albeit with a short pronunciation. "Yua, as in a warm morning." As for a surname, Tsubine had a harder time. Two thoughts popped in his head. "Yua Ichinose, 'Ichi' being one and 'nose' being shallow. Which, by the way, you were shallow in that last strike on the hollow.” “.... was not.” “It was, although not by much. You really don't seem to know how to fully feel the sword.” Tsubine felt that she had much promise with a sword, much like himself. “I know. I can admit that. I've been trying, but something still feels off.” “I'll show you how then. Zanjutsu doesn't allow for much flexibility for the basic form of a Zanpakutō. If I didn't have a sort-of muscle memory from when I was alive, I'd probably be at your level.” “You're the first person I've ever talked to.” That was definitely strange. Tsubine was definitely... not the first choice for anyone to talk to because small talk was not something he enjoyed. “In truth, I am not sure. I know I took an interest in you back before you joined Shino Academy. You never said anything to me though, not until now. I've never fully understood it myself... but yeah. You're the first. Most in our Squad honestly believe I'm mute.” A mute... he had heard of those rumors. “I've only had an experience with one mute, although that was because my family ripped out his tongue for lying and slander. And that's not surprising. I honestly thought you were one of those girls who was after the next "good looker" of the academy. I didn't pay attention to anyone who did that, my apologies.” “... That's extremely insulting. If I was after the next 'good looker', I would have just given up when you made it obvious you weren't interested and backed off like most of the harlots that get in your face. I... sorta just wanted someone to act like I existed, and that someone ended up being you.” “Insulting or not, it was the truth. When most of the women—and even some of the men—are gawking at you, you learn to tune other people out. However, I did see your skills when you killed the  second hollow that appeared when in our first sortie together. I was impressed, there aren't that many new recruits capable of wielding a sword like that.” The two continued to talk until they were tired and went to bed.


Tsubine's training for her was not easy. To anyone who wasn't fully dedicated to him, it would have been unbearable. A year after body training and half a year of stance work...  Yua came forth to Tsubine with an odd question. “Tsubine... Look... I-I sorta have stronger feelings for you than a normal friend, so... I wan wondering if you'd maybe want to do something with me some time? Go on a date, I mean... with me.” Well... it wasn't anything he expected. So Tsubine thought for a few seconds. He thought it would be the way to reward her for her hard work so far, so he agreed. “Considering how much you've improved, how much you've stayed by my side, and how loyal you are overall—I would gladly take you on a date.” “R-Really? Is there any place you'd like to go? Or something you'd like to do?” “There is nothing more I'd like to do more than to escort you to a venue of your choosing." ”Well, I was actually hoping to cook you a meal, not really go anywhere... since you said it's my choice. Would that be okay?” “Okay? It's preferred. Nothing beats the mistakes and individuality of a home-cooked meal.” Mistakes are something that make a meal never taste the same as the last one. Whether it was a little too long or a little too short of a time in the oven—it would never be cooked the same again.

It was a large meal, and Tsubine enjoyed every bit. In his review, he was brutally honest. After the end of dinner and dessert, Tsubine asked if it could be regular. And she agreed. Home-cooked meals are something Tsubine loved. And eventually, he came to love her as well. Tsubine continued to talk to his Zanpakutō, as he could now talk to it after the mission to kill the snake hollow. Around 1480, Tsubine learned its name and had learned Shikai. In 1573... an emergency meeting was ordered. Unrest in Japan would probably cause much bloodshed, so Tsubine was sent to the World of the Living as the field commander. He would command approximately 50 Shinigami all across Japan. Tsubine requested Yua to be by his side when he would be deployed, mainly due to her skills. Tsubine chose to follow the Date clan, as they had a son born in 1567 named Masamune. From the fall of the Oda to the rise of the Toyotomi to Hideyoshi's death in the Korean invasions, Tsubine had his work cut out for him. Tsubine fought alongside Masamune, eventually gaining his trust. Then, rumors of a large battle to occur began spreading in 1600. Tsubine had heard of the ruthlessness of the Ishida, while hearing of the "bonds" of the Tokugawa. Tsubine made a decision to side with one of those two. That way this 30-year conflict would possibly end. Tsubine chose the Tokugawa, and so did the Date.

