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 Masked Knight -WIP-

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PostSubject: Masked Knight -WIP-   Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:04 pm

Guardian Beast Template


"I beg you, Arst... Arst, please! Remember me! Someone, REMEMBER ME!"

Name: Victor
Nicknames: Masked Knight, Black Enforcer, The Blur
Titles: Direct Servant of the Dawn King
Former Name: Ludger, Guardian of Memory
Translations: Victor, in the old Guardian Beast tongue, means simply "Lost". Ludger, meanwhile, is translated into "Memory". Both are unique names in the sense that Ludger was the only known 'Guardian Beast of Memory and Time', and as such, got the name Memory attached to him, while Victor is a self-chosen title instead of a normal Guardian Beast name.
True Age: Exact age unknown, multiple thousands of years possible
Gender: Male
Personality: Victor, the masked knight of the Dawn King, is a mysterious and distant man. He prefers not to let others get near him in emotion, and prefers having a professional relationship with everyone - even his enemies and worst adversaries are treated with respect, and distant, but honest friendliness. For the enemy of today may be the ally of tomorrow. The only person he seems to be close to is his own king - he's the only one in the entire Southern Kingdom who is said to have ever seen his face. Oddly enough, not many people even seem to realize that he is around or even exists - official documents and such of him do not seem to exist anywhere. If not for the direct word of the Dawn King, that alone would raise a few eyebrows - many wonder how Victor stays so relatively unknown, even while serving as the right-hand man of a king. That is, of course, partially intentional - keeping to himself and not even revealing his true name are his own decisions, and he stays as the shadow of the Dawn King.

Victor is not proud of his strength, but also not humble. He knows how strong he is, and what his weaknesses are, and accepts both. This makes him seem arrogant at times, but if he says he believes himself to be superior to someone, he really does with the information he has. Even then, he is far from confrontational, and seeks to avoid battles at all costs, even with sworn enemies of the kingdom. When the time comes, he strikes with brutal efficiency, and does not seem to enjoy fighting at all. For him, every single battle is a tool to be used, all to further the greatness and glory of his king.
As he dedicates his entire life to the Dawn King, the only way to get under Victor's skin is to insult his lord. He will demand all insults to be repaid in blood once angered, and can be a bit overzealous with what he sees as insults, which makes him look childish and overly emotional at times, in a jarring contrast to his usual calm and collected aura. His king is, once more, the only person who can calm down an angry Masked Knight - especially if Victor uses the full extend of his powers, be it to protect his king's honor or to defend the kingdom from an actual threat.

This great attachment to the Dawn King has it's origins within the past of Victor. He is a man who had everything taken from him, even his name, but who was given yet another chance to be with his greatest friend and give him the greatness he deserved. The Dawn King is the only part of his past that Victor can still cling onto, and the sadness in his heart comes from him having lost both his identity, and his young daughter in a war long past. After fighting as one of the greatest heroes, Victor was forgotten forever, and the same fate befell his daughter, whom only he can remember. When asked who the flowers are for that he regularly brings to the monument made for the ones that died during the Cubia War, his reply is always "The ones that were forgotten".
Because of the great lengths he went through to protect it, his homeworld - the Sugiura Dimension - is the most beautiful place he can imagine. He finds the human world and Soul Society to be terribly grey, lacking in color, defining features and any other things to enjoy with his superhuman senses - human food has nearly no taste, the air smells stale even in a lush forest, and the masses of common humans are like a black mass of fungus slowly crawling through the dark grey of the world. In short, he really, REALLY doesn't like the human world, and is not really all that fond of normal humans either, seeing their short-lived and forgetful lives as wasted opportunities and foolishness. He's a bit of a racist in that regard, and doesn't seem particularly interested in hiding that fact. Similarly, he doesn't hold much esteem for the human-beast hybrids known as Undead.

It is only when he is alone with his king that Victor feels at ease in the slightest, and stops acting like he has a stick up his behind that makes him act like a proper, if slightly racist and proud, knight. He is even known to smile and laugh only when with his friend and ruler, for he can forget part of his past pain when with him.

Speaking of the past, he was known as Ludger once. His personality varied greatly - as Ludger, he was an easy-going, but determined warrior, defender of the weak, and protector of all memories. As one of the best friends of Arst, the former identity of the Dawn King, he lived every moment to it's fullest, so that he may collect the best memories one could imagine. Towards his daughter, he always tried to be the best father imaginable. It is no far stretch to think that what ultimately 'broke' Ludger and gave birth to Victor was not him being forgotten, bu rather the death of his little girl. Even if he sometimes smiles and feels slightly happy - a full, bright smile and laugh have not been heard from Victor ever since her death.

The only thing that Victor truly hates and wishes to destroy is Cubia. Most Guardian Beasts probably share that notion simply because of the ruin and fall of the empire it brought over them, but for him, it is personal - Cubia killed his daughter and erased him, the Guardian of Memory, out of everyone else's memory out of sheer spite, not simply to defeat him. As a Guardian of something that is said to be eternal - Memory - he stands in direct opposition to the force that would destroy all traces of existence. And Victor has sworn to himself that one day, he will destroy Cubia at the side of the Dawn King for good - and break the curse on him, so that Arst and Ludger may once again be the brothers they once were...

