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 J. Saionji [Approved; 0-3]

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PostSubject: J. Saionji [Approved; 0-3]   Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:18 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: J. Saionji
True Age: 2650
Appearance Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 190



Personality: Saionji. That is the name you will know. He is Captain Saionji of the Seventh Division within the Gotei 13. No one knows him by any other name; some people wonder whether he actually has a first name. He does have one, but he's not going to tell you. Telling you his first name means that you're someone important to him, someone he wants to be on a first name basis with, or someone that he trusts and finds worthy enough to know it. This won't happen. There is no one in this world, or the next, that Saionji finds trustworthy enough to give his first name.

With a strong sense of duty and responsibility, Saionji leads his squad with fierce determination. He pushes his Squad to the breaking point. He does this to get the best out of them, to make them realize their potential, and to train them up to his standards. If you are his Lieutenant and are courageous enough to ask him for help, he will have no problem helping you. You will have a problem with it. You will start and you will break. He will insult you, embarrass you, anger you, and he will not hold back his power while he's doing it. And those who hold out will be a better warrior for it.

Friendship is not on the top of Saionji's list of important things in life. Over time, people have proven to be weak-willed, overly sensitive, and have no ability to take criticism as it is. He has yet to find someone he could hold a decent conversation with without them becoming offended, defensive, or just storming off. Honesty is something that people don't seem to be able to handle, and Saionji does not see any reason in changing his ways. It is not that he doesn't care about these things, it's just that he doesn't want to change himself to accommodate everyone else.

Saionji is a serious and stoic man over all. He often seems stiff and expresses anger more than anything else. There has never been a time that he has been seen smiling, besides some young female pushing his lips up to force one, and even then he looks angry. His voice is soft spoken, deep, and smooth. He doesn't raise his voice often, but when he does he is angry enough to release his bankai. He always walks with perfect posture and his head held high. He does have this 'holier than thou' attitude, but is always respectful to those who deserve his respect.

Everyone has something they put effort into and Saionji is no different. Ever since a strange day in the world of the living, Saionji has learned to take very good care of his hair. There was a time he did not care about his appearance and merely kept it cut above his shoulders. Of course, that changed when he realized there was someone in the world(s) that looked just like him and grew his hair out. He's become very protective over it. People often ask if they could touch his hair: No. He intentionally keeps it away from people. There are few that he'd let touch it.

Saionji, when he is not training or helping someone else train, Saionji will be enjoying a nice cup of tea, some reading, and some peace and quiet. He will usually be in his room, away from everyone. If they're bugging him there, he will go into hiding and avoid all contact with any other person. Like everyone else in existence, he deserves a day off every now and then. Rarely does he take one, so when he wants to, he is going to take it and give you a very threatening look if you try to stop him from doing so. Although he doesn't enjoy it, intimidation is a useful tool.

Character Background: The day he met Hayate Nishimura was one of the most awkward days in his life. For one, he had never met this man before and knew for a fact that he was an only child. For two, they some how had the same hair style and length. And for three, they had the same fucking face. Saionji stepped around a corner and was stopped in his tracks when his eyes met his eyes. Same color, similar intensity. For the few seconds the two of them stood there, staring frustrated at one another, they were called twins and brothers by anyone passing them. This wouldn't do.

Saionji couldn't change the shape of his face or the color of his eyes, nor would he dye his hair, but something as simple as growing it out would be fine. He still shared the same face as this man, Hayate Nishimura, but he would not be mistaken for him again. Over time, Saionji grew his hair out and actually really enjoyed the look. He felt it flattered him much better than the shorter hair anyway. He became proud of it as well and took very good care of it. In fact, he became very protective over it. Sure, it's just hair, but it's something he takes the time and effort to keep nice.

