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 Kusanagi, Kyoko [Approved, 0-5]

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PostSubject: Kusanagi, Kyoko [Approved, 0-5]   Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:48 pm

[ K Y O K O || K U S A N A G I ]
- - - - - - - - - - - -
"Life, Death, Rebirth.
Each one brings a new beginning."
||Personal Information||
||The Basics||
Kusanagi, Kyoko (Family, Given)

The White Devil
Canaan (The Promised Land)

Karakura Town; Vizard Squadron

Vizard Squadron; Stealth Squadron Commander

::Former Position::
Sanbantai Taichō


::Appearance Age::
Early Twenties



::Known Residences::
Karakura Town, Living World
Shanghai, Living World

::Physical Description::
Kyoko's general appearance is nothing to scoff at. Many having commented that she is quite the attractive young woman, although she does not believe a single word of this. The first aspect to catch anyone's attention is her hair, it's colorization that of the purest white; being compared to snow itself. The other noticeable trait is that of her eyes, different from many around here. Colored golden, no one knows how Kyoko ended up which such a unique eye color and that includes herself. Her skin tone is normal for her nationality, that being Japanese, although a bit paler than most. She does tan quite easily, much to her own dislike.

Most of the time, Kyoko remains dressed in Gigai clothing as she seems to prefer this over other styles. Whatever her attire, be it human clothing or not, most of the time this female is seen in backless attire. Why? Well only she knows that. When not in Gigai clothing and within her normal spiritual form, Kyoko can be see in a normal sleeveless Shihakushō. On top of this whatever her clothing, Kyo wears a deep red armband across her left arm, from her wrist to her elbow which is tightly secured there. No one seems to know what is underneath the armband, as she never takes it off, even in sleep. But the fact that it is there seems important to her.


135lbs (61kg)

::Visual Reference::

Current Appearance:

::Positive Aspects::
If determination alone could win wars, Kyoko would have won all of those wars single-handedly. Once she has her mind set on a goal, there is little anyone can do to stop her. This aspect mainly shows within battle, despite any kind of odds, she keeps on going. Even if this as a result, ends with her death which it nearly has done on a number of occasions. Kyoko is well known to keep working on something when she has no need to, simply because she is determined to finish whatever it is she puts her mind to. When Kyoko is in this state of mind, overs seem to say it's best to just leave her be until she calms down.

If there's one thing that is never shaken, it is this female's calm demeanor. Regardless of the situation, she never seems to loose her temper. Which in turn, seems to annoy others, although she tries to avoid this outside of battle. When working with others normally, even if being attacked she remains calm, this then allowing her to think calmly and carefully before moving forward. Even if pushed, the most that seems become of it, is Kyoko becoming more frustrated then angry overall. So far. only a handful of people have seen this young woman lose her cool.

Being kind is not something may see Kyoko as, but she is. To the select few who know her well enough, they know at her core, she is a very kind and caring person. Happily willing to do something for others she is close to, or helping when she can. This seems to come out even more and becomes visible to others around young children, as they seem to like her as much as she enjoys being around and talking to them. For those who earn her trust, you can be assured that Kyoko will make sure you're alright.

The word 'intelligent' doesn't seen to do this young woman justice. Although she doesn't think it true, many say she is a very smart and capable woman. She notices just about everything given the observation time required to make an accurate deduction about a situation. She is able to also work out an opponent's movements and attack patterns once having fought with them for a short while, although with some this is harder than others. When not training or doing something important, this woman seems to pass her spare time by reading, which normally ends up as research and as a result; knowledge. She is fluent in both Japanese, English and Chinese, due to living in Shanghai, China within the World of the Living for some time.

Regardless of her upbringing, Kyoko remains to polite to many that she meets. Even those she has somewhat of a dislike for. Normally this female remains polite to most, especially those in higher rank to her own, which seems to be growing fewer and fewer by the year. Around friends she seems to be more casual, it is only around anyone she may be intimate with that she seems to use only a person's first name. But that type of person within her own life is very rare indeed.

::Negative Aspects::
Despite her positive traits, Kyoko when confronted with something embarrassing or around those she seems to like. She becomes quite closed off, and tends to look away quite a lot more. When in such a state, she seems to become quite flustered and easily angered, blushing very frequently and denying anything that has to do with her own embarrassment. Many have found that embarrassing Kyoko, is one of the few ways to provoke a negative reaction from this female.

Despite being an excellent leader and follower as well, Kyoko never has been a fan of big crowds or large amounts of people around her either. She seems rather detached around many people, unless having opened up to them. Only then will she speak freely and without regret. She tends to observe much more than she does join in, if you want to find Kyoko in a crowd. Look towards the back, away from all others, you would find her there. She isn't one as a result for being the center of the attention, despite having to lead others, that is about as far as she will go with the matter.

Kyoko is always looking for ways to improve her own self, and as a result she becomes overcritical of her own abilities. Always thinking that she needs to improve, in her younger days having passed out due to overworking due to her own self-desire to grow stronger. No matter her skill in something, Kyoko never thinks it to be enough in her own mind. More than once, she has had to be ordered to stop by those of higher rank before she collapses from exhaustion. Even finding faults with her own self that are not even there, although this aspect mostly only applies to herself in battle. It seems no matter what, Kyoko is never happy about her performance in battle or socially either.

