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 June Kurosawa [Approved; 1-1]

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PostSubject: June Kurosawa [Approved; 1-1]   Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:44 am






» Name: June Kurosawa

» Age: 18

» Gender: Female

» Personality: June is a character of two sides, as the course of her life has demanded that she be two people: the truth and the lie. She serves a higher organization than herself, one that seeks a better world but requires servants that are willing to perform the dirty work. She needs to be one who can kill without hesitation, and sacrifice any and all aspects of her life to serve the cause, if need be. The stakes are high and these deeds she knows are pure, but in the end it can all be made worth it. She does not know if she is doing the right thing, but a darkness residing within her speaks to her and assures her to continue down the dark path for the cause. She cannot allow her doubts to interfere with pulling the trigger, and she cannot trust the faces of people who say they are the good guys. All for the cause, for the betterment of humanity, no matter the cost. And yet, she cannot give her all to that life. She cannot find herself a home in such arms, nor can she retain sanity in such an environment. For this, June has created a face for the public she can use to interact with the society she may one day betray. She has practiced and perfected the entity of an innocent and simple teenage girl, with a mind as shallow as the kiddie play pool she used long ago when she still had a family. She can make a pretty face, angry face, sad face, or a happy face without the slightest bit of effort, and imitate the emotions as if she were a professional actor. Even expert readers will have a painstakingly difficult time trying to see past the mask, and still find nothing beyond it anyways. Others cannot possibly understand the things she has to do, so she cannot reveal her true self to these people while she walks through her ordinary, average days. All she truly needs to do, is pretend.

When she wears this mask, June depicts herself as a rather oblivious teenager, air-headed and slow-witted and certainly making no strides to disprove the "dumb blonde" stereotype. On the inverse, this makes her easy to get along with. It makes others always feel smarter around her in comparison, and in a way more comfortable around her. She also makes many mistakes and bloopers that end up making her an object of cuteness and adorability (June believes this is a word). She can either give people a good laugh when she shows off her dimwittedness, or she can at least make her mistakes look charming. June is also a shy being, never truly taking the initiative when it comes to performing or making friends; that being said, those she has grown comfortable with she displays the opposite attitude, able to easily socialize with them and hang out. She pales in the odds of anything remotely challenging, most notably being the tests her teachers give her; if you asked her she'd say she hated having to do things that demanded more than the bare minimum of her, mental or physical. She says she was held back a few years in high school. She knows this is not the norm and beats herself up about it, along with many other things as she is a self-deprecating person. Still, when it comes to compliments, they go extremely far with her, and she loves hearing them. It is not rare to find June by herself in seeming contemplation, and wondering what exactly goes on in her head—she has many a moment where she just zones out of the world and daydreams. If there was anything else left to note, it would be her love of food. You take one look at her lanky frame and don't expect her to eat as much as she actually does without packing any more substance on. Sweets, meat, veggies; whatever it is, June seems to love it.

And yet, remember that it is all a lie as far as June is concerned. Such a personality would never work under the circumstances she must deal with; whether these traits may have been applicable to her before no longer mattered; June has convinced herself that it is all a lie in order to separated herself from that world. When it comes to her job, June is a nearly emotionless creature, bred to have no inhibitions when it came to taking care of what needed taking care of. She is aloof and detached, needless to say, and able to suppress her emotions and even thought with an iron fist. Efficiency, discipline, and perfection are all strong ideals that run through her cold blood. Pointing the barrel of a gun at one she considered a friend is all in a day's work. She is not nearly as dull as she would have people believe: Her mind is racing, always calculating and strategizing, or otherwise asking the tough questions. Despite such an intelligent mind, June can still squelch out the logic and the feelings residing within her if evidence is ever presented to her against her cause. The cause, she feels whether justly or unjustly, defines who she is and represents what she desires. She believes that without it, she is nothing, and thus she will defend it with her life when the time comes, like one would protect their beloved. At the very least, it is important to note that in all of this, June finds no satisfaction, happiness, or pleasure in the deeds that she performs, so that she is not entirely lost. She simply feels nothing, and only proceeds because she believes that once she reaches the end goal of the organization, then she will gain that satisfaction.

» Appearance:  June is a woman of thinness and agility, lacking muscle but showing no signs of obesity from the length of her toes to the tip of her head. That being said, the woman is unnaturally tall for someone of her age and gender, clearly standing above the crowd of female students while more matching up to the male crowd. All those resources that could've been used into packing more meat onto her bones, giving her a more sturdy frame; instead would endeavor to give her a higher stature, even without the hat she usually wears. Aside of this somewhat defining feature, June is rather closely depicted as an Aryan, with flawless light peach skin and straight blonde hair. However, her eyes have elected to take on a light green hue over the sky blue you'd expect. Also, her body proportions are slightly skewed to the lower half, as her upper body is petite when compared to the legs down below; most of her height comes from those limbs. Back to the top of her head, however, her hair has recently been cut away, reducing the once expansive locks that had reached below her back, to strands barely able to touch her shoulders; it's chopped, cut unevenly along all sides of her head, to give it a very sharp look. Her bangs are flipped to the left side of her face like a drawn curtain, as normally they would fall over her face. She does have fairly expressive eyes that can easily switch from dull to gleaming in a second, and draw the attention of onlookers. The rest of her face—from the small nub of a nose to the thin unpainted lips—are petite, unimpressive.

Clad upon her frame is clothing of blue shades to black and white, with golden trim and a dash of silver to round it all out. Most of her outfits follow this scheme, though most notably is a uniform that is very signature to her appearance, following such patterns. It begins with a beret atop her head, solid blue in color and weight to the frontal-right corner of her head. The leftmost side of the hat is curved silver piece of metal that is snapped against the fabric with two buttons and presumably intended to keep the shape of that hat when it is not resting upon her head. June's upper body is covered mostly by that of a dress that is both sleeveless and shoulderless, yet hangs around the neck by means of a folded collar and necktie combination. The entire backside from the waist up is uncovered, and the hem only comes down just below the groin, so for a dress, it is one of the skimpiest out there. Despite that, though, the designer clearly new how to make a stylish outfit: It begins with the white collar, with a pathetically small tie folded underneath the flap and resting against where her cleavage would be. Her breasts are covered by a section of black, rounded to their shape along the bottom before transitioning to the rest of the piece; it's half blue and half white, with the white striping down the center of the front and back, while the blue colors the sides, separated by thin black lines all the way to the bottom of the dress. Then, lastly, and perhaps strangely, there are two metal arrowheads attached to the dress where the black lines end on the front, perhaps to weight the clothing down. Besides that dress, there are detached sleeves that seem to match with it perfectly, extending nearly the entire length of the arms. They are primarily blue, though the top is rimmed with gold threading and buttons, and does not cover the shoulder. The bottom of the sleeves are loose, with thicker black cuffs and more golden detailing. Most notably, large metal bracelets encircle her forearms to tightly secure the sleeves to her arms; while, additionally, there are extremely long but thin red pennons attached to these bracelets that seem entirely for aesthetic purposes. Then to complete the look, are the blue boots that bear golden crosses along the front like some religious symbol. Blue and white banners trimmed with gold hand out from the top, and it is tipped with a steel guard to protect the toes. For socks, June wears black ones that reach halfway up her thighs. Along with this outfit, June tends to wear panties of a snow white, and yet does not possess an undergarment for her chest as one would expect. Thankfully, the bodice of the dress is firm and tight.

