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 Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)

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PostSubject: Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:35 am


»Name: Ravan Vespara
»True Age: 405
»Gender: Male

Observational: In most situations, given the opportunity, Ravan will be the observer. Rather than the talker whom interacts with everyone in the location, he will look, take in the surroundings. Attempt to get a grasp on others by simply observing them. A lot of the time, he will find himself lost in thought and just staring at the people in an area, trying to get a grasp of those around him. This also extends to in conflicts or similar things, as he will be very detailed in his examination of people, allowing him to spot things such as "weak" spots or key things in someone's appearance or power. However, this isn't something he chooses to do. Rather it is just how he is, he will be the one to "watch and learn" rather than the "do and find out." For this reason, making a friendship with Ravan is rather hard. He isn't afraid to look at someone's flaws and judge them internally. Another word for this behavior in his personality would be analytic.  

Out-going and Loving: In general contact, Ravan is a person who, in essence, doesn't care. He will let himself be poked at the expense of a joke and just laugh in return. This out-going personality is strong within him, showing that he will get along with people fine. He has been shown to be very warming and friendly to humans or other people he had made a friendship with. This personality is rather loving in comparison to his other train of thought, but he will always stand by those whom he loves and protect them. As that is one of his ultimate goals, Ravan wishes to protect those whom he sees as family or friends. If given a reason for him to fight, it will usually be so that he can protect everyone else. Despite being very alone, for those whom HAVE made a connection with him, he will fight until death for them. Even with interactions of random humans, he is not what one would imagine an Arrancar as. Many Arrancar have shown to have destructive or negative personalities and attitudes, but rather he will give warm smiles and even talk wonderfully with humans or other races.

Alone and Anxiety: As stated, Ravan is a very lonesome man. Rather than being surrounded by a group of friends or people, he prefers to keep the social interaction to a minimum. Introverted to and extent, one could say, as he finds himself growing tired and annoyed when surrounded by people for long periods of time, needing to recharge. However even when with friends, his "alone" essence could most likely be felt. The way he talks, the look in his eyes, the best way to describe these things would be "empty." Even when he attempts not to be, it is very obvious to those around him that he is rather lonesome. However, this isn't all because of how he prefers it. Many of his "alone" feelings is based of mental illness, suffering from many anxiety issues, making it hard for him to interact with people in general. So rather, it's not just choice for him to be alone, but rather necessity.

Sick and Twisted: Despite all this "loveliness" hidden behind his appearance, there is another aspect to Ravan. When thrown into series situations, where one might be threatening or he needs to threaten someone, he isn't afraid to do such things as torture said person or kill them in the most gruesome way possible. Most of this "twisted" attitude is shown to be from his past, having gone through many trials and tribulations, being forced into such things as torture for large portions of time, years and days. It twisted his mind to the point of nearly snapping, there for creating this sick and twisted new personality to Ravan. Explained further in his history, Ravan is also not afraid of torturing people in the most horrible ways possible. He will often ask creepy questions and give eerie responses when one attempts to confront him. He is very defensive in that manner. The best way to describe the transition would be a "switch". Flick it one way, and he will be one of the most well-mannered and nice guys you can meet. Flip it the other, and he will become ruthless, cold and basically emotionless.

Fearless: With nothing that inherently frightens him, Ravan is said to be a man of no fear. Even in the most wild of situations, Ravan has shown that nothing will waver him. If he's faced with a shotgun in his face? He'll continue to insult the person behind the gun or cut off their very hands before they can even fire off a shot. Faced with a nuclear blast? Not even will he fear that. A nuclear blast isn't something that would make him shake in his boots, however not that he could take one with ease. Even if faced with the end of the world, it is likely not even this would waver him. The only thing that might even slightly put his nerves on edge would being faced with the end of everyone he wishes to protect, that he couldn't do anything to save them in the end. But due to such an event being highly unlikely, Ravan is a man who can be considered fearless and nothing to even slightly make him nervous. He had always been that way, it wasn't that developed with his strength, but rather something always present since his creation.

