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 Kisuke Iyori [Approved, 2-5]

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PostSubject: Kisuke Iyori [Approved, 2-5]   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:22 am

Vizard Template


Name: Kisuke Iyori
True Age: 224
Gender: Male
Kisuke craves relationship. He loves people. He loves everyone.  He thoroughly enjoys the company of others. He’s a bit touchy, but he strongly believes that physical contact is another aspect of camaraderie. That being said, he’s kind of socially awkward. He’s hopelessly naive, and easy to poke fun at. Getting flustered easily makes it pretty hard for him to keep up a conversation. But that side of him only makes him more affable, and easier to talk to, easier to be earnest with. This childish scope also allows Kisuke to interpret people very well. Taking note of things such as tone of voice, Facial expressions, slight nuances in posture, may very well be factors in a person’s condition and overall personality.
Not only does Kisuke look to analyze and individual, but also to sympathize with them. His sacrificial mindset demonstrates the level of compassion Kisuke possesses. If someone is suffering, Kisuke would long to change that. Instead of seeing people get hurt, he’d rather suffer instead. Even though he’s weak, he’d rather shoulder the trouble so that another might not have to. Even if he’s forgotten, he wouldn’t mind getting left behind even after opening his heart to someone.
Although he’s a people person, he tries not to be. He tries his very hardest not to involve himself with others, not to trouble others, not to get abandoned by others anymore. He, very pitifully, attempts to reject social interaction. He’s unable to fully close up his heart, and shut people out since he so desperately yearns for it. He might be able to give you the cold shoulder for... five...? minutes tops.
He’s also picked up a number of new tendencies after being emotionally traumatized time and time again. He no longer has the capacity to handle large amounts of distress. His mental health has experienced a drastic decline and in order to avoid total insanity, thus his alternate persona was born. To handle such stressors, Kisuke’s alternate personality surfaces and takes control. Kisuke is also susceptible to faltering if he is unable to manage emotional stress. Without confiding in someone, or coping with it, he is unable to hold it in and in most situations loses the memories to the Conformer.
Kisuke has always loved art. All types of art, in fact. He loves paintings and sculptures but he prefers music and literature because of the creative process that occurs in the making of each piece. Music is only pleasant to the ear because of the way it is composed so intricately. Each note is adjusted and perfectly arranged in order to produce a single piece of music. Hundreds of hours are funneled into this short tune that might last a few minutes when played. Literature is similar in that way. An author might spend countless hours creating a single piece, only to spend countless more to revise the piece over and over. The idea that someone dedicated so much effort absolutely fascinates Kisuke.

General Appearance

Kisuke has black hair that stretches down past his eyes. He has bright brown eyes and kind of a big head (it's for put his big brain). Kisuke is slim, low muscle tone, skinny- which makes his limbs seem longer than they are. All over his body, there is an assortment of scars with varying severity and visibility. Kisuke has a light skin complexion, which really isn’t all that pale, but if he were to project a calm composure, than the healthy glow is easily masked by a cold menace.
Kisuke is often chastised for his sense of style. He has little to none of it. Kisuke preference in apparel is limited to things that feel or look comfortable. Kisuke also selects different clothes that hold sentimental value to him. Kisuke generally sticks to grays and blacks, but if the clothes are important enough or comfortable enough he'll go out of his way to wear different colors. He generally tries not to wear anything too flashy.

When the Conformer takes control,Kisuke's hair whitens and his eyes become gray.

Appearance Age: 16
Height: 5' 7 + 1/2
Weight: 127

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Kidō Mastery- The only thing that Wil was every successful at was Kidō. With only one talent, Wil was careful to perfect it. With nothing else to train, he has put in countless hours studying Kidō and practicing it in it's various forms. Not a very practical or reliable means of combat, he focused less on his ability to fight alone with Kidō and more on his ability to support others with it. Although he has studied all types of Kidō, he excels at his supportive strategy and defensive Kidō.
Zanpakutō: When sheathed the sword appears to be about the size of a wakizashi, around 35 centimeters. When unsheathed, a double edged katana is pulled out like a bunny out of a hat measuring about 50 centimeters. Double-edged, paper thin. Pretty. The sheath is dull grey, but a little thick even though the sword is so much smaller.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Kokan, Conformer (Exchange, Conformer)
Other Weapons: x
Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Conformer
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: The conformer began as a formless entity. But when the conformer manifested a second personality in Kisuke’s soul, the conformer took a form similar to Kisuke. The Conformer looks like a carbon copy of Kisuke, save for the white hair, and deep grey eyes.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: The conformer was originally a neutral entity that was only persuaded to act based on Kisuke’s need in certain situations however because of his need for reconstruction and support the Conformer formed a personality that mimics Kisuke’s. Although the Conformer’s original personality was neutral,  there are many "subtle" differences between the two Kisuke’s. The Conformer has no self-inhibition or sense of authority. He indulges in any and all pleasure he seeks. If he wants something, he takes it without thinking twice about it. The Conformer fails to consider the consequences of his actions. He is sadistic in every meaning of the term. He loves seeing the pain, physical or emotional. It fills him with great satisfactions to inflict harm upon others- which strongly conflicts with Kisuke’s affinity for others. He is unable to ignore the fact that he is the same person even if he is a separate individual.  That he is the second soul within the body. Kisuke’s personality influences his, by surfacing in parts while the Conformer is active. Another piece of his programming is origin as the Conformer. And as the Conformer he is unable to ignore his concern for Kisuke's well being and therefore has an innate concern to protect him.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World: The inner world is sometimes a beach, sometimes a desert. The expanse is covered with sand, but sometimes waves of water gently lap at the shore. Sometimes they don’t.  However the sand always remains. Another consistent part of this world is the climate.  It is cold enough so that you can see your breathe there. It’s surprising to see the unfrozen water whenever the tide surges in. The water may indicate the well being of the multiple beings inhabiting the same body. But no one's too sure about anything other than the sand and cold.