» Height: Five Feet, Nine Inches (175 centimeters)

» Weight: 111 pounds (50 kilograms)


» Reishi Color: Black

» Quincy Cross: While at first it may seem as though the Quincy Cross is not present on June's person, with a little logic and reasoning the answer becomes clear, and the truth is not quite what was expected. June is a dual-wielder of Spirit Weapons, thus she possesses two Quincy "Crosses"; however, these are not really even crosses as they do not take such a shape. Instead, the bracelets fit around her arms, with long and thin pennons linked to them... are her Quincy Crosses. This is where most of the spiritual energy enters and departs June's body, and is linked to spirit weapon of its respective arm.

» Spirit Weapon Type: Dual Long-Barreled Magnums

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: June's Handguns, which are each identical to the other, can most basically be described as Long-Barreled Magnums. They possess a barrel over a foot long, though the grip is fitted perfectly to June's hands and around four to five inches in length. The weapon has a very rectangular shape, with a dull ashen covering and all the typical mechanisms of a firearm, minus the cartridge. Besides the fact that the weapon itself is very menacing, there are not any details or patterns upon the weapon to really distinguish it, as it is just sleek and does its job. It is very reflective of June's hidden nature.

» Spirit Weapon Abilities:

  • Overheat — Distinctive to June as a Quincy is the Overheat system that limits and defines her Spirit Weapons. She has the benefit of firing off comparatively powerful attacks with her guns at contradictory lower cost of energy, but she pays for it in another way; Each attack that June makes with one of her guns adds Heat into its respective Quincy Cross (left or right), and the heat continues to build up to a limit of 100%. There are two ways to reduce heat: The first option is to merely stop using the guns to attack, and thus allow them to cool off. It merely requires one full post of idleness with the guns before the heat is reduced by 50%. The second way to reduce heat is not really an option at all but something forced upon June when she runs the Quincy Cross all the way to 100% heat. At that point the gun is rendered inactive, while an exhaust of spiritual exhaust is expelled violently out from the tips of the pennon's for one whole post. For two additional posts after that the gun continues to be a powerless weight while the heat is reduced to zero, and only then can the gun be used again. This may seem strange, but in truth it is merely a refined method of utilizing her Quincy powers, much like one would alter the firing mechanisms to a normal firearm to make it fire slower, but increase its stopping power and accuracy as a result; same concept. This Overheat system allows June to fight longer and hit harder than other Quincies at her level, but at the same time she has clear, define weaknesses that other Quincies would not. At the same time, June also has to manage the heat of her Quincy Crosses separately so that she is never caught with both weapons on cooldown. As a final note, Spiritual Exhaust can be defined as the byproduct of running spiritual energy through June's weapons, and is effectively a useless substance that cannot be used for anything. However, if someone were to get caught in the rapid stream of the exhaust from June's pennons, then it could sear them badly from the extreme heat it is carrying out.

  • Holy Shot — This is the standard attack of June's guns, only differentiated in name from the Holy Arrow by the fact that one is fired from a gun while the other is fired from a bow. June's projectiles are shaped like needles, sharp at both tips but having some weight around the center. June's specifically are anywhere from 6 to 14 inches in length, and weighted towards the back to have a stronger piercing power but less of an impact. The thickness of the projectile can also vary from a single centimeter to a full four inches, depending on the size of the hole she is wishing to create. The high energy density of this Holy Shot, combined with the sonic speed, allow the blast to pierce tough armors such as Hierro or thick walls of lead, while travelling up to a kilometer from the gun's barrel before fading. There is no redirecting this projectile, as once it leaves the weapon, June can not control its trajectory, but the high speed should make up for that. The weapon is semi-automatic, so June can fire these off as fast as her finger can continue to hit that trigger, though the weapon does provide a subtle recoil that makes it difficult to aim in rapid-fire. Normally, each shot will add 6% heat to June's Overheating System, but this cost can be reduced by also reducing the power of the shots respectively. If June sacrifices half of the power of the attack, then it will only add 3% heat to the Cross. This is useful for when June is pretending to be weaker than she actually is.

  • Explosive Shot — Now we begin to delve into another aspect of June's Spirit Weapons, in that she can change the color of the projectiles she fires to give them different traits and abilities, essentially acting as different ammunition types. The first and foremost of them is the Explosive Shot, which takes on the color red. Besides the change in color, the projectile will also be different from the normal Holy Shot by shifting the weight towards the front, reducing its piercing power but giving it a powerful impact. It will still fly at the same speed and for the same distance, and still cannot be redirected. The power of this shot arrives on detonation, either when it hits the first solid thing in its path or is manually detonated by June. It will self-destruct and release all of the energy within itself into a massive explosion spanning up to 15 meters in every direction, with more damage being dealt the closer to the center something is. In addition, the explosion will spawn fires on anything remotely flammable within the blast radius, which are difficult to put out by normal means. These shots add 18% heat to June's crosses, but as with the Holy Shot can be reduced by sacrificing the power of the attack, cutting down the explosive power and blast radius.

  • Stasis Shot — This projectile takes on a completely different shape, appearing as a comet with a tail, blue in color. This shot moves slightly slower than the Mach speed of the previous attacks, and actually causes no damage to anything it hits. However, it comes with the dangerous implication to stun opponents. When this projectile is fired off, it moves straight forward up to 500 meters away, until hits something solid or is manually detonated by June. When that happens, the projectile immediately stops and releases a blue flash, before inversing after a fraction of a second and sucking towards its center any substance within 10 meters with a ridiculous force that falls off the further away one is. Being point blank with the singularity that is created is considered being within its 'point of no return', making escape from the spot nearly impossible. Minor damage can be caused from the substance attempting to be forced into a single point, but nothing major. This singularity will last for only three seconds before dissipating. This type of projectile was clearly intended for use against enemies who have strong defenses, but are less likely to evade attacks. Unfortunately, these projectiles have a cost of 18% heat, and this cost cannot be reduced like the rest. It is a specialized projectile for a specific case.