Questionable Motives and True Neutral: Given that he is neither considered "good" or "evil", Ravan is not a person who technically should be trusted by either side. For example, it is not wise to assume that he will automatically align with the Espada because he is a Arrancar. In fact, he might even use that automatic belief to stab you in the back later on and make sure you're not going to threaten his goal. It's rather sadistic, considering he isn't afraid to use someone for their resources and then break them down from the inside. However, the same can be said about such organizations as the Gotei. He has been known to use their general "Arrancar are Evil" thought before. But even if it did come to the point where it threatened his goals, he would turn that same back-stabbing peronsality onto them. A true neutral, on neither side of the spectrum, but rather on his own side.

General Appearance

»Appearance Age: 18
»Mask Fragment: Rather than a "mask", Ravan's remaining fragment is the black finger nails on all of his fingers and toes. Such a small thing, but quite mancing when compared to the usual transparent. People have been known to mistake it for him painting his nails black.
»Hollow Hole: Directly in the middle of his chest, where his heart would lay. It is never usually shown as it is covered by his clothes.
»Height: 6'0.
»Weight: 70kg

Natural  Abilities
Unreleased Abilities: Sonido: Ravan is capable of using the Arrancars version of the flashstep with relative ease.

Garganta: The technique used to travel between dimensions such as Earth and Hueco Mundo.

Hierro: Unlike a lot of Arrancar, Ravan has shown himself capable of deflecting high level attacks with minimum effort due to his Hierro. Depending on the assault, he can shrug off a lot of attacks with not a lot of damage taken to himself.

Pain Endurance: Due to the unrelenting amount of torture he went through for a good few years of his life, a lot of attacks or phyiscal pains are not of matter to Ravan. He can shrug off things such as cuts or even to the point where he may get stabbed. This isn't to say he is "IMMUNE" to effects, he just has a easier time shrugging off physically and mentally demanding things that might break or cause serious pain to someone else.

Cero and Bala Just as most arrancar are able to use the cero, Ravan is also able to. However it isn't considered the most "powerful" of a lot of arrancar due to the fact he is highly physical based, rather than energy based. The same type of thing goes for bala as well, but it is not restricted or off limits. The cero still deals a ton of damage were it to land against an opponent, however compared to people whom have trained in that art, it can be found to be weaker, inaccurate and lacking in potency. The same goes for the bala, being faster than the cero, but often inaccurate and slower than one might think from an arrancar.

»Chaos King: One of the main abilities presented by Ravan in his sealed state is the "Chaos King." When this ability is active, the nature of his surroundings changes to a certain extent, causing himself to become empowered in both strength and stamina the more chaos that is around him. For example, if he were to stand in the middle of an all out war, he would feel his body fill to the brim with strength and he would feel alive enough to battle for many, many hours, if not longer. This is calculated by the level of chaos within a one kilometer area. When activated, Ravan has been shown to connect himself to the earth, shown by shadows of darkness leaking off his body and going down into the earth around him, be it trees or the ground. Anything connected to the "Earth" as a part of mother nature. As such, any destruction caused upon this area will begin to fuel him in terms of personal energy (stamina, etc) but he will hit a lot harder atop of his already chaotic strength. Basically, the more "destructive" of a fighter you are, the more you are fueling him. This is still pretty strong as a active ability for his sealed state, however isn't as such when compared to his released states abilities.

»Monstrous strength: As mentioned, Ravan Vespara has shown himself to have chaotic strength when it comes to physically attacking someone. Getting hit by him is like getting directly hit by a drain if no counter measures were to be deployed. As a result, when his Chaos King ability is filled, his already outrageous punches will continue to stack on and deal more damage in accordance to the chaos around him. He is capable of lifting up the heaviest of objects, even. This isn't to say his strength is limitless, however. There are things that even he cannot pick up or break through, despite this incredible strength, the number of things - however - is very limited. To fight him in a physical battle would prove difficult, the best way to approach him would be to try keep your distance and throw ranged assaults, followed by energy based attacks.

