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 Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:29 pm

Arrancar Template


Name: Zhu Mei (Surname First)
True Age: Approximately 2,345.
Appearance Age: 21.
• Monk of the Sacred Mountain
• Wandering Rose Sage
• Will of the Blades
• God Hand
Gender: Female
Orientation: Freelancing, previously Espada.
Sexuality: Gay

Personality: It's actually really hard to specifically pinpoint Mei's personality. When someone meets her, the first question is "How the hell did you acquire the title of Sage?" The girl is giggly and hyper, and almost always goofing off in some way. She doesn't really seem to put much thought into anything that she does, and flirts with anything that has a pulse. She wanders around looking for trouble, and then complains when trouble finds her first. She is a whimsical girl, doing everything that she does because she feels like it and getting herself into trouble on an almost daily basis. She finds anything funny, especially when they involve people that she likes. She'll pull pranks when she wants, and boob hugs are her favorite things to give. She likes sweet things. If you want to get in her good books, you should give her something like chocolate. Yes, chocolate should work nicely. Give her lots of chocolate, and she'll accept that as good as money for payment. She doesn't like animals that much, and she'll attack any Hollow she comes across that doesn't seem to be giving kindness.

However, a lot of her personality is made to hide a lot of other, more sombre stuff. She doesn't like being an Arrancar--that's the first thing we'll admit. She doesn't appreciate their ruthless personality, and resents the Espada for attempting to make her stronger. She appreciates the fact that she had a way out, and makes sure to thank her benefactor daily (wherever they may be). When one sees her meditating and resting underneath a waterfall, they may find themselves jealous of the zen state she's put herself into. She spends long periods of time contemplating life and what it means--she is extremely wise and prone to giving out advice that people either need, or don't want. Her words usually have a lot of gravitas when she wants them to, but even then sometimes her teasing and flirting actually has a hidden meaning behind it--she didn't gain the title of 'Sage' for no reason at all.

She wanders a lot--that's something to be said. It's her dream to capture the world in her own eyes, and she wants to see both the Material Plane and everything around it. She wants to experience everything that humanity has to offer, everything the Shinigami, the Sugiura have to offer. She wants to be known as a being of benevolent kindness and happiness throughout the realms, and yet her titles also contradict her in a way. In battle, she shows why she gained her names. She is ruthless and tactical, doing everything she can to take down her opponent as quickly as possible. She is unlikely to test the waters herself, instead letting her blades do that while she waits for it. Once she has a pretty good idea of their strengths and weaknesses, she'll take the kiddy gloves off and make sure to fuck them up good.

General Appearance


Mask Fragment: On the top of her head there are two bones that are shaped like carved roses. She hides them beneath her bun-ties.
Hollow Hole: Her Hollow Hole is upon her chest, between her breasts. A rose covers it for everyday appearances.
Information: There's a large scar underneath her right breast where her Espada number used to be.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 48kg

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Mental Control of Zanpakutō: Mei can control her dual Zanpakutō as if they are a separate entity, floating around her and fending off any attacks to her person. They also have their own intelligence, being comparable to lower class Hollow when she doesn't control them on her own. She can control them as long as they are within fifteen feet of her person. It is possible to merely go around them and attack her, but that's not advisable. Anyone who is capable of breaking links between beings can make Mei's Zanpakutō drop to the ground.

Martial Arts: Mei's swordplay isn't very good--it's why her weapons aren't carried and instead float around her. Instead, she is highly skilled in close combat. Her martial arts style is effectively a mixture of multiple different types of Chinese Kenpo--Hung Gar, Nan Quan, Fanzi Quan, Eagle Claw, and Xing Yi Quan. However, it has been given a different name: God Fist Style. Her martial arts are based upon pure power, attempting to smash through the defences of any opponent and get to their vital spots as quickly as possible. This style doesn't worry about expending too much energy, instead making sure to thoroughly grind an opponent to dust.

