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 Mariska Ivanova [Approved 0-2+]

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PostSubject: Mariska Ivanova [Approved 0-2+]   Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:37 pm

"Tell me, lapushka, what does hell mean to you?"

Arrancar Template

Name: Mariska "Mari" Ivanova
True Age: 636
Gender: Female
Mariska has a habit of calling everyone lapushka, which is the Russian version of "darling." It doesn't matter if it's someone she fights against or alongside, they are always lapushka. Someone she loves will be called golubka. which is the Russian word for "dove." It shows her age as most people nowadays don't use such an outdated term of endearment. But it means something to her, and that's what matters. To people that piss her off, however, there are two different ones she'd use, depending on the person's sex. For a man that does that, she calls them mudak which is just as pleasant as it sounds. It's one of the many Russian equivalents of "asshole" or "bastard." If it's a woman, then they better be prepared to be called suka, a Russian equivalent of "bitch." She calls the "priest" of the Espada, starets, a word meaning "elder." It is interesting to note that it also what many people called Grigori Rasputin. She also calls Azalea medveditsa, a word meaning "a mother bear," because of how overprotective the woman can be.

Despite what it may seem, Mariska isn't bitter about not being a Shinigami. Yes, it really seems as though she may have wanted to have been a normal soul, and she would have to a degree. But she isn't bitter about it. Rather, she's bitter about the danger that Shinigami put her into by not saving her. Being so young when she died, she didn't have much power when she turned into a Hollow and neither was she fearsome at first. She would hide, barely surviving for the first few decades of being a Hollow all because that Shinigami didn't help her. When she turned into an Adjuchas and later a Vasto Lorde, things did change for her. But at the beginning, it was almost too rough for her to handle.

Despite being a woman of winter, she is not cold-hearted. Or well, not as cold-hearted as some may expect. She never leaves someone behind, no matter their injuries. She may not personally carry them, but she makes sure that they are taken care of. If they can not be saved, she will personally end their lives quickly and painlessly. Personal suffering is not something she is fond of, and so she does whatever she can to cause as little suffering as much. Personal suffering is different from suffering in all. It is impossible to end all suffering, as someone's existence could cause suffering for another. And removing that existence would cause more suffering by the people that cared for the victim. So, she doesn't care to overthrow dictators, to murder serial killers, etc. No, none of that is worth her effort. She would go more insane if she tried to. So she just stops what suffering she can. If someone is dying and there's no saving them? They will die quickly. Someone is assaulting another? The assaulter will be dealt with swiftly. She isn't an ally of justice nor an enemy of evil.

Well, that policy doesn't apply to the Gotei and whomever they may ally themselves with. Other obstacles don't suffer when they die, but Mariska makes it a point for Shinigami to suffer as much as possible for as long as possible with no chance of surviving. This could be physical torture such as ripping their chest open and slowly freezing their lungs, or it could be mental torture like being forced to listen to annoying and harmful noises. She may even force hollowfication upon them. It doesn't matter what happens to them, so long as they end up dying after a long, drawn-out process. This ties into her endgame, her goal, for the Gotei. She wants to see it burn—or well, freeze—to the ground. She doesn't know who that Shinigami that looked at her and walked right past her is, and she doesn't care either. She stopped caring about revenge on him personally long ago. Instead, she just wants that entire organization he was a part of to just disappear. If someone needs to be saved, it will be the Espada, not the Gotei, to save them in her ideal world.

As a leader, it's strange. She looks young, as she's only 4'9, so it's hard to imagine people following her. But her no-man-left-behind policy helps some with loyalty, as she can be trusted not to betray them. She can also be trusted not to just do something on a whim to send her loyal followers to their dooms. No, Mariska values her comrades. She may not like all of them, but that doesn't mean she doesn't see value with them. And thus she's one to make sure those that follow her in her path of destruction all get something they want out of the endgame. She's highly charismatic, as that's how she ended up surviving most of the time as a Hollow. She wants people to follow her because she leads a righteous cause and can be trusted, not because she's more powerful than other Arrancar.

General Appearance

Appearance Age: 18
Mask Fragment: Although they appear to be eyelashes painted with make-up, those are actually her mask fragments
Hollow Hole: Center is 2 inches (5cm) below belly button, and it has a diameter of 2 inches (5cm).
Height: 145 cm (4'9); 148.5cm in boots (4'10.5)
Weight: 36kg (96lbs)

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Nulyu: (Нулю; lit. Zero) Nulyu is her version of, or rather name for, a Cero. It is no different from a normal Cero, save for color—hers are bright blue with a silver outline. She knows that other Arrancar use the term "Cero," but she doesn't speak Spanish, so why would she use a term from a language she does not understand?

Korol' Nulyu: (Король Нулю; lit. King Zero) Mariska's name for a Gran Rey Cero. It has the reverse coloration of a normal Nulyu. Can be used once per four posts.