» Agile and Quick: Though he does not possess amazing ability to travel at speeds beyond that of light, something that The Flash or similar people might be able to do, his reflexes, agility and overall speed are not something to be looked down on. Unlike most, he has been shown to not only bend his body out of seemingly impossible attacks, but he is capable of reacting to things much earlier than what most people would, not only making him hard to hit in general, but also very helpful in terms of deceit. Being able to act quick makes it much easier for him to deceive those around him easily when trying to hide from those whom might attempt to attack him. Never the less, this doesn't mean he is too quick to be hit all the time, but most attacks? They can be blocked, dodged or even countered by him extremely quickly. Although he is very fast on his feet, too. In comparison to some, he is dwarfed, but given the chance? He will out run most people who would try and race him or fight him on extreme high speed movement.

» Perfect Memory: An usual trait that not many of the Rakshasa have shown to have, but perfect memory is rather key to Ravan's personality. Due to the fact that he can store seemingly endless amount of information without going insane, it makes him the perfect candidate to be a dealer of information in a sort. The best way to imagine the Perfect Memory would be like comparing it to a computer database. Whilst he literally doesn't search "war", for example, he can recall all information he has learned about the such instantly and refine and refine, given that he has heard about it before in his life. Due to this, he also grasps concepts extremely quickly, usually only having to be explained to him once.

»Zanpakutō Appearance: Rather than a sword or weapon like most other Arrancar might have, his Zanpakutō appearance lies within his left eye. It doesn't always show itself as active, but when he wills, his left eye will turn entirely black with the iris turning completely red. The reason this lies in his eye is based upon the principle of him using his "strength" of the physical body rather than the strength of a weapon. So even if he doesn't wish to fight a lot of the time, when he does, he wishes it to be with his own strength, not that borrowed through a weapon.

»Other Weapons: No other inherited or personal weapons, however accessories include a mobile phone and a mask that covers half of his face, shown in his resurrection picture. This mask is worn for the purpose of hiding his identity as he does not wish others to know his appearance, keeping himself hidden from all those he can in the human world. As an Arrancar wandering the human realm, Ravan doesn't wish for a which hunt, so when he does fight or have confrontations with Shinigami or people whom would wish to hurt or kill him, he will wear this mask to hide his true identity.

»Resurrección Name: Kegareta (Tainted in Japanese)
»Resurrección Release Phrase: "Clip their wings and cut their flesh, Kegareta."

»Resurrección Appearance:

When his Resurrección is activated, four large tentacles of dark red protrude from his lower back, just above his tail bone. These four extra red "tentacle" like appendages are three metres long when they are in stasis, or not in use. Overall, his appearance stays the same. These four limbs that have begun protruding from his back are the only current difference to his appearance once activated.

Resurrección Abilities: »Strength Enhancement: As one might expect, his strength is shown to be even more impressive in this form. Due to the fact that he is a highly physical based character, he doesn't need to overload himself with a bunch of different ability. He will throw his own body into the fray, even punching things into oblivion when throwing punches at full power. This strength is to the point where he may even cause Earthquakes and shockwaves to rupture through the ground, and other environmental based effects depending on the application.

»Four Appendages: As mentioned, four new limbs grow out from his back. In stasis, these limbs appear to be three metres long. When in use, the maximum distance these limbs can stretch is up to a hundred metres. This makes him able to fight people whilst keeping himself at a distance. The best way to imagine these limbs is as an extension of himself, like extra arms. If one were to get hit/punched/attacked by one of these four limbs, it would feel as if they were slammed with a train to whatever location hit. This is also amplified by the amount of chaos around him. If he so wished, these appendages would also get the strength buff from consuming the chaos surrounding him. This isn't their only "power", however. Along with their extreme length and brute strength, they also carry something known as "chaos transition". When striking/touching something that is not a humanoid entity, these appendages have the ability to shift of change said object/environment, etc, into something chaotic. For example, if he were to strike a wall with any part of his body now, he could shift it into a large spike or pillar that he can lift and crush the enemy with. He could turn the small section of ground to lava, he could convert grass into huge spikes to suddenly emerge from the ground.

To an extent, one could call this "reality" bending, but limited to things that could potentially cause harm. As many things have the "potential" to cause harm, the limit is hard to imagine. However, there are limits. It also depends on the size of the said object. As he cannot shift very, very small things into HUGE things like a grain of sand. No, rather it needs to be within a similar size. However, this also means that he can cause explosions from a similar size to the object/thing touched.

