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 Aoi Nadeshiko [Approved; 0-4]

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PostSubject: Aoi Nadeshiko [Approved; 0-4]   Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:38 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Aoi Nadeshiko
True Age: 1025
Appearance Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130



Personality: Aoi is that shadow that shows up a few feet down an alley way, saves someone's life, and then disappears. Aoi is that person who lives on the hill, that everyone knows the name of, but no one knows anything about. Aoi is a secret wrapped inside of a mystery. She may not actually live up on that hill, but in a decent hut in the Rukongai, but Aoi is just as mysterious as one could think. If you were to ask the people around her anything about her, they'd be able to tell you her hair is long, her eyes are blue, and she is a skilled fighter and Shinigami. They would tell you that she seems to be a kind person because she protect that area of the Rukongai. They would say that she is reliable, beautiful, and is a woman of her word, even if those words are very few spoken. They would also say that she's quiet, kind to children, and a little territorial because she glares at anyone who comes near her home.

It's not like you can blame Aoi for being so secretive; she's lived a long time and has seen so much bad that it actually outweighs any good she may have noticed. Aoi has dealt with everything from liars, cheaters, common criminals, murderers, thieves, thugs, gangs, bandits, traitors, and rapists. She has seen people lie and hurt others day after day and this has slowly clouded her vision of anything good. Aoi currently lives in the farther District on the west side of the Rukongai, where the crime is high and the people are helpless. She moves often, usually going from District to District to clear out as much crime as possible, only leaving once people understand her view on their idiotic behavior and actually straighten up. In fact, there is a rumor going around about a "blue eyed beauty" moving from area to area just to destroy the people running the crime circles in that area. She does not deny this rumor for one reason: to instill fear.

Aoi needs people to wonder "Is that her" when she walks into a new District. The more that happens, the better her chances. Of course, there are always those idiots who think they could defeat her and challenge her. There's one problem for them; no one seems to understand her power and how she so easily defeats those who fight her. So far, she has not been defeated and doesn't exactly want that day to come. There aren't many merciless people in the Rukongai, especially if it's someone trying to prove themselves by killing her. Aoi doesn't like violence, but if she did not take part in occasional fights, then there would be a lot more suffering in certain parts of the Rukongai. So far, she is quite happy to say that she has moved through six of the rougher districts and only one has returned to it's normal ruthless crime after her leaving, which makes her want to go back, but the Zaraki District seems to be pretty hopeless.

Everything that is not known about Aoi is in her history and in everything else said in this personality. First off, Aoi puts up a tough front but is actually extremely sensitive. She can be the tough, strict, no mercy leader while talking to someone's face, but the moment she is alone, she feels guilty and ashamed over bossing other people around. If someone insults her in a similar way of calling her a “bitch” or a “slut”, or anything as serious, she will be tough and uncaring to their face, but will likely cry herself to sleep that night. Aoi has many acquaintances, but is unable to call any of them her actual friends. Because of this, she's a pretty lonely person. She is often caught alone, thinking to herself, and never really talking to anyone. She won't go up to anyone and talk to them because she's shy and really fears rejection. The idea of putting herself out there just to be shot down bothers her a lot, so she avoids the possibility.

Being a mystery to people is not exactly her idea of fun, but because she is so shy, she doesn't have the guts to interact with others. She feels really awkward and often hurries out of a conversation with someone she doesn't really know. After getting to know someone, or having a few nice conversations with them, which will probably semi-forced on her, she'll start feeling more comfortable and the stuttering she usually does when speaking to someone will stop. After a little time, she'll even smile, laugh, pop a few jokes, and possibly even hug. It's just hard to get to that cute version of her because she gets so nervous and runs off to lower the discomfort level. Once she is there though, she has this really cute sweetness about her that doesn't fit the mystery thing she would have once had going for her. Because she wants to continue doing her best to clear the Rukongai of crime, dropping the mystery is not her top priority.