Saionji's life has actually not been that eventful. He's not one of those people that has this horrible background with tragic stories, depressing events, and horrifying experiences riddled into his being. He is actually very simple. Saionji was born into one of the high-class clans within the Seireitei, similar too the manner in which the Kuchiki clan works. He grew up under his Father's rule, raised in a strict environment, but also allowed freedoms that many other clans weren't allowed. One of these freedoms was the ability to choose his future wife for himself, not have it arranged.

The Saionji Family is strict, but only in one way: noble is noble and peasant is peasant. Although it sounds like it does, this does not mean that a peasant stays a peasant. Instead, this means that you are who you are. If you want to be a strong man, you will fight to become that strong man. If you wish to be a healer, then you will fight to be a healer. If you wish to be a criminal, then that is what you will do. The Saionji make sure that people take responsibility for their actions. Things like poverty are no excuse to take what does not belong to you or harm others for your own sake.

This is how J. Saionji was raised and he has become a strong believer of it. Everyone has to take responsibility for their actions. If you can become a better fighter, healer, leader, shinigami, human, or person, then you should be doing so. Over the years, J. just trained. He trained and trained and trained to become the man his Father wanted him to be. And his training paid off when he entered the Gotei 13, forty years ago, and was immediately placed into the Third Seat position. After that, he took on a few missions and proved himself more, getting him placed as a Lieutenant.

With everything that went on in the Gotei, Captains betraying, dying, and leaving, it wasn't surprising that Saionji was going to be in a position to get a Captain's spot. He didn't really want to take the position just because everyone died or left, but he never got the chance to prove himself otherwise. Once the spot was open and he had successfully shown his abilities with bankai, Saionji was given the Captain's position within the Seventh Division. And to prove himself a good leader and Captain, he pushes his Squad members to better themselves, and will continue even if they hate him.

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Zanjutsu: Grandmaster - All techniques known to shinigami within the aspect of this skill are known to Saionji. The shinigami way with the sword is his main practice and has been for a couple of centuries. His skill is well-known and often seemed unmatched, even in his days as a mere Lieutenant. His techniques and movements with Zanjutsu are extremely accurate and very precise. Rarely does Saionji miss his target. He is able to implement the exact amount of damage that he wishes. When he was younger, his abilities with Zanjutsu were often said to easily rival other Captains' skill, though he never tested them out to prove people right or wrong in that aspect. Saionji has also been known to practice his abilities with zanjutsu in secret; he is developing new and more effecient ways of zanjutsu. Some of the techniques he has built over the years are stated below: This list is subject to change with character development.

Hoho: Master - Similar to his skill within zanjutsu, Saionji is extremely skilled in Hoho. The difference is that he is only skilled with a single aspect of Hoho: Shunpo. He sees no need for the other techniques that lay within this subject and prefers to concentrate only on his ability in shunpo. He has progressed enough to move great distances in a very short amount of time; a single second is all he needs to be able to cover an entire mile and is able to do this hundreds of times in a day. This is something he is proud of, but doesn't show that too often.

Hakuda: Advanced - Every shinigami should know how to fight when they put down their weapon; this is something that Saionji strongly believes in. The techniques within Hakuda allow this and Saionji has taken advantage of this knowledge and practiced enough to be satisfied. If he is in a fight, rarely will he not have his Zanpakutō by his side, so this isn't something he will used often at all, but someone like Saionji prefers to be prepared. He also finds hand-to-hand combat useful if you are not trying to kill your opponent, so that is what he uses this for.

Kidō: Advanced/Master - Hado 1-70 and Bakudo 1- 60. These are the spells he knows and that is what he will be sticking with. For those situations that a sword or hand-to-hand combat won't do the trick (ranged fighting), this is what he will use. Saionji's Kidō is as accurate for him as he is with a blade, but the amount of power he puts behind these blasts is ridiculous. Some often wonder whether he has control over his Kidō. It has been decades since a Kidō has backfired on him or anything like that, but there have been times where he was caught training in Kidō after accidentally destroying a large section of an arena. Saionji will never admit to it, but his skill with Kidō is quite lacking. He knows a lot of them and can use them, but his control over their power varies widely. When he means to do something smaller, he'll accidentally blast out an entire wall. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, he never seems to put "too little" power in his Kidō. Instead, he always seems to put a little too much and damages something he doesn't want to.

