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 Walker, Johnathan [APPROVED, 0-5-]

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PostSubject: Walker, Johnathan [APPROVED, 0-5-]   Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:40 am

Quincy Template


Name: Walker, Johnathan
True Age: Unknown to most. While his true age is hard to determine, he talks about events like the second World War as if he had been there... (~190 years)
Gender: Male
This is the one trait that everyone who ever met Johnathan knows about - his sheer insane amount of confidence in himself as a person, his abilities, and his intelligence. While it can be hard to see how much of his incredible confidence is real and how much is just him 'playing' the confident jerkass can be hard to determine, he certainly seems to believe himself to be a nearly invincible badass, and has coined the word 'awesome' as his catchphrase to the point where nearly everyone that knows him doesn't even hear the word anymore in his sentences, considering he uses it in almost all of them in normal talk. While this attitude obviously seems incredibly full of himself, he is generally not all that arrogant about his power - his confidence is just so high that it seems like arrogance. As a positive side-effect, this confidence makes it nearly impossible to freak him out or cause him despair, allowing calm analytics for his actual personality underneath to occur.

Big Bro
Going into the more serious part of Johnathan's personality, he is protective to say the least. Some would say overly so. And not even just for family, but also for friends and allies - it is said that for his 'brothers', he'd storm right through the Gates of Hell and beat up the Guardians barehanded. He is an incredibly loyal and protective friend, for sure, but it doesn't stop there. He's also an exceptional mentor and teacher - he knows when to apply pressure and force, and when to be lenient and nice. Not refusing to slap a friend that messed up big time, while afterwards inviting them for a beer, makes clear that his mind goes deeper than just insulting people and having confidence. His friends being threatened is one of the few ways to get him to fully drop his overconfidence act and be deadly serious, which is both a rare and scary sight to behold.

Living Party
Which isn't to say John is above actually having fun, though. He enjoys and revels the excess - drink a whole lot, eat even more, being awake an entire night while having a good time? Or even multiple days? He's the guy that's either invited, or gave out invitations in the first place. And while it doesn't seem that he knows the word 'moderation', even here, his presence and smile are usually effective in keeping violence away, and no matter how drunk, he can sober up (mostly) in a matter of seconds if he has to. Or a few minutes if he got royally wasted before. Having a knack for music - especially singing - might also help explain his eagerness for anything party-oriented, though.

Heroic Individual
Another one of his 'sillier' traits is that John is a self-proclaimed hero, often saying that what he does is what an 'awesome hero like him should do'. But much like his confidence, there is more behind it. Walker genuinly believes that true peace can be achieved, and strives for it - he is an optimistic individual that will go out of his way to save the innocent and fake injury and combat for their sake alone. His life is dedicated to finding true justice and peace for everyone in addition to having one hell of a time doing it, but this also has a darker and more self-depraving part - John believes that he himself is imperfect, and could never be a true hero. Part of his reason to mentor and teach people is so that they may become better heroes than him, succeed him... and one day, may destroy him once he loses his way. For in a truly peaceful world, a 'creature of war' like Johnathan Walker himself would be an abomination, and a danger in need of extermination, instead of a hero to whorship.

Artisan of War
He doesn't particularly like admitting it, but John is quite capable in crafting weaponry, especially for Quincy. His mind is a 'workshop' in itself, and probably hosts about as many blueprints as any good weapon research division on earth. Some of these become his new, specialized gear, others get scrapped or reworked, and he can even adapt technology on the battlefield for new situations, within reason of course. His special ability helps tinker with finer mechanics others would need an actual workspace for, so that is the main reason behind his ability in that regard. Another part though, is tactics - while certainly not the best one to figure out a long, drawn strategy for multiple battles and entire armies, he can coordinate strike-teams, predict enemy movements short-term and has an instict for traps laid infront of him. While not perfect here either, he has leadership qualities one should not underestimate when facing him and a squad of friends.

