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 Erika Nakayashi [Approved, 3-3]

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Erika Nakayashi [Approved, 3-3]   Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:17 am

"I'll crush you with this power of mine."

Name: Erika Nakayashi
True Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Erika is completely, absolutely and totally under the belief that she is in command of mysterious powers that she can channel through her right eye. As a result, she has almost always kept it bandaged--for the safety of those people around her, she has said. Completely and utterly unaware of the fact that she does have these powers, it seems to be a delusion of sorts. As a result of these delusions, Erika has very few friends, and often wonders why people avoid her when she acts like she does in public. She claims to be saving people daily, and the like--but people see her as a Chuunibyou, so they alienate her. This has lead her to shut herself in a lot. She only has five contacts in her phone, most of which are family. She eats alone, and tends not to buy anything from convenience stores--she has no idea of the wonders that you can buy from them.

If she does see you as a friend, she will however be one of the kindest sweetest people you know. She goes out of her way for you, and will always be giving her best smile to show you she cares. She's even better to her best friend, even if she is still a little bit quirky at times. Generally, once you've accepted her quirks, she'll be one of your best and most loyal friends, almost to a fault--she is extremely easy to manipulate. Once she's been manipulated and seen through the trickery, however, she will kick your ass as best she can. And you'd better hope she isn't using her powers to do so.

General Appearance



Appearance Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 48kg

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng

Appearance change: Her right eye, which is already a bright yellow color, glows even brighter. If the eye is covered up, by way of an eyepatch or something of the sort, then the powers will not work. It requires Erika to have vision through that eye for it to work.

Abilities: Erika is a mage with several spells at her disposal. All of these spells are channelled through her yellow right eye, and she requires sight through that eye in order for it to be effective. If that eye is even covered up by a hand, then she is unable to use her powers. The names of the spells were made up by Erika and are in no real language.

Bunta (Grey shot): A single shot of unaspected Qi. It is akin to a shot from an airsoft gun. Doesn't do a great deal of damage, but it's really easy to spam. She can fire up to twenty of these a post. Color based upon element. Replacing Bunta with another word changes the element.

Jabunta: A single, slightly larger shot of unaspected Qi. It is akin to throwing a baseball. Moves a bit slower but hits a bit harder. Can have up to ten fired in a post. Color based upon element.

Nibunta: A single, exceptionally large shot of unaspected Qi. It is akin to throwing a basketball really hard. Moves a lot slower, but hits really hard. Can have up to five fired in a post. Color based upon element.

List of Bunta Elements:

  • Naka - Fire (Red shot)
  • Pako - Lightning (Yellow shot)
  • Kia - Ice (White shot)

Spells will be unlocked as Erika matures more and understands herself a bit better.

There are certain restrictions that Erika has had placed upon her, by her mother.
Firstly, she has to undergo certain growth periods to get more powers.
Secondly, until deemed so by her mother, Erika will forget she has used her powers when the eyepatch goes back on. This has partially failed, judging from the delusions.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: When two powered beings come together and have a child, it is very rare that their union produces something so perfectly-combined in power as Erika. Understanding that she was in command of such extreme and amazing potential, they both agreed upon naming that she would not be allowed access to her powers in their entirety, at least not until she was deemed ready by her parents. Therefore, her mother used her own powers to lock away both her daughter's powers and her memories. As a result, Erika has grown up knowing nothing about her true powers, and only getting glimpses of them every-so-often. For the most part, the memory modification has worked as well--but something caused it to fail.

A car accident caused a large amount of burns to be present on her left forearm, which is now always bandaged up. While within this, one of the passengers died--a group of Hollow swarmed down in an attempt to take away the soul of this person. Although the Hollow were successfully fought off, Erika managed to use her powers--and for some reason, potentially the interference of the Hollow, the memory modification didn't take that specific event away. Therefore, since she was ten, Erika has been under the belief that she has powers; even when most scenarios prove her wrong. She has remained this way for the rest of her life, not growing out of the Chuunibyou like her classmates. It has put her under a lot of ridicule and stress, but she doesn't care. She knows that she used her power. She just knows it.
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PostSubject: Re: Erika Nakayashi [Approved, 3-3]   Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:12 pm

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [X]

Tier: 3-3
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Erika Nakayashi [Approved, 3-3]
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