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: None are directly visible, he is a humanoid Guardian Beast.
Appearance Age: Mid 20's
Height: 5'11"

Natural  Abilities

Natural Techinques:

  • Memory Slash: Victor infuses his dual daggers with the power of memories and attacks. If the daggers connect and draw blood, the victim suffers distorted memories and thoughts for a short while (usually around 2 posts).
  • Reverse Grip Style: A fighting style for dual daggers, in which Victor uses both of his bladed weapons in a reverse grip. A lot of blade spinning and stabs make this style both unusual and very deadly thanks to unpredictable movements.
  • Time Fang: Sends out a blue wave of energy from a swung dagger. If it manages to deal damage to the opponent, their speed will be halved for their next post. Can't be used on the same person again for at least five posts.
  • Hundred Stab: Victor uses supreme speed and time control to execute one hundred melee attacks against the opponent.
  • Ritual of Destruction: Victor stabs deep into his opponent and turns the other blade into the gun-mode, before firing twenty shots at the opponent in a cross-fashion, causing an explosion into the immobilized foe.

Natural Abilities:

  • Time Abyss: His natural affinity for time manipulation means that Victor will never die of old age, and his affinity for memory makes his memory 100% perfect - they never distort with time, and he never forgets anything.
  • Phantom Stranger: Victor's right half of his face, with the right eye as a center, has been cursed by the touch of Cubia. Everyone who looks into it and is NOT a celestial being will lose any memory of Victor they ever had, with or without the eye covered, the moment they see it and lose sight of him afterwards. It doesn't matter how well you knew him, or what you thought of him... All memory will be erased. As a side-effect, even with his eye covered up, all documents kept on the Masked Knight will mysteriously vanish with time, and photographs fade away within hours, even digitally made ones. Every attempt to restore the deleted memories will fail, even if others who remember him or he himself try to help. As one might guess, this curse means that whenever Victor fights seriously, he will be forgotten... One special mention towards fights: While fighting Victor, the opponent will not forget him. There is no offensive usage of this ability by going out of vision - it is strictly a negative curse without any upsides. Actual gods, and those close to being gods (in their being, not in their powerlevel) are immune to the curse, as their memories are preserved by the world itself.
  • Blurring Speed: Even while most of his power is suppressed under the mask he wears, his speed makes him appear as nothing but a black blur to the eyes of normal people. He moves fast enough that some people assume he has the ability to teleport. The incredible speed is part of his nature as a Time based Guardian Beast, as he manipulates time around himself to move in a faster 'time' than others. Doing so is an inherent ability and not a learned technique.
  • Superhuman Strength: Much like most Shinigami and Sugiura, Victor is physically stronger and hardier than a normal human.
  • Ominous Aura: A combination of his near-black aura of power and his creepy appearance, especially with his mask, makes people very unlikely to trust him, even with Zefonse of all people vouching for his trustworthiness.

Other Weapons: Victor carries dual daggers which can fuse and switch forms, but only once he removes his mask and lets his power flow freely.

Guardian Beast

Element: Time/Memory


Untainted Appearance: His normal, masked appearance equals to an Untainted form. While wearing his mask, the majority of his powers remain sealed away, but at the same time, his curse doesn't activate.
Untainted Abilities: See above in Natural Abilities and Techniques.


Unmasked Appearance:
Unmasked Abilities: First thing to note is that this form is actually Victor's 'baseline' form. The mask reduces his effective power by a lot to keep his curse in check. Technically, the only thing forcing him to ever put on his mask is his desire not to be forgotten by everyone.

  • Memory Wipe: The moment Victor uses his full powers, even people that do not see his cursed eye will slowly lose their memories of him. Unlike directly staring at his eye, this process can be slowed by simply having good memory, and partially reversed, but once all memories are gone, they can't be restored.
  • The Fading: Unlike his full power (see below), this form's curse does not erase memories outright. Instead, Victor's still existing memories fade out, much like they do for normal humans - so, just like a human, he might forget the sound of someone's voice, their face, or even their name, maybe even slightly twist his own memories of former events. The Fading is in effect whenever he fights unmasked, not simply by unmasking.


Ruin Appearance:
Release Phrase: World of Ruin
Ruin Abilities: Originally, Ruin form was simply the true form of Victor. However, since his memory powers were cursed by direct contact with Cubia, the true form of Victor has been twisted into what is known as 'Ruin Mode'. While the Ruin is active, Victor constantly burns away his own normally indestructible memories to fuel it. The curse is especially cruel - it erases memories throughout all of Victor's life, always taking small to big parts of important events. Since his memory is unfailing otherwise, this slowly drives him mad. All special attacks use memories as fuel, too. Also, his cursed eye effect is within all of his armor, meaning if you see his armored form at least once and are not somehow protected by celestial energy, you will lose all memories of Victor, with and without armor, soon after. Oddly enough, the time until the memories are deleted by this cursed form seem variable, as people are known to remember his armored self up until a full week before the memories slowly fade away forever. Memory Wipe functions as usual, and does not speed up or slow down.

