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 Amai Sachiyo [Approved; 3-5]

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PostSubject: Amai Sachiyo [Approved; 3-5]   Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:42 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Amai Sachiyo
Gender: Female
True Age: 150
Appearance Age: 15
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 95



Personality: Amai is one of those people that will always have a smile on her face. She's happy, cheerful, and outgoing at all moments in the day. She's energetic, friendly, and down right sweet in most ways. She is easy to make friends with and loves getting to know people. She'll ask question after question to get to know someone and try to show that her interest in them is genuine; she isn't one of those people who ask a couple questions and try to pretend that they know you. She'll sit back and listen for hours to what other people have to say and actually be interested in it. She has the habit of looking on the bright side of things and trying to make everyone around her feel comfortable. If Amai isn't smiling, laughing, being her cheerful self, something big must have happened to change her mood so drastically. There are only a few things that could make her act differently and those usually have to do with her big brother.

Although she is a very nice person, if you hurt her brother or mess with him in a negative way, she will not let you live it down. If it's bad enough, she's the type to go after you and make sure it doesn't happen again. Because of how close they are and everything he has done for her, Amai admires her brother and wants to do what she can to pay him back for everything. At times, she can even get jealous of any friends he has because she doesn't always get to come along. Of course she understands that he needs his space, but no matter what anyone says, he is her favorite person in any world. Being as kind as she is, Amai also has a tendency to be very, very generous. Her brother even says that if she got the chance she would give away the shirt on her back for someone who just 'seems' to need it. In this case, she has a problem saying no. Amai's 'heart-strings' are easily tugged at when someone is a good actor/actress.

Like every person in the world, Amai has some things she dislikes, likes, loves, and hates. There are things she enjoys doing and little quirks and habits she has. For instance, Amai dislikes and hates anyone who attempts to harm her brother emotionally or physically, no matter who they are. If one was her best friend, but hurt her brother in some way, Amai would likely turn against them without any hesitation. Amai dislikes the heat, hot food, coffee, hot chocolate, and hot baths. She can deal with slightly warm, but otherwise it makes her uncomfortable. Amai hates it when people comment on the size of her chest. She won't lash out at them or anything, but instead will have her feelings hurt and feel extremely embarrassed. A lot of the time, if something about her chest is said, she will cross her arms along her chest to hide the fact, though it can make it even more obvious. Keep doing it and she might actually hit someone.

Amai enjoys visiting the world of the living when ever she gets a chance. She loved the clothes there and how free they make her feel, instead of the squad uniform that is just plain, boring, and dull. "After a while, you get sick of seeing everyone around you in the same damn thing!" is really the only thing that she can say on the subject. Amai also has a good time dancing, even though she can't dance, to the music of the world of the living. She also enjoys singing, something she actually had a nice talent in. A bad habit that Amai gets into is that she will start to resent a person for not returning the same feelings and/or effort that she has given. It gets to a point where she will give up on them if they don't try as hard as she has. The problem is, Amai can try too hard. Sometimes it's hard enough to push someone away, seem highly obsessive, and doesn't give people their space. Of course, her naive nature doesn't allow her to pick up on her own mistakes and she can lose friendships over it.

Character Background:

Amai's mother was told to not have another child, but she desperately wanted to have a baby girl. Instead of listening to what the Doctor said, her mother allowed herself to become pregnant and nine months later brought a beautiful blue eyed baby girl named Amai into the world at the cost of her own life. Amai's Father was pushed into a depression after the death of his wife. Amai's older brother Yuichi, who was fifteen years old at the time, despised Amai even though she was merely a baby. The stress and worry over the stability of his family and then the sadness he felt over the loss of his wife drove their Father into a stress induced heart attack and he died, leaving Yuichi and Amai alone. For a year, Yuichi was forced to act as parent for little Amai and hated practically every moment of it. First off, he loved their mother and blamed Amai for her death even though it was their mother that chose to become pregnant.

And then after losing their Father, he didn't like being forced to take care of something he didn't want around in the first place. Amai soon learned to walk and adored her big brother. He was the only one around her after all. One day, when she finally got close enough, she grabbed onto his shirt and tugged, making adorable whining sounds in the process. When he looked down to her, she gazed up at him with her big blue eyes and raised her arms up, wanting to be picked up by her older brother... and he did. She didn't know what had happened at that moment, but something changed within both of them. Yuichi picked her up and held her and Amai couldn't help but squeal in happiness and hug her brother back, curling up in his arms, knowing and feeling nothing more than safe. Years passed and Amai and Yuichi have grown up without really leaving each others side. She had grown a lot over the years and they became close.

Her brother was the one to teach her to walk, talk, read, write, and the normal things along that line. One day, they came across a dojo that was looking for new recruits. Yuichi denied and said they were okay. Ironically, that same night, Amai wandered off because she wasn't able to sleep. She made her way out of the hut they lived in and just began walking around. After a while, Yuichi woke up and saw that she was gone, so he went looking for her. By this time, she was close to the forest and began chasing a bunny she saw and wanted to keep. While chasing, she came to a large beast with a white mask, a hollow. She screamed and ran. It chased. Crying and running as fast as her short legs could take her, she screamed for her brother's help. Not paying attention to where she was going, she tripped and fell.