In preparation for the battle, Tsubine was given two weapons from the Date, both of them finely-crafted swords. Tsubine's Zanpakutō change from his original sword, to the larger sword given by the Date. Then it was October 21, his birthday. It was Sekigahara. Tsubine was taking little damage of his own as he cut down Western samurai as they approached the man with blond hair. Then, a strange-haired man was forced in front of Tsubine as he slew a Tokugawa pikeman. Such hair was surely not natural and it was surely not a hairpiece. Tsubine drew his blade once more and countered the pike the red-haired samurai wielded. As this samurai discarded that weapon, he drew a long, curved katana. It seemed unstained, unlike the sword Tsubine held. Tsubine slung the blood off of the blade and resheathed his sword. This was Hanbei's specialty. The one special thing he taught to Tsubine and Tsubine soon surpassed his own teacher in: Iaijutsu.

Tsubine charged at the red-haired samurai. He drew his sword and resheathed it at lightning speed. The two blades met multiple times. Each time, Tsubine felt more and more engaged in the duel. Tsubine swung from below, the samurai countered from the right. Tsubine swung from the right, the samurai countered from above. The duel lasted hours. Both were exhausted, but neither was satisfied. No, this would not end until one of them was dead. This man was the first person Tsubine found a match in. It exhilarated the white knight. No matter how many times he struck, the samurai countered with equal elegance and finesse.

Before Tsubine could strike again, a pike from behind pierced the chest of the samurai. The blade retracted and behind him stood a young man with an odd-shaped helmet. It was the general of the Tokugawa, Ieyasu Tokugawa himself. Tsubine stood in shock as the red-haired samurai's eyes looked upon Tsubine in shock. Tsubine looked back at Ieyasu, who muttered something inaudible to Tsubine. All he could hear was the sound of the red-hair samurai falling onto the ground. Tsubine tightened the grip on his sword to the point blood traveled down the hilt. He swore that he would take Ieyasu Tokugawa's head when he could do it without completely massacring this child. Tsubine took his leave, cutting down anyone who dared stand in his way. It was then Tsubine changed for the last time. His happy demeanor was gone.


When he returned to the Soul Society, he was given guard duty for the middle districts of the East Rukongai. He didn't acknowledge people. He completed missions ruthlessly efficient. He'd kill anything with a single strike and would show no mercy. Even Yua was affected by this change... And she eventually confronted him. “We're over... aren't we?” "Yes." No hesitation. He did not want to be near her. Not at all. Tsubine also began training for his Bankai and he gained it within 10 years of rigorous training. He wanted more power to get his revenge. Most people would find him to be quite... baby-like when it came to his "depression." However, Tsubine's requests to return to the World of the Living were all denied because of his mental state. He was put on patrol duty so he wouldn't be sent on normal missions. While on patrol one day, he heard reports of a red-haired she-devil reaping havoc on the district. Tsubine quickly found her, and she was not what he imagined. Well-formed and quite attractive, Tsubine wondered if she was the same one mentioned in his squadmates' reports. Tsubine used simple charm to bring her in. In a rare act of kindness, Tsubine brought her to an empty room in the 13th Division's barracks to interrogate her himself. However, Tsubine was ordered to do rather tedious paperwork about his encounters in Sekigahara.