Be it around others, or towards herself. Kyoko is very harsh when it comes to others around her, unless in a social situation. When training others, many have said her methods are cruel and somewhat ruthless. She pulls no punches whatsoever when fighting, and trains others how she was trained herself. So it's no surprise not many want to fight her. When needed Kyoko can also be harsh towards others verbally to get a reaction of some kind, this shows even more so when angered so if angered, this is when she holds nothing back.

Over recent years despite finding it easier each day to talk to others freely and casually Kyoko is even now, not one to show her true emotions at all. Very very rarely she does open up to anyone, or share her true opinion or feelings on any subject. She seems to think it best this way, so that her real emotions aren't involved of the situationShe wear if something happens to someone she knows. Despite not letting others in, Kyoko secretly would love someone she could simply trust and not have to worry about being around, no matter who they are.


  • Kyoko is Ambidextrous (Right-Hand Preference).
  • Kyoko is fluent in Japanese, English and Chinese.
  • Kyoko is quite the expert at the Cat's Cradle Game.

||Roleplay Sample||

There was nothing Kyoko loved more than a cold winter's morning. She wasn't a summer person at all, nor was she overly fond of spring or autumn either. But maybe that was her simply being picky. Things in the mornings rarely remained this quiet, so it was always best to enjoy the peace while you could. You certainly didn't get it forever that was for certain. So when she had woken up early for a change, and with no other Shinigami in sight, Kyoko had decided for herself to take a short stroll before the entire Seireitei woke up and disturbed her peace and quiet. The cool brisk air was always calming to her, even when within Rukongai it was nice. There one moment and gone the next, like a fleeting snowflake. But who was she to be coming up with various metaphors in her head this early in the morning, it was far to early to be doing things like that.

Only moments later did the sun pass the horizon, dawning into a new day. It wasn't without perfect timing that her Zanpakutō commented on how poetic she seemed to be this morning. Ignoring and shrugging off the comment as that was the least of her own personal issues today, the whole Soul Society slowly waking up. She supposed it was time to start heading back, trudging her heels and turning around. The white haired Shinigami began the slow journey back to her Squad. After all, who would want to return to stacks and stacks of paperwork, leaving nothing but writing to do all day. How very boring. Boring, yes. Worth forgetting? Most likely. But unlike most others, she wasn't the kind to slack off on her work, even if she did look like a young child and as such many expected her to not bother. Did she do what others expected? Of course not!

Rounding the next corner as her thoughts turned to the peace that remained, she sighed lightly. Reaching her office, everything was still as quiet as ever, and Kyoko was quite surprised that no one had noticed her little disappearance, even this early in the morning. After all, she had left her haori laid across her desk chair before she left. Hm. Something was up, and she didn't like it. It was a little too peaceful even now, sitting down, Kyoko knew it was best to make a start on her work for the day. She'd have a lot more of this stuff by lunchtime after all. It remained quiet for around another ten minutes, maybe a little more or less, she couldn't be short. It was only then did her office door open to reveal her Lieutenant - Kira Izuru. Who seemed to be quite out of breath. Geez, what now? Glancing up from the papers before her she spoke.

"Something wrong Kira?"

Her tone remained calm and quick, something clearly was if he came rushing to her office like this. Without speaking, the Lieutenant merely stepped to one side, allowing Kyoko to see just what was going on behind him. Shinigami of the Sanbantai rushing about, either trying to escape a food fight that had broken out from the Sanbantai Dining Hall, or join in. Eyebrow twitching slightly at the sight, she quickly stood up. So much for the peace and quiet today.

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi, Kyoko [Approved, 0-5]   Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:53 pm


[ K Y O K O || K U S A N A G I ]
- - - - - - - - - - - -
"Life, Death, Rebirth.
Each one brings a new beginning."

Note: All items listed below are used solely while within a Gigai (apart from the sugar sticks).

::Sling Bag::
The most useful item that Kyoko keeps with her, this light brown bag is what carries most everything she takes with her, be it equipment or person items, something that is always inside the bag is a small amount of medical supplies which are normally used to aid others. The bag itself holds a zip on the right side for easy access, said bag normally thrown across Kyo's shoulder, the straps going across her upper body, the rest of the bag resting against her back. Despite the easy to use and rather tight straps attached to the back, it has been known for the bag to be torn off during Kyo's fights.

::Beretta Px4 Storm::
Kyoko's main weapon of choice, which she always carries with her when within her Gigai. The gun, is the last gift she was given by her tutor, whenever used Kyo cleans the weapon on a weekly basis. Modified without any manual safety on the weapon, Kyo stating that it wouldn't be a good idea for others to try and use such a weapon that was always locked & loaded. When carrying the weapon, Kyo always keeps at least three magazine cartridges on her person just in case. Each magazine cartridge due to being recently modified by Kyo now carries a total of twelve bullets each. In either form or world, Kyoko has shown to use this weapon with deadly accuracy and is not to be underestimated when she's holding a gun to your head, if she doesn't like you? Well, she'll shoot. Although this weapon only works on those with low spiritual pressure (tier 3 and below), Kyo still seems to be make the best use of this weapon, used mostly as a distraction on those with higher spiritual pressure.

::Sniper Rifle::
A less common weapon used by Kyoko, and generally taken on longer missions when she needs to keep her distance from a target. The rifle is basic but slightly modified by Kyo to suit her own abilities. Holding six rounds per cartridge, and a retina scope atop the main frame, which can allow for a view of up to a max of a mile ahead of her current position. When used, Kyoko can set the sniper rifle up on a stand for better control and aim, or simply hold herself. While moving, a strap added onto the weapon allows Kyoko to carry this sniper rifle on her back, although this is rarely seen.