  • Homing Shot — Taking on the color green and being in the shape of a small disc, the Homing Shot is the inverse of the Stasis Shot because it was intended for evasive targets with lower defenses, rather than slower targets with tough defenses. This projectile may be the weakest of the bunch in causing damage, but it will still pack a punch when it hits by slicing through enemies like a steel saw... made out of lava. This shot is fired by June at the same time she makes eye contact with the specific point that she wants it to hit; from there, the disc races out at half the speed of sound and hones in on that spot. Like a magic missile, it will attempt to redirect itself always toward that spot, and avoid obstacles in its way; however, if it can not find a way through then it will simply try to get as close as possible. This projectile has no time or distance limit on it, so it can't be outrun. The reason for this is because the Homing Shot has another ability that draws in the spiritual energy in the air around it to itself, not only sustaining itself but strengthening itself—every post the projectile spends without hitting anything causes it to double in size and power. Like the Stasis Shots, though, these attacks add 20% heat and cannot be reduced.

  • Flare Shot — This is not really an attack, but a utility of June's spirit weapon that can assist with combat as well. Taking on the color yellow and being nothing more than a small yellow sphere in shape, the Flare Shot is meant to disrupt the battlefield or else create long distance signals. This projectile moves incredibly slowly compared to all the others, and lasts for one to three posts at the discretion of June. While this projectile is in flight it will give off an overwhelmingly bright golden light in all directions that will blind enemies if it can reach their eyes from any angle, while also lighting up the area irregardless of how dark it is. The heat that is created from this shot depends on the number of posts that it is kept active; 1% for every post.

» Other Abilities:

  • God Step — The God Step, otherwise known as Hirenkyaku, is the Quincy's high speed movement technique. It requires little thought and is quickly pulled off, just like the Flash Step of a Shinigami or the Sonido of an Arrancar; though there are some distinct differences between them. As Quincy are a race of utilizing the power around them rather than within, they instead build a platform of reishi beneath their feet that they can control, moving them around at will through the air. With this, the Quincy can push the platform around at faster than sonic speeds, so that the naked eye has a difficult time keeping up with them. While moving at top speed, it will seem as if they are completely invisible because they never stay in one place long enough. Beyond that, the God Step also grants a Quincy the ability to fly freely or float, which is something that cannot be done by other high speed movement techniques. And even better, the God Step is silent because it does not actually require the user to touch any surfaces. In comparison, there is not much of a drawback for these bonuses, but that just means that movement is one of the areas Quincy are stronger than others in.

  • Blut — Blut is an advanced Quincy ability that comes in two forms (Vene and Arterie) that allows an otherwise human body to fight on par with Captain-level Shinigami and other equally powerful beings step for step. Using Blut, a Quincy can go hand-to-hand even with Bankai, making it incredibly powerful. It is performed by causing spiritual energy to flow through the bloodstream of their own body, and thus contains one major flaw. The two forms of Blut are mutually exclusive, and cannot be used in unison. So, a Quincy can use Blut Vene to gain inhuman defensive capabilities, but be unable to dish out much offense, and vice versa. June, as a pure-blood Quincy, was born with this ability inherently, and has mastered both forms. Switching between the two forms for her can occur as quickly as an inhalation.

    Blut Vene, the defensive aspect of Blut, hardens every cell in June's body to resist all forms of physical and energetic assault. Spread evenly throughout her body, there is no weak point to take advantage of, as the skin will be as hard as her hair which will be as hard as her lungs which will be as hard as her skin. There is no area where a blade will be able to slice through easier than in another area; and all of these areas will by hyper-concentrated with spiritual energy that transforms her body into something like a Bankai in its own right, with a focus on defense.

    Blut Arterie, the inverse, is the offensive aspect of Blut, and surges through the body and heighten June's speed and strength to the level of a Captain or equally-powerful being. Her strikes can level hills, smash buildings, and plow through the earth, while she can move any muscle in her body at a consistent Mach speed with total control. As an additional bonus, the spiritual energy will flow through the guns as an extension of herself, allowing her to use them as melee weapons in their own right. They will hit far harder than her fists or legs ever can.

  • Shadowstalk — Further exemplifying June's focus on mobility, while also displaying the darker side of her powers with an affinity for the shadows, she possesses a second high-speed movement technique while under the shroud of darkness. When in the shade, June becomes far more elusive, making opponents question her reality even. In the darkness, June's movements become unpredictable, and much swifter than the speed of sound, while managing to be perfectly silent. The darker it is, the faster she goes, so that in pitch darkness her movement is instantaneous. Her body will also become translucent, causing her to blend into the background and be even more difficult to keep track of. Furthermore is June's ability to make parts of her body ethereal, so that she can travel through physical obstacles or cause physical attacks to travel through her. She's been known to fade into the ground and pop up within some under shadow elsewhere. So long as she remains in darkness, she possesses this ability; but if it is too bright, it is lost.

  • Parallel Planar Storage — While you'd never be able to tell normally, there are powerful seals embedded into the soft fabric of June's gloves, spanning the entire palm with various symbols and markings all centered around a focal point within her grasp. These seals are not visible until used, by either storing away or pulling out objects from a space of infinite storage, all at June's will. It works by breaking objects down into their base particles, and then pulling them into the center of the seal where a small rift lies, waiting to bring the particles into another realm within the seal. Then, when June requires the object back, she merely imagines it and calls it out through the same portal where it is reconstructed from the particles. Unfortunately, no single object with greater mass than two times herself can be stored in the seal, even though there is enough space for it; it won't fit through the rift. This is generally where her Ginto is stored, as well as food and drink, and any other personal devices. This ability cannot be used to catch attacks and seal them away—it was not created to handle that kind of situation.

  • Nobody — June Kurosawa, or so she calls herself, has a powerful suggestive ability that messes with the memories of those who look into her eyes. One look is all it takes, and the spell is cast, causing those who look upon her to mistake her identity. She can cause people to think she is an entirely different person than she really is and go along with whatever name she gives them, without needing to change a single feature about her. Even should they have known her for all her life, a single glance can cause them to believe otherwise. Whenever someone tries to make the connection between the real and fake, this mental influence will prevent them from being able to make it, no matter how similar the two instances are. June can freely induce and terminate this influence upon anyone so long as they are looking into her eyes. (Note: This is a Plot Device ability; unless you have an extremely good reason why you don't want this to apply, or wish to be part of the plot, then please don't ignore this.)