Zanpakutō: A regular katana with a black sheath and hilt.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Lead The Pack

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Kodoku Ookami
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Saionji's Zanpakutō Spirit takes on the appearance of a large white wolf that stands tall enough to look over his head with ease. The wolf has a purple colored diamond in the middle of his head. The wolf does speak, but doesn't move it's mouth or anything like that. Instead, it's more like he is projecting his thoughts outward to the people he is speaking to. The wolf is about eight foot tall with a body and weight that corresponds to it's natural height.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Kodoku is a wolf who prefers to lead. He wants to help people gain the strength they want so they have the ability to protect their friends. He also understands that people are weak and always seem to want a shortcut. He doesn't allow that. He will sooner bite off your head then allow you to take the easy way out of anything. If that is the way you're wanting to live your life, then speaking to Kodoku about training and getting stronger will prove difficult. Similar to his Shinigami, Kodoku takes pride in his coat. His fur is kept clean at all times and he even has Saionji brush it. Dirtying or harming his fur in any way can end up in your quick and painful death.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Saionji's inner world is a river of stars. Each step that one takes causes the ground to ripple for what seems like miles, moving on and on around you. The ripples will end, but keep moving on with the farther they get. While standing in there, you are completely surrounded by stars, moons, planets, and suns. It feels like you're staring out into space. Everything feels close enough to touch, but only a few are actually close enough for that. It's actually quite beautiful and represents the unlimited potential everyone has. The colors surrounding are that of dark and light blues, purples, pinks, and bright whites that make up the stars and other things around you.

Shikai Name: N/A
Shikai Appearance: No Change
Shikai Abilities: The katana itself does not change in appearance, but there is a change. Saionji's shikai gives him the ability to summon up to fifty katana at once and mentally control them all to do as he wishes, but they also have a will of their own. He has the ability to fight armies all on his own because of this. As long as he sees, feels, hears, or even smells something coming at him, his summoned katana's have the ability to react to protect and attack for him. Saionji's shikai has proven useful against multiple opponents, allowing him to use the summoned katana's to hold others off while he moves through and fights. Against smaller amount of opponents, or even a single opponent, this works even better. He can overwhelm his opponent with multiple attacks all coming at them at once, often forcing them to dodge, run, or some how defend against his barrage. Large attacks he is able to defend against using multiple of his swords as well. Having an army of swords around you to follow your orders to the letter and with only your goals in mind is more than useful.

Bankai Name: The Pack
Bankai Appearance: A square is summoned around the opponent(s) and .2 seconds later it expands. After .5 seconds, the expansion is completed the the box completely surrounds the opponent. It fits around them around the size of a coffin, just a little bigger. This is meant as an execution move. If the person about to be caught gets out, the box vanishes.
Bankai Abilities: The Pack is very similar to the Kidō "Black Coffin" in that a box of Reiryoku surrounds Saionji's opponent. After such, up to one hundred and fifty swords are summoned around the box and then stabbed into it. Inside the box is extremely dark, making the idea of dodging all one hundred and fifty blades difficult, if not impossible. Once all one hundred and fifty blades have pierced the box, they will pull out and the box will fall to reveal what happened inside. Saionji is actually not aware of what is happening inside; he only gets the result once the box is gone. Saionji has the ability to use five of these at once. For each extra box that he summons, the amount of swords is divided. For example: if he summons two, it divides the 150 by 2 and 75 swords will stab into each of the summoned boxes. Saionji has every ability to choose not to use all of the swords at once, but one at a time.

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PostSubject: Re: J. Saionji [Approved; 0-3]   Wed Jan 28, 2015 3:40 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Tier: 0-3
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J. Saionji [Approved; 0-3]
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