Ultimate Detachment
In a rather odd case, John does not seem to care for what happens to his body. He will quickly put himself into harms way, over-exert his limits, and sees no problem with smoking and drinking large amounts of alcohol. One could almost call him self-destructive, but in truth, he just doesn't care for his 'body' at all - mind over matter is his principe, and since his soul has a rather unique structure, he is absolutely sure that he doesn't even need his current body to be what he is at all. He still feels pain, but is very adapt at ignoring it.

General Appearance

 photo Silim2_zps66a95c06.png
 photo Johnathan_zpse21d1278.png
 photo tumblr_lzgzbpJyls1qhvhj3o1_500_zps568dae3a.jpg
 photo tumblr_mfwxsg95Yf1ru3mx2o1_500_zpsbafd9117.jpg
 photo 1RicardoCut_zps4316dc78.jpg
 photo 1RicardoCut_zpsd557728b.png
 photo kaodraricardo_zps2a9c85d3.png
Appearance Age: Early 20's at the most.
Extra Notes: He has contact lenses in his possession that he can use instead of glasses.

Natural Abilities

Reishi Color: Green
Quincy Cross: Double Chain of the Forest Giant - This Quincy Cross is renowned for being two crosses held together by an exceptionally long silver chain, with one cross being a standard crucifix like you'd see it from the church, while the other resembles a star with multiple engraved rings spread through it. Through a simple silver clip, a trained user can 'switch' between which cross is active and hanging down from the wrist, and which one is in 'standby' clinging to the arm.
Quincy Items: John doesn't leave the house without at least ten Seele Schneider attached to himself in various places. Besides five or more of them on his belt, he also carries some in special holsters on his arms underneath the sleeves of his Quincy uniform, two attached to the back of his boots, some in a hidden stash on his back, and so on and so forth. This also applies to Silver Tubes - John carries a magnitude of them on different parts of his body. Disarming him? Not likely to happen. He also carries an ample supply of his own creations with him. The only thing he doesn't normally use is Hollow Bait.
Quincy Techniques and Tools:

  • Hirenkyaku: The flash step of the Quincy, slightly faster than Shunpo of they are to be believed. John isn't the fastest user, but definitely one of the most skillful, him stumbling or missing a step is highly unlikely.
  • Sprenger: This technique uses five Seele Schneider's to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a Gintō acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.
  • Instant Sprenger: A special technique that requires high accuracy and ability to absorb spirit particles directly, in order to skip the preparation time and placement required to use Sprenger. The user must be comfortable with shooting multiple Seele Schneider at once, preferably all five of them, too. In application, the user takes a position above the enemy if possible to reduce execution time even more. Charging as much energy as possible at once by activating all five Seele Schneider, the user fires as many as possible at once into the positions where they'd need to be to create the Pentagon seal - if the user is able to fire all five at once, the technique is at it's fastest. The next part is mainly timing, as the user needs either a perfect throw or the ability to outspeed their Seele Schneider. Dashing past, or throwing past, the last Seele Schneider, the user blindly drops the liquid right where the hilt is going to be in a short moment, and speaks the word 'Sprenger'.
    If done correctly, the explosion will come almost instantly after the user unleashes his Seele Schneiders, trapping the opponent inside with nearly no time for retaliation. Should no position above the enemy be possible to achieve, the Seele Schneider blades can also be fired high into the air to crash down into the five target locations in an arc, but that requires higher accuracy and takes slightly longer to do.
  • Ransōtengai (乱装天傀; lit. "heavenly wild puppet suit", "disheveled paradise puppet" in the Viz translation): This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement.
  • Advanced Ransōtengai: Unknown to most Quincy, there is an even more advanced form of this technique. While the normal Ransōtengai is known to be incredibly hard to learn and master, the advanced form is generally regarded impossible, and only very few Quincy can achieve it - those that do have a special 'mutation' of the soul, like Johnathan does. This mutation makes their soul feel 'detached' from the body, while still residing in it normally, and can even allow a Quincy to leave their body behind to scout ahead, although doing so is dangerous, as their soul chain needs to stay intact, or the Quincy in question dies instantly. This detachment makes it very easy to 'feel' more around himself, and makes the Ransotengai way more powerful and easy to use, by using the soul to interact instead of the body.
  • Outer Ransōtengai: To use a technique like this outside of the own body would normally be considered incredibly difficult, but thanks to John's unique condition, he is able to do so intuitively. By forming the Ransōtengai both inside of his own body and 'infront' of it, he can 'throw' the strings outside and attach them to inanimate objects, for example - allowing him to control them with movement of his body or even sheer force of will. A possible target would be his own Seele Schneider to wield it like a sword from a distance, or to attach it to a street light to make it crash down - he could not use it on an enemy Zanpakutō, since those are part of the Shinigami's soul, it only works on 'dead' objects that no soul is connected to. (Anything bigger than a table will require more than one string to use. Complex objects like cars might require more than one to operate.) While technicially unlimited, the more strings John 'throws' outside of his own body, the slower his real body gets, as a human mind can only comprehend a limited amount of influences at once.
  • Genius Battle Mind: Less of a technique and more the application of his technical knowledge, John can 'adjust' his equipment even on the battlefield, within reason that is. If it has Quincy origins, he can probably modify and adapt it to different situations. Making this easier is his Outer Ransōtengai, as he can use extremely fine threads and strings to do work that he would normally need his workshop for. Doing so tires out his mind thanks to the extremely small-scale work he has to do, and can potentially lead to devastating headaches and numb pain inside the head in general. Of course, while WITHIN his workshop, John can use the threads without too much of a hassle as he doesn't need to concentrate on battle as well, making it easier.
  • Tsubame Gaeshi: Originally an 'impossible' swordstrike that would cage the enemy with three simultaneous slashes, John has recreated the basic effect by using multiple blades at once - connecting his threads to two extra Seele Schneiders, he executes a downward slash with his right or left Seele Schneider. The extra blades attack from the side and diagonally, allowing nearly no room for escape or blocking all strikes at once for the enemy. The precision and speed required for this move make it best useable as either an opener to combat or a quick counter.
  • Licht Regen: Charging his weapon with a large amount of energy, Johnathan releases a great magnitude of arrows at once, preferably from above his enemy. These arrows are completely white and blinding, and are also roughly triple the power of a normal arrow of his current weapon.
  • Tödlicher Lotus: An incredibly dangerous move, especially for the one using it, but also for the target. The destructive power of this attack is insane. To execute it, John attaches a spirit thread to every single Seele Schneider he has on himself or nearby. Afterwards, he uses the surface of his entire body and the external spirit threads to absorb a large quanitity of Reishi and collect them in the blades - this charging period is the only vulnerable part of Tödlicher Lotus. Then to expand it, even more threads attach themselves to any sharp objects John is able to use properly - and dashes at the enemy, followed by a swarm of energy blades, real cutting edges and every single Quincy weapon he still has, overloading his mind and body with the amount of energy he controls at once. The slash executed with his entire body and soul create a vortex of cutting, ripping and exploding damage, tearing a hole into the very space he targets - a well placed Lotus could rip a hole into any dimension into another one easily. Once hit by this move, the death of the target is often already decided, although the overall effectiveness depends on the speed and ability to defend against multiple directions at once. Thanks to the uncontrolled nature of this strike, John puts himself at a big risk using it, and a fumble or incorrectly executed version can cut himself into mince-meat easily.
  • Finaler Pfeil: Licht Regen in inverse, this collects as much energy as Licht Regen does, but releases it in a single arrow. The power concentration grows to the level of the arrow appearing to be 'clear' instead of white. A red, small 'beam' indicates where the arrow will make it's path during chargeup, and can help evade it. However, the red line of light is quite a bit thinner than the actual attack.
  • Damn Good Ground: Some might train to become incredibly fast, but John spent his time perfecting the act of never missing a single step instead. His short-range bursts of speed and footing are second to nearly nobody, and it makes him able to find safe footing for his shooting and fighting in nearly every spot, be it mid-air or the middle of a swamp. Also, his accucary against any targets on the ground below him is heightened, making it easier for him to lead shots.
  • Explosive Spray: A supercharged liquid kept in a spraying tube, John can use this for a surprise attack at close range, or more commonly, for opening up passages. The explosions created by this spiritual liquid are nearly completely quiet and not very bright, making it hard to notice. They are detonated by a signal of spiritual energy from John.
  • Spiritual Wave Detector: A small pair of glasses that are used against stealth and to scout. While put on, John can 'see' waves of spiritual energy emitted by spiritual beings and powered humans, unless they can hide them completely and not leave any trace behind.
  • Öffnung: A silver tube technique that John developed. By utilizing the liquid and a disruptive wave of spiritual energy, he rips open a portal to Soul Society or the Sugiura Realm, or back. Thanks to the instability of the hole, only John himself can pass through normally. They can NOT ignore barriers like Sekiseki Stone. They can also be used for teleportation within the human realm, but John needs to either directly see his target, or be able to perfectly visualize it internally, if he can't do that, then the portal will fail to open.
  • Quincy Bike: More transportation than tool, John modified a state-of-the-art motorcycle for his own use. Colored white, blue and gold, it is powered by a combination of spiritual energy and gasoline, boasting impressive horsepower of 500 and the ability to jump with special turbines if need be to pass through hard terrain. The wheels are also nearly indestructible.
  • Quincy Jet: Powered by similiar technology as the Quincy Bike, this flyer is one of the fastest supersonic transports around. The spiritual energy creates an additional barrier that keeps John and up to 2 passengers save from the G-Forces inside, and it can even store the Quincy Bike, being about as large as a small bomber. It has a hover mode and can launch vertically and descend the same way if needed.