  • Aishadou — The average human reaction speed is listed to be from 150 to 300 milliseconds, in that the time it takes for the senses to convey information to the mind, and then send an impulse back to cause the body to react... takes on average 150 to 300 milliseconds to occur. The Aishadou defies that, and grants June a new and improved nervous system that allows for incredible nerve impulse speed, as well as granting vision beyond the ordinary. June's advanced synapses can send the necessary signals throughout the body with ease, allowing for a reaction speed from 10 to 12 milliseconds depending on the part of the body that needs to move. This makes it so that June can react to any situation almost instantly as it occurs, and perform a multitude of tasks at once without a hassle as normal humans can sometimes find. Moreso, the Aishadou eyes themselves grant June a new view on the world that's cleaner and sleeker: Colors are rich and everything can be scrutinized to immense detail, so that she can analyze even the individual faces of a grain of dust while it is floating through the air. The wavelength of the eye is expansive enough to include rays of infrared and ultraviolet, and can hyper adjust to any environment whether it be blindingly bright, eerily dark, shrouded in smoke, and et cetera. And furthermore, the Aishadou possesses a grander field of view which can see in an arc of 180 degrees in front of June, when unimpeded. When activated, June's green eyes adopt a trio of tomoe each, that swirl around the eyes for a moment before falling still. This does not come without its cost, as utilizing these eyes will constantly drain the energy from June's body in exchange for the improved vision. Additionally, the disjointed perception and the rapid change between the two can be quite disorienting if overused within the span of a week or so, causing June's hand-eye coordination to fall off harder the more she abuses this power.

» Other Equipment:

  • Gintō: Saundo — As some Quincy are to do, June Kurosawa utilizes tools known as Gintō, which contain specific types of spiritual energy within their metal casings, which she can activate and manipulate with her own power, even should she be unable to utilize her other Quincy abilities. June's Gintō in specific are shaped like bullet casings so that they may fit into her Spirit Weapons as ammunition and be fired on the tip of her Holy Shots. They can be activated manually from a distance, by touch, or by them being crushed or broken. Saundo, or Sound, is the essence of sound. It contains within it a nondescript, but incredibly loud and powerful sound that can be released over a duration or all at once, in certain directions or enclosed spaces, at June's discretion. The sonic waves are easily enough to deafen and damage the inner ear of foes, incapacitating them from the sheer pain it causes. When the sound is contained in one single boom, the damage is enough to affect the environment physically, blowing objects back violently and shattering fragile materials with ease. At maximum, the strength of this sound can carry it effectively a hundred meters in every direction, and can last up to two posts maximum. The shorter and smaller the area of effect, the stronger the effects.

  • Gintō: Yōso — Yōso, or element, is a unique Gintō that comes in several different types itself: Freeze, Shock, and Gust. Each type pertains to an element that can be released from the casing and then manipulated in various ways by June, as she had control over that element in general; however it will only affect the amount contained within the Gintō. Thankfully, the element is compressed greatly, allowing for the manipulation of an amount many many times more than the container itself. Freeze of course pertains to Ice, Shock is to electricity, and Gust is to wind. After five posts, the Gintō's energy wears off, and the element can no longer be manipulated.

  • Gintō: Dāku — Dāku means Dark, and as expected is a Gintō designed just to create that. When activated, a black substance will be released like a thick smog, robbing areas that it touches of any sort of light. But beyond that, not only does it consume like, but all other methods of sensory will be unable to peer into this unnatural darkness, as if it were simply a void. This has side effects on those trapped within the darkness, causing their nervous system to go haywire. Not only will their senses be unable to work properly, but coordinated movement will be nearly impossible as well. Due to the fact that the power of the Gintō is June's, though, this will not affect her in any such way. This smog can expand very swiftly, filling up a large room or hallway in a few seconds, and lingering for two to three posts. Once it is outside the Gintō case though, it cannot be manipulated further.

  • Gintō: Taiho — Taiho, or Arrest, is a Gintō containing a powerful seal, which can be applied to anything that is capable of self-movement. It requires contact with that object or entity, before it releases its energy throughout their form to suspend all action as rigid lines spread along the outermost surface. Not only does it prevent movement from the object, but it restricts the circulation of spiritual energy, thus preventing the use of abilities that require it. This does not prevent thought nor other electrical signals such as those in the nervous system within their body, nor the actions of an inner spirit. As the Gintō runs on a limited energy source, it does mean that this suspension is not permanent, unless there is no resistance. For as long as the sealed entity tries to fight the bonds, the timer of this seal will tick down within two to three posts in combat. But otherwise, last until released.

  • Gintō: Dorōn — Dorōn, or Drone, creates an entity of itself, using the Gintō casing as its body when it is activated. This entity synchronizes with June's mind but is able to act separately of her, and carries its own set of sight and spiritual detection. It can freely manipulate its own movement through the air at the same speed as June, and it can also attack targets with weakened Holy Shots. It is however fairly vulnerable and can be taken out in one attack in most cases, and otherwise only lasts up to five posts in combat.

  • Gintō: Hikitsukeru — This is Hikitsukeru, or Attract, and it is a Gintō that when activated creates a singularity that pulls in any or all objects toward its center. What it attracts depends on June's discretion when the object is used, but once set, it cannot be changed. For up to two posts, the Gintō hovers wherever it was activated and strongly attracts the designated objects whether they be a person or an attack or something else. It has a powerful pull that grows stronger the closer one is, and a point of no return at any space within five feet—unfortunately it has an activation delay of three seconds so that it cannot be used to trap foes instantly. The pull can affect objects at up to one-hundred meters away, but only with a fairly weak tug. FInally is the fate of anything that is sucked into the singularity, which will be compressed around the object and likely crushed, as more and more substance is pulled onto it. When completed, an explosion will take place with a strength depending on the amount of mass and energy caught. This Gintō is extremely difficult to create; it takes up to a full day before a new one can be made to replace a used one, so you'll only find one of these on her person at any given time.