Shikai Appearance: Nothing about the sword changes in shikai.
Shikai Abilities: Offensive Ability: Jinsokuken- Quickdraw or Quicksword, The conformer takes advantage of Wil's speed to make up for his lack of brute force. Jinsokuken is a technique that utilizes a burst of speed similar to a shunpo but localized in the limb. This technique allows Kisuke to swing  his arm faster increasing the number of strokes that can be performed within the time interval of only one sword stroke. This offensive ability puts a strain on the body because of the unnatural speed of shunpo in only his arm.

Mukanshin- Apathy- Although Kisuke can properly take a beating, he doesn't have the stamina to continue fighting. To sustain the Conformer, Kisuke's recognition of pain is lowered and his spiritual energy and stamina is drained in order to regenerate. Although the Conformer is able to feel pain, with his state of mind, he can continue fighting after losing a limb with sheer force of will. The purpose of this ability is simply to allow the Conformer to continue fighting when Kisuke's body would have otherwise been incapacitated. The numbness however does not completely ignore any pain or damage. The regeneration is limited to only gradual regeneration. All healing takes time as the reiatsu and stamina is delegated to the wounds. With this type of fuel, each injury shortens the amount of time that the Conformer is able to perform. On a percentage scale, each cut or scrape would only demand a percent of five or lower. A wound that goes beyond would drain anywhere from fifteen to thirty percent. A serious wound like a severed arm or a pierced organ would demand anywhere from fifty to ninety percent of the Conformer's allotted time, reiatsu, and strength to recover from without exiting or ending a fight.

Healing Ability: Iten- Transfer- The conformer allows Kisuke to transfer his energy, stamina, or even his very life force in order to replenish and heal another's. This costly technique adds on to healing Kidō to amplify it's effectiveness as well as heal in greater bounds. Normal healing Kidō requires concentration in a controlled environment to slowly heal wounds and replenish reiatsu. With Iten, Wil can take his use of Kidō which would eventually heal someone into a burst of healing with a significant cost. He can quickly refresh a depleted ally at the cost of his own condition. To fully heal someone who has been severely wounded as well as totally exhausted from fighting, he would have to render himself unconscious for the duration of the battle and probably a day or two afterwards. To heal a single major injury, he would simply drain himself of reiatsu and stamina leaving him unable to fight but requiring only enough time to regain his strength normally. Iten can also be used to save someone on the brink of death by giving everything that Kisuke has. This will nearly kill Kisuke by exhausting all resources he has including his own life force leaving him with very little time before totally burning out and dying. In order to survive, an expert in recovery would have to tend to Kisuke, without being the receiver of the transfer, since he would have to be nurtured back to a self-sustainable condition.

Kidō Enhancement- Majo- Witch- The conformer takes a hold of Wil's studies to boost his ability to wield it. The conformer accepts the sacrifice of blood and flesh, simplified by inflicting self harm,  to manifest a greater understanding and improving Kisuke’s mastery of Kidō to enhance it. The conformer increases the power or effectiveness of a Kidō by a maximum of 10 higher than it's number for defensive Kidō, and 4 for offensive Kidō.


Bankai: Totoi Conformer (Noble Conformer)
Bankai Appearance:During Bankai, Kisuke dons the persona of the Conformer and they both occupy consciousness during it’s release.  One of his eyes turns grey, and streaks of white and grey riddle his hair. The conformer changes form at this level and becomes a hefty scythe. The pole extends slightly past Kisuke’s full height and the massive blade of the scythe stretches far away from the base, reaching a point nearly 10 feet away. The pole is a clean white color, and the blade appears silver or platinum and slightly blue when reflecting light.

Bankai Abilities:
Jinsokuken cannot be performed with the conformer in this state.

Nesshin'na majutsu- ‘Keen Witchcraft’~ Witchcraft Play or “Crafty Witchcraft”- Kisuke is able to demonstrate a further mastery of Kidō in this form by manipulating it in ways that highlight it as his sole strength. In one form of Nesshin’na majutsu he is able to almost completely deviate from the Kidō’s original design and manipulate it within the absolute limit of the spell in a multitude of ways. He can alter the way it is cast in a ways such as: if the Kidō was supposed to originate from his body and activate after a certain motion, he could relocate the origin of the Kidō and move his fingers behind his back. The spell will still require to be sufficed with the same amount of preperation, reiatsu, and concentration. If he uses two different hadous that are very similar in appearance, he can reverse the two colors in order to confuse his opponent’s reaction to each Kidō. This usage the simplest of the “play” is to alter the fundamental characteristics of the Kidō being used. The effects of the most basic of the Nesshin’na majutsu can be related to “clever wordplay” or adjusting simple aspects of the Kidō like origin, appearance, casting.

Nesshin’na majutsu’s “stronger” power is to manipulate Kidō using the conformer as the catalyst. Kisuke can cast a Kidō and activate it through the Conformer. After casting “Shakkahou”, Kisuke can channel the hadou to the Conformer and as he swings the scythe, the edge would burst into flames. Or by casting a bakudo, Kisuke can send the Kidō through the Conformer and upon impaling the ground, the bakudou would be set like a trap and activate upon contact. With respect to the requirements of energy and preperation of Kidō, this ability cannot be used at whim. The strength of the Kidō remains unaltered unless otherwise tampered with by the sacrifice and enhancement of Majo.