Noch' Nulyu: (Ночь Нулю; lit. Night Zero) Mariska's name for a Cero Oscuras. It can be used once per thread.

Stal'kozhi: (Сталькожи; lit Steel Skin) Her name for Hierro. As she has more skill in Regeneration than Stal'kozhi, it is weaker than a normal Arrancar's overall. This is because 90% of her Stal'kozhi is concentrated on her hands.

Pulya: (Пуля; lit. Bullet) Her name for a Bala. They are the same color as her Nulyu.

Zvuk: (Звук; lit. Sound) Her name for Sonido. She's actually quite fast, as her small frame allows her to move a lot quicker than most. Like a former Espada, she does not flicker like others might.

Sdvig Nulya: (Сдвиг Нуля; lit. Zero Shift) This is Mariska's personal variant of Sonido, usable only when not released. It is unique in two aspects. The first is the sound, which is like that of a helicopter blade rotating in one direction, then changing within a millisecond. The next is its appearance. It appears as if she's teleporting, but instead she has a decoy where she originally was before re-appearing in front of her enemy. The main downside to Sdvig Nulya is that it only allows for Mariska to charge directly at her opponent, putting her within range of close-combat attacks.

Regeneration: She is more adept at healing herself than at anything else. She can even re-attach limbs if she can get close enough. If she can put pressure on it long enough, she can even heal cuts to her arteries as well.

Zanpakutō Appearance: At a grand length of 16 inches, Mariska has a beautiful dagger as her Zanpakutō. She normally has no need for it, but it is always on her person. The majority of the sword is covered in gold, but the rest is a harder metal. It has a total of sixteen diamonds on it of varying karats. There is an inlaid picture on the sheath of a king or noble, riding atop a horse while hoisting up a falcon on his arm. It is unknown who that man is, as even Mariska does not know who he is. She says he looks familiar, but she has no recollection of who he might be.
Other Weapons: N/A

"Hell is a cold place, lapushka."

Resurrección Name: Snezhniki Ada (Cнежники Ада; lit. Hell's Snowfields)
Resurrección Release Phrase: Dance across the icy plains
Resurrección Appearance: Mariska's eyes are the only change she has in Resurrección. The sclera is now blood-red and her pupils now glow golden.

Resurrección Abilities:
Kogti: (Когти; lit. claws) Mariska's hands are hardened by multiple thin, but durable, layers of ice. They have no abilities, except they hurt like hell when she scratches with them.

Grom Metel: (Гром Метель; lit. thundersnow[storm]) Essentially, Grom Metel is Mariska playing a form of Zeus. She doesn't throw lightning, she throws frozen lightning. Jagged, glowing, and never the same as another, Grom Metel's frozen lightning bolts are dangerous mainly as throwing weapons. Grom Metel's bolts are easily hand-held, so if need be, Mariska can defend herself with them. She can create five bolts per post.

Gololeditsa: (Гололедица; lit. glassy ice on the ground [black ice]) Gololeditsa doesn't fully freeze the ground around her, but it does put enough of a coating to make it slippery. For a distance of three meters around her, the ground (and reishi) is effectively frozen. This happens as she walks, as it is a passive ability. This is only effective against opponents who close in on her, especially those that use Shunpo to do so. Unless they are wearing spiked shoes, there is a high chance they will just slide by Mariska as there is no solid,good footing there.

Prikhod Vesny: (Приход Весны; lit. arrival of spring) If she so chooses, she can melt all of her ice that has been created immediately. It also weakens other ice in the area by 50%. This can be done once per four posts and twice per release.

Zakhvat: (Захват; Grab) Mariska can grab anything that is grab-able and pick it up as long as it is not larger than three meters by three meters by three meters. Weight does not matter, as long as it fits within that box.

"Hell is unforgiving and terrifying, but winter is much, much worse."

Segunda Etapa
Segunda Etapa Name: Kholodno Ob'yatiya Ada (Холодно Объятия Ада; lit. Hell's Cold Embrace)
Segunda Etapa Release Phrase: Fade into the tundra
Segunda Etapa Appearance: Now standing at 5'5 (165cm), Mariska is how she was as a Vasto Lorde. Her cold stare is perhaps far colder than her abilities...

Mariska also gains a sword—a full sword and not a dagger.

Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Zapretnoy Zonoy:(Запретной Зоной; lit. Forbidden Zone) Zapretnoy Zonoy is an upgraded Gololeditsa essentially. The distance is doubled, but the ground is actually frozen around her.  