::Sugar Sticks::
Unlike many seem to think when they see these, no they aren't cigarettes not in the slightest. In fact, they're sugar sticks, although Kyoko never talks about it, nor does she really need them it relates back to her past. Her tutor having given them to her when she was training, so it's become a habit of hers. She takes at least a pack of them wherever she goes, and two if she's visiting the world of the living, no one seems to know where she gets them from. Nor will she tell them, after all why would Kyo want anyone to take her favorite little snack away from her? These sticks are quite sweet and highly addicting once you start on them, but Kyo doesn't care.

::Reiatsu Concealing Cloak::
A cloak normally only used when travelling to Hueco Mundo. The clock covers Kyoko's entire body, including a hood to cover her facial features as well. The item is specially designed to hide all and any traces of spiritual pressure until the user chooses to no longer do so, making them seem to the common eye that they are similar to a human. Or someone with the spiritual pressure of an academy student if one's perception is overly high. This is also useful for carrying extra items, holding various pockets inside for Kyo's use.

::Black Tanto::
One of Kyoko's most well used weapons besides her Zanpakutō, this tanto is a pure black reflecting no light. The blade itself is eight inches long, the handle ten inches and only just big enough to allow the user to hold it with one hand. Kyo holds the weapon in a reverse-grip style, allowing for quick slashes and back attacks. It is something she commonly uses within her Gigai, the blade's power can also be increased by channeling Kyoko's reiatsu along the edge of the weapon, allowing for better striking power.

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi, Kyoko [Approved, 0-5]   Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:20 pm

[ K Y O K O || K U S A N A G I ]
- - - - - - - - - - - -
"Life, Death, Rebirth.
Each one brings a new beginning."

||Combat Information||
::Great Spiritual Pressure::
As a former Captain of the Gotei 13, Kyoko possesses a massive amount of spiritual power. It is colorized a stainless white, laced with a golden edge. While others reiatsu mostly appears as flame-like and untamed, Kyo's is more of a liquid, smooth and flowing like waves in a tranquil sea. When released it is thick and spirals around her person, like a pet cherishing its mistress. While most reiatsu auras radiate away from their masters in search of enemies to oppress and destroy, Kyo's reiatsu keeps close to her, only lashing out when its mistress commands it do so explicitly. And, due its thickness and the sudden impact, this attack is the more devastating when in comparison to someone who maintains a crushing aura at all times.

::Masterful Spiritual Control::
Due to her own training and former post as both a Captain of the Gotei 13 and a member of the Nibantai, being able to control one's spiritual pressure was critical. Kyoko is easily able to mask her spiritual pressure, which she does unconsciously, making her seem as if she is two tiers lower (always assumed to be at a 2-5 tier unless consciously releasing her full power) than her actual power level. Unless released fully by a conscious choice, Kyo's power level always remains at this lowered state, which comes in very handy to fooling potential opponents.

::Natural Speed/Agility::
From as young as Kyoko could remember she was training her speed, there was no doubt, she was fast. Very fast in fact. This speed honed from years and years of training, and even before formal training began. Over the years and even more so recently, Kyoko's speed has increased to such a point that even some powerful spiritually aware humans cannot track her movements, as well as lower ranking Shinigami have no chance of seeing her, unless she holds back. This natural speed allows her to easily cover large distances without the aid of Shunpo should she not need it. This also aids the young woman when in battle as well as simple running, alongside primed reflexes she is able to dodge an onslaught of attacks with relative ease from weaker opponents.

::Shunpo(Flash Step) Grandmaster::
A master among master's. Kyoko's skill in Shunpo is almost unmatched to all but a select few. Finding that she had an extreme talent for the skill, Kyoko has trained with the power since her early academy days. When in movement to all but the most powerful of beings are unable to track her, movements like a white blur to those nearby. Kyoko holds the title "The White Flash Goddess" (ホワイト瞬神, Howaitoshunshin), because she has mastered this ability to the point where she can appear to be in several places at once when needed.  Despite being able to create afterimages from each movement, Kyoko has chosen not to unless highly needed and this seems to be a conscious choice made by this young woman. Despite using Shunpo, over the years her Shunpo has become more like an Arrancar's Sonīdo, having become more instinctive than having to think about each movement. Tier One and above are able to see Kyoko's movements, albeit some less than others depending on her foes perception, this only applies to when Kyo is using her full power with Shunpo.

::Utsusemi (蝉が脱皮, Molting Cicada)::
An advanced movement technique used primarily by high ranking Onmitsukidō members, the user moves at high enough speed to leave an afterimage, which can appear to have taken damage.  While the technique sounds simple, it is very hard to master.