» Death's Embrace: This isn't so much of an 'ability' than a passive state that is constantly known to Ravan. Due to having "Death's Embrace", he is given the ability to sense, recognize and feed off the essence of Death. By being able to sense the Death in the world around him, this allows him to know when deaths of any kind are occurring, the location in which they are being committed and how. This allows him to pinpoint the epicenter of chaos rather easily and even tell if his allies are dying from miles upon miles away. The second aspect is the 'recognize' which is partially tapped into, being able to envision how the being had died. Even if he was not present at the given time, Ravan can return to area in which they died and relive the death in the world before him. This isn't a 'projection' or sorts, rather the figures appear in his own eyes; similar to how one would see if they put on spectacles and there were markings from cybernetics, or Heads Up Display in a video game. This enactment, however, is done through smoky figures which can sometimes be difficult to make out the figures involved. Either way, this allows Ravan to remain as the 'observer" or even arrive later to a scene without having to worry about missing any details.

Now, finally, is the 'feeding' aspect of Deaths Embrace. What this entails is what one might imagine, Ravan can literally feed off the deaths of those around him. They can act as an agent similar to adrenaline or even drive him insane to the point of not being able to speak. This is generally something that cannot be activated and deactivated, meaning that if death surrounds him? Then there's no way he could tune the death out. It will sneak into his psyche and penetrate his mind, driving him insane with the lust for more death. Although it doesn't just feed him like adrenaline, it is said that he can even change his form as a result of this "death's embrace". Once enough death around him has been consumed, he has been shown to shift his very hands into the claws of a beast and literally rip apart his opponents or spawn large black wings upon his back, distorted with the impurity and deranged picture of a demon. If surrounded by enough death, Ravan has been able to shift himself even into the wildest of beings. This can be from things sitting at a hundred metres tall, or even to things as minuscule as a cat. The transformations do take a toll on his body, however. As when he undergoes these changes, his bones literally can be seen to break through his skin as they shrink down or enlarge to the level they need to. It can be quite a gruesome scene, but it allows him to be fed and become even more demonic as a result, something that can truly "reap death itself." This puts a huge draw of pain on his body, making it hard for him to keep conscious if constantly shifting his body. He will also runs the risk of killing himself when shifting his body into new ways, as he could destroy his entire body by twisting it to a deformed, non-existent form.

» Shimekorosu (strangle): Using all the limbs that have spawned from his lower spine, Ravan of "strangling" someone with all four of these limbs. As one might imagine, all four tendrils shoot out and slam into and around the opponent, and then quickly tightening around the opponent. Whilst sounding rather simple in that alone, it isn't alone in just "strangling." Once, and if, they have wrapped around the person, he can shift the appendages into different forms. For example, he might be able to shift these tendrils into a running chainsaw with moving, sharp edges to strangle the life and literally cut someone open whilst cutting them. This also falls under general usage for these limbs, that they can be changed into large sword like shapes or pretty much any physical weapon one may imagine. Whilst it cannot be broken off and used as a sword or spear held in his hands,  the many forms these tendrils can take has a wide range of use. Used in conjunction with his Death's Embrace, he can truly morph his body into terrifying things, things that would throw fear into the heart of even the mightiest of men. A true beast. There are restrictions placed on this, however. He can only shift these tendrils into a new form every two posts. So he will be stuck using that new type of tendril for two posts time. It's not a very taxing ability, henceforth being rather simple in drawback.

Past & Roleplay Sample
Character Background:


Much of Ravan's early life is not known to him. The white haired Arrancar doesn't remember being brought up as a child, nor does he remember being with a family of sorts. His hollow days before being an arrancar are lost in the void of time. However, there are distinctive moments he remembers. His very first memories are that of being locked within a cellar, living off the scraps of people whom would feed him. Most of first memories were spent tied to a chair, being tortured and cut open because the people whom had him captured found it 'fun'. The span of time remained unknown to him, he could have been locked up down there for ten years, but all of it remained a blur. When someone continuously pulled you apart and snapped your mind, it was hard to keep track of the days. The people responsible for picking and pulling him apart were also of Arrancar decent, however he never learnt their names. Were they members of the Espada, or where they simply hollows whom assumed it would be a bit entertaining? It didn't matter to Ravan, in the end. For hours each day, he found himself getting things poked in and around his body, knives curling under his skin and splitting him apart, cutting off limbs and waiting for them to grow back from his slight regeneration. Malnourished and in constant pain for as long as he can remember, Ravan was a twisted and broken man before he could even remember.

