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 The Reason Kaminari Went For That Drink [Closed]

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PostSubject: The Reason Kaminari Went For That Drink [Closed]   Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:18 am

Kaminari woke up this day in the best moods. The night before was one of the most wonderful times that Kaminari had ever experienced, but she still had her worries. She couldn't fully understand why, but those worries were beginning to plague her mind. Her soon-to-be relationship with Tsubine was making her pretty nervous and there were questions she needed answered. Kaminari found herself sitting on her bed, in the dark, thinking very hard on her situation. She had never been in a relationship before, so she wasn't sure how to deal with it, especially since it was with Tsubine. And unfortunately, there was only one person that she could ask about this: Yua Ichinose.

Kaminari found herself standing outside of Yua's office for twenty minutes before getting the courage to step inside. The only reason she suddenly received this courage was because Yua stepped out and saw her. The two shared their usual stare down for a couple of seconds before Yua finally spoke up, "Did you need something?" Kaminari's stomach curled the moment Yua asked. Kaminari shook her head, lying. "You and I both know that isn't true. Come in." Yua said and stepped to the side, her expression as stoic and unreadable as it always was. Kaminari sighed and gave in, stepping passed her friend and into the office. Yua stepped back in and closed the door behind her.

"What is bothering you?" Yua asked as the two of them sat down in two comfortable guest chairs that helped decorate the interior of this office. Kaminari stayed silent, unable to look into the woman's eyes. "Take your time." Yua said, tilting her head in curiosity at Kaminari. Yua was good at reading people and she could tell that Kaminari was actually pretty nervous about whatever was going through her mind. After five minutes of silence, Kaminari finally looked toward Yua and sighed, finally ready to speak. "I have something to tell you, but I don't know how to go about it..." Kaminari told her, her voice a little shaky. Yua raised an eyebrow out of suspicion and just waited.

"I had sex." Kaminari blurted out. Yua blinked, showing a bit of surprise in her eyes. "Finally?" Yua replied, questioning why this was so hard to tell her and why she apparently needed to know. "Congratulations? Who's the lucky g-..." "With Tsubine." Kaminari interrupted her. Yua's face froze. It was hard to tell whether the woman was even breathing. After thirty seconds of staring into the eyes of something that seemed part machine, Yua finally blinked. Kaminari watched nervously as Yua stood up and walked over to her desk. Kaminari eyed her, seeing Yua's Zanpakutō in the corner and wondering whether she had to be ready for some sort of attack, but that actually never came.

"He and I are... Uh... Going to be official... soon." Kaminari explained to the best of her abilities, her voice very shaky as she spoke, "I-I-I... just have to tell this one guy that I'm taken first and then... yeah..."

"Alright then." Yua finally spoke up, causing the pit in Kaminari's stomach to deepen, "Are you an idiot?" Kaminari was taken aback, but said nothing. She knew Yua and Tsubine's history, so the reply wasn't entirely shocking. "No, seriously. Are you an idiot?" Yua repeated. "I just thought you should be the first to know." Kaminari sighed. "I don't care who you wanted to know; you need to end that now, before he destroys you too." Yua told her. Kaminari just looked away, placing a hand on her stomach as if she was nervous. "My god, are you pregnant too?!" Yua asked and Kaminari shook her head. "No! We just did that last night." Kaminari replied, her tone obviously upset, "I doubt he got me pregnant on the first try."

"I can agree with that." Yua spoke as if she were experienced in the matter. Kaminari eyed her suspiciously, but shook the feeling off a moment later. "Kaminari, you cannot expect him to be a good man to you. No woman should have to go through what I did, and the moment he has something a little too stressful come along, you're going to be old news. He'll stop talking to you and toss you into the trash no differently than he did me." Yua explained in a very worried tone as she sat back down in the chair next to Kaminari. "I understand that happened, but maybe you two weren't meant to be. Is it not possible that he's matured since then?" Kaminari asked and Yua's expression dulled.

"No." Yua said bluntly, "He's a man. Men don't mature."

"Ugh. You cannot be serious." Kaminari rolled her eyes, obviously frustrated. She stood up and began pacing around the room, looking to the floor. She felt sick to her stomach, as if what Yua was saying was actually getting to her. "It's possible he loves me. I mean, after last night I-..."

"Let me guess... He was very gentle, loving, and passionate? He paid close attention to your needs, right?" Yua said and Kaminari nodded in reply, "Do you really think it was different with me? I spent almost a century with that man. I gave everything to him, and even after his smashed my heart in the palm of my hand, I was foolish enough to still stay loyal to his ass... What did I get in return? The cold shoulder, betrayal, and a littl-... *sigh* and you're about to make the same fucking mistake."