::Odoroki Utsusemi (驚き蝉が脱皮, Surprising Molting Cicada)::
An original variation of Utsusemi manufactured by Kyoko, it functions on the same principles as its parent technique, but it is a hybrid technique in the sense that it combines both Hohō and Kidō. These improved and specialized variations of Utsusemi are very easy to leave behind when utilized by him and have a vast number of different applications. Odoroki Utsusemi works by infusing her speed clone with a small portion of his spiritual energy, drastically increasing its lifespan and combative abilities as well as allowing him to control it like a marionette along with talking trough it and making it perform much more complicated actions than its fellow speed clones. While these effects already make it an excellent off-shot from the normal Utsusemi it is another facet about its use which has served to make it even more attractive for its correspondence to Kyoko's integrated fighting style is that it is capable of storing Kidō spells which immediately take effect upon the clones death; the favored spell for Kyoko to "transcribe" to a clones body seem to be the ever-popular Shakkahō due to its high single-target damage potential as well the impressive reach of the blast wave. Though, in no way does this limit the Odoroki Utsusemi technique to just one spell, and Kyoko can easily transcribe the clones with different spells altogether depending on the situation at hand and what would be the most beneficial: However, dwarfing all the other achievements is the fact that Kyoko is capable of maintaining as many as four such clones at any time, all of whom are supplemented with a portion of her energy and outfitted with a different spell -- her control over this technique is such that she's known to go as far as to combine the spells the clones release together for maximum effect, creating a long array of systematic and sly traps in which all of the clones have a function - and with just the magical power exerted by the clones she's capable of summoning forth incredible feats of magical skill and might! Despite Kyoko having mastered this technique, it being one of her own, it is known that using anymore than five clones at once (fix max, four to be safe), seems to reduce her Spiritual Power quite quickly.

::Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom)::
Senka is an advanced level movement technique, moving behind the opponent by utilizing a quick Shunpo the user will then strike them in the Saketsu (鎖結, Chain Binding) and Hakusui (鎖結, Soul Sleep) within two rapid attacks. A opponent may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back because of the technique's speed, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are and when they took place.

::Supīdokurōn (スピードクローン, Speed Clones)::
This advanced technique allows Kyoko to create up to fifteen speed clones, they are exact copies of her and move as she does. However, when using these, Kyoko normally limits herself to a maximum of ten, despite being able to make more. As this increases the duration they can be active. The lesser the number used, the longer Kyoko is able to keep the clones visible, using only one or two clones allows her to maintain them for up to an hour. When using this technique in Bankai at high speeds, Kyoko is not only able to create clones, but afterimages of those clones as she moves. Allowing her to trick and confuse her opponent, leaving them wondering where she will strike from next, this is done in a similar manner to when Ichigo Kurosaki first used his own Bankai.

::Kitsunebi (狐尾, Fox Tail)::
An advanced technique created by Kyoko. This is a technique that forces the reiatsu left after a flash step to move outwards at high speeds, by using either shunpo or the user's natural speed. From this movement, as a result devastating shock waves are left within the user's wake whenever she flickers away. This technique can be used in various ways, from a distraction before attacking the target. To use this shock wave as a way to confuse the opponent before making an escape from the immediate area. The greatest advantage is that this technique, when mastered costs no more than a standard flash step and can be activated on a whim, being the creator of this technique and having mastered it fully this proves true for Kyoko. However, using this technique for long periods of time does tire her quite quickly.


::Hakuda Master::
One of the four primary fighting styles of the Shinigami, a part of the Zankensoki, Hakuda is an unarmed close-combat fighting style performed using one's own body. The techniques within Hakuda appear to be comprised of multiple other martial arts in one unified setup with additions being made all the time by its various practitioners, a large variety of these techniques are either elaborate and some-what fancy techniques while others appear to be little more than simple one-note attacks backed up by the sheer power garnered by spiritual bodies. When considering Kyoko's former position as head of the Detention Unit, as well as her continuous training years on, she is clearly a master to be respected, she knows all of the advanced techniques with Hakuda and has even created a few of her own. Her skills are enough that she can often times forego use of a Zanpakutō to solely rely on her hands and feet for combat. She has also shown the ability to take on and defeat numerous opponents at least two times her size and strength.

::Supākusutoraiku (スパークストライク, Spark Strike)::
Despite its name this technique is actually a rather simple hammer kick performed whilst backed by a large amount of Reiatsu which causes the leg to become coated in a field of white electricity. The technique requires even only the slightest hint of contact in order to cause a massive and powerful explosion that forms into a rising plume of energy around Kyoko. So far, only Kyoko knows and uses this technique, being it's inventor.

::Satsuka (殺火, Slaying-Fire)::
A technique that involves sealing off the Reiatsu vents located in the wrists which causes the opponent's body to incinerate itself from the inside out with their own Spiritual Pressure. Kyoko accomplishes this by performing a jab towards the wrist of the individual, letting a slim amount of her spiritual energy seep into the target before using the opponent's body to move to the opposite side. Once there she repeats the motion on the other wrist in an attempt to seal off both vents at once.

::Zanjustu Master::
Being a former Capatain of the Gotei 13 as well as Zanjustu being the basic foundation for any Shinigami using a Zanpakutō, Kyoko is well versed in the art. Being a master in the art, however, her skills are only that of a low-level master. As she knows this is something she needs to improve on. Any master who has trained solely with Zanjustu unlike Kyoko has, will be able to overpower this young woman fairly quickly. Despite that her skills rank with a slightly above-average Captain and thus she is no one to take lightly. Despite her still some-what lacking area in the skill, she works to improve on this daily. When using Zanjustu, Kyoko uses the preferred style of Iaidō, wanting to end the battle as quickly as possible, as this style also compliments here extreme speed to aid with this process.

The art of unsheathing one's sword, cutting the enemy, wiping the blood off the sword, and sheathing it, its a dangerous and difficult art of swordsmanship, only few have achieved within the Gotei 13, and even fewer can use it practically and with mastery. Kyoko is one of those individuals, having been able to fight and ambush enemies with swift precision, speed, and power with this art of combat. Although not as skilled as some master's in the art, Kyoko is most certainly an expert with this style of fighting.