Kodoku- Solitude- Kisuke surrounds himself and another with a barrier. The barrier can only be constructed at a distance of 0, physical contact. This barrier allows Kisuke to synchronize with another person and intercept damage for them. The barrier coating the other person intercepts damage and redirects it to Kisuke. Kisuke is able to intercept mental and physical attacks directed at the one he is linked to and receive damage in their stead. The barrier receives damage and nullifies it in a way by transferring the damage to Kisuke in return. If the linked person takes a bullet, the bullet would pass through that person, however the wouldn’t feel the pain nor would they receive the wound. Kisuke would experience both as if he himself had been shot. Kisuke can maintain this connection and shield as long as he or the Conformer remains conscious, which also means he can choose to intercept a lethal amount of damage if his consciousness perseveres.

Shincho- Expansion- Kisuke creates a field bathed in a golden light  with a radius of up to seven feet that allows him to spread out healing Kidō used on a single person. Kisuke can create the field, including one person at a time for a toll. When using including two to four people, he exhausts his reiatsu. When including five to nine people, he exhausts his physical stamina. When including ten or eleven people, he threatens dropping dead. The toll of the field occurs after the healing is distributed. Kisuke can share the effects of Iten or regular healing Kidō when healing a single person. So if he is healing a single person’s arm, all the others within the field would experience the healing of their arm. This ability does work with Iten, however due to the severe costs of Iten, the compound cost of the two abilities is monumental if healing severe injuries. The levels of each ability correlates to each other, so the price would double to combine the two.

Vizard Abilities

Inner Hollow Appearance: The inner hollow’s complex creation twisted his original appearance. He now resembles Akihiko while retaining a few of his original characteristics. His eyes appear white as if he were blind, and his short spiky hair is a dirty brown consisting of various shades full of stray strands of grey hair. He’s nearly 5’11 and has a toned physique and defined muscles. He has a relatively light skin complexion with a faint tan.

Inner Hollow Personality: The inner hollow and the Conformer’s personalities are startlingly similar. The inner hollow is ruthless when he hunts. Nothing and no one else matters except for his prey when he gets started. Everyone is expendable, and any means are necessary if they allow him to succeed. The thrill of the hunt is the greatest ecstasy for him. When he has cornered his prey, and takes his first rip out of their-. Well in other words he’s also very sadistic about his hunting. Toying with his prey is only fun while they’re alive. Cats get tired of dead mice instantly.
The inner hollow is also resentful. He curses others: peers, enemies, allies, friends, all others that live freely. Others that are not dictated by survival, by hunger or thirst. Others that survive to the extent that they indulge in luxury and petty life improvements. If a young dame were to fret over frivolous things like her appearance, he’d fix that immediately so that she’d be screaming about a missing arm... or two. In short, most other life forms disinterest him and trigger his temper.

Hollow Mask Appearance:
The mask has no openings in it, and covers Kisuke’s face completely, pushing up his bangs. The outside of the mask has very little indentations in terms of features. The design consists mostly of markings on the mask. There is a very simple looking eye towards the side of left side of the mouth where the chin is, another eye by the forehead on the opposite side of the mask, and a final eye where the left eye would be. Criss-crossing the mask are several lines that resemble stitch marks.
Rough Sketch:
Vizard Abilities:
Massive hunger/Cannibalism- He has an enormous appetite for blood, flesh and reiatsu, and upon consuming any of the three, he is able to replenish his own spiritual pressure as well as recover his wounds. The most he ingests, the more is converted into his self-recovery. The amount of flesh and blood he recovers is 1:1 proportional to the amount he can recover, while the amount of “nourishment” he receives when aiming to restore his reiatsu is 1:3.
Shambling Corpse- Even after taking ridiculous amounts of damage, the hollow is still able to function using the crippled body. As long as the head remains attached to the body, he remains in control of the parts within his grasp. If an arm has nearly fallen off and only remains attached to the body with a few sinews of muscle, he could still pitch a ball with the arm.
Hunter- The hollow’s senses and instincts are sharp. His level of perception allows him to quickly analyze a situation by assessing his surroundings. He notices more than just the appearance of a scene, but notices far more subtle signs, like instead of a broken branch, a branch that has been turned outward although the base of the tree is in the opposite direction. The hollow possesses a fair amount of speed, fueled by the drive of pursuit. Without any movement abilities, he can clear the same amount of distance in nearly the same time, simply because he so strongly craves the apprehension of his prey.
Quickshot- The inner hollow’s favorite chasing tool. He can fire much weaker balas at a much faster rate. Because of the nature of a chase, many are guaranteed to miss anyways, so this light attack is useful for marking and wearing down fleeing prey. If the weak bala confirms a hit, then it’s most useful utility of marking the target is available. The inner can easily track the remnants of his own residual spiritual pressure.
Cero- An explosive energy-based attack that can be fired off any part of the body. A stronger technique than Bala that also requires more time to charge.
In order to control the hollow’s power, Kisuke, the conformer, and the hollow enter consciousness together in order to enter the vizard state and stabilize it. The Inner hollow’s abilities overlap with the Conformer’s and blend together in this unique state of consciousness and both take effect on Kisuke’s body. Kisuke’s gains the abilities and strength of the inner hollow, while being able to wield his own Zanpakutō.

The combination of Mukanshin and Shambling corpse conflict with each other causing a serious dissonance between the two endurance enhancing abilities. As a result, Mukanshin’s pain dampening is weakened and the Shambling Corpse’s control in a haphazard state is eliminated. Together, Kisuke is able to reach a dangerously critical condition while still experiencing harsh pain, without passing out- whether he wants to or not.

