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 Midori Hayashi [Approved; 0-4]

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PostSubject: Midori Hayashi [Approved; 0-4]   Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:10 am

Shinigami Template
Name: Midori Hayashi
True Age: 110
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 120


Personality: Midori is a ball of energy all wrapped up in the body of a beautiful young woman. She's extremely sweet in all aspects of the word. She's helpful and generous whenever she can be. Midori is one of those people who will sit down and really listen to you if you're having problems. She will hold you in her arms and let you cry if that's what is needed. You don't have to worry about ever annoying her with drama or venting, because she feels that she's there to help. Helping people is one of the main reasons she joined up with the Gotei; it is the very essence of her being. The worst feeling that Midori ever has is not being able to help someone that needs it, especially if they actually came to her for that help. She is one of those people that will break down and cry with you if she can't help you; it's pretty much her trying to do anything to make you feel a bit better. If you need a shoulder to cry on, she'll be there.

Midori is actually a pretty confident young woman. She's very sure with herself in most aspects, but there is one that she has trouble with. Men are a big speed bump in the road for Midori. She's nervous around them. She doesn't fear them, but they sorta make her feel small, even when they're on the smaller side themselves. She doesn't know why, but she's always felt inferior and weaker to men, so when she's around them, she'll often become shy, stutter, fiddle with her fingers, or forget what she's wanting to say. This goes away after becoming more comfortable with them, but it still happens. Some people think she's just shy and she prefers it that way, but that's not the case. She doesn't want others knowing that she feels nervous around the opposite sex because she feels she'll be made fun of. Midori isn't exactly insecure, but she's not so or uncaring of what other people think of her that being made fun of won't affect her.

As you can tell, Midori is one of those people that can take a lot. She is able to handle lots of stress, sadness, and the problems of other people. She can handle all these things quite well, but everyone has a tipping point. Everyone has that edge or line they don't want to cross. And everyone has that trigger that turns them into very different people. For Midori, anger isn't something she likes feeling. She usually suppresses it, but if someone is able to get her to the point of true anger, it won't be a pretty picture. Midori often starts yelling and using language she won't normally use. She has often even become violent if someone pushes her over the edge. Her violence is like an angry kitten: cute, small, and able to get the point across. If you're someone who cares about her and knows her well, seeing her actually express her anger is something that will widen eyes, race hearts, and cause guilt. Why? She cries when she's angry.

Midori likes to be clean and organized. She can't stand being in an area that's not in order, especially when it's her own place. She's not so crazy about it that everything has to be in a straight line and alphabetized, but she won't let things become a mess. This comes into place often, especially when having to do with a certain young man: Daigoro Ito. After his wife's passing, Midori has taken it upon herself to help him out as much as possible. She often cleans his apartment in the Division Barracks and can be caught doing his laundry every now and then. She's done this for a while, but had meant to stop it once Dai had started feeling better. Unfortunately for Midori, she began to get a little attached and developed a pretty decent crush on Daigoro. She has come to care very much for him and because of this checks up on him quite often. Not all of these check ups go perfectly, but you really can't blame a girl for trying.

It's not something that many realize or even expect, but Midori is actually the Captain of the Fourth Division. Once someone realizing her potential in healing, it becomes a little clearer, but she really is the surprise Captain of the Gotei. She doesn't walk around with her Captain's Haori on ever, so people don't realize it unless they just so happen to see her enter a Captain's meeting. In fact, only other Captains and a few Lieutenant's really automatically recognize her as the Captain of the Fourth. She orders, yes orders, her subordinates to call her by her first name. It feels too weird for her to be called by anything else. She giggles when it shocks people who randomly figure out that she is a Captain. She doesn't act like one and doesn't ever plan to. The only thing she plans on doing is helping people and getting closer to the man she's crushing on. Once again, though it may seem hopeless at this point, you can't blame a girl for trying.