::Sōken (双剣, Double Sword)::
An iaidō technique where the user attacks, sheathes, unsheathes and eventually re-sheathes the blade in such a rapid succession both strikes are carved parallel into the victims body and the latter cannot tell where he/she was cut first. Kyoko's mastery over this technique extends to such heights she could lacerate a high-level Arrancar within seconds, despite the monster's steel-plated hierro protecting him/her. So far Kyoko is the only one who is able to perform this technique, and must be taught by her for others to use.

::Hanken (半剣, Half-Sword)::
A non-lethal technique aimed at knocking out an opponent without actually harming them, the user rapidly unsheathes the blade as if he were preparing a standard iaidō thrust, but instead knocks the handle of her/his blade into his adversary's abdomen, knocking them senseless if performed with enough force. Although less likely to kill than standard iaidō, the technique still possess the risk of breaking ribs and damaging organs.


::Kidō Expert::
Although not a master, Kyo is very well versed with Kidō, thanks to her years of training with the art alongside her other skills. Showing the skill to be able to take on those of her own level within this branch and below, with mostly good results. The Kidō she does know, and uses well to full effect against foes, trapping them, and thus making them very easy prey for her Zanpakutō and it's abilities. She has shown on more than one occasion to use Kidō to full effect alongside her opponent, allowing her to easily surprise and capture them.

Her weakest aspect of Kidō. Kyoko is able to use many types of Hado, but despite this, it is not to the same power as other more proficient users. Kyoko can use Hado up to the mid sixties before needing an incantation, however the higher used Hado without incantation the less power it produces unless Kyoko is utterly focused on that Kidō. Using high level Kidō quickly seems to tire her quite a bit, even more so if used in rapid succession.

Kyoko's strongest aspect of Kidō thus far. From her time within the Nibantai, capturing escaped criminals was her duty, thus vast knowledge of various Bakudo were needed to capture the target with as little effort as possible. Kyoko is able to use Bakudo up to the mid eighties without an incantation and still retain the full effect of the Kidō used. As well as this, she seems to know various unnamed Bakudo as well, which are quite useful for when within the Human World.

::Healing Kidō::
Having been within the Yonbantai for a short time during her career as a Shinigami, Kyoko learnt the basics of Healing Kidō from the Captain and Lieutenant at the time. Even after leaving the squad, Kyoko maintained her training with the art. From this she is able to quickly work out the wounds of a fallen comrade, and heal some wounds such as large wounds and gashes. However, she is unable to heal things such as severed limbs or damaged internal organs.

::Kaidō (回道, Turn Way)::
As the user holds his/her hands above the patient's wounds, his/her palms glow with green spiritual energy to facilitate healing. When one heals with regular healing kidō, they perform reiatsu restoration first. By doing so, one can attempt to recover the physical body using the patient's restored reiatsu and the healer's external reiatsu. Therefore, restoring the reiatsu when the physical body is in a fully healed state is no trouble at all.

||Natural Abilities||

||Unreleased Abilities||

Having gained this unique ability from a horrible experience just before joining Shino Academy. Kyo is what would be classified as a Synesthete. She is able to see the world in colors unlike other spiritual or human beings. Giving each person a color in relation to the meaning for her. On top of this is an aura of the person regardless of their meaning to Kyoko, showing their mood and thus allowing her to easily read a person's emotions if she is focused enough. With this it allows her sight beyond the normal shinigami, as well as being able to tell who is friend of foe from this. This ability also intensifies the senses, allowing her reactions/reflexes to be enhanced to the point of being able to dodge small objects like a bullet, throwing knives etc. Also allowing her to sense or perceive things that normal shinigami or humans would not, thus making her highly dangerous in combat. The nerves within Kyo's brain become highly active during such a time that she uses this, not only seeing the world in color, but coding when she chooses to (at her own will). With such coding she can break past most electronic defenses on electric objects (computer, database, phone, passwords for devices etc.), simply by focusing on the desired object for a few seconds. There are two drawbacks to this, one very major. If this power is overused, Kyo will after such a time no longer be able to see things in color nor use her Synesthesia ability at all. This as an effect slows her reaction times to below normal, for a minimum of at least two days; longer if put in greater strain. The signs of being overused are most commonly bad headaches and total loss of sight for a short time. The second is that thanks to her heightened senses, Kyoko cannot deal with any overly bright lights (such as looking towards the sun, large explosions of power that are white in color), or sounds. As they take effect on her body, leaving her unable to move for a short time.

::Spirit Soul::
Gained from years of training, and her own wish to have at least someone beside her. From having such a strong although annoying at times bond with her Zanpakutō Spirit, allowed for this skill to happen. As such, Kyoko does not need to be within Shikai or Bankai for this to be active and it can be used at any time. As long as she is not unconscious or knocked out. Through refining her spiritual pressure over years and years, and using the concept of one having to manifest their Zanpakutō Spirit, Kyoko has followed a similar concept. However, her version of the skill is different. She is able to manifest Dokuga into the physical world for as long as she remains alive and awake, as such the Zanpakutō Spirit is able to be seen and interacted with by others. There is only one drawback to this, he is unable to hold any kind of weapons while in this form, nor is the spirit able to fight at all while manifested in this manner. Despite this downfall, other than that, Dokuga can be manifested for as long as is needed costing her nothing that the normal amount of Reiatsu she subconsciously releases. Normally, many have seen that Kyoko removes Dokuga from the physical world just before any kind of battle, as it allows her to concentrate better if she needs to.