Character Background: There really is little to no point in saying much of anything about Aoi's past. The only thing that matters to her or anyone else is her present and future. Why is this? Because she's currently a legend, a story passed around the campfire, a mystery that has yet to be solved. For those that have not seen her, they question whether she actually exists. There are a few reasons for this. For one, where is she? Everywhere, that's how she seems to pop up. She never stays in one place for too long, and the moment people start asking questions, she leaves. Who is she? No one knows, she rarely speaks her own name and only converses with children and those who need her. How powerful is she? No one knows because she's fast and her power seems to confuse the hell out of people, so not many figure it out. Why can't they find and catch her? Because she's fast, she's very stealthy, and doesn't want to be caught.

Aoi's Early Life: Aoi was one of those spirits who remembered nothing of her life on Earth. She accepted this and lived quite happily as a soul in the Rukon. She ran around with a band of other kids her age, which was around nine or ten and lived on the edge with them. Of course, on the edge for a few orphan kids was usually stealing food to survive since the adults were too greedy to give them a little, even if they were one of the spirits who needed it. In the little group of friends she had, Aoi was the only one who needed food, the only one who had enough spiritual power to feel hungry. Time passed her by and she grew a little bit. Many of her friends separated or were killed by thieves, thugs, and other bad people within their area of the Rukongai. Unsure what to do at this point, Aoi went on a little walk. As she did, she came to the richer, more watched over parts of the Rukongai and settled into a nice hut with a family.

Even more time passed and it was noticed that she was becoming a lot more powerful than anyone expected her to be. It actually got a little too much for the people living in the house with her, so they helped her enroll in Shino Academy, where she learned everything she needed to. There, she was actually an average student. She wasn't the best at anything, but she wasn't the worst either. If you had to give a certain order to the things she excelled at it would be: Zanjutsu, Hoho, Kidō, Hakuda, bu they would all still be compared to the B's high school kids get. Once she graduated from there, she joined up as a member of Squad Three. She didn't exactly want to be in Gotei, but she felt it was the only way to be around people who she didn't make feel weak and sick. Once she had learned to control her spiritual pressure, she returned to the Rukongai every now and then to visit her friends and the people she called family, noticing a rise in crime.

Aoi's Choice: The rise in crime was not making Aoi happy. She did her best to think of a way to get things to straighten up, but the multiple proposals she sent into were denied. She was told that the Rukongai was not the concern of the Gotei, only a few people would be sent to manage that massive place. If the Seireitei is a ten day walk from one gate to the next closest one, and the Rukongai was 10-20 times that big, how the hell was a small amount of Shinigami going to take care of all of that? This angered her, but she was forced to deal with it. Years passed and Aoi decided to visit her family again, but upon arrival realized they were kicked from their home by a few more powerful beings. Aoi went searching for them and when she finally found them was angered beyond all comparison. Aoi found that the two younger one's had died from the house being taken over and the older people were now stuck living in the streets.

Aoi snapped. She returned to the house with her Zanpakutō drawn. She fought them off without using her power, but that caused a few too many problems. Mid battle, she chose to release her shikai, having unlocked it a couple years prior, and used it to defeat them all with ease and surprising grace. She returned her family to their home and ended up doing the same for a lot of people. Apparently the richer area of the Rukongai was overrun by people trying to hide from the few Shinigami that were sent out. It was a clever tactic, but Aoi wasn't going to have it. She had this reported instantly, but once again it was pushed to the side as if the people in the Rukongai just didn't matter to anyone. That was the final straw. Aoi was done with the stupid and selfish decisions of the Gotei's Captain Commander and Central 46. They were idiots who cared for nothing but their high ranked positions. Therefore, Aoi left the Gotei without a trace.