  • Gintō: Seishi — Seishi, which in this instance means Stasis, is a strange and situational Gintō meant to be used on busy and populated areas to suspend them in time, so that June can work without disturbance in that area. It can span several city blocks in all directions, bringing matter to an absolute stop in that area so long as it cannot resist; therefore, only beings higher than tier 6-0 can move within the field of stasis, or otherwise be frozen. When frozen, whether it be a person or inanimate object, that object cannot be damaged—it is in a stasis and thus indestructible and unaffected by any abilities or outward influence, but it can be moved. For example: if a wall were to be in the stasis, no attack could break through it no matter how powerful. Unfortunately, a stasis can only last for a dozen or so minutes before the effect fades, and this Gintō is extremely difficult to create. It takes up to a month before a new one can be made to replace a used one, so this is only used sparingly.

  • Gintō: EMP — EMP is an acronym for Electro-Magnetic Pulse, and is a type of wave that is used to disable electronic devices. This Gintō creates a field of these types of waves that spans over a kilometer in every direction, scrambling electronics within range and rendering them effectively useless while the field remains. This EMP can be maintained for up to three posts before going down.

  • Medical Rejuvenation Vat — This is a massive piece of equipment created by June's mysterious organization and sent to her home where it mostly lies dormant. It is a massive tank able to fit her entire body, which is then hooked up to several tubes and wires that send her into a coma before filling up with a strange fluid. Altogether, the Vat is meant to heal June's body and spirit from any injuries over time, depending on their severity. A month is usually the most it'll take to heal wounds, though some that would be life-ending can cause the regeneration process to take longer. After that time comes up, the vat is drained and June is woken up fully rested and rejuvenated, if not a little queasy at first. This cannot be used to revive her is she dies, however. GIven the size of the equipment, however, and the large setup that is required for it, this cannot be moved without breaking.


» Vollständig Name: Susanowa (He with the ability to help by all means)

» Vollständig Appearance: Unlike most Quincy Vollständig forms, June's ultimate form is far more than a power boost and set of spiritual armor. Susanowa is a massive humanoid entity made of dark energy, surrounding her form to protect her from all harm. From fierce, translucent, dark midnight blue energy, this colossus forms from the inside out, eventually evolving into an imposing one-hundred meter entity with four arms, though the full majesty of Susanowa is rarely seen. To describe this form, it is easier to go through the different stages; it begins with a mere rib-cage made of this violet energy, which very loosely surrounds June's form as she moves, and also possesses a thin film of the same energy in between the bones as a barrier. Susanowa expands from here, growing more bones until the entire skeletal structure of its upper body is formed, but not the lower body. The initial size of the rib cage increases as more and more of the guardian deity is formed, leaving a large amount of room within for June to move in. The film will also expand alongside the structure like skin. As Susanowa transitions into the next stage, it begins to grow muscle that is made out of the same energy, but can still be differentiated from the bones. This flesh fills out a lot of the empty space between the bones, but no organs are seen to be created within the hearth of its form. Instead of eyes, glowing white orbs fill a minor part of the void within the skull. And atop its head, long hair is formed, seemingly brushed back and lacking bangs. Although the lower body remains to be unformed, the entity clearly is male. After this transformation, it can clearly be seen how close this entity is to appearing as a human. In its final stage, its two arms split into four, just before clothing begins to form around him to conceal its flesh, but still June can be seen within as it is made of the same translucent energy.  The clothing looks very much like traditional japanese robes wrapped tightly around him, covering nearly the entire upper body. The robe's sleeves end at the wrist, but are loose there. Additionally, additional fabric is formed around his head to cover all of it except for one small slit made for the eyes. Then, pieces of spiked armor for the shoulders and forearms are created to complete that look. The lower body will have also formed, though it cannot be seen unless June rises from the ground and causes Susanowa to rise with her, as normally the legs remain inside the ground. The robe is drawn low enough to cover the guardian deities upper legs, but stop at the knees. Beneath that are a set of loose-fitting pants, and armored shoes with a spiked tip. A belt is wrapped around the waist to keep the clothing firm, lacking a buckle and instead simply tied at the front. One final thing to note is that in this final stage, Susanowa always seem to be burning with this energy, emanating blue flames constantly whether still or moving. This is from the high energy content no doubt.

» Vollständig Abilities: "He with the ability to help by all means", as Susanowa's literal meaning is defined as, is very accurate to its capability. Do not think of this form as just an enhancer to June's abilities, but an entity of itself—and June calls upon it to assist in the most dire of situations, irregardless of the cost that it brings her. It protects her, fights for her, and brings the solution to issues June otherwise could not solve by herself. Susanowa should be considered as a spirit in its own right, possessing its own consciousness and will. It can act and react independently of June, and even fight for her when she goes down herself. However, seemingly contraire, he is tied to June's being and will die as she dies. It's mind is linked to hers so that they see each others' thoughts and can act in synchronization. They possess a strong bond developed through combat and meditation over their life times. As a person, Susanowa strongly cares for June despite her questionable beliefs and methods—he only wishes to see her succeed and prosper. For something to ever turn the beast against her, it would have to be very strong in order to counteract the fierce loyalty he has. Often times, even if Susanowa himself believes something is wrong, he will silently obey June's every command, especially when she is so passionate. It is hard to tell that the two have separate consciousness, all things considered.

So what does Susanowa actually bring June? It varies and expands the more that his body is formed. This is a very loose form, in that it is much easier than the average Vollständig to activate, but does not need to be fully unleashed in order to use it. This means that the form is gradually unlocked stage by stage, growing stronger for each part that is developed. It begins with the mere rib cage, which is the basest form of Susanowa. From there, the rest of the upper body is created, just as "flesh begins to grow as well. Finally, the form can complete when the lower body is created, and it is all finished up with apparel that gives it a warrior-esque appearance. While in this form, June's powers are enhanced, but she is no longer the only one fighting. Susanowa provides his own powers and weapons, as well as a separate and vast tank of energy. The cost? June's own life force pays the price in order to keep Susanowa active... it is negligible and unnoticeable at first, and minor usage of the Vollständig will not be harmful. However, as she continues to use him, her insides start to become weak and deteriorate, rotting her from the inside out. Susanowa is so powerful that people consider June to be invincible while in this form, yet it is Susanowa himself that is killing her instead. Eventually, he will turn her into but dust if she overuses him, and that is the cost of Susanowa, He with the ability to help by all means.