The hollow was right behind her and attacked her. She closed her eyes and screamed again, thinking that she was going to die, but nothing happened. She opened her eyes to see her brother standing there with a sword and the hollow disintegrating. The next day, Yuichi took Amai back to the dojo and asked them if the position was still open. It was and Yuichi joined up, asking for a room for Amai as well. Feeling that this place was safe and a good way to learn the ways of the sword, Yuichi and Amai stayed for quite a long time. It soon became a real home for them and Amai grew to love playing tricks on her brother with the instructors at the Dojo. She was so young and cute, they couldn't help but play along with her. Of course, her trickster years finally passed and she was maturing. She was told by the instructors how much her brother sacrificed to take care of her, so she ended up admiring him even more than she already had.

As time passed, Amai was becoming a young woman and asked to learn some of the things her brother had been learning for such a long time now. They did not teach her that much, just a few basic techniques, along with how to hold a sword correctly. For some reason, they didn't want to teach her very much about combat, but she did not understand why. One day, while walking around the village to buy food, since most at that dojo had enough spiritual pressure to need it, she heard a loud explosion. She turned to see that a bunch of thugs were tossing bombs everywhere, telling people to give them their belongings. Unfortunately, they were at the outer edge of the Rukongai, so the thought of help coming was doubted. Amai felt that she needed to help, so she grabbed onto a random sword that she found, feeling a strange connection with it, and charged them. She was able to handle one because he wasn't that big of a deal.

She yelled and asked them to leave everyone alone, but the moment she caught more attention than needed, things turned sour for her. She was once again ready to be attacked, but the attack never came. Instead, her entire family at the Dojo did. They were able to chase the thugs out, put out the fires, and handle tending to the injuries that people sustained. One of the Dojo's Instructors pointed out something that Amai hadn't even noticed, a sheath for a sword on her hip. It was odd since that was where she held her wooden sword. She used it to practice with all the time, so why was this suddenly here? When looking at it, she immediately could tell that it was a part of her. She thought it was beautiful and was not going to throw it away easily, even if they didn't want her fighting. After finding out that it was a Zanpakutō, there was only one thing that Amai really wanted to do after that...

"Big brother! I want to join the Gotei!" Amai was obviously excited about the fact. She asked around and got information on the Gotei and what they're supposed to be doing. Amai seemed to get all the positive details about the organization, either having ignored all of the negative stuff or no one told her about it. First ask, no! Second ask, no! No, no, no! It was always no! Amai was becoming extremely upset at this. She really seemed to want to join the Gotei. It got to the point where Amai wasn't talking to anyone and ate dinner in her room. One night, she broke out of the Dojo and failed at a sneak attempt to get out. Her brother caught her and forced her to go back to her room. She might of disobeyed and ran off, but she didn't want to make him mad. It wasn't very long after that, but Yuichi finally gave into her request for some reason. They said bye to their family at the Dojo and went off to the Seireitei.

Upon arrival, they were told to join Shino Academy to get the basic concepts and certain skills  of being a Shinigami down, such as Kidō and hoho. Yuichi was a natural at this! He was practically leaving Amai in the dust! With the training he got at the Dojo, he pretty much soared through the classes concentrated on Zanjutsu. Amai, though, found she was pretty damn good at Kidō and was proud of it. It didn't take too long for the both of them to graduate and they were placed in the same squad.

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Zanjutsu: Okay this will likely not ever be her strong suit. Something about the techniques with a sword just do not click with her. She's got the basics down, but everything else flies over her head. She does still practice, but since she feels she is never going to be strong in this aspect, she avoids it when she can.

Hakuda: Now Amai isn't bad at all at hand to hand combat. It still isn't her best suit, but the fact is she might not be built for actual combat. She is better at Hakuda than she is Zanjutsu, but she hopes she never has to fight this close to someone. The idea of being punched in the face is not a happy one for her.

Hoho: Amai isn't bad in this at all. She's not at a 3rd seat level yet, but this is easier than everything else. She could definitely keep up with the lower seated officers, able to do at least twenty shunpo without getting too tired. Of course, she has no real knowledge of the other hoho techniques and she won't until she can get shunpo down.

Kidō: Amai actually has a rather large knowledge of Kidō. It came easier for her every since she started it. It is definitely her strongest suit for battle.. She knows how to successfully use numbers 1-20 of both Bakudo and Hado without the use of an incantation, and she can successfully use 20-60 with incantation.