Iten and Cannibalism are similar, yet fundamentally different therefore acting upon each other. While masked, inflicting self harm upon himself is also included in his hunger and thirst. He is primitively driven to cannibalize himself when looking to perform self-sacrifice. The urge to satisfy himself is greater than his convictions to help others when in hollow form, and the potential to perform Iten being channeled into his cannibalism increases his healing ratios. Flesh and blood 1:2, and his reiatsu 1:4.5.

When using Majo in hollow form, Kisuke can use it to enhance Cero. If he were to hold the blood sacrifice in his mouth, he could charge the cero from there, quickening it’s charge time as well as improving it’s damage at the same rate of Kidō (which is +4 steps in offensive Kidō terms).

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PostSubject: Re: Kisuke Iyori [Approved, 2-5]   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:22 am

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Kisuke's father, Haruko was a meek man. Tall, handsome, but gentle and kind. Kisuke's mother, Minako was a wonderful human being. Minako was kind, sweet, always thinking of others. However she remained strong and independant, always sticking to her morals. Everyone loved and adored Minako, but something about Haruko’s sincerity appealed to Minako and she chose him amongst many suitors. They became a perfect couple then a perfect family with a perfect life. But all good things must come to an end.

When Kisuke was born he had birth defect of sorts. In his embryonic process, his genes decided to mutate, and his physical characteristics were unusual. Instead of having brown hair like his parents, his hair turned out to be black. His body structure was a lot smaller even though both of his parents were the athletic type. Nothing about Kisuke resembled his parents. The doctors investigated it, but they were unable to understand the nature of the mutation. Kisuke’s Father was dissatisfied with their explanation.

Haruko began to feel insecure. He didn’t think too highly of himself. He knew that Minako was extraordinary, but he had nothing to say for himself. He was unable to believe in Minako even though she’d told him time and time again how she loved him. But nevertheless Haruko secretly began to harbor a doubt that Kisuke was his child.

The couple already had another child. Kisuke's brother Akihiko was about 4 years older than him. The couple was very proud of Akihiko. Haruko hid his insecurities beneath the love that he immersed Akihiko with. Since Akihiko was so close to Kisuke, Haruko seemed to show the same affection to Kisuke. But even though Haruko showered Akihiko with affection and attention, Akihiko only bonded with Kisuke.

Akihiko and Kisuke were always together when they were little. Akihiko was always watching, always at his side. He always seemed happy though. He never seemed to be burdened by it. He was perfectly content taking care of his brother. Even when Kisuke broke his things, or cried too much, Akihiko didn’t get angry or frustrated. Nothing seemed to faze Akihiko. When Akihiko started school, Kisuke would quiet down and become docile. And when he came back home, his presence seemed to revive Kisuke and he would even happily watch as Akihiko did his homework.

Kisuke wasn’t as successful with grade school as Akihiko. Aki was charismatic and handsome. He was the most popular kid in school and he hardly had any trouble with academics. Kisuke kept to himself and appeared to be kind of shy. This made him an easy target for bullies. They would poke fun at him, and his indifference to their antics only irritated them. They continued bullying and searched for more elaborate ways to bully Kisuke. Kisuke returned home and more often than not, he would be a mess. Bruises, tattered clothes, and various other signs of bullying. Minako and Haruko would arrive much later after work so Akihiko took it upon himself to clean him up."No matter what they say, and what they do,” Akihiko would say while tending to Kisuke’s bruises or scrapes. “I still love you,” and Aki would hug Kisuke even though he might be covered in dirt, or paint, or any sort of mess. Then he wasn’t sad anymore. And it stopped hurting.

As Kisuke got older, he gradually grew out of his shell eventually becoming almost as popular as his brother. The two of them hardly got to see each other in school but always managed to pass by once or twice every now and then. At home they were just as inseparable as ever. Aki would help Kisuke with his homework. Kisuke would help Aki make dinner. They would play outside together. Aki would encourage Kisuke to listen to music. From the moment they got home to the minute they left for school again, they were together. If Kisuke fell asleep while they were playing, he would tuck him into bed and fall asleep in a chair next to him. Aki would comfort Kisuke during a storm until he fell asleep and followed shortly after. Kisuke would sneak off to Aki’s room if he “fell asleep” while Kisuke was getting ready for bed, but he would always wake up to find Aki’s arms around him.

The more Haruko saw Kisuke with Aki, the more he began to doubt Minako, and hate Kisuke. He despised seeing the strange looking child beside his son. Aki was everything that Minako and Haruko were mixed together into this wonderful phenomenon of life. And yet here he sat and played with this creature that had no place in the family in Haruko’s eyes. He’d curse Minako every time he saw her. He found it hard to talk to her more and more. At night he’d shrug her off and just imagine the scum that had a part in making Kisuke. She noticed all the differences in his behavior, but the way he seemed to sleep with such a burden on his heart, she left him be. She would wait until he was ready to talk about it.

Minako thought that maybe Haruko was stressed out from work, so the next break from school, she had him take off from work so they could go on a trip together. She arranged a vacation out by the beach near the woods. The cabin sat on a mountain with evergreen trees in perfect view of the ocean. Haruko seemed uncomfortable while he was driving, but refused Minako’s offers to drive or postpone the vacation. He was tense and edgy, but seemed determined to continue with the vacation and so Minako tried to create a vacation-y environment for the kids. Haruko nearly jumped out of the car when they arrived at their destination. The rest of them took a moment to acknowledge the spectacular view.