Days later, he returned to find her on the ground in the room, rubbing her left ankle. Tsubine picked her up and placed her on a sofa kept in storage there. Tsubine asked her why she trained so... ruthlessly. “Training is the only thing that matters. The path of the warrior supersedes all else.“ Tsubine realized that she was but a mere cub when it came to the path of a warrior. He quickly responded to her. “You’re wrong. The path of the warrior is one filled with bloodshed, agony and despair. Regrettably, most warriors have said the same nonsense you spouted out now and all of them died without learning the joys that life has to offer. You've probably never experienced friendship have you? You probably think things like love and companionship are like curses, but in truth, those things are sacred and should be cherished. If you’ll allow me to, I’ll prove to you that there’s more to the world than just meaningless combat. “ Tsubine was calling that red-haired samurai a friend. Even though they fought to the death, Tsubine enjoyed it. Anyone who could counter his movements was considered an honorable and worthy opponent, and thus a friend. This red-haired she-devil then did something even Tsubine did not expect, she took his lips and merged them with hers. That was the beginning of something beautiful.

Tsubine learned her name, Iori, and the two spent as much time together as possible. Training in both of their lives was nonexistent now. Kaien noticed the change and confronted Tsubine about it. Tsubine then told Kaien about what had happened, as he still respected Kaien. Kaien sighed and told him not to get too attached. Tsubine spoke with Kaien and he let Iori occasionally mingle with the division members. Weeks passed and Iori's ankle healed. When they could, Tsubine would watch her train and sometimes even train with her. Before Sekigahara, Tsubine had dated a new recruit to the Thirteenth. However, he ended their relationship as soon as he returned and within a decade he was in another. This caused an issue when Iori ended up punching her in the jaw. Tsubine heard what Iori had to say and what the recruit had said as well.

He spoke to her in the privacy of the forest. "You're amazing Iori; everything about you is absolutely breathtaking. While I'm aware that you've never been the type for overly dramatic love monologues, you're unlike most women I've had the displeasure of meeting. You defied me, you fought back with me, and above all, you didn't openly jump to me like a rat seeking the barest minimum of sustenance.“ Tsubine slowly wrapped his hands around her cheeks and brought his nose to her own. "You've brought me through many strenuous ordeals, each more trying then the last. Had it not been for your persistence and that personality of yours then I wouldn't be making as many strides as I am so far. In fact, Kaien praised you on how much you've made an impact on me. If you can't notice that, then what must I do to let you notice that you're a wonderful partner?" That night, the ultimate bond was made between the two. The two, who had never had such an encounter, had their bodies connected under the cover of darkness in Tsubine's own room. The two made sweet, passionate love under that roof with a full moon posed above them. However, like most things beautiful, it must eventually have an end...

The two parted ways with speeches about fate. They did love each other, and they shared something neither could have again. The last words he spoke to Iori as her lover were simple words of encouragement for the once-she-devil. "Iori...I hate the word fate. If I could rant on how many times it has crossed me and this world, then most would deride me as some miserable baby. However if you leave this day, please leave as the woman we helped create." Tsubine von Zarkonheinz and Iori Sugiura, two fates that met that never stayed together.


Tsubine did not go into a depression after her leaving. No, Tsubine felt confident in himself after knowing that he could actually do good in the world full of dishonor. One night, Tsubine stumbled across a purple-haired female who was lying face-down in a rain-soaked street. He placed her on his back and carried her back to his office. He laid her on the sofa and watched over her for six hours. When she awoke, Tsubine obviously asked how she was. She responded with a slap to his face. However, he quickly explained what had happened. She found his nervousness as he explained that night to her quite amusing. She kissed him on his cheek that she slapped and left.

Two days later, she appeared as a civilian asking for the Fourth Seat, but not by name. Tsubine let her into his office, where she apologized again for the slap and the trouble she put him through. She asked him to go to dinner with him in order to repay him for effectively saving her. He agreed, as if he had a choice in the matter. Three nights later, Tsubine entered the place they were supposed to meet. She did not greet him personally, even though it was her home. Instead, she called from what he presumed to be the dining room. As he rounded the corner, he then realized that she was not a normal person at all. The kitchen and dining room were one in the same, with this vixen cooking right beside the place Tsubine was supposed to be sitting. She wore nothing but a black lacy thong and an apron. He was taken aback by this, but she insisted he stay. Something inside him told him to stay, and so he did. However, he sat at the end this vixen was supposed to be sitting at. As she set the table, she introduced herself as Saeko Busujima.