Spirit Weapon

Spirit Weapon Type: Longbow/Crossbow
Spirit Weapon Appearance: As a double chain, the weapon has two different modes. The usual one is John's weapon of choice, the longbow - the weapon is a bit taller than even he himself, making it a gigantic weapon. As a green, ethereal weapon, it looks a lot like a crystal and is not entirely energy or physical manifestation. The string that can be pulled back is also bright green, the same applies to all arrows not part of a special attack. The arrows are unusually long and thick, but few in number. However, the bow can also switch forms - the second cross of the chain turns it into an arm-mounted, mobile crossbow instead, that can be fired with one hand alone. The crossbow is once again similiar to green crystal or glass, but more solid than the longbow, and looks a whole lot like an automated crossbow operated with air pressure would, slinging in energy bolts one after another from below, right above his arm. While not John's weapon of choice, it fits him perfectly, being a bit larger than the usual arm-mounted crossbow would be, to compliment his height and longer arms that result from it.
Spirit Weapon Abilities:

  • Form Change: The most obvious one - John can switch his weapons from longbow to crossbow on the fly, in less than a full second if he hurries. This makes him able to quickly adapt to a new situation.
  • Unsynchronized Fighting: While using the crossbow, John can wield a Seele Schneider in his free hand. The different ranges of the weapons do not hamper his ability, and he could possibly fight one opponent at range while fighting the other up close and personal. He can also instantly use such a charged up Seele Schneider as ammunition for the crossbow!
  • Incredible Power: In longbow-mode, the Chain of the Forest Giant does not boast a very high fire rate. Instead, every single arrow loosened by it easily has the destructive capability of a Cero, making surviving an onslaught of them harder. While normally a Quincy Bow can shoot more than one arrow at a time, the longbow arrows need to be fired one after another, like regular arrows from a normal bow. This does not apply to crossbow-mode.
  • Supersonic Speed: While in crossbow-mode, John can quite literally hold down the trigger of the crossbow to fire faster and faster. The energy absorbtion from the air around him speeds up while constantly firing or while using burst fires in quick succession, making each shot come out faster than the previous one. After a quarter post of firing, the crossbow reaches maximum speed and will unleash a swarm of bolts so fast that they appear to be multiple shots at once, while only firing single bolts each moment. However, the accuracy of those shots quickly degrades, while only burst firing will remain accurate enough to target specific single and small targets or objects. Each shot from the crossbow is substantially weaker than the ones from the longbow. This firing mode does not apply to longbow-mode.
  • Mind Link: John has used his spirit weapon for so long that it has by now linked itself to him, and only him. Nobody else can use his Quincy Cross.