||Zanpakutō Information||

||Dokuga (毒の牙, Poison Fang)||
::Sealed Zanpakutō::
Dokuga's sealed form consists of a single wakizashi blade, the blade itself being 43cm in length. The blade is of the normal steel coloration, however it has been known that no matter the damage taken; the blade seems to retain it's shine. The tsuba (guard) on the blade itself is simple circle with intricate markings, that span outward from the top of the handle. The handle itself mainly black with diamond silver patterns up both sides, the hilt also a pure black which seems to not reflect any light whatsoever. The sheathe is also a pitch black in color, from the very top of the guard downwards (where sheathe meets guard), there are three silver lines that go around the entire sheathe. Three more exist after that, around 3 inches apart from one another for each of them. Kyoko used to wear her Zanpakutō on her back hip, however, after leaving the Gotei 13 her Zanpakutō now always rests attached to her left hip for easy access from her right hand. Also due to gaining Bankai, once drawing the weapon, the sheath disappears, or rather appears to melt away like acid and into thin air, only reappearing again moments before Kyoko sheathes Dokuga.

Hajike! (スナップ, Snap!)

::Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance::
Human Appearance:

Spirit Appearance:

::Inner World::

::Shikai Description::
Same as sealed.

::Shikai Abilities::

::Shikai Special Ability::
From release, Dokuga can be used in one main way. This is the ability to be able to extend in a perfectly straight line at tremendous speeds, the blade only seen as a glowing bright white line when this ability is activated, only returning to it's silver steel coloration when back to it's normal length and size. She is able to change the direction of the blade, any time during her attack towards her opponent as long as the blade has not connected with the target yet; mostly doing this mentally but sometimes physically as well. She can also maintain the extended blade and swing the activated Dokuga in wide arcs, attacking multiple targets quickly and simultaneously. Dokuga also returns to it's normal size at the same speed of release, as such many previous opponents have not been able to or have found it very hard to track the blade's movements; even those with excellent perception have trouble doing so. When in Shikai, the blade becomes double-edged and thus highly sharp on both sides, making her a hard opponent to face in close combat. Dokuga can extend up to one hundred and twenty times it's original length while within Shikai, the speed however, is unknown.

::Yūdokuke (有毒気, Poisonous Touch)::
The main ability of Dokuga, when disregarding the two main ways Kyoko's Zanpakutō can be used. When cuts are made by Dokuga's blade, poison is released into the wound inflicted. The bigger the cut leads to the more poison entering the foe's blood stream. Then, with the command "Pierce" (ピアース), the poison is activated and begins shutting down the nervous system of her target until they finally die as a result of the poisoning. Once the command is spoken, the poison will slowly spread over time, as once every minute the poison spreads further and little by little shuts down the nervous system and senses of the target by infecting the blood of a foe via this poison. Kyoko can use this technique on up to two people at one time, however doing more than three at once drains her spiritual pressure supply quite quickly. There is no limit to the number of wounds Kyo can leave on a target, as a result this ability is very useful when within a drawn out battle. Despite this poison being deadly, having worked with her Shikai for so long, Kyoko has become immune to her own blade's poison as well as various other types.

::Kiba No Hashira (牙の柱, Fang Pillar)::
Dokuga will begin the technique by emitting a very light golden hue of spiritual energy. Kyoko will designate a target zone by slashing the blade, which causes an energy pillar to erupt in that desired location. However, the intent of this technique isn't to hit the opponent with the pillar, but rather set up for the technique. From the pillar, several blades can form from all sides, moving at frightening speeds. Because the pillar is cylindrical, the range of which the blades can strike is seemingly absolute. When blades extend from the pillar, new blades can also form from existing sections of the extended blade, allowing Kyoko to quickly catch her opponent off-guard. Only six can be made at one time as not to drain Kyoko too quickly.

::Kibasazame (牙雨, Fang Rain)::
Activated with the command "Rain" (雨), Kyoko performs Kibasazame by placing Dokuga firmly into the ground below, she can form several blades to stab from the ground, surrounding an opponent as they are cut at all angles. Should an opponent be attacked through the ground with Kibasazame, Kyo can maintain the different blades closely around her adversary, creating a razor-sharp prison; making it very hard for any foe to escape without seriously hurting themselves in the process.

::Kibasukai (牙スカイ, Fang Sky)::
A variation of Kibasazame, by using the same command as stated previously, then raising the blade above her head. Blades then extend from the sky downwards at the opponent, raining down upon them from various aerial angles. This is best used against a ground of foes as a surprise attack. Once finished all blades that were used for this technique shatter into nothing, leaving smoke behind in their wake.

::Sensōgatari (千牙ワールド, Thousand Fang World)::
Activated with the command Flower (花咲く, Hanasaku), Kyoko can let her blade split in numerous smaller versions (12 max) to circumvent any obstacle in its way, with such accuracy that it could hit a man holding a woman captive without harming her in any way. Kyoko has shown the ability to use this technique to hit multiple targets standing close to each other, although it seems the separate blades cannot part from each other for a long distance or time before retracting again.