  • Spirit Armor — One of Susanowa's defining aspects is its absolutely incredible defensive power; a body which refuses to let any harmful force enter within where June resides. Susanowa is extremely rich in spiritual energy, and it concentrates most of that into itself as a sort of armor that trumps nearly any attack by simply overwhelming it. Often times, foes will prefer to simply stall the fight out and have Susanowa erode away at June than try to break through, as it is truly that difficult. It would require an extremely powerful attack with a very concentrated target to hit Susanowa perfectly, without interference or evasion. You need almost a god's power to injure anything protected by this Spirit Armor, and there are only a handful of people in the known existence with that kind of capability. And since even piercing through the armor would reduce the strength of the attack so much that it could barely injure June within, it would take so long to take her out that it's almost always better to let Susanowa deal the damage. One thing to note, though, is that even June is dying, Susanowa's strength will not dwindle down with her—he will always be at the same strength irregardless of her state, and defend her until her dying breath. Another thing to note would be that since she can easily activate and deactivate him at will, that constant pressure is required to keep Susanowa active. You cannot just hide the entire time in the hopes of having her being worn down; she will simply bring the armor back down. As this is a spiritual entity, the armor can easily repair itself with the surrounding spiritual energy, or with its own energy.

  • Incredible Strength — It is almost needless to say considering Susanowa's great size, but he possesses monstrous strength. Nearly equaling his defensive power with this offensive power, Susanowa can smash through tough defenses with a few or even one basic strike; or if that doesn't work, attempt to throw his entire body into it. Not only is his strength great enough to shatter nearly any barrier, but the excessive force of his blows will cause collateral damage that transform the landscape using invisible shockwaves. Earthquakes and tsunamis are a common sight in fights where Susanowa is involved, and one could say that this beast stronger than nature itself when it comes to destruction. Susanowa's speed is nothing to laugh at either; though his position is tied to June, the movement of his arms surpass the sound barrier, further amplifying the power behind his physical attacks at full speed. Then combine that with the multi-ton weight of Susanowa, and you get a good image of the damage he can truly cause. Even those of zero tier should beware of being caught by one of his fists, for it could end a person that quickly.

  • Dark Surge — Susanowa has the ability to unleash an element very similar to that of what Quincy Bolts seem to be made of, but are on the opposite side of the light spectrum with complete darkness. In the form of homing missiles, spikes, lasers, or bombs, from any part of the body Susanowa can release the Dark Surge. There are not many properties that differentiate it from June's own attacks with her spirit weapon, besides being ultimately stronger: However, Dark Surge has dark capabilities that are subtle but deadly. The property that makes it the terrifying force it is is the Eradication trait, which the element will apply to anything it strikes. A poisonous force will be released into that which touches it, spreading slowly like a fire would down a match, slowly transforming everything the miasma reaches into what is known as a dead particle. Dead matter is a waste substance resulting from any type of matter that has its every attribute stripped away, so that is nothing but an black ooze. This state is completely irreversible—dead matter cannot be restored to its former form; it no longer responds to any energy or powers; and it cannot be used as a fuel in any way. However, that does not make the lost matter incapable of being reproduced; a person with a injury caused by this will be able to restore it to good condition with today's technology in any medical institute—achieving this in combat however will be nearly impossible and time consuming. The Dark Surge will spread this destruction from the contact point for a limited distance based on the amount of power stored within an attack, corrupting and destroying anything in its path. It is extremely slow, but it always gets the job done. One note to make is that the poison spreads through proximity, meaning that it must be touching whatever it is spreading to. Don't forget that it is not exempt from moving through liquids, air, plasmas, and even energy... but it can be seen quite easily and isn't fast. The main issue it poses is zone control, and its flawless effectiveness against stationary defenses. When seen in an object, the dark surge blackens everything that it spreads to before turning it to dark matter. In the water it appears as more of an ink. And in the air, it is like a black mist. Energy and plasma disappears almost instantly upon contact with the Dark Pulse, so it is hard to tell how it reacts with it. Due to this, the Dark Pulse can be manipulated into the form of a shield to be used defensively just as well as it can be used offensively. The Dark Pulse will fade if it gets too far from its origin point, lingering within its zone of control for several posts before vanishing entirely. The only exception to this is if Susanowa himself terminates the essence.

  • Barisuta, the Earthsplitter — Susanowa's signature weapon is a massive crossbow fit for a colossus of such a size as he. It is forged of the same energy that he himself is made of, though thicker and richer—tougher to break than his own armor. With his bottom right hand he holds the grip of Barisuta, while his bottom right cups the forend to aim. His two upper hands are use to summon the powerful bolts for the crossbow, and load it in with such strength that a stalk is not needed. Attacking with the Dark Surge is simple and fast, but it is Barisuta that Susanowa's most powerful attacks come from. One bolt loosed from this legendary firearm can split the land wide for a dozen miles, creating a small valley through the land that desecrates everything in its path. Even just being beside the path of the projectile as it flies by is dangerous, as the land will shift and powerful winds will blast out across either side to knock everything aside, using just collateral force. The bolt seems to be made of the Dark Pulse element, utilizing an amplified version of the poison within. Even as the arrow flies, it will devour the wind so that it flies straight and true. And the trail that follows behind it will reek of the poison and consume those unfortunate to get too close. And of course, the attacks are the most deadly when it strikes foes directly, nearly instantly turning them completely into dead matter before blasting them into thousands of droplets throughout the air. For such finality, the weapon pays for it in its slow firing speed, and requiring all four arms to utilize correctly. Loading a single arrow can take an entire post from the Barisuta, while aiming and firing can take another post on its own. Not to mention, it is fairly obvious where the attack will go when fired.

  • Nexus For World's Twilight — The darkness spreads in more ways that one, and such is the World's Twilight ability: While Susanowa is anchored to the ground, he will emit his energy through it from the surface to deep beneath, expanding it outwards for up to several miles, though taking a good deal of time to fully reach its limits. This ability is generally invisible to anyone without a sense of spiritual energy, and does actually require focus to see even if one does. While in the midst of combat, it will be too difficult to realize the presence of such a darkness. This energy is usually latent, though at any time Susanowa can activate abilities from it at will. With World's Twilight, he can create and manipulate living shadows, entities devoid of light that take on the silhouette of figures that may be familiar or just plain random. These forms truly have no set form, and can warp their bodies wildly in order to strike their foes. This also makes them incredibly difficult to counter-attack, though obviously these beings have an inherent weakness to light-based abilities. More so, these living shadows, if modeled after a certain being, may replicate one simple ability or perhaps a weapon they carry, making them drastically weaker versions of the beings they try to imitate. Also with World's Twilight, Susanowa can create up to five other copies of his self (not including June). However, this ability requires both himself and the copies to be stationary, easy targets. These copies are rather perfect, being just as strong and deadly as the original, and hard to destroy. They also share information such as a hivemind, acting in unison and sensing that which each other senses. They are not immortal, meaning that once one of these copies is destroyed, it cannot immediately come back; it cannot be used against for the remainder of the topic, requiring a good deal of rest from June in order to be reincarnated. And of course, one drastic weakness is that this amplifies the drain of life force from the host while in use due to using multiple Susanowa.

