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 Good Intentions [Private]

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The Truth in Blue

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PostSubject: Good Intentions [Private]   Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:06 am

To say the least, out of everybody that was involved in both the Tokyo conflict, and the Kaminari rescue mission, this job was absolutely the most boring. Earlier in the day, a bunch of Captains had rushed to Hueco Mundo, citing a need to rescue Captain Hatakeyama. That was good, but at the very least she had to cover that up with Genpaku. That had required what she called 'lesbian dick-sucking', where she went and took Genpaku out to distract him with a tasty lunch. In fairness, it was a damn good lunch, and probably served to distract Genpaku long enough to have him not realize that there were FOUR MISSING CAPTAINS. Eventually, however, Genpaku received a call and ordered her to open up the Senkaimon. It had only been about an hour after the others had left and Solas had her worries, but she obliged anyway. He was going to the human world--specifically the area around Tokyo--in a hurry. It was a good thing, too, since that would have made life a bit more difficult if he'd already found out. She didn't need him finding out about that.

The next ten minutes were, if nothing else, completely and utterly inane. Solas had decided to man the Senkaimon in case someone came back, and was instead met with ten minutes of rambling about this and that. No real rhyme or reason required. The boredom was pierced by a ringing of her phone, which she immediately pulled out of her pocket. The name read 'Sascha', and she quickly put it up to her ear, "Yes, Sascha, is that you?" The voice at the other end was filled with interference from the residual energy in Hueco Mundo, but she could hear it well enough anyway, "Yes, is everything okay?" She nodded to herself and was about to speak, when a sudden itch crawled up her spine and she whimpered in response.

She recognized it as a Senkaimon request. Shit. "Things might be getting bad, I'm not sure yet. A Senkaimon has been requested from the human world, in the Tokyo area." She knew that Sascha was unaware of the situation going on down there, but the way Solas acted meant that Sascha should have some understanding of her response to it. "Fine, just... make sure nobody finds out what we're up to." She made a noise in response and closed the phone, turning towards the gate with a grim expression. A hand went up and adjusted the glasses on her nose.

"Well, Solas, time to go to work."
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PostSubject: Re: Good Intentions [Private]   Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:43 am

There was a storm approaching Seireitei, and yet even the one bringing it didn't know it yet existed.  For the young Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, it was just a small feeling in the pit of his stomach.  The words of the New Espada Leader played over and over as he made his way through the between realms back from the Human World.  One set of words was the declaration of war and the overwhelming belief in those words that the victor had already been decided.  The other set, a notice that whatever had happened while he was gone had not been her doing.  That she didn't condone torture.  What was she referring too though, if anything?  Had it been a simple ruse to get him to retreat from the Human World?  Had something actually happened to Seireitei while he had been gone?

He stepped through the Senkaimon, and Seireitei looked much the same as when he had left it.  Nothing was on fire.  No one was screaming.  The sky had not fallen, the ground not caved, the world not stopped.  Things seemed like they were in as much an order as they ever were in an organization as big as the Gotei.  Maybe his fear had in fact been unfounded then, and the Arrancar's words had been simple mind games to through him off.  If that was the case then there might well have been something brewing on the horizon while he was off guard.  He started to take a step when the one glaring thing that was utterly wrong with the picture finally stood out.

It was a smiling lady, pleased to see him and welcoming him back.

How as this so wrong then?  Because Solas didn't just idly stand by the Senkaimon for no reason.  Sure, if could have been nothing more than Solas welcoming him back from his excursion to the Human World, but his gut told him otherwise.  Again the words of the Arrancar echoed in his head.  Genpaku stopped his motion, turning to look at his friend.

"What'd I miss?" he asked, his tone neutral but not detached.  Maybe there had been an exploratory poke at Seireitei in the fifteen or so minutes Genpaku had been gone. That didn't jive though, not with the words.  Those words...Genpaku couldn't shake the feeling they meant more than he would like.
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The Truth in Blue

Posts : 372
Join date : 2012-11-27
Age : 24
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Good Intentions [Private]   Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:58 am

He had stepped through. He had stepped through, and had not immediately chastised Solas for her insubordinate nature. If nothing else, that was most certainly a relief. She could not let up though, and instead simply gave Genpaku a bright smile. She greeted him kindly, and bowed to him in a timely fashion, "Good to have you back, Gen. I thought that the tingle was you returning, so I had hoped to come and see you." She lied through her teeth. She hated lying to Gen, of all people--but if Gen knew what was happening in Hueco Mundo, he risked provoking an all-out war with the Hollows. They were already at war, sure, but not as much as this could do. If he caused half of that realm to vanish, there would be no telling what the consequences of this action was. Not only that, but... she didn't need him succumbing to anything that might turn him against the Soul Society. No, she needed Genpaku here.

"What'd I miss?" If Genpaku was perceptive enough, he'd notice that some of the color drained from Solas' face as that question reached her ears. She bit her bottom lip and looked to the side, acting as if she were thinking. Well, she was thinking. She was thinking of a way to get them out of this without it turning sour. She sighed, and the Shinigami woman placed her hands on her hips, turning towards Gen, "Well, there was some short-time stall in the middle of the Seireitei that was selling delicious pork dumplings... Well, we both missed that one. I only found out about it about five minutes ago, from some girl named Qi," she shrugged, actually telling the truth there, "Other than that, you really didn't miss much." She gave him her best smile, in an attempt to solidify her case.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Intentions [Private]   

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Good Intentions [Private]
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