Aoi's Legend: Aoi's entire existence vanished after she annihilated a lot of souls within the Soul Society. They were all bad people and hurt others, but she knew that the closed minded Gotei was going to come after her and if the rumors were right about their next moves, so was she. Apparently, though she has not confirmed it, they immediately sent search parties out for her with orders to "apprehend". Of course, because of this, she stayed as far away from the Gotei as possible. For years she sat in the shadows, just watching, training, and waiting. She used what she knew to advance as much as she possibly could. Aoi even gained her bankai through many years of rigorous solo training. Upon receiving her bankai, some time in the 1900's, Aoi apparently returned to the Rukongai a very different person. Rumors of her taking out bad guys and slowly gaining control over the Rukongai spread, but to many this is only a Legend.

There are actually three Legends that are commonly moving around about Aoi, but most seem like rumors. The first is that she betrayed the Gotei and began to kill people to take revenge on those who hurt the people she called family: rumor. The second is that the Gotei kicked her out for enforcing her own rules and she began to go renegade out of spite: rumor. The actual Legend around Aoi is that she is a hero of the people in the Rukongai. She became fed-up with the way the Souls were being ignored and neglected by the people they thought were supposed to be there to protect them. She took the situations into her own hands and began slaughtering anyone who she considered irredeemable and horrible. It's not the fact that she did it that awes people, no. It's the way she does it. Each time she fights someone, it's said that they look into those blue eyes of hers and are struck with so much fear they can't move, and then she kills them.

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities: In order from most to least skilled.

Focus And Timing: The moment Aoi figured out her Zanpakutō's power, there was one thing that she had to learn to do: concentrate. Everything was about timing, literally. She had to be able to focus and react accordingly. Through years of practice, she was able to develop her reflexes, speed, concentration, and timing skills to a an almost unmatched point. What makes it unmatched? Her Zanpakutō, but you'll read about that it a little bit. Normally, Aoi is probably at a level between Lieutenant and Captain when it comes to speed reflexes (leaning more toward Lieutenant), but a Captain level, if not higher, when it comes to her ability to concentrate and focus. If she's fighting one opponent, which is how she prefers it, Aoi can often develop a tunnel vision that allows her to focus on her opponent, their abilities, their moves, and nothing more. This can be a problem because it is possible for someone to sneak up on her, but she doesn't often allow herself to fall into full tunnel vision mode; she does that when she feels her life is threatened greater than normal or the life of another is threatened to that extent, which doesn't exactly happen too often.

Hoho: Advanced. She knows none of the more advanced techniques withing this category because she didn't continue her training in the Gotei. She knows shunpo and has absolutely mastered that technique, but that's it. She can't remove a piece of clothing and vanish to avoid a fatal blow, nor can she move so fast that it seems like she's got clones helping her fight. Truthfully, she really feels like she only needs shunpo anyway; the others feel like overkill.

Zanjutsu: Advanced. This was her major while in the Academy, so it's expected that she hunted down as much on the subject as possible. She trained quite a lot before she left the Gotei, so she learned a lot of techniques. She has yet to make her own, but this is still her main ways of fighting when she chooses not to use her shikai or bankai.

Kidō: Adept/Advanced. She only practiced those 1-31, so those are the only ones she knows. Luckily, she's a good enough student and determined enough trainer that she pretty much destroys anything with those Kidō. Just because she doesn't know that many, doesn't mean that her Captain level energy doesn't allow her to dominate a fight with what she actually does know. She's trained long enough with them that she can.

Hakuda: Novice, if not lower than that. Haha. No. Aoi doesn't do hand to hand combat, let alone the Shinigami style of it. It's not something she ever will do either. If she was ever caught without her sword or Zanpakutō, she'd be beyond screwed if Kidō didn't help her out. And since her Kidō takes time because she needs to say enchantments for anything above 20, Aoi is actually at a horrible disadvantage if she does not have a weapon in her hands.