"Yua... I just..." Kaminari took in a gasp of air and placed her hand on the desk, "I just gave him my... I can't... just... Oh god." Kaminari was feeling weak now; her breathing even became heavy and Yua instantly felt guilty. She watched Kaminari fall to her knees and lean her back against the desk. Kaminari curled her knees to her chest, showing a piece of vulnerability that she never showed anyone, and then began to cry. She tried holding back the tears, but couldn't. Yua sighed and stepped over to Kaminari's side.

"Look..." Yua knelt down next to Kaminari and glanced away, "Maybe... he has changed, I don't know. Maybe he has matured. I just know what he did to me after so long and I don't want it happening to you. Out of everyone that he might do that too, you're not someone who would ever deserve such a heartbreak, but... Maybe you can be for him what I couldn't. I just... You just need to be careful. If he hurts you... Well..." her tone became a little joking, "I can only imagine the war he'd start." Kaminari and Yua shared a short laugh. Yua knew how popular Kaminari was and how many people loved her. She was even one of the Captain Commander's closest friends, so... yeah.

"After everything that's happened, I'm not backing out of it now... With the way everything feels, I think I'd break his heart as much as he did yours..."

"Revenge is mine, do it."

"I will not!" Kaminari looked at her in surprise, but then another laugh was shared. But even as that laugh was shared, Kaminari could see this strange anger in Yua's eyes that she didn't entirely understand. Yua was good at hiding her emotions, so this was odd. It was almost as if she couldn't this time.

"There is something else you should probably know then..." Yua said in a tone that worried Kaminari, "I haven't told him because I don't think he needs to know, but I feel you should. He and I..." Kaminari raised an eyebrow at the sudden pause. Yua couldn't look her in the eye and that bothered her.

"You and him... What?"

"We have a daughter..."

"Oh... He doesn't know, does he?"

"Uh, no, Kaminari. He doesn't know about Miko. I've never told him and she lives in the world of the living." Yua explained

"Yua...  You can't expect me to... You have to tell him that." Kaminari stood up and looked at her like she was crazy.

"No, no I don't." Yua stood as well, crossing her arms along her chest.

"Yua, I cannot go into a relationship with him with that kind of heavy lie on my shoulders." Kaminari said, brushing her hair back, "You need to tell him, or I am going to have to, and I'd rather you do it and do it soon."

"Kaminari, I'm not telling him shit and neither are you. Miko has been wanting to meet her Father for years now, but I refuse to allow her. She doesn't need him, we don't need him, and I'd rather him not suddenly come back into our lives."

"Then why the hell did you tell me this!? Do you really expect me to keep this secret from him!? I can't do that, god fucking damn it!" Kaminari yelled at the top of her lungs in anger. Yua actually took a step back, having never seen Kaminari that angry before.

"You can't tell him. If you do, he'll come to me and ask to meet her. I'm not allowing it."

"He has ever right to! He's her Father! You're the one that his been lying for years, so it's your fault if he decides that he wants to see his little girl!"

"No, it's not. Because he's never going to know."

"Then you shouldn't have told me, especially after what I just told you. I'm not lying to him, Yua." Kaminari turned away and began to walk out, but Yua shunpo'd to stand between her and the door, "You can't be serious?"

"Kaminari, I need you to promise me you won't tell him anything. If he jumps into her life, he'll jump into mine..." she explained, practically begging Kaminari, "I cannot have that, not again. Never again... I wouldn't be able to handle that. I just recently told him to stay out of my life so I could get over him... Kaminari, please."

"Yua..." Kaminari looked back her and then glanced away in frustration, as if she was ready to give in, "I cannot believe you just put this on me."

"I just thought you should know..." Yua glanced away irritated and Kaminari caught onto that real quick. That tone was familiar. She was literally mimicking what Kaminari had told her before.


"I'M NOT A FUCKING BITCH, YOU ARE! YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO COME HERE TO TELL ME THAT YOU ARE FUCKING THE MAN I'M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU WHORE." Yua retaliated. Kaminari's entire face dropped into guilt. Yua was crying; she had never seen that before. Kaminari closed her eyes and looked to the floor in shame.

"Yua... I didn't mean fo-..." Kaminari looked back to her and stepped in for a hug, but Yua backed away from her. She watched Yua close her eyes and try to hold back the tears.

"Just go..." Yua stumbled back away from Kaminari until her back hit the corner wall of her office. Kaminari watched Yua slide down the wall and curl up into a ball, holding her knees to her chest. Kaminari stood there for a moment, watching Yua cry in the corner and knew that there was no way to comfort her. "JUST GO!" Yua screamed, causing Kaminari to jump back a bit. Kaminari nodded a couple times, knowing that this meeting went terribly wrong. Kaminari turned away and walked toward the door, setting her hand on the handle.

"I never would have told you if I thought you were still in love with him..." she mumbled just loud enough for Yua to hear, before turning the handle and walking out "... I-I'm s-sorry..."
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The Reason Kaminari Went For That Drink [Closed]
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