The two had an awkward dinner, with Saeko never changing out of that incredibly revealing outfit. The two conversed after dinner, and Saeko hinted at carrying the conversation upstairs. However, Tsubine declined and instead fled the house. However, it wasn't that he was afraid of her or anything. No, he pretty much knew that the two were in a relationship now at least in her mind. However, he also felt the same way about her. Something about her brought out the best in him he felt. Even in a few hours of talking to her, he laughed and cut up like he hasn't in years. He spoke of funny moments with Kaien, Iori, and even of his time alive.

The two began seeing each other more and more. Tsubine and Saeko's relationship blossomed quicker that Iori and Tsubine's. Saeko almost forced Tsubine to move some of his stuff into her house. However, he could not live with her just yet. Even though the two were bonded closer than he and Iori could ever be, Tsubine had his duty before his personal life at this time. She almost broke him out of that, but tragedy struck. Kaien was struck down by Metastacia, a hollow which Kaien simultaneously killed. Tsubine was rapidly promoted to that position, and his workload increased. He had little to no time to give to Saeko, and he felt that if he continued this advance, he would never see her smiling face again. Thus, Tsubine broke off yet another relationship.


After Saeko and he ended, a new member joined his division. She was an odd one. She even resembled both of his former lovers in a way. Her name was Midori Sugiura. The surname startled him, as it was his mother's. He didn't initially ask her about it, as it was apparently a rather common name in Japan. However, something about her was very... different. Not just her personality, though that was quite strange. She rambled on about justice and equality, though it was a rather... naive view. Though, unlike the rest of his Division, Tsubine never harassed her for it. If anything, he protected her from those people. She, like everyone else, needed to find her own answers, and saying how her views right now were wrong and stupid wouldn't help. And somehow, that started an infatuation from Midori to Tsubine.

Because of recent events, Tsubine had extra paperwork. Even though Midori would try to get him out of his office, he rarely had time to. And when he had time, he made sure the rest of the division wasn't slacking off too much. If he was doing that much work, then the rest of his Division should too. However, that eventually was getting on Midori's nerves. Not what he was doing in and of itself. Of course not. Instead, it was moreso that he never had time... for himself. Honestly, his time was spent between work and work and sleep. And that eventually made Midori work harder to get closer to him. Unfortunately, that meant doing paperwork to get him to sign it. And she got to see a side of him no one saw while waiting on him to sign those. Honestly, Tsubine hated having to do so much paperwork. Part of it was the normal Lieutenant-level, but he also had the Captain-level paperwork thanks to his Captain being quite sickly. And thus, Midori saw the stress Tsubine was under. She saw that honestly, he needed to relax. He obviously had no time for a relationship, so Midori took her assumption and... rolled with it.

While details will not be provided, there was some "polishing" done under his desk. Tsubine initially refused and almost reported her, however she coerced him by saying that she could help with the stress. He still refused, but then she said that if it bothered him or if he couldn't concentrate on his work, then she'd stop and see herself out. Of course, the resemblance to Iori and Saeko... was almost too enticing. Coupled with what she had said and honestly how worried she looked about him, he agreed. After the entire polishing was over, Tsubine thanked her. He could feel the weight off of his shoulders (and off of his legs). This started a rekindling in Tsubine's love life.

Tsubine gave Midori the unofficial position as the person that brought in and took out paperwork. Of course, the polishing still continued. It was, in fact, the entire reason for why he did that. Eventually he made time for the two of them to go out to dinner and such. It's when she told him about her views of justice and the like. Of course, he didn't completely agree with her, but he didn't say that. Instead, he said simply that she should be willing to change that if she realizes something isn't completely in line. "The truth is always a shady guy in an alley. It's either someone who wants your body parts, a homeless guy sleeping, or a man beaten by a gang lying on the ground unconscious. You never know until you light a candle and see it for yourself." He was a bit awkward with how he said it, and it could have been something that was too deep for her to understand, but he knew it'd eventually sink in.

