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 Break Time, Nap Time [Private]

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Break Time, Nap Time [Private]   Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:15 am

"You know, I really do appreciate the silence around here." The smile on his lips was that of kindness and calmness as he slowly traipsed through the arching trees of this Karakura Forest. It was, to say the least, very rare that he was able to get out of the Squadron barracks and get some time to himself outside of that damnable building. It was stifling, in his opinion. With the long-ass sword hanging over his shoulder, Setsudan Yoryo continued his slow and calm wander through the trees, not really looking left or right, simply keeping his eyes ahead. A tune played in the back of his mind, and he started to hum it while he wandered. His green hair reflected some of the sun in the sky, but as he was under trees, shade was a thing as well.

Eventually, his wandering would lead him to come across a small brook. The water bubbled and spat as it flowed towards a river, and Setsudan decided that this was the place to be. He kicked off his shoes and sat down, removing his socks and setting them next to himself. Rolling up his pants a little, he would slip his feet into the cool water and lay on his back, closing his eyes in order to rest. The calmness of the setting around him and his general feelings would cause a drowsiness to work itself across his mind and he let himself fall into the nap. Screw going back and doing that paperwork. It could wait until another day--for now, he just wanted to relax in this lazy forest. His Zanpakutō lay at his side, on alert and ready to wake him up if danger came. He trusted Kojiro's intuition, and so he would nap.
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PostSubject: Re: Break Time, Nap Time [Private]   Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:41 pm

Location: Karakura Town; Karakura Forest
Time: 1:23pm

It wasn't often she got a break like this, even being Independent within the Squadron, it still meant your fair share of paperwork and the like. As much as she enjoyed it sometimes, even Kyoko had her limits. And right now, that place was starting to make her go stir crazy. Now that wasn't even including her Zanpakutō Spirit pestering her, honestly, Dokuga could be such a child sometimes. Yet other times, it was as if he acted upon years of wisdom far beyond her time and his. Ugh! So frustrating! Running a hand back through snowy white hair and exhaling slowly, she continued her slow and sedate pace into the very edge of Karakura Forest. Dressed within her usual attire yet within her spiritual form did seem strange, but it worked so she wasn't about to complain. Her Zanpakutō appearing to not even be on her person, not that it really mattered much.

"You know it's not good to be stressed out all the time, Kyo-chan~" A familiar, sly voice called from beside her. Golden orbs casting a glance upwards, only to be greeted by the familiar site of her Zanpakutō Spirit manifesting himself into the physical realm, most likely to pester her. Ignoring the comment for a moment, she simply kept walking. The rather soothing sounds of a river nearby seemingly washing away any frustrations she did have, well, apart from Dokuga popping up again. But that couldn't be helped. After a few minutes, her mindless walking had Kyoko coming across the river she had heard less than a few minutes before. "I'm not stressed Dokuga, just tired." Came the eventual reply from the white haired vizard. Only followed by a shrug then a small nod as an half answer from Dokuga himself. Her feet slowly leading her up towards the very edges of the river. It was only then, in the short distance before her, that she spotted a familiar face. Blinking, the female tilted her head briefly. Was he... asleep? "Yoryo-san?" Kyoko called out in her normal tone, expression slightly puzzled. It was rare to see a Commander of the Squadron out anywhere besides the barracks.
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The Truth in Blue

Posts : 372
Join date : 2012-11-27
Age : 24
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Break Time, Nap Time [Private]   Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:22 pm

"Yoryo-san?" He snorted slightly, as a voice seemed to shake him out of his napping state. Groaning quietly, Setsudan slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the air, to see a woman standing over him and looking down. He was having a good dream, but apparently somebody had to come in and ruin it. Sitting up straight and running his fingers through his hair, Setsudan pulled out a variety of sticks and leaves, throwing them to the side and straightening it out. He stretched his arms outwards and yawned, turning to look at the newcomer with a bemused expression. He recognized her--he didn't know her name, or her station; he simply knew that she was a part of the Vizard Squadron. It irritated him some that he didn't recall her name, but that was fine. Instead of questioning that, he simply turned around so that he was facing her and got to his feet, stretching out again and even yawning slightly to show that, yes, he had just woken up. Cricking his neck, he reached down and picked up Dairiseki-kan, hooking it over his shoulder and tilting his head to the side. "Yes?" was his first question, and while he inspected her he would mentally curse the damn sword for not picking up on the incoming being. "My apologies. I normally enjoy napping out here, and usually people don't find me. I don't plan for unexpected visitors." He chuckled lightly, fully inspecting her now.

She was decently tall, and had the figure of a proper fighter. Her body gave off both the aura and demeanor of someone you had no reason to fuck with. She was cute, too, once you got past the looks of someone who would kick your ass if you looked at her funny. He didn't know her--so he didn't know what she was like--but this was the first impression that he'd really gotten. He sighed softly, placing his free left hand onto his hip. The sword over his right shoulder seemed very out of place for a sealed blade, being about five feet long in and of itself. However, it was the reason that one would easily recognize Yoryo, unless you counted his gaudy green hair. He sighed softly, realizing that she probably wasn't going to leave him to napping any time soon, and instead gave her a smile. "So, what brings you here, Miss...?" He really needed to start remembering names.
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PostSubject: Re: Break Time, Nap Time [Private]   

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Break Time, Nap Time [Private]
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