Zanpakutō Appearance:


Resurrección Name: Chāoyuè Dāopiàn (超越刀片, lit: Transcendent Blades)
Resurrección Release Phrase: "Wǒ zhàn zài jiānjué" ("I stand resolute.")
Resurrección Appearance: Upon release, the weapons of her Zanpakutō raise up and travel behind her. After a couple of seconds, they duplicate themselves into twenty swords--these swords take on the appearance of two large wings that seem to carry her. Her bone pieces expand to form a beak-shaped mask over the top half of her face, and her body itself also grows bones over her forearms and lower legs. The rose on her chest expands in size and covers more area, and a long bone over her spine becomes apparent too. When in this form, her voice sounds doubled-up on itself.
Resurrección Abilities:

Improved Unarmed Strike: The bones covering her arms and legs are comparable to body armor that improves the potency of her physical attack and defense. Without using Blade Surge, Mei can't really cover a lot of ground at a high speed--instead, she is a powerhouse at close range who uses her blades to fight off opponents from a distance. In this form, the attacks from her hands and feet can be compared to attacks from a Zanpakutō in damage, an improvement on her martial strikes.

Will of the Blades: When in her Resurreccion form, Mei has complete control over the blades that float around behind her back. She can command them individually as if she were swinging each of them, or as a group depending on her needs. They act independently of her in an almost sentient matter, and she can target separate opponents with each of them while fighting off another opponent on her own. Each of the blades can be treated as the strength of a lesser Hollow, with the will of one as well. As such, they are formidable opponents to those who are not prepared. However, it is easy to overpower one of them once you understand their purpose, and there is such a thing as a 'knockout' state for one of the weapons. Each weapon has a Durability counter. They can take five undefended hits before being disabled for two rounds--this is only an issue when they are acting on their own, as you could say that their link to Mei becomes weaker when she's not controlling them directly. She can also only confirm a weapon's status visually--she mentally knows when a weapon has been disabled, but she doesn't know how many hits one has taken until it falls to the ground. There is no leash range on Mei's weapons, but she can only command them telepathically when she is within 50 metres (164 feet) of them.

Radial Knowledge: While the blades are within Mei's control range, she has complete knowledge of their surroundings within two metres of them, in a 360 degree area around them. As such, she can surround herself with them and use them as a defensive perimeter. Since the weapons automatically respond to threats, it can make approaching her difficult. Of course, the blades do not stay where they are meant to--if they chase a target out of her control range, she'll know that it's followed, and be unable to control it until she gets in range. This gives a chance to make a hole in her defensive lines.

Blade Surge: Pointing all twenty of her blades in front of her, Mei can force herself in a forward lunge at approximately Mach 3. The surge of energy released causes those caught in her backblast to be blown away slightly. She can also designate a target to attack, attempting to pierce them will all twenty blades at once. If she does so, she may then try to rip them to shreds from the piercing points. There is a distance limit of 30 feet, which is covered in a manner of moments. This doesn't take long to execute, but it has a three round cooldown.

Penetrating Shots: As well as using them as weapons around her, Mei can use her blades as projectile weapons. Taking aim at a target at a maximum range of 180 feet, she can fire it off as a quick shot. The weapon fires quickly, and whether or not it hits, it will be unable to take any actions for two rounds, as if it has had its durability reduced to zero. She can fire off all twenty of them in one post if she so desires, but this is probably a bad idea.

Disc Cutter: Taking up to twenty of her blades and forming them into a circular disc, Mei can control this disc as if it were a spinning circular saw. She can do this for up to a singular post, at which the blades will split apart and resume their normal attacking patterns. The blades spin at approximately 3 million rotations a second, much like a Quincy's Seele Schneider. Because of the air friction, the blades actually catch fire while they're spinning, dealing additional heat damage to anyone who comes in contact with them. Once done, this has a two round cooldown.

Equilibrium Strike: This attack is a quick piercing of up to five blades, dealing more damage depending on two factors. Once the damage has been dealt, the weapons will be treated as if they are of zero durability, dropping to the ground and being unusable for two rounds.
1: How many blades Mei is using. Each blade increases damage dealt by 25%, up to 200% total damage dealt by all five blades.
2: The difference in tier level between Mei and her opponent. If Mei is weaker than her opponent, this attack will deal more damage depending on the difference between them. Each sub-tier that the opponent is above Mei will cause the attack to deal an extra 20% damage. Therefore, an extra tier between them will cause it to deal an extra 100% damage. Therefore, the maximum amount of damage that could possibly be dealt by this attack is 780% damage (5-5 to 0-1). Since a normal one of these is enough to incapacitate an average human in one shot, it's relatively dangerous to use with such a difference. However, it's unlikely that there'll be this large a difference between the two.