Ravan has sat limp over the chair, his body was leaning forward and his bloody and unkempt white hair was dangling in front of his face. For days prior to this moment, he had gone through hallucinations. He had such visions as him walking around him, mocking him and calling himself weak. But at the same time, he underwent a lot of changes within those days. Internal battles of self worth, wanting to escape. It finally broke through to him. As these arrancar had returned to the cellar, they found it empty. Ravan was not in the chair, he was nowhere to be seen. Running down and freaking out, the torturing arrancar was seemingly angry. In that instant of his anger, Ravan's feat dropped down from the ceiling, both feet wrapped around his neck and suddenly... SNAP! By twisting his feet, he had snapped the arrancars neck and dropped him instantly to the floor. He hadn't killed the arrancar yet, but he had done enough to shatter his neck and make him not able to move. He screamed in agony as the arrancar laid on the floor, a simple smirk covering the mouth of Ravan as he looked down over him. Walking over and grabbing a sickle placed on the cellar wall, Ravan leaned down to the arrancar and simply said two words. "You nervous?" A lot was done to this being, the sickle had been inserted into his ear and twisted around his insides, eventually leaving the room in a bloody mess, the arrancars blood now staining the walls in which were perfectly dry before hand.


Soul searching. That was really the only two words to describe what Ravan had in mind for the following fifty years of his life. The torture of being strapped in a cellar and torn apart mentally and physically for years, if not decades, was still stuck with him, it wasn't something he could escape. And for the first time in his memory, he could find a purpose for himself. He wandered many realms, the first beginning in Hueco Mundo and searching all related area, wandering the night filled desert and even resorting to wandering through the Menos Forest far below the likes of Hueco Mundo itself. This took up a good portion of his time, however he never really found something worth living for. Many of these years were spent by Ravan constantly contemplating suicide and still suffering from high anxiety issues. If there were people whom opposed him and tried to get in his way of just searching, he would crush them and move on, no mercy. A lot of the time, he would also find himself torturing others if they pushed him far enough. This quickly changed as Ravan decided he didn't want to be attached to that side of life, that he didn't want to take on his torturers mannerisms and become exactly like he was. He didn't want to break anyone the way he was broken, to be so broken and messed up that you forgot even hundreds years of your life prior. He still felt a lot of love inside him, so why should he live for the negativity? That was Ravan's mindset, anyway.


With this change in mindset, Ravan had decided to change where he searched for his new self. Travelling to the human realm known as Earth, Ravan quickly felt the wonders of this place. Only ever remembering the dark sands of Hueco Mundo and crowded trees of Menos Forest, this was an entirely new experience for him. Upon arriving, he quickly traveled to locations such as the Taoist Mountains in China, picking up a lot of their culture and getting into meditation, something which calmed his nerves quite a bit. Ravan found it funny, however. Compared to HuecoMundo, the realm of Earth was so... peaceful, and calming. There was barely any places within Hueco Mundo that could give you a sense of enlightenment or take your worries away, yet Ravan had found it here on Earth, China. He had spent decades there, training himself and trying to find himself anew. A new Ravan arose. A lot of his being was now loving, accepting. However, ridding himself of that messed up and tortured man was nothing so simply done, if at all.

After a long while, Ravan had grown tired of making himself calmed within these serene locations. The Taoist Mountains were truly amazing, and he still believed, but he had barely interacted with anyone for those years. As a result, and currently, Ravan had decided to travel to places of note such as Tokyo, where he currently resides, getting a vibe for the urban life and beginning to understand the people whom inhabit these places. Albeit not many people, if any at all, would pick him out to be an arrancar, as he prefers himself to be hidden. A sheep hidden among the crowd, if you will.

Roleplay Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)   Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:06 pm

I'm going to label this as finished, because of reasons.
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PostSubject: Re: Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)   Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:41 pm

Checking the app. Moved to WIP until I hear back from Kyle.

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PostSubject: Re: Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)   

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Ravan Vespara (FINISHED)
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