Water/Cold/Ice Resistance: Amai isn't affected by water really at all. She can walk through it without resistance, as if she is walking on the normal ground. She can't breathe under it, unless her shikai is active, but she can hold her breath up to two minutes before needing air. Amai also is not affected by cold. She can stand in the middle of Alaska, during winter, through a very heavy blizzard, wearing a bikini and she will not feel cold. Ice doesn't bother her or effect her body either. She doesn't get brain freezes and she doesn't shiver. If her body was entirely frozen in a block of ice, her blood would keep circulating through her body as if normal. Now, because of this, Amai has very little ability to handle extreme heat. She can handle the normal sun and up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) without too much of a fuss. Once it gets beyond that, she'll begin to sweat and get embarrassingly uncomfortable.



Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Michihiki, Arashi no Megami! (Ebb and Flow Aisuhime)

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Arashi no Megami
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Amai's Zanpakutō Spirit, Arashi no Megami, is exactly what the names implies, an 'ice princess'. She has a tendency to feel that her needs and wants are more important than anyone else's and will often bug Amai about doing things that she wants to do, not caring for what Amai is doing. Arashi no Megami can also be highly flirtatious, speaking to Amai in seductive tones about her brother and any male that she meets. Arashi no Megami is also one who doesn't like losing or not getting what she wants. At times, she can throw temper tantrums and constantly yells to give Amai a massive headache. If Amai lets her guard down, Arashi no Megami will at times intentionally exert some of her power and freeze areas, people, or items, just to force Amai to do as she says. Arashi no Megami also doesn't usually care for people the way Amai does. In fact, Arashi no Megami can see someone in need and shrug it off, uncaring to how serious the need is. The only person she does not just shrug off is Amai's brother, anyone in higher authority, and any male she finds attractive.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World:


Shikai Appearance:


Shikai Abilities: Arashi no Megami is and ice queen, but what creates ice? Water, right! So, Arashi no Megami's power base is water. Everything within Amai's shikai are attacks and defenses based purely on the flow, push, and pull of water. She is able to rapidly collect the water in the air, multiply it in an instant, and then fire it off in different offensive and defensive manners.

Oshi: (Push) Amai will point the tip of her blade at a target and shoot off a massive flow of water. It will look similar to water shooting out of a fire hose and can have pressures high enough to dent a thick steel wall and at speeds reaching up to 400 miles per hour. The attack can reach up to 200 feet. This attack can cause major blunt damage to a person hit by it and is not meant to cut, but merely push away or strike with a lot of force. Amai can do this ten times in a single thread and there is no cool down.

Kone: (Pull) This is an extension of "Oshi". If the person dodges "Oshi", Amai has the choice and ability to turn the high pressured water right back around and pull it back towards them. This extension can reach up to 250 feet away (50ft passed the Oshi attack). If this extension is done, the pressure and speed will be equal to whatever she had shot out in Oshi. This extension can only be done half the amount of times as Oshi, five.

Kouhai: (Rise and Fall) This attack is actually quite powerful. Amai creates a very large amount of water behind her and then swings her sword from behind, up, and then down in front of her. The water created follows the movements of the sword and raises upwards, comes over her her head, and then falls on the target. The farther the water has to travel, the more pressure behind it when the water comes crashing down. It can reach up to enough pressure that would allow the water to crush rock easily. The water raises at fifty miles per hour and can drop up to ten times that speed. The attack can also reach up to 200 feet away. This can be done up to five times in per thread.

Nami: (Wave) This can be either an attack or an extension of Kouhai. As an attack, Amai creates a large amount of water in front of her extremely fast. Once the water is there, she swings her sword horizontally along her body, causing the water to rush forward in the form of a large wave that can reach from 8ft to 15ft tall. This attack can be done 10 times per thread. As an extension of Kouhai, once the water comes down, Amai can choose to push the water forward from the spot that it has hit. The amount of pressure will equal the amount that was built when Kouhai was launched. This can be done as an extension five times per thread. When it comes to both: The wave can move at 800 miles per hour and reach up to 350 feet away.

Bahuka: (Blast) For this attack, Amai can create up to 10 water balls in front of her, all the size of basket balls. She can shoot these water balls forth at speed reaching up to 500 miles per hour and reach up to three hundred feet away. She can shoot them at a target all at the same time, or one at a time. One at a time allows her to alter the aim of each ball, giving her time to predict the persons movements. When the balls hit a target, it creates a blast that is strong enough to slice through flesh, damage rock, and push even the strongest of opponents off their feet. This can be done up to ten times per thread.


Bankai Name: Reifujin Aisuhime
Bankai Appearance: When Amai activates Aisuhime's bankai, her sword glows a bright blue color. It then becomes two silver bracelets, exactly like the ones in the image you see below, and wraps around both of her wrists.


Bankai Abilities: When in her bankai, Amai has complete control over all water within the air. It also allows her to create water out of nothing and manipulate it to her will. All attacks from her shikai are brought over and the power of each is increased by 50%. What is added to her power when Amai is in Bankai is ice. She is able to use the water she creates and adjust the temperature to freeze and then use the ice to attack. She can even shoot off a water attack and in mid attack, freeze it to surround a person in ice, pierce the person with it, or even create a barrier out of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Amai Sachiyo [Approved; 3-5]   Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:47 am

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Amai Sachiyo [Approved; 3-5]
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