Blade Cero: This is an extremely powerful Cero, comparable to a three-quarter Gran Rey, and only usable when all twenty blades are available. Mei stabilizes herself on the ground with tendrils of Reishi, pointing in the direction that she wants to fire. The twenty blades become a disc, spinning around in front of her as they gather pink-colored energy up. When enough energy has been gathered, they all point in the direction that she wants to fire. Without any warning, the Cero will be fired in that direction. Once the Cero has been fired, half of the blades will drop to the ground and be treated as if they are at zero durability, being unable to be used for another two rounds. However, it will be five rounds until Mei is actually able to reuse the Blade Cero.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: There was never a start to her story, nor to the legend that rocketed her to the status she has now. For the past thousand-five-hundred years, she had always been wandering--she may have previously affiliated with other Hollow, but it never felt right for this woman. Once upon a time, Zhu Mei was the sixth Espada. There are little stories as to how she became what she became, but there were rumors that she was a Martial Arts Master in China, who had died and become a Hollow--her will exuded enough that she forged her body into an Arrancar, and eventually caught the attention of the Espada themselves. So there she was, the Sixth Espada. And for a while, she appreciated the power--but it got to a point. A point where she questioned it all. As so, Mei herself stripped herself of her number--there's a scar underneath her right breast where she removed it with her own strength--and left the Espada to find herself.

And so she began to wander. And train. And wander some more. She crossed over realms, looked through villages, watched human progression through the years. She fought off Shinigami and Arrancar alike, wondering if there would be an end to this fighting--but the end never came. Eventually, she became a recluse. She discovered a knoll in the mountains of Tibet and created a small home there. She only ever left to find sustenance, but she soon became a known name. The Rose Sage, she was called--a wandering Monk who had settled within the mountains and was willing to give spiritual advice to those who were willing to make the treacherous journey to find her. And this satisfied her for quite some time. She practiced her art in the mountains, forging the God Fist Style into something that could be truly called powerful, and then she trained those that were capable enough to be able to handle it.

However, this eventually became too little for her. She wanted more to life, so she began wandering again. As she wandered more and more, she started to be seen all over the world. Reports would be spoken about the strangely-clothed woman with the shackle and the bandages. People would point her out in the street and compare her to what they'd read about the 'Monk of the Sacred Mountain'. She looked the splitting image of this mysterious Monk, they'd say. Although Mei didn't mind the attention, she was starting to wonder if she'd ever escape her past--until her past decided to come and meet her instead. An Arrancar--the former Eighth (now Sixth) Espada--had been tracking her down in an attempt to 'speak' with her. He said that, despite the fact that he'd earned this position, he wasn't getting the respect that he felt that he deserved. He was being compared to her, he told her. She didn't appreciate this, and she didn't exactly like the guy either. So when he challenged her to a fight?

"Oh, you're on." She didn't even hesitate. The blades were brought up behind her back, flickering out into wings of steel and cloth. He already seemed worried about what was happening, but he readied his own Resurreccion with a snarl. "Come at me! Without hesitation, Mei launched herself at him with the blades pointed forwards, covering the distance in mere moments. They entered into his body with a loud squelch, piercing through bone, muscle and organ. He shouted in pain, and Mei brought the blades outwards. Without trying, she ripped him into pieces. Without any effort, this being which had earned her number simply died, underestimating the fact that Mei must've grown as well. "You were undeserving." And like that, Mei moved on with her life. She has been wandered for many years by now, and it'll only be a matter of time before she desires something new from that, as well. Maybe love, maybe a life... who knows what this whimsical girl desires...
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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Re: Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]   Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:29 am

And ready for checking!
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Beast of Possibilities

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PostSubject: Re: Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]   Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:48 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]

Comments/Notes: Goddamit Dai now I can't use that powerset
Tier: 0-5+

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PostSubject: Re: Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]   

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Zhu Mei [Approved, 0-5+]
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