Character Background: Midori was born in Okinawa Japan, but she wasn't able to be there long. Her mother died at birth and her Father abandoned her after three years. She was picked up by some homeless woman who used her to beg for money and steal from people. Once she turned five, she was hit by a car rushing through an intersection. She was suddenly above her body, looking around confused and scared when a Shinigami came to her side and told her everything would be okay. Trusting the adult who came to her aid, she was suddenly transferred to a whole new world. This world wasn't exactly easy to live in. It was dangerous in some areas, scarier in others, while everything near the big white fence was calmer. It didn't take long for the little Midori to learn that being near the big white fence was the best bet for survival in this place. She kept near that area all the time, slowly becoming accustom to it.

Over the many years that Midori was sort of stuck in the same boring routine, she became pretty well known in just her area of the Rukongai. Every and then roughians would make their way closer toward what she now knew as the Seireitei and cause trouble. It was quite a few times that they'd mess with the young women of the area and she was no exception. She couldn't count how many times people tried to pull her into a back alley way or lock her in a hut with them. Luckily, the Shinigami often came out to stop such behavior and prevented anything bad from happening. One of these times a man that caught her eye saved her life. He had eye capturing red hair and soul piercing golden colored eyes. Even through the chaos, Midori was quite awe struck with him. As he removed the roughian from her, he checked to see if she was okay. Once she confirmed, he moved on, but she hoped he'd come back. She wanted his name.

A month or two passed and chaos in the Seireitei returned. The same men that were angry about their previous defeat returned with more men and more determination to get what they had come for. In result to this attack, the Shinigami once again let loose, but brought more with them. The men who came to grab Midori specifically tried escaping with her, but the same man saved her. She assumed her bright green colored hair caught his attention some way. No matter, when he saved her again, she was more then grateful. It was a pleasant surprise to have him return her hug. With the return of her hug, she looked up to him with the kindest of smiles and thanked him for both times. A few moments later, a woman walked up with gorgeous green eyes and long silky brown hair. It wasn't long that she realized that this woman was his wife. There was always a certain way married people talked to each other. She smiled anyway.

Inspired by how successful the Gotei was with saving her and her friends' lives, Midori chose to join Shino Academy to help in some way. She studied for a while and was an average to advanced student. You could compare her grades to high B's and low A's. She never failed anything, so she wasn't bad at all. Once she graduated from there, she joined up with Squad Four. She wanted to help people, that was it. If someone is wanting to be guaranteed to help people, what better choice than the one Division that was charged with healing the injured? Even if she didn't want to help people in that way, Midori could never be a combatant. Fighting was not something she enjoyed even the thought of doing. The idea of harming another or being harmed by another frightens her, so Squad Four was her safest bet. For about fifteen years, Midori's job was normal and peaceful. She loved it. She just wasn't expecting him to show up here.

Natural Abilities
Unreleased Abilities:

  • Kidō/Healing Kidō: Kidō is easily Midori's best aspect when it comes to the different Shinigami combat forms, but it's not just normal Kidō. In fact, it's her healing Kidō that is amazing. She can do the normal combat-based Kidō fine, reaching up to the eighties. She is just a lot more experienced and pretty much made for healing Kidō. Her own Reiryoku has little to no offensive properties in it, so it makes her ability to heal reach above most any other Shinigami. It's why she'll often be working in the infirmary over anywhere else.
  • Hoho: Midori has only minor skill in Hoho. She knows none of the other techniques within this art form beyond Shunpo and her Shunpo is actually merely an experienced to advanced level. Although it surpasses most of the lower ranked members of the Gotei, it's really nothing too special.
  • Zanjutsu: Midori did what she needed to do to pass her classes at Shino Academy. She's not a combat liking person, so she concentrates her strength away from fighting. She knows how to use a sword and one or two techniques within the Shinigami's sword art form, but nothing more.
  • Hakuda: Midori has a problem throwing a punch, do not expect her to try and fight in this manner. If she is to fight, Midori won't be short range. It will be with Kidō. If forced short range, she'll seal her Zanpakutō and attempt to use it to fight, but will likely fail. She can't fight, so don't expect much from her.

Midori has one ability she is able to use when her Zanpakutō is sealed. Yes, this is pretty rare for people to have, but she has it. Her little sealed tanto has the ability to produce a single barrier a turn. The barrier will block a single attack, whether physical or energy based. For attacks that are continuous and not just quick hits, the barrier will stay up for the duration. Double or machine gun-like attacks are this ability's weakness. Beam and quick attacks are easily blocked.

Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Jumyō o Setsuyaku (Conserve Life)

Zanpakutō Spirit
Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Jinsei no Enjeru
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Enjeru is a truly gentle being in all aspects of the word. She has a gentle face, a gentle smile, gentle eyes, and a gentle voice. There isn't much else you can say to describe this woman until one thing happens: she gets angry. The only time she gets angry is if Midori gets angry or someone has harmed Midori or someone Midori cares about. Many Shinigami have problems with their Zanpakutō Spirits, or the other way around, but since both of them are sweet and gentle they get along well. Enjeru often gets protective over Midori, doing what she can to guide the young woman. She wants Midori to stay on the right path, often seeing her as an innocent child, even if she knows she's not. Both of them recognize the other as strong young women and respect each other for it. They are true friends.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Midori's inner world is a beautiful world of permanent night. It has forests, valleys, and mountains all around and everything seems to be blue or bluish-green within this world. The only place that isn't is a small fire that moves from area to area depending on both Midori and Enjeru's mood. Once she is summoned into this world, Midori will have to find her way through the blue darkness to get to the light, where she will speak with Enjeru and ask for help and/or guidance. Enjeru really is a great guide for her.
Shikai Name: Aoi Yoru
Shikai Appearance:

When activating her shikai, Midori's outfit changes with it: The outfit you see in appearance picture #1.

Shikai Abilities: Midori's shikai has the ability to produce barriers around objects and people to protect them. Once these objects are surrounded, any living thing/creature/being within will begin to be healed by 500 times their regular amount. This means that something that heals in 100 days (3-3.5 months), Midori has the ability to heal in 4.8 hours. The barriers that are produced are shot forward toward a target with a swing of her sword. Once the target is hit, the barrier wraps around the intended targets entire body/form and begins the restoration process. These barriers travel at 150 miles per hour, which is equal to 220 feet per second, and can travel at distances up to 440 feet. These barriers repel attacks, not just stop them. This does not mean they're repelled toward the enemy. It's random. The attack is repelled like a bullet on metal and sent ricocheting off. Midori is able to produce two barriers per post, one on herself and another target. She can also produce up to ten at once if the target are already injured, but can only maintain 10 total. The barriers can be broken if enough force is applied or enough damage is done. If this happens, that person cannot be re-shielded for two rounds of posts and is vulnerable for that time. Shields that she puts on herself are instant and with no cool down.

Bankai Name: Shiroi Hana no Fīrudo (Field of White Flowers)
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: To activate her bankai, Midori stands still and concentrates on her Reiryoku. Upon her bankai's release, a pillar of blue energy shoots like a bullet into the sky, reaching 800 hundred feet above her position. Once it hits the point at two hundred feet, the energy spreads out in the shape of a dome, only stopping when the sides hit the ground with a mile wide diameter. Once the sides of this dome hit the ground, flowers grow extremely rapidly all through out the ground within the dome. These flowers continue growing until they meeting Serenity's position (she is allowed to move).  Although it's only seen as glitter floating around, Midori's Reiryoku is actually dropping down from the top of the newly created dome. The Reiryoku falls into the area causing anyone that Midori considers an ally and who is merely breathing the air to begin an accelerated healing process, slowly restoring their bodies to it's uninjured state.

Her Reiryoku enters her allies bodies through the breathing and moves into the blood stream, muscles, and bones from there. Her Reiryoku also heals wounds that it falls onto. Wounds healed by Midori's bankai have accelerated healing up to 1000 times the regular healing process, meaning it will heal wounds that take 100 days to heal in only 2.4 hours. Unfortunately, her bankai only lasts for an hour, so those with major injuries will still need major medical attention, but should be out of the way of danger. If they're not, they were too far gone for her to heal in the first place. Midori can only preform this miracle one time in a thread and will actually have a full thread cool down before she can use it again. And understand this, once the bankai goes down, the healing stops. There is no continuing effect on anyone.

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PostSubject: Re: Midori Hayashi [Approved; 0-4]   Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:34 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Tier: 0-4
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Midori Hayashi [Approved; 0-4]
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