Everything seemed to fall apart when they joined Haruko in the cabin. “Hey Dad, are you okay?” Haruko turned to Kisuke finally letting his guard down. His condition was now plain to see: dark circles, bags under his eyes. red cracks across his eyes. “Haha! Okay? I’m fine, I’m GREAT!” his face seemed to twist into an obscure smile. “Hey Kisuke! Kisssuuuuke. Did you know..?” he breathed the words out, his eyes hollow. “You know I... Hate you.” as the words left his lips the weight seemed to leave his shoulders. “HAHA! I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU.” he chanted as if each time made him feel even better. “Honey...” Minako whimpered, at a loss for words. Aki glared at Haruko, putting a protective arm around Kisuke. “That’s horrible,” Minako whispered, she had never heard Haruko say anything that terrible to anyone ever. “Sweeeetheart, Didn’t you know alreeaaady?” he slurred his words together with that crooked smile on his face. “I’ve always hated him,” he said turning his attention back to Kisuke, his tone suddenly solemn. Aki pulled Kisuke even closer, his arm tightening around him. “How..? HOW CAN YOU LOVE THAT THING. THIS BASTARD CHILD. HE’S NOT EVEN FAMILY, HE’S NOT YOUR BROTHER” Haruko shouted, laughing hysterically. “Haru, what are you-” Minako began when she was cut off. “Liar. Liar. Liar. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. LIAR!” He repeated, getting louder every time. “LIAR,” he screamed. “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID. I KNOW THAT HE’S NOT MINE. I KNEW THE MOMENT YOU HAD THOSE DOCTORS TALK TO ME. I KNEW. I KNEW. I KNEW. STOP. STOP IT. I KNEW. LIAR. HE’S NOT MINE. HE’S NOT MINE. HE’S NOT MINE!” Haruko was delirious. He’d completely lost it. Then the knife came out. He pulled out a knife and started walking towards Kisuke. Aki staggered backwards each time, still holding Kisuke. “Let goooo. C’moon, he’s not even your brother.” he whined pleadingly. He’d almost reached Kisuke until Minako tackled him. She was no longer entranced by the surprise, no longer held down by the sorrow. “Stop it.” she begged, taking possession of the knife. They were both strong, but Haruko had been drinking and losing sleep. Minako was healthy and driven. “Please...” she implored, her hands faintly trembling. “Ah...” Haruko groaned as he seemed to calm down, the wave of emotion seeming to pass over. Then he pulled out a gun and shot her. And Minako fell down, dead.

The room stood still for what seemed like an eternity. “Sorry,” Haruko whispered an apology breaking the silence. He somberly lifted the gun to his own head. His half-open eyelids suddenly became alert and opened wide when he remembered Kisuke. “Ahh... Ah! That’s right. I had almost forgotten,” remembering everything with a casual tone in his voice. “Goodbye!” he chimed with a smile on his face, pointing the gun at Kisuke. “Ah-... Ak-..” was all that Kisuke was able to choke out. Just as Haruko was pulling the trigger, He died too.

"Forget," Aki whispered quietly. Kisuke tried to grasp the situation. Haruko lay dead. Minako was also dead. And Aki was telling him to forget. "Wha...what?.. Aki..." Kisuke stammered reaching for him. Aki slowly retreated from his hand. "Eheh... Sorry. I-... You... Forget. Forget everything... please...” he repeated softly. Kisuke’s mouth opened, but no words came out. His eyes widened, and the world around him seemed to quake while his vision blurred. “I love you so much... Aniki (Brother)” he murmured just barely audibly before collapsing on the ground. “AKI!” Kisuke screeched as he rushed over to his side. The blood seemed to bloom from a hole in Aki’s chest. He killed Haruko with the knife, but at the same time was shot protecting Kisuke. When Kisuke reached his side, there were no sparks of life left in him. He was already gone. Kisuke clung to the corpse tightly.

Hours passed, and the sun went up and then down again. Time ignored the calamity, but Kisuke was frozen in Aki’s final moments. The sun came back and left again. Kisuke held that dead body until the caked on his skin. His tears had stopped long ago, but he didn’t move a muscle. Eventually he got tired of living so long without Aki. As he pulled away from the corpse, the blood tugged and tore at his skin where it had attached. Kisuke didn’t seem to notice at all. He didn’t make a sound as he got up and started moving. He just started walking. His body seemed to move on its own. He walked through the woods and let the roots trip him. He let the branches scrape at him. He just kept walking. When his body reached its limit, he collapsed on the ground. He had no tears left for himself, and just waited to die. He thought there might’ve been snow. It seemed really cold. He couldn’t really tell. All he could think of was Aki.

And then he woke up.

Early afterlife

He woke up on the outskirts of Rukongai. But the same dead expression had not left his eyes. People passed by him, some looked, some stopped, but no one really payed any attention to him. Eventually a "family" picked him up and took him in. But he sure didn't do much. He hardly ate, never spoke, barely moved. So they generally left him alone. The entire world left him alone. He spent most of his time sitting on the edge of the street, staring blankly at the world moving past him. He slowly wore away. He blinked. Maybe he would just disappear.

A month or two later, probably longer, there he sat. In the usual spot. Doing the usual nothing. Withering away, wishing for an absolute death, but really wishing for nothing. A group of Shinigami were passing through Rukongai on their way back to Seireitei. The group ignored him like all the others but one paused for a moment. "What is it?" the lead of the group asked. "Him. It’s him” he whispered back, his voice cracking. He swallow and his breathing sped up. He seemed to be trying to exhibit some self control. The leader asked again "Him...? Are you sure it’s him?” He asked pointing to Kisuke. "Yeah...." he whispered his eyes hazy. "He-hey! he called out. "Hey! You! Hey!” he called again, waving. He walked towards him and introduced himself. "Hey. I’m Hikito! Toushimasa, Hikito. C’mon,” He said softly, holding out his hand. He leaned in closer to whispered quietly "Come on... Come with me”.