Okhlazhdeniye: (Охлаждение; lit. Cooling) Whenever Mariska cuts with her sword, it doesn't freeze. No, it drains the heat out of the target. Each cut is -3 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that if the average human temperature is 98°F, it would take ONE cut to induce mild hypothermia, which is mainly just shivering and rapid breathing. It would take a total of three cuts for moderate hypothermia to set in, which is when the body begins to slow down. An additional four cuts (total of 7) are needed for severe hypothermia, which is when it becomes a major hindrance and death is highly likely. An additional 5 cuts (a total of 12) are needed to cause profound hypothermia. Death is almost assured in this state. Any more cuts just add onto the chances of death. Mariska can only drain a total of six degrees per post, this means 2 cuts.

Vechnaya Merzlota: (Вечная Мерзлота; lit. Permafrost) A passive ability, but the temperature 500 meters (546 yards)  in any direction will stay at 0°C (32°F) for the duration of Mariska's Segunda Etapa.

Tumanyye Nochi: (Туманные Ночи; lit. Foggy Nights) If she wills it, she can create a dense fog with vision only up to a few feet away. It covers 45 meters (50 yards) around her body in all directions. The wind within the fog is intense at 45 mile per hour (72 km/h) and blows in a counter-clockwise manner. The fog can be blown away by a strong enough wind attack from outside, however.

Led Svarki: (Лед Сварки; lit. Ice Welding) Mariska can not be harmed by any ice-based attacks while in Segunda Etapa. This means she can't be frozen or physically harmed by ice, but if an attack is using ice as a reflective surface, then she can be harmed. Basically, as long as the ice doesn't touch her, it can harm her.

Ledyanoy Tserber: (Ледяной Цербер; lit. Icy/Glacial Cerberus) A passive ability, Mariska is able to summon what is basically herself in her past life as a peak-level Adjuchas. It is a wolf standing at 5'0 even when on all-fours made of ice. It listens to her every telepathic command, but can act on its own. She can leave it to its own devices, meaning she can fight without worrying about it. Ledyanoy Tseber is, as mentioned above, made of ice. The ice is very hard and can not melt unless broken off of the main body. The creature does not bleed, but it can be crushed by a strong enough opponent's blow. It does not have any abilities besides being fast, strong, and durable. Although not necessarily an ability, it does slowly freeze the ground it walks upon.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Papa, the fire is going out.

Those are the only words she can remember of being alive. Mariska has no want to remember of those days, nor will she ever. She doesn't remember any more words, but she does have memories of some events. The earliest she can is her mother's death, which happened only months before she herself died. Her mother was ill, and accidentally knocked over a candle in a fit, setting their house on fire. Her father could not rescue the mother, but could save their daughter. So they fled to try to find any civilization, but failed in doing so thanks to a faulty compass. They ended up both freezing to death in the middle of a forest somewhere in Siberia.

It is after her death that she chooses never to forget. Mariska's father's soul was nowhere to be found. It had already been purified, but she had no way of knowing that. She stayed there, the chain on her chest slowly breaking away. One day, a man in a black robe walked through a clearing in the forest. Mariska screamed to the man, asking for help. He looked at her. And then, he turned away, and disappeared. She was afraid. She was alone. And thus, the last of her chain broke as she wept. She did not feel the pain of becoming a Hollow. No, she felt the pain of her cries for help being ignored. As a hollow, she was slow. She was small, but slow. If anything, she was more mask than body. But she was able to climb easily. And her small size allowed her to hide in small places. That is how she survived. She would eat her own kind that were weaker than her, but that was rare to find. Most of her time she was eating the souls of hunters killed by their prey or by nature.

Eventually, her body became more majestic. Once she became a full-fledged Adjuchas, she was no longer a penguin with an oversized mask. No, she was now a silver wolf. A wolf that, even on all-fours, stood proud at 5'0. With glowing yellow eyes with and blood-red sclera, she would strike fear into any souls that dared find her. Shinigami tried to slay her to no avail. She remained free in the icy tundra of Siberia for hundreds of years, gaining more and more power. That was, until, her Adjuchas body could no take any more power. Shrinking down two inches and retracting to a more humanoid form, Mariska was now a Vasto Lorde. But even that did not last too long.

Mariska met a woman whom had already turned into an Arrancar before she had. Mariska thought this woman wanted to fight, but no, all she wanted to do was care for the young hollow. The two created a bond that lasts to today. She was the one that broke Mariska's mask for her, allowing even her to join the ranks of a more powerful evolution. Even after casting aside her life as a Hollow, that woman stayed with her. She was Mariska's first true friend. Mariska did not join with Aizen, but did keep tabs on him. It was the Winter War that allowed her to learn what the Gotei was. It was seeing Aizen's defeat that allowed her to solidify her goals. Once the final Shinigami left Hueco Mundo after that war, Mariska began to rebuild the destroyed palace. It was rebuilt for her tastes, but the fact is that the Espada now have a new base.


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PostSubject: Re: Mariska Ivanova [Approved 0-2+]   Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:58 pm

Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Poo, Yoshine is no longer the highest tier of Arrancar...at least she is still probably the fastest.
Tier: 0-2+


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Mariska Ivanova [Approved 0-2+]
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