Then, Tsubine questioned Midori about her surname. That is when Tsubine learned of the Sugiura. He requested two weeks in leave from his position, and it was granted. Midori took Tsubine to the Sugiura Realm, where he met with Misaiko, Midori's mother. Misaiko and Tsubine spoke lengths about his mother's surname, then she asked what her first name was and he replied with Shimura. Misaiko dropped the cup of tea she was drinking and rushed him to the North, where he once-again saw his mother. She explained what she was, and what he was. Tsubine was not a normal spirit. He was a half-breed between a Shinigami and a Sugiura. Tsubine was given a token that could open a pathway to the Sugiura realm and returned to his position.

Then, let's just say that there was something that happened that caused Midori to question the Gotei. Essentially, it started off as a simple hollow extermination, but the numbers grew. There were no orders to deploy more Shinigami, even as the ones already there were being ripped to shreds. Midori begged to deploy, but Tsubine stopped her. When she tried to go on her own, he grabbed her shoulder. He knew what was going on, but it wasn't her decision to make, nor was it his. While the majority of the group was slain, they gained valuable information on the hollow that were randomly gathering in large numbers. Of course, Midori didn't see it so clearly. That drove her from the Gotei, and thus she and Tsubine fell apart with no hard feelings. Why? Because after the report, he confided that he almost stepped out and slew those hollows himself to make sure that more of his allies came back alive, but he didn't because people weaker than him (and the Shinigami deployed) would follow him and just cause unnecessary problems. The same thing would have happened with Midori, which is partly why he stopped her. The two were also a pair not meant to be together at this time.


Many years later, Tsubine was still a Lieutenant. He kept the position until the early 21st century. Sousuke Aizen, the Fifth Division Captain, led a rebellion with both the Third and Ninth Division Captains under his command. This threw the Gotei 13 into disarray. In a hasty response, the Captain-Commander promoted two of the most aspiring Shinigami to fill those positions. One of them was the Lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division and the other was the third seat of the Third Division, Ravana Ichiro.

Tsubine had the idea of merging the now-dwindling Fifth Division and the Kidoushuu. While the idea met much opposition, the Captain-Commander signed off on the idea. Tsubine decided to strengthen the Fifth Division. This was mainly used to prove that the Fifth Division was not just a breeding ground for Aizen supporters. Tsubine took the Fifth Division on as many hollow cleansing missions he could and even made them clean up after the battles within the Seireitei.

Then, the promised day came. After months upon months of planning, the Gotei 13 was poised to strike against Aizen. Because of the rumors that Tsubine was the legitimate heir to the von Zarkonheinz name, Yamamoto decided to hold Tsubine back before allowing him to enter the battle. Yamamoto had decided that Tsubine would be the successor to the position of Captain-Commander. The Royal Family had signed off on that decision days before. When Tsubine was over the shock of becoming the heir to the second most prestigious name in the Soul Society, Yamamoto and Tsubine entered the battle. By the time Tsubine had arrived, the battle was near its climax as Juhabach and the Vanderreich had appeared. There was only one person not defeated or in the middle of a battle by the time Tsubine arrived: Gin Ichimaru.

Tsubine confronted the former Captain, demanding his surrender. Of course, it did not work. Gin fired his Shikai towards Tsubine, but Tsubine countered it with a swift draw of his sword. The two white-haired swordsmasters dueled for about an hour before Gin performed an under-handed trick. Gin struck the tendons in Tsubine's right hand, preventing him from gripping his sword properly. Gin then waved at the Captain and disappeared. After Aizen's defeat, Tsubine was among the first people treated for injuries. The tendons healed perfectly and within a week, Tsubine was back to normal.


