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 Kaneko Kasugazaki [APPROVED, 3-3]

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PostSubject: Kaneko Kasugazaki [APPROVED, 3-3]   Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:43 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Kaneko Kasugazaki
True Age: 118
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120




Highly Perceptive and Photographic Memory: Kaneko is a very observant person. She is able to spot the tiniest detail in just about everything. With every detail she finds, she is able to make note of it and recall it perfectly at any time. She often notices things a lot quicker than other's, making it really difficult to sneak up on her. Her eyes are among the best and her hearing isn't far behind that. Kaneko is extremely good at seeing even the smallest of changes within things, making fakes (such as illusions or counterfeits) hard to get by her eyes. This also includes people. If someone is acting oddly from their usual, she'll likely be able to figure that out on the spot. Her perceptive nature allows her to understand people a lot quicker and easier than others. This trait is the reason she knows someone she cares about has hollowfied.

Outgoing, Patient, and Well-Spoken: Kaneko is a person who can handle a lot. Whether someone is obnoxious and loud or calm and stoic, Kaneko is usually able to handle just about any type of behavior because she is very patient with people, including herself. She understands that things take times, so even when training she won't push herself so ridiculously hard that it could cause her problems. She also accepts others for their odd ways of acting. Judgmental is something that Kaneko is not. Her ability to get along well with other people and talk to them helps. She is quite articulate and can use her words to calm people down, create bonds, and even prevent a fight that others would feel unpreventable. Kaneko's outgoing, gentle, and kind nature aid her ability to do this as well. She's quite helpful.

A Spontaneous Thrill-Seeker: Kaneko couldn't even hide the fact that she's a little surprising to people. Most of the time she comes off as a normal, run of the mill Shinigami, but when people get to know the real her, she can be a little out there. She is a little unpredictable, but always in a good way. She likes to try new things and pull other people along to try new things as well. She's a bit of a thrill seeker. She wants to get the most out of her life, so she often goes off to do different things. This is one of the reasons why she's not always around her squad members, but when she is people know. Kaneko likes getting that adrenaline rush and feeling that strong bit of excitement. Fighting hollow can be both stressful and repetitive, which is why Kaneko doesn't mind ditching her Shinigami duties and heading out for fun.

Character Background: In the world of the living, Kaneko hated her life more than anything. She was a young teenager girl that was constantly bullied, humiliated, and destroyed by the people around her. The kid's at school made fun of her for being poor and bullied her to no end. When she went home, she was made to feel even worse by an alcoholic father who refused to work and a crack-addicted mother who snapped at random moments of the day. Kaneko had to be very careful around them. When she could tell they were reaching their breaking point, she made sure that she wasn't around for it. Kaneko would leave home for a couple of days, coming around to listen to them fight and waiting for them to be done. Once they were done fighting, she'd come home to a beaten mother and a beaten father, both of which needed her to then take care of them because they beat each other so bad. This is what Kaneko had to deal with...

One day, Kaneko couldn't take the torture any more. No fourteen year old girl should ever of had to deal with this amount of stress and fear, so when they were on the edge of snapping again she ended it. This time it was in public. Her Father was carrying around some sort of alcohol in a brown paper bag and her mother was taking them both to her new crack dealer to get more. They were arguing on the corner of the street and were being so loud that people kept staring at them. Kaneko blocked them out and just watched the cars pass them by, trying to ignore the stares of people around her. A few of the kids from her school saw this too and just began to point and laugh. They weren't going to be laughing for long though. Kaneko looked toward them and they waved cockily back at her. She smiled at them, nodded, and a moment later, she jumped in front of a bus and died. It was right then that the laughing and arguing stopped.

And from that moment on, Kaneko was free of the torture her fellow students and family caused...

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Spore: A single piece of pollen created from her reiryoku that can be placed on someone. As long as this piece stays in contact with the person it is placed on and the person remains in the same realm (Soul Society, World Of The Living), Kaneko can sense where they are. This ability is not constant. If she is wanting to find them, then she actually has to actively sense for them. This can be knocked off with something as simple as taking a bath, but that means they really had to wash, not just a light tap. It does latch onto them enough to actually stick for a while.

Kidō: Adept-Advanced: Kaneko's Zanpakutō is not offensive at all, so she does her best to learn abilities beyond strengthening shikai. She knows most up to numbers thirty within both Hado and Bakudo, but is barely getting into the numbers above that. She can say that she is quite accurate with her aim though.

Hoho: Novice: Her skill is nothing special, but she does practice the ability to use shunpo quite often and is on a level where she's happy. Her skill with this shunpo is decent for the types of missions she goes on.

Hakuda: N/A

Zanjutsu: N/A

Zanpakutō: A normal wakazashi with a sheath and handle colored white.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Spread Through The Wind

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Shirayuri (White Lily)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: Shirayuri is a tall woman, standing around 6'0" with extremely long wavy hair that reaches down near her thighs. She has bright grassy-green colored eyes, pale skin, and her hair is as white as the flower she is named after. She wears pure white clothes, no matter what the outfit is. In fact, the most notible thing about Shirayuri is her eyes. They seem to stand out. This is supposed to represent how observant she is and how much detail she is able to pick out of the things she sees. She often walks around with her eyes closed because then she's rather bland and nothing really sticks out. She could stand still and seem no more than a ghost. The moment she opens her eyes, their bright color allows her to be noticed much easier, but also gives away what her skill is.
Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Shirayuri is a very quiet and soft spoken woman who often speaks in riddles. Her voice is often echoy and almsot angel-like, as if she is from a completely different plane all together. She is sweet with her words, but won't give things away very easily. She prefers Kaneko to have to think and figure things out on her own. She's more of a guide or guardian angel, but she is also a dear friend. She and Kaneko are quite close, though Kaneko often gets frustrated with the riddles. She would rather just be told, but knows that once she figures the riddle out, she would have become stronger for it and has come to accept this.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Kaneko's inner world is a vast land of white. It's not filled with snow or anything like that; instead the ground is covered in mass amounts of white lily. The flower covered the entirety of Kaneko's inner world. When Kaneko feels stressed, anger, or negative emtions like that, the flowers slowly start to wilt. If it continues on, the flowers will all die. If the flowers are allowed to die, Shirayuri will become unhappy with Kaneko and refuse to allow her access to her shikai until the beauty of the inner world is restored.

Shikai Name:
Shikai Appearance: Upon activation, the entire wakazashi glows a bright light and slowly breaks away into very tiny sand grain sized pieces. Once it's all broken up, the grains stop glowing and become invisible to anyone that has not been given permission to see them.
Shikai Abilities: The grain sized pieces that were created upon shikai activation move through an area Kaneko has designated and give her a sight. The farther they are apart and the more land they're spread across, the less detailed the picture her shikai is able to pain for her. The closer together they are, the more detailed the picture actually becomes. If they are spread widely, they're often used as a radar system, where if they're moved, bumped, or anything like that, Kaneko is alerted immediately. It's kind of like getting a 'blip' on the radar of a ship. If they are close together, the picture it creates for Kaneko is so clear, it's like watching a 3D movie. If some of her pollen gets attached to people, items, or other creatures, Kaneko could even slightly predict their movements.

Bankai Name: N/A
Bankai Appearance: N/A
Bankai Abilities: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Kaneko Kasugazaki [APPROVED, 3-3]   Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:48 am

Application Checklist

  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [×]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [×]

Comments/Notes: 3-3

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Kaneko Kasugazaki [APPROVED, 3-3]
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