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 Azalea Kerrigan [WIP]

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PostSubject: Azalea Kerrigan [WIP]   Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:24 am

Arrancar Template
Name: Azalea Kerrigan (Uh-Zay-Lee-Uh)
True Age: 853
Gender: Female
Appearance Age: 28
Mask Fragment: A thin choker around her neck, commonly assumed to be a necklace.
Hollow Hole: It's about an inch wide and in the middle of her left palm.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135



Personality & Backgorund

Personality: Azalea Kerrigan is a graceful woman: strong, elegant, and beautiful. She has a strong will and is very determined, but above all, Azalea is a mother. Though she may not have had her own child in life, this is what she considers herself and what many others consider her. She is the "Mother" of the Arrancar, often strict and always caring. She watches over those she cares about like a hawk protecting her young. Not much can pass her by. She is very perceptive, rarely missing even the smallest of details. Most of the time, you won't know that she has her eye on you. There is one person that Azalea cares about like her own daughter: Mariska. Although they are not related and she rarely says it out loud, Azalea has always looked at Mariska like her own child and will protect her like one.

The battle between "good" and "evil" is none of Azalea's concern. The battle between Shinigami and Hollow is not something that Azalea cares much about. Azalea is one of the more neutral Arrancar when it comes to the actual fighting and war. As said before, there is only one thing she's not neutral on and that is the one she'll easily call her little girl or daughter: Mariska Ivanova. She has bonded with this young woman quite strongly and is very protective over her. Azalea is the type of woman to stay out of the fight and watch it until you've done something to piss her off and then all hell breaks loose. You don't attack a bear's cubs and there is a reason that Mariska calls her Momma Bear. You mess with her child, you won't have much life left after that. She will do what she can to end your life or die trying.

Azalea's shockingly gentle. She doesn't like fighting, blood, or causing pain. She chooses to fight only if it is absolutely necessary and even then she may only dodge and evade attacks. She finds no purpose in needless harming others without cause. That's the one thing Mariska does have in this case, a cause. She was horribly wronged by a Shinigami and, therefore, wants her revenge on them. It's not one of those cliche 'I am hollow, they are Shinigami, they must die' situations. One thing Azalea has learned about her little girl is that Mariska is anything but stupid, so she will follow along with Mariska's plan like a mother would. She's very supportive toward Mariska in everything that she does. Even with supporting her little girl, Azalea doesn't agree much with Mariska's goal, but also won't speak up against it either.

Character Background: Azalea's life is a story of pain and tragedy. In life, she was happily married to a man who loved her dearly, but he accidentally made a few enemies. While he and their daughter were out walking, they were brutally murdered. Azalea has never been able to get over the loss of her husband, but the loss of her child pains her even more. Years of loneliness passed her by and she came across a young girl who needed some help. Azalea opened up her heart and home to the child and raised her as her own. When the child hit adulthood, she was violated and murdered by a man that she thought cared about her. With this, Azalea gave up on her own life and killed herself, but was stuck in the world of the living for too long. Never taken to the Soul Society, she became a hollow.

Over time, Azalea did what she could to survive as a hollow, eating other hollow and slowly gaining enough power. Having broken her own mask through sheer force, Azalea became an Arrancar two decades after her initial turning. Moving back into the world of the living, where she felt a lot more comfortable, Azalea traveled in the shadows and kept to herself. This went on  until she met a young hollow. To this day, she could not tell anyone what it was that made her want nothing more than to protect the hollow, but she did. It was small, frail, and defenseless. After a bit of time and their bond grew a bit, Azalea chose to break the little hollows mask, turning her into the Mariska she cares so much for today. Over time, Azalea ended up learning to love and care for Mariska as if she was her own daughter.

Azalea and Mariska stuck together through everything. Azalea followed the young Arrancar everywhere and supported her in everything. She protected her until she was able to fight on her own and even then made sure to keep watch. If anyone harmed Mariska, Azalea would step in and put an end to it. During the Winter War, Mariska did not wish to join Aizen, but they did keep tabs on him. After Aizen's defeat, Mariska solidified her goals in taking out the Gotei 13. Although Azalea is not entire agreeable in this goal, she was not going to change her supportive habits now. Once the final Shinigami left Hueco Mundo, the rebuilding of Las Noches took place. The massive palace was built in Mariska's image, but in rebuilding this place the Espada would be given a new base and wait until it was time to strike.

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Bala: Minimal
Cero: Mastered; White
Hierro: Minimal
Sonido: Mastered
Regeneration: Mastered; Extremely high rapid regeneration.

Passive Abilities:

Chameleon: A lot of this time, this can be confused with invisibility because of how well she's perfected it, but Azalea is able to stand perfectly still and not be seen by anyone. For you D&D players, it's like having a perception of 10, rolling a 20, but the opponent has a stealth of 50 and has rolled a 1. So yeah, although it's possible, it's extremely difficult to catch her if she's standing still. Her reiryoku surrounds her body in a light cloak, allowing her to mesh with her surroundings and come off as whatever she needs to. If she needs to be a rock, she looks like a rock. It doesn't matter which angle you look at her from, as long as she is standing still, she cannot be seen.

Zanpakutō Appearance:  N/A


Resurrección Name: Shiroi Hana (White Flower, 白い花)
Resurrección Release Phrase: Sakaeru (Flourish, 栄える)
Resurrección Appearance:


Resurrección Abilities:

Segunda Etapa

Segunda Etapa Name:  Shiro no Doragon (White Dragon)
Segunda Etapa Release Phrase: Maiagaru (Soar, 舞い上がる)
Segunda Etapa Appearance:


Segunda Etapa Abilities:
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Azalea Kerrigan [WIP]
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