  • Memory Armor: While Ruin Mode is active, it is very, VERY difficult to damage Victor. Instead, each hit that would break his armor and harm him instead destroys more of his memories, making him degrade faster and faster. To equate Memory Armor, it is on the level of high-end Hierro with self-repairing abilities, and should not be underestimated.
  • Mystic Arte: A mythical ability inherited by the original, strongest Guardian Beasts. Victor charges forward with his hammer-form weapon, creating a huge energy spike on the normal spike end, while calling forth a multitude of energy blasts from a portal over his left hand which he throws at his opponent with flowing movements of the hand to animate them. Afterwards, he throws his spear forward to skewer and destroy his opponent. Easily the strongest single attack Victor can use, it takes a great toll on his memory.
  • Burst Blasts: While in the Ruin form, Victor can accelerate his speed to reach levels where he is only slightly below lightspeed. In practice, this ability allows him to teleport by rapid transition, as well as use slashing and hammering attacks far faster than normal. Each burst blast requires memory as fuel, and two can be used per post at the most.
  • Six Hellish Prayers: Victor makes his hammer-spear float in front of himself, spinning in the air in a vertical position, while he stretches out his arms to the side and collects energy. His entire armor begins to glow red, before he pushes forth both of his hands past the spinning spear in front of himself while saying the name of the technique. Six energy spears shoot out from behind him into the air and attack the opponent from above at multiple angles. Can target more than one enemy by targeting different targets with each spear.
  • Crescendo of Madness: A combination-technique that changes depending on the weapon type. While in dagger mode, Victor dashes at his opponent at breakneck speed to deliver up to fifty slashes at once, each releasing a sizeable amount of energy in the process to blast his opponent into bits. In hammer-spear form, Victor stabs forth the spear end through the air up to thirty times to fire off energy blasts at his opponent from range, before dashing at them for a final energy-loaded hammer smash. In gun-mode, Victor charges his energy into four blasts of energy, which are fired two at a time, one from each gun. After the first two shots, he either repositions by jumping into the air, or he spins around and fires behind himself to enhance the first two blasts instead of creating a wider area with the second shots.
  • As Long As You Remember: Victor takes a specific one of his own memories that include an important person to himself, such as a family member or dear friend. Forging this memory into a single, effective power-source, he strikes a ball of energy with the hammer like a smith, 'smithing' it into a perfect replication of a signature attack move by his ally that is fired against his opponent, used by a ghostly image of his ally.
  • Memory Spikes: Unnamed energy blasts used by Victor and fueled by memory. With the daggers, they take the form of slashes, while the hammer throws exploding orbs by punching them forwards, the spear end creates energy spikes to skewer, and the guns fire off enhanced memory bullets with a combination of explosion and piercing damage.
  • Forgotten Power: By expending more memories, Victor enhances his next non-special move physical attacks, giving him enough strength to break through most materials known. Sekiseki-Stone is known to crack under the pressure of this attack.
  • Time Stands Still: Victor shouts the name of the ability, and a blue sphere extends out of his chest and envelops a very large area. Everything within this sphere, be it living, dead or pure energy, is immediately frozen in time. However, Victor can not move while the sphere is active, and can't physically harm anything, even if his opponent is merely inches away from him. What he can do, however, is send out multiple energy waves, ranged melee attacks in the form of shockwaves, and all of his possible projectile attacks. Once time resumes flowing, it looks as if Victor fired off all of his abilities at once. It serves as a massive energy attack enabler.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Victor was born as a humanoid Guardian Beast, very close to human in appearance, as the latest in a line known as the 'Chrono Guardians'. Beasts tasked with keeping time and memory safe from harm, they were blessed with perfect memory - but that blessing was also a curse. As a Guardian Beast, he was not 'born' in the traditional sense, but formed out of the energy of his predecessors in their moment of death, as a full grown adult.
As the Chrono Guardian, he was after that tasked to record the history of the Guardian Beast Empire - back during that time, it still spanned across the endless world, ever growing and flourishing. Traveling from land to land, giving council to kings and emperors, to elected officials and tyrants all the same, as it was his duty. However, he was different from former Chrono Guardians - unlike them, he had a strong sense of self, and gave himself the name of 'Ludger'. And so, eventually... he refused his duty. Instead, he went to the temple of the goddess - Aura - and demanded his curse be lifted. But while Aura could not give him the ability to forget, she could give him the gift of emotions. As a thanks to her, he then agreed to investigate rumors of a dark cult gaining followers in multiple regions of the larger empire.

During his search, Ludger met another humanoid Guardian Beast investigating the cult on her own. Working together, the two eventually fell in love - and committed to the closest thing the old empire had to a marriage. However, happiness was cut short - because the dark cult launched it's attack before Ludger was able to pin down their leaders. And with the power of Morgana Mode Gone behind them, the first worldwide war of the Guardian Beasts erupted, with Ludger spearheading the forces of Aura.
During this time, his first and only child, a daughter named Elle, was born - unlike him, she was a 'natural birth', or as close as Guardian Beasts get to one, and not cursed with perfect memory.

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Masked Knight -WIP-
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