::Sutoraiki, Dokuga (毒の牙を、ストライキ, Strike Poison Fang)::
This is as Kyoko has stated, her strongest ability in Shikai if used correctly. She has stated previously that she can turn the poison from the Yūdokuke ability into a corrosive poison that dissolves molecules in the body as well as break down cells, and destroy skin. Like Yūdokuke, she only needs to wound the opponent for this technique to work. Uttering the words, "Strike Dokuga", which then produces an immediate effect. The only limitation of this skill is that the poison produced by Dokuga stays in area of the wound(s) created, and thus is unable to travel to things such as vital organs. Despite not targeting vital organs, if the wounds are only small the poison takes effect around on the wound and outwards to a maximum of five millimeters, therefore the bigger the wound the more damage done. However, the poison once having taken effect does not spread further into the body. With this ability, Kyo has been known to only use this at the very end of a battle; knowing the longer a battle is drawn out the better her chances of causing some major damage.

::Bankai Name::
Hakyoku No Dokuga (激変毒の牙; Cataclysmic Poisonous Fang)

::Bankai Description::
By extending her right arm fully outwards to the right side of her body, the tip of the blade facing the heavens and muttering the word 'Bankai', after which time Kyoko will turn the blade downwards the tip facing the ground or hell rather. It is then Dokuga's true power is unleashed upon her adversary, when released Kyo's Bankai takes on a sly and malicious aura to anyone nearby feeling as if they have lost all hope and are consumed within despair itself. Apart from this for the release of her Bankai, Kyoko nor her weapon does not change it's appearance at all. Retaining it's small wakizashi state.

::Bankai Abilities::

::Bankai Special Ability::
Hakyoku no Dokuga's Bankai form only further amplifies it's Shikai abilities, her blade's power, length and speed are vastly amplified. The blade's tremendous cutting power is significantly increased, to the point were even the strongest defenses are known to crumble before the relentless assault of Hakyoku no Dokuga. Like in Shikai, when extending the blade glows a pure white, doing so just under a second before the actual extension while in Bankai, in Shikai however this effect is not shown. The main advantage gained and the deadliest aspect of Hakyoku no Dokuga is not within its large destructive potential, extreme length, or wide sweeping range all of which are shown with full force during Bankai, but rather within the speed with which it can extend and contract its blade in one motion. As Hakyoku no Dokuga the blade is capable of reaching lengths of up to 10km (roughly 6.2 miles), at a speed of 800 times the speed of sound. Making Hakyoku no Dokuga not the longest Zanpakutō to exist currently, but the fastest.

::Bankai Special Ability Two::
The second and most likely deadliest aspect is perhaps not even Hakyoku no Dokuga’s sheer speed, but what happens when the blade extends. When extending in Bankai, for just a second during extension the blade is able to turn into tiny dust particles which can infiltrate an opponent's vital organs, or generally within their bloodstream. This allows for a large variation of abilities and with it being such a small and almost insignificant effect, no one notices this skill unless verbally being told about it by Kyoko herself.

::Bankai Special Ability Three::
Another ability of Hakyoku no Dokuga. This only further increases Kyoko’s control over poison to a point where any weapons are no longer needed as both her surroundings and body become a weapon. In Shikai limited to only the weapons she held, that poison now spreads further. When Bankai is active her entire body (especially her hands) are coated in a micro thin layer of poison that breaks down cells and is highly corrosive to anything it touches, this poison is generated from the activation of her Bankai and thus when out of the Bankai state this no longer applies, however the effects and previous amounts of poison do not disappear and must be removed by Kyoko herself; who holds on the only antidote to her poisons. Thus making not only Kyoko's weapon's deadly but now her entire body as well, the poison does not need a verbal command and starts to take effect as soon as the adversary revives a hit. The poison targets both the skin cells and muscles of the opponent. The larger the damage or hit taken to the adversary, the faster the poison will spread. However if Kyoko focuses her Spiritual Pressure onto the poison released, this in turn allows her to speed up the process. The lower the tier of the opponent, the more of an effect they will feel against this ability. Due to the power of this ability, it is very very rarely used by Kyoko, unless she is having extreme trouble dealing with a foe. As such, when her Bankai is active, unless by mental command this skill is always switched off. When using this ability, Kyoko does not need to be in contact with her Zanpakutō, she merely needs her Bankai to remain active.

::Mori-ken (森ブレード, Forest Blade)::
A technique which is normally activated when Kyoko releases her Bankai. As her Bankai is so rarely seen, many who have seen it think that this technique in itself is her Bankai on it’s own. Once started, blades will begin to protrude from the ground, the blades identical to Dokuga’s sealed form, however, the guard or hilt are not visible while using this technique. There are fifty blades in total and spread of a range up to fifty meters from Kyoko’s own body outwards. All of these blades can extend at the speed she chooses, and are able to easily catch an opponent off guard. It is this technique that makes Kyoko deadly to face when on land, and it’s only worse in the air.

::Kagami-ken (鏡剣, Mirror Blade)::
A useful ability with one drawback. It only works during the daytime or when sunlight is present, and thus must be used carefully. Kyoko once extending Hakyoku no Dokuga to it’s full length, it’s then that Kyoko controls what parts of the blade turns to dust, allowing her to refract the light from the sun to make the blade seem invisible. While it may seem like Kyoko only extended the blade once, in truth, she could have performed the technique over hundreds of times and the opponent would be none the wiser.

