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 The Wanderer and The Frozen Queen

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PostSubject: The Wanderer and The Frozen Queen   Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:24 am

Not much changed in the White Desert of Hueco Mundo; in many ways its inhabitants regarded it as an immutable thing.  A constant in a world of otherwise shifting tides.  This was, of course, a fallacy though.  Recent years had proven that; one could easily say that it was this fact that had lead to the desert being more barren than normal.

Simply put, it was getting cold.

Not the simple cold a desert already knows, but the deep cold of an nonnative land.

Las Noches was frozen over.  It had been a slow process, a gradual one that had begun after Aizen's fall in the Winter War.  How fitting that his throne would be frozen over and used as the foundation for the Arrancar that had risen to power in the fallout of that war.  Poetic even.  Change, all the same, is scary even if you are a soulless monster.  Few Hollows came anywhere the now frozen walls of the place; few went within miles of it.

Not all that inhabited Hueco Mundo were Hollows, however.

An old figure sat on the sands of the White Desert this day.  He was a tall man, his clothing doing little to hide his toned body.  The clothing was a strangely faded gray, remnants of a Shinigami's uniform woven in to fill out places.  Sitting close at hand was a Zanpaku-tō, sheathed and shoved into the sand.  It was not motionless though, it was not silent; it was the only sound coming from the man's vicinity.  

It rattled.

This man had existed within the confines of Hueco Mundo for almost a quarter of a millennium, and he had watched the place subtly shift as different factions within the Hollow hierarchy had vied for power.  He gave off almost no power whatsoever, feeling almost as if he were nothing more than a slightly denser collection of the ambient energy that existed within the dark world.  His gray eyes gazed out over the dunes and valleys, swept over the great monolith that was Las Noches so far in the distance, and out further beyond.

Kaiedo Moui was thinking.

Shinigami had come back into the world of the Hollows.  The specifics about why were not that important, though he had sought them out.  Even with those though he had only the barest hints of what was going on at this point.  One thing was clear though; the world beyond Hueco Mundo was changing rapidly.  Something big was coming, and there was a small restlessness in the man who exuded calm.  It may in fact be that the time was coming.
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The Wanderer and The Frozen Queen
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