Zanpakutō: See Appearance Picture #3
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: It's Our Time

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Jidai no Seishin (Seishin)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Seishin is a calm and gentle spirit. She doesn't like violence and prefers to try and settle things without having Aoi use her powers. Even if she'd rather not be using powers to fight people, she will not hesitate in using her powers if it meant protecting the innocent. Her abilities allow her to do just that, prevent damage. Seishin is also very sweet. She's one of those people who you can't help but go "awwww" at when she starts talking. She's got this adorable, childlike innocence that people can't help but think is too cute for their own good. Seishin's relationship with Aoi is actually very nice. They don't argue and neither of them seem to ever get frustrated with each other. If Aoi is doing something wrong, she asks Seishin to be honest and tell her what she is doing wrong. The two of them are very harmonious, to the point where she actually speaks out to Aoi when in battle, giving her advice, warning her about attacks, and even pointing out patterns to help Aoi get the advantage in a fight.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Aoi's inner world is made up of pillars. These pillars start off at a foot tall and will always be thin enough for only someone Aoi's size to stand on. Unless really squeezing, two people cannot stand on them. These pillars get taller and taller and taller, reaching heights larger then skyscrapers, but still staying the same width/thickness. At the top of every pillar is a clock. Once Aoi steps on these clocks, a vision is shown. These visions are memories of her own. The taller the pillar, the farther back the pillar will be and the farther back the memory it holds will be.

Shikai Name: Jikan no Shunkan
Shikai Appearance:


Shikai Abilities: Aoi's shikai allows her to sleep up or slow down time around up to three objects/people and everything that object/person is touching. The only way she can do this is if the object/person she is trying to slow down or speed up time around meets certain criteria. The criteria for this have to do with weight, size, and speed. With her shikai, it is to be understood that the usage only slows their body, forcing them to move a lot slower than normal if they are hit with it; it does not have the ability to slow their perception of time.

The object cannot weigh over 1,000 pounds.
The object cannot be larger than 30ft by 30 ft (or anything equal to that in size, example: 25ft by 35ft)
The object cannot be moving faster than 700 mph.

If they meet these criteria, they have the ability to have their time be slowed down or sped up. Aoi's shikai is able to slow the objects meeting the previously stated criteria by 50% for .5 seconds.

There are two ways this works: projectile and contact.

Projectile: The projectile is the size of a tennis ball and moves at 80 mph. If hit on any part of the body, sword, or anything touching the person, including the floor with a one foot radius from their feet, that person will be slowed or sped up. She can do this once per post, if contact has not been made the current or previous post.

Contact: This means that the sword has made contact with the object/person. As an easy example, two swords clang together in battle and the slow/speed up is implemented. With this one, she can do this once every two posts, if a projectile has not been sent the post before.

If there is no light shining on Aoi's sword, she is unable to use the time slows. If there is a light, she must be careful and preserve it. If she makes contact, the time slow/speed up (defaults to previous one used) will be implemented and she could lose her chance to strategically slow them for a post.

Bankai Name: Jikan no Kabe (Time Barrier)
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: Now, Aoi's bankai is a very different story than her shikai. Yes, it still revolves around time. The difference is, it does not revolve around slowing or speeding up a single object, but instead only slowing down time in a designated area, which also screws with perception of time, for anyone that is not Aoi. This includes objects, people, and attacks. The moment someone crosses into her time barrier, they are slowed down by the stated percents. And yes, it does feel odd, sort of like pushing your hand through very, very thick water or something like that.

As seen above, there are two sections of this. The outer circle and the inner circle. Aoi is always at the very center of the inner circle; the entire things moves along with her to keep her there. The outer circle slows the same amount as her shikai: 50%. This means someone moving at 50 mph, is now moving at 25 mph.

The inner circle, where Aoi's energy is much more concentrated, slows their movements by 75%, so someone moving at 50 mph is now moving at 12.5 mph. Her bankai forces people to stay at long ranges, or to be stuck in slowed time for as long as her bankai lasts. Aoi's bankai lasts, at it's current level, 15 rounds of posts.

In other words, stay the fuck away from her.

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PostSubject: Re: Aoi Nadeshiko [Approved; 0-4]   Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:31 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Looks pretty good to me. Pretty being the main word.
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Aoi Nadeshiko [Approved; 0-4]
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