It took fifteen years, but Tsubine rebuilt the Seireitei to a near-pristine condition. The entire technological level of the organization was upped ten-fold, with new technology coming each day. Tsubine's time was filled reorganizing the Gotei, such as de-merging the Kidoushuu as his first act. He did not regret the initial decision, but it was time to put people who could actually do the jobs now. There were many interesting Captains under him. However, his lieutenant was someone who stood out to him. He was slightly getting out of a shell of self-loathing and being a loner, but he still had a ways to go. Tsubine saw great potential in this young man. His name was Genpaku Arishima.

Tsubine was rather pushing towards Genpaku, trying to get the man out of being so self-critical and seeing how much potential he had. As Tsubine's Vice-Captain, there would be a day where he might have to suddenly replace him temporarily. And that's what Tsubine helped Genpaku with. Eventually, another shining star among the Gotei caught his eye. It was a beautiful young woman by the name of Kaminari Hatakeyama. She was someone who had as much potential, or even more, than Genpaku. He kept a close watch on what she did (except for her private life, of course). He almost immediately approved her recommendation to be a Captain. However, that's when things... began to change for Tsubine.

Tsubine began to realize that all he could do was done. He had brought back the Gotei from the loss of its leader. However, he was never really the good choice for it. Thus, he'd have someone of the "new guard" of the Gotei. He officially announced that he would retire from his position in five years and announced that he had two candidates in mind for the position. He called them into his office and told the two before him that they were the "chosen ones." They were Kaminari and Genpaku. He did not say what he would base his decision on, but he said that it would be something that could prove stability within the Gotei.

For five years, Tsubine watched more and more of his lieutenant and the 5th Division Captain. Kaminari did show promise, as did Genpaku. However, Tsubine felt Genpaku had more promise than  Kaminari that wasn't seen yet. They were equally promising, but Tsubine felt promoting Genpaku would give him the boost needed to unlock his potential. He officially declared the next Captain-Commander to be Genpaku. This was honestly a shock to most of the Gotei, who thought that Kaminari would win simply because she was already a Captain. It's said that a few fights broke out in bars outside the Seireitei afterwards. However, Tsubine's journey didn't end there. In fact, it was moreso just beginning. Upon leaving the position, Tsubine returned to the Sugiura Realm. Once in the Sugiura Realm, he immediately returned to Shimura. There, he asked if there was anything he could do to serve by her side. Shimura was lacking a knight, and so she proposed for him to take that position. However, she put a stipulation on it. Tsubine had to go into a period of solitude for five years. Tsubine took a day to think of his decision on this. However, he already knew his answer.


Tsubine set out the next day deep into the Sugiura Land's northern mountains. He reached a flattened circle with tiny squares spread throughout it. There, he decided to set up a small hut for his time in solitude. However, he was not alone. A storm came and Tsubine was forced to find shelter inside this circle. He found an opening and delved inside of the massive structure. The deepest location within the structure accessible by Tsubine was a small room containing a sword. Tsubine examined the sword, but when he dared to touch the blade, the sword turned to dust. The dust flew onto Tsubine's Zanpakutō.

However, something inside him was changing as well. The changes were gradual and Tsubine only noticed one thing: his Zanpakutō Spirit's voice was fading and a new voice was butting in. The second voice eventually replaced the first and Tsubine began to question this new voice. It was, indeed, something new. Tsubine's once-dormant side had then taken over. Tsubine could feel a slight change by this time, though he wasn't quite sure what was going on until two quite-contrasting females began explaining things to Tsubine. Tsubine rode out the remaining two years in the North by listening to their explanation of the Sugiura inner workings. It took two weeks, but Tsubine eventually returned to Shimura's side. She was certainly surprised that Tsubine returned, or even followed through with it. After taking residence up in his castle deep within the North, Tsubine began his tale as the Knight of the North...

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  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Tier: 0-2
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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III [Approved 0-2+; Noblesse]   

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Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III [Approved 0-2+; Noblesse]
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