::Usomi (ブレードを欺く, Deceiving Blade)::
Sweeping her arm outwards into an arc like shape while keeping Hakyoku no Dokuga in her dominant hand then actives this technique. Usomi creates numerous clones of her Bankai blade (up to 20), she will then activate the technique, causing all of them to extend at the same rate of speed though, due to the numerous amount of new blades, it is much more destructive. These blades can target one adversary or many and can be placed wherever Kyoko chooses beforehand. As well as this, with this technique the speed of the extension is exceedingly fast, making this technique very hard to evade even for the most well trained and observant of foes.

::Mugen No Ken (無限の刃, Endless Blade)::
This technique is based off various previous techniques used both in Shikai and Bankai, and combines elements from each to make for one deadly assault. By compressing her Bankai's wide range, Kyoko is able to form a sphere around herself and her opponent which is unable to be entered from the outside and vice versa. The sphere is made up entirely of Hakyoku no Dokuga's blades. This can be used in various ways and methods depending on the situation. The sphere can also be used to isolate many opponents at once, while leaving Kyoko outside of the sphere if she chooses, allowing for an all out massacre. When inside the sphere, the size is never the same and changes according to Kyoko's wishes and those inside appear to be able to walk on thin air, a few meters just above where the blades begin. However the maximum size for any of these spaces is up to half a mile (804 meters), The sphere may also surround just Kyoko herself and act as a defense from stronger attacks. As well as this the seemingly endless amount of blades created, Kyoko retains not only her normal Zanpakutō but can create a second by using a small amount of her own spilled blood while this technique is active.

::Korosu, Hakyoku no Dokuga (殺す,激変毒の牙, Kill, Cataclysmic Poisonous Fang)::
By allowing the blade of Hakyoku no Dokuga to turn to dust for a moment while extending and contracting, a small sliver of the blade can be left within the body of the opponent. This can be done up to three times per battle, before it is unable to be used. The deadly poison held within the blade both dissolves and breaks down cells, thus allowing to kill an opponent at any time when the sliver of her blade is within her foe. When activated the poison instantly travels to the opponent’s heart, the result causes the target to completely break down and dissolve at the cellular level from the inside out.

||Hollowfication Information||

||Inner Hollow||  

::Inner Hollow Appearance::
Kyoko's inner hollow, known as Miya to her and her Zanpakutō Spirit. This female seems to resemble a mix of both her mistress, and the spirit she shares Kyo's inner world with. Holding golden pools for eyes, with short silvery hair that hangs in front of her face and frames it quite nicely. The face of Miya is constantly hidden by a slim black mask. She remains dressed in most all black, save for a white undershirt. The most capturing features from this inner hollow are two things, both her hair and eyes. A brilliant molten silver that covers her head, short in length, alongside dark golden eyes embedded with an iris like a cat's; always looking for danger. Other than this, nothing stands out with regards to this female's appearance.

::Inner Hollow Personality::
Miya is a sly female by nature, although rarely shown. Her voice is normally calm, soft and quiet, which is the total opposite to most other hollow. She tends not to speak very often, but when she does, make sure you'll listen. Upon seeing her 'mistress' or 'queen' hurt, Miya seems to find glee and joy from this. Her habits resemble that much like a snake, waiting until Kyoko lowers her guard before she will then try to gain control over her body. When not overly sadistic trying to take control, Miya seems to be almost kind in her nature, sometimes condescending when talking about both Kyoko and Dokuga. But besides this, there isn't much to say, like Dokuga, Miya tends not to show her true nature until needed.

||Hollow Abilities||

::Hollow Mask::
Like many Vizard, Kyoko can call her mask on at her own will. She can summon it by pulling it onto her face via her index finger and thumb. Like some Vizard, she can take off and move the mask and still utilize her Hollow powers.

::Hollow Abilities::

::Overall Enhancement::
Like many fellow Vizard, when donning her mask, Kyoko gains a large boost in all areas. Such as Hoho, Hakuda, Zanjustu, Kidō, Reflexes, Strength etc. On top of this, Kyoko also seems to gain far more stamina than before, allowing her to fight for far longer and against far tougher opponents then she would ever normally. When in this state with all of her senses and skills enhanced further, there is little that can stop the woman known as 'The White Devil'.

::Reiatsu Enhancement::
Alongside increased abilities, Kyoko's reiatsu also gains an enhancement. With her hollow mask on, her reiatsu changed into that of a dual type. Mixed with both Shinigami and Hollow power. When in this form, her reiatsu turns a pitch black with a golden and white hue along the edges. When felt by others, her spiritual pressure feels as if someone were being crushed into dust, or falling into a deep pit of despair with no escape.

Kyoko's preferred hollow technique given to many hollow and vizard alike. From any body part, Kyo is able to fire this technique. The speed of it only seemingly increasing due to this young woman's own natural speed. The bala is colored a dark golden when fired. Due to her time training with her hollow powers, Kyoko has learnt how to use this without her mask on and still retain the full strength of the bala.

Due to her lack of cero, Kyoko has instead gained the ability of high-speed regeneration. By concentrating her reiatsu into the damaged area, the wound there is healed quickly. Small cuts are healed instantly, and even lost limbs can be regained within a few minutes of reiatsu. She can heal her vital organs however, this takes a long while to work and must be worked on outside of combat so Kyoko can focus on the process. As long as Kyoko has enough spiritual power left, she can keep on regenerating damage done to her body for as long as her mask is active. This is one of the powers that have gained the the nickname 'The White Devil', because no matter the damage she keeps getting back up.

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Things Added

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Re-approved, no tier change.

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