» June's Abilities in Vollständig:

  • Izanagi — While June hasn't come to realize it yet, there is a wealth of incredible power within those eyes of hers; and, while she hasn't mastered it yet nor even came close, Izanagi displays just what kind of absurd power the Aishadou possesses. June has the ability to completely undo death, and rejuvenate her body into a perfectly healthy state even after she has already been killed. The single cost... is complete blindness in one of her eyes. Each time this ability is used, one of June's eyes will become blind; and if both go blind at once, she will forever lose her Aishadou powers, as well as her Susanowa companion. Not only does it cut off those powers, but it will prevent her from ever being able to use all the latent power still undiscovered... a hefty cost. However, for as long as one eye remains active, the other can be healed. As June slays powerful enemies, she collects their souls—they do not become pluses, they do not follow the natural cycles in place, they do not escape her: When June kills a person, their soul is locked away within her. If a great wealth of souls are collected, whether by quality or quantity (equivalent to her own tier), she can consume them with her Aishadou to bring it back to full function. It is only in her Vollstandig form that she collects souls and can use Izanagi, however.


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» Where did it all go wrong? When could such a young lady aim the barrel of a gun at someone she once considered a friend, and fire without hesitation? Not a tear nor emotion was shown as she executed her comrade, simply because they got in the way. Even afterward, she would have to question herself about her actions; did she even feel guilt over the murder? She couldn't even tell anymore. There's not a day in June Kurosawa's life that goes by where she does not ask herself if she's doing the right thing. In the end, she always manages to assure herself that she is, that this is for the betterment of human society, and that in the end, all of her sins will be cleansed and everything will be worth it. She was promised that when she completed her grand mission, she would achieve ultimate release. She did not know exactly what that meant, but she knew it was what she was looking for in life. And if people got in her way of carrying out her mission, then they were nothing but enemies to her; nothing would get in the way of her and her goal. Even if the only one who will stand by her side is Susanowa, then so be it, 'til the very end.

June Kurosawa's origins are muddled in the darkness; she herself certainly does not recall much of her childhood, nor does she remember her family. She only knows that they created her and that they loved her... or so that's what she was told. The earliest time in her life that she can remember is as an orphan: The bright red and green letters that spelled out "Eve's Garden" on the front, with full bolded capitals. The floor that looked like it was a field of grass, and paintings of trees on the walls. The fan that was always on in the corner of the room that allowed her to imagine that she was outside. There were a lot of others like her here, it once made her believe that having no parents was a rather common thing. She was not a sad person, in fact, because she never truly knew how it felt to have those parental figures watching over her and taking care of her. The caretaker was as close as she ever got to it, and that was good enough. This was a pleasant little home that June was able make it through in because she got used to it. So she made due, making the best out of it by trying to get along with the other children despite her shyness. A lot of them were sad about their predicament, because they missed their parents. June didn't get along well with them, as she just couldn't understand it. It was those like her, who had never gotten to know any other life, that bonded well. There was one in specific, a boy named Jin Yoshida, who stood out from all the rest. He was a rebel.

Now while the both of them were far far too young to have developed that chemical reaction known as love, there was certainly an instant connection between the two. He was the "cool kid" who liked to have a little fun, even if it was against the rules. She liked his way, and often followed him on his escapades that she never would have done before. Together they were a rather diabolical duo, and did cause a bit of trouble for the orphanage's staff, but they had a lot of fun while doing so. With him, June could laugh out loud and feel the rush of adrenaline. He was showing her a whole new world, teaching her how to stretch the rules a bit in order to have a blast of a time. And she would serve as a reliable partner in crime should he ever need one, in such adventures as a heist of cookies or getting onto the roof of the orphanage. They quickly became best friends, Jin and June. And soon their lives would change greatly as strange things began to occur. His name was Aron, and he came to the orphanage without the usual announcement. He was a child just like them, and yet he didn't really interact with anybody—it inspired both June and Jin to go over and speak with him to see what's up, and he started out by expressing his surprise at being seen.

It took a while, but eventually they realized that they were dealing with no ordinary child. This boy was a plus, anchored to the orphanage for some strange reason, and no one but them could see him. Aron said he'd been here for a while, but ever since a tragic accident hadn't been able to talk to anyone. In truth, all three wondered why they were able to see Aron now of all times, when he'd been here every day for the past month without acknowledgement. It was a mystery, but honestly after getting to know each other, they didn't worry over it for much longer. Instead, Jin and June welcomed Aron into their group to make it a trio, though the transition was awkward. The boy could move through walls and disappear from view one moment before appearing instantly in another. He could even fly through the air without any help at all, and it all was quite surprising to mere human children who had only heard of this kind of stuff in ghost stories. And it only grew stranger from there—Aron was not the only spirit they saw just wandering around, unseen by anyone but them. It was hard for June to adjust to this, becoming spiritually aware and seeing a whole new world. But, at the same time it was exciting and fresh, adding an entirely new dimension to the life of an orphan. It was unfortunate that they would soon learn that spirits could be as evil as they could be friendly...

Hollows, the other side of the spectrum, would be introduced into June's life in a very violent manner; this was not just the typical run-by attack by one of those empty souls—it was an organized strike by the beasts, working together to slaughter and devour. In moments, June and Jin lives would be turned on their head as a great attack came down upon Eve's Garden. It was such a one-sided slaughter, with the Hollows moving unseen and slaying powerless humans. The orphans June had gotten to know would die in a flash, and even Aron would not make it out alive, as she witnessed the Plus eaten by one of the monsters. The memories would become fuzzy here, recalling that she had split up from Jin in all of the chaos but didn't remember when or how. She ran and hid, but she could hear the monsters trailing right behind her. The closer they got, the weaker she felt, and she felt like she was going to go unconscious. There was one last clear memory of seeing the face of the Hollow, before she finally gave in to the strange pressure; blacking out.