John does not use Vollständig, and does not seem to have one in the first place either.

Vollständig Name: N/A
Vollständig Appearance: N/A
Vollständig Abilities: N/A

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: John is old. Far older than he seems, that much is for sure. The first thing to note is is heritage - his father was german, while his mother was half-japanese and half-british. His exact date of birth is unknown, but it was apparently sometime around 1915, in what would eventually become Nazi Germany. John and his family were descendants of an old line of Quincy, the last ones with the genes of the German Quincy Clan, and in multiple generations by then, not a single member of the family had any spiritual power. His grandfather was the last person before him to even be able to see spirits at all. John could do the same, from an early age - and he knew how to manipulate spirit particles.
From old notebooks and translated scripts, John slowly learned of his heritage, and was soon able to craft his own spiritual silver by stealing a bit of the good evening dinner-ware. That would've probably earned him quite the paddling, if not for the fact that he melted the silver into a cross, and showed his parents a bow made out of brilliant, green light...
Since that day, John was a Quincy of great talent and power. The blood which had been dormant for so long surged through him stronger than it did for so many generations... But without a teacher, his power didn't grow all that fast. While his parents were still even unable to see spirits, John had to learn from dusty old books on how to defend himself from Hollows and hide from Shinigami.

By the time Walker became an adult, a power far darker than any Hollow rose to power in germany. Hitler and his nazi regime took over Germany, slowly converting it into an engine of hate and war.

At first, Johnathan only helped single people escape. Then entire families and groups of friends. Finally, he even began infiltrating prisons and rescuing political prisoners with new gadgets he developed. As such, he became a myth amongst the DDR, and was probably one of the reasons that the pressure became large enough for them to fall - together with a collapsing economy, that is. With those actions, John slowly became accustomed to the idea of being just that... a hero. Someone that people could look up to! He had already noticed that his body was quite different from a normal human - he didn't age at all anymore, and by now, the nineties were right around the corner. Before and with them, came comic books - and if he already had the power of one in reality, why not also act like one?
With that, he also stopped hiding. As the 'german Quincy', Shinigami became aware of them - at first, John glared at them with hostility, but when he saw them rescuing lost souls, his mind slowly began to change. When he finally approached one of them in conversation, they were not only surprised at his existance, but also not openly hostile - while certainly disapproving of his methods.

When the war against Aizen hit the fan, John felt the change in energies almost immedeatly. Traveling to Japan for the first time in the aftermath, he took it upon himself to lend a hand in the protection of Japan - seeing as it had way more hotspots of spiritual energy than germany, and seemed to be under attack far more often. That was, at least, until humanity became aware of spiritual powers many years later...

World War III changed a lot of people, but not Johnathan. Not chosing any side for himself, he instead sabotaged every single army fighting against each other, and ruined many an attempt at terror warfare through attacks on civilians and settlements. As such, he became a wanted criminal and fugitive to every single nation on earth during World War III, and in the first years after it - until Alpha Protocol was established, at least. Thanks to his vast resources, experience and natural talent, John had evaded capture again and again, all while fighting any sort of crime comitted by the spiritually powerful that he could find - a trait that the Alpha Protocol certainly liked.
John himself was it that approached them with a request, however, to join their ranks. After some initial tests, it was quickly determined that he would be a good asset to have - all charges worldwide were dropped through the influence of Alpha Protocol, making John a free man once again. As the 'mad tinkerer' and 'battlefield scientist' of the Alpha Protocol, he rose to the rank of Burial Agent incredibly fast - and now, the world governments that once sought to kill him are funding the project of his dreams...

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Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Tier: 0-5-

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Walker, Johnathan [APPROVED, 0-5-]
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