He wasn't sure what it was about those words. Or the person saying them. But something brought him back. His pupils darkened, and he looked to actually see the person standing in front of him. "Ah... Aah...." he managed as he tried to speak. His arm quivered as he lifted his arm and struggled to reach that outstretched hand. "Haha!" Hikito chuckled as he grabbed his arm and pulled him into his arms. "Hello there! What’s your name?” Hikito asked pulling him along. "N-...nngh...” He coughed out. It had been so long since he'd talked. That being said, he had hardly breathed all this time. But he persevered. Motivation seemed to well up inside. "Nngh... N-... Na-... Nahh... Name...” he stammered. He was exasperated from uttering a few words. He furrowed his brows in frustration. He shrugged his head, defeated. "Wha-.. You don’t know?” Hikito said confused. Distress began to cross his face, but immediately Hikito smiled again and pat his head "Ahh! Whatever! It’s okay, It doesn’t matter anyways,” he assured him. "Well I need to call you by something... So... how abooouut" He paused deep in thought. He stared at Hikito as he pondered. "Hmmmmm" He closed his eyes as they walked. "I know!" He exclaimed, opening his eyes. He turned to him, beaming "How about... Kisuke?" he suggested. "Ah..." Kisuke’s face twisted searching for a proper response. "You like it? Kisuke-kun?" he repeated smiling. "Mm!" he agreed, inching closer to his side, gripping his hand a little tighter. And they were together.


Hikito helped Kisuke enroll into the Shinigami Academy. And with Hikito's help, Kisuke began to flourish in his training. Kisuke was able to handle his own Kidō studies by immersing himself in books. He struggled with his physically demanding classes so Hikito spent hours after school helping him step by step. Hikito enjoyed the time they spent together so he took the extra time to helping him with more advanced training without a single complaint. Working together, Kisuke was able to succeed at the academy, growing little by little- coming back to life.

“Hey Hiki-nii” Kisuke called looking up from the book he was reading. “Hmm?” Hikito was napping on a bench and sat up, looking over. “Who am I?...” Kisuke whispered. “Huh..? What’s with that question? Haha..?” Hikito replied jokingly. His smile fell when Kisuke seemed really serious. “Hmmm. Ya mean from before?” Hikito murmured, reading the question more thoroughly. “Yeah..” Kisuke mumbled, face downcast. “I don’t know,” He replied curtly. Kisuke blinked twice. He was not expecting that sort of answer, or that fast of an answer. “Haha, sorry. But to be completely honest with you I have no idea,” Hikito clarified. “It’s just when I saw you that time, when I look at you, Something inside me...” Hikito grew quiet and a pained expression crossed his face. Kisuke jumped “Nevermind! It doesn’t matter. Just forget about it!” The last words ringing in his mind. “Oh, sorry. Haha, I didn’t want to concern you” Hikito followed smiling. He scratched his head, laughing. Kisuke wouldn’t bring it back up again.

Kisuke then breezed through his training until it was completed and he graduated.

“Alright, remember this exhibition is your first impression on the Gotei 13,” their teacher reminded them right before it was time. “Now! For our top graduates!” The teacher announced to the audience, “Toushimasa, Hikito and Shisshou, Nobuo!” The teacher gave them the signal to begin. Nobuo had a wicked grin on his face. Hand to hand combat was his forte, and he knew that Kisuke struggled with his physically demanding classes. “C’moon, let’s give them a real good show” Nobuo taunted confidently. ‘Concentrate’ Kisuke thought to himself. Hikito was watching. Nobuo grinned, flashing his teeth, and charge straight at Kisuke. Hikito had worked extra hard on teaching Kisuke to defend himself. He drew and put his guard up, it was poorly positioned. Kisuke avoided the edge, but fell down. “Ha! That must be embarassing,” Nobuo ridiculed, taking a few steps backward. Nobuo knew all about the extra lessons Kisuke received, and it made him very angry that he had placed in second behind him. Kisuke got up, unfazed by his petty remarks. He mouthed a line of incantation. “As if.” Nobuo’s face became annoyed and he got a clean shot at Kisuke’s opening. “You can’t honestly believe that was going to work right, that’s all you can do without your- booyyfrieeend,” Nobuo hissed scathingly. “Kokan, Conformer.” Kisuke’s eyes were hollow. The comment about Hikito didn’t just make him angry, nor was he embarrassed. Some switch inside of him flipped. He’d taken a blow to the side of the head and a cut to his left arm. Nobuo was looking to end the fight in those two hits and sucked his teeth seeing Kisuke call his weapon. “That’s another thing, its spirit was just too pathetic to show any change, a perfect worthless pair the both of you” he mocked, annoyed. Why was he number one in the graduating class. Hikito grit his teeth together, and a his captain put a hand on his shoulder. “I DON’T EVEN NEED ANY HELP BEATING YOU” Nobuo shouted, preparing to finish it. Kisuke brought a hand up to his face. “NOT A CHANCE!” Nobuo attacked. But then he stopped. Kisuke had tore open his hand with his teeth. Fresh blood splattered all over the ground. Someone in the audience gasped. Hikito froze, staring. “Majo” Kisuke whispered, blood dripping from his mouth as he spoke. Nobuo was so shocked that he didn’t even realize that Kisuke had also finished an incantation. “What the f-” he was cut off. Nobuo fell down, his arms were suddenly bound. ‘Just the first bakudou? This is...’ He paused. Why couldn’t he break free. Why was it so strong. A few in the audience realized what was going on. Another gasp. Another incantation. Kisuke had to concentrate, to bend the nature of the spell. ‘There!’ Kisuke shouted in his mind to change the origin of the spell. The Kidō manifested above Nobuo, and his body sunk within the ground a few inches as the Kidō forced his body down. The first Hadou. “S-Stop.” the teacher remembered to call, also baffled. Kisuke sheathed his sword, and the color came back to his eyes. He tried to crack a smile sheepishly as the crowd began to applaud him.

The same day, he was soon accepted into the same division as Hikito.

Hikito approached him after the ceremonies. “Hiki-nii. I did i-” Kisuke was interrupted by a sudden embrace. Hikito seemed to be fighting tears. “What’s wrong...?” Kisuke whispered, hugging him back. This was a very peculiar congratulations. “Please...” Hikito croaked. “Huh?”
“Please don’t ever hurt yourself again, I’ll protect you.” Hikito pleaded. “Oh... you mean that. I’m sorry I never told you.” Kisuke apologized. “I.. I just can’t do anything else,” Kisuke confessed. “I can’t fight.”
“Don’t. Don’t fight then, I’ll protect you. I’ll protect you.” he repeated softly. It seemed like he was trying to calm himself down with those words.

After becoming part of the same squad, the two began to spend a lot of time together. The captain assigned them on the same missions more often than not. They were inseparable, both on the battlefield as well in recreation. They grew closer together as they fought and played. They grew stronger as they supported each other. Their time together made them stronger.

“Hey...Who is it..?” Hikito asked as they walked. “Who is it...?” Kisuke echoed. “Who is it?” Hikito repeated once more, tapping on Kisuke’s sword. “Oh. Him.” Kisuke replied, understanding the question now. “Aww it’s not a she?” Hikito teased, sticking his tongue out. “Shut up!” Kisuke laughed, pushing him. Kisuke looked back at the Zanpakutō, and slightly unsheathed it, observing its gleam. “He’s.. He’s not anybody,” Kisuke answered. Hikito seemed confused. “He is himself, and yet he, himself, is nobody,” Kisuke repeated as he was told. The conformer was himself, yet he was nobody. “Weird, do ya get along all right?” Hikito asked. “Yeah! He’s kind of... Kind of... Kinda like you. I feel like he’s always watching over me,” Kisuke concluded, smiling at Hikito. “Well I’m not ALWAYS watching you and I can’t either,” Hikito joked. That part bothered Kisuke.

“Now!” The leader of the group ordered. The enemies consisted of Hollow of all shapes and sizes, and sorts of forms- Their leader an Arrancar. “Pointless,” One of the others mentioned. Another agreed, “You give a little bit and they just go overboard with it, now they’re ‘wreaking havoc’ for the sake of chaos”. It almost seemed like he was groaning, their opponents were very strong, in fact the others were probably right. These were small fry gone wild. The weakest ones were already gone, now the Leader and a few others remained. The group leader gave his orders to take each one down. Kisuke moved up from a supportive position to an offensive one. But as he delivered the final blow to the last subordinate, the leader himself took advantage, Kisuke was wide open. Kisuke shut his eyes, bracing himself for the attack, but it never came. Above him was Hikito, who had taken the blow for him, as well as executing the head of the pack. “Hikito are you okay!” the others rushed to his aid. Kisuke couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move either. He was upset that Hikito had gotten hurt because of him, but something deep inside rustled and rooted him in place.

"What's that?” Kisuke asked, tugging on Hikito's sleeve. "Huh?" Hikito turned around and looked where Kisuke was pointing. There in the distance was someone sitting under a tree. The two had been assigned to a simple scouting mission. It was a low tier task, but the Captain had thought it was a good idea to send the two on such a simple mission just for the outing. They hurried over to the body, and it was another shinigami. He was dead. "How..?" Hikito managed before he was suddenly knocked backwards.

An arrancar stood before them. But he didn't seem any stronger than the others. They'd been on reconnaissance before in Hueco Mundo, but never had they been taken by surprise. Certainly not in such an empty place. "Hikito?.." Kisuke said as he turned his head to where Hikito had just been standing, and in his place was an arrancar. 'I need to block...' he thought even before the arrancar made his move, but the next thing he knew he had collided with a tree. "No..." he whimpered as Hikito got back up to fight. Hikito got overwhelmed over and over as Kisuke had just begun to struggle to get up. His insides felt broken up. "Hikito... run” he groaned. Hikito was going to protect him again.

Hikito was stronger but he was probably far more injured than Kisuke. He should've been incapacitated but again he got up. A faint smile was on his face. "Heh... I wish..." Hikito began as he re-adjusted his sword stance. "I wish that...” Hikito readied himself for another attack. "Somehow... maybe... Ah.. I’m an idiot” he lowered his head chuckling to himself. "I can’t believe it turned out this way again, I’ll always...” Hikito said as he clashed with the arrancar again. This time the arrancar cut deeply into his side. He seemed to fall limp, but as he leaned forward, he brought the sword straight through the hierro, and awoke his Zanpakutō. Both he and the arrancar fell down in pieces.

"A.... A...ki...hi...ko...." Kisuke uttered slowly. His mind became cloudier and cloudier as he took slow steps towards him. "Aki..." he whispered again. "Aki..."

"I love you" "Come on" "Come with me"


The warm embrace... The soft words...

"Kisuke!" "Kisuke-Kun ka?" "I love you so much... Aniki"

"Hiki-nii... Aki...”

"No matter what...”

“I’ll always love you”


The arrancar tore at the ground, clawing toward a garganta.


The conformer impaled the arrancar's hand as it neared the portal.


Something else was wrong. Something else broke.

When the squad went looking. They found the Hikito under a tree, wrapped up so he would hold together. And the countless remains of what might have been a person.

Kisuke kept on walking just like before. He walked away from the scene. He walked in the forest. He walked. And just like before it snowed. He layed down to die. He wanted to stop hurting people. "It's my fault.. It's all my fault..." He let the snow cover him. He let himself slip away.

"Now that would really be a waste”

Kisuke heard his own voice talking to him as he begun to lose consciousness

He fell asleep. But others didn’t

“Mine. Mine. MINE!”


There he was standing over the sleeping Kisuke. Here in the inner world. The Conformer’s teeth gleamed flashed a smile. “Miiiiiiiiiine.... A new body... aaaall mine...” the shady figure seemed to moan with pleasure. A hollow. A hollow that has stolen Aki’s appearance. Or perhaps even more. “Now just how did you get in here...?” The conformer whispered behind his ear, still grinning. “Wha-What!?” the shady figure suddenly jumped up and fell backwards. “How could anyone else be here?!” he exclaimed surprised. “Heh~? Whaddaya mean by that?” the conformer proposed playfully. “He’s right HERE. You can’t exist here! This body is MINE!” he shouted unnerved by the turn of events. “Hoo boy. Oh no, no, no. This body is mine” the Conformer seethed through his teeth. The other wasn’t amused. “You can’t be... his Zanpakutō?” he seemed to have gained his composure and glared at the Conformer. “Me...? Why, no. Not at all. I’m Kisuke Iyori.” the Conformer stated nonchalantly. “The spirit of the Zanpakutō couldn’t interfere with you here... Right?” he added with another wide grin on his face. “No.. no.. no.. NO! This body is mine now, I’ll destroy him and this body will be mine” he said motioning toward’s Kisuke’s unconcious presence. A tinge of panic was heard in his voice. “Ah, no, no, no. Good Sir! He’s already out of the race. The only contenders here are you and I,” he purred with his eyes closed, obviously at ease. “I’ll get rid of you too... I’ll leave no one. NOTHING. nothing behind,” the figure declared, rising to his feet. “I’ll just tear you apart just like last time~,” the Conformer growled, grinning again. He licked his lips, leisurly lifting his blade up. “Wha-what...” the other figure stumbled backwards. “Haha. Hahahaha!” the Conformer laughed hysterically at the hollow’s sudden realization. Kisuke and the Conformer possessed the same strength, the same abilities, the same face, and the same voice. Yet the Conformer’s aura was terrifying. His ruthlessness freed him, it made him a monster. And that monstruous power in the hands of the Conformer himself put an enourmous gap between Kisuke and he. In this manner, it was decided.

“You’ll sleep... and you’ll forget...” the Conformer breathed quietly to himself, now alone. “And I’ll watch and wait... Shucks, I gotta wait for you to wake up huh, haha,” the conformer mused, chuckling. “I can wait then...” the conformer whispered.

“Haha... Hahaha...”

Roleplay Sample:
"Alright, I'm going to try and help you..." the voice called, cautiously approaching Kisuke. He had not anticipated this outcome, but he welcomed the good fortune. He waited as she knelt down beside him. "Look... I don't exactly know much healing Kidō, but I do know the very basics. Be still so I don't f*** something up," an honest statement. He was able to further analyze her narrowing the possibilities: a leader of sorts or an incredibly low ranked unit. She had to be a humble and open leader or a low rank too weak to complain. He realized which of the two she was when she began. This control, her spiritual pressure, her Kidō technique was refined- clean. She was an outright master. She was also on point with her intuition, the back area where she placed her hands was right above the chest area where he'd taken the initial blow. The damage from impact with what was probably a tree healed nicely too. As a bonus his respiratory system was in that neighborhood as well. He felt the healing fix more than she was doing. He ventured to turn his head.

His half open eyes admired his beautiful savior as he readied himself to speak. "Thank you," he clearly stated. Pleased with his functioning speech he continued "You must be truly talented if this is your weak point. Defensive Kidō is my specialty and you're doing just fine". He almost cracked a smile before catching himself. He suddenly felt a need to stop. It seemed like he didn't want to become friends for some reason. This reminded him of the memory issue. "About your questions... I.. Can't remember anything..." he whispered his eyes spacing out. He glanced over himself and his mind began to feed him tidbits. He was dressed in a civilian's clothing. He was a shinigami. He was covered with someone else's blood. The answers were kept out of his reach. There was little meaning to the returning knowledge. He suddenly remembered saying he specialized in Kidō. It just came out. What was that all about? He remembered the healing. "I think... My injury is more towards the front. So if I could..." he explained as he slowly moved. He didn't believe for a second that she would just put her guard down after taking so many precautions. He gradually pushed himself against the ground with one hand as he slowly flipped over. "Here." he gestured, winded from effort. He motioned to the area around his lower ribcage. Now that his face could be seen attached to his body. In this helpless condition he couldn't look his age even if he tried. The frailty shaved years off of his appearance reducing him to a young teenager just past his preteens.
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Application Checklist

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  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [×]

Comments/Notes: I'm going to say he does NOT have Bankai yet. He can train for it though. Also, if he uses his Vizard powers, he just might be kicked out of the Gotei as things stand at this time.
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Kisuke Iyori [Approved, 2-5]
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