» Memories of a past life. In history there are periods of time unrecorded by any documents, either because they were destroyed or because no one had the opportunity to transcribe them. These were known as dark ages, and they were heavily shrouded in mystery. This same concept applied to June: There is a period in her life following the Hollow attack that she cannot quite remember. The separation between that black out in her childhood and the next instance of time she can remember was quite large, making the two parts seem very distant from each other. It was almost as though her childhood was just a long dream, and she had woken up to reality just recently. Here, she was different, no longer a weak little child. She woke up to discover that she had been taken care of by a mysterious but generous benefactor, who never spoke in person to June, instead preferring telecommunication. He would try his best to explain everything that had happened in the past; how he had rescued her from the attack of the Hollows before they captured her, and brought her to a medical facility where she would recover. He told her that he had taken her in to his custody and made sure to educate her to the best of his ability. He even seemed to know of June's past family and explained that, unfortunately, they had been killed.

It was when her family was brought up that the benefactor would deliver onto her his manifesto: He ran an organization that sought for world peace and the removal of all those who threatened that. He explained how June's parents were killed in the crossfire of Earth's wars and the demonstrable beings that fought them. And her parents were not the only ones who paid the price for such things—families across the globe suffered every day because they were just cattle amidst the plane of super-powered beings who were reckless with their gifts. He said, it would be up to his organization to intervene. They would use their powers against them, and with final surge of bloodshed, put an end to the chaos once and for all. It was very delicately put, but eventually he would push the point through that it would take violence to end violence. At the end of his tirade that he extended an invitation to the blonde-haired girl to join, to fight for the memory of her parents and for the families of those who would end up victims of the future wars.

There was a rising feeling that took a hold of June that moment and day, as though his words had riled her up and made her angry at all those who would cause wars. She had sudden sadness at the loss of her family so long ago, missing them and blaming war for their deaths; which was not quite something she'd felt before. She felt like a different person than she used to be as a child, more alive and emotional than before. This benefactor of hers had already done so much for her by his word, and she had the desire to believe in his organization's cause. It may have seemed strange, but it truly felt like the right thing to do at the time. She would accept his invitation and become a member of this organization, much to her benefactor's pleasure. It was then that he revealed that he had done more for her than even she originally was led to believe. In order to fight those with powers, one needed to have powers of their own, which is why he had given her incredible abilities beyond what the average human being was capable of. Because June had unlocked the way to the spiritual world, allowing her to see all of the souls that were hidden from the world, he was able to impart to her the ability to manipulate the energies of the spirits into weapons and defenses. He called her a Quincy.

» Identity Crisis. Once upon a time, June was schooled at 'home', where her benefactor felt fit to keep her. It was an abandoned residence that had everything she needed to make due, to survive and communicate with him. He had taught her much over the years even though she couldn't remember the actual education. She seemed to possess knowledge, but couldn't recall how she received it, thus attributing it to mere memory loss. How these memories had vanished was still a mystery to June, but she spoke nothing of it. Just go with the flow. Yet still, the benefactor admitted that he would not be able  to give her the full education a student at school could ever gain, and so he felt it was best to send her to a nearby academy. This was when June discovered that she was no where near where she had been in her past life; this place was the land of China, in a city whose surface did not capture the grandeur that lied beneath. It was known for the great Hephaestus Academy, the school for the spiritually-powered. While June was certainly not advanced enough to be accepted into this level and class of education yet, she knew that this was where she would be headed soon, and she kept that in mind: Her benefactor had the best in mind for her.

And so began her first days in public education in the middle schools above ground. It began... very averagely. While June was part of an organization with a grander purpose, here she was as a simple girl in school, going to classes and learning about the basics. She didn't speak of her benefactor or of her role in his plans, but she elected to simply be a normal student during the day. As for the night, it was a whole different story; June would learn a completely different set of lessons, such as how the organization worked and what she would be doing in the midst of all this. These were just the beginnings of June's new life, learning first before performing. It was quite like living two separate lives, one as a simple little girl, and one as a agent for the new regime. And the more this continued to be the case, her personality would seem to split in order to accentuate it. She perfected the act of innocence and fitting in, like one nobody would ever suspect; but beneath the surface an efficient servant was being crafted and molded by her benefactor. She would be his weapon in the future, brought up as a child to carry out his agenda swiftly and impressively. That of course meant that June would have her Quincy skills honed during this time as well, as the benefactor sent other members of his organization over to her to help train her.

This is where her inner potential began to become know; why the benefactor chose her out of everyone to be his weapon. For each time someone was sent over to assist in her combat training, she would very easily surpass them in a short amount of time. Stronger and stronger representatives would try to mentor her, but they would always become irrelevant quickly, with June's prowess evolving faster than he has ever seen before. Sooner than later, June's latent Aishadou eyes would come to fruition, transforming her into a monster of power, much to the benefactor's delight. There were no more who could help her evolve her powers from here, leaving only June alone who could advance herself from here. It was time to start sending her on missions on behalf of the organization, for her benefactor had confidence in June that she would not fail him. It was the unlocking of the Aishadou eyes that changed something within her, finally transforming her into the perfect agent, separate from her emotions. Her life under the organization would become her true self, while the life as an average student would be but an act.

June would enter her last year of middle school, and by this point she was a trained killer. It did not seem strange to her; the people she murdered were villains, so she was told. They were enemies of the new regime and they were in the way. But how did it get to this? The changes within were so gradual that she didn't even notice. And her past life seemed more and more like a dream the further she aged away from it. She was effectively being separated from that version of herself, thanks to the benefactor. However, despite how flawless this transition seemed to be, there was one instance that would threaten to break her out of the monster she's become—one who would shake the foundations. As she was coming towards the end of her school year, she would be sent out on a mission to execute a rogue agent of the organization. Apparently someone had rebelled against the benefactor's wishes and now had their secrets on his person, which was a huge risk for them that could shatter everything they worked for. June would hunt down this rogue and blast him from behind as he tried to flee, without a single moment's hesitation. It was an incredibly easy task that she didn't give a second thought to.

And then, when she recovered the body, she discovered that his face was one she recognized. This was the face of Jin Yoshida, the boy from her past in Eve's Garden. That perfect resolve faltered that day... she would bury the body as instructed by her benefactor and make sure there were no traces left of him, before returning home and reporting that the task had been done. However, deep within, something was born of June that now made her doubt every action she made. She fully gave herself to the cause of the organization, and she knew that anybody who threatened that was an enemy of hers, but still... she had murdered someone once her friend. She chooses still today to follow under the direction of the mysterious benefactor, but now is open to questioning his methods and her own actions. The next step onward is to finally go to Hephaestus Academy, where she will resume living her double life. And one day, she hopes to see a bright new world born of her actions.

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June is completed! Woowoowoowoo!

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June